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This child support system doesn't work whatsoever. Males (because ridiculously, most women don't get hassled for child support) have to hand over half of their income to pay for a child that their ex won't let them visit in the first place. The law should apply to parents with joint custody, and even then it should be revised so that the payments don't bleed the man dry. Most of them live in poverty for fear that the payments will send them to jail otherwise.
I am disabled. As well as my separated wife, but she still receives part of my income when she has a boyfriend who can pay for the care of a child. I cannot afford anything above food I must sit and wait until the next month to pay rent. Because she is disabled she receives extra for each child she has, one being biologically mine the other from her current spouse. That's her disability and 2 more income adjustments purely for having children living with her plus her boyfriends income, plus food stamps plus welfare. Shes making bank while I cannot even work unless I lose my disability and I cannot hold a job because of my disability. Not to mention they would take more if i did work anyhow. Add that with no job security and I am screwed over. The law should only apply to those with "joint custody". Or allow legal custody removal without prior need of the one receiving child support.
The child support system needs to be revamped. In TX, you pay 25%-40% of your income. 40% is max if you have 4 or more kids. If you have kids from different marriages, the max is 50%. It should be 40% max, period.
its all about city bank using the money for intrest look it up i did crazy
After my sons mother and i separated. She decided to take me down child support when she realized she have to work. I been in my boys life since they where born. They are now 7 & 5. Its been 2 yrs. Judge told me since im not in the household no more i got to pay. That's crazy. No when she mad i can't get in touch with them. She try to keep them from me. I taught them everything they know. Our bond to strong to try break it now.
MY child support payment are half of my income every month, the other half is my bills. I cant live like this and the system doesnt care. My ex wife and her fiance make more than me and i still have to live in poverty just so the courts dont lock me up for non payment. This system doesnt work!!!
I share 50/50 with my Ex. Combined her and her new boyfriend make more than i do in salary, but I still pay her every month. This is ridiculous!
My husband and I were married two years ago. He pays support as well I do. We both get the kids 50/50, however, he pays more support for seeing only one because the other one "doesn't want to see him ever again". This is an on going battle. His ex doesn't work, but she can raise dogs and horses, not pay taxes on anything. My ex, whom I pay child support too after 8 years of being divorced, decided that since he has had another kid, he needs money from me. Amazing how that works, he makes more than me, we have the kids 50/50, and he gets the money. In court he lied and stated that I never get the kids. Unbeknown to him I had records of the last three years when I had them and when they went home. Well the magistrate stated that I would need to file a separate motion with my attorney to have that looked at. He's a real piece of work and I cannot believe these so called people are aloud to get away with basically stealing. It streams lines to the children now being "cash cows". I would never ever have a parent pay child support/paycheck for their kids! If your a loser, your kids do not need to be with you, but that means that you pay for your kids and not expect others to "help" raise them by taking their money because you choose not to work! Together we pay 1660.00 a month. Truly amazing how this whole child support is such a scam, and we thought welfare was bad... Have a kid and get a check for not doing anything. The laws need to change for the good people that work hard for what they have. We need to help raise our kids, giving money to another person to do that is asinine. "Cash Cows" that's what children are now days.
My son wears old clothes because his mother refuses to spend his child support money on him shes a bum and its sad we need to have better laws for this
i do believe that it is unfair that if we cannot pay we lose our lincese and also we can lose our house anything this is Criminal we are not criminials we pay our bills when we can this makes me want to leave the us
The mother of my child would never let me see him threw his whole life, It started out she was going to give him up for adoption, so I had to go pick out parents that I thought would be good for him. A year after she had him, she came to me and told me that I owed 4.800.00 dollars for that year, as he grew , she had met another man who wanted to adopt him so I had to give up my right as a father for the good of the child so I thought. The court date came and I was released on my support done. Eventually her new man decided to ring all her credit card to the max and then left town, so no marriage and no adoption. So guess who get's brought back to court and has to start paying again ? Lost my license got put in jail several times for falling behind. Then I get a phone call from my son who is in a drug treatment program number 7th drug treatment program. I never knew anything about him even having a problem from his mother or the court. So the court finds that I should have to pay 1,300.00 for this treatment program. The reason he was calling me is because his mother wouldn't let him move back home, and he asked if he could move in with me. I talked with his councler for about a week before they told me that the mother had sighned a privacy form & I could no longer find anything out about him. The next phone call I got was from the coroners office, telling me my son died of a drug overdose. That was last April & I'm still making payments to the court for his mother. My son is no longer is here on earth, and the total amount I owe is 6,000.00 dollars almost the times he was gone to treatment. Why can't the court vacate this ? and why is their no consiqwences for being a bad mother ?******If I don't make a payment I go to jail for 60 day's, but I guess being a bad mother isn't as bad as a payment. Have you ever heard of such ******** in all your life ? Wtf
the judge is so afraid to force more child support from the mothers; if it the father, he might put him in jail. It's ridiculous. The legal system is so terrible. I thought it just happens in Vietnam but I was wrong. These judges are so CHICKEN.
My husband and his ex, on their divorce decree, agreed to each take care of one child, since they have 2. However, after their son turned 18, she filed for child support, and now she receives HALF of my husband's paycheck while she sits on her fat *** and does NOTHING. During the summer, she sends BOTH children to spend all summer vacation with us, while she STILL collects child support! This IS ridiculous!!! We have to crunch to meet ends, when her kids are here and she is getting HALF of my husbands paycheck!!!!
This is a tax payer problem as well. Since my hubby and I are completely broke due to having a disabled child we have to be on food-stamps (300mth) to eat because child support takes so much out on him we starve.

