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The Mother of child is a UC College Graduate. Whom decided to not work, she sits on Welfare and collects Child support. Following true to the culture of welfare recipients unfortunately the 16 is now pregnant! She doesnt allow visitation she tells him the daughter doesn't want to talk to you (but he pays her cell), tells the child he doesnt care about her,(because they dont live together) which has really stranded the father/daughter relationship . So the mother needs to be cut off of both because she has failed as a parent . She allowed the children to sleep together under her roof . She didn't tell him she is pregnant (she said we thought you didn't give a f***) as she called about more money. Telling the child how the Dad ain't Shit. Oh Really neither are you! Frankly I'm tired of my tax dollars going to aid well educated people when I didn't even go to college, I have 3 of my own children that I raise on my single income(Yesz I got up and found a great career). I divorced my husband and took only my movies and my children. I dont want or get any support. Women, you didnt ask the government to have a baby but use them to alter the lifestyle of the man. If you want more for your child YOU have to go get it. It's a choose to not work and nothing is wrong with you. It's very Empowering to know that all I have, I earned myself. My children Respect ME . I am their role model. A Strong Independent Single Woman.
America stop rewarding laziness . P.s. I also know welfare recipients that file taxes and get back thousands. But I make too much and always owe. Reward the middle class that leaves there kids everyday to make a better life for them...
You should have to show for every dime of child support u spend on the child. The mother should not get a raise in child support every time the father gets one, these women have 3 incomes coming in, if they work, there spouses income and the child support check, to the father's one income trying to support his self and his family. If the mother request for more money she should have to show that it is spent on the child and the child only. It should be a 50/50, if u get 400 in child support u need to prove more than 800 a month is used for this child.
When is it enough? We were divorced back in 2013 (New York). So far, I've been taken to Family Court 2 times as she had stated it's not enough. The first 26 Months I've helped out to the best I can. Paid Housing for my son, making sure she can get back on her feet and pay for the 17% as stated on the Judgement of Divorce, plus the Medical Expenses as required. All the support and extra was deposited directly to her bank account. I never wanted to be labled as someone bad, but honestly, how far can this go legally? (retorical question).
Just recently a Summons was issued for yet another request (making it a 3rd time) as she stated "my expenses have gone up". I am not sure what it means, but as far as I know, I've been generous, patient and attentive to the needs of my son. On the 27th Month, I just deposited ONLY Child Support and my medical expense was changed to Family Plan as I got happily married to a great woman. This was a major deduction on my weekly check.

Here's the other thing about my ex-wife. She moved without telling me her current address. Her number was unknown. She never wanted to be harrassed by me. She'd call and the caller ID would come up either "UKNOWN" or "ANONYMOUS". She calls to say "you don't love your son... you don't care about him" or "I need money for....". I am not for childish mind games. I am responsible and know what actions to take within reason. Well, this is an expensive lesson learned. Not towards my Son, but only the ex-wife.

Well, I concluded, this is what happens to Nice Guys. It's better off just being a Good Guy and do things right. For this I can only be mad at myself.
I'm paying child support to a ***** ex wife who is remarried to an ex con and also a white supremacists . I've been paying her about $500/mo. And am supposed to have joint custody. I have seen my daughter in 3;4 years now . took her back to court and all judge had to say is what took me so long. But yet be did nothing to her. And yet I'm still getting screwed the courts in eau Claire wi need to be reformed and judge Novak is a bies judge. A former cs attorney. What a joke. She does work but still I'm paying for a child I don't get to see or talk to. How's that fair
I'm ordered to pay 800 a month for my 2 sons and I only make 2000 a month gross pay. After you factor in taxes I make 1800 or less, how can I survive When rent is 700+ and all I got left is 300 for food,gas,phone bill and power. Things need to change.
Everyone's situation is different. The women my husband pays child support to lives an extravagant life. She has collected from 2 different father's and is still collecting from my husband. She makes over 50k a year and has a live in boyfriend of over 2 years whom makes alot of money. We are a one income family, because unfortumatly we cant afford daycate for 3 chikdten. We hv paid her over 100k and not one dime has been set aside for my stepson. How is this aloud? We have been married for 9yrs and have threechildren. The court says our children are insignificant. How as a parent can I feel good about being a step parent when child support drains my finances and limits what i can do for my own children. Most step parent relationships do not last. In fact about 75% of them fail. It should be whoever the child is with be the parent that provides for that child, being most custody situations are shared. An account for that child should be set up where both parents contribute a set forth amount, until a limit of a set amount is reached and/or the child has reached 18yrs of age. No parent shoud be subject to this fail and ridiculous system of what one parent should contribute while the other is living off the other. Work on this problem. There is no parent that doesn't want to provide for their child, there are only the parents who do not want to feed the account of the primary parent. NH step-mom.
