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My son is 5 years old. Two years ago his dad was arrested for death threats and kidnapping, at this time I became homeless and gave my mouther temporary custody of my son. well my mouther decided to leave state and did not notify me. My mom then gave my son to my in laws and in return my husband was staying in the garage were there was a restraining order protecting my son. I called law enforcement several times to get help removing my son from harm and they said there was nothing they could do. my husband than went to the hospital for a air pocket in his head from head butting a brick wall. and after hours workers were sent out. my in laws had lied multiple times saying my husband was not living there. they took my son. this was in july of 2014, I did not find out my son was in cps care until October 12 and found I had court the next day. there is no allegations against me as a mouther. or any reason my child should have remained in custody but he has. my court appointed attorney had to step down because his law firm repented my husband in the assault case were me and my child were the victims, so it was a conflict of interest since then I have not had proper console and they continue to steal my child pleas help me
CPS is trying to take my 15 year old daughter from me and they have no proof of anything. They say im unfit right now. I need help. I know they are violating my rights.
6 months ago my nephew was removed from his home due to his mother being a heroin addict while she was pregnant with my niece when the baby was born they were found over 7 sentences in my nieces body both children removed from the the home my nephew went back to his house a week ago not even 48 hours my sister was committed to the hospital for a drug overdose while the hearing with DCF and a judge the DCF worker turns to my sister and said to her we get all this information for bargaining chips not once did the DCF worker return my phone call give a care about my concerns on my nephew safety or well-being they need to hire people that know what they're doing I have been in a child care industry for over 18 years and I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life it makes me sick to my stomach. Children ending of dead on TV because of DCF worker the needs to be stopped a better educated how many more children do we have to lose before they take action
Please HELP. Is there any protection against CPS? Such unethical behavior should not be tolerated.
The system is out right extortion with complete immunity. The court has proven abusers can buy themselves out of restrictions and pay off GAL... Family Court Breaks up families.
If we can see the tears falling from our babies eyes...if we can hear the fear in their voices....then we as parents/grandparents know in our hearts the source of this emotional pain ....we wouldn't let some random stranger walk up and hurt us without a consequence in some way shape or form right? ,Then why are we as a society/community and nation allowing this evil machine/business make our babies victims... instead of helping the person who needs help they focus on the children making them the victims? Why do we sit on the sidelines and allow our loved ones To go thru such hardships as if our hands are tied thru their deceit and lies ? There is power in do the math. I too am a victim as a grandmother fighting for my precious granddaughter due to fabricated allegations and straight up lies made by the dependency Investigator who's soul is to be pitied once her number is called...that's where these money hungry monsters will pay their dues....but you best believe Dcfs that With the love for my family babies and all I will fight till I die...and even with my last dying breath I shall not waste...DCFS Pomona office: you cannot have her..she isn't your Godgiven right...she has family..she doesn't need your fake*****followers to care for her that's our job...I promise you that all involved (signed your names on paper)especially your doomed DI who has to lie for job security.. I will get her back real been a day but it won't take a'll take you much longer to find another job once I'm done with you.. All of you.. Your not god your of the enemy and he always ends up under our feet...been thru this once and all the wiser and seasoned for round two....lets do this. regions 3 east pierce unit I have been a witness of many lies that bobbie brinkman Melissa rogers have reported too court along with held in the removal of my niece mckennah. Please any one who has same the issues with dcfs email us let's get together to get our kids back. Just found out that the investigation is and has been closed with no finding and mckennah hasn't been returned home and we know they have help kidnap my sister infant and would need all kind of help lawyers doctors and anyone that helpp reveal the truth about ca role in kidnapping ...
