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a month. Pretty nice right? I'm so blessed because all things are possible with God and I most certainly pray for his guidance and strength every night. People need to stop using their children as pawns....My hats are off to all you dads here going thru the struggle. Remember to put God first and he will definitely see you thru....Karma is real and believe me they will not get away with it.
My ex wife does not work, is completely healthy to do so. Does not pay rent and now her partner lives with her and hasn't reported it to the housing that someone is living there, while I'm paying real bills and can barely pay my rent while half of my check goes to my kids for child support! I give her 670 dollars a month for child support! Every two weeks i get paid only bringing home 335 dollars! I'm almost homeless. This is forcing me to find another job and leave my ministry at church after she was the one who cheated on me from the beginning. Ridiculous and unfair! I barely have groceries to live on!
I am a custodial parent with a 16 year old son. My childs father has an arrearage of over 46,000K. I agree with a lot of what you fathers are saying on here. I do not think that the laws are fair, no I do not need 1/3 of the non-custodials parent paycheck to raise my child but assistance is needed. I have seen my friends collect 1000s a month and they aren't even satisfied. I have male friends who pay support and the moms live at home with parents and don't work or they try everything they can to get more money knowing that he is doing the best he can verses nothing so I feel your pain. But it's the ones who right out refuse to pay - duck and dodge for years as in my case. I asked for 75$ a week (that's all) and that was to help with day care and his food for school, etc which was approximately 340 each a month between the two of us at the time. After daycare he would have been going to school and the support could be reduced fairly. But no.....I'm being greedy etc. etc. So I had to file because I couldn't take the lies, promises and excuses anymore. The court ordered exactly what I asked for almost 342.00 a month. I'm living in my own apartment, taking care of myself, paying my car, etc. etc. While he lives at home with parents, no car, no rent nothing, not even a credit card bill, not that that is important but when people live at home they most certainly don't have the responsibilities they would if they were on their own. After going to court I was labeled greedy and spiteful. The support order didn't make a difference because the only time he paid was initially when he was ordered and that lasted 6 months. After that it was catch me if you can, a few checks here and there and some tax returns. We also have a visitation order that he requested but those slowly stopped happening and are now completely non-existent. I see how my son is affected by his relationship with him. He tells him to let him know if he needs anything but when he ask it's always the same thing. "I'll see what I can do" or "why you only call when you want something" HELLO that's what kids do. What do you think I go through? It's really sad and it makes me so mad to see that so many of you who will do what it takes to take care of your child(ren) and yet the court or other parent don't take any of that into consideration and come to realistic support payment. You have a right to live in a nice environment, drive a car and not have to move home because you have a ridiculous amount of support to pay. You can't claim them on your income tax and they base support on pre-taxed dollars so unfair. As for me I don't think I will receive any support at all at this point. When you average the payment that was ordered over 16 years it comes out to approx 65K he has one more year before my son is 18. He isn't paying so that will bring the balance to 52K of arrearage which averages to be 11K of support I received over the years yes...648.00 a year which is 54.00
child support is not alimony, it should not be the sole income of a non-working parent.
People have been signing this petition since 2009. . . . Same situation under different circumstances. . . :/ I don't know what to think or what to say. . .

U.S.Army Soldier
It is unfair to pay 30% of my income in support, 30% in taxes, 15% in insurnace and receive $700,000 in debt. My ex leaves without any debt and did not work in 7 years (while kids went to school), I pay for school clothes, shoes, phones, activities and struggle on coupons. While she travels for the summer and got her first job in 7 years. She has 3 degrees and now works as a teacher and always tells the kids. You dad has a good job and he doesnít do enough for you ask him to buy it. I have a new wife and 2 children, itís sad I cannot take my children to the movies or out to eat. They get mad when we shop at Walmart or Aldieís, they want Macys and Whole foods like their mother takes them. They do not understand, I am still paying for their moms college, her attorneyís fees, $2,000 a month in child support, all medical and taxes and am going into debt every month.