Heres some truth about court & the system.my sons mother lied in court saying I see my son one day a week 14 hours a day.both represented are selfs but I thought I had all proof to win.I have my son 4 days 3 nites plus been to all baseball practices, games, trophy days, buying his equipment, paying his cell phone, clothes, etc........I lost.judge gave her 800 a month.wtf.now Im going back with a lawyer.just goes to show women can lie threw there teeth and get it all when all false.my son cries when he has to leave me.this system is so outdated from the 50's.women are using kids as money nothing more.wakeup congress.u give illegals everything wtf.tired of the system a joke.
My fiance and I are about go get married in December. His ex aka the baby mama whom he never married at all is now demanded he pay $910 in child support. He was paying $105 then got laid off from a job and yet still has to pay child support during the lay off. He has since found a job. She is making sure we do not get married at all. She barely lets him talk to their son on the phone. When he does its like 5 to 20 mins tops that is it she is always on the phone blah blah blahing. He ask how he is doing and she won't answer without her drama b.s coming into it. He hasn't talked to their son in 2 weeks and she keeps lying saying I am not keeping your son from you. She won't work at all her excuse is bosses need to work around my schedule cause of my son. Not all places around in this town will do that. Something needs to be done where is the father rights in this? My soon to be husband loves his son but one day I pray my soon to be stepson sees Daddy was doing all the hard work while mommy took the money to go party.
My ex is on disability, while working cash jobs, I have 50/50, right down the middle and still have to pay 225 a week and be threatened with jail every other month. She is a sponge that does nothing but soak up money to spend partying . She lives in her dad's spare house and only pays electric. It's wrong, she should get nothing, I'm put in hardship because of her laziness and the lawmakers and people in the government. Child support goes unchecked, I get cuffed in front of my kids and lose my job, my apartment and custody? Who does that favor? Why is it that way?
I pay child support on my daughter whom I don't get to see because she is a baby. I get 3 hour visits every other weekend because she is "too young to be out of the care of her mother". I ask when this will change with a simple "when she is older" response. I asked if I should even feel like a father with such a stipulated visitation. This is what the mother pushed for because AFTER we split up I met another woman. Feeling threatened about how "nobody will play mommy with our child" she pushed for those stipulations. Funny thing is I pay my money faithfully to my child's mother that I really don't feel like a father to. I was stripped of that over jealousy and the government putting their two cents where it didn't belong. So basically the woman and the government team up and set up the senario how ever they please. I didn't have a voice of my own in this matter. The only voice I could have had was the voice of a 5,000 dollar attorney that I couldn't afford. Something has to change here!
Unable to work three jobs due to biological nature of this body, I am shorted of the freedom I thought as a child I thought I would have. I wait these days taking the steps I see most advantageous knowing I will still work as a slave until my debt is erased. Oboma care expects me to work to pay for "free insurance" I watched it pass and I lost even more hope of escaping my shackles made by whom I don't even see. I have a child whom I haven't seen in two years! Three months after he was born my "love" fell short of trustworthy and I was kicked to the curb a pregnancy only made due to my sperm and not my actions. My son grows and I fade, When I attempted to be back in his life I bit my lip and grinded my teeth to bare the unrelenting cold, I found myself two jobs and she told me with lure to get an apartment, so I did a month later she filled for child support and my life was drained even more now unable to feed myself but dried beans. One night she refused to let me walk home my hormones from closterphobia set my body out of her car, I skid on the asphalt trying to stop my shoe falls off and I grind my foot into the ground. I managed to stay alive. I bailed on my apartment since I wasn't acceptable to work in the facility with wounds. Every time I get to go visit my son at her loft there was always a beer bottle in his reach, unable to call anyone out of fear of never seeing him again months later I get to babysit for her "needs" which was fun but still to poor to actually let my son see more of our world, those times have passed and I just sit and wait until a change, I go to school because I pays me more just enough for a couple meals a week and to continue, now recently told she will be moving and thus time will pass never knowing my first child. Between all the insurance we are now forced to pay I only have hope to get a job after school and pay for my debts for a handful of years rather than work and work and possibly never seeing a time which a normal person should have. To those that pursue happiness I wish the best of luck to you and to my son and in the end everything turns out okay.
