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Children with Cystic Fibrosis are required to take supplemental pancreatic enzymes before meals. These enzymes allow the student to digest food properly. Currently, the law states, each student must go to the nurseís office, each day. The nurse than administers the medication to the student. This is a time consuming process, which takes forces the student to leave class early or miss part of the lunch hour. This inhibits the studentís ability to either learn or have adequate time to finish lunch. This is also becoming problematic, due to budget cuts in the schools. Some schools are eliminating full-time nurses, which would make it impossible for students to take their medication each day.

Some schools have passed laws that allow students to carry medication such as over over-the-counter pain relief medications. The main impetus for the current restrictions is to insure the safety of the students by keeping controlled substances (such as prescription medications) out of the hallways and classrooms of the school.

However, the danger of someone taking un-prescribed pancreatic enzymes is negligible.

We believe students who have Cystic Fibrosis and require pancreatic enzymes before meals, with a Doctorís note, should be able to carry and administer their own medication. If the student demonstrates understanding and compliance with the prescribed dosage, before the school nurse, the student should be free to carry and administer the medication.

If you agree, please sign this petition and contact your lawmakers both state and federal, so Davidís Law will become law as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or want to help the cause, please contact David Wagnerís Cystic Fibrosis Hotline at 612-282-1211

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While in high school I had to do this and because I would never get out of class early to go to the nurses office, or because I was having a difficult time breathing and couldnt physically walk across the school in time to take my meds and rush to lunch, which would only give me 15 mins after waiting for the nurse to administer the medication to actually eat lunch I stopped taking my enzymes all together and lost a significant amount of weight which my doctors were not happy about. Due to this my doctors petitioned the school board to either allow me to carry my enzymes on me during school or to allow me to take my unfinished lunch to the classroom where I was going to next and eat. So I support this 100%. Enzymes cannot make a person high or is addictive or anything. The worst case scenario is someone would end up with constipation and wouldn't dare touch them again.
Keep up the good work, David!
my daughter is at the end of her cystic fabrosis she is 32 with a 11 year old daughter and alott of people has no ideal what cystic fabrosis...she has been waith all her life for a double lung at mayo clinic that took her off the list what a shame god blesss you i will be praying
Please make this happen very soon David has been helping many schools with this major issue