H.R.1795 - Repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) provision

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Bill H.R. 1795 has been introduced in Congress. Please support this bill to amend title II of the Social Security Act and repeal the Government Pension Offset(GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP). GPO and WEP unfairly, and only, penalize government employees whose social security pensions are reduced by two-thirds of their state pensions. This impacts teachers, police, firefighters, postal workers, civil servants, and state nurses.

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Repeal the Government Pension Offset !!!! The windfall provision is killing America.
I’m writing to urge you to repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision. You might have noticed that the last few years have been particularly difficult for most citizens. Let me tell you how government policies have affected me, and all in all, I would count myself as more fortunate than most.

I am now sixty-six years old. When I was fifty, I separated from my husband of over twenty years and moved back to California, my home state. My divorce finally happened last year. After a few years of trying to start a small business in California, my alimony running out, I decided to take no chances with my financial security and put money (about 17,000) into a teaching credential program. After long hours of studying at night and substitute teaching, I earned my secondary credential in 2008. Then, in 2009, like thousands of other new teachers, I lost my job. I was over sixty. When more money was available for teachers, who would hire me?

I have a limited amount of savings. I was not eligible for a pension, despite have taught for more than four years. In 2010, I cashed out my pension fund of 21,000 to delay accessing my savings.

I now live in Orange County, and I substitute teach on limited basis due to health.

Today Social Security called and informed me that my benefit of 1200/month (it starts next year—two years after my divorce) will be cut in half because of my “windfall.” I asked if when the amount of 21000 was accounted for, would my benefit revert to 1200. The answer is no.

Please do what you can to reverse these laws. They hurt me, and many others like me, and they’re so unfair.

Thank you for your time,

Marjorie Noble
Just a few lines to let you politicians know that I at 71 yrs have had to go back to work part time so that I can make ends meet & help pay for my Meds,and I'm still getting screwed because I'm still paying into SS &Medicare and the increase that I get in Jan. wont even cover my Medicare increase. But you politicos gett your insurane for free at our expense,come on get oof your Butts & pass this repeal so we can get our rightful benifits,so that we can ease financial burden somewhat,also not repealing this bill& getting us equal with those that have already had this bill repealed maybe this borders on infringement of equal rights for everyone, come on give it up.
I have paid into the Social Security system, then into another retirement system, then get penalized by SS for no real reason. Had I simply stopped working when I lost my factory, I'd get full SS benefits, but paying into another system causes loss of a significant portion of my due retirement income.
After working my whole life in public service and paying into social security it doesn't seem fair that I would be penalized because I was also paying in to a state pension fund.
This bill is fair and just!!
This is necessary!!!
How does anyone live off what some of our pensions are.
No wonder some people are eating dog food .
My electric bill is over $275.00 a month and I cut everything off I can and the thermstat is on 78-80.
Impacts also people worked two jobs
People are only wanting what they are intitiled to based upon what they contributed to social security.
Windfall elimination provision! Congress comes up with all kinds of fanciful names for their bills in order to convince voters that their bills are beneficial to the public. We must stand against this and other unfair laws at every opportunity.
The only way these politicians will hear us is if we ALL stop voting in this election. Not one of them deserves our vote.
The only way these politicians will hear us is if we ALL stop voting in this election. Not one of them deserves our vote.
This law is unfair to Texas teachers who paid into social security and now receive only half of what they earned by paying into Teacher Retirement and Social Security. And why does this law only apply to thirteen states?