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Custodial parents should be held accountable for where the child support is spent and why .
Custodial parents should be held accountable for where the child support is spent and why .
It's a shame a person on disability has to pay child support for 4 kids out of his check and the mother has a high paying job paying nothing. It should work both ways, half and half a man did not make a baby alone.congress need to address this law and stop punishing mens for this THING call child support another name for ATM machine. RIPOFF!
It's a shame a person on disability has to pay child support for 4 kids out of his check and the mother has a high paying job paying nothing. It should work both ways, half and half a man did not make a baby alone.congress need to address this law and stop punishing mens for this THING call child support another name for ATM machine. RIPOFF!
If a man has a couple of felony convictions HE IS IN TROUBLE FINDING WORK IN CORPORATE AMERICA. How then, can this man make child support payments and why then, would he be incarcerated for being unable to do so. sounds like modern day slavery to me. IF you can't squeeze blood from a stone, then why pay to have the stone locked up at the taxpayers expense, only to release him back into the world that sent him there to begin with? I thought there were no debtors prisons in America. Has anybody ever heard of the concept of CATCH22??????
I've had my son living with me for the past year while still paying child support.the broward county child support office is a joke I spend 3 to 4 hours on the phone with these people trying to get help and all they do is give me the run around,i cnt afford an attorney and my ex just so happens to work for one and has a few friends that work at the child support office in broward county fl(the one on commercial blvd) needles to say I cant win!all I want is for the courts to be fair and lower the amount taken from my check since I have my son with me .it is caused me my marriage and pretty soon I will have to send my son back to his mother and live out of my car.if anyone else is having the same problem with broward county florida please post!its time to stop this abuse !not all fathers are deadbeats the ones that are making an attempt to make things right should not be treated like criminals!!SOMEONE HELP!!!PLEASE!!
I have two children, both from different mothers and I only get to see one of them. I pay out $600 in child support a month and live paycheck to paycheck so there is no way that I can get enough money together to go to court and get visitations with my second child. On top of that, both mothers have no jobs and live off of the child support that I provide. The laws that govern this system are outdated and obsolete.
I agree, check out California alimony reform dot org. By doing away with these retaliatory tactics, we can make equality true, where the lower earner does not stay at home like you have stated.
We have a broken system it needs to be revised.
Unfair child support laws in Illinois - unfair to non-custodial parents, not just dads! I'm a non-custodial mother (I let my son move in with him to attend a significantly better school), he promised that he wouldn't charge child support and now I'm subsidizing his mortgage, his new bathroom remodels and his new wife's gucci purses. He earns double what I earn, his new wife (whom he left me to marry) even earns more than me. Even with three times my income they still manage to get $1k a month from me. I can forget about ever getting remarried and having another child, how on earth would I ever pay that when I have to go on maternity leave or if my new child won't / can't go to daycare? I can hardly make ends meet as it is! I finally got a new job that paid more so that I can pay down student loans and my debt from the attorney's fees, and my first day of work they slap me with a new court order. One of the most aggravating things about this is that if Illinois had an income shares model, rather than a flat 20%, I would pay about $300 a month - an amount I could definitely deal with.
Thank god for zoloft, wellbutrin, and my other meds . I sign this with very little hope of ever digging myself out of this situation unless some legislative power actually does something to remedy this...
The California system is broken. Parents are killing their kids or ex's and the Gov is not doing a thing. Please help NOW...
Live in Louisiana. I've never had an issue supporting my daughter yet the ex still feels the need for child support is necessary. How can woman just go to a court and instantly put a gun to my head?
I know everyone has a story so I try to be brief. It's not just the matter of requiring the custodial parent to be financially supportive but also treating the noncustodial parent with the same respect as the custodial parent. Don't know how it is in other states but in Texas it seems as though none of the noncustodial parent's concerns are addressed in a timely manner or taken seriously.
It's an injustice for men that provide for their children but still pay child support.
I don't know what what good this will do but I would love to see the unfair treatment of men in general to stop,due to child support ruining lives.!