I live in such a tiny community that I find it odd that the same people who are My "hater's". And, who apparently have jurisdiction, the same as a Sheriff. Work in the surrounding cities. ( i.e; Kent, Bremerton, White center & downtown Seattle D.C.F.S/D.L.R/C.P.S/ Welfare offices). I was given my case file some time ago, unbeknown to the Agency and way after the facts at law had failed my situation. I recently collected this file from a storage and I have been literally shocked by how stupid these case workers are. They left the "dummy file" with the original file in the same place. Even labeled it dummy file to mimic an original. The Lies, the admittance of lies documented by the investigators and manager's is ghastly and I wish some Attorney would just help me.!!!! It's no wonder D.S.H.S continues to deny my request to obtain the information. The Health care facility here, the Youth & Family Services, the Domestic Violence Outreach Service & the law enforcement here and any city tshould be critical resources to help parents achieve success are all in conspiracy with D.S.H.S. Who in turn is the oversight and distribution of Public Defenders for indigent families. To all that have lived with the debilitating reputations that are so far from the truth is a direct cause by these organizations. I continue to pray for justice and I encourage people to continue to pay close attention to this mass conspiracy. I have the feeling there isn't going to be much solution until we can expose the names of the certain sick individuals and the patterns inconsistent with normal behavior and consequence. (cause and effect).
My kids were taken on march 13, 2015 due to jefferson elementary school spreading lies about my family. The school says that me, my girlfriend our 1year old and my girlfriends 5 and 7 year old didnt bathe for 3 weeks! This is a lie. And the burden of proof is so low they can convict a ham sandwich bas3d off false allegations
I need to go in front of a federal judge. As I am the
Victim of an entrapment case out of skamania
County wA courts and dcfs when they used medical
Providers to committ a 13 year scam to adopt out my children. I then find out that all the biological mothers names are debra in the adoptive home and
I have a restraining order between my children and I
Until 2080 the case ruined my career in healthcare and in 2011 I discovered evidence of Medicaid fraud
CPS has caused my fiancé at the time to spend three months in jail on bogus charges of abusing my children. Causing my children to be in the foster care system for almost two year, I have done everything that they asked me to do and they still want me to terminate my parental rights. The only thing that my fiancé at the time did was help "potty train" my children, how to dress themselves, how to sit right at the table, how to eat right, how to act right. When we used to go out as a family We have had strangers come up give us compliments on our children and give them money. Every one who gave us a compliment on how well they act says that its been a while since they have seen children act like this. I am tired of families like mine getting railroaded by not only the system but also CPS.
I left my now ex huband 3 years ago for him abusing. Me and my 2 kids. During the divorce he was granted custody of the kids and only with in a few months the kids got removed from his household because of neglect. When the meeting happened about where my kids should go cps just decided to not place my kids with me despite there being no legit reason to keep my kids from me. The state kidnapped my kids and now are refusing to give them back. I have been fighting for 3 years to have tgem with me and they refuse.
My 5 yr old son was taken on March 10th 2015 by CPS worker Debi Avocato of Kitsap County. Debi has done hideous and terrible things to are family. My son does not only have medical issues but is developmentally delayed. I have done my best for 5 years not only as a parent for him but as a single mother in trying to be an advocate for him. CPS wants to live in this reality world were every child is perfect with the perfect home and that all american outlook of two parents healthy children a mother who stays home and a father who goes to work 9 to five. CPS needs to WAKE UP!!!! Debi wanted to sit there lie about what my son Drs said about my son issues when I have medical reports that's a mile long. Drs who weren't affairs to stand up and state what she said about what they had said we're lies. Yet nothing was enough and now not only is my son out of my care but my newborn daughter. They destroy are lives lie torture humiliate and get off on taking everything in are life that means everything to use. How many lives do this people want to destroy how many more parents have to suffer and fill they have nothing more they can do how many have to take their own life. How Many? Please I as a parent who has devoted my entire life to my son only to be torn apart and spit in the face, please ask that so one put a stop to this maddness.
