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This petition is an urgent call from the inmates and affiliates of the Patuxent Institution located in Jessup, Maryland. We intend to inform the outside world of the abuses and injustices occurring within the Patuxent Institution. We, the inmate population, are under great duress due to the improper enforcement and lack of administration headed by Warden Mrs. Patricia Johnson-Goins, and Director Dr. Robert Nero. We would like to make it known to the community the Patuxent Institution does not function under the ideals or premises permeated to those in society.

To the general public the Patuxent Institution is both unique and distinguished amongst other institutions within the State of Maryland. The Patuxent Institution of Jessup (PIJ) was founded under the auspices of being a therapeutically governed facility with programs and an environment created to remediate male and female offenders within the Eligible Person Program and the Patuxent Institution Youth Program. PIJ is the only institution for sentenced criminals in Maryland separate from the Maryland Division of Corrections (DOC). Its foundation lies within the Maryland Public General Law, codified as title 4 of the Correctional Services Article 31B, enacted in 1951. Contrary to popular belief, PIJ has been deemed by the inmates as more volatile then therapeutic. Thus we wish to make these conditions known with hopes to quickly end the misery and unbearable treatment of the inmate population.

As result of recommendation for evaluation by out sentencing judge, the Commissioner of Corrections sent us here to be considered for admittance into the Patuxent Institution. PIJ consists of 380 inmates in the Youth Program, 320 inmates of DOC, and 175 inmates of the Mental Health Program who all have been convicted and tried as adults. These individuals have been given sentences ranging from 7 years to Life sentences. The programs at PIJ are supervised on a level system. First, the offender is evaluated to determine eligibility for the one of the programs. When an offender is accepted into the program they are put on the first level. In order to advance from any level the inmate must remain infraction free at all times. Advancement from the second level results from the inmates interactions during group sessions. To reach the third level inmates must discuss in detail their individual crimes and family history to assigned counselors. The final stage of the program is the fourth level which is the community re-entry facility also known as the “Halfway House”.

We, the inmates, hereby deem the treatment enforced by the current administration at the Patuxent Institution in Jessup to be cruel and unjust therefore, we request immediate action resulting in the replacement of the institution’s Director, Warden, and Chief of Security. The current Director is indifferent to the remediation and rehabilitation needs of the inmates. PIJ is currently functioning as a pseudo-program—drastically minim

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How can you close down a prison over the weekend by posting a notice on the door and unplugging phones? Who is in charge of this place? Not everyone in there is a violent criminal?? God bless those in there and help us 15523find answers to the uncertainties of this prison...
the conditions at the institution are horrendus (sp) there are roaches mice and other verman in the cells and around common areas. One can only guess what the kitchen is like. Please take notice!!
My son has been there about 6 months now, it took him 3 months to see a case worker, whenever he ask a question, i dont know is all he ever gets some of the guards are extremely lazy, and the few times i went to visit, the roof was leaking and it was extremely dirty! The visiting room looks like a dungeon, the lighting is horrible, this is not treatment! This is legal abuse.... my son has said the bread is often molded, and at times there is not enough food so the rest of the inmates have to eat peanut butter and jelly...... this place definitely needs to be evaluated
The conditions are horrible. The roof is falling in and leaking brown liquids. They had fans but it was 90 degree weather. They also mix inmates that don't have a sentence with inmates that have nothing to lose. That's a problem already happening. The food is not enough to sustain a child, and sometimes molded. I can go on but that was the MAIN issue. This treatment is inhumane.
Divinity- protect my man arriving. Equally protect those before and those after. So Mote it Be.
Dear Jesus please bring your order in this place right now! Harming people who have issues is worse than anything I could think of! In Jesus name amen
Bonita M. My family and I have experienced the same thing for nearly 5 years now. No one has been able to see my cousin. Each time, we are turned away and told that he is refusing the visit.
I have been to Maryland to see my brother twice, both times I have been turned away. According the to guards, my brother refused my visits. I'm active duty military, and to get a chance to come up and visit after deployment is a big deal. Something is terribly wrong at Patuxent Institution. The counselor that my brother had, who would give me updates is gone. The weekend guard that made sure that my brother could write me and call me is also gone. Now, I don't have anyone that can give me updates on my brother and I'm scared that I won't get a chance to see him this year.
Our whole Justice system is a mess. We need a serious overhaul and the drug addicted and mentally ill need treatment facilities not jail. Young people need training and school. When will we as a society learn.
I agree that putuxent is one of the worse facilities I've ever came encounter with. My son was in this facility in 2010 and he was treated HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! That place needs to b SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My fiance the father of my kids is getting treated worse than an animal. This place needs to be shut down. They mace him in the face and 10 co's kicked him repeatedly for standing in the doorway. They turned the phones off on christmas day so no one could make calls. His cell mate tried to get his clothes out the hall because they were trying to do laundry the co told him I don't give a ****. They are racist African ******s that don't speak english!
My child's father is losing weight rapidly and passes out frequently. He put in several request to get medical care. The living conditions of this prison is horrible. Please we need people who actually care about helping our loved ones. No one is perfect we all make mistakes, but that does not give this prison the authrioty to treat our loved ones like wild animals. Even their living condtion our better then the inmates at patuxent. This program was founded to help our loved ones, but are they truly getting help? Please don't ignore our cries for help. Please don't ignore the inmates cries for help. Lets make a change and save a life.