I think its true women are becoming more dependant on child support
Childsupport is a necessity to help and provide for children that can not take care of themselves. However on the other end of the spectrum you have mothers using the system to manipulate and punish fathers that either moved on due to divorces, break-ups, one night stands etc. It's a shame that our government goes along with this type of behavior. u see alot of men losing their lives due to the punishments of trying to survive. Losing your license being jailed getting dragged into court without a say so of what hardships they have to overcome to make payments and pay for food and shelter for themselves. If the fathers are dying slowly because of this how can we keep up with the unfair demands of the government. Im going to rap this up by saying; more than 80% of mothers use the kids and system for payback of failed relationships. And when the kids get of age they are psychologicaly damaged and wind up despiting their mothers and more. There is a better way to inforce responsibilities for fathers but not at the toll of our lives. God bless America
These laws are bull and I know many people that live off there baby daddy child support check and sit on there*****and do nothing.
Due to my passport renewal being denied, I have been ripped away from my overseas family (wife and 2 sons.) I also had a job and continued to pay child support to my daughter her in the states, although much lower than the unreasonable $1,200/mo support order. I am disgusted and ashamed to be American and how they violate the civil rights of NCP's!!

Now my sons will not get an education, and I am on the verge of homelessness even though I have shown that I have a job offer overseas that could support my entire family, including my daughter here.
The system is not made for men.It is truely unfair for men
If women were treated in court as men are there would be more kidnappings (ncp) more family violence and by far more dead beat mom's if again there was any real fairness women( unmarried) would not have 3 options abortion , adoption or keeping the BABY (cha ching! Paycheck) yet the man has absolutely no choice if he wants to opt out paying child support and medical support . Well the only bright side to all these is the fact that mothers who son gets caught up in the systems gets to see there sons get treated fairly according to family law (theymust then grin and bare it) there will never (NEVER) be real change that will protect men because there is to many jobs in attorneys judges social workers and money in general for people to stand up and abolish the system and allow both parents to share custody and illimante child support. (Because women would not want there kids to spend 6 months with there dad and that other women) no the only real solution is to have father's educate counsel and insure these does not happen to there sons .
Just got a child support order & they're taking half of what I bring home which will eventually leave me homeless. Waiting on a hearing to see if I can have the amount modified but I hear all too often how men get no fair shake when it comes to CS & no changes will be made. I showed the court my expense declaration showing how much of a struggle it is for me to survive WITHOUT half of my wages being applied for child support & the lady told me that "based on the numbers" the amount can actually go up..... HUH??? I'm hoping that I get some kind of favor. I'm not avoiding my responsibility to my kids but I think that $750/mo is an astronomical amount for 2 kids. They stayed with me for over a year & never once did it cost me that much to care for them as they were already included in my monthly expenses. Child support is extortion at its finest........
She wanted the divorce, I didn't. I wanted equal custody, she didn't. The courts made a decision regardless of facts or consideration of those facts. Now I am limited on the time I get to see my child and I pay for my ex to live.

I guess Jamie Foxx was right "It's not about what is true or right, it is about what you can prove in court."
Child Support needs to be address there are to many good men out here suffering and being treated as deadbeats for no reasons. These practices are being passed down from generation to generation with unfair results for Real Fathers who are a part of their children lives.
A time for change has come and gone. These laws need to be rethought out yo support the one that supports the child. Now take á any chance of us having a normal life. Because by the time child support is over our lives are spent.
The system needs to survive approve more joint custody arrangements for the parents and the children. If we got our heads out of the stone age and realize that fathers can make great parents just like the mothers. This would help the children in the long run instead the every other weekend schedule. This would also make child support fair, and the tax returns fair as well.
Child support laws seem to be setup to bring the father to their knees left with few if any options of ever really having a normal life. It would be easier to be a ex drug addict or felon and make it in society, than it is to owe child support. It isn't fair to condemn someone for doing nothing more than having a relationship that went bad, and then having to suffer the burden of not only starving and being almost homeless with a good paying job but never being able to be a father to your child at all because either to broke or always have to be working to survice, or both. How is it in the best interest of the child to make it so that their father never has the ability to be in their lives? It's like its became a career choice for so many,instead of going to college just have kids and let them support you rather than the mothers having to actually support the children.
Children do need support but the amounts are outrageous. If a father makes 100,000 a year the child support is around 1700 a month, are you serious that is paying for a nice house for free for the ex's new husband.
Still at war with this tyrrannic ny enforcement unit. They claim immunity from being sued but I have to do something to stop them from these unjust attacks. Letters to politicians and everyone else have fallen on deaf ears and the dishonest custodial parents are laughing all the way to the bank while this vet languishes in a homeless program and mental treatment facility.
8,000 shy of 100,000 in child support for one of my kids that's 17 years old.
