California Child Support suspension of drivers license law

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I am 59 years old my kids are in there late 20's I have been on disability for five years due to a massive heart attack and other health problems. I went to renew my drivers license and found out that it had been suspended for almost five years. the state has been taking out the support every month. When I contacted the office I was told that a letter of intent to suspend was sent to the dmv. because the check was not received until the first of the next month but that they had received the next months check on time. I said so I have not missed a payment the woman told me that is correct. so why was my license suspended. her reply was because it was late. Now after I thought about it I realized that none of that was true because social security disability pays automatically on the third of each month. In other words someone did not do there job and process on time leaving me holding the bag. Now you can say this is bull but the worker tells me I will send the release to the dmv right now. This still forces me to pay a reissue fee and if at any time I had been pulled over I would have gone to jail. So I figure that if no one will help resolve this problem maybe a law suit will get some attention.
I have been on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to child support and honestly, taking away a persons Drivers License is detrimental at all cost. I pay for one and raise one. I have lost my license and it has put the child I raise in harms ways. I will be making another court date and hopefully get it back. However, since this latest incident, I have now lost my vehicle. I have lost jobs and so forth from the dealings set forth by CSS. I have been made out to be a criminal for having a child and that is wrong. "REFORM CHILD SUPPORT NOW!!!!!"
This has caused unnecessary hardship on my family multiple times with dcss unwilling to work with people and the high cost of living in California. The dcss system is a disgrace it has NOTHING to do with helping the children. I am not a father nor someone who is in that system yet it has had multiple negative effects on my family with no benefit to the child in the system. They claim to want payment but then they do this to prevent work for those are trying to abide and provide.
How the hell are people suppose to get a good job with a suspended license.
These laws and policies are ridiculous, an abuse, and counterproductive, but that doesn't stop douche-bag politicians from grandstanding and getting "hero" points at the expense of others--because that's just what they do.
I got a a ticket in 2003/2010 no longer have the car and my license was suspended for a insurance card and register.I take of elderly people I drive need my jobs back so I can pay off the ticket. Citrus Heights,California
Trying to get a good paying job that requires a valid DL. I spoke with the recruiter and was told that I need to get it squared away with before I am given an offer. Called CA DCSS and was told that they will release my license and notify CA DMV that day once I pay the amount they demand, but CA DMV takes about 1 to 2 weeks to process. How that is possible I do not know. Isn't every thing electronic or does some ******* actually have to click some tabs on a screen to make it go through. I'm so worried because I have been out of work for 1.5 years and this is my best chance to fix my situation. I've been struggling for a while and I don't want to keep living like this. I paid my support and taxes on time when I could afford it and even when I couldn't. I'm paying money to a kid I don't see or know and his mother whom I have not spoken with in 5 years in any regard what so ever.
I'm the father of a 6 year old boy with 100% physical and 100% legal custody. The mother refuses to see the child. Just recently I found out I am the father of her youngest son 3 she has 100% physical and 100% legal custody of the 4 year old. I was ordered to pay 8,000 in back support immediately and I am unable to do so. My license has been suspended and my wages are being garnished for 897.00 plus day care and medical cost. Because child support will only award one parent custodial status they have chosen the mother. We are currently both custodial parents and non-custodial parents equally. I am in the process of building a relationship with the 3 year old boy with the help of attorneys and a therapist but the law is not on my side in Santa Clara County. Help, please email me at
Who came up with this bright*****law, its so stupid how can a man work if his license is suspended. Its so simple how can he pay, this law needs to be revoked or revised, money hungry ****ing pigs. This is a scam to scam money produce more homeless and keep the prisons in motion..
My husbands license was suspended do to non payment of child support. The mother and the courts have put him into contempt even though we have 3 mri's and 6 doctors notes saying he is permanently disable. They said without disability that they don't consider him disabled and the mother is saying we are faking the injury because we don't want to pay so they base him off minimum wage 17 % 380 for 2 kids and if we don't see them 0% it will go up to $500 now mom is keeping them from come out.. How do they expect him to pay when he can't work? They make me his wife pay or say he's going to jail.. got into a car accident that made his injury worse ..the settlement money we needed for surgery they took and said as long as u keep paying your currant support we won't take your license. We went back to court shortly after with more doctors note and they finally lowered to $124. But said mom can come back anytime and it will go up but because the mother got over 7,500 and her monthly on time she waited a year to take him back to court. I gave her another $1,200 and she didn't continue the court date but I'm sure when that money runs out (witch Xmas is hitting) we will be going back. They just took his license again after saying they wouldn't now I have to work full time to pay to support our household and to pay the child support and find time to take him to his doctors appointments. They don't help by doing this the make it harder on him, he's kids and wife. Now we can't see the kids all cuz he's hurt. Good looking out. California. Hope we can make some changes before our kids are in the same shoes. Thanks Brandi
You can't pay if you can't get to work. Plain and simple common sense.