Yes, I make $100,000 a year, but after child support, insurance and taxes, I take home $1,552 dollars every 2 weeks, while my ex has so many tax deductions, with her job she takes home $2,136 every 2 weeks and receives $2,000 in child support as well, while I have all the bills from our marriage and pay half of all child activities. I donít know what she spend the money on and the kids always ask, why donít you take the summers off and Christmas off and lets go have fun, mom does it. How am I supposed to live with a wife and 2 children, support 3 other children and pay half of everything. Sadly she didnít work for 7 years, but was able to travel for 3 months a year and receive welfare and in court always said, her travels to Kenya, Europe and everywhere where paid by her family, she stated she doesnít have $50 dollars to pay for court fees and that I had to pay them for her. While she has 2 new cars in her driveway and lives in ďA Gated Luxury Apartment CommunityĒ. I have 1 old car thatís 12 years old, looks like crap and my children with her have told me I owe them a car and they donít want me to give them my current car, they deserve better and new car.

Just once, when I go shopping or plan a trip, I donít want to have to say I cannot afford it or we cannot eat there, we have a budget for lunch. My other 2 kids, donít get the same experience and I even tried to go back to school, but couldnít afford it as the college wouldnít take me In the doctoral programs unless I worked as teaching assistant and did not have another rob. I would go to jail as the TA salary is less than my child support, which cannot be changed as itís based on potential earnings. I work 80 hours a week, all year long, my ex didnít work and now works as a teacher and just enjoys life.

How come child support is up to 50% of gross income, and then the parent has to pay taxes etc. and live on the 20% thatís left as well as any new kids or spouses. Itís sad, my current wife would have a better life if we divorced and lived together so she could get child support from me and welfare too. We would have double our
So my ex files child support on me 8 months after I knew she was cheating on me. Get married a few weeks ago. None of them work and live off his grandma, if they don't work and can live then why should I have to? Yes I would help with my daughter but she doesn't let me see her makes my daughter all her husband dad and so does he and cancels the visits when I had to jump through all these hoops to get approved to see her because her false allegations got me put on house arrest cause the court doesn't investigate and judge was bias and didn't want to look at my evidence showing the allegations are false. And another reason why I don't think I should is cause they're both drug addicts everyone in the household are drug addicts so I don't know if she's going to use the money for my daughter, I'm barely living as it is and I live with my mom now, I make minimum wage and you can barely live off that even when you're working 50+ hrs a week. Alls I want is joint custody and have her have to get a job to collect child support, women want all these equal rights but some of them want to live like they're in 1930s not working and collecting money from there ex. We need to get something passed for fathers who want to be fathers and not have to suffer for working
It need to be redesign if the women gets childsupport it should be some type of record showing that the money its going to the child or children not the women benifit not all women abuse the money jus most of em that dont work and the ones supporting there habit
If you're serious about child support reform then please sign the following petition:

After the non-custodial parent can no longer work why and the child is grown. Why is the State still collecting child support interest when the amount can never be achieved or overcome?
For me to get custody of my children, whom have expressed a desire to live with me, I have to have "adequate" housing.

Current FHA debt-to-income ration limits are 31% housing related expenses and 43% total debt related expenses.

42% of my "pre-tax" income goes to child support every month, making it impossible to secure financing on a home, let alone, one that is deemed "adequate".

Something has got to change, these kids want to live with it at the very least, have split custody time and this government racket has made it impossible to have the "kids best interest" taken care of.
NC child support enforcement has kept me in bad credit and with the inability to save money. I live pay check to paycheck because of these unfair calculators they are using. My ex wife makes more than I do and yet she gets to claim all the kids on her taxes, she stock piles the money etc. I pay 1350 for two kids. And she gets all of the benefits tax wise. It's a shame and I am ashamed to live in NC.
I have paid child support and have never been behind since taken to court. My child's mother changed her phone number and left the state for two years. I have tracked her down in the last few months and now I am able to see my daughter once a week. I am a person of the community, a home own and tax payer. Yet, my lawyer says if I go back to court my child support will double and I will be lucky to see my daughter twice a week. When will the suffering end?
