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The child support system is a CASH COW for the government. As per the US Code in Title 42D section 658A, the states can get up to 80% on the dollar in "Grants" from the fed for each dollar collected from the fathers! This is incentive to assess outrageous amounts in order to get more money from the fed for bonuses and campaign contributions! This system is corrupt, and it needs to change!
If a child's father signs the paternity forms in Georgia the father should be granted custody rights, even if the father and mother are not married. In addition the father should not have to pay for daycare if the child is not attending. Ex: claiming to have a child in daycare to receive a deviation. There needs to be substantial proof.
Child support laws need to be changed with the times. People that pay child support need to be able to live as well.
My daughters have moved with their mother to Missouri to live close to my wife's partner's family. That leaves me with no access to my daughters. What am I to do now. I just have to keep on paying my child support though.
I believe the state need to make sure both parents are taking care of the kids they both created together not just 1 parent. But you guys are just wasting your time sending in petitions. This site has been up for years and nothing was changed. The government can give 2 shits about the parent paying child support. YOU ARE NOT EVEN CONCIDERED A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN. You just have to pay and die in a hole or box somewhere and no one cares. Just look at the way everything is going. A parent who can't pay for the high support the states are putting him on lose his job, home, car and have to live on the streets or go to jail and you never hear anything from the news or internet. But Justin Bieber takes a **** in a police station or something like that itís on CNN, NBSNBC and other news sites and internet blogs. So please guy nothing is going to change. And they wonder why the country is ****ed up and crime is high. The country don't care if you a man or woman they just don't care.
I am on social security and had a court order for an amount with California (that's always had tge case) for an amount and without even serving me Missouri (where my son lives) sent an order to take half my check for this coming up month $510.00. Not only that but my child is almost 19 in one more month. This order a was signed in February and it is April now.
My fiancé pays $1300 a month for his 13 year old son to his ex-wife who does nothing even though she went to grad school. I would love to have a baby but it would end up with just me supporting my kid because all my fiancé's extra money goes to his first child. The system should not be a burden on one parent. It's not fair that his ex-wife is able to build her finances while my fiancé is unable to save for at least another 6 years. Also, even if he were able to contribute our future child, it would not be the same amount that he's able to provide to his first child. So basically, our child would suffer because the system doesn't take into account other children. Blended families are everywhere and it needs to be addressed.
My Child support case has been under appeal for over TWO years! The original order left me with $300.00 per month to pay my mortgage, car note as well as supporting my family. All while my Exwife sits thre unemployed, on welfare when she is perfectly capable of working!
I should have the right to claim one of my kids in the end of the year i have 3 kids.i'm paying all this money i should be able to claim one kid.
Yes, these laws are unfair. Why? Well, take this into consideration, if a mother cannot afford to support a child, then why does she have one? Abortion is legal in the United States, and any intelligent human-being has to come to realize, a fetus isn't alive or aware of it's existence, thus ending it's existence isn't ending the fetus's life, it's preventing it from starting. Woman are able to cheat these child support laws, bear Men's children while if the man aspires for greatness, this is a huge handicap for the mans future. Diapers, food, and clothing are expensive, but $200 a month can well cover these costs, completely. PEOPLE ARE CHEATING the system, it's time to act! This RUINS the non-custodial parents life, money is what keeps this world running.
I think that's how it should be bc I work everyday to pay a lot of money for one child that is now 5 and the mom does nothing but sit there and bug me for money
Mandated paying of any money for any amount against ones will is called extortion, and in some cases flat out robbery. Thats all child support is.
Its forcing someone to pay money to someone else simply to enhance their lifestyle. And why i ask? Because we donated sperm!? Its not even a law, that by paying child support, you have the right to see the child. No, the mother can simply sue you for money because you knocked her up (and she refused an abortion), and then skip town. All you're left with is a bill you must now pay for 18+ years just for donating the sperm. Whats worse, is the government's role in the enforcement child support. With top penalties including jail time. To me that sounds like Debtors Prison... or Revocation of your license - as if not being able to drive to work is going to increase your ability to make payments?! Its all just plain stupid. --and although it really is the most obvious thing, so its not really needed to say... the non-custodial parent has no way of knowing how the money they pay is even spent!! The custodial parent could simply be sitting on her fat lazy jobless ass, smoking your payment away in a meth pipe, while living off welfare. And the government can send you to jail because you're not contributing to all that. What a country we live in..
I believe that the father should help financially but because the rates at which child support is calculated the amount of child support collected is ridiculous i know several women that lie to get pregnant and support all they children with the money from the first guy they hooked. they go and have families and get married and support their families with the child support when they already have a man in their lives. to me thats pathetic and unfair. I believe that if the women lies to get pregnant they do not deseive any child support.
The child support laws need to be changed. There are so many woman that have kids to be able to collect from the fathers. (then want to turn it around on the father being horrible)The person collecting the child support should be responsible for half of the child support. They need to get up off of there lazy butts and get to work.
I completely agree that the person collecting the child support should be held responsible for half of what it cost to support the children financially. I know of to many that sit back and collect the child support and do nothing to contribute financially
I think that if you are current and pay all year you should be able to carry the child on your taxes because you pay all year then they still get to carry the child
Feel it's unjust that support is based on ur total income before taxes I can see based ur ur take home pay . Are paycheck are taxes so much I live paycheck to paycheck as it is .. Not fair the father has to live in a box or get another job ( how can u see ur child when u have to work everyday and a lot of hours to support urself as well .. I understand paying child support I give my son the world . The mother chooses not to work only 2 days a week . I give half my check .. And she wants more . She can work full time collect my money and son in day care . She would be well off on the other hand I have to work 2 jobs to live and I was never married to this woman . It's not fair !!! And to top it off u can't claim the taxes on the money I'm tAxed on for support but she can and it's not considered income for her ? These laws do not make sense . The other parent is an abled bodied young mother . Should not be should have to get a job and contribute equal and the father ( or noncustodial parent ) shouldn't have to live a life of despair if they choose to be part of the working class and be a parent to the child involved . Pls help us good people , good fathers that do the right thing for the child all I ask is for fairness which I know really doesn't exist in today's society ..
My second wife has custody of first wifes child, and I am owed child support, and it's all because of the stutes, and able times to appeal.... My life is ruined because of this.... She has finally adopted this child, in which is not even my child....I had DNA test done.... I am getting squeezed, and refuse to pay.... I am sure I will end up in jail again.... I wish I could sue my lousy lawyer, and the civil court for not allowing me to fight my case....
The child support system is seriously flawed and biased towards the women. The good fathers get unfairly punished because of the few "dead-beat" fathers out there. The system should be calculated on a case-by-case basis since not everyone's situation is the same. We need change NOW!
I am a single mother. I spent 2 1/2 years in a custody dispute and earned physical custody of my son. My son's father has a daughter with another woman before me our relationship. His order is over $500 monthly for his daughter. My order was review and lowered to $249. However, when child support recovery divides the support they credit his $$$ in full to his daughter and I don't receive the full amount I am order to assist with raising our son. What is more upsetting is that his ex's income if over double mine. I work full time hours plus am a full time student. Trying to better my son's life and my own. I just don't understand how this process is fair.
The child support system is beyond flawed.

