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The system is corrupt and the laws were written in 1975 we need a change
I think it's unfair.
Woman is allowed to make decision after an unplanned pregnancy and make the man pay for it. It is rotten unfair. Because the decision she makes is most of the time not good for the baby but to benefit herself who receives the child support money for doing nothing. The money is not spent on the child. Time to change it.
Seems to me that the system has been corrupt for some time. Something needs to change! Having been on both sides I see the pain and hardship it puts the non custodial parent in. This saddens me that so many women are out to purposely hurt the man. My son is 11 and I might've recieved maybe 2000 in 11 year's, I honestly could care less about his money all I asked of him was to be in his son's life and he can't even do that. My husband (now) has 4 children previously 2 of which are a definite that he supports monthly 822 to one mother whom works for the local CS enforcement and around 460 to the other childrens mother (whom doesn't work,because she got fired for stealing pills from the pharmacy) both of these women refuse to let him see his children although he asks every weekend that is his with texting documentation. He brings home 400 every two weeks and that sufficient to live off of? He was told when she filed for modification and was awarded the 822 a month from 490 that if he couldn't afford the child we now have together that I should've aborted her this coming from the attorney at the enforcement agency. Definitely shady people working the system.
I think this should be a law. I'm a single mom of 3, I didn't live on child support! I worked and I supported my kids on my own, I was hard but I done it. It would **** me off to hear a woman at the store gripping about how her baby day hasn't paid his child support yet so she can't buy this or that right now. I wanted so bad to tell her get off her lazy a$$ and get a job but I held my tongue. I know that there are cases where the mother need and has to be home and not able to get job and I understand that. Please make this a law. Make these women help support these children. It takes 2 to make these children, it should take 2 to support them.
I stumbled across this petition while searching similar topics online and I have to say, I feel the pain of a lot of you. Of course both parents always have to act in the best interest of the child no matter what. But the judicial system should also understand that caring for your child needs to be balanced with the well being of both parents, as well as their financial means - which includes looking at the standard of living of both households, and income and living expenses of both sides. (living expenses being all things considered important as basic needs as well as things like RRSP's because if a parent is not able to save for retirement, you are just creating more future problems in society and for government) My husband is not an absentee father: he has always paid child support on time, he pays for full medical, RESP and half of summer camp. This is a much larger percentage than what his ex wife pays for special expenses, on top of child support, yet she threatens and is still demanding more. I believe it is because she wants him to pay for the quality of life she upholds in her home, which is well more lavish than my husband and I, who live a simple life and within our means. We don't mind if they live whatever lifestyle they can manage or want to live - that is not the issue. The issue is when the other parent threatens and demands more money, when we basically cannot afford to give her more in special expenses. It is to the point that we have to go to a lawyer to deal with her. I believe there should be a more organized system that reviews on a yearly basis, the income, expenses and lifestyle of each of the parents, in order to keep things fair for both the mother and the father. I say to the judicial system: put yourself in someone else's shoes and ask how you would feel in one of our situations? By not being fair, you are just shuttling one problem into another problem. By not being fair, you are creating a group of people who won't be able to support themselves in old age. The public is speaking up. Please listen.
Its the New Year 2016 many of us are writting letters or signing this petion in hopes that our government will take a real close look at what is happening to many families because of how the child support system is set up.This is not in the best interest of the children instead its giving the custodial parent high paying dollars for her needs.Nails,implants, facial peals, hair dying, new hairdo,payments on a new vehicle,trips to big football games in Tampa Florida,big dinners for her & the new boyfriend in her life.And you say this is for the best interest for the two children,really.Reform The Child Support System & quit raping the fathers that have half of they're paycheck taken from them to only have the mother live lavishly.
I think child support is totally unfair for the non-custodial parent and laws need to be changed. I am forced to work two jobs just to get by and am still living in poverty. I pay $225 weekly which leaves me with a check for only $120 a week afterwords. While the mom has a brand new 40k truck and i drive a 20 year old Civic she also gets to claim both children on her taxes every year and always has. She picks and chooses when I get to see the children when its convenient for her. When I do finally get them for the weekend I don't have much food for them to eat and they are forced to see my living enviornment which is really poor and in bad side of town. Iowa Child Support goes off payment a estimator sheet which goes off your gross income and not your net/take home pay. This is totally unfair I cant afford to hire a lawyer so its extremely frustrating and I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.
I think child support should make it law for parents that are recieving child support too show what they are doing with the money .. That's why they came out with the prepaid debit card.. They should have a system that logs everything and of the parent not doing right, by it they should get in trouble.
