California Child Support suspension of drivers license law

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This law is broken, keeps honest parents tied up in trying to honestly support the child.
If you can't feed em don't breed em! I alone take care of my son, I am not on welfare! I did not create this child on my own so yes his father should be held responsible for not providing anything not even his time. I do not need his help, I do it alone but you better believed I will enforce my son's right to child support from his father. Job or no job, license or no license he still would NOT pay. His life should not be made any easier from anyone because mine isn't. This law has helped more than it hasn't because the majority of fathers only pay to not get their license revoked, otherwise they would be constantly late or not pay at all like before it was put in place. kuddos to the parents who take care of their children's every needs. These posts are just ridiculous except for one, I agree that when a license is revoked there should be provisions to be able to go to work, even people who gets a dui gets that. Eliminating this law should not be an option and it will not pass, on the contrary stricter laws should be put in place!
If you can't feed em don't breed em! I alone take care of my son, I am not on welfare! I did not create this child on my own so yes his father should be held responsible for not providing anything not even his time. I do not need his help, I do it alone but you better believed I will enforce my son's right to child support from his father. Job or no job, license or no license he still would NOT pay. His life should not be made any easier from anyone because mine isn't. This law has helped more than it hasn't because the majority of fathers only pay to not get their license revoked, otherwise they would be constantly late or not pay at all like before it was put in place. kuddos to the parents who take care of their children's every needs. These posts are just ridiculous except for one, I agree that when a license is revoked there should be provisions to be able to go to work, even people who gets a dui gets that. Eliminating this law should not be an option and it will not pass, on the contrary stricter laws should be put in place!
Need a license to get a decent paying job to pay the ridiculous amount the courts are ordering non custodial parents to pay. Was not hired for many jobs, hell wasn't even considered for some, because of the suspended license. Idiot state politicians see it as another way to line their pockets without having to do any work themselves. Another way to make the rich richer and poor dead! Are you even giving the money you steal from us people to our children? $2000 in tax refund money was taken from me, but my ex told me she only got $800. I asked the dcss why that happened and the stupid ***** told me "well after all the court costs and legal fees were taken out, $800 was all that was left." Are you ****ing kidding me?!?!? THIS WHOLE CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE THROWN OUT and after carefully thinking it all out, put it back in to play. Having the ability to control another person's life the way the dcss does can not be legal in any state! Bloodsuckers!
CS screws you in court then expects you to pay amounts you cannot afford when you cannot pay DL gets suspended you then lose your job or get the car impounded which also eventually gets you fired california is not a public transportation friendly state say like parts of NY people in CA have hardships and cant pay for 1 MONTH and boom there goes your DL then the job and the ability to pay now you are on welfare, food stamps .etc instead of being a productive citizen had you had your license now you are forced to depend of the goverment getting into more CS debt and putting the nation more into debt. CS should not be allowed to take away your DL. God bless Amerika
This so godless Amerika
this is ridiculous how can u pay child support if you cant get a job with no license who was the dummy who made up this law!!!!
My ex-husband hasn't paid child support since 2013. He hasn't work and doesn't plan on getting a "real" job that would enable me to have his salary garnished. He's now driving for Uber and making just enough money to keep up his cell phone bills & pay a bill or two. I hope if he gets pulled over or tries to renew his license they absolutely take him into custody. My children aren't benefitting the least bit from this these efforts he's making.
California is a very punitive state. The courts will bend over backward to appease the mothers, even if it mean filing and prosecuting false and bogus criminal charges against the father. It is all about jobs and money for the system. We need to outlaw these punitive practices by the courts AND the state. DMV should not be involved in child support. The courts should not hand over children to drug addicted, felons just because they happen to be the mother. The fathers should not have to pay if they are willing to take full custody of the child(ren). End the punitive laws, however the only way that will happen is to END THE DEMOCRAT AKA SOCILIST RULE.
This law, written and enforced by people that don't care about the other side of the coin...I seriously wonder HOW in the world something like this could even be considered a "LAW". The direct results they may have wanted in the beginning are NOT the reasons it continues today....
