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The Secretary of the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management's Ken Salazar is systematically destroying the wild horse species as a whole. The wild horse species has acted in part with producing healthier rangelands and proved their ecological value among other ungulates as well.

Secretary Salazar should have never been appointed to this position because of the conflict of interest that his background reflects.
His long family lineage in the cattle ranching business has obviously shown that he has no interest in the welfare of America's national heritage. His decisions are also influenced by lobbysists in the same line of business from which he came.

Ken Salazar has not taken proper precautions to assure the viability of the species and has not shown any scientific proof to support his plans to remove more than half of the species total population. Secretary Salazar recklessly approves the removal of wild horses in such quantities that they are not only detrimental to the species viability, but it is also counter productive to a thriving ecosystem. Since the mass removal of wild horses has taken place this year alone, Secretary Salazar's blind approvals for removal of wild horses has had a negative impact on rangeland ecosystem's across the board.

Secretary Salazar is not abiding by the guidelines set forth in (The Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971). This direct violation of the law must be met with stern consequences. The very law that is supposed to protect these wild horses has been compromised and violated. Without an accurate census of the species there can be no justifiable management. He has repeatedly violated the Wild Horse and Burro Act in numerous occasions and is planning on continuing his systematic destruction of the species via genetic erosion.

If we continue to allow Secretary Salazar to mismanage and eliminate wild horses in the manner in which he has, the wild horses species will cease to function as a vital intricate part of America's rangelands and become extinct as a viable species.

I hereby implore the people of the United States of America to stand as one voice and implore Congress to ask for the resignation of The Department of the Interior's Secretary of The Bureau of Land Management Ken Salazar.

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The BLM’s work is for “We the people” on our land. ------ The BLM is directed to protect and manage wild free-roaming horses and burros as components of the public lands, to designate and maintain specific ranges on public lands as “SANCTUARIES” for their protection and “PRESERVATION.” (The Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971).The law that is to protect these wild horses has been compromised and violated. The BLM has the burden/obligation, the responsibility to use methods such as birth control to thin herds on the range. The shame of the slaughter of our horses, lies not only at the feet of greedy, unprincipled Tom Davis and Ken Salazar, it lays on the door step of irresponsible and incompetent administrators in the U.S. Department of Interior. If Tom Davis and Ken Salazar are deemed in violation of the law, ergo making false statement to a federal official - which is a felony, this must be met with stern consequences. The Bundy effect is still alive and flourishing. Again The BLM’s work is for “We the people”
This man is determined to annihilate all our magnificent wild horses and burros! We already know 1,800 wild horses were turned over to a kill buyer who sold them to slaughter and this was covered up! This man is going to make sure our wild horses are managed to extinction! He needs to be fired immediately! !!
You peeps at the BLM are trash. Those horses aren't bothering anybody, and deserve to live free with only the least possible interference.
If you cannot respect land, nature, and wildlife, then you absolutely do not deserve to represent this state. You deserve to be in prison, not in the governmental system.
The wild horses have a place in this world as do all others. To decimate & disrupt the balance of nature will only bring about the end of the balance & affect the world as a whole. Get this man out of there & fight for the survival of the wild horses.