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To Our Elected Representatives;

We petition you not as Democrats, Republicans, Independents or members of any special interest group, but as concerned taxpayers. We urge all of our elected representatives to vote against this administration's health care plan. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the cost will be more than $1 trillion over 10 years and we know from experience that it will cost far more than any government estimate.

As expensive as the plan is, there are more grave concerns about the unprecedented level of government interference in the private sector and in our private lives. We want much less government in our lives; not more. Our freedom is precious to us and we do not want unelected Czars or unresponsive politicians telling us how to live and what is best for us.

We are highly skeptical of yet another piece or far-reaching legislation that must be done ‘in a hurry’. After the 'emergency’ stimulus package that was rammed through without a proper debate, and the bailout of GM, which rewarded irresponsibility with our hard earned money—you have little credibility when you tell us we need radical health care reform and we need it now. As far as we are concerned, the only pressing issue we want you to address right now is our wildly out of control government spending.

THIS IS AN ISSUE THAT WE CARE DEEPLY ABOUT AND WILL DIRECTLY INFLUENCE OUR VOTE IN YOUR NEXT ELECTION. If you are opposed to ObamaCare, we applaud you. If you are for ObamaCare, or on-the-fence, we urge you to oppose this legislation.

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Please no Obama Care .. Too much Money we cânnt afford it...
When my wife was let go from her full time job two years ago, she lost her health insurance. She, to this day has been working a part time job because most companies are now only hiring part time positions so they don't have to pay for health care for them. The health care reform is a crock. It would cost $1200 a month for me to put her and my 7 year old son on the insurance through my employer. That is half my monthly income. We have bills just like every other hard working Americans in this country. The private health care the wonderful politicians have forced her into getting has a high premium because they include my income to hers instead of just basing it on her income alone. The next problem we have is that by paying for this ridiculous health care, we cant even afford to use it because the deductibles are outrageous. Now what kind of health care is that? I am sure I am not the only one with this concern. I don't like to waste my hard earned money on something I can't use. The is GREAT Government of ours has really made things worse. Our founding fathers would have executed all these crooks we have in Washington if they were still alive. Other countries use to respect us but most of them are laughing at us. The big business and insurance companies are just as crooked as the politicians. They are padding each others pockets while we the middle class are getting robbed on a daily basis. Hope something will be done about this before the backbone of this country ( middle class Americans ) cant fight anymore to stay above water. We are not even going to have a good Christmas for our son. Eveyday is a struggle to keep going. THANK YOU to our Great Leaders for destroying this Free world we have here.
Unemployed only husband working high monthly cost & deductibles plus copay ....we have to pay rent food gas etc.....
Unemployed only husband working high monthly cost & deductibles plus copay ....we have to pay rent food gas etc.....