H.R.1795 - Repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) provision

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Bill H.R. 1795 has been introduced in Congress. Please support this bill to amend title II of the Social Security Act and repeal the Government Pension Offset(GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP). GPO and WEP unfairly, and only, penalize government employees whose social security pensions are reduced by two-thirds of their state pensions. This impacts teachers, police, firefighters, postal workers, civil servants, and state nurses.

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I think Congress is waiting for everyone to die that
are effected by the discriminitory SS OFFSETS
WEP & GPO before they get off their A??????
My husband is a retired firefighter and I am a retired public school teacher in the state of Texas. Prior to our employment as public servants and after retiring, we both have continued to pay into Social Security. The GPO-WEP penalizes us both for being public servants and does not recognize our years of paying into Social Security.
I was speaking with someone yesterday who believes the gov. is too involved in our personal lives and should butt out. I defended our government and then realized they have hurt me with this bill/law, maybe she is right.

Butt out of my SS benefits.
We who earned this benefit and I mean EARNED it should get together and March on Washington letting congress know in person that we are FED UP with their lack of representation on this very important issue.SIGN ON IF YOU AGREE
Why are exNazis getting full Social Security benefits? Why are illegal immigrants getting full Social Security benefits? Why am I who contributed my whole working life to Social Security getting screwed out of full Social Security benefits because of GPO and WEP?
Why does this government continue to knowingly and willingly screw me with the GPO and WEP??????
Why does this government continue to knowingly and willingly screw me with the GPO and WEP??????
I didn't know about GPO and WEP until 5 years after I worked as teacher. I worked and paid social security for nearly 18 years before I became teacher. I firmly believe that I am entitled for the full benefit which I earned.