Richland wa CPS took my kids March 13 for no reason they say no parent available to parent that's a lie my mother me there dad we all here along with numerous family members willing they have never ever been abused or neglected we have done all that was asked of us and still they won't give them back plz plz help the GAL Jodi Boyd SOCIAL WORKER Kendra cox should be investigated along with attorney Jennifer azure lies thief stealing children should be charged with crimes
I am the paternal grandmother of twin boys that are currently in Foster Care in Stevens County WA. The CPS case worker, the maternal grandfather and step grandmother deemed it necessary to remove the boys from the parents I asked if I could be looked at for placement @ that time I was told I could Not because I had Founded Case's in my background. So they placed the boys with the Maternal grandparents knowing she had given her own children up in the past. I was NOT ALLOWED to Visit the boys @that time I was told I had "NO RIGHTS" to do so. The boys were with their grandparents for approximately 2mo be for CPS decided to rip them away stating she (maternal step-grandmother)lied and said she has no founded cases in her background and she did. A couple months after they were put in Foster Care I was talking with the maternal grandparents and was informed that the case worker told them I would "Never" get to see or have my grandsons because "I had far to many Founded Cases in my background". Which got me curious as to what I could have possible done to have CPS so attimate that I could not be around my own grandchildren, so I did some digging. Starting with the CPS office to see what they had against me. I was told I had no " Founded letters " sent to me so I should Not have Any Founded cases. So I did a background check & finger prints I am currently enrolled in a CPR class with local hospital. I am working with a member of the local "Kids First" program to get assistance for Parenting Classes that deal with Premature Babies, & any classes or help I may need to bridge the communication gap between myself and CPS also some steps I may take from here. I Was referred to case manager who refuses to talk to me. In fact she was hostile, arguementitive & accusitory on the phone with me. It was then sujested I looked into becoming a Licensed Foster Care Provider so I did talked with the Foster Care department in Spokane Washington who sent me to our local CPS office to speak with our local licenser . I had orientation with her then received a letter today that says that I cannot do the program because I have a "Founded Case in 2004 & 5 inconclusive cases" as well. I have sent a written request for my records because I did not receive any notice on any Founded finding & I have Not done ANYTHING to worrent these kind of Accusations. I have recieved a letter stating that the Olympia office had up to 120 days be for they had to send me my request. We have a court hearing on July 16 when they want to talk about termiation of Perental rights. I am capable and willing to care for my Grandsons. I am currently the child care provider for two of my grandchildren while their parents work. It is important for the boys to have contact with their Family. It is in the CPS handbook that FAMILY IS CONSIDERED FIRST. Furthermore my grandsons are suffering from the Emotional Abuse caused by our Local officials per their refusal to allow visits with the boy's family. Neither o
Pierce County is the epitome of corruption. Social workers take children without warrants, do not always notify parents of court proceedings, and lie and threaten people to steal their children. To make it worse the judges, GALs and CASA workers are just the same. Kate Orlando and the less than honorable judge Kathryn Nelson should be ashamed of how they destroy families. There are abused and neglected children who need their help, and instead of focusing on the true mission of their department, they focus on "winning". When a child is found to never have been abused, it's not OK to then change your mind to say the parent is unfit. Poverty isn't an excuse to steal children. Although the judge may think DSHS is above the law, the reality is they should not be.
Tacoma DSHS CPS pierce county has removed my kids from our home do to opinion and 3rd and 4th party allegations that was closed then reopened a new case a week later for pictures on Facebook still opinion and cps is putting a rush on adoption before the case worker and court appointed attorney resign from the case July 30th 2015. I have evidence that is refused by attorney and cps to show judge all the doctor notes of support letters from family and friends, and survailance of cps and police jumping our fence on private property with no court order or warrant and and threatened and forced their way into home just to spend 3 min to see how nice our house actually was and then left without explaining anything. I have emails of every conversation to back up and prove all the lies Thr social worker Breanna Bartholomew, supervisor Melissa rogers and DAC attorney Chris Murray Clay have told the judge and what they tell me.
aAt Richland WA Cps Office, is destroying families and taking away children from parents that dont deserve it. During meetings from the CPS Childrens Administration Office they refused to speak or discuss the alegations, or purpose of taking the kids from FIT abd WELL ADJUSTED and LAW ABIDING citizens. Kidnapping.? I believe so. It's extremely hurtful and disgracful to see the people that are Supposed to help the most rather steal loved, cared and well treated kids. The courts also believes anything the CPS Case Worker or Investigator say, and always stop talking or refusing to talk when asked to take recordings & when they are speaking on the telephone to not record. Please take this into consideration how patient thousands of people that have been strictly told to follow heartbraking long based trials for no reason. I appreciate and thank you for reading this important and urgent message.