Its the system not either parent the courts, child support if they give a job to folks and stop asking race or gender u can't pay bills ,with a check one bill takes up your whole check this system needs and will collapse its slavery putting y'all against each other while the rich are behind it getting rich learn history
For fathers that take a interest in their children and made a conscious decision to bring them into the world and raise them with unconditional love the slanted child support system is a load of crap. My ex wife and I did not work out for the long run but it doesn't make me a bad father however the burden of proof is on me to state otherwise. The money racket which has been created for state run child support collection is just that - a racket!
Several issues. 1) I was in Afghanistan at the start of the war. After my return from war, my wife had found a "boyfriend" and wanted a divorce. My children described the relationship they had seen them essentially having sex in the ocean. It seems un-American to do that to a soldier at war and to his children. 2) My wife neglected the children and they have psychological trauma from 14 years of it. 3) My ex-wife alienated my children's affection. She refused to allow them to visit and regularly discouraged them from seeing me. She played games and would take the children on a trip when I had traveled to pick them up. There is no good way to enforce visitation. 4)Although I had a good job(Post military career), my position lost it's funding and I was cut. Being older I could not find another job so I've returned to college. My oldest had "emancipated" and I did my best to pay until I could not. There is no notice nor free legal council for men to adjust child support. Without being served or even notified my retirement was taken from me. I can no longer afford to pay my share of rent and will have to move out. I've been supporting my children in their pursuit of college, paying for their dental insurance and dental bills by minimizing my own bills. Now, I cannot afford to pay their dental bills. Their mother does not support them. She uses the extra money to take trips to the beach. I was not notified that this was going to happen. The child support office and the court that ordered my retirement to be taken did so with false evidence, without due diligence, and without due process. After serving in the Army for 20 years, carrying my friend off the battlefield, and fighting for our worlds freedom I am essentially enslaved by our government. I do not have a place to live, not a car, my future is now jeopardized as well as my children's health, welfare, and education.
The mother award 70/30, and 1200.00 monthly. Stipulations in court were that the 30% I received would be diluted if the kids were involved in activities. The mother keeps them involved in everything and refuses to let me see them. I have had to relocate to afford to live...While the mother goes on expensive trips and has new hair and nails every month, new vehicles and a really nice house. Now I'm forced to live with my mother until I get on my feet...
Constantly alienated by the mother, the kids hardly speak to me, as I believe they are having too much fun and not enough discipline. I love them with all my heart, but losing ground quick. People need to stop this nonsense and look a lot more in to parental alienation as well.
My husband pays 1,000$ a month in child support. We had to move 2,000 miles away just so my husband could afford to pay her all the money, while she sit's at home and doesn't work.
The system is creating deadbeat dads because of the unfair child support guidelines. If the courts want what's best for the children make it reasonable for what it would actually cost to raise a child so the father can be part of the kids life and provide additionally besides the child support. You make it so the father has to get an under the table job paying cash because if they didn't the courts would take all of their income and make it impossible for the man to live. As a responsible adult it is necessary for one to put a roof over their head, pay for electricity, cable and utilities plus put food in the table. Just because someone has a child with someone they are no longer with that parent shouldn't have to contribute to that as well as their own living situation. I'm paying for my own living and my child can live their and I'm not receiving money from anybody. The courts are the absolute sole reason dead beat dads are created. It is just unfair and unjust.
I have 50% parenting time and am penilized for the fact I have a job. Equal responsibility should be placed on both parents both emotionally and financially. I urge you to read the University of California study on the true cost of raising children. Title: Economic and legal issues in competition, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and the cost of raising children. The courts involvement in childcare has had negitive effects on the children they are supposed to protect. The laws on the books are outdated and need to be addressed. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
After 3 years 10 contemp of court order for not following visitation order 1 for not showin up to court my attorney making deals outside the court room we have achieved to have 50/50 since 50/50 has made things worse with her new attorney the advice to take my 50/50 away is a shame and not the best interest of our son now going into another year and 3 months by calling the cops at drop offs ever week for 3 months ,Been thru dcf been thru Gal investigator at the same time lost my job ..after a year of waiting for dcf report in which I told the judge no abuse was found 4 times with a gal report that found no abuse including dcf report showing no abuse either and by me putting in a modification due to lost of work a year and 3 months ago due to all the abuse claims it's been put aside building up while I send what I can afford weekly now the bias on this judge against me is horrible. I'm not refusing to pay I just want to pay what the guidelines we suppost to follow ..but when a judge tells you she doesn't go my 50/50 guidelines and will impute payment in the most rude way and threating me to thro me in jail, these 4 plus years all I have done is follow court order and for having my son 50/50 seems the judge is not thinking the best Intrest of our son..but Intrested of the lies to take my 50/50 away now wants to change the schedule as my son adapted after a year and 3 months and now they want to change it again SMH it's a long battle and the bias against fathers is real
I have two children with my ex. She made false allegations against me (the court does not investigate) a year after our divorce was finalized. Now she's remarried and living off new spouse's income while sitting at home and collecting child support. The judicial council needs to include new spouse's income or house hold income. New domestic partners may not contribute directly to child care, but reducing living cost such as rent/mortgage, food, medical insurance needs to be considered in the calculations. Joint custody needs to be recognized in a federal mandate. No more using kids as leverage to extort money!
