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The CS laws are archaic, to say the least. It's like us men are getting punished for being a father.
I have two awesome boys ages 8 and 3 and I'm paying $2163 a month in CS. This is a mortgage payment and is beyond ridiculous. Once me and my ex split I moved (of course) and all hell opened up. She says this could've been avoided if I hadn't worked so much. WTF do these women want. I've cut the cord on both of my son's and I am a hell of a dad(financially, mentally and physically). I'm 27 and have had my job since the age of 20 and I'm blessed beyond measure and I know this is a test of my faith, but the court system and Judges should also rule with common sense. They take CS off of gross which is stupid and do not factor in any living cost of the defendant (mainly dads). Men stay prayed up and let's stop having these children with non-wife material. I've learned and will not have any more children out of wedlock. God bless and let's end this madness.
These so called stay at home moms are nothing but lazy sponges on us all.
Child support is too high. As its suppose to get dead beats to pay which don't either way and cost tax payers more money for jail etc. It at the same time causes a great dad to lose everything. Rates way too high lower.
My fiancee is currently ordered to pay 25% of his GROSS income, not take home, to his childrens' egg donor even though the kids LIVE WITH US. She only sees them for a few hours 1 day a week. The judge knew this, and still ordered my fiancee to pay her. We could not impute an income for her when we went to court to reduce it from the 50% of his GROSS income he was paying because she receives $9 a month in cash assistance. That is not 9 with any 0's in it, that is simply 9 freaking dollars. These laws are disgusting and the judges perpetuating them need to be held accountable. "Women" like this are the reason there are so many absentee fathers and men in debt. I am absolutely outraged and I hope something is done about these pathetic laws very soon.
Child support laws need to be looked at again. By having these ridiculous laws for the other parent to pay because the custodial parent wants to make them pay. These women, just have sex and go from guy to guy and get pregnant so they don't have to work and use these kids as a meal ticket. How can you have a kid, leave their dad, get married to the guy you cheated on with the first kids dad. Only to find a boyfriend to get you pregnant, once again. then leave the boyfriend and go back to the husband. Now this woman has 2 meal tickets. Leaving the father of each kid just to get money out of them. CHILDREN ARE NOT MEAL TICKETS!!!! Why don't you make the mothers that go from guy to guy and get pregnant, pay child support?!?!?!?!? Half of these women, don't care about the child(ren), THEY JUST WANT THE MONEY!!! Those women who get child support and won't let the fathers see their child(ren), SHOULDN'T GET CHILD SUPPORT!!! They are just using the kids as leverage to get what they want. IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE WORKING PARENT WHO WORKS THEIR TAILS OFF JUST TO HAVE IT TAKEN AWAY AND THE CHILD DOESN'T EVEN GET THE MONEY SPENT TO PROVIDE FOR THEM BUT WHAT THE CUSTODIAL WANTS FOR THEMSELVES. BY HAVING ALL THESE CHILD SUPPORT LAWS, IT'S BREAKING FAMILIES APART. NOT BRINGING THEM CLOSER TO EACH OTHER. THESE LAWS ALLOW THE CUSTODIAL PARENT TO PLAY WITH THE CHILDS LIFE AS WELL AS THE NON-CUSTODIAL PARENTS LIFE. IF CONGRESS PASSED THESE LAWS SAYING TAKE MONEY FROM ONE PARENT AND GIVE IT TO THE OTHER, THEY ARE TEARING THESE FAMILIES APART. CONGRESS, IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO RUIN FAMILIES? MOST OF THE CUSTODIAL PARENTS JUST HAVE BABIES TO GET MONEY. IT'S NOT RIGHT FOR YOU, CONGRESS, TO RUIN FAMILIES. TO DRIVE A WEDGE BETWEEN THEM AND MAKE PEOPLE GREEDY WITH MONEY. CONGRESS, ALL YOU ARE DOING IS SHOWING THESE CHILDREN THAT IT'S OKAY TO GROW UP AND HAVE LOTS OF BABIES AND COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT BECAUSE YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT FAMILIES. CONGRESS YOU HAVE FAILED. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP THE FAMILIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, START BY BRINGING FAMILIES TOGETHER!!!! CONGRESS IS ONLY SHOWING US NO MATTER IF YOU ARE IN YOUR CHILD(REN)S LIFE OR NOT, YOU WILL PAY FOR THEM. SOMETIMES IT'S THE CUSTODIAL PARENTS WHO ARE THE DISHONEST ONE AND WEASELS, WHO WANT EVERYTHING AND WILL KEEP HAVING KIDS TO GET IT. STOP TEARING FAMILIES APART!!!!! BRING THEM TOGETHER!!!!!