Tuesday was a bit of a let down in Texas. HB2363 died in the calendar committee, however, it still has a chance to be added to another bill. Please READ the instructions from the following link: http://www.fixfamilycourts.com/reviving-hb2363-equal-parenting-bill/

The state of Missouris child support system is a joke.. This state protects dead beat parents and is cuts the heads off the men who pay consistantly and miss a payment.. I am a single mom raising my son with no help and the father owes almost $20,000 and not one consiquence has taken place i give them the ifo they need top take action (in our court order to have each others addy) but since the POST MASTER cant verify his addy we have been at a stand point i have called my state reps i have a list of things that need to be changed in the legitratve and am willing to change the way the system works to prevent other struggling mothers go threw what i am i get no assistance from the state i go with out eatting so he can eat i sleep on a couch and my son has a room and the state says i make to much however i get no credit for paying for everything on my own aftercare insurance sand al his medical expenses all on my own his dad has given me total $300 in 9 years its not a debt people its called NEGLECT
MISSOURI you have allowed my son to be neglected and i hold you responsable.. you have failed me and my son
Child support laws saw a revamp in the 70's to enforce it to the fullest. The problem today is its no longer the 1970's where majority of men at the time where the breadwinners and the women where stay at home mothers. Today it takes BOTH parents to work real jobs in order to support a family and live a middle class life. In my case my ex is a college graduate to be an RN which makes between $80k-$90k+ a year in our state! Instead she chooses to live at home still with our 8 year child and work a bs job answering phones at a doctors office for $30k or less a year! To me that doesn't sound like the best interest for our child now does it? Yet I make $70k year, am married with a 3 year old who doesn't cost me close to the $1300 a month I spend on the child who doesn't live in its me that is in school! Sounds to me like I'm the only one paying to raise my child while she gets a free check from me. The best part is why can't I quite my job to be a stay at home dad for the child who lives with me? Oh it's because I'm fully capable of the making the money I do now. Well I'm a high school graduate and she is a college graduate fully capable of making what I do if not more but yet I pay 70% of the pro rata share! How is it fair she isn't held to the same standard as I am? This is the kind of stuff that needs to end ASAP! The percentages need to change and day care should be incorporated into what we pay now under the 17%. I pay for daycare for my 3 year old so I can work but in court do they take that off my year to date when calculating child support? Absolutely not!
I'm going through this right now ...Trying to get a divorce and the state of Florida wont grant it even though my childs birth certificate has no name in fathers slot and the dna test shows he is not the father. They are making him pay un-wanted child support because he knew I was pregnant by another man at the time of marriage.I didnt list a father because sometimes bad things happen and you wouldn't want your child to know about. My daughter has my maiden name.Anyway the state of Florida said stopping child support and granting the divorce would leave my child a "bastard Child" I think this law needs to be changed and men shouldn't have to pay child support for a child that is proven not to be theirs. It's not right that a man can be considered father by default by marriage or being on the birth certificate my husband has never met my child HE IS NOT THE FATHER we just want to get on with our lives and be done with this. He has his own kids leave his money alone.
You put a father in child support them what happens that child is getting Monterey support but a daddy support because the fathers feels tape after you tell him when where and how to raise him. Thsts why you have angry black children now. These are the government children not the fathers .once you take my rights as a father and put a vistation and time frame I can spend with my child them that child belongs to the system. Look at what's going on in the United States young kids growing up with no guidance but let's still send them money it will be ok. This your nightmare it's only going to get worst.
those who have babies with married men shouldn't collect support
I pay 1300 a month in child support and only bring home 600 dollars of my check I am behind on my bills but thats not the courts problem. I can't afford to go and see my kid's because of how much I pay yet they don't care. I'm in the military and half to support her because she refuses to work because she'll lose section 8 and her child support would go down. She hasn't worked more then 3 months before quitting or losing her job in the past nine years. But because I can't see my kid's as often as I like I have to pay more yet when I get the opportunity to see them i either can't afford to go and have to borrow money or she comes up with an excuse as to why I can't see them. I have no problem paying child support if it actually went to my kid's and not her partying and stuff for her.
I was not even aware that I had a child until he was 2 years old and his mother left the military and chose not to have a job. I was served with papers for a paternity test. This was more than 5 years ago and I have yet to be "allowed" to meet my son and was hit with back support when I was never aware that I had a son. $1000 a month because she did not have a job is what I pay and I have ZERO rights for visitation without fighting back in court for custody. Florida thinks this is the best for the child and I ask, how is that a fair system. I can't afford an attorney to fight for visitation AND keep a stable home while paying this outrageous support amount. This is a broken system and needs to be fixed NOW.