Our child together is also a failure to thrive and on a high calorie diet but according to the child support system she barely exist to them. I'm sick of being made into a second class citizen family to this ignorant cause. My children don't matter, why should I worry about someone else's. Years and years of poverty, no money for representation makes life barely worth living. My children don't matter to this system.

Nothing about going to jail makes anyone happy except the custodial parent being given the convenence to call him/her a deadbeat in a crooked system.

BTW they throw them in jail even if they are paying in Tennessee. He was illegally imprisoned, I had to drive him weekly to jail for ten weeks, while pregnant/bed-rest because they had his license as well, to a county he did not live in and had not live in for over three years. Strange that he was imprisoned in a county far from his home. They knew I had to drive him, that I was pregnant and stressed and on bed-rest in a car with no heat in the middle of winter.

Prosecutors have deranged power issues or just plain ignorance in the function of families. It does not take $2500 a month to raise any child...I know I live on nothing for my child who is medically complex and ignored by the child support system. My child was born disabled...I think the stress off child support court caused many of our child's problems.

Our income tax is taken every year because the mother can't keep herself off AFDC, because she can't support her kids or let him see his two children. Her two kids never got to go to their last two grandparents deaths and have not seen their father in over four years...that don't bother TN child support Lincoln and Giles County...it is all in a days work for them...awfully pleased with themselves. Never mind every holiday we have and fathers day is filled with sadness and more confusion. WE don't have the money to fight her, the courts don't care, everything's cut with a cookie cutter in that system. How can anyone in all honesty apply objective research to real life situations anyway?

