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This petition is an urgent call from the inmates and affiliates of the Patuxent Institution located in Jessup, Maryland. We intend to inform the outside world of the abuses and injustices occurring within the Patuxent Institution. We, the inmate population, are under great duress due to the improper enforcement and lack of administration headed by Warden Mrs. Patricia Johnson-Goins, and Director Dr. Robert Nero. We would like to make it known to the community the Patuxent Institution does not function under the ideals or premises permeated to those in society.

To the general public the Patuxent Institution is both unique and distinguished amongst other institutions within the State of Maryland. The Patuxent Institution of Jessup (PIJ) was founded under the auspices of being a therapeutically governed facility with programs and an environment created to remediate male and female offenders within the Eligible Person Program and the Patuxent Institution Youth Program. PIJ is the only institution for sentenced criminals in Maryland separate from the Maryland Division of Corrections (DOC). Its foundation lies within the Maryland Public General Law, codified as title 4 of the Correctional Services Article 31B, enacted in 1951. Contrary to popular belief, PIJ has been deemed by the inmates as more volatile then therapeutic. Thus we wish to make these conditions known with hopes to quickly end the misery and unbearable treatment of the inmate population.

As result of recommendation for evaluation by out sentencing judge, the Commissioner of Corrections sent us here to be considered for admittance into the Patuxent Institution. PIJ consists of 380 inmates in the Youth Program, 320 inmates of DOC, and 175 inmates of the Mental Health Program who all have been convicted and tried as adults. These individuals have been given sentences ranging from 7 years to Life sentences. The programs at PIJ are supervised on a level system. First, the offender is evaluated to determine eligibility for the one of the programs. When an offender is accepted into the program they are put on the first level. In order to advance from any level the inmate must remain infraction free at all times. Advancement from the second level results from the inmates interactions during group sessions. To reach the third level inmates must discuss in detail their individual crimes and family history to assigned counselors. The final stage of the program is the fourth level which is the community re-entry facility also known as the “Halfway House”.

We, the inmates, hereby deem the treatment enforced by the current administration at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup to be cruel and unjust therefore, we request immediate action resulting in the replacement of the institution’s Director, Warden, and Chief of Security. The current Director is indifferent to the remediation and rehabilitation needs of the inmates. PIJ is currently functioning as a pseudo-program—drastically minim

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This is supposed to be a facility for inmates with mental health supports for people requiring medication. My son has gone without his meds for more than 2 months in the Maryland doc because his meds are "non-formulary". If we aren't going to provide adequate care then the state should reopen the hospitals that we're closed
your in prison! If course your not going to get treated like a regular human being. You forfeited your rights the moment you committed your crime! You did something awful to be put there. And I feel you to deserve every min of it. I my self have be they the system and acknowledge my wrong doing. Trust me! After a little time of being treated like a filthy animal .... straighten me right out! And if it don't straighten you out .... you deserve to be there!
Its breaking my heart
i visit my son in patuxent institution and i notice how the inmates being treated also my son say that majority of the security are africans and they treat the inmates like they treat people in africa they need training to treat humans with respect if the want respect and the programs is only une hour daily i dont thinks une hr will help the inmates
Have a loved one currently in drug program. Nor seeing any road to recovery with this. Counselors are consistently taking of 2 days a week, and many half days. But I'm guessing they still receive full pay? CO's are definitely undertrained and uneducated. O'Malley isn't trying to address the issues, this is an economic industry in Maryland. The new Jim Crowe laws?
This place is a historical lie that is only consistent in chaos and the manipulation of the people and the justice system for profit and personal gain for those who have invested money into it. It is inhuman and corrupt.
My Mother has been in this place for many years and has never been treated right!! They have promised her so many things and nothing ever happens. She has had problems with the Director and Dr. Shapiro not liking her and therfor they don't advance her through the levels or tiers when she has been there forever and meets all the requirements. They are not helping these women but more hindering them from actually dealing with issues and being rehabilitated. Something needs to be done!!!!!! Help these people!!
Wow, it must be a terrible place

This program is designed for failure, the staff members are rude and nasty , can't speak clear English , and will lie on an inmate just to issue tickets so that they get into further trouble, or be kicked out, this place needs to be investigated, they know inmates are tryin to re unite with their loved ones and they try everything in their power to stop it, and has been gettin away with it for years!! The facility looks and operates as one in a foreign country. They will strip a person down, to be sent to solitary confinement for three months and have visits taken for a year is enough to send any person insane! Especially if for something you know you did not do .....God please be with these inmates keep them safe from sickness and danger. In Jesus name! Amen
My son has mental health issues. His medications have been stopped cold. I know from his therapist and psychiatrist that you never ever stop mental health meds cold the must be weened off.