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This petition is an urgent call from the inmates and affiliates of the Patuxent Institution located in Jessup, Maryland. We intend to inform the outside world of the abuses and injustices occurring within the Patuxent Institution. We, the inmate population, are under great duress due to the improper enforcement and lack of administration headed by Warden Mrs. Patricia Johnson-Goins, and Director Dr. Robert Nero. We would like to make it known to the community the Patuxent Institution does not function under the ideals or premises permeated to those in society.

To the general public the Patuxent Institution is both unique and distinguished amongst other institutions within the State of Maryland. The Patuxent Institution of Jessup (PIJ) was founded under the auspices of being a therapeutically governed facility with programs and an environment created to remediate male and female offenders within the Eligible Person Program and the Patuxent Institution Youth Program. PIJ is the only institution for sentenced criminals in Maryland separate from the Maryland Division of Corrections (DOC). Its foundation lies within the Maryland Public General Law, codified as title 4 of the Correctional Services Article 31B, enacted in 1951. Contrary to popular belief, PIJ has been deemed by the inmates as more volatile then therapeutic. Thus we wish to make these conditions known with hopes to quickly end the misery and unbearable treatment of the inmate population.

As result of recommendation for evaluation by out sentencing judge, the Commissioner of Corrections sent us here to be considered for admittance into the Patuxent Institution. PIJ consists of 380 inmates in the Youth Program, 320 inmates of DOC, and 175 inmates of the Mental Health Program who all have been convicted and tried as adults. These individuals have been given sentences ranging from 7 years to Life sentences. The programs at PIJ are supervised on a level system. First, the offender is evaluated to determine eligibility for the one of the programs. When an offender is accepted into the program they are put on the first level. In order to advance from any level the inmate must remain infraction free at all times. Advancement from the second level results from the inmates interactions during group sessions. To reach the third level inmates must discuss in detail their individual crimes and family history to assigned counselors. The final stage of the program is the fourth level which is the community re-entry facility also known as the “Halfway House”.

We, the inmates, hereby deem the treatment enforced by the current administration at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup to be cruel and unjust therefore, we request immediate action resulting in the replacement of the institution’s Director, Warden, and Chief of Security. The current Director is indifferent to the remediation and rehabilitation needs of the inmates. PIJ is currently functioning as a pseudo-program—drastically minim

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My son was denied help through the courts after I filed a petition. Same judge now has incarnated him. He has feared for his life. Calls ignored for b help.
I believe it. America's supposed legal system is flawed (at best). To put it kindly.
America criticizes other countries for abusing people and treatment like this. But it appears our supposed leaders have disrespected the constitution.
This facility needs to be shut down.
The staff Evidently need to be there- only a psychopath would Abuse people like this.
It's also of course not just ABUSIVE but of course Very Unamerican.
I agree. This is suppose to be a rehabilitation and from what my sister tells me its far from it. the officers are very rude and racist. very unorganized
My fiancé is currently incarcerated there and by reading this he don't have 7 or more to do and he doesn't qualify for any of the programs because he don't have any kind of mental health issues. They have him put on lock up for something he didn't do, because it was his word over the c.o.'s. They weren't even willing to look into it further so that he could maintain his innocence and continue to keep the days that he had earned. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE WITHIN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM
The cafeteria is a horror show live. There are roaches every where you can't even take the one time out of your day to relax and eat not going to happen there.the food is the same meat everyday .That's the turkey ground.its sloppy joe for lunch. Spaghetti for diner and thr next day repeat. Just another name. Lets say tacos for lunch the lovely beef mac noodles instead of spaghetti strings and ground turkey meat with a different seasoning.That's everyday eat it or die cruel and unusual eating
This place needs to be shut down. The governor needs to look into this place.
I have toured this prison with a class from American University back in 2010 and I must concur, this prison needs much attention. I feel terrible for these inmates.
I have a friend here who was transferred to Patuxent from BCDC with high hopes to get better through this program. However he says that his good faith efforts have been met with scorn from fellow participants and ambivalence from staff. We need our institutions to truly focus on rehabilitation and not punishment.
My brother is being mistreated at this prison as well as his tier they are being starved for more than two days in order to get out of lock down. Spread the word and get this prison closed and to get somebody out there to investigate these crooked CO's.
My son is punished for having an illness he had no control over. How is he to recover or maintain stabilization in PIJ. He should have been alowed to do his time in a hospital setting. He's been diagnosed since 2001 age 17. The court system knew his battle. Are our sick children being housed improperly. IT'S time to resolve.
My son is punished for having an illness he had no control over. How is he to recover or maintain stabilization in PIJ. He should have been alowed to do his time in a hospital setting. He's been diagnosed since 2001 age 17. The court system knew his battle. Are our sick children being housed improperly. IT'S time to resolve.
I went down to that horrible prison to pick up my fiancée cause today was his release date and they told me the computer was down for only one hour. They then told me they would not be releasing him today even after the computer came up 2 hours. None of the inmates where released today then they told me to call tomorrow but the phone does not work...crazy.The warden never showed up I DAT there for 5 hours and then I left. Noe they have kept him and all the other inmates in the prison even though there time is done. The CO's where rude and no one helped with straight answers I am getting a lawyer and filing a complaint with the Governor's office.
My son has mental health issues (Bipolar) - he had not received his meds for about a month due to an increase in his dosage. Instead of keeping him on what he was currently taken until the new meds arrived they took him off and he had a melt down. You just can't stop mental health meds. I have recently sent in a package and it was delivered on 20 April. It is now 20 May and he has yet to receive. I am very irritated that I now have to step in and will probably have to fight the state to get my money returned. WHERE IS HIS PACKAGE!
A relative, who is in the facility, corroborates these claims of abuse and inhumane treatment in what is supposed to be a rehabilitation facility. For a month, he has been in solitary, no clothing, no reading, one phone call a week, forced to eat with his hands in a cold room with only a blanket all because the pyschiatrist deemed a broken finger sufficient to put him on suicide watch. He hasn't gotten access to his caseworker and is afraid to file a grievance for fear his guards would take the abuse to even more inhumane lengths. This is outright torture, not a way to rehabilitate anyone with mental health or drug problems and I am outraged and ashamed to know that my tax dollars are paying for this!
How will continuous violence stop violence? Something needs to change!