Because she (custodial mom) barely works. Every time someone signs up for AFDC, I think it should be an admission that you cannot raise you own children especially if child support is being paid. After-all if a non-custodial parent shows up with the excuse he/she can't pay child support it is labeled willful unemployment or underemployment but in reality you are broke and the custodial parent can whine to AFDC,"im broke" and get a pat on the back every time the get a fix for up to 60mthd. Seems truly unbalanced. Custodial parent that receive their child support should not collect AFDC/TANF, it is a admission they are underemployed. Which should include jail time as
My fiance is currently paying child support and has been for years. He was on his job for 15 years due to illness he got behind in child support; his license were suspended and he drove for a living. Due to that he lost his position on his job because he didn't have license and eventually was let go. It took him a while to find another job and we had to relocate where he now has a job but his child support is still the same like he still making the same wages. It gets hard because we have two children together. As long as I can remember he has always did more than just the child support. His children mother have multiple children by different men and getting child support from them. It really needs to be something done about these type of women.
Anybody that pays child support knows it's a sham. Anybody that receives child support knows it's a sham, though for obvious reasons, they will never admit it. The child support should be recalculated every year through the child support services, and not through the lawyers, judges, and courts, for they only perpetuate their own existence. If the intent is truly for the child, BOTH party's current financial situations should be taken into consideration. There is no reason that good, upstanding fathers should have to pay the price for the deadbeat dads out there. Fathers have to provide for their children, too, in their own households.
The Child support laws are so screwed up that if I were to die... Well for one that would be unfortunate but in that event should it occur, my wife would be forced to forfeit funds in our joint bank account and possibly lose the vehicles we have because they are in my name..Tell me thats not unconstitutional.... I'm waiting
I didn't serve my country to only have to come back and surrender to the flawed and frivileous child support system. Something NEEDS to be done. Fathers day is a joke right now for all that have to go through this.

I really don't see any other option. The Child support laws put ALL POWER in the hands of the mother. And force the fathers to go bankrupt unless they win the lottery.

There's just not much I can do anymore.
As a Combat Veteran of the Afghanistan War being single and getting married after I come back from deployment.... My wife and I relocate to Hawaii on orders. We moved to Hawaii in 2011. In May of 2013 I get served with child support papers for a female I havent seen since January 2006 and she is claiming that I am the father of her daughter born in Oct 2006. I got out of the military by medical discharge on oct 19th last year after 3months of terminal leave. Did the DNA testing and all that which i got back in late ocober of last year. I provided all my bank statement and LES that I could find and all other document required by the Court of Florida. Apparently these people think that as an e-3 and then e-4 with just under 6 years in service that I make over 50,000 dollars a YEAR!!!! And according to my lawyer DOR in Florida is submitted a document to the Judge to "prove" that I make that much annually. Anyone that knows a service member, knows that PFC's and Specialists cannot possible make that much in the military.

I got a severance disability sum (non combat related) meaning I have to pay it back to the VA. So that shouldn't be taken into account for my Child support/Retroactive. The only thing that the judge should be going for is my taxable income, my base pay. Not my BAS which is only for meals for me, not intended for meals for family, but also my BAH in Hawaii while we lived ON POST and COLA . Plus 2 years retroactive child support. And anyone that knows a little bit about the military and on post housing know that you dont get to keep that money...

Currently unemployed making under 250.00 a week. and also getting a little under 800 a month from the VA and these people are trying to tell me I make 50,000+ a year.....Im not a genius at math but come on... This isnt even to include my expenses that they are taking into account if they are even doing that.

I'm already seeking help at the hospital in Nashville for Suicidal thoughts. I'm already depressed and feeling hopeless and have hardly any motivation.

But the Florida Court system wants to take away every bit they can from me... My wife and I barely make ends meet and I'm scrounging the house for things to sell. On top of that the mother is unemployed yet claims over 2,000 in monthly expenses INCLUDING DAY CARE.
How in the world are you a stay at home mom yet put your child in daycare??? and pays over 750$ on food???
Bewteen my myself, my wife and her brother in law we only spend around 400$ a month. is she serving top of the line steaks every other night to a 7 year old??
Like what the heck is going on.
I just dont understand how the court systems can be so careless with these cases.

The Child support laws are so screwed up that if I were to die... Well for one that would be unfortunate but in that event should it occur, my wife would be forced to forfeit funds in our joint bank account and possibly lose the vehicles we have because they are in my name..Tell me thats
men's shouldn't have sex if their going to cry latter paying the low child support, some "men's" just hide because they do not want to pay. and others just pretend to be homeless, in consequence they do not want to pay the child support that it is a responsibility of both parents.
I am getting railroaded by my ex and the court system of Monmouth County, NJ.

When we divorced, she already had her degree and tenure and made $65k six years ago.