My fiance has an 8 year old daughter with his ex girlfriend. In 2008, he had a good job as a union iron worker and was paying over $800/month in child support. He then got laid off as there was no work. During this time, they took the maximum amount they could from his unemployment towards his child support, and he still fell behind. He could not pay his bills. His truck was repossessed. Less than a year later, he took a job traveling around the country. He didn't want the job as it took him away from his daughter and myself, but he wanted and needed to work. Seven years and thousands of dollars later, he's finally rebuilt his credit, but still owes almost $4000 in back child support + interest.

This first problem is that amount of child support these mothers are getting is unreasonable. The second problem is that these women are not held accountable for where the money is going. My fiance's daughter complains her underwear is too small and it hurts. They are 2 to 4 sizes smaller than the size she wears at our house. Keep in mind his ex is now paid $600/month in child support. My fiance mentions this to her mother, and that she needs to buy their daughter underwear that fits. Her response, "It's none of your business what I do with that money, and you can't tell me what to spend it on." Keep in mind, she is re-married, recently returned from a vacation, and gets regular manicures and pedicures.

My fiance shouldn't be solely responsible for supporting his daughter, her mother should also be contributing 50% towards caring for her child. That being said, it does NOT cost $1200/month to support an 8 year old. The worst part is that the money is not being used for the child. Something needs to be done.
While I don't think that all women sit around not working, I do think the system is flawed.