The child support system or as it should be call the lmb. Lazy mother bank . Should stop . It is a horrible thing . Men good men are committing suicide because they have nothing anymore and are going to jail becoming homless because it is impossible to afford two households. It isn't right ! It's sick . Men are suffering from severe anxiety and depression also . Who comes up with these half*****systems ? The mother needs to work full time ! I don't want to hear women can't get a job or don't have time . Since the 80s women's employment has sky rocketed . Thus system is killing people period .It does no good. A man can't pay because there are no jobs he gps to jail. Think that man gos to jail , who flips the bill ? The tax payer does . Who reeps the rewards ? The county , and state both get fedral kick backs for sending a man or woman to jail because they can't pay support . Really a good system. New York is one of these states . Real poverty here unless you work for the court system or jail. It can be proved to . Change this now
I am not the father of this child dna and sumited to the court and i am still getting charged for this i need help this is not fare what they are doing
My mother has five children and has custody of every one. She literally did nothing but mooch off of other guys and live off child support, food stamps, and other guys money she was dating. Even though I barely know my father, I feel like the amount he still owes my mother is outrageous, and unfair.
Child support is killing me. The court took my kids from me. The court takes my money.
I think child support is to high for a man. And a man cant even take care of there child like they would like to because of child support. Thats not right a man cant even live as high as child support is they should really change yhe rules on child support some women do just because they are not with the father any more and the father is happier an can take of there child with a peace of mind. Some women use it to pay there on bills and buy things for themselves. Please help change the child support all over
There are plenty of mother out here who have raised children with out a dime of child support, there are other mothers who pay child support to the men who dont deserve the children but optained custody by lying and had enough money to pay a high priced lawyer to get CUSTODY!!! It is the system OF FAMILY COURT THAT IS BROKEN!!! .
I'm starting a non-profit for fathers who are trying to support their children, but they can't received the support needed because of back child support payments. This current child support law in California is breaking the family unit where the child really suffers!
My ex and I had 2 children. She cheated on me with3 different guys. I left her, now im stuck sending her money every month while she lives off the goverment drawing well more than I make in income. Why should I send her money when she takes a free ride off the goverment when both our kids are in school and with me half the time. Shes more than able to work while im in another relationship and have 2 more children I still have to send my ex 60% of my wages. That should be a crime against the goverment
How after I pay my childsupprt my baby mother buy a guy she messing with a motorcycle he drops my daughter n she get burnt I report it child services do nothing but im required to pay childsupport and I have my child half the month smh south carolina need a change somebody please help make it fair for the children and fathers
Child support is unfair .it targets mostly black men an the poor.
How after I pay my childsupprt my baby mother buy a guy she messing with a motorcycle he drops my daughter n she get burnt I report it child services do nothing but im required to pay childsupport and I have my child half the month smh south carolina need a change somebody please help make it fair for the children and fathers
how am i supposed to get to work if child support and taxes took my whole check didnt give me a dime
right now i pay 2400 a month ! who am i ?
the child support laws are no good for all fathers and need to be stopped my ex wife makes more then i do about 3 times more and she has a boyfriend that smokes pot and she just had a another kid so the money that i pay goes to there new baby and her boyfriend the kid is not mine at all and i got marred again and had a another baby with my new wife and the bills are getting bigger and bigger and i dont make as much as i need to to get by do to child support its killing me that i have to work my azz off just to support two family's my ex wife and her stoner boyfriend and my family i have now so this joke of a child support law can go suck a D***
It is unfair that the mother has no income and I have to pay an Outrageous amount of money while the mother does not have a job or do anything to support the child financially leaving the entire burden on myself to support 2 households.