How does taking a persons license to drive, and any business license, simply because he's late on a payment - FAIR to the obligator in the least!? Personally, I've had 2 trucks, one car and my street bike impounded twice! All of which I couldn't pay for immediately so the IMMENSE amount of money owed, immediately, was greater than the vehicles worth.... In my opinion, these vehicles I PAYED FOR, were 'legally' stolen from me! Not to mention this LAW single handedly denied what would of otherwise been a CAREER as a Firefighter for me! (which in turn, WOULD have been more than enough income to pay for obligations AND to actually have a life, not to mention - HELLO, MEANS TO TAKE CARE OF MY DAUGHTER LIKE I have wanted since she was born! What is happening to this world!?
I just recently graduated with a degree. Hoping that an education will improve my employment prospects. I was wrong. I have been offered 5 different positions that have been pulled as soon as my back ground shows a suspension. I have contacted child support and tried to use reason and logic to get some help. No avail. In todays society the ability to drive needs to be considered a right. For my sake of my family I hope this petition can at least start the conversation. It makes zero sense to restrict a person's ability to earn income until they can afford to.
If I was granted custody from the start I could have taken good care of my daughter but I lost the battle because I live in Cali and she's in Florida so they tell me that being I didn't show up for court in Florida that the other parent wins. Well now 12 yrs past and due to no DL and tons of arrears later my daughter lives with babys moms dad which dosent need any help finacialy i still stuck with all the bull. I have talked to my lil girl now almost 14yrs old but once on the phone and went to see her for the first time in 2010 but i was told by grandpa that being you have a life in cali and your not staying here for her i dont want her to know your her father so she dosent feel like she is loseing you again . i know one day she will come find her dad God i hope so. I have so much to tell her and i want so bad to be her father while her mother is killing herself on the drugs that she feels is more important then life itself. Our government is so broken that a new system needs to be put in place I hope our next president can do more of what needs to be done for the people remember We The People We are what makes things tick but only if we don't keep getting stuck in these deep holes in our court system that the government refuses the fix because its a "La-git" way to embezzle the people that make them who they are today by voteing them to power to keep things on order not this disorganized chaos you call government. Do you job or we will one day find someone who WILL!!
OK, so perhaps it's alright to suspend a parent's drivers license as punishment for not keeping up with payments or making an arrangement in a child support case BUT the agency suspending the license (usually district attorney in a county) should be required to only suspend it "EXCEPT in the course of employment" meaning a parent can drive to/from/during work. I'd say this is a very reasonable compromise for legislators to enact.
Thank You! I will post more comments later. So hears a short one. Child Support Services is COSTING CA.( ei Tax Payers ) Millions Of $$$$$ For suspending Drivers License Of Non Working DADs. And most of the workers are doing it just because they Can. You suspend A Guys License He can't pay his car payment, insurance and Day to Day living. Now he has no car can't look for a job,(a Carpenter needs his truck and tools) and lives in the country. So now he has go on a Food Card and if He more than one to take care of probably will need wellfare for housing. Now he don't talk to His Kids because of SHAME for not being able to pay. Who benefits from this? No One. I have many more stories of How CPS have for the most has DESTROYED my Relationship with my Kids Caused Me to Lose PREVAILING WAGE JOBS Put Me In JAIL AND destroyed my life.THANK YOU FOR READING From A Victim Of Child Support Services
My daughter lost her job, got behind on child support. Calif took her drivers license AND her Notary license. She has been homeless now for years. Shame on California.
After reading almost all the comments I realizes pretty much all of them sound like as if I wrote them but each comment in different words a hundred times over. its weird but I guess not all that suprising to me that my predicament with my DL and CS and even my girlfriend that cheated wich is now why I never see my son that I pay an*****load for, is the same as not just a few but for many many others. we all are human and this is a really common thing going on for alot of us. YA theres fotta be something messed up there man. I hope this gets fixed so all of us can live a normal peaceful life like we did before we had babies. im 29 years old and I had no intention to still be living under the same roof as my dad at almost 30. it sucks and its very depressing dealing with this problem. now i see why people sometimes just off themselves making it easier to understand a person wanting to end there life. this would deffinently be the # one. im a hard working honest tax payer when I have a decent job I dont deserve this. no one does.
This bill is hurting more men than women. Figure out a different way to collect
I 1617th everything that has been said here so far. Coming from Nevada to California, I was pleasantly surprised to see CA actually doing something to help solve the problem by changing the protocol regarding child support suspended license. NV 's solution is to stop explaining your situation too much in court and pay because they did not have enough time in the day, pay a lawyer with money that you do not have to begin with, or spend 20 days in jail while what you do have established in life falls apart to the point where recovery is highly unlikely.