This is a great law. If these dead beat parents are not providing support money from every dollar they earn then what is the point of allowing them to benefit themselves. If your particular situation/case merits extenuating circumstances then seek legal advice. Example: legal aid.
This law is very one sided! I have two of my kids full time, the mom has never payed her 28.00 a month per child and yet still drives and gets her taxes. But for me i have never gotten taxes back just a letter saying what i would have gotten back and i lose my license at least 3 to 4 times a year! Things need to change and be update to the times that we love in.
Child support has cut off my arms, and has thrown me into the river, now they demand me to swim. I sunk and lost everything because of license suspension. Lost job, lost relationship with my kids, lost my car, lost my home, guess what, child support not going to get any money now because I cant get a job. Stupid ****ers
This country and especially state California or so F---k. Up. How do they expect anyone who has to pay child support and tend to there kids , with out having any way to commute to work. I have lost my job, lost my car because they impound, left me and my three kids stranded in a very unsafe area all night because of this. Now Im homless, cant see my kids at all, cant find a job, this has damaged me so bad its effects has made me gravely ill. I sure hope theres some change , so others dont get sick and die from this like me.
My license is suspended due to back child support from 20 years ago. I paid all the current child support for 8 years and that still didn't help matters. At my age and medical condition, it would be impossible for me to even consider the possibility of paying it back.
I have recently not been able to make child support payments , I am behind . It is not that I won't pay it's that I am unable to at this time. It is unfair that my drivers license was suspended. I have a perfect driving record. Never had any speeding tickets or any other driving infractions ever. I am 41 yrs. old and a female. I help my children's father all the time with things involving my children. The money for debts should not be attatched to driving a vehicle. Who ever thought thiat it was a good idea to take away this right is very wrong and need to reconsider this for the sake of all involved.
Thank you
I don't think its right or legal for the State of California to suspend any ones drivers license just because they have to pay child support, the State of California has to realize in order for some one to pay child support one has to have a job and if the State of California suspends a persons drivers license then the person has no transportation to look for and get a job so they can pay the child support, as in my case I was paying $325 in child support the State of California told me that if I paid that amount for two years I would be able to get my drivers license back this was back in 1998 I never got my drivers license back as I found out the State of California lied to me in that respect, you cannot trust the State of California to tell you the truth and you cannot trust the courts to tell you the truth about how to get your driver license back after it has been suspended.
I am paying my obligation every month but when they assigns different agntes they have different opniones and suspend my privilages if I send it early I am getting suspend if I send it let still the same either way I lose my privilages or any lageslation consider about it instead people losing or put out of the jobes make hard workers from independant make them depending on tax paieres money,homeless and un-productive or you do not care for a good non custodial parents. some of the agents they do not care about citizens,governement or they do not respect court order and non custodial people that is why a lot of people behind their obligation and out of the jobs specially sonoma county if you see their reputation 2011 the woreset shame in this planet.
Child support dept is a group of Nazi Anti father hood individuals using tactics of propaganda to extort money out of fathers. For the one reason of financial gain for the sole purpose of the custodial parent pockets. The child support system don't give a crap about any one or ones's all about money... savages. So in turn they hold your licence to extort the money so the non custodial parent has to crap the cash out..or lose your license.
Can't work without license
I have always been in my children's live and was always paying child support even if it wasn't the full amount I was ordered to pay $750 a month and for 9 years I always paid $1150 I always paid extra and then I was involved in a motorcycle accident it took me a year to learn how to walk again and re-cooperate physically from my injuries and then to try to find work almost a year and with the economy changing, it was even more difficult to get back on my feet , during that time child support suspended my license with out notifying me , I get pulled over and the officer tells me hey Did you know your license is suspended I said no he was going to tow my vehicle but gave me a brake to exit the freeway and park and lock it , I called Chils support and told them hey for 9 years I paid an extra $400 dollars and then they turn around and say I neglected my responsibilities for 1 1/2 years for not paying I showed them proof of all my medical records and injuries and therapies and they said all I had to do was make a payment arrangement with them and they would release my license I said ok but they wanted me to pay half of what i was behind I told them where am I gonna pull $6,500.00 ? Out of my*****the Child Support Clerks response not my problem to figure it out how i was gonna do it that put me in a financial restraint , they don't care what financial problems you have !!!!! San Bernardino and LA county !!!!!!