I am bound to the earth in which I stand. I am a slave unable to feed my self, told that I am forced to work to pay for insurance when I can even afford anything I need. Unable to fix my car, fix my life. I sit here watching time pass as my child grows unable to see him. I am shackeled and dulled never able to escape. My life is ending before my very eyes, never to see my sons smiles, share fun times with any friends or acquire a job. I would have to take out a loan to work and that sounds highly sensible when you can't even pay for insurance. America has never been free that is known me we are just the Unofficial slaves of America which I stand here await freedom or forced into further debt, the only freedom is that of those to make a carpet of paper money which they can use to fly where ever they might wish.
First off the woman is raising her( child or children) on her own,,Be it the guy did not want the child from the beginning in the first place or whatever the situation may be the mother is doing all the work of raising a child totally on her own ..Oh ,with the father making an appearance on the weekends..Most times mothers do have a job and do it all on their own..Dads show up on weekends and take their (child or children) to Mcdonald's or Burger King,,Wow! Afterward if they do have the (child or children) for the weekend they get to drop them off to the mother and go on their merry way to their single lifestyle..Never worrying about getting up during the evening if children get sick..Never worrying about doing laundry ,cooking for them or getting anything done for their children at all during the week..Just taking care of themselves..
Child Support should be counted as a deduction for the payee and income for the receiver! You can't tell me 100% is used on the child and even if it was you have to claim your child's income if they work, so what's the difference. Guidelines in Utah are so vague too, that you don't know what you have to pay extra for! Nothing to say what child support pays for!
I agree with Reggie. I have lost my Security Guard License and Drivers License. No matter where I work my wages are garnished and my taxes have been intercepted for years. They truly are creating deadbeats. The real problem is coming from those who make these laws. It needs to STOP so that fathers can have an opportunity to support themselves as well.
In the state of Maryland, the CSS is so easily manipulated that even if you do have proof to show that you are instrumental to your child's life and well being, they don't care. All they want to see is payments. My child s mother sends me threatening text messages, they don't want to see or hear it. She has me on child support but yet, Im unable to find work due to the fact that my daughter is with me 12 hours out the day while she works and does whatever after work. Something has to give, I would at least like some leancy to be given to the defendant in these cases to show and prove that we are more than just supporters. This system is so easily manipulated its a joke. Alot of these cases need to be investigated before they throw deadbeat on anyone.
In California they will take away any vocational license that you may have such as Security Guard License and Driver's License. Why would they take away your ability to pay your debt when they can already garnish your wages and intercept your tax returns? This is way too excessive.

They say they're punishing deadbeats. But in reality they are creating them. By them committing these unjust acts they cost me over $250,000.00 in earnings.
Child support laws in Wyoming are crooked!! Something needs to be done!!.
I think child support is a joke. My husband's ex kept his daughter from him had their daughter thinking another man was her dad all while she was collecting 450 dollars a month. He took her to court got court ordered visit and still she played games taking trips out of state,telling her daughter that she hates us so she should too. The courts took her side and my husband had to pay. Now she's 16 and adopted by the man the mother wanted to be her dad. But she made sure to squeeze the last drops of money from us through the child support office. The same place her mommy works at. I know my hubby was and is a good dad...we have 3 kids of our own. He just wasn't given the chance because the court took what the mom said as gold and most men are just paychecks and a donor....it's like the moms get to decide who's the "dad" and they can do as they please while the men pay
I was recently released from jail on a child support case. And have obtained a job after a month or so. I've been set up payment arrangements which garnished my wages. I've been contacted my prosecuting attorney. From which he informed me if I did not have a full payment paid within the month my probation would be violated for contempt. I just feel helpless in this situation.
Child support is a shameful and embarrassing gig. Women who use and abuse the system, and deadbeat father's who helped urge it along should all be prosecuted in court, just as good father's are each and every day.

The laws are outdated, they represent and incredible bias it's weighted, and a lie. When I DIVORCE my wife, why should she continue to benefit from my post marital successes and at the same time pay NO TSXES hiding under a child support law and provisions that are set up to make father's fail.

