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I could go on and on about the unfair child support ways and laws. I am totally getting screwed over bad. If you want a full story ill be more then glad to tell it, just to much to type.
Agreed if a man can go to jail for not supporting there children so should women. The laws should be equally distributed no matter what. I'm going through this now and I think if the other person (man or woman) can not support there kids and and at the least work 25 hours a week the parent that can should have legal custody of the child as long as that parent is also fit to raise the children
I stand with and support all men out there that want nothing more than to be Daddy. The laws and regs are unjust and unfair. The person receiving the support should held to the same level of resonsibility with visitation going uninterrupted per the court order. Children are not pawns to be used in the game of life. The system needs to be fixed. I know good men who all they want to is be the Daddy they dreamed to be to their children.
My ex, who I was not married to, share one daughter. This individual makes almost just as much money as I do (~$60K per year). However, I am having to pay $650 per month plus $200 a month of daycare; for a total of $850 dollars. I do not think our 3-year old daughter goes through $650 in costs per month. There is no accountability in the current system that requires any parent to actually log the actual expenses for the child(ren).
The system is unfair. If one parent chooses to better themself by getting and education and therefore being able to make more money, the parent that chooses to stay at home or work part time should not be "entitled" to more money. When parents don't pay copays, medical bills, etc, the other parent unknowingly gets sent to collections because they are listed as the insurance carrier. The other alternative is to try and go to court, which costs thousands. It's unfair.
The system is broken and a fraud. How can the government enforce laws on one of the parents but not the other? How can the government enforce laws against the payer and then turn around and say that it's a civil matter when asked to enforce laws against the payee? CSS is a corrupt government agency and needs to be reformed.
I am a mother of a 9 year old boy. I agreed to a $300 a month child support payment with my ex. $300 is more than enough to feed my son, or buy him clothing if he needs it (kids don't need brand new clothes every month). My ex takes our son every other weekend and once during the week. It would not be morally right to ask for more $ from my ex. Yes, we made a baby togetger, but we aren't together. He doesn't owe me anything and vice versa. He has a house of his own and I have a home. We both have our own jobs that put a roof over our son's head. WE feel that the $300 a month payment is fair because our son is in my home for more meals. It makes the most sense. Why should my ex have to pay anything more? He provides just as much as I do. The system is so flawed and is the reason for so much hate in this country. These single mothers are having multiple children only to collect a check. It's not right. The Child support laws and Welfare are both so corrupt. When is a change going to be made?
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Why is child support always on the woman's side.it not fair that us as fathers suffer.while the other x partner.living like a queen.ridiculous1500 a month.while the other has 2 more child support checks coming in.and to top it off with new man working.that makes good money,i've been paying child support for16 years and never missed a payment.so all that time my whole new family has to suffer.a woman has it made.!!!.what makes it worse is we got divorced because she got pregnant from someone else.while I was away pertecting our country.!!!.and what else is sad, is that why is it that when a woman doesn't show up for mediation 3 times.they always set back the appointment.but if the father misses one time.the attorney General gives them what there asking for.this is America, but the government is so messed up.same thing as the law,if a woman just says the man put his hands on her the man goes straight to jail with no proof, but when the man calls the law and tells the law she put her hands on me.the officer tells the man he's got to leave his own house.us as reall fathers,and men.have no rights!!!!
Too many moms playing the baby Lottery
I'm paying $1,100 a month for a child that lives in Indiana how is that fair? This system is extra broken Interstate child support is a scam it basically makes me a Slave.
Why not base child support of of a 40 hour work week? Overtime is not promising and depends on the work available. By basing pay off of overtime causes the non custodial parent to possibly miss payments and go to jail. Doesnt make sense! Just base it fairly..
Its unfair to include overtime pay as income when overtime pay is not promising and changes daily which causes the non custodial parent to break there necks to avoid jail time. Why not base it off of a regular 40 hr work week...not fair.
I have to pay $500 monthly and haven''t been able to talk to my kids for almost 3 years. This has to stop. Its unfair.