She and I never married. As soon as she was pregnant she broke up with me. It was her intention to take advantage of the laws in place.
After 4 months after my ex refused to let me speak to my kids, my 11 yo daughter calls me, she had to sneak a call to me at her friends house using her friends cell phone. She told me that right after her mother got her money on her support card, she went out and brought back legal pot (my ex has a legal pot card), a bottle of liquor, and is now complaining she has no money for gas, she gets food stamps. My ex wont work, lives with a man named Terry Coon in Kalkaska, MI. He has a job, brings home about $600 a week, she does not reveal this info so she can get more assistance. I send her $1115 a month in support, she can get cash off of this support card and spends it on this as well as tattoo redos, piercings, hair done, etc. My support money is not supporting my kids! Her name is Deborah, Dianne Titus/Coon on FB. Please look into this and so many other situations. So many of us pay our support, court will not back us up about visitation and phone calls with our kids (parenting time) that we are entitled to, we have done nothing wrong. Please review these child support courts and agencies, they are not for our kids. If they were my 11 yo daughter would not be calling me crying and wanting to come live with me!!
Martha Mikina Luke, age 64, resides in Tampa FL. Hillsborough Co. wanted for questioning by the FBI in Charleston S.C. for kidnapping, child abuse, child neglect, child endangerment, false information on affadavits concerning child neglect and abuse and concerning her financial information when asking for public assistance. Martha Mikina Luke has DUI arrests in both states of South Carolina and Florida dating back to 1974. She has aliases, Marti Luke on Facebook, Martha Adams Luke, Martha Mikina Luke. Martha Luke has been diagnosed and has shown sociopathic and narcissistic behaviors as well as severe alcoholism and substance abuse, as her daughter, Sarah Luke Buschlen of Seminole FL, her family members, neighbors and former partners and husbands will attest to. She should be considered a danger because of her records going back to 1971 of DUI arrests and alcoholism.
I'm only paying $410 a month which seems to be far less than many of you, but I still take issue with my situation. The mother of my child takes the money I give to pay her bills that she had before my daughter came into this world. I know this because she told me. I understand kids bring on other expenses, but you shouldn't blame any expenses you had prior to your child on them. Then when I see my daughter she has on too little clothes, mismatch barrettes, etc. She receives govt assistance and recently had another baby for another guy. She doesn't work at all anymore because "she doesn't feel like it". I understand I must do my part, but I just wish that how she spends the child support was monitored. I just can't possibly fathom her receiving $350 a month without being able to buy my daughter diapers or new outfits. She stays with a guy and now her 2nd child will come with expenses. I just want my child to get what she needs when she's not with me out of the money I send.
I am paying $850 a month for child support to my son's mother who moved from Minnesota to Oklahoma I haven't gotten to see my kids in eight years now where are my rights it's a crime if I don't pay but is not a crime for me to not see my kids she doesn't want me to see them she doesn't want me to have anything to do withI got a hold of my oldest boy in school once about two years ago I asked if this was his name and he said yes and he asked who this was and I said your father and he hung up on me so that told me there's parental alienation going on again I ask where are my parental Rights?
I'm too broke to go to court because I am only left with enough to live on covers gas and groceries, my parents Who are retired are using their Social Security to pay my rent my electricity my heat bill my car insurance and my cell phone now again I ask where is this fair? With what they're taking out well I am only left with about $300 every two weeks I don't have money to for car repairs it is an unjust system I have never said I wouldn't take care them But with what the guidelines are I am not left with anything to live comfortably myself I don't know where they come up with their dollar amount that they put into place but that is extreme.
i was abused by this System .it needs work..my child Support helped care for a grown man.and my Kids were told i didnt pay.i payed as long as i had a. job .even to the point of being homless
I am sick an tired of seeing our men in jail or prison just because they don't or can't afford child support!!!! It's ridiculous that what they charge our men weekly to pay. This is an outrage!!