At every turn... I fail. My child... wants for nothing. She is very well taken care of, yet my ex wife has nicer things, no debt, and savings because everytime I do better (13 yrs later) I am giving more and more and more. Always more.... and guess what... less and less time with the child.

It's a scam. A well documented and shameful scam.
I think the child support laws are unfair to men and I am a mother. Due to child support laws being so unfair me and my child's father don't go through the state for child support issues. I know some men have to be forced to pay. I have a friend whose wife divorced him for another man. Even though she left him she made his life miserable. She stalked him, stole from his family members, filed a restraining order against him, and moved in with another man. He was left with nothing to his name by the time the divorce was over. He was ordered to pay child support and he did his best. He lost his job and it took a while to get a new one. He was in debt to child support but he would give her cash money and help her out around her house as well as buying the child food. He thought things were going well then he gets a letter from a lawyer stating he is in contempt of court for non payment of child support, of course she never told them he was helping, she was actually pocketing the cash he gave her to pay the lawyer to take him back to court. Fast forward a couple years he takes a job for the oil industry making good money, traveling state to state for work to make a better life for himself and pay off back due support. He eventually starts dating someone 6 years after divorce. She isn't happy even though she left him for another man who she is still with by the way. She doesn't work. She won't give him his visitation bc she doesn't want the new girlfriend around the child even though this girl is a mutual friend of both of them. She has his tax money garnished and his passport revoked, and she threatens him to wire transfer her money by saying things like if u send me money today I'll let u talk to ur daughter on the phone. She threatens to take him back to court for more money bc she feels the amount he pays every week is not enough. She feels jealous that he makes more money. He does make good money and I agree maybe he should pay a little bit more but the state will give her enough that she won't even have to work anymore. I believe it is unfair that a woman divorces a man and then tries to benefit from the new life he has built for himself especially when he pays for all the extras like clothes, school supplies, Christmas, and etc. I think child support should be based on what the child actually needs and the mother should have to pay for the child as well. I don't think she should be awarded $300 a week for one child when she doesn't even have a mortgage or rent, she doesn't even have a car payment. All she pays is utilities and insurance. So child support should be based off what the child needs not so much that the mother doesn't have to work and her and her live-in boyfriend can benefit off of the child's fathers hard earned cash. His daughter doesn't even go to daycare. This system is unfair. They should be taking the mothers bills into account as well as the fathers bills and then the mothers should receive half of what's ac
Stop the license suspension you want father's to work to pay support but you take our transportation to get there when it's no public transportation and when the jobs are lost because father's can't make it u throw us in jail a some of us are honest some of us lost our homes cars and freedom children are supposed to be a blessing not a bill a life changing burden
Main idea has been indicated the letter about petition to congress. Unfair woman deserve responsibility not revenge from breaking the part of a child's father finicial stability. Spending time is definitley more than money can ever be worthto a baby
We need a change!!! NOW! Do SOMETHING!!!!
Im paying my ex wifes mortgage while i get to be homeless.she got to have more kids new house and remarried, my fiance and i sleep on a friend's floor and i know im dragging us down.how is this fair on paper its income for her but for me its jail if i miss payments.
My dad is an ongoing victim of Colorado's abhorrent feminist child support laws. My parents got divorced when I was 12 (now 26). My mom kicked my older brother out right after the divorce (he is now 30), and my dad stopped paying child support for him, which my mom agreed to without a problem. When I was 15, I moved in with my dad because, frankly, my mother is a cruel woman. He kept paying her child support for me because he's just like that- a great guy who didn't want to cause a fuss. He even changed his career around so he would be home at night with me. I never even saw my mother all through high school-she was very busy in the dating scene, and my dad just kept paying her child support for me until I was 19. He was also buying everything else you can imagine: school lunches, school clothes, supplies, fees, everything for me and all of my four siblings (three of them lived back and forth between parents). It was a really rough time financially for my dad. Really, really rough. We lived very frugally. My parents live blocks away from each other, and nothing about child support has ever come up in all these years. 14 years after the divorce, and now, a few months ago, my dad gets a letter in the mail that my mom is suing him for approximately $80,000 in back child support for my older brother with a 12% interest rate. $50,000 of this is interest. Let me add that my mom works in the legal field, has worked for divorce attorneys, and knew all about the interest rate. (I'll also add that she conned her last boyfriend out of about 60,000, too.) She's been planning this for years, no doubt. My dad's lawyer calculated that by paying for me all those years, he actually overpaid by $102,000.Yet when the magistrate saw all of these facts, she found in favor of my mom without even discussing the conflicting evidence. We are now praying for a hearing. This is UNAMERICAN. My dad is the hardest working, most gentle, sturdy, loving father anyone could ever ask for. After paying her all that money for all those years that she spent on herself, now he has to give her everything he has Again? Where is the accountability on the mother? She is abusing the system to the max and it's so obvious, and nobody cares! Please help. This is my father's life. He's now at retirement age and should be enjoying life, but instead, he's picking up all the extra overtime he can. PLEASE change these laws that trample on the spirits of hardworking, honest fathers.
