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My ex wife and I were placed on child support by my exs grandparents. My ex-wife never made a single payment and went to jail for it. Yet when she went to court, her grandparents dropped her child support and left me stuck paying it. I don't even get to see my daughter yet I have the right to in the paperwork. I'm so broke because of having to pay it that I cannot afford an attorney to help with my case.
Ive been a good father who takes care of my son all my life his mother doesnt work its not fair she doesnt help menow she put me on child support so she can live with her boyfriend
It is destroying lives. I know people that threw there lives away because the system is not fair. Child support reform is needed and fast because it is destroying lively hoods. I was taken to child support because the mother new she could get more money, not because i was not supporting. Yes i was taken to child support for the wrong reasons. Child support is good for the economy and that is why nothing is being done. It is an injustice and dads have to pay to make this country strong again but it is a shame that the government is doing it this way.
lets make it fair. and not an offence that send someone to jail. after all doesn't the constitution prohibit a person from going to jail because they owe money?
There needs to be group strictly for helping guys that are being done wrong by the mother of their child.or the system.
To Connie S. Why in the world shouldn't Married Man pay child support if they have a child with someone outside of his marriage? He is the one who took the vows! Why should the child not be taken care of? Your putting the blame on the other woman and the child! He is the one who messed up, not the child! A Married man should not have to pay child support for his child he has outside of his marriage..Indeed! Sounds like your Hubby has to pay huh? I think the Child Support Laws need to be redone where it is fair to all involved..To many women out there sitting on their behinds when they can be working! and to many Man that won't pay because they feel it goes to the mother and the only one getting hurt is the child! Man, start putting a rain coat on it! Do not take the woman's word for chit! If she says she's on birth control..Say, yup me too! Here's a hint..Woman lie! just as much as man do..once the child is here, I feel it should always be 50/50..She stops working, You stop working and just see how fast she changes her mind..I'm so glad I don't have any child support issues.. Good Luck to you all and God Bless!
Yes I pay child support! But it sucks when the person your paying to lives a life that involves around domestic violence and dangerous drug and live off section 8, but hey the system doesn't care you still gotta pay.
Need to fix child support or just get rid of it.
I Need some help understanding Federal Law on VA Disability not being allowed for child support. My ex husband doesnít need to include his disability in child support BUT his VA disability is counted as income for his bankruptcy. This doesnít make sense. I want to see if there is anything my lawyer is overlooking. I paid his a flat rate for my divorce and since the divorce has dragged on 2 years he wants more money. I canít afford much more. So I am asking for assistance from anyone. Please look though my divorce paperwork and see if there is anything my lawyer can file to help.
Like I said, I have been in a divorce for two years. I got a partial divorce decree on 7 Apr 15 BUT the property got delayed because my ex filed for bankruptcy during our divorce and divorce court needs permission from bankruptcy court to divide the property. (NOTE: I have filed complaints on why it is legal to file for bankruptcy on joint owned property during a divorce. This delay is costing me almost $5000 in lawyer costs.
To make it more insulting, my ex-husband wanted to file for bankruptcy since he did it with his last divorce. Run up all credit cards and stop paying to mortgage and used the money to party and pay for an expensive lawyer to stretch out the divorce. Mike has a guaranteed income that is tax free, so he doesnít care. He threatened to ruin my credit and did it. I wanted to sell the house, but was told I had to wait until final hearing on the divorce because he wanted it. BUT he can file bankruptcy and agree to give the house over to the mortgage company---And this is legal.
To make it more insulting, my ex-husband volunteered as a police Augmentee for almost 3 years. He is not as disabled as he claims. My ex-husband , got 100% VA disability in 2003ó90% then extra for not being able to work due to back injury. Michael got a spinal cord stimulator installed in 2008 paid by Tricare (over $100,000) and was recovered. He didnít want to lose all his benefits ($5077 each month) since he got for his Disability with VA ($3119) and Social Security ($1308) with $450 from SSN for his kids he uses for child support. (His take home pay which is tax free is $4427).
Again, Since he is 100 disabled by VA he got the Judge convinced during the divorce that VA disability is not included in child support. He dragged out his divorce for two year without paying child support while getting VA disability with married benefits.
After getting Spinal Cord stimulator, Mike volunteered full time as Police Augmentee. He wore full police gear, running in and out of police cars and chasing criminals while wearing bullet proof jacket and gun. He worked full time, full hours with the regular police in the Millbrook AL Police Department. He did this for 3 years until filing for divorce (2010-2013). Then took a leave of absence since it looks bad during divorce to claim disability while doing full time volunteer work.
To add insult to the tax pay
The fact the case worker acts on the part of the judge means they are practicing law un constitutional
I pay child support, the biggest problem is obtaining a child support modification in the event a father loses a job and or is forced to take a lower paying job. There is not any money for a father to hire a lawyer for a child support modification after say 25% is taken from the corrupted family court systems and 33% is taken from the sickening IRS and then the father pays the health insurance of the children. The father gets every other weekend with their children and no money for a movie or a nice dinner. The quality time has been crushed by the sickening judges and lawyers. Children don't get emotional bonds with their fathers. Many fathers kill themselves, many fathers flee never to see their children again for fear of 100% jail time. After some digging I found that for every 1 dollar the corrupted state collects the corrupted federal government pays the state 2 dollars. The incentive is not emotional bonding with dad. The incentive is money, They want kids to become stupid and lazy so the scum we call pooliticians can rape and pillage our country and tell us what to do. Name one president white or Black or mixed that did not lie about absolutely everything up until the election. Name one that did not. EVERY SINGLE ONE HAS. Even smarmy sick pedophile judges that don't care about the fathers rights.