In the settlement, I did (what I thought) was best for my son, even though I told my lawyer I wanted him 1/2 of the time. I was told emphatically, "You wont' get that" and she never bothered fighting for me for it.

As a result, even with giving her:
- $85k, tax free money in cash from an investment.
- The tax write off each year as he was with her more of the time then (her schedule as a school teacher and his age was what I decided this on)
- The fact that I wasn't working at that time (the market had just taken a downturn in the IT sector and I only have a high school degree).

After all this, I was still ordered to pay an imputed amount of $500/month + $250/month for day care expenses.

Fast forward to 2014.

I had made all of my child support payments dutifully until the 1st of the year. I just went through a 2nd divorce (peaceful and we're still friends, no kids or any issues), a bankruptcy and all this while starting 2 new businesses the past 2 years.

Guess what? I'm out of savings. I haven't shown a true income since 2010. I am waiting to make a profit or something that shows a true income.

Go to get it adjusted in court? Yeah right... Not if you're a father. NONE OF MY EVIDENCE GOT LOOKED AT. In fact, the judge I was suppose to have prosiding over it, was SWITCHED, just 2 days before the case went before another judge. And that judge? She not only didn't read ANY of the evidence, but basically mocked me and didn't want to hear anything I had to say.

Let me add one last thing. My ex, she's now remarried the past 3 years, they own a new home, have a rental property of another home, just got her Master's degree and he went to Cornell and makes $100k+ as well. When I ask the court how or why I am paying her on the weeks when I have my son for a full week at a time, they don't want to hear it. They don't care about his support and care at my home. Just arrears and if you can't pay, it gets worse.

The system is a joke and it would almost be comical if not so painfully broken.
This system sucks I have to pay 1000 a month for 1 child cuz of my stupid overtime
With another Fathers Day approaching, I'm to celebrate this day without contact to my son for the seventh year.
But yet I'm paying 750.00 a month to a woman who has chosen to not notify me if her whereabouts or phone number.
My son will be 18 in August. She has stolen from me the life I should have had with my son.
Really sad the court system will do nothing about her actions.
System is pathetic.
My soon to be ex-wife & I have been together for 16 years. She decided to have an affair, once I confronted her about the affair she had me served with an Order of Protection, after that I was served with divorce papers, soon after that I was arrested for some bogus lie she created, now I have a Stay away Order (thanks to her Dad – retired family court officer and boyfriend is a Cop). Last year I worked a lot of over time due to hurricane Sandy and made more than my usual salary. Until the courts decided on what I should pay her for child support & alimony I was paying her 29% of my hourly rate at 40 hrs a wk. Well I thought I was going to have a heart attack for the Judge ruled that I pay her $2500. a month. They are basing my child/alimony on last years “NET” worth. There is no more overtime and I will be paying her more money then I take home in a week. HOW is a person to live if the ex-wife is granted his whole paycheck & them some. There has to be some kind of law against that, my lawyer tells me we can bring her back to court next year when my “NET” worth is low again, but what so I do in the meantime. I had to move in with my brother’s family. This is not fair, I was told to get a second job to support myself. I have no problem paying child support for my children but how am I going to live. Oh yeah, she also works as a Jazzercise Instructor and claims she only makes $560 a month.