Child support is rediculous . You also should not be punished .meaning since I bust my*****every day to make $100,000 a year. Doesn't mean I pay more child support. How much I make a year does not change how much it takes to support a child... I agree that alot of fathers out there are a pos. But those ones who are not,dont deserve to be treated as such
My brother has a hold on his bank account of $10,000 because of his ex that is on drugs and has a 1 year old with him. How is $10,000 going to one baby? And he is already a single father of a 10 year old living at home with his mother. It's not fair that he will be losing all of his property because of a deceiving ex that just wants revenge.
And because they don't have a job, said person was awarded more custody because "she has more time to be with the children instead of with me in which I would have to have someone watch them while I work". This is rewarding her for not having a job, in turn making my child support go up meanwhile her now husband makes over 200k a year!
The author of this petition sure does paint all women with a broad brush. This petition is very poorly written. Child support laws should be reformed all the way around. But I will say, while I agree there are some parents that do get wronged by the system, there are some that get away with not taking on their parental obligations. I have had my kids since day 1. My now husband & I take care of all 3 of my children. My ex chooses not to be a part of the kids' lives. I have 2 kids with my ex ages 15 and 11. He owes my children over 46 grand. He has a warrant out for his arrest here in Lake City, FL and another warrant out for his arrest where he currently lives in Section 8 housing with his girlfriend in Quincy, Michigan. He has not worked in more than 7 years and he is NOT disabled. So yes, while some parents are forced to pay more than they should have to, there are some getting away with not doing their part at all!! I see that the majority of the people commenting are complaining about how much they have to pay or how much the person they're with has to pay. So here I am telling my story which happens to be on the other side of the fence so to speak.
I think that hole system is unfair ....I don't mind helping take care of my children but I do have a problem with paying an extremely high amount like 576 a month for one child when I only make 500 a week and she makes over 800 a week that I do have a problem with makes it hard for me to support my family ....and the hole take drivers license away especially from the ones who try hard to do right ...well that is stupid u take a person's licence they loose there job then no one gets paid....both parents should have 50/50 custudy and take care of the child equally no money given...
She makes more money than my husband and I put together but half of his wages is going to child support every week. He can barely support me, my daughter and our son together let alone the fact that I'm now pregnant. He lost his truck because we couldn't make the payments since the judge thought since he could afford payments on a vehicle that he could afford to pay more in child support.
Most of these people who receive child support are probably misusing it. An independent audit on them would show that. Congress, please request US GAO to audit the child support agencies in each state. On the other hand, each family law division of the courts should appoint a unit/system to monitor how recipient parents are using the monies that are supposed to me for the children.
Where is the equal rights? If I have proof I have been supporting my children's why does the court don't take that into action? Besides that she also work and make good money and I still get 25% out of my gross pay. But the money gets deducted from my net. Makes no sense. I have told the judge that deducting the huge amount I was being force to loose my apartment and if this happen is going to force me to move back to my parents house and if this happens I will loose my job. If I loose my job which I have been for the past 13 years. I will be force to take public assistance My question is if she also work and have a good job why I have to give her 20k a year for child support ? Where is her part of the share. With the money they are deducting she will pay all her bills and monthly shopping and still have money left plus her full check. I want to know where are the equal rights
Where are the man's rights ??? And are the judges fair ?? Just because she was jealouse she file for child support I lost my apartment and had to move back to NY. Now since I had to move back am about to loose my job. So guest what judge now you will work for me cause welfare is about to open a new case
Where are the man's rights ??? And are the judges fair ?? Just because she was jealouse she file for child support I lost my apartment and had to move back to NY. Now since I had to move back am about to loose my job. So guest what judge now you will work for me cause welfare is about to open a new case
It makes no sense to take drivers license and put a person in jail for not being able to pay child support and alimony payments. That is not what is in the best interest of the child. I would say that it is revenge of the spouse to have that power to put them in jail. I have been on both sides of this and I believe a man should be able to have a life. Laws need to change.