Most states combine each parents income to create a financial profile for what the child would grow up with if the parents were together. Then divide each parents income by the combined total to get a percentage of what each parent should be supporting the child by.

Unfortunately, this favors one parent.

People who make smart, mature decisions to have a successful life should not be forced to give away THEIR money to someone else. They should have the right to decide what their income goes too.

The parent receiving the child support does not have to provide proof of payment for anything that the child support is spent on. They are free to spend it on whatever they want. But again, his is not their earned money, why are they granted this? If they wanted extra income, then they should make that income by themselves.

Child support should be based on the average it costs to raise a child per month, then divided by two. Each parent should provide an equal amount of support for the child. Regardless of who makes more. There should not be discrimination against the parent that makes more. There is no discrimination against a parent who makes less, just free rewards.

There are more blended families now then ever. BOTH parents need to provide a room, food, clothing, toys, etc. a their place of residency. Yet, the parent making more money has to give up those items just so the other parent can receive extra child support, to which is never proven if it is actually spent on the child.

Quit discriminating against successful people. Everything should be EQUAL.

Sadly, it is usually he male who has to compromise while the females get everything handed to them.

I am a female and mother of two myself. My ex husband and I split everything equally. I wouldn't have my oldest daughter if it wasn't for him, so why should he suffer? While married, I was a stay-at-home mom. Did I ask for spousal support. Oh no. I got up, got a REAL job and support myself and daughter. We have a shared parenting agreement. Each person pays the child related expenses when they have our daughter. That's how it should be.