Cps in richland Washington took all 6 of my children for no reason and is not willing to give them back they have no logical reason to have them but they are unwilling to give them back can you please help me
Lynda Durrett
1184 Blackjack Road
Radcliff, Kentucky 40160
June 15, 2015

Washington State Office Attorney General’s Office

To Whom it May Concern,
My name is Lynda Durrett. I am writing in regard to the Moses Lake CPS office and the termination of parental rights of my niece Kari Renee Bryan. On April 22 of 2015, my niece, Kari informed me through Facebook that her children were going to be permanently taken away from her and that she was going to be losing all parental rights. My husband Richard and I reside in Radcliff, KY and I had not talked with Kari for about a year. She had told me prior to this that her twin girls had been placed in foster care and she was working at regaining custody. I had told her at that time that if she needed a family member to step in, we would take the girls. We never heard anything and she would periodically post pictures making it seem as though this was indeed what was happening.
When I heard from her in April, I had noticed a post about how she had wished she had a family. I then contacted her asking about the situation. She explained that she was going to lose her children permanently and she had to report to serve time in jail. I instructed her to turn herself in. She asked me to contact her attorney, Cathy Busha, about the girls. I did and she stated Kari had not signed a release to be able to speak with me about her case. I then contacted the Moses Lake CPS Case Worker supervisor, per Cathy, Lind Aiken. I explained to her that we wanted to take the girls. She told me that they had been in foster care for an extended period of time, and that the foster mother was quite attached to the children and looking to adopt them. I told her again that my husband and I wanted to take the children in Kentucky. Ms. Aiken then told me that the court was going to rule what is best for the children, but clearly understood that we wanted to proceed, really stepping in for the foster mother. I emailed her all of my information at her request so that she could start the process, and have attached that email for your review as well as her response to me.
Approximately a week or so after this, I heard from the Guardian ad litem, Teresa Wyman. She explained the process a bit better and explained that she worked with the children to determine what is in their best interest and that they make the recommendations to the court. I let her know that we were going to be in Washington State, just as I had Ms. Aiken in my email, and perhaps we could meet the children and her as well. Ms. Aiken had explained by phone and email that the next step would be for the Moses Lake CPS office to put in an interstate request and Kentucky would be contacting me next.
We never heard anything else from the CPS office in Washington until June 4th or 5th. While out there I stated the 2 or 3rd, but had my dates wrong due to driving across America. At that time I received a call from Case Worker, Raquel, ou
My nieces and nephews were taken from grandparents house (where they live) because their dad was sexually abusing the girls. THE DAD HAS STILL NOT BEEN ARRESTED and they are saying even though the dad was kicked out, the grandparent's house isn't safe. The mom was living at a friend's and had not been living with her children for 5 months. Family wants these kids but CPS won't let the family have them.
Social worker told us about their personal life and how they have insomnia, take anxiety medication and are only looking for new ways to get more money. This is not who I want protecting my family.
My nieces and nephews were taken from grandparents house (where they live) because their dad was sexually abusing the girls. THE DAD HAS STILL NOT BEEN ARRESTED and they are saying even though the dad was kicked out, the grandparent's house isn't safe. The mom was living at a friend's and had not been living with her children for 5 months. Family wants these kids but CPS won't let the family have them.
Social worker told us about their personal life and how they have insomnia, take anxiety medication and are only looking for new ways to get more money. This is not who I want protecting my family.