I payed my support even had documentation of all my payments was made closed account ex moves back tries to get money she never reported to child service stopped in court they went back on me for one late payment at the beginning charged interest from their now I have nothing left half my wage till its payed going to lose my house next so child support is not fair and corruption is ramped
I have not seen my kids in eleven years, and now I'm ordered to pay child support. My ex husband lied to the court and told the judge that I was on drugs and alcohol. This was in 2004. In 2005 we were divorced and I had supervised visitation. He would not let me be involved in my son's education or any other parts of their lives. I also received my Cdl to drive a school bus in 2005. I don't think that I should have to pay to support children that I don't see.
Unfair to father's that work hard earning a living and can't even support themselves because of paying too much for child support. Responsibility is 50/50! Not fair to father's that love and provide for their children and the mother has no job and won't let the father see or hear from his children because her relationship with the father has been detached for years. People change that's a part of life. Mother's need to stop living in the past and move on with their lives. Your showing your children how to be emotionally depressed and showing hatred toward their father. Children learn from learned behavior. Now I know why we have so many men in jail and have no jobs because they have no help in the court system. Why lock a man up because he didn't pay his child support on time? Your putting men in jail/prison because he couldn't make a payment with murders, thieves, rapists, child molesters, etc. This is inhumane! Men have rights too! Too all the father's that has been locked up because of child support issues keep your head up! Start filing for full custody! Don't ever give up! The court system wants you to. Keep faith in God.....your not alone!
Im tired of seeing mens lives completely destroyed because they have a child or children with a woman they are no longer with. They become indentured servants and have their material posessions seized and bank accounts garnished and freedom taken away... drivers licenses, ability to find gainful employment limited. It is completely overboard and out of control. This system is corrupt because it has zero accountability regarding the livelihood of the man. It is entirely a punitive system which does not work to foster fatherhood/parenthood, does not work to ensure visitation, most of these men being punished by these antiquated harsh laws do not even get the pleasure of seeing their children. And after a child is an adult - enough with all the backpay and arrears!. I mean really who gets to raise their child and say I want my money back! Once the child is an adult that pay needs to be curtailed. When a man has appeared in court multiple times trying to get the payments reduced because of hardship or job loss or change in circumstances and the mother doesnt even bother to show up he is the one who is punished. What kind of unbalanced unfair system is this? The parent who is raising a child on their own can get services to help, the destituted man gets nothing. He can barely find a job to feed himself because of the child support stain and forget if he has a family of his own, they can destitute his current family. Once a child is in school the woman should also be responsible for some of the finances. She should have to demonstrate that she is also trying to financially support the child. Backpay should be limited to two years. Once a man has shown financial hardship the payments should be reduced regardless of whether the other parent shows up in court. Both parents should be responsible for providing for the child... not just the absentee parent who may not be absentee by choice. Unless the absentee parent has been shown to be harmful to the child, visitation should be enforced if the father requests it. This way the parent with the child cant substitue a wallet for a parent. If visitation is requested by the father and the mother restricts it, he should not have to pay child support...unless he has been deemed unfit by the courts.
JESUS! I couldn't agreed with these comments more if it killed me, the system is flat out JACKED UP! Really especially for alot of men. Men should have some kinda nationwide rally somewhere disputing these ridiculous child support laws. Hat off to all parents going through these tuff cases, it does alot of damage to families and to the little ones the most but until we stand up and really fight and raise hell about this situation it will continue to be unfair.
Ordered to pay $1000 plus insurance per month for one child. The mother is an RN and stopped working two years after my son's birth. Now, she is married, house, two cars, 3 kids from 3 different fathers. My opinion? Her not working is the criminal common denominator. What would happen to a man if he had three different kids from three different mothers and decided 'You know? I don't feel like working anymore. I quit." The answer? Civil and willful contempt yielding incarceration. Big fat momma ... she stays at home watching reality TV, rating bon-bons off of 3 different salaries, from 3 different men; and the states will covet her as the divine mother (custodial parent) by doing nothing. There is no rationale or logic defining current obligation guidelines. And, I sign knowing there will be no change. Why? Its a revenue stream for every state backed by the federal government. Follow the dollar which leads to the corruption!

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