I have one child and my ex-spouse has one child yet I have to pay her support until the child she has in her custody turns 21. That's fair!!!
I am high functioning, law abiding, rule following citizen. I have worked extremely hard for everything that I have. I entered the National Guard after my divorce (which was the reason the judge gave my ex full custody) and used that to put myself through college while working full-time and raising a family. My ex continued to have 3 more children all from different fathers. She now gets child support from 3 fathers and social security benefits from a deceased husband. She just bought a brand new truck and is now threatening to raise my child support. If she does it will ruin us financially. How is is gross income a basis for child support? I don't bring home nearly what my salary is. How does someone who never works get rewarded for my hard work? My ex also has a slew of other problems that I couldn't even begin to describe. Child support is draconian and punitive. It literally leads people to suicide. My Christian faith is the only thing that keeps me from falling off of the tiny ledge that I am currently on. This country is so broken and headed down an even darker path than we are currently on. My family lives very modestly. We have a 10 year old house that we got a great deal on. We have older used vehicles with fairly high mileage. We have no boats, campers, four-wheelers, or other toys. We have no credit card debt and are very frugal. We rarely splurge on anything. On top of that we don't make enough to even save for retirement. If we are hammered with child support we will most likely lose the little life that we have built. I will do everything in my power to make up for the income loss before I just give up. I will most likely get a night job until I can secure a promotion or move to a whole different job, but my current wife and children don't deserve a life like that. I barely get to see them as it is, but this would completely eradicate my home life. On top of that, I will have to maintain my physical standards for the Air Force to avoid being separated. I have never been more scared in my life of losing everything that I have worked for. I understand that my child is my obligation, but it should not be to the point that it makes me destitute. I can sympathize with people who give up and quit working (and eventually even commit suicide). There is no way to fight this problem. I can only sit back and watch as my life crumbles around me. Please help non-custodial parents. I realize that deadbeats do exist, but we aren't all the monsters that society portrays us to be. I have so much more to voice, but not enough time to get it all out. I will continue the good fight.
I get the idea of child support, but don't understand why the parent without the children has to suffer. It does not take $250/wk to raise a child! States should consider what the noncustodial parent makes AFTER taxes and all the costs it takes to just be able to live on a regular basis. We don't have cable, Internet, a car with less than 250,000 miles (yes! 250,00)0) or health insurance for starters. We both work and so does the custodial parent. Come on! We supported 2 kids for years without any support from the other parent, now the other parent has them due to a grave misjudging from our court! The kids are now 12 hours away from us after living here for 14 years. So how can we even afford to go see them?!? It takes 2 parents to raise kids, but the courts are keeping that from happening. Court systems do you have any idea how hard it is to not be able to buy a birthday gift for your child? Or to not see them for months on end after tucking them in bed every night? How can a judge go home at night and sleep knowing they played a part in destroying a relationship between a parent and child? So please court system make it reasonable for all parties involved. Our kids depend on it!!
