Ban BHA& BHT food preservatives

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These two closely related chemicals are added to oil-containing foods to prevent oxidation and retard rancidity. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, consider BHA to be possibly carcinogenic to humans, and the State of California has listed it as a carcinogen. Some studies show the same cancer causing possibilities for BHT.

BHT and BHA are totally unnecessary. To avoid them read the label. Because of the possibility that BHT and BHA might cause cancer, both should be phased out of our food supply.

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America's health should come before profit and convenience.
Other countries have banned these chemicals which are in all of our Children's snacks. Please help Americans have the same quality food!! There is no reason for these chemicals to be in our food.
Why in the world do we have to file a petition against the use of these chemicals just because the U.S. gov't wont ban them like all those other countries!? It's a shame!
I can't believe they do this. What do I eat to stay away from bht and bha??
There are innumerable studies suggesting multiple system toxicity induced by these petroleum distillates. This is not apocryphal or paranoiac-hype, it is fact. The use of BHT/BHA despite readily accessible alternatives is emblematic of profiteering at the expense of citizens' health. Make it stop!
Why should my or anyone else's children be exposed to all of the chemicals, preservatives and "junk" that's put in food. Ban the bad because the peoples got matters!
So many foods and cereals are being made here without it. It's an easy fix. If these reputable agencies are finding such serious correlations to cancer diagnoses then there is no excuse to keep adding it to foods that many many families and children eat every single day.
BHT and BHA is found in foods like cereals and processed meats. There are alternative substances that can be used to preserve and prevent oxidation in foods. Let's ban these harmful chemicals, like other countries have.
It is absolutely deplorable what our food industry is allowed to put into our foods. Obesity and Cancer Causing agents are in everything we eat and yet no one can figure out why America is so obese or why we have the highest rate of diabetes and cancer in the world. STOP putting these chemicals in our food, its literally killing us!!!
This stuff had caused me agonizing body aches, nausea, vomitig, diarrhea and migraine like headaches for many years before I figured out the culprit! Even today, I can tell within a few hours when I accidentally consumed this poison.
As with so many wrongs, it's legal because it's profitable.