I'm a mother of 3 amazing kids. They (cps) have based my resent case with my two younger children on my first. She was abused and hospitalized by her father. I was involved with any of the danger my her at all. I had my second daughter 2 years later I left her dad because he abused dog think what would he do to a newborn if he's mad. I had her for almost 4 months. Cps came to my moms where i was staying for backup help and source for if I needed it. When they took her I was devastated had no idea what to think they found no formula in bag because I was making her bottle plus she had juice in baby bag. Very berry 50% juice. Well I was told by my doctor I could do that just put more water. In their (cps) eyes that's horrible to give your child. My daughter was also down by two oz and it was cause I was breast feeding. They have came up with so many excuses to why I can not have my child. First was cause I supposedly refused services when I told them no to the money because my ex bf had a job. So they got her next day. Second reason my bf had dv on record no hitting or abuse. Never once laid hands on me and very very good with children. I explained to him everything that happened with my first said I never wanna see a child suffer what mine is suffering. Till then he's always proved me he's an amazing father to my daughter when we had her and during my pregnancy. They won't place her with anyone no family member nothing.... I want her back I've done everything and proved them I'm different. I used to smoke marijuana now I'm clean a year and 2 months have a job were you have to be required to be clean saving for a place getting a car and lisence. I don't know what else to do. Now me and my ex had a son he's 3 months and they took him from his dad because they told me too dumb to parent which I know how to cook clean and lots more. So when they didn't have a hold on him at the hospital I sent him home with dad because they had no hold on my son. They took him 2 days later he was back at birth weight and everything. Well he goes to foster care and looses lots of weight. Sadly my children have had lots of problems in foster care. :( they now say that since I'm not good with such big words and I ask for what it means then ask to say then sentences again that I won't be able to care properly for my children. In my eyes they have always in Stevens county twisted and countlessly lied about parent. I have doctor notes and ect prof of how I parent with my child and how they believe I make an amazing mom. We need to take action and make them pay for what they have done for us broken families. Multiple hearts broke over small lies to get children. Not to mention my attorney hasn't help me once but be on there side... How sad is that. :/ i want to take action now.
my kid was wrongfully takin from me for 5months in a dependency i just won it got her back but i think i think is there anything i can do for all the pain and finace and burden on my life somesort of lawsuit whoever wants to help point me the way help tru0025Atgmail thankss
This is down right evil and illegal this is child trafficking plain and simple whether it be a government agency or not This is illegal! Maybe we all should get restraining orders on cps agencies and/or employee and thier affiliates or any other agency acting on cps behalf! Reading this is gut wrenching and what makes it even more gut wrenching is that some people will actually threaten to call cps on parents when their clearly is no abuse going on but are unhappy within themselves and don't agree with your approach to paRenting or have ****ed them off and they are vengeful..... If you are one⬆ of these ppl just know the word abuse or rape comes with severe actions and consequenses and can ruin multiple people lives. This needs to be plastered on ever news channels radio stations and social media. THIS IS WRONG AND SHOULD BE LABELED AS CHILD TRAFFICKING AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS IS GOING ON!
This is down right evil and illegal this is child trafficking plain and simple whether it be a government agency or not This is illegal! Maybe we all should get restraining orders on cps agencies and/or employee and thier affiliates or any other agency acting on cps behalf! Reading this is guy wrenching and makes it even more guy wrenching is that some people will actually threaten to call cps on parents when their clearly is no abuse going on but are unhappy within themselves and don't agree with your approach to paRenting...... If you are one↕ of these ppl just know the word abuse or rape comes with severe actions and consequenses and can ruin multiple people lives. This needs to be plastered on ever news channels radio stations and social media
on march 13, 2015 cps told me that when i kissed my kids and sent them off to school would be the last time i would see them again. It broke my heart hearing those words cps deemed me as "irrational" , what parent that truly loves their children wouldnt be. Cps GAVE my x husband (WHOM JUST 4 YEARS PRIOR I DIVORCED due to dv and threatening to commit suicide in front of my children i got full custody of children in divorce) custodyJust like that Not a court date, nothing and he all of a sudden had custody (i didnt lose my parental rights and they never modified parenting plan). And 1 year old was put into foster care, between march and may 2015, my baby had already been in 2 foster homes, in and out of ER for ear infections before finally being placed with my cousin 2 weeks before his 2nd bday. Cps has lied to me, my family, my boyfriend (babys dad) and my lawyer. Last week i asked if i was able to attend my babys 2nd birthday, you know what my cps worker told me "birthdays are for FAMILY ONLY, and your not family!" How is that for kick in the chest.
look people iv been missing my little one for close to 9 months now and iv got every right to be ****ed off at cps as well,but if all we do is blame cps for there ways and forget that ya originally we screwed up then maybe we start to forget the work we still need to do !