My husband has 2 kids with his ex wife. We have 50/50 joint custody . We now have a daughter together. She took him back to court for more child support even though we agreed on $1200 a month. For the first 4 years after the divorce we paid half of EVERYTHING!! His ex wife and her new husband and I were great friends. Boating, BBQ\'s, throwing boys birthday parties ... spent every holiday together even sleeping at each other\'s house for Christmas. We did this for their sons so they would be comfortable and not be affected by the divorce. The boys go to private school. Play sports, go to summer camps.. And we payed half. We payed half of Halloween costumes. We paid half of the elaborate birthday parties she had.. We paid half of the birthday cake. We would pay half of the boys Christmas presents.. On and on and on. Then her and I had a blow out 2 years ago and that was over. But we still continued paying half. None of that was ordered by the court.. That\'s just how we did it.. For t
he boys. She just took him back to court.. LYING to the judge that we never did anything or payed for anything. We had proof of everything we have done. Well... The judge did not care nor looked at our proof that she was lying.. Her husband makes more than my husband and she makes half of what my husband makes. She don\'t need it. It is totally out of spite. Her and her husband have a son that is the same age as my daughter. He plays sports etc. She is also going to put him in private school. The judge ordered us to pay $1450.00 a month now. I do not work because I stay at home to take care of all 3 kids. Now, we can\'t pay all of our bills.. Don\'t have the money to put our daughter in any sports etc. There is no way that we can afford to put her in private school.. We have NEVER missed a child support payment .. The judge did not care about our situation nor our lifestyle . He increased our child support AND ordered us to pay half of sports still .. School uniforms supplies etc. An
d he based child support on our monthly gross... Not net.. We had to take a 401k loan to pay for the first divorce that we have to pay back out of his check every 2 weeks.. What can I do??? We are in financial ruins because of this and need someone to listen and help not just us but do all good parents that are in these kind of situations
Toggle navigation Here's a preview of your letters to Congress. Review and send below. Edit letter July 27, 2016 Dear President Obama: Dear Representative Heck: Dear Senator Reid: Dear Senator Heller: I hereby petition the necessity of child support. We as Americans have the rights to be free and not burdened by debt and have the right to pursue happiness and free liberties as Americans. It is disgusting to know that a American court with no legal jurisdiction over a free man has any say in how much someone should pay for there children. Instead of basing it on income there should be a set standard the same way there is for any government assistances. Judges and lawyers want ridiculous fees and are to quick to pick men out and use there kids as leverage. I feel there is lack of respect and lack of accountability from the court in this matter and find it hard to believe a lawyer aka officer of the court has the best interest of anyone but themselves and there check books. To get any i
Renee Foley
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July 27, 2016

Dear President Obama:
Dear Representative Heck:
Dear Senator Reid:
Dear Senator Heller:

I hereby petition the necessity of child support. We as Americans have the rights to be free and not burdened by debt and have the right to pursue happiness and free liberties as Americans. It is disgusting to know that a American court with no legal jurisdiction over a free man has any say in how much someone should pay for there children. Instead of basing it on income there should be a set standard the same way there is for any government assistances. Judges and lawyers want ridiculous fees and are to quick to pick men out and use there kids as leverage. I feel there is lack of respect and lack of accountability from the court in this matter and find it hard to believe a lawyer aka officer of the court has the best interest of anyone but themselves and there check books. To get any information on how child support figures are figured I am told to hire and attorney? I don't need an attorney to read for me and refuse to hire one to do so for me. I feel it is our civic duties as Amer
icans to stand up for the wronged and make it right for everyone. Nowadays more and more women are getting better jobs and in my situation I have my child over 50 percent of the time and still pay child support. Where's the figure for that the state refuses to show. There is SO much more to this story that I could go on forever. Our daughter will not have the privilege that the boys have and her new son has. The increase is also affects the boys lifestyle at our house because we can't afford anything . We need help. We really don't want to file for bankruptcy .. We owe money to credit card companies.. Our own medical bills, the birth of our daughter etc and we will do not want to do that to these places. We owe them
Child Support is an extortion.
My husband's X had, had a continous affair with my husband's childhood best friend. My husband's childhood best friend lives till this day in front of my husband's fathers house. And my husband's X lives in front of her parents house. The affair & continuous affair took place at the X's location. So, both families new she had this affair going. So, she kicked my now husband out and moved the the childhood best friend in. The child was a new born baby. The X committed adultery. Because she knew my now husband did not love her, did not want to marry her, and she was suppose to be on the pill or shot. So she became pregnant on purpose to entrap him. But when she kicked him out THE X made it seem as if the child was not his.The X has 2 girls whom she gets child support for at the time the adultery occurred from another man or men. Not sure per X has many sleeping partners. So, 15 years later she decides she is going to file for Child Support. Who does that? My husband did not sign anything. The court did not verify , nor the attorney general office. The X said in court that she was paying $200 in medical for this child. I had my husband call to the insurance company and they said there was no active insurance. My husband submitted to the attorney generals people his pay check amounts and from there to the judge hands it just seemed to disappear. They used my husband old salary. The X lied in court about the insurance to get more money and she lied that my husband told her that he was going to take care of the child. Why would he tell the X that when she was committing adultery and the X herself didn't even know who the father was.