The law will not change because wemen are still living in 1940 where they want to stay home and live off men bottom line!!!!!! But if it did happen I bet you my pay check there will be a lot of childern not being born!!! It's a woman's hustle!!
Let me move on and be happy with my family and be a good father to our son. Stop using him as a means for money.
The child support law should be changed. My husband and I have been suffering a loss because of his high child support. He makes good money and his ex purposefully doesn't even tho she is more than capable of making the same or more. I believe that child support should be based off of what the parents made when their divorce was finalized, not based off of current income. A parent should not be penalized for bettering their life. It only gives the other parent reason to NOT better their life. There are too many parents that cheat the system so that they can get more money. I believe that child support should not have to be paid by either if there is a 50/50 custody split. The child support calculator is a joke and needs to be terminated. No child needs $1500 a month. not even our two children together get that combined. The child support laws need to change. They are very unfair and are only harming good people that want to be there and care for their kids without having to be punished or penalized for it.
I have child that the mother ran odd with and hid for years and then when child get 15. State of tx goes to court orders child support without me ever being notified and slaps me with 40k in back support and I now have pay 1200 a month support , back support and medical
Also arrears after one year after the child is born apparently the custody parent will lie and say the non custody parent haven't been doing anything and would have been helping these juvenile judges and prosecutors so easy to say yes the non custodial parent haven't been doing anything and believe that start again parent all the cause she said he haven't not with no proof or anything showing that he haven't. So yes they should pass a law after the child turned 1 years old there shouldn't no longer to be able to get the arrears then waiting for 5 years later and go to court and say the non custodial parent haven't been doing anything and they want to go 4 or 5 years back on the arrears. And they also shouldn't come up with the idea like the IRS when your old taxes. A fraction of the dollar on the arrears to help pay off the rear edge and so people can be able to have good credit and get loans and buy home cars and help take care of there family. And that will make the custodian parent get off day butrd and go to work then waiting on the post man so yes I would like too hear back this thanks a non custody parent
Child support is so incredibly high.I don't know how my fiance is going to pay child support, half of insurance, and half of medical..it'll total to about $600 per month (half his take home money). I have no idea how we are going to pay our bills and rent. The mom even said she didn't need the money for their child, but he's not going to be able to prove that. She lives a very very well-off life whereas we are barely scraping by, how is this fair? I'm scared we will have to start living in my car soon; we told her this and she didn't even care one bit, in fact it seemed to make her happy. This society is incredibly disgusting and makes me angry. Selfishness and greed and the joy of hurting others...sickening!
i believe that if two parents share a already custody agreement. thier child supporr should be based on the time with the coparenting parents. and not a bias decision because and man is a man and a women is women. if the responsibility of both parents agreed to jiont custody. their should be no child support if equally both parents take care of the child
No more suffering in silence. It's time to stand together. This is modern oppression at its finest.
Child support says they don't care about your other bills nor do they care if the mother is working I don't mind paying for my child but the numbers should be fair
I have an email where my ex clearly states her child support is her "play" money. The court refused to even look at it. I have 50/50 custody of my children and the "Colorado Rule" continues to screw me over every month.

There needs to be reform, but the lawyers, GAL's, mediators, parental class leaders and judges make WAY to much money from divorce and the after effects all around. All while the non custodial parent struggles to survive.
I believe the child support system doesn't take in factor if the non custodial parent is in the child's life. I feel the amount that the court expects a person to pay is not reasonable with the income and cost of living in our current day. The system needs to be updated and evaluated more fairly.
My kids mother told me "The ONLY thing you do for me is pay my rent" She later said that her rent was $1200/ month and my child support was $1600 a month. I am not only paying 100 percent of the housing cost for my kids. I am paying for their mom and their sister to with enough left over to pay for all of the food as well. How the **** is this******legal!?!?!
They do not do proper investigation into father's income, they take drivers licenses, put your owed support on your credit, where you can not get any government job. They do all this without a court hearing. They can put familys in hard ship when the ex wife has more.
I am a good father who has been cheated by the judicial system in Illinois. I pay support and provide insurance and only to be stuck in court for over a year costing me thousands of unnecessary money. My ex told me flat out " I use your money to fight you in court " and I think this is ridiculous. I did not even have the satisfaction to have my last name added to my child. I make $20,000 less then my ex and she gets $10,000 a year from me and not to factor in other expenses such as when I see my child. Wake up and change this law now as it hurts children.