I grew up in a home where my father did not give us enough child support and my mother got up and worked to support us. I have friends who want to be involved in their children's lives and because they make more money than the women (who choose not to work) have to pay half of their income to these woman who use it for personal use, cars, vacations, etc.. I think the laws need to be reevaluated to make the custodial parent (be it female or male) have to give a full account of where every dime of child support goes. Especially when they have remarried and have their new spouses income. This isn"t for the children anymore it is about people wanting to be lazy and take hard working people for granted! It is crazy to expect a person to support two households (in different states/cities, some more or less expensive) and still be able to have a decent lifestyle and not even consider the cost the non-custodial parent has. It is madness! And too many people are taking advantage of trapping wealthier people into paying for them because they are lazy and don't
I find it difficult to sit back and watch someone be able to have kids with different fathers, and they don't have to work.
My husband and I found out that he has a daughter 10 years later. The mother has been married and divorced with another child at home from this married. My husband and her were never married and dated for a little while. Now 10-11 years later we are being taking to court for child support. We have a child at home that is 6 years old. We both work to make ends meet and now we have to pay the mother $650.00 a month plus insurance for the child. That would total up to $12000.00 a year once all said and done for the year. Plus LAWYER FEES, COURT COST... ETC..
She in turns gets to sit at home and collect $500.00 food stamps, child support from 2 guys, and have her child on Medicaid, plus the state has my husbands daughter on our insurance. So it's not fair that she gets to sit home a collect whatever and we have to work our lives away to support our family and hers.
i just receive a summoned for family court, because my baby mother went on public assistance to which i give her 200 a money for support plus buy cloths shoes anything my daughter needs i am there.the judge request my pay stub then she say i make 508 a week she is going to apply 17 percent to my pay check every week. what am i saying is this is unfair for her to stay home while i am out there working my*****off while she just collecting child support. this is how much i make a month 2000-60=1940 the 60 for union... rent 1000.. i have 940 leave metro for month 124 . food for my house 300. phone bill 45 cable with internet 159.99 i have nothing leave for my self nyc expensive.... i never pay child support before my first time going on it..
I have been order by the state of Michigan, Kalkaska County by Lynn Buday to pay my ex wife $1115 a month for support. I have no problem with this to support my kids. What I do have a problem with is the fact that their mother, Deborah Dianne Titus, Coon, Jonker whatever her name is this year wont let me speak to my kids, gets new tattoos, tongue piercing, hair done, legal marijuana card, liquor, other drugs, all this according to my last conversation to my eldest daughter, age 11. She gets food stamps, free medical, free lunches at school and her bed partner this year has an income that she wont report. She has asked me for more money on more occasions than I can remember telling me of her financial problems and need for money, which by the court is considered a gift, so I get no credit for it. I still have and have kept all wire receipts for these for the last 3 years as I plan to use this info in court one day plus much more. Since my daughter talked to me and told me about what was going on at home I cant speak to all 3 of my daughters. I sent a motion for parenting time to the court over 3 weeks ago. They sent me a letter stating I must pay $100 in fees to send this and request to speak to my kids that I have not heard from since June, 2014. My ex has done this before when I have refused to send her wired money on top of support. The court states that they can do nothing about her not letting me speak to my kids even though my divorce decree states that I am allowed to personal and phone visits with them. So I am being told by the Kalkaska Co. court that I have to pay $100 to file to speak with my kids, pay my ex this money that my oldest daughter says is spent on other things than support, as she has asked for items for sports, school, entertainment, personal items and been refused by my ex. Why is this allowed to go on. This is hurting my relationship with my children, they are confused, and don't understand. As long as I give extra money to their mother everything is fine, when I cant or wont, both me and my kids get punished. When is this going to change? She must be held responsible for her actions and forced to do what she agreed to in the decree signed by judge Lynn Buday.