I have two children with my ex. She made false allegations against me (the court does not investigate) a year after our divorce was finalized. Now she's remarried and living off new spouse's income while sitting at home and collecting child support. The judicial council needs to include new spouse's income or house hold income. New domestic partners may not contribute directly to child care, but reducing living cost such as rent/mortgage, food, medical insurance needs to be considered in the calculations. Joint custody needs to be recognized in a federal mandate. No more using kids as leverage to extort money!
Things don't change because we stay silent!
It's time to speak up!!!
I'm here because I love my children I want the best for them!! And although I'm faced with solitude
I have Hope!
Because I love my children and I'm a great Father.!
There are so many layers of corruption in divorce corporate legal industry that I have completely lost trust in this gender biased legal system.
I am so very sorry for children of this Nation where greed of legal system makes sure that parents stay away and the whole family keeps suffering.
Unfair child or spousal support is just a part of big; pretty much lifelong scene of ongoing suffering.
I think these courts should be named as anti family courts.
I just hate anything and everything about current family legal system.
I don't have any hope left at all. No one can fix it no matter how many lives are lost or ruined.
This is modern version of human slavery to abuse kids/parents for each other.
There are no words to express the frustrations of people going through this brutal judicial torture.
It amazes me that a father who does right by his kids and will spend his last to make sure that they are taken care of is treated so unfairl.. it's unfair that a father should still have to pay child support when the children are in his custod.. Furthermore the amounts being awarded are ridiculous. It is not right to penalize a father that makes a decent wage wit higher rates because he works hard to make a livin.. It's like the government doesn't care that the father has to live as well after not being with the mother of his childre.. It's hard enough as is to get your life back on track after divorce and you left the mother everything that you worked for. Still only to be subjected to unfair child support payment amount.. also if a father should have to pay then the mother should be held accountable and made to show what she is doing with the child's money. Example of what I'm saying is child support took all of my check for July 4th while my kids we're with me. I asked the mother to send some of their money so they could have a decent 4th. She wouldn't even do that. And that's not a hard task to do when she's been awarded $1200 a month in child support. No child needs that kind of money. It's more for the mother than the child. This is ridiculous and unfair!!! Tx is ridiculous on child support!!!!
Just out of a bad attitude I been put on child support for a child I don't see, nor communicate with. I'm homeless, and can't even afford to support my self and family I have where I'm not on. Hold support. On the verge of loosing them as well and my self integrity. At this point I need help and answers because I don't think I will make it any longer. I need help.
The entire court process was a crock of shit. Because my ex, we never Married, has family with money, I got treated like a dead beat mom. I did everything to take care of our child. He left me with a personal loan that he decided not to pay. I have to pay him 400 a month for a child he doesn't even take care of. He pawns her off to his mom. And I'm lucky to get her every other weekend. Since when did us Mom's get kicked to the curb in such a harsh way?! I gave them all the proof of how he lives and what choices he had made, but because he his family has money, I lose either way. This is such ********
Child support is really to help the one with the kids and the one with out the kids have to suffer its either they take our license or locke us up an make us pay more then what we can pay. then some of us can not see our kids cause mother/father don't want us to and it unfair for the ones that want to be with our kids have to go through this and it people out walking free and don't have nothing to do with there kids at all.its time for a change in this system
Forcing anybody to do anything is SLAVERY.