This law does more harm than good! They treat it like it's their money but in all fairness the children suffer! SMH
This law makes absolutely no sense! My license was suspended because I stopped working to return to school. I had to go back after the 2008 mortgage crisis. At that time, I was unable to find a job, so to better myself, and support this child, I returned to school to make more money. I'm not a deadbeat. I paid child support until I returned to school. It is ridiculous that my license got suspended. How does it even make sense? With a suspended license, I can't drive to work, right? So, that hinders my ability to provide for my family. With a suspended license, I can't drive to visitations, right? So, now it's affecting the child as well. This is one of the most absurd laws that I've seen. In no way can and should this be justified!!!
William Rountree

I have been the noncustodial parent during most of my child's life. Not because I didn't have an adequate life style to provide for him. But during the years that my custody case was open. My child was under the age of five and california still honored maternal law. During these years I payed my child support directly to the courts threw payroll deductions. In 2008 I left my job in an attempt to find a better one in hopes that I would be able to spend more quality time with my son. Shortly after the economy dropped and it was difficult to find work. The next few years I bounced from job to job. It's became a never ending circle. I have no license. I go to a temp agency work hard pay off any and all back support and arrears. By that time the companies that I was working threw a temp agency for would hire me to work directly for them. I'd start working for them and it would take a week or two for the payroll change to happen. And what never fails to happen to me. Child support would then say I was in arrears and take my license. So last year I started working for a temp agency who assigned me to a company. I worked there for a few months paid off any and all back child support money and continued working up until this last July.When the company I was assigned to hired me.that was July 15. I thanked my new emp,over for the surprise job offer filled out my new employee packet and walked rite out the door to my desk and called child support. Told them I was just hired. The name number and address as well as the email of my new employer. Everything was fine. Until mid September when it was brought to my attention that my license was going to be suspended on October 25. Since the pay days didn't come on the first. I called my worker she said that the license suspension is done automatically threw the computer. To me this is unfair that even working I'm getting harassed and my job gets put on the line.the one thing no one is saying is that if we loose are jobs by this ridiculousness law. We will fall into arrears and when we do that they add a very high continual interest on are balance. This license suspension creates a system of failure to us and allows child support to accrue money threw are hardships to profit that organization.
I've had my DL suspended since March of 2012, and was unable to gain employment due to that issue. Now it's 2014, soon to be 2015 and I've been working and paying my child support through my garnished wages and my DL is still suspended. I emailed Madera DSS and got a phone call back from a gentleman there and the way he treated me was like I was a piece of (Blank). Anyway's yesterday on the 27th of October 2014 I went into the local DMV office to get a duplicate of my DL and I waited an hour and a half for them to tell me that the DL is still on hold through DCSS. I got a letter from the rude Madera County employee on October 2 of this year that stated my hold on my License has been taken off from Madera and Ventura Counties. This law hurts the ones that really have to pay. I never get to see my kids and yet I'm paying.
How dumb,a law based on collecting child support but taking away the right to drive to work .The local,state and fed Gov Thinks we are their babies and they can pass whatever legislature you/they please but thats a lie.Stop lying to the people please or stand down.
This law is what is wrong with this country. The people that are making laws like this didn't bother to use their power of thinking. How in the world can a parent pay child support if they have their license suspended?? If a parent is not working right now and thus unable to pay their support it is most likely NOT due to the fact that they made that choice. Because of the economy that in a large part is due to the government people are loosing their jobs and not able to find a new one. Than the government punishes them for this by taking away their license which inhibits them from getting a new one. Here is hint law makers... how about doing more to help these people find a job so that they CAN pay instead of taking away their chance of getting a job. You would not think that this would even need to be said! My husband has been out of work for over a year and searching like crazy. He FINALLY got an interview and was hired. But when they did the background check and found the suspended license they said that they could no longer hire him until his license was reinstated so that he got a pass on the background check. He called his child support officer and was told that he needed to pay his child support in order to get the license reinstated. When he explained that he didn't have ANY money to pay until he got a pay check and that he couldn't get that until he got a job and he couldn't get the job until he got his license he was told "not my problem... it's yours". Come on people!!!!
the child support dept. garnishes any income I get to meet the court order of $640.00 each month. doing it there way I am never never late or delinquent. yet there automated service still suspends my license every three months without any notice or warning . I got stoped by a cop last week he gave me a ticket for driving on a suspended license. my case worker didn't even know my license was suspended all she did was lift it the same day I got the ticket.and will not give me any thing in writing I can give the judge saying it was there mistake not mine. I am looking at a $1000 fine thanks to the child support dept.
