H.R.1795 - Repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) provision

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Bill H.R. 1795 has been introduced in Congress. Please support this bill to amend title II of the Social Security Act and repeal the Government Pension Offset(GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP). GPO and WEP unfairly, and only, penalize government employees whose social security pensions are reduced by two-thirds of their state pensions. This impacts teachers, police, firefighters, postal workers, civil servants, and state nurses.

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I worked my life both under CSRS and SS. Why must I be discriminated against because I worked CSRS and have my SS reduced dramatically? I deserve what I worked for and paid in to in it's full amount.
Federal pension cut $260.00/mo when I reached 62 because of post 1956 military service. This was not explained to me prior to retirenent. Applied for social security and learned that the $750.00/benefit which I had earned was cut to $260.00/mo. Thus, I'm receiving zero in return for my payments to the social security fund during many years of private sector emplyment.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast lawmakers. I'll be gumming mine because I can't afford dental care.
Please fix this.
Well here we are Thanksgiving Morn 11/27/14 ,Happy Thanksgiving to all you politicos hope you are enjoying your day with family, No doubt you all have your tables set abundatly with good provisions,or are dinning out,.We tje the peons who worked two jobs to make ends meet and live a little better then when in the work field, who now have trouble making ends meet because you people won't get this repealed passed so that we can enjoy what is rightfully, ours and also enjoy our holidays a little better want to thank you for where we are in our lives, come on people get off your Duffs and pass this bill. We worked for and earned what your holding from us, give it up.
WEP is discriminatory! I should receive the benefits I've earned. A person can collect spousal benefits and get more than I can and never have worked a day.Congress can collect double or triple retirement but not the lowly worker. A person can't even figure out the complicated formula to know what they might get from what they SHOULD get! Get rid of this scam!
My father who was a teacher for 30 years also has his social security affected for all those hard years he worked at the gravel bank. He also drove school bus, same deal. State workers are not rich people, at least none that I have has the pleasure of meeting. Please change this current bill. It has put a bitter taste in the mouths of so many who worked in civil service.
27 years in the postal service, 3 years in the U.S. Army viet-nam vet. Worked part-time to collect Soc. Security just to find out my benefits are cut by 60%.
Worked so hard so my family and I could have a good retirement, so much for that. Still working part-time making peanuts to make end meet. This bill is 31 years old, times has change, the middle class is still paying for the rich and the poor. Come on Congress give the middle class some hope, Please support Bill H.R. 1795 to amend G.O.P/WEP. Veterans fought for this country, and this is the thanks we get. Take our money !!!! Thank you U.S.. government. If the Soc. Security would investigate all the scammer out there, we would have enough funds to pay the hard honest people their full entitlement.
When an originally well-intentioned tax provision (bill, law... whatever) proves to be flawed and or unfair in practice after it has been implemented for an adequate period of time, it very simple.... first, admit the original intention of the bill is not working fairly if at all and second, fix it.

Now why...... WHY is that so difficult ?......But, we really know don't we..... the complex road of our various government's and resulting impasse.

I want to believe in government, but it has become so much harder.