By the way 62% of my check is garnished by government agencies - I cannot afford to launch a defense. All the while drunk mother moved in with a millionaire doctor and my kids live in their house.

But oh yea ****ed up US Family Court system I get to see my kids 6 days a month. While the step dad keeps them as dependents since she does not have to work.

What a ****ing lame*****country we live in. Cheaper to just flee and say **** it, maybe my kids would understand someday.

Judges, Pooliticians, Lawyers, I cannot wait until the day that the people rise up and you are all hanging in town squares in your suits and ties. Don't look for the cops to help you- you're ****ing them too.
How are you supposed to make money when they take your drivers license and they do it to insure payment makes no since there needs to be a change.
I get that kids need financial support. All I want is for child support to be deductible from your taxes. How can the government require you to give your income to the custodial parent, after they have already taxed you on it, not allow you to deduct it, and at the same time the custodial parent gets to claim the child as a dependent. That is just blatantly unfair and seemingly evil. I didn't want a kid with her to begin with, and now I have to pay her for 13 more years.....or go to jail. I love the child despite the circumstances because I blame myself for this happening, but it makes me very angry and resentful at times.
There is a problem in the child support system that is breaking us down. It need to be reformed in a real life manner . Child support should not have to make one side of the parents suffer . i went through this with my kids not being able to find her . the moth moving from place to place child is moving from school to school . there is so much i can go on and on. i have so much proof of child neglect against the mother but yet i can't do nothing but spend thousands of dollars for lawyer to take her to court.
I'm 19 years old. My life has consisted mostly of me being lonely and on my own. I was able to get a house for cheap with 5000 down and 500 a month. I Also pay all my bills. Some bills i cant even pay at the moment and im currently behind on my mortgage payment because i had to go part time at my job to continue my schooling and have time to tend to my dogs that i love with all my heart. I am not close to ANY of my family. My oldest brother moved away to focus on his own family. My parents are seperated. Mom moved to Oklahoma and my dad wants nothing to do with my problems because he sees me fully grown. I was able to get a new car through my brother by cosigning me a car too build my credit. The car and the house is my only investment. I got a girl that i dont love pregnant. She travels, parties and does this and that even without a job. She wants to put child support on me when i dont want anything to do with the child or her. Im barely making enough to survive myself and take care of my 3 dogs that i barely get to see anyways. If she does this to me i will lose my investments and i will become homeless and car less because i have no one whats so ever to look after me. Ive been struggling for so long but all for a good reason due to my investments and goals i need to complete to have a stable life. I wanted to pay off my house while building it up so i can rent it out and start buying property. The car was soley for credit. I only make 1400 a month part time. I still have insurance i pay for nearly 2000 every 6 months on my brothers plan. Im paying an sr22 for 115 a month. My phone bill is 100 a month. I am in no postion to pay child support when i can barely support myself. My house isnt even comfortable. Its run down and i have no money to build it up. she told me her self after i explained my case that she has no sympathy for me. Where is the mens rights for a child they do not want. Where is the mens choice. She has a family that will never turn her down. She has loving cousins, best friends, brothers and sisters. Ive never been anywhere outside of missouri. She goes everywhere without real money and responsibility. She will definitely be fine and better off than me in every single way possible...and as far as all the stories ffrom thousands of people goes...in the long run her life will be 10x as "luxurious" than mine will ever be while i suffer trying to maintain from becoming hhomeless and losing everything that i barely have. The law needs to be changed. At least to the point where if you have valid proof of your struggle and or reason, then you dont need to pay child support.
I believe after a mother has two or more children with two or more fathers the support payments should be reduced. It's a scam and although some hard working mothers need the support, others are leeches. I pay $1200 a month for my son who doesn't believe I do enough for him. His mother has 4 other siblings two of which has different fathers. My support pays for her house bills and to support all of them. I think this is insane.
We need reform, in my case for falsehoods submitted on a state form.
Texas, California
I am a mother and was a single mother of 3 kids up until recently. I never received a dime of child support or pushed to receive it. My youngest kid's dad sees her 50% of the time, so why should he pay any support when he does his share. Any activities she has, we discuss it and split the cost. And while that 50% may seem like common sense that he shouldn't pay, it doesn't work that way. If we were to go to court, WA state looks would find it 51% and 49%, and the 49% custodial parent would receive support.