Help I'm still fighting but know there trying to set me up. 2009, the county threaten me if I don't pay them the Los Angeles county 88 thousands I will never work again said Maky McKay from the county. Supervisor Zev. Y. 91411 area set me up and helped the county with his personal lawyers to damage me. the county faght with district attorney s office to have me placed as a dead beat dad while I took care of my children treating me to agree with them or be taken apart by the county's district attorney's. Well it's been four years never been appsent but I'm not working although I have a job paying me 46$ an hour. I'm unable to take care of myself because the county supervisor gave permission to the county to harm me for speaking out on the Los Angeles county and supervisor felonies action. I fear for my life from the county and all that took part in harming me and my children
California dept of Child Support is an agency that is inefficient! I disputed a child support case for the amount of $858. I went to court to see judge and left owing a double monthly support of $1600, without explanation or due process showing a justification for the amount increase. This left me owing arrears around 9k. The dept of Child Support then ordered a wage garnishment of an additional $370 on top of the $1600, with out a judges order, when I brought it to the attention of the judge, the dept of child support blamed the increase without justification, on the computer system the use. These guys are out of control and don't care if the non-custodial parent can afford to survive! I have 50/50 custody both legal and physical!
i am a vet paid child support my sons are both grwn, no aide case to pay back take care of sick wife my arrears was 8,oo0 2011 its 2014 18,000 do to 145 interest on arrears case this case is illegal i am paying support while the kids mom i lived with in a city in northern ca and paying child support in san diego, and me the mom and kids did not live there smh, basically paying child support for the same kids in two counties lucky i have checks stubs to prove it bec they refuse to give me a full audit of all my payments and let these women get away with fraud and dcss knws it so unfair and they suspend my driving every month even when i make the payment then have to pay dmv fees on a arrears case for grwn men and i already paid should be in family court, vets, military should have this law not apply if u need utr car to work
I am behind my son in this matter. I am angry about this law. It sickens me. My grandchildren are hurting because of it.
Illegal (Undocumented) immigrants have now been offered the privilege of obtaining Drivers License on a silver platter, while it's being denied to ALL American Citizens and to ALL properly documented Immigrants , just because of this inhumane, California Child Support Suspension of Drivers License Law.
My drivers license is soon to be suspended. I am a loving father to my children and do for my kids anything I can with the help of my family. I was going through a custody battle with my children's mother. My children's mother tried so hard to make things difficult for me and the family court system didn't make It any easier. I would have to travel from Los Angeles Ca to Reno Nevada twice a month for my visitation. I would first have my in state visitation in Reno and then comeback a week later to pick my children up for there visitation with me at my home in CA. It was hard financially but I never missed a visitation because I love my kids with all my heart. In family court you miss your visitations it looks bad on you and as the father all odds are stacked against you from the beginning .i was paying child support to my kids mother. Then I receive a mail from child support that I wasn't paying my child support. Child support told me since my kids are receiving aid from the state and that I had to pay child support to the state of Nevada. My kids mom was collecting child support from me and receiving assistance from the state at same time that's fraud and the state if Nevada did nothing after I reported it.Good thing I made copies of all my payments. Not to long after I was granted joint custody things where starting to look good for me family court was seeing the commitment I had to my kids. My children mother decided to take my kids and run away to another country. I was then awarded full custody. Fours year never heard from kids. Child support sent me a letter saying that they are going to have the DMV suspend my license because I haven't been paying child support throughout these last four years even though I got full custody of my kids. I have all these cases open in 3 different states because the mother was receiving aid and I owe those states a lot of money for child support. I'm stressed out and trying to figure how I'm gonna pay this money owed to child support while the mother of my kids who has done wrong is living life as if she's done nothing wrong. It's not right. I keep talking to child support and all my case worker says waiting on all paper work same run around story. I tell her I got a job offer but if my license gets suspended that job is out the window. Im a truck driver and with my license getting suspended soon I will lose this job offer and things will just get harder. I know my story is long but these law makers need to know our stories and the hardships people go through. They made this law for dead beat parents but it effects those who are good but jus having hard time. All I ask is for a solution give us a chance to get on our feet so we can do nd take care our responsibilities. The law makers not everyone has a silver spoon in the mouths. So when u go making laws don't jus use your own rich personal judgement but try to put yourself in us regular folks shoes and see how it affects good just as much as the dead beats.
Drastic times call for drastic measures. Now I can see why some payers fall off the face of the earth rather than try to work within the constraints of CSS or the DMV. This law needs to be repealed, as it only makes people that WANT to work unable to work. This directly affects California's attempt at economic recovery. If licenses are revoked for the able-bodied, how is California going to continue to pay for those that cannot work, and those that just don't want to work! Whomever enacted this law was thinking about immediate punishment, not "now what do we do now that none of these people can work". PLEASE REPEAL THIS LAW, OR MAKE AVAILABLE A PROVISIONAL LICENSE FOR WORK AND VISITATION!
I know a bunch of people losing job opportunity because they have their DL suspended.
Also homeless people who cannot afford to pay child support, trying to get their lives back on track bu to get a job without a reliable transportation is not that easy.
Please, lets stop this law.

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