This has to end. Man made laws that make life hell for men.
I so totally agree with this. Is not fair that the majority of the time the father is busting his tail, working double shifts at times while the "baby momma" sits at home collecting child support AND food stamps, don't forget that.
I'm behind only a couple thousand and they want to put me in jail. How can you pay anything towards it when you are locked up. These laws are bs. They are unfair. I've had many friends commit suicide over this matter. It's a revolving door you can't get out
everyone has a story. Im a hard working man who has been stripped of everything and you worry about foreign countries. only thing I can say is "PLEASE USE LUBE"
I live in new York, I got behind on my child support because I lost my job and jobs are hard to find. they suspended license and put a levy on my bank account. I started work and they were taking child support weekly. for some reason child support was not getting my payments . I called payroll and they said they were sending the money to child support. why is child support has all this power to ruin people life's? we need to make laws so child support doesn't have this power. it is not right. if you can not find work and your actively looking cut us a break. when you call child support there rude and very unprofessional. we need to take a stand fight the child support laws so we can live . the custodial parent , child support should keep track on how they spend our money. they should limit how many kids they have and not bring fathers or mothers to child support because they dislike them. the laws are not made for the non-custodial parents. we have to talk to our law men and woman and make laws that would benefit both parties.
I have no place to live.(Homeless) No car. No phone. No job. And am being charged in union Missouri with non support. My daughter is almost 10 and I am 32,000 behind. I have paid at least that amount since she was born. My situation is so bad and hopeless now that I can't even get an employer to hire me without the basic living essentials. This system is rigged. I have no family. Basically a bum but I'm about to be sent to jail and have no way to stop it. I want to work and I want to pay for my daughter. But the system is rigged.
I have physical custody of two of my children and have had for 3 yrs now with me in North Carolina. However i have also been paying child support to their mothers in New York state. I called to let them know the change in circumstances and they told me I had to go back to New York to fix it. I cannot take that time off of work ,knor can I afford the trip due to paying $1100 a month in support. they take 54% of my paycheck before taxes. I make $150.00 less then what they get. why cant they just "look ,You know what? You have the kids So , You don't have to pay any more.
One, I have a son who's mother passed away about 4 years ago. When I spoke to a case worker they told me they could not find my son and would call and let me know if they hear anything. For a year I didn't hear from them. I found out 2 years later that the auntie has him, through child support. I've called several attorneys. They want 1700 to 2000 dollars. Child support, forgot to mention medical insurance for family. I can't afford that. And two, I've two boys with a lady that have 6 more kids after mines with different fathers(all looked up or not claiming) that I'm paying child support for with my income. I'm a full time student in Iowa they lowered but in Kansas they would not. My right's was violated when my son's mother passed I should have got my son. The second the mother passed the auntie received child support and social security. No job or income before taking my son. Oh and no legal documents showing she had custody. I think she applied for food stamps or house. With that you are suppose to put child's father on child support or you couldn't receive any assistance??? I've lost 2 places cause i work a part time job and classes and it is based off previous employment and won't lower. I try to make a better life for me and my boys but child support is giving to some of these mothers to party, go to casino's, and spend on anything but their children or even on children that don't belong to father. But not all mother. But a lot.
I am a woman who lost custody of my son because the father had a lawyer and the judge had something against me being in the military. The judge told me I was unreliable as a parent because I am in the military. This man who abused me physically and mentally has custody of my son how is that fair..? I never done drugs yet I see drug addicted mothers get their kids in West Virginia. I have no job just the military ,but even that isn't even enough to pay for child support. I told the Child Support Bureau I didn't have a job but military and they didn't help me with anything on what steps to take to reduce child support. He is supposed to pay me the child portion of the insurance, but doesn't I'm supposed to get my child every other holiday and 2 weeks of the summer but he denies me all those rights. Now he is fighting for child support because I told him I wanted to have my son for 2 weeks of the summer. He continued to harass me and say no child support then I can't see my son. I am probably going to jail while pregnant and have my kid in jail because he still trying to use my child to control me.
I am a mother to two beautiful children. My boyfriend has another child from a previous relationship. He was only 16 when his child was born. He was there the first year but split up with the mom. When he turned 18 they filed for support and he immediately started as being behind because they charged for the first two years of the childs life. He had a rough life. Didnt finish high school so he cannot find a good job.

He works two jobs that constantly fluctuate his hours. A couple years ago child support started coming out from one job automatically. Every check was 50% gone. Now they are contacting his second job. We can barely afford our lives now and they will come after more. I have to support our family with my income and i am so stressed i cant even enjoy life.