Secondly, the financial guidelines for the person
paying support is ridiculous. My husband is ordered to a fairly decent amount (a few hundred) for his son and does not make much money to begin with. Mind you, this is for his share. They can withhold up to 50% of his wages and up to 60% of arrearages are owed. The state he is ordered combines both biological parents income, has it entered into a table saying for two parents making 'X' amount of money, it costs 'X' amount for a child BEFORE childcare and BEFORE medical costs. Let's throw out some easy, hypothetical numbers here for example purposes. Let's say he makes $10/hr and works 40 hours a week. That is $800 every two weeks BEFORE taxes and just over $600 after taxes. That is about $1,350 a month. Let's say his court ordered amount is $450 a month based on the table suggesting that for the combined income a child in their income level costs $700. (He is making 64% of the combined income). That leaves him around $900 to pay rent, transportation, insurance, utilities, food, and other basis necessities. And this is a conservative amount. Now, most people can't live on $900 a month without some type of assistance. But he can't even get welfare assistance if he needed it because he makes too much money and can't deduct the $450 he is paying in support. Oh, but the mom, she doesn't have to claim $450 a month as income because it is child support. Married individuals or individuals not receiving support can't 'deduct' money in every day situations for each child. Income is income. And I'm sorry, for kids who are school aged, please tell me what is a NECESSITY that is costing over $700, even with sports. Again, this combined support amount is BEFORE childcare and BEFORE Medical insurance. My kids all a very active; we do not receive welfare benefits; they are well taken care of, and I don't spend even $450 every month on them. Some months, like back to school shopping or Christmas, sure, but again, that isn't a necessity. Again that $450 is for one persons share of the combined support amount. So, please, tell me what healthy 7 year old needs at least $700 a month from two parents? Why should one parent live on the verge of extreme poverty? How is it ethical to allow someone to live below minimum wage? Why should the noncustodial parent get to purchase Coach, nice vehicles, live in beautiful homes, get their nails done and have extra money because they have a child?
Where to start! First and foremost child support is clearly a unbelievable mess. I pay child support for four (4) different children on time and have legal joint custody of two of my children! I pay a mortgage, power, and barley can make it to and from work and have to provide for my children out of pocket as well as child support including food, cloths, all holiday birthday expense's and I do not get any public assistance even though I'm barley making it from pay check to pay check. The mother of the two children does not work, gets medic aid, food stamps has another man paying all her bills while she sits at home on her lazy A** doing nothing, and now trying to get more child support from me and buying the other mans 2 baby's stuff with my children's child support the list goes on and on.....Child support laws should and needs to be changed as legal joint custody! their should be no child support for either parent as both parents should be equally responsible the child/ren....after all it does take two people to make the baby right?! The parent paying child support shall have the option to see all receipts that the child support money is being spent on as it was their money that parent worked hard only to be taken from the corrupt government and their messed up system. Child support needs to come up with a lot better system when it comes to how the child support money is being spent well like mothers getting their nail's and hair done on child support money ne of my sons mom even got a nose and breast job on my sons child support money! that should have never happened......I also feel that any parent receiving child support and not working should only receive $50.00 a month per child. And in todays world their are so many licensed child that take even newborns and welfare will pay for child care so their is no reason a parent collecting child support can not work a least by the child's age of one (1) year.
im only bringing home $58
No more jail time for child support.
This law that takes tax dollars away from hard working Americans and hands them over as child support is a HUGE ENABLER for women, especially those who are in poverty already, to have MORE children and perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Some women who should not be mothers purposefully have more kids so that they don't have to work.
My husband pays so much in child support for one child from a previous relationship that we can barely support the children we have. I'm all for him supporting his son, but my children matter. I can't say it enough. MY CHILDREN MATTER, THEY DESERVE TO BE SUPPORTED. I am tired of feeling like my children take a back burner because they do not have a court order. it's ridiculous. Child support should be ordered whenever the father is unable to care for the child, not when a gold digging mother moves her child half way across the country in order to recieve child support and very little visitation to the father.