We need to fight this NOW!

I was married but separated and had 3 minor kids, when my (now) ex-wife, filed for child support. She was in Texas while i was still in Florida. When we first separated, I was unable to give her the full required 1/3 of my pay but i sent her half of everything. I was trying to get out of my lease so that i may move into the base barracks and send her the money from the rent. Once I received orders that i was going to Japan unaccompanied, I wanted my kids to live with me until I PCS'd. I had my kids for 7 months with ZERO support from my ex-wife. We went to court a few weeks before I transferred and my ex-wife had the nerve to ask for BACK CHILD SUPPORT from the time that we first separated. I told the clerk that I currently have all 3 kids and have not received any payments for support from ex-wife. The clerk asked why did she not explain that and i replied "Good Question." Once the clerk sorted through all of the BS, she told me that my ex-wife decided not to ask for back child support now.
Now i'm back and stationed in San Antonio. We went to a review after my oldest daughter turned 18 and graduated High School. My middle child daughter was going to the 11th and my son, the youngest, is going to the 9th grade. My son has moved in with me and has been in my house since Aug 2015 and transferred to school in my district. At the review, my ex-wife surprises me by saying she thinks i should still pay child support although 1 child is with her and the other child is with me. I did not agree. The clerk gave me TWO options. I could take a pro-rated reduction based on both of our incomes or I need to speak with a judge to cancel it all together. I said I would like to speak with a judge and apparently that meant continue to pay full price of both minors until my court date. They have sent me to the wrong courthouse, and delayed my case being transferred from one county to the next for months. Each time i called, it was as if it was the first time i called and they needed to figure out what i'm calling for. Finally i called in February and the lady that i spoke with actually took time listen and figure out what the issue was. Since my divorce came AFTER the child support, they had never combined the two and could never solve the issue, therefore, rather than explain to me what the problem was, they continued to tell me to call back in 3 weeks EVERYTIME, only to tell me the same thing over again. Now that it has been resolved, I have been calling to see when will my court date be.Their response is that it takes time for the legal aspect to investigate to see what needs to happen.....call back in 14 business days. I call back, now, its only been 11 business days because of the 4th of July holiday, call back on Wednesday. I call back on Thursday and the clerk tells me she will resubmit the request and it takes 3-5 business days, so call back then. I have been paying child support for a child that lives with me to an unfit mom that does not spend a dime of
In the state of Kansas, the court's "Main Priority" is to ensure that the divorce of their parents will not have a negative impact on the children and the "lifestyle" they've grown accustomed to. I agree with this. It is not the fault of the child that the relationship of his/her parents did not work out and they are divorcing. In the case of my husband, who was previously married to an attorney for a number of years and has 3 children from that previous marriage, the Court made it clear that their main priority was to ensure that the children's lifestyle was not negatively affected as a result of the divorce, and that the purpose of child support was to ensure that the kids had the financial means necessary to continue to live the "lifestyle" they were accustomed to, because that is all that they have ever known. I do not disagree with the court's position on this necessarily. So the court ordered that BOTH parents were responsible for child support. The Court set the Child Support Figure at $6,000 a month. (That is more than 3 times what I make a month, so how how the hell it takes anyone in their right mind $6,000 a MONTH to raise 3 kids is beyond me, but that's the figure they came up with. They did this by adding the total income each parent earned the year before they filed for divorce then divided that figure using some Kansas Child Support Law Formula). The Court ordered the Mom was responsible for contributing 40% of the $6K Child Support and my husband was responsible for contributing 60%.So Dad pays $3,600 in child support each month and Mom pays $2,400 in child support each month BUT----- once the payments are sent to the child support center and processed, the child support office then turns around and send the full $6,000 child support payment to............. you guessed it! They turn around and then mail the money right back to his ex wife! So after calling them and asking if she really needed to send her child support payment in since it was just being sent back after they collected my husbands, they told her she didn't need to, so each month, she gets this 60% portion of child support, then turns around and tells the kids and my husband that she can't make ends meet and she's broke! That she can't pay all the bills and take care of all the things the kids need with only $3,600 a month!! When we remind here that "ok, maybe it is not enough, but that is because SHE is supposed to be contributing $2,400 of her own income toward the children's needs!!! She spends the entire amount of child support on her mortgage payment. She will contact us each month asking where her child support payment is because her mortgage is coming due and she needs the money to pay for her mortgage! The money is not even going to the kids and we have documnets and emails from her titled "Mortgage Due" asking for her child support so she can pay the mortgage of this HUGE house she does not need and refuses to move out of just to keep up with the Jones! So