I know for a fact that the money is not used for necessary things. The mom makes more than us and has a boyfriend that makes more too. They live comfortable while we struggle constantly. The child support laws are a disgrace.

We would try to petition the court for lower payments since he has another child but cant afford legal fees. I sincerely wish things could be different.
So the obvious, the system needs fine tuned.
I am paying for my ex wife's wedding ring, and credit card debt totaling $30k for trying to survive after she left me for another guy. I went on and had a one night stand "shame on me" and guess what...this chick now wants child support and the system does not want to recognize old credit card debt that I struggle to pay back but am making progress instead of filing for chapter 7 I'm trying to do it the right way/hard way. So because they won't factor my credit card debt in....chapter 7 here I come! I am not an irresponsible credit card user, my divorce wrecked me and the only way of survival was credit cards, to which I have never missed a payment, and slowly but surely making progress. Why not treat each case different as many of them are? Too much work involved for You guys to be fair? Child support percentages and how funds not being verified for the child's use is so wrong, yet you guys don't care because your task was to put a cookie cutter resolution in place and enforce it. Not just law.....but being a normal human being is what you should bring to the drawing board when trying to figure the best strategy for the kid first off, and second for the two parents. The parents involvement should be more important than any monintary gift and it makes it not possible to be "dad" when we are always working to simply survive. So good job destroying the relationship between parent and child, and making sure mom has her check to get her new car picked out. Putting money before family is what this world has came to and it's sad, really is. That's why not many relationships are solid anymore, everyone wants this and that...
The child support industry has nothing to do with supporting children and everything to with Federal incentives to collect monies from anyone named as the 'father'. Incentivized monies fund judge's, clerks, and sheriff's interest bearing retirement accounts i.e. CRIS accounts and a host of other functions in regard to the maintenance of these state agencies. Reform? "They" will not reform themselves if incentives are removed. Forget it.
Childsupport is unfair all the way around fathers have no rights but the females have all the rights there's a problem with that the government takes all the fathers money and leave us hardly nothing I been taking care of my son since day one but because my baby's mother got mad at me I'm on childsupport and that's wrong she won't even let me see my son on top of that I can't even afford a lawyer to get my visitation rights taken care of
I think child support is unfair to fathers that take care of their kids. They take more than half of our checks and make it hard for us to live. Why should we as men have to make all.the sacrafices in life? We're put in Jail if were falling on hard times. The system fails us in so many ways and the Mother gets off scott free with everything when 9 times out of 10 there not using the money to take care of the kids there using the money to take care of themselves. I have 2 younger kids that I pay support for and I live in another state and it's been 2 years since I've seen them because I cant afford Plane Tickets to get to them, I talk to them over the phone but when the Mother catches an attitude she wont let me talk to them until she sees fit. Why are we being railroaded? I just think that the laws should change with Child Support because not all Father's are Deadbeats some of us just want a chance in life to have things and be able to provide for ourselves and our children to.
I understand that child support is paid because it upholds the standard of living that would be comparable to if the parents were still under the same household. Although I really think the percentage of noncustodial income to be paid needs to be adjusted. If both parents were together do you really think that they would be spending over $500 per month . She has a new brick home, new car, plus she always has new clothes, new tatoos, etc. She works for the DHS office in Bryan county!!! I think she has milked the system for long enough!! Everyone struggles in the real world but she has found a way to get a hand out plus force someone else to pay most of there income to her. This needs to be stopped! You are literally destroying fathers!
What is it going to take to get you "ELECTED" whatever you are to listen to us!? It's a big problem for people financially!! LISTEN TO US!!!!!!! You people made these ridiculous laws. Child Support Laws are unfair to say the least. I'm paying someone that I was with for thirteen years. She found a guy off an internet dating site and got my house and everything in it. I haven't seen my kid in two years because she keeps me from her. I make 15.00 an hour and she gets half of that. I have to now stay with my Dad, because I can't afford it on my own. It's pathetic!! Meanwhile she is in a new Townhouse, drinking every night and paying for it with my money!!! Little do you know I was the one taking care of my daughter while her mom was out cheating on me before that!!!!! Boils my blood how we elect you people and you make laws that affect the very people that voted for you. It's sick!!