my fiance and I have been together for5 years. after our.first child was born I cheated on him and we broke uo for three weeks but were still fooling around. he got me and another girl he barely knew pregnant..our babies are 2 days apart. she swore up and down she didnt want anything from him. he was hit with child support and the papers she wrote said they were together a whole year and split when the baby was born...which is a lie weve lived together.for 4 years! she also said he doesnt go to daycare but it was stated she pays 100 a week. he can barely afford our car and insurance and we've.been living at my moms with no.money to pay for our own diapers and wipes and gas.
if a women has the right to abort a baby without the fathers permission then he should be aloud to choose not to support.him. and to top it off shes been on 4 vacations since he started paying her. the family we chose is suffering to support two people we dont know to have.fun.
We should adopt an initiative where an unwed woman having a baby must attend parenting classes and be responsible for labor cost since it's her body and choice. If judges make unreasonable visitation orders where custody favors mother's accusations. The court should be responsible if child grows up saying that the other parent didn't want them. Court judges should civilly sued. Courts are reckless and unfair.
How the hell do they take an unfair amount of money from non-custodial parents and expext them to manage??? And the bigger deal is that they can't try to work more hours to help make up the difference because they get taxed more at tax time and they can't even claim the child they are providing for and also providing health insurance as well. The system is vulger and not fair in any sense, especially when the custodial parent makes no attempt to work or even get an education, especially when they have time to do so. Thumbs way down down to the child support system.
Child Support needs to be equal for both sexes and enforced correctly. I agree it needs to be re-vamped completely.
Back in 2002, TN Child Support Division helped me get a reduction in child support. However, Florida said "Since the ex (sole custodial based on lies to the court) can't be contacted, child support will stay at original amount". If I couldn't be contacted, they still proceed with court hearing. If she can't be contacted, case gets dropped.
i think its wrong for the father to pay alot more especially when he did not make the decision of keeping a child he did not want to start with. women only do it to collect money, instead they should get up and support their own kid then try to take money of someone elses.
I received a response from one of my Rep's. And he told me that child support in so many word was fair. And that the office was doing there job. How can the AG be doing there job why there are people like my self paying for children that's not there based on being married. The reason I divorced my ex wife is because she cheated on me. I had sex with her in late October and she gave me an std. So you tell me and the little boy was born June 9. So how fair is that. And it's not immaculate conception. This why I going through this trying to get a DNA test done. There is a judge in Texas who even says child support laws are unfair. A woman kind say anything and they will believe her. I was in the military when all this happen to me. So it's ok for forgery to happen.
After I pay child support of $900, I don't have enough to take care of my new wife and the two children that live with us. One is hers and one is mine. The ex has a job now, live in boyfriend, and makes about $3600 now a month with her child support and jobs. It's not fair to us. Our other children should not have to suffer. I will do what I can to help my daughters, but I know all that money doesn't go to them.
My ex wife is crazy she tells me I have something to owe her because I'm the one that got her pregnant and the last time I checked we both played the game and now I have to deal with this crazy woman the rest of my life I'm paying 1103. 00 a month and only make 60000.00 a yr and I also am have a fiancé and 3 three other kids that still live with me and my ex wife keeps the other 2 with her so tells me that all my money pays for her a car payment and insurance nd hair supplies how is that far and Te b***h would take work she tells me u play u pay I can't do anything with my family and also pay 500.00 a month for the kids i heath insurance and my kids hate me she keeps telling them it's my fault why i won't show up and l on like ten min before when I called she told me no please please please fix these woman need justice u know cs office say u can make up your time we'll hate to say no u can't with my baby time lost is something u can't get back
I'm a single father who got used crushed and left for dead and I got dumped and nailed with an huge amount of child support to pay because the mother of my children is on welfare and won't do anything know I'm losing my place to live because they want another 430 dollars to modify my child support I'm losing everything on top of that the most important thing is I'm losing my kids and no one cares because every person I've came across in Minnesota that has anything to do with children or child support is a woman and a man hatter and all the mother had to do was lie about me and they believed her I'm so scared and so hurt
I'm very poor and can't afford the payments.
I'm very poor and can't afford the payments.
The divorced women today are allowed, by our legal system, to bankrupt the fathers of their children. Something needs to be done to protect the fathers out there!!
I agree with the petition, because I have 2 children and both of there mothers were keeping them away from me, I only got custody of my son because his mother was sick and couldn't get anyone else to agree to keep him full time so that she could keep getting 455$ in support. And I haven't seen her sense she was 2 because her mom refuses to let me know where she is. This should be illegal just like they can lock up man for not paying if the custodial parent runs with the child for no reason she/he should not be allowed to burden the other for money. The system is designed against the man and it needs to be evaluated on a more serious level.

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