It is ridiculous. I have two daughters with my ex a 10 year old and 8. My relationship broke after her now husband got in the way .They both work lake good money have a beautiful house in the suburbs, and i have to live in the city and struggle yo survive.Muy child support order just got raised to 100 a week from 80 . Paying 80 i brought home 260$ a week my mortgage alone is 724 a month, plus everything else involved in house expenses. Here comes depressión . Nos I probably will end up in the street, Thank You, New York...
Texas needs your help! ALL OF TEXAS AND EVERYONE IN THE NATION, PLEASE VISIT THIS WEBSITE AND CONTACT ALL TEXAS REPS. http://www.fixfamilycourts.com/texas-call-to-action-urgent-equal-parenting-bill-is-stuck/

If passed, this will help other states follow up with parental equality (50/50) with your child(ren) and end parent alienation! PLEASE TAKE ACTION!
The whole issue with child support and guidelines needs to be rewritten. Absent mothers/fathers are responsible for taking care of the children. But some parents don't get visitation, and still have to pay. Custody should be equal, and support should go out the window. Too many men/women capitalize on receiving the payments. So they can sit around and do nothing but collect a "pay check". Or use the child as leverage, you pay you get to visit..etc. Why on earth would the goverment make it harder for the absent parent to get a Drivers License, which is necessary in most areas to drive to work. Why punish them for being poor or out of sorts and make it even harder to provide for the child. Makes no sense to me. Take away the passport, etc. But the license, or the license of the profession they are in. GARNISHMENT, would be better and most obvious way to go. Most of the people in charge of making these laws have never been poor, never got food stamps, and never had to worry about how to provide for there family. Let the common working class come up with the laws...and answers.
My X lives in a 750,000 dollar house and we have 50/50 custody of our son. I pay her 806.00 dollars a month. In what world does that make any sense?
I have 3 jobs pay child support and can barely afford too survive but whats worst is the mother has no job collects government assistance now they are threatening to suspend my license. I'm at a loss i pay my child support but the system is designed to fail. How can i pay something that is set at more than i make a month and then you threatened to take away the means to pay what i can. Makes no sense law needs to change to make things fair for both parents. You go after the parents that try hard and the ones who owe millions and do nothing it's fine i pay for those as well (i am a tax payer). I mean where does it end unthought out plan with dyer consequences for the father. Last time i checked i am the father but when did my child become a sorce of income i mean children are more of a pay check then anything. Can someone tell me how too join a group where too protest i mean as of now my child support is set at more than I make a month something has got to give
I had an order to pay 102 / month for a child I am not certain is mine . The child is 15. I have paid it for the last 10 years and my balance owed is 11k. The other day I receive a statement showing I now owe $617/ month and the balance is 90k.
Upon contacting support they tell me via their web portal that their was a temp order in 02 that became s perm order in 03 and they are just noticing that $102 / month is wrong and has been for 13 years .
Granted in 2002'i had 4 other children in their system and was only making 25k / year.
How did they come up with an amount of $600 / month when I was paying support for 4 other kids and making 25k / year.
How can they go back 13 years ago and make changes now for an error they made? There is no other system In the world where this would be legal. Support does whatever they want , whenever they want with no regard to how they affect people's lives, image my shock when I am told I owe 90k, not 11k .
I have 2'other orders that are also based on the incorrect salary amount , but I have been told that the orders cannot be changed as to much time has passed. But they go back and make changes When its to their advantage . Mind you the kids in question are 27 and 25 and I am strictly paying arrearages.
The system is definitely rigged against the noncustodial parents. I am so happy that my poor husband will soon be out of the clutches of the Massachusetts DOR. If he sent his payment a few days early the state sent it back--not due yet. A few days late...socked with a late fee. You can't win. A private company would hv been successfully sued Years ago. And it is annoying to pay a healthy payment each month while we hv a mortgage but she does not. The only fair way to assess a support payment is to have all bills supplied by both parties and have each case reviewed. But the court has grown lazy and wants to apply one calculation to all situations. Visitation should be automatic unless the non-custodial has shown violent tendencies documented with a police report. So much dishonesty and unfairness with these family court cases. I never realized how bad it is until I married a noncustodial parent and saw all the games his X played. Nasty stuff. Thankfully the X never dragged us back to court but it's tough living many years with that possibility. Terrible financial stress. Hang in there guys.

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