I find this utterly ridiculous! I work two part-time jobs, my boyfriend, whom I live with, works 40+ hours a week. He has to travel almost 2 hours to get to work for a $12 an hour job. We struggle to make rent after our roommate lost his job and the court increased the child support he owes. The Department of Revenue of Florida served him an increase to 60% in support to the mother, who lives in New York. I make barely enough to pay for all my bills and my part for rent - TWO JOBS - and she makes more than me with one job at Wal-mart, but according to her she sees less than $100 every two weeks, when he has the papers to prove he pays the amount he owes in full; she says she cannot make enough to support the child, but she wrote on her papers to issue the increase order says she spends almost triple what she makes a month. What is she spending this money on? Is the money she gets going to the actual support of her child? The Department of Revenue denies him the right as a concerned father to see her expenses. For all we know, she pockets it! Everything she has been doing is obviously based on an intent to destroy his life, and she has no care at all that the new increase will throw 3 people on the street. It may sound like I might be able to survive with 2 jobs, but I can barely make enough for rent in my area; my boyfriend will be left with $200 or less each month with the 60$ the state takes from him. Their andwer to his argument of forced homelessness? "Get another job. Your roommates can get another job, too." I am disabled with a diagnosis of generalised anxiety disorder and poor health, so, what, I have to work four jobs a week now? I will barely get 3 hours of sleep a day, and he would suffer more to make 80+ hours a week, just for them to take even more from each pay check. Her vindictive and sociopathic nature against him has left us destitute. He is a great, loving, and responsibile man. The increase that has created the very real reality that he will be left in a loop of living in his car and being in jail (it's illegal to live in your car in Florida), all because he cannot afford to live as an individual, has brought him to the discussions with me of suicide.. because that is his only option to get free of the child support now. Thank you, Department of Revenue from the State of Florida, for having no care of human life, and taking the mothers' word. I hope you enjoy all the blood money you take from impoverished fathers. Non-custodial fathers deserve to have a living wage, too.
My ex first off left me for another guy & when that didnt work out for her she expected me to get back together & I told her no not this time . She threw a rock breaking my windshield as I went to take a photo of the damage she tried to run me over , I jumped out of the way she hit my car, then she backed up (note: she had our 4 yr old daughter in the vehicle ) 30 yards out in the street not even looking for cars and came at me again trying to kill me I bare got out the way she hit my car again this time deploying her air bags (vehicle must be traveling over 33mph in order to deploy) giving me a chance to pull her out the vehicle &call police thankfully my daughter was unharmed so greatful of that !! Ex spent 1 night in jail & the judge granted her 5050 custody 7 days after she couldve seriously injured or killed our child & me (unbelievable) besides totalling our vehicles intentionally so apperently progressive wont cover either vehicle . I owe $14,890 on a car with $8000 in damages just moved into new place perfect for the kids & myself . She loses her job cause of child endangerment charge . So she goes gets assistance knowing Ill have to pay childsupport !! Not my fault she lost her job she should be locked up for attempted murder but not here in Kandiyohi County Mn. No she gets over half my paycheck now she actually makes $20 more a week than I do from my check she lives with her mom no bills! Im days away from losing my house I cant afford to barley feed my kids on the weeks I have them now its so unfair!! I tried for reveiw or modify childsupport court denied to waive my $490 in filing fees so I cant get it reveiwed !! The reason my kids wont have a house to call home a big yard to play in & have their friends over to play with anymore is cause the corrupt system that is for " the best well being / interest of the children is taking my money I work for to support my family & giving it to the person that tried to kill me & put our childs life at risk who uses it to honest get her hair done & go shopping ! First week she recieved check I dropped kids off as scheduled i have to pick up drop off every week aswell . anyway i dropped them off with in a couple hrs she was on her way to drop the kids off at my sisters for the week ... I wouldve loved to has just kept them with me but no its a real said deal ...