OH!! but you have 30 days to perform a miracle.
Taking driver license away from hardship mom or dad is just adding more difficult to the situation of keeping a job and pay child support
AS well as a suspended drivers license that prevents me from getting a job and working Merced DCSS has done nothing but harass me. I am disgusted by this Department. Over the last few years I have stood here begging and pleading with these people. I have been met with nothing but disrespect, rudeness, and harassment. I have been stuck on welfare due to these guttersnipes.

Welfare put me back in school 40 hours a week and had me working, for free, 40 hours a week to gain experience in my field of training to help get me a job. This decision was made based on a work injury that prevented me from returning to my field. This department enforced payments on me while in the program and demanded I have another full-time job on top off all this. I was told, more like demanded, "to drop out of school and drop out of welfare to get a damn job because I had to take care of this child." (Their words, not mine) I responded telling them I also had other children in my home, that are mine, and I also had to take care of them. Once again disrespectfully I was told "Those children don't matter". This is my "Do not push button" because I love my children and NOBODY talks about my children in this way.

Upon the birth of my daughter with my current wife I reported the addition to the family to my worker only to here "Well this is a bad time for you to have another child."

I have been dragged in and harassed over a matter of 300 dollars in the past which I paid off with financial aid money I needed for school.

Upon challenging the arrears gained while in school I was told by this department to fill out a certain court form which upon research did not exist. After months of this department giving me the run around I just filed paperwork to the courts just to get in and voice my concerns. I was met with there disrespectful*****of a representative who interrupts and down talks every client who has to deal with him. He stated he would "keep his hooks in me". He also just kept calling me a liar.

At this court hearing come to find out the mother moved out of state without notifying me years prior. The refuse to release jurisdiction, I live an hour and a half away, until they arrears are paid off. They could have notified me she moved out of state when at one point I did pay off the arrears a year and a half ago.

There is now a bench warrant out for me due to this department forcing me to report every other month just for a status check, I was still making payments and not flagged as a non-payee. I have no license due to them, no transportation (I ride a bus), no one able to take me, and no money. We are a low income family that barely makes it by as it is. In there letter informing me of the bench warrant they stated every reason I had told them why it was so difficult to report as not being an "excuse".