I'm going to be head on an say women know that from the start the child support system is wrong but they don't care cause it's extra money to them. Even the dads who want to be in there kids lives get it wrong. Mothers not letting fathers see there kids but sitting back collecting support. The entire system is wrong an designed to favor women. They dont care what happens to the father as long as they get their support. Now that it's mandatory to have health insurance most men cannot afford it with there pay cut short so there goes a fine and loss of income tax money. The law should allow fathers to claim there kids on there taxes an not themmother since all year they getting support that half is not even going towards the kids. Any good woman would suck it up an keep there kids out the system. Instead they run to the support office smiling knowing they got extra bill money but won't let the father see there kids. Good fathers still get it bad an it's all not right or just.
I'm pretty sure, or it least I hope, the beer, vodka, and cigarettes she's buys with the child support money (since she does not have a job of her own) is not for the kids....
Child support laws are unfair and favor the woman everytime
I think child support is unfair I learned about all the mess on the Tom Leykis show on blowmeuptom.com and he teaches guys why not to date single mother and that paying 216 monthly payments of child support worth it ? I think not
I pay over $1000 per month in child support, as well as the ex wifes $200 per month car payment. By the time child support and taxes are taken out, over 50% of my income is gone. What does she do, she still is able to be on welfare, not only getting food stamps, but cash asistance as well, works under the table, lives in a $275,000 home and more. 3 of our 4 children are in school. I keep my children even on her weekends and holidays most of the time, which I was told by the courts if I didn't follow the parenting plan, it would be contempt of court, yet somehow that doesn't apply to her. There is a flawed system that I hope to see changed someday. She uses the term HER child support, HER money, HER check often. My children do not get any of that money put into savings for their future, the get clothes from the thrift store, which, there is nothing wrong with that in general, there is when she has brand new clothes, brand new shoes, nails always done, hair always done... It's pathetic and sorry.
I was incarcerated for 8 8 years flat back in 2002 I only owe 13000 for child support at that time during my incarceration I sent a letter to the Child Support Division in Austin Texas and San Antonio Texas requested that they suspend my child support until I was released from prison but once I got out my child support case was closed in my kids are all grown now with their own children however their mother reopen a child support case and now what I told to 13000 it's $44,000 worth of interest on it i off to get a check for 10 grand she told me know she wanted $20,000 to top it off I just now found that one of the kids not mine in the kid is 29 years old I think that we as people that are going through this need to come together and perform a million man and female March to Congress and the Attorney General Office that's all up on in these cases knowing all alone that these women are committing constructed fraud against us due to the fact that Pamela Denise Ward with username committee constructed for it when she started getting welfare assistance from day one claiming that she does not know my whereabouts is a lot he's put that on the application when she file for food stamps housing assistance and everything else she got from the government therefore if you tell a person one thing in a legal Maryland to get them act in do something that you want them to do he was constructed Fraud and she should be paying back the money that they are seeking then she had a man living in the project with her which is Dallas housing at the Time she had a man living in the project with her for over 15 years but they all wanted me to pay the money like I said people need to come together and perform a petition and I March on Congress and the attorney general's office if anyone interested interested in putting something like that together please phone me direct at 214 791 25 35
I pay child support on time every month and I have my two kids almost half of the time. My ex is not forced to work. Yet I have a full time job and I have my children weekly as well. I have to work overtime to support my family and I barely get by. Now that I make more she wants more and is taking me back to court. I saw an attorney who said I was basically out of luck. On top of that last time I went to court I had to pay her attorney fees even though I could not afford my own representation. The system is not fair and is set up to reward the lazy. If your a hardworking parent forget it you will get the short end of the stick. I believe in taking care of my kids not because of child support. But where is the fairness? Plugging numbers into a computer? Regardless if you’re a dead beat parent or a good parent you are treated exactly the same.
My Ex-Girlfriend has been on Welfare for 15 YEARS! She refuses to work. She calls her Welfare her paycheck. I have 50 50 custody and going by the guideline calculator for CA I have to pay 600 a month for my 2 kids. If her Welfare is put in as actual income into the calculator my child support is reduced by HALF! How is this fair?!
I believe there are very few actual dead beat dads. Its more like " Beat Dead Dads ". Child support laws and calculations are way out of fairness. How is a father/mother going to be able to take care of their children if they are broken financially by the system. Child support in Virginia is designed to criminalize the non custodial parent. Plus child support is a tool that is used by the custodial parent to take revenge or to manipulate the non custodial parent ...which no matter how you spin it ..the children suffer the most and the non custodial parent life is ruined.
If you have 50/50 custody, neither party should pay support.. They are equally responsibile and it should be equal. When one party has to pay support in a 50/50 custody agreement, it still isn't equal.. The one paying support does more!

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