These incredibly sexist laws need to stop. Good father's are being robbed of their money, and of their children.
I can agree with this except it's not just women...y ex husband is doing this to me and I can't afford to live on my own... I have lived with family until I remarried... cause he is to lazy to get a real job...
I was just ordered to pay double the support order I have been paying recently. The judge asked the mother(she-Devil) does she want the entire 17% she\'s entitled to. Of course she says yes, I have three other children and a wife of 11 years. The judge asks me about the number children I have and ages. Yet he stills orders me to pay $850.00 per month. I know my childs mother (she-devil) is not paying $850.00 to support our child. It should be 50/50. This is so lopsided and it seems no one cares. The amount of money used to fund some of the mothers is beyond a travesty. You know some are abusing this and spending the money on personal things. My child told me she did not know I sent her money monthly, wow! I told her everything the money I sent and for how long I have been doing so. I feel the law needs to change and be more fair, if it were women being done this way changes would be made.
I was just ordered to pay double the support order I have been paying recently. The judge asked the mother(she-Devil) does she want the entire 17% she's entitled to. Of course she says yes, I have three other children and a wife of 11 years. The judge asks me about the number children I have and ages. Yet he stills orders me to pay $850.00 per month. I know my childs mother (she-devil) is not paying $850.00 to support our child. It should be 50/50. This is so lopsided and it seems no one cares. The amount of money used to fund some of the mothers is beyond a travesty. You know some are abusing this and spending the money on personal things. My child told me she did not know I sent her money monthly, wow! I told her everything the money I sent and for how long I have been doing so. I feel the law needs to change and be more fair, if it were women being done this way changes would be made.
I'm paying $1200 monthly for child support. It's not just the mother getting over, but the caseworker over the cases. The caseworker are normally females that has been hurt by males, and this is the way they are able to get back even. They have it broken down that the males are paying 63% of the support for the child but it should be even percentage from both parents. It's sad that we are taxpayers and getting rape again from the system with high child support. These are unfair acts from the system and need to be revised. On top of paying $1200 monthly, and they want me to carry health insurance. That's an additional couple $100s. How is this fair at all?
My fiance is struggling with a child support order of about $350 a month we can't afford because his ex refuses to get a full time job to stay on government benefits,and the court wouldn't listen. (We make slightly over minimum wage)

Because apparently it doesn't matter if we have joint legal custody and placement. We have to pay for our time and hers... and "variable costs" no matter how ridiculous it is with no proof that she needs it.

And it doesn't matter that she let her last apartment get so disgusting, they had to replace the carpet due to cat urine, or that she let her boyfriend smoke in the apartment when her child has asthma.

