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We are currently in a battle, like many people I have been contacted by, and numerous people who have spoken with me regarding corruption in Washington State by Caseworkers and their supervisors. In our case we were courted by the state to adopt my great niece, because her mother could not care for her. They said, we really want to keep her in the family. Numerous homestudys visits from AZ to Spokane later we brought her home. A new caseworker took over and as the adoption neared she was removed from us and is now in foster care. We have never received a official reason for removal. The caseworker has told family members, agencies lawyer all different stories but will not put it in writing. Now we have learned this is not a uncommon practice. Caseworkers have their "favorites" in the state they seek to help find the "perfect" child. Sadly we learned money does change hands and children are removed needlessly from Biological parents and family members eager, able and willing to care for these children. Families are being destroyed and effected for the rest of their lives. It is our understanding this has been going on for a long time, we are just the latest victim. We need to stand up and have the whole department investigated. The time has come to protect these children and families.

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5 days ago
Someone from Vancouver, WA writes:
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My kids got taken because my wife was sleeping and her mom came over unannounced my wife herd somone down stairs so she went downstairs with a gun to investigate no one was home just my wife at the time her mom called cps saying she was just walking around with a gun in her hand. And a other fals accusation that i was looking for goast with the weapon . My American amendment has been broken am i not allowed to bare arms in my own home to protect my family? Either way they got custady of my children with no signs of abuse neglect or anyother form of negligence . My kids have legally been kidnapped and i cant do anything about it i dont even get visitation when we are sapossed to get 3 hrs 2 times a week. With them this is a cry for help.
September 22, 2016
Someone from Roy, WA signed.
September 22, 2016
Someone from Chelan Falls, WA writes:
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CPS isn't helping the real victims. They are putting they're own opinions instead of facts.
September 22, 2016
Someone from Apple Valley, CA writes:
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The helped my ex-husband illegally adopt out my son without any contact from me. He didn't even leteasier know he left ca. Now my son is 19 yrs old and has lived all these years thinking his mom and dad didn't want him. I'm more than ****ed. He refuses to tell me anything and has now filed a temporary restraining order and I'm all the way down here in California just because I'm asking you where my son is
September 13, 2016
Someone from Aberdeen, WA writes:
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There is also massive discrimination with Greys Harbor CPS office
September 10, 2016
Someone from Auburn, WA signed.
September 9, 2016
Someone from Rock Falls, IL signed.
September 8, 2016
Someone from Auburn, WA signed.
September 6, 2016
Someone from Seattle, WA writes:
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My children were found dependence of the state of wa illegaly by a superior court judge on basis of my husband only and gave me the kids back, in order to hold personal jurisdiction to our case so she could have authority over my husband because of his criminal record that was over 9 years old with his relationships with other females. So she ordered him to do all kinds of things and had an order placed so he could not see me or his kids. And had me remove and seperate all of our assets together, only because of his criminal history that was 9 years old he had no other offences in 9 years. Then when i was in a near fatal car accident two months later, the kids were taken from me since i was hospitalized and given to my mom who didnt even know our kids all the way in indiana. Without me even being able to talk, because she didnt want my husbands family to have anything to do with the kids. because as she said she could not legally inforce no contact between the kids and their father if his family gets them, so she gave them to some one she new wouldnt allow contact because she lived so far away. even though my husbands family are all foster parents and who the kids new. Then the casa helped my mother file 3rd party custody of the our kids and obtained council for her which we had no clue of, even though we went to court every month in superior court in front of the same judge. Until there was an order for dismisal of dependency because third party was established by order of default for us not showing to the hearing. When we whent to court for the dismisal, we were told we were served court papers by a public notification in the news paper and not by hand which gave them proper cause to grant gaurdianship to my mom in indiana because we did not show to court. And our case was dissmissed. If thats not illegal then what is.
September 4, 2016
Someone from Hoquiam, WA signed.