I feel everyone's pain. I spend tons of time with my son, very chance I get I have him. I am paying his mom 450.00 a month in support. She really 9 ly has hiM from the hours of 7pm until he goes to school the next morning and that is Monday through Thursday I have him friday, Saturday and Sunday and sometimes Thursday night. When he's not in school he's at his grandmas Monday through Thursday until 7 pm.when.she gets off. I can write a whole book on all the things I do and time I spend with my son. But I won't....oh and by the way my son's mother makes 1500 more then me a . The only way the government is going to do anything is if we can do something for them.
I've posted before and received the standard electronic responses from my local politicians thanking me for my concern.
By the way, it's child support, I'm concerned about and not your election process.
I guess I keep coming back to remind myself I'm not alone in this struggle.
If it were not for my belief that someday my son, whom I've not had contact with for seven years now, would want to know the truth. I would have ended it all out of desperation for I am a slave to the system.
I have no trust or respect for a process that does not allow for the truth to dictate the results.
I have not been witness to one person, from the CPS office, to the elected official, that wants to hear the facts.
It seems as if nobody really gives anything a second thought unless it makes the evening news.
And then only if it effects them personally.
I'm 55. My debt is in the stratosphere. Because of interest on the balance I will never have this paid.
Lies and deception from the ex spouse.
When did the statue of limitations run out concerning the truth?
Truth be considered I could pay my debt in less than two years.
I'm dumb to it all.
I wish to all that are suffering from an unjust situation the best. To hell with our elected members that turn a blind eye to this topic.
Put down your schedule for a few minutes and realize who your supposed to be representing.
child support isn't about children. It's about politics, power and money to keep politicians in power and continue to expand the reach of government to total dictatorship. It's about appeasing women at the expense of men. Child support is a back door to alimony. There's so much corruption in this system. Jailing men over child support is "debtor's prison" which is illegal according to the U.S. Constitution but who cares about the law of the land? Tough laws need to be enacted over women violating visitation orders and they need to go to jail for they are in "contempt of court".
I'm about to. E homeless with my 3 kids because ex is underemployed and judge wants to reduce his child support after he has barely paid in a year !
I lost my job due to all the times ive had t call out of work, to try and handle things down at the family courts, here in dade county, its definitely an unfair. Ilost my house and now im forced to live like i just came to this country with shared room because i cant afford to live a normal life, im a hard worker a great devoted father, and definitely dont deserve this
I got fired from my private dental office because of child support harasment to my employer and threats of penalization if they dont give them money,my office told them i work three days a week and they responded that isnt there problem. I was told business was to slow so i got let go and the next day there was a new worker. During this process i had sent clothes and money a little of what i can possibly afford barely living in los angeles. I work hard as i can but recently i became homless due to child support and now i owe ba k child support. I have papers i will be sending a copy to them from the court that the mother waived her right to child support.

I support my son, i love him. But thats not what they care about.
I am currently paying back child support for a child that is 21 and supporting herself. And paying to a man who at the time of our divorce and to this day makes well over 100,000 a year, yet lies on his tax returns saying he makes less than me a year to increase my amount of support. I will never be able to make as much as he does because I am a woman. I am at poverty level and still having to pay child support for a child who is grown and supporting herself. We need child support reform NOW to stop punishing those who have already suffered enough. I left his sociopathic, alcoholic*****for a good reason. I shouldn't have to continue paying him for my release from slavery.
The court system is lazy and our law makers are too frightened to reign them in. No rational person would look at this situation and evaluate it as being "in the best interest of the children." This is, almost certainly, a socialistic redistribution of those who actually work to support themselves. What father can afford to pursue overacrhing legal change? We are too heavily taxed to survive, let alone pursue action to the highest courts in the land. Shame on the vengeful who enacted this insanity and shame on those in power allowing it to continue.