I have been paying child support for 15 yrs when I first started paying it I didn't even make enough after child support to buy gas to go to work the following week they just took 50 percent of my gross then another 20 percent for taxes and I was forced to live with family because I couldn't afford to live on my on I have 3 beautiful dayghters that I love more than life it's self but the strain of child support has made having a enjoyable child hood with my children impossible because I couldn't afford to take them to the movies and vacations with and there mother uses the system to try and break me and that's a real shame I feel like the state of tenn has robbed me of having the kind of relationship I want to have with my daughters one of which its mine biologically but I'm the only dad she knows and will ever know and I pay child support on her as well the system needs to be more fair in stead of so one sided
I make 3 million dollars as my salary , and I pay 25,000 a month in child support.

How could a 3 year old child be accustomed to a certain lifestyle ? Kids don't need anymore then 500 a month.
My fiancť pays almost $900 a month to his ex wife. It is her 2nd child but his first. She gets 100% of her own income 50-60k then 20% from my fiancť and 20% from a different guy...
I am pregnant and scared out of my mind. We can barely afford what we have let alone adding a child. What makes her child priority over mine? A baby costs more than a 3yr old. And why can't we share 50/50 custody? We live close enough. Why does she need 20% of his income BEFORE taxes and I think it's extremely unfair he's commission only and they base it off of his average. What if he doesn't sell a car that week? Nice to know she'll get paid no matter what but my family has to suffer because apparently in the courts eyes were garbage. 1st borns from the male are all that matters. So basically if I wanted to run around and have the 1st born from 10 different men I'd be set for life getting 20% of each of their income. I think the more children you have from different guys your support goes down until it's even for them all. 2 baby daddy = 5% from each and the mother should have to get off her butt and go find a job. I hate his ex wife is buying a HOUSE with his child support and we struggle paying for 1.5 bedroom apartment with older cars and she's got a brand new car. It's just unfair.
100% disabled veteran, Arizona has made the right step now Oregon an west coast veterans which makes the highest concentration of war time vets let's stand up for what is just if uncle Sam feels our children only cost $80 bucks a month then why would the ex get $900 a month?
My husband's ex is gouging us for all we are worth. Before he and I were married she was kind, said he didn't need to pay child support, just to help with things their two children needed. Now, we are married with a new baby, and she has stopped letting him see the kids unless it is in HER house on HER terms, and is demanding nearly double what we pay in rent. She lives with her mother, is unemployed despite a bachelor's degree in accounting, and my husbands parents serve as her free babysitters. Yet he is supposed to pay. How is this acceptable?
Child support reform
I feel the child support laws need to be re-evaluated. These laws have been in affect for way to long with out change. I dont see how anyone can survive when they have to pay child support and 67% of medical bills. We are in struggling times right now and theres been a lot of changes going on in the world but yet the fathers/mothers who have to pay child support struggle everyday just to make enough for a home and food. I think something should be done.
These laws are extremely outdated! Why should a Father have to pay a demanded 20% support and put himself in debt when he also has to provide a roof/food/clothing/extra curricular activities/car/gas for our children when we have visitation and the mother makes JUST as much if not MORE than their father?? Please explain how this is just.
The child support laws have not been changed for over 50 years how is it fair things are not the way they where 50 years ago
The child support laws have not been changed for over 50 years how is it fair things are not the way they where 50 years ago
We have 50/50 custody and pay child support and medical. My husband was fine with that but what he's not fine with is when I finds a better job to better our lives she is now entitled to more money. She is just as capable of finding a better job herself.
On top of all that, how can a man who is trying to provide for his children driving trucks gets his license taken where he can no longer provide for his kids because he lost his job due to suspended license... It's set up for failure.
I completely agree to this. There should be rules for both parents involving financial support. Does it seem fair to put the noncustodial parent in debt while she/he has many children from different men/women??? They don't consider the family size of the noncustodial parent or their bills not able to get a home or travel to see the child bc of financial hardship. Yet other person just sits there collecting child support while having other babies.
