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If you were a first time homebuyer and bought a house between April 2008 and December 31, 2008, you were entitled to receive a $7,500 tax credit that MUST BE REPAID over a period of 15 years.

If you were a first time homebuyer bought a house on January 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2009 you were eligible for an $8,000 tax credit that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID.

This is NOT FAIR. We need to get congress to eliminate the requirement that the 2008 tax credit must be repaid.

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"This loan repayment is a burden on people and is completely unfair. Something should be passed to change the repayment of the credit and give credit to the amounts already paid. Either make everyone repay or nobody"
I was forced to purchase an FHA home on December 31st 2008 by D.R. Horton because they wanted to close on that day to meet their quota. They were also pushing on the $7500 tax credit, The day after I purchased, I learned that tax credit repayment was not required for purchases made on or after Jan 1st 2009. I don't think it's fair for any of us to be paying it when the government is bailing out imbecile's at wall street and others aren't paying the same!
Wages have been stagnant, workers are wrung to do more due to staff and hour cutbscks, and when there are benefits they are reduced and premiums/copays keep rising so one can't afford what becomes another costly burden vs a benefit. Give back to the 98%, this fraction of all that the 1&2% are granted by their 1&2% friends on capital hill. I always pay my debts & was glad to knowingly accept this helping hand in Dec 2008. As a single parent, now senior citizen who has become disgusted and appalled by the deepening disparity caused by no checks/balances where 1&2%s are concerned. . . .this spiraling down into poverty of workers, working young, old who can never retire, families with children but all WORKING is my reason for signing this petition. I'll pay my debt, make sure the 1&2% pay a relative, fair share AND cease all the giveaways to them.
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I don't think it's fair . I've been in my house 7 years now and I want to sell it.
This is completely unfair. Something should be passed to change the repayment of the credit and give credit to the amounts already paid. The initial idea of the credit was to give taxpayers an interest free loan to assist in the purchase of the house, which I agree with. Either make everyone repay or nobody.
Being treated completely unfairly while wreckless corporations get bailouts, we get no help from the government when our houses we bought are underwater and are still being forced to pay back this tax credit while 2009 they didn't have to pay it back! How is this fair at all this needs to be corrected and made right for all of us that could have waited literally 2 weeks on my home purchase and made out fine. Now I am stuck because of this.
I am a proud first time homebuyer, had I waited 1 week we'd not have to pay this so yeah its really unfair as I have 2 small kids and am struggling to live