There should be stipulation on how the money is spent and it should be monitored...
I pay child support yet I have no idea where my kid is. I sued the mom for custody and was awarded joint legal custody but that's not worth the piece of paper it's written on. Why is it a crime for a man to not send money but it isn't a crime for that same man to have his offspring alienated from him. When speaking to police about it, they only say its a civil matter an it's nothing they can do. I'm not going back to court because they'll find a way for me to lose but child support will be increased and the cycle begins again
I am glad I don't use the system. I do not have my children's dad on child support. Even though I have them most of the time he still helps provide for them. I use to have him on child support but I could see he was struggling to pay his bills to keep a home. I also see my bf struggling to pay his child support as he gets his children 50/50 and has rent and other bills to support them while the mother gets 122 dollars a week receives food stamps and wic and has no bills cause she still lives with her parents. I believe the law def needs to be changed. It takes 2 to make a baby and so the children's needs should be split.
Quick Question? What happens to the senior citizens we become that has no security and you to depend on? There taking half of my gross, Kids (2) were dropped off to me June 2013,I put a motion in through family court back in Feb 2014 showed up in court twice recently Sept.22 she didn't show either time and neither did the state the irs whom the judge says has to be there to explain why they should keep me on child support. WOW I don't even want to begin to tell you what would happen to me if I didn't show but she was given a default some fancy word the judge used I guess it's striking her complaint.Why should this take so long? Thank god for my mom because I would never be able to live on my own and take care of them.has yet to see my final day in court,I am still paying and to poor to afford an attorney .You guys take it all! This is "Modern Day Slavery" at it's best.
Something has to be done. My son is with me about 60 to 70% of the time. He basically lives with me. Taxes take about 1/4 of my check and child support another 1/4 . So after taxes I end up with less than half of what I gross. I can barely support myself now that I live on my own!. So how can I start a new family if I don't make enough.!
This law will never change ...... Our kid$ are money money money .......welfare gets 2 dollars for every dollar they garnish from us ...... It's all about the money , 5 billion a year industry our kids...... If you was the welfare , would you cut the free flowing gravy train? And there's NO law to stop them from taking ALL our property, bank account , cars, busyness license , jewelry , inheritance , unemployment , V A money , or Even our spouse income.... We are slaves and extorted legally by the welfare ..... N they call it childsupport
My child has a serious chronic medical condition. Our medical copayments are roughly $200, and although he provides the medical insurance and takes his children 45% of the time he is not allocated any financial relief to help support our child's medical needs. We know my two children don't matter in the court. My "secondary" children don't deserve any financial help because we are married. Meanwhile his ex girlfriend is now receiving more money for her 15 year old daughter. She bartends and claims very little money. How about making these parents support themselves at some point. Shouldn't all children be worth the same $ amount? It costs significantly more per year to raise a baby than a grown child. The idea is to create an equal standard of living but we are struggling and she is buying Coach. The system is very broken.
I have been taking care of my child ever since she was born and still to this day and yet just because her mother did not want to work and have services help her I agreed with having her on her case so medical could be provided for her. But now I'm paying child support and trying to take care everyone of my child's needs and cannot even buy what she wants, because of it. it is not fare that I'm paying working my*****of for my child and me and paying for something else. It is Unfair that the law has been set since 1975. How many stupid laws have been removed and this one is still on without change is not Right.
The system is designed to force indentured servitude without consideration for life or the quality therein.
It's not fair to suspend license when u need your license to get back and forth to work to pay the child support...After that you will get incarcerated that'll take you away from your kids and they're still not getting any support. They're still good father's out here but it's hard to get a job without a license to go look for work. Women should have to pay support too because both of you are parents why should one parent have to pay? Usually the father/man.
I'm pro men's choice. If the father is aware of the pregnancy early enough in the term, and does not want the woman to go through with it, he shouldn't have to pay the full 20%, maybe pay 10%. I think there'll be a lot less complaining, spite babies, and latchkey kids.

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