My husband has been going to court and she doesn't show up because she is afraid of going to jail for providing false information and the judge making a decision on false information.
The X has also failed to let my husband pick up child. We called the police out multiple times and she would never be at her house at the dates and time scheduled by court order. The 1st time we were on the way to pick the child up my husband texted her to give the X a courtesy text just to let her know that we were on the way. We showed the text and voice recording to police officer. The X also failed to provide my husband with the child's information like the school. My husband was not able to pick up from school according to court order because the X would not give him anything.
The X took a letter to the Child Support Office stating that my husband was aggressive. So, when the X did not show up to court the Attorney general thru that in. My husband said aggressive to who. I don't even know the child. I seen him when he was new born. The X literally throws her child to a man she don't know when she is signing the court order for money. My husband was ordered to pay $1100.00 a month. That's an average of a household income. My husbsnd has filed a motion. The X does not go to court because she is in de
I don't think it is fair for these men now days paying so much out in child support that they get a second job to try and make a living especially if they have another family to support so they can have money but then they get a second job and that is taking for child support to while the ex wife sit on her butt at home and gets child support from two different dudes so she ain't got to work these laws need to change for these men!!
im 28years old my wife cheated and im stuck paying her for her choice to leave this relationship. im a great father to my little girl were on 50/50 custody and yet I pay her 400 dollars a month and pay a 650 a month medical insurance for my little one not to mention 50 percent of daycare 50 percent of school supplies and activities while her mom just bought a cabin and a house with her new man and i cant even afford my own apartment anymore And im living with my fiancť parents because the state thinks her mom needs the money why do us good fathers on 5050 custody have to pay them anything im fine with everything split down the middle but she should have to pay me half the medical insurance and I dont give her mom any monthly child support its a unfair system and cripples dads from having the money to take there kids out. I love my little girl and do everything i can to take her places yet her mom gets to shine brighter because she's got all this extra money floating around.
It should be against the law for a parent to apply for child support and enable the government to have support rights over their children. Many are ignorant to the unjust, bondage, division this causes among families. Child support is not in the best interest of children if the parent providing for the child is in danger of losing rights and privileges. This is a unlawful way for the state to capitalize due to the lack of unity among adults.
If you're serious about child support reform then please sign the following petition:

I now pay $220 a month for my teenage son, but I have paid as much as $600 a month when my child was in grade school. To top it off, I was living below the poverty line at that time. It was very difficult but I made it through (on my own I might add) so can any custodial parent. My son is a good kid (honor roll student, works a PT job, never been arrested, etc) so my ex and I have done a good job co-parenting. However, I know that if the money stopped coming then the claws would come out she would take everything Iíve worked so hard to get. Worst of all, she would also take my son from me and that would break both of our hearts. As for what she spends her money on, itís nothing different from the other comments. She buys a brand new car every two years and has a four BR house that she lives in with her husband. To be honest, I could care less what she buys. What bothers me is I give her the money but my son doesnít have enough to cover school activity fees and I end up paying it so he doesn't get dropped from his classes.
Letís face it, the only reason we are paying child support is because we want to avoid legal costs, garnishments and prison. You lose a custody battle and itís almost as if you are on parole until your kids turn 18 (or 19 in my state). I havenít done anything wrong! It is my human right to be in my childís life and thatís what makes the child support laws unconstitutional.
This law is an insult! Unless the monies spent by these greedy overzealous xxxxx's & females are better monitored & documented. This law & system will remain broken just like Congress itself!
No court ever asks if I love & get too see my child!
Here in MN DHS finds it funny to set you in default then pull the "We can take 85% of your income to pay the balance."
Need to update outdated child support laws!!

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We take care of my step son since he was 1 she would go out andshe leaves him home with us all week after work 8pm she picks him up and drops him off again at 7am... We put him in school his first two years took him to dr stayed with us 3days of the week and every other weekend and yet she asked for more child support she has a new car house i dont think it fair that she takes all my husbands check he has two more kids with me and my kids never get anything cause shes taking everything and we still have them for more than a year....
no woman shall stay home! this is boredom all right!