Time to take the power back...

I think child support is so unfair... My husband pays his ex $1000 a month for two kids . At the time if the divorce they were 5 & 7. Now they are 12 & 14. But here is the killer. Per divorce decree we are suppose to have the kids for the whole month of July. And the ex who works and is remarried with a big house, gets to keep the child support for that month! Now how unfair is that? So in the mean time we are suppose to support the kids financially while handing over the grand for that month. My question to you all is how are we suppose to pay for camps and or some sort of child care while in our possession for that month? We don't keep them every July Because we cannot afford too! But we still get them for two extra weeks on top of our normal visits . It's all we can afford! And at those times my husband is taking off work so he can be with them! We both work. And also on top of that she moved still in the same county but 40 miles away. So we have to do all the driving. And when they have sports or school events we drive a total of 4-8 times back and forth. Again more money we have to keep dishing out on top of child support and medical and dental insurance on top of the grand. And split all medical and dental and vision costs. Those kids have glasses , soon braces and are always going to the doctor for something. I just don't understand!
I too am a divorced Dad that feels both parents should step up and pay there fair share. I'm about to take my case to court.
My husband is paying two orders for kids that aren't his to his ex- wife and girlfriend and they are leaving him desolate. The kids are all adults and he's paying for one child she never raised and we raised the other two. He's paying way more than he should while she is and was on drugs and the other one getting support for a kid that's not his. A judge in Wisconsin said he's paying because he got re married and moved to Arizona. Please stop this! I a as a single parent who didn't get support but an honest Christian man who works hard everyday gets railroaded because he refused to be a black man in the system. Help!
In Louisiana there is a new Law for victims of domestic violence. You can get an immediate free divorce and Spousal Support is Mandated in divorces where the woman suffered abuse in the marriage. Save all of your proof of the abuse like protective order records, police reports, court records, papers from court proving he was ordered by a judge to attend battered intervention classes. Bring all of these with you to your divorce because Family court is unlikely to believe you without these papers of proof. Bring all your proof to divorce court.
In some circumstances the women had to divorce the man due to severe Physical, verbal and emotional abuse which leaves his victims with ptsd sometimes and sometimes severe panic attacks and anxiety from years upon years of abuse of unrelenting abuse, threats, violence. In these circumstances both the children and mother are emotionally unstable and need adequate time and sometimes medication to recover from the severe abuse.
Ladies when your ex starts recieving as I retirement benefits don't worry. If you apply you as his ex wife and his children can all receive a check too. Look it up.
I agree 100% mothers should b able to work just like the father's n should provide income how n how much the child's exspenses r a month
My children's mother doesn't work, doesn't go to school, doesn't do a damn thing. Never has, prob never will. Yet she has a new car, new phone, new clothes, yet my children come to me with the same shoes, clothes etc. I wish there was a law similar to how food stamps work, where everything is itemized and can only be spent on things the children need. Cause I simply do not see where the money goes. And when my son says his mom said karate practice is too expensive. Yet she has no Billls, no rent, no financial obligations whatsoever. It baffles me where $1000 a month for 2 kids goes to. I did the math. I pay her the salary of someone working 40hrs a week at $10 an hour. Congress help.
I just don't understand why a father like myself who does all the right things for there child and see there child 3+ days a week should have to pay amounts of child support that makes life a finical struggle for me and my family.... Just doesn't make sense
The fathers have it bad. However, my issue with Nevada child support is that they do not disburse the payments as they receive them. With no arrears and no money to be paid back to the state, how dare they stick their stinky government hand in the child support cookie jar. Too many fathers work their behinds off to support their own child just so a state welfare doesn't have to. Child support in america is a conspiracy theory. Designed to keep the interest of the state officials at the forefront, not the people. Better check your child support records yourself. This broke Nation will squeeze money out of a newborn like a baby is a price tag to them. THE GREED OF THIS NATION. stealing child support or not correcting disbursement issues. (Processing and payroll are human errors in a manipulated system) never believe the amount that is told to you. Request the paperwork and see for yourselves.
50/50 Custody should be the normal ruling in court.

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