Moorish-American Nationality

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The National Association of Indigeneous Moorish-Americans was organized to promote the formal acknowledgement of the fact that whether the African-American is originally from the continent of Africa, North America, or the Islands, they were indeed tribal people, and indigeneous to their lands of orgin. In light of the fact that African-Americans have been catagorically and systematically disfranchised through the agencies of imperalism,and temporary voting rights,
a constitutionally organized network of Moorish-Americans as a federally recognized automous body of indigeneous Americans should be a viable option for African-Americans who wish to restablish or claim their tribal roots.

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I am Stephon Campbell Bey
I Publicly Proclaim and therfore re-establishing my Birth Right and Nationality. I AM "Moor", Indigeneous to these Americas.
Jhan Kedar Stone Bey
You know damn well we were here looong before you brought your sick asses here.
Peace & Safety
I am Moor American National. Treaty of peace and Friendship.
Peace love fight fire with water is wisdom, relaxing an smooth an suadle powerful blessings to all ready to live an not be graunted privillage to do anything cause if that's the case however allowing me to tell our order me when we're an how an can take me away from wat was allowed can be taken and that's a new modern day slavery keep cage in like animals to monitor you like an lab rat get tested on.