MY son, WHOM I the father pay child support for . just before VET came to our home to put to rest our german shepherd , who had not been able to walk for a month and 1/2 was comforted cared for 24/7.
MY son & i went to the bank & he proceeded to ask teller for cashiers check for the amount of $18,788 dollars, He is only 21 years old . & somewhat aware of CS situation. After a very sad putting to rest our dog . HE came to me ready to close my child support case . NOTE the mother could have closed the case WITHOUT costing her a dime , WHO in there right mind would be willing to cancel free MONEY. "GOTA LOVE FREEDOM " our son asked his mother several times she could close case for nothing . HER REPLY i dont know what ur talking about .
THIS was his money he saved . I AM very sorry to say MONEY cannot bring back the LOVE & JOY our dog Pupperdillis had given to us. IF NOT for my son i would had to deal with child support till i Died.
I raised my son to do what feels right depended on who , why , and outcome.
AND to never Take even though u may or may not be welcome.
I have 2 kids . my ex finds out i have a new girlfriend she files child support on me. Taking half of my paycheck. Im not a deadbeat dad. I take care of my kids
The Mother of my step daughter uses her child support for fancy vacations, a $65,000 SUV and lives in a 3,000 square foot house with horses and a barn. She buys her new in laws vacations, cars etc. while her father in law drinks his way through life and her new husband physically and mentally abuses my step daughter. But, if we don't pay she with holds us seeing our daughter. Now she's threatening taking my husbands drivers license and contractors license. Something should be done about this. My husbands ex makes $40,000 a year in child support. TAX FREE. How unjust is that? I raised my 3 by myself with no child support. Something has got to be done!
This law unfair to parents with regret that the Government that issued unfair decisions for parents to spend on children must be equitable between father and mother that the children's decision support something heartbreaking watching every father's future in promote itself financially, and the sad thing is every father's future end in a country like the United States characterized by freedom and equity. every man's future has become an absolute exhibition of future collapse and breakdown who finds his parting from his family until he became every man compelled Duty parenting. so I demand absolute wife grants part of material responsibility
I absolutely agree that women should have financial responsibility and at least a partime of six hours when their children are in school. I'm divorced twice and I have three kids. Always my financial responsibilities were 50/50 with my ex husband. For me knowledge is power and that helped me to raise up my children.
Best interest of the children is time spent with both parents, not sending the non custodial to jail for enforcing the money transfers.
ruling and you say that to me? Did you at any point (after getting that boyish man hating haircut) take into factor that the kids would be with me 50% of the time? You just took my means of protecting and properly raising the Part 2
kids so she can sit around and do literally nothing.. ("well, I gave birth to them, that is why you pay me") LOL. Maybe we should stop all these petitions and start a movement bigger than any other...
Here is one for you. When my ex and I split, I was obligated to $379 per week, per the child support mediation. My ex and I agreed to $250 per week considering I was making just over $60k per year. I have 3 children with her. I have a court ordered agreement for 50/50 custody (which in my opinion should not still warrant the primary and secondary classification, it should just be equal) and I had to move in with my parents for 3 years in order to get back on my feet. Over time, I have increased my gross income and can now, sort of eek by with a semi-normal lifestyle. We are all plagued by bills but I am $1000 in the whole at the beginning of each month due to child support. Now I ask you, do you think that since my oldest son , whom now lives in Hawaii (Army station) and is emancipated, my daughter whom now lives with her mother because I was too overbearing and her mother let her do whatever, whenever with her boyfriend, and now the youngest son, whom now lives with me, do you think if I (the man in this scenario) went back to court and pleaded with the judge that now that its basically split right down the middle for dependents, that he/she would consider child support null and void? C'mon, lets be realistic... Please consider that my daughter buys all her own clothing, pays for her own gas, pays a portion of her phone bill (on her mothers plan) and pays her share of the increase to add her to her mothers car insurance. So, basically, she pays almost her entire way and her mother gets