look i screwed 5 years ago i got my kids taken away because i was on meth for close to 20 years the day they took my kids from me i changed every thing about myself and filed a law suit against cps for what happened to me in foster care and even after giving clean ua's and being harassed and coherence in to allowing a unwarranted search of my home on 8 seperit occasion and even agreeing to in home services twice ,both time they never even started then they took my kids ,ya that night i went out did some drugs then got clean and all theyve done is lie to the judge and in there own court reports the only thing they have been consistent in stating is my name they have twisted the truth lied and worse even yet after there foster parents gave my little 6 year old the court report ,of which was complete BS just before fact finding my attorny talked me sighing off the fact finding in order for the stat to agree to family counseling ,more time with my loves right well the judge ordered it and it was to start with in 30 days ,that was 3 months ago and now cps is saying that there now going to start family counseling so we got screwed really screwed just as every one who thinks cps does any good C.P.S Is an invitation to a lawless america
I have been fighting cps for two yours they have torn my family apart. I have done everything I went to inpatient graduated did iop graduated did op graduated doing anger management did mental health have been discharge did two classes of fathers maters classes did parenting class did them all. they have me and my wife so stressed out and depressed that we got in an argument i received a dv 4th degree assault and now they say im done my kids are going to be adopted off. i haven't even been found guilty of the crime but cps has already convicted me of it. my lawyer is getting the assault charge dropped but cps seems to be the judge and jury of my fate with my kids.they have told me either sign my rights away to a relative or i will never get to see my kids again. they say they look out for the safety of my kids but when they picked my kids up in Olympia to take them to a foster home an hour away they didn't even put my kids in booster seats they brought them to my visit and again my kids where not in booster seats not even i would put my kids in that kind of neglect but cps can do anything they want.I have turned my life around been clean and sober for nine months and i am attending Grays Harbor College taking human services to get my AA and become a chemical dependency counselor but still my kids will be adopted off.What kind of justice is this?
my 3younger children were taken by Dhs and its been hell my husband and I have complied with Everything they have ordered but Dhs hasn't and went behind the judges back even yet the court doesn't trust us and we have paper proof where they submitted and were falsifying documents: also they have refused all my family with relative placement even though they had approved home studies done and are very stable loving people: they haven't let them see them or my other older children for 7 months they are baby snatching liars and something must be done everyone of you families are going on our prayer list God bless
My three children where taken Jan 2013 because I was on Meth and not being a good mother. Since then I have been clean for 15 months I have finished every class they have asked me to do Now they (CPS) are saying because of my learning disability ( I'm a little slow) that I can have my kids back. Even though I can cook, clean, shop that public bus go on school outings I do have family support also who will help me I feel they are convicting me with out me being able to do anything about it . So yes I will stand with you for my kids and others. This is wrong I want my kids back with me... They took them because of the drug use not my disability
I have been fighting with C P S for the past two years. they placed my two beautiful daughters with their great aunt. since that time she has been lying and manipulating the system and though I have made considerable progress from where I was in my life I feel there is nothing further I can do. every time I feel that my life is going back on track, I get called into the CPS office for a reminder of just how little control I truly have over my life since they have taken over. I should not feel so powerless in a system set forth to help families. my children start acting up when they're in the aunts house and I get blamed. my children run away from school while in the custody of the aunt and I get blamed. and yet when on visits between me and my girls they never have an issue act up or I have records to prove this knowing that the office seems to be matter what bad things happen, it is my fault. Whatever good things happen gets acredited to the children staying with Aunt and "how good of a job she is doing".I would like to join those of you who can truly understand my pain in fighting this corrupt system in making it better for those who truly need the help.
We are trying to get our baby back from cps
I I would like to join in the battle
I am fighting to get my daughter back from the state. I am happy to stand behind you in this battle.
Destroying families and hurting children while they say they are trying to help. Families, friends and children are all affected by these CPS workers that aren't willing to take the actual time to get to know them but instead jumping to conclusions. The gravity of long-term effects on these families that are unnecessarily going through the system is substantial and harmful to everyone involved. The system needs a change now!