All that matters is the money.
These laws make me sick and hurt the people they're supposedly trying to help. Unbelievable.
What happens if I want to have children?
My husband pays over $2,300 per month between child support and alimony. He lives off $450.00 bi-weekly after her portion is taken out. How is this fair? Oh, and did I forget to mention that his ex wife works a full time job. My husband also has to pay the medical bills after they reach a certain amount, plus he holds the health insurance on the children!!! Major changes need to be made, this is ridiculous!!
I have nothing left after child support takes all my money I have two other kids with my wife but they don't care if I'm able to take care of them I feel terrible that my wife has to work everyday to make sure our rent is paid and that we have food on the table I wish I could help her out but I can't My kids Mother gets all my money & she doesn't work shes living off the government I'm scared I'll get locked up and My wife will lose her job then what will we do so I just work & let them take everything I pray things get better for me & My family
Women need to start working and stop abusing the income of the father. How many women can get pregnant with 4 different men and file child support and live the life? Mistreat the children and buy them dollar store food abd clothes from a thrift store while getting plastic surgery...new clothes for themselves and neglect the child's needs. This needs to be addressed immediately as this is effecting many families out there especially those that have nothing left for their own new children abd marriages. Women need to start working for their children.
My husband has to pay child support & they take almost everything that he has he can't even take Care of the two kids that we have and they don't care why is it OK for her to Not work and get all types of assistance food stamps section 8 SSI & child support she doesn't take care of her kids the government dose this isn't far SMH
We have 6 kids, 2 of which are not mine but my husbands from previous relationships. We just found out Florida upped his child support on his oldest a year ago. They never told us. Then they told us that the other 5 children (one of which is a court ordered support case as well) are secondary to the oldest and have no affect on how he has to pay for him. So basically, it'll just keep going up every 3 years if the mother decides. So he pays $700 for one child a month on a $14.75 an hour job. Then they wonder why paying parents default or start working under the table. Mind you the mother has no other kids, no job and lives at home with her parents. Where is her portion of the support? Child support needs a complete restructuring. He only brings home $300/wk and now they want more? Yet te papers DOR sends us it says they can only take 50% of ur take home pay. Yet, they take more and base or off gross not take home. The left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing!
My son was 14 when he impregnated a young lady 18 years old we didn't find out about the baby being born for over 5 years because she tested numerous men before having my son tested. They now say my son has to pay this women or risk going to jail. I feel these women need to understand that they shouldn't be having sex with everybody and then they are rewarded for doing just that. Don't make child support mandatory CHILD SUPPORT IS DESTROYING FAMILIES. More men would be with their children and not in prison coming home as felon's so when they get out they can't get a job that supports their family. This system is severely broken. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO FIX IT DO IT.
There should be a cap on child support. It's a total rip off. The system is a scam and goes against a non custodial parent's constitutional rights.
I have to pay 950 for my son I want to be there for him see him and be a good father but I think it's crazy that I have to pay 950 for child support
Custodial parents should be held accountable for where the child support is spent and why .
Custodial parents should be held accountable for where the child support is spent and why .
It's a shame a person on disability has to pay child support for 4 kids out of his check and the mother has a high paying job paying nothing. It should work both ways, half and half a man did not make a baby alone.congress need to address this law and stop punishing mens for this THING call child support another name for ATM machine. RIPOFF!
It's a shame a person on disability has to pay child support for 4 kids out of his check and the mother has a high paying job paying nothing. It should work both ways, half and half a man did not make a baby alone.congress need to address this law and stop punishing mens for this THING call child support another name for ATM machine. RIPOFF!
If a man has a couple of felony convictions HE IS IN TROUBLE FINDING WORK IN CORPORATE AMERICA. How then, can this man make child support payments and why then, would he be incarcerated for being unable to do so. sounds like modern day slavery to me. IF you can't squeeze blood from a stone, then why pay to have the stone locked up at the taxpayers expense, only to release him back into the world that sent him there to begin with? I thought there were no debtors prisons in America. Has anybody ever heard of the concept of CATCH22??????
I've had my son living with me for the past year while still paying child support.the broward county child support office is a joke I spend 3 to 4 hours on the phone with these people trying to get help and all they do is give me the run around,i cnt afford an attorney and my ex just so happens to work for one and has a few friends that work at the child support office in broward county fl(the one on commercial blvd) needles to say I cant win!all I want is for the courts to be fair and lower the amount taken from my check since I have my son with me .it is caused me my marriage and pretty soon I will have to send my son back to his mother and live out of my car.if anyone else is having the same problem with broward county florida please post!its time to stop this abuse !not all fathers are deadbeats the ones that are making an attempt to make things right should not be treated like criminals!!SOMEONE HELP!!!PLEASE!!
I have two children, both from different mothers and I only get to see one of them. I pay out $600 in child support a month and live paycheck to paycheck so there is no way that I can get enough money together to go to court and get visitations with my second child. On top of that, both mothers have no jobs and live off of the child support that I provide. The laws that govern this system are outdated and obsolete.
I agree, check out California alimony reform dot org. By doing away with these retaliatory tactics, we can make equality true, where the lower earner does not stay at home like you have stated.

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