The problem now is I cannot get a job now because every employer that attempts to hire me is met with a bombardment of demands made by this department
When they suspend my dl and professional looking licenses if im late or cant make a full payment because i have two other childern to take care who live with me has ruined my life and has cost countless jobs that would actually allow to to make my payments without causing me to be short on rent, im a hard working father who is getting not only my life ruined but the lives of my other children
While there is a clear societal interest in keeping those who are unfit to drive off the roads, broadly restricting licenses for violations unrelated to an individualís ability to drive safely may do more harm than good. This is especially true in areas of the country that lack alternative means of transportation. For those individuals, a valid driver license can be a means to survive. Local communities, employers and, employees all experience negative consequences as a result of social non-conformity suspensions, including unemployment, lower wages, fewer employment opportunities and hiring choices, and increased insurance costs.5 People who are able to legally drive are more likely to have stable employment.6
I pqy my c.s and if I miss one tiny payment they suspended my******,
can't get a job let alone just live my life with out looking over my shoulder if I have to drive and try not doing that !!!
I have had my drivers license suspended for the last 15yrs, and even though my x was given physical custody, when she moved to NV. 10yrs ago, and left him with me and I've supported him since then, I haven't been able to get my license back, and my son is now 20yrs old ! I'm almost 53yrs old and haven't had a steady income for 3 decades this is insane!
There has to be a better alternative than this.
I applied at Fedex in February 2015 I got offered the job. Passed the background check but when they checked my dmv my license was suspended, I had got no notification and lost the job, thank you child support....I was then on a trip to the beach a few days ago I had got my license reinstated back in March and me and the driver got pulled over. They ran checks on both of us and my license was once again suspended with no notice, but this time they took my license and my only form of ID at request of the dmv. So I called child support and they told me it was an error and they would send an abstract, so now I have no ID and I have to pay to get another card and a reissuance fee. Both times they were garnishing me so its not like I wasn't paying
I could go on and on what it has done to me .my life and children s life.. This system is so bad it has taken jobs away from millions of taxpaying parents with outstanding integrity and family values into welfare,disability despair,,financial ruin. Food stamps the list goes on The impacts are huge 100 millions of dollars . I firmly feel its to organize a class action lawsuit ,begin extensive lobbying in Sac. Reform.
Taking the drivers' license is hindering people from getting or keeping their jobs so they can pay their child support. It just doesn't make sense to take the license, how do you get to work now? No job, No child support
They came 15 yrs ago to my life . The cps worker said let us visit your house from time to time .My xwife said no and 1 hour later they came and took my lil girl. They never mentioned that if we denie them visits that they would come and take my girls. my oldest just graduated with honors and now needs money to go to college that I'm trying to provide but is really hard with no license. My case was based on marijuana and now its legal in California so all these 12 plus years that they impounded my cars and lost jobs was for nothing . Im not a deadbeat father. I am a caring daddy that makes sure his girls are smart and they know there daddy is trying but can't help because cps has him on a leash and can put.him in jail for money that is just made up. I have provided as much as I can to my girls and you can ask all 3 of them . I just want my license back and a reason able payment of 100 dollars a month which I think is fair for money that they just pulled out of the sky.
DL suspended so with Professional License...need to be reformed
I could not find work for 4 months. Fell behind and then got a job with great pay. But after one week i was pulled over in the work truck given a ticket for failure to pay support and impounded the truck. Thanks for helping out california. Now i dont have a job again!!!
i keep loosing jobs due to license being suspended frequently. I have 3 kids that live with me 3 different schools besides sports activities and dr appt. least to say my 2 other girls live in Ventura 2 hrs away from me ontario ca. I'm not running just can't meet the judgement...
They suspended my license. I couldn't drive myself to my oncologist, my ex will not let me speak with or see my daughter and the agency will do nothing. Oh, and I'm a mom. How can we pay if we can't drive to a job?
i have been out of a job, and about to lose my license in September. I got a job 3 weeks ago, and now I'm afraid I will lose it, due to not being able to get there. I work overnight, therefore, there are no busses, and I can't afford a taxi. This is ********, and this state is just money hungry and don't care about honest hard working citizens. But they will hand an illegal free everything just because. It's total crap.
It is unfair to take our money not count it as a payment and and still leave our license suspended. They have taken my federal loan money for college classes and now I am left with a huge debt to pay the school before I can attend any classes which is against federal law but they do not care and still leave my license suspended.
If someone can not drive how can they work to pay child support
Same as makes good people go bad
Its not fair to punish these hard working non custodial parents for trying their best and paying what they can; I have witnessed this system forehand screw over many parents, while most of the custodial parents aren't even working legit jobs, most of them are on welfare and working under the table or just staying home and collect tax payers money. it's unfortunate and needs to be addressed! No One can work and provide support without a DL, Think smart california
I paid a double payment in march 2015, thinking they'd apply a payment for april, 2015; well they didn't, rather than return my calls in April when I was contacting SAN BERNADINO office they suspended my DL without notifying me.. Its amazing that, Us working fathers pay what we are supposed while theses mothers collect welfare but yet do not want to give up custody- because the kids are their check, and yet no consequence for that?? California needs to change this!!!
This only makes it harder for fathers to earn money to pay thier debts. it in now way helps children get what they need.
it just makes an already female biased system destroy fathers lives that much more easily.
One comment said it best....COUNTER PRODUCTIVE
They took my DL even though I was paying lost my job haven't paid CS since that was 8 yrs ago
This law needs to be changed. I talked to several employers and if you don't have a drivers license you can not get a job in most states.
Can't get child support to release my Drivers license in California . I'm moved to Texas. I'm paying all payments and they haven't released it nationaly so I'm stuck with no DL.. what the hell
Its horrible that on top of me coming home from war with a slew of medical disabilities and homelessness that because I cannot possibly work to pay childsupport my license is being suspended. I see our country is just selfish as it was when i left it.

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