I am a mandated reporter in WA state due to my job. I have reported multiple times to CPS on behalf of my boyfriend's 2 children & their baby sister. The mother is at this time unfit. CPS however refuses to remove the children or do anything about the situation. My boyfriend had a team meeting at the Tacoma, WA office today with the mother and the caseworker. The caseworker tried to tell him he was the one who was losing visitation (illegal for her to do mind you) and she told him that even though I am a mandated reporter it is hurting his side of the case and that it is just a bunch of petty complaints that are piling up on her desk. I'm over here like what the hell...I'm mandated for one so yes I will report what I legally have to but how can anyone say that an adult (mother in this case) neglecting to get her children proper medical care, proper school enrollment, driving around high with the children in the car and refusing to make them wear their seat belts among many more things of this nature is not cause to remove the children. And topping it off she also said the reports for one child's school counselor is petty as mine and she won't do anything. We did not even know until last week that the school counselor had been not only calling CPS but the local law enforcement as well. Something needs done about these caseworkers. They are failing our children and their families.
My story is another like the other parents and grandparents. My granddaughter was taken from her mother in Bellingham wa. as she went to prisonfor eight son went to court and the judge released her to her dad he then brought her back to walla walla.Soon after the cps was at his door saying they were supervising her. But he could put her with a family member and she went to live with her aunt and uncle, what was suppose to be six weeks untill they get paperwork done . It was all arranged. my son thought that he was going to get to bring her home monday. He gets to their office and they tell him that they never said that because the worker was on vacation.They then said they were going to place her in a foster home.This has been going on for two years she is now five she will never have a normal childhood courtesy of cps. And the irony is he hasn't done anything to loose her. They have lied and made this a game and the only thing they are worried about is the mother getting to spend time with her while she is in prison.I am going to take a recorder in the meeting with us on monday I',m giving it to the news and let other people know what they are putting family's through for litteraly nothing.and its time someone exposes them for they baby snatchers they are.
My children were removed and 2 lived on the streets. One was adopted out to strangers! She came home as soon as she turned 18! They have nothing to do with her since they had to pay SS Back for the checks they forged and no longer get money. I took her to pick up her 12 years of memories and clothes! It all fit in a duffle bag! Adopted children should not have a check tied to them. Far too many sickos out there!
My children were removed and 2 lived on the streets. One was adopted out to strangers! She came home as soon as she turned 18! They have nothing to do with her since they had to pay SS Back for the checks they forged and no longer get money. I took her to pick up her 12 years of memories and clothes! It all fit in a duffle bag! Adopted children should not have a check tied to them. Far too many sickos out there!
Cps took my kids for over 2 yrs I had to fight for them back they were mentally physically emotionally and sexually abused while in foster care I have had to help my children with emotional and mental issues and they are still harassing my family and wont stop harassing my family. This needs to stop they took my kids over a custody battle and told many many lies to keep my kids from me.
I am mother who worked, went to school, had a home, a car... NEVER DID DRUGS and NEVER ABUSED MY KIDS! They took my children from me because they said I was too young and had too many. They put my children in foster homes where they were physically, mentally, and sexually abused. My rights were terminated because they said I was too emotional over them taking my children from me. I had another child a couple years later in a different county. The second time around they said "You are an amazing mom and that is unfortunate that your other children were taken because you are a good mom, they should of never been taken, however it is too late to reverse anything." MY CHILDREN STILL WANT TO COME HOME!! I am a full-time Psychology student who is working towards opening up my own practice in the future. I have an amazing son living at home with me, but we need the rest of OUR family. They also adopted out my three babies to a family who moved out of the country immediately after the adoption was final and changed their names! PLEASE HELP US!!
They are doing the same thing to my family now with my nephew!
My child still in foster care and I'm almost than to my counseling and parenting class and it seems there not letting him go. Even my son told the counsel and the dcfs worker that he wants to go home.But his still at the foster care.
My child still in foster care and I'm almost than to my counseling and parenting class and it seems there not letting him go. Even my son told the counsel and the dcfs worker that he wants to go home.But his still at the foster care.
CPS workers with very little information can destroy a family in a matter of 24hrs. Please stop what they are doing
Down right laws broken by police, rules and rights and rights never followed, judge paid no attention to "i do not understand i am so confused, im just wanting my son back the quickest" remark to do i wish to contest or uncontested shelter hearing. He should have stopped any further court action and that day and scheduled a contested emergency sheltet hearing instead of a total shocking 5 minute stamp paperwork and know its a 6 months minimum til son could be home.

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