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Please Vote "No" on Universal Health Care Legislation

At a time when most of us are realizing that the government is out of control, "Health Care Reform" would establish a new very costly role for the the federal government and give it yet another regulatory tool for increasing the cost of living in America.

What makes you think government can do it better? Surely you are aware that England, Canada, and other countries that have socialized medicine are going broke trying to pay for system of care that is much worse than what we have now.

Your vote for this legislation will insure that:

1. Wait times for care will increase
2. Health Care will be rationed
3. Patient choice will be diminished
4. Overall Care will diminish

The system we have in place now is not perfect, in fact it needs to be reformed. But putting health care in the hands of the government with all of its inefficiencies is not the answer.

Please Vote "No" on Universal Health Care Legislation !!!

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I have been insured since I was 18. I am now 47. This president is dangerous. Stand your ground republicans. PLEASE....
No no no Hell no
It is time for Americans to be alert to what their government employees are doing. I never seen so much indifference to what happens to our freedoms and our great country. It is time to take some interest in our nation, and be more than self serving.
I am a US citizen who lived in Canada for 30 years and the the idea of going back to that system makes me cringe. Based on my experience, the US system is far superior and more efficient. My experiences in Canada were freighting. I recall having to wait a minimum of six months to see my family practitioner. However, at that time, I considered myself to be lucky. My uncle had to be put on several waiting lists because he needed to find a new doctor after his retired. Unfortunately none of them were taking new patients in his area and so he finally got a call back after SIX years!In addition, I had several medical issues that were undetected in Canada. I only found out about them until I moved to the US. In fact, it took me moving to the US to finally realize that our system is far superior.

While I understand that our current system is not perfect. We have to come up with a better system than universal healthcare.
This is no longer a universal program when you began excluding union members etc. If this is such a good program why aren't our congressional members included? Maybe they don't have time to wait 8 or 9 hrs. to see a doctor or a few months to schedule a surgical procedure.