Child support laws have discrimination written all over them. So much for equal rights, huh?
I had custody of 3 girls most all of their lives and raised them in one home, very stable environment. The girls mother only paid about 6 months of child support out of 20 years. During my single life while I was raising the girls I became involved with another women. This women only had one thing in mind and that was to get pregnant without my permission. A boy was born and for 10 years I paid support. After 10 years she got family court involved. I was very close to my son until they became involved, ever since my relationship with my son has been non existent. The family court was used by her to collect and keep my son away from me. I am an outstanding citizen never been to jail. I had a business most all of my life until I became disabled. Even with my disability this women gets unfair advantages by the family court system. I have never received back child support from my first wife and this screwed up check collecting women gets every decision her way even though she is making stuff up. This United States family court crap is messing up more families fathers and now i see why men leave when family court gets involved. Fathers never see their kids for good reasons. I am one of them and see very clearly as to why all those fathers decided to leave. I decided to leave and not see my son as much anymore when that family court became involved because I refuse to be treated like a child by the family court decision to listen to a bunch of lies. MESSED UP CHILD SUPPORT LAWS NEED TO CHANG!!
Please help. If not for my mom I would be homeless! Currently on SSDI Child support is being taken from my SSDI. Recently I started a Vocational rehab program and did a 4 day community based assessment and child support sent a with holding order to the agency doing the assessment while still taking child support from SSDI. Not only that but the magistrate approved child support be taken out of my social security before social security made a disability determination. How is making one parents life feel worthless to the best interest of children?
law makers MUST take action here. Why does the non custodial parent have to suffer? I pay child support on time, negotiated with my x through mediation. I still pay back taxes, old debt and on top of it all I assist with other expenses such as child care, braces, karate and dance costumes? To top it all of my x goes bankrupt and I as a joint, and authorized user get charge offs on my credit even as I continue to stay responsible for paying back the debt on time. LETS WAKE UP HERE. Penalize the deadbeats instead of making it a rule????
I'm paying support on two kids. I make ten dollars an hour. I was evicted from the cheapest 1 bdrm apartment I could find. I have been homeless for six years eating off the scraps c.s. so generously let me keep out of my 40 hr. Check. I have been called a deadbeat peice of .... so many times...I'm starting to believe it. So now I just pay and stay away
Women choose to have abortions. Women choose to have children. Responsible adults need to pay for their own choices. Women choose to have children, women ALONE should bear the cost.
I pay $800 a month for a child ive never got to meet.
The money taken from my check for child support should be just as governed as eWic. The parent receiving the child support should not be able to spend it on themselves. it should be for the child. i have seen this personally and then i see where child support does not care what you pay or how much you pay. It seems they always want more. No regard to the fact the you may have bills to pay. it does not matter child support is not benefiting the child or the parents. it puts more men behind bars. for 6 months minimum mandatory. no good behavior nothing. you could have had a job, yet now you have lost it because of what a ungoverned system that is running off out of control.
I didn't want a divorce, my ex walked out. I have to support her even with joint custody. That's right I have to pay child support with joint custody, I make more money and that's why. The system is broken period. Any system that allow someone to enslave anyone is disgusting. I have to support my child and give the ex money to support our child on her time. If the law was fair my son wouldn't have to suffer and my ex would be forced to find work or prove she can't.
My parents took my son away from me. Something I never wanted, they say he was better off with them and I could never give him what they gave him. Now that he's about to turn 18, they want to put me in child support. I lost my son, I suffered greatly. And now, I'm about to stay suffering more.
I am paying child support for state of CA and mother of my child lives in Mexico. Court ordered me to pay almost 20% of my pay as child support plus half of medical expenses and other expenses. This doesn't even make sense, the woman doesn't even live in US and this is a huge amount in country like Mexico. My lawyer tried to plea this in court but the judge wouldn't listen.I mean these laws are meant to just screw with men. On top of that teh child support agency and the mom knows everything about me but I have no clue if her job is really what she claims to be. She said in court that she only makes 500 US dollars per month because n Mexico that's a decent amount but her real income was never verified and because her income is so low I had to pay more money based on child support calculations. These laws have to be rethought and made more fair because some women are making use of them for their advantage.
penalties in child support prevents change from nonpaying parents to paying parents. it restrict you from meeting the basic requirements for employment and does not allow for means to help individuals trying to look for to pay their child support the ability to find employment or increase income. these restriction cause more harm than deterrence. this law should be more rehabilitative than punitive.
This system is absolutely absurd. It is not designed to benefit the children but the women and the state. How can it be about the kids if they never even know where they are. I have both of my children living with me. My son has been with me for 5 yrs yet I have 1/3 of my check taken for child support. Meanwhile, their mother sits at home collecting food stamps and cash assistance for them. By law, she is required to report these changes but never did. These laws need to be more equal. The amount of child support they make you pay leaves no responsibility for the other parent to have to do anything. I pay for insurance but you get Medicaid, etc. i have to work, you get a check. The government needs to be more concerned about how tax dollars are spent.
It's an outrage that society has fairly decent men who are stand up guys that assume the role of their responsibility as well and get screwed by the child support system over a bunch of "hear say lies" some ***** make/made up !! How do I know,because I'm one of these stand up guys getting screwed by child support laws now..reform child support I scream!!!
Ohio child support has illegally been charging me 3 times the amount I can afford and by there own guidelines.I was making $20.00 hour ,but have had 3 back surgeries due to a work accident and I have notes stating from doctors I cannot drive in a bouncy semi for 14 hours anymore and have provided everything required to ohio child support and the courts and review board just act as if they have none of this documentation and as I cant work and my wife is barely keeping our heads above water child support still has me paying 765.00 a month for a guy that cant work and refuses to aknowledge the truth...How can this be legal?They are threatning jail and drivers licence suspensions....how do they get away with this illegal activity..the lawyers and judges all work together to screw you....
should be a law against women who wait ten or however many years against the man who didn't know the child existed or just wait until they need money and just my ex has job lets go get paid so what i waited 15 yrs to get child support
I am a father will primary physical custody of my children. So I don't pay child support. But I don't get any either. The judges are biased and routinely favor women in family legal matters. It has been two years now since I have taken care of the kids on my own. No help from the mother. Yet, she is still roaming free and coming up with excuse after excuse as to why she is not working. She has a doctor in a foreign country writing bogus medical certifocates alleging one medical condition after another. Yet in the meantime mom travels the world and shows or lovely pictures on Facebook and other social networks. I would be in jail by now had I done the same thing. In the meantime, I am a full time single dad providing for my kids, cooking meals daily, taking them to their extra curricular activities, comforting them, and pampering them. WHY ARE THE LAWS AND JUDGES SO BIASED???
My husband works two jobs just to pay $500 in child support each month and to also take care of our current household, while the custodial parent stay with her parents and not work, Every other weekend we have his son and it kills him when Sunday comes around and he's forced to have him home at certain time.
I work hard to support my ex wife's new husband and his gambling problems.
Women get pregnant all of the time, damn I mean it is ridiculous. Me, I was in the Army, met this woman, I will admit that protection was not involved after the first time. So I go to Kentucky for one month. After the second week of being there, I called her only to have her tell me that she missed her period and that she doesn't believe in abortions, so mind that I am Fort Knox, KY. And she is in Frederick, MD. So when I got back from Kentucky, we talk about the situation and then I moved from Alexandria,Va to Frederick, MD with her, while I am still working in Alexandria. I know, what a sacrifice I made only to be tricked by her. She got my name on the birth certificate, (after she delivered the baby, she went into a full blown seizure, going back and forth from the hospital to the house to make sure her oldest son did his homework, ate, and then we were off to the hospital to be there with her) damn, I know what you're thinking. I am a good man, she tells after 3 months that she didn't want to be together anymore. I moved back to Alexandria,VA with a friend. Then 5 months after that , a meeting with ADA in Frederick for child support, maybe I should have gotten a lawyer. So now I feel like I got shitted by her and the ADA. So in 2007 i called her to see if i could bring him down to georgia for the fourth of july and get his school clothes while he was down there with me and then bring him back for school. When i arrived at her house the poice were there in 2 minutes to lock me up for unpaid child support in which I spent 7 days in jail for nothing. Yes my child support was current. Now let me tell you, that******set me back about $1,500 after a weeks pay and $300 to retrieve my car from her impoundind my car from her house after the police asked her if was alright to leave it there until i get the matter at hand resolved and she said yes. Now 6 years later, I am back in Alexandria from Kingsland, GA, he left his mother after maybe years of torment. And yes has been in trouble with the law while with her. And when he came here, he started doing the same thing. As of now, he resides at the Richmond juvenile detention center. After 3 times of trying to get a state paternity test, they denied me without cause. Now since I have been here, they informed me, that since I signed a form stating that I had no other reason to doubt that he was my son. I have not had employment in 4 years. And I am still guessing whether or not if he is really my son! What can I do to find out if he really mine? All she worries about is child support. I understand that you have health issues, but to get pregnant just so you will have money!
Something has got to be done about the way child support is handled. It has to stop being a fixed percentage and more case by case basis. Majority of women (not categorizing all of them) use their children as a way to bring in money for themselves. I have a step son and 2 kids of my own and do not spend nearly as much a month to raise my kids as my husband pays for child support in one month for one child. It's not fair for my kids when we are scraping by because of the high amounts he is ordered to pay. Something needs to be done about this. Stop making it easy for women to live off their kids!!!
Fathers can't be proactive when child support takes so much money that you can't Afford to travel to see your children!!!
My ex wife and I have 3 boys we split custody 50/50 Friday to Friday. She left me got remarried and had another child with her new husband within a year.I sincethe have salso got remarriedand had a new bbaby. I work full time so does my new wife to provide for our family. My ex wife does not work but volunteers her time everyday all week at the school my wife works at while she puts her new child in day care. My ex wife's new husband makes great money and there household income is much more than mine but thanks to Nevada law the go off of my income and her income which she has none. My thought is if you can have a new child you can support your first 3 just fine and if you have time to volunteer you have time to work if she can't provide for the kids I can. That's what's wrong with society screw the working people to support the lazy ones...work hard millions of people on welfare depend on you..
My ex wife and I have 3 boys we split custody 50/50 Friday to Friday. She left me got remarried and had another child with her new husband within a year.I sincethe have salso got remarriedand had a new bbaby. I work full time so does my new wife to provide for our family. My ex wife does not work but volunteers her time everyday all week at the school my wife works at while she puts her new child in day care. My ex wife's new husband makes great money and there household income is much more than mine but thanks to Nevada law the go off of my income and her income which she has none. My thought is if you can have a new child you can support your first 3 just fine and if you have time to volunteer you have time to work if she can't provide for the kids I can. That's what's wrong with society screw the working people to support the lazy ones...work hard millions of people on welfare depend on you..
What about the 1.6 million men paying support for kids that are not the fathers of.
What about the 1.6 million men paying support for kids that are not the fathers of.
The birth certificate should be a contract, if a man signs that proof that he acknowledges that the child is his. Instead of the government attacking the man for a women receiving ad the case worker should investigate and be sure that the man isn't there for the child. Too many men who take care of their kids and/or want to take care of their kids are deprived of it because a woman who is greedy or just cant let go. many lives. have been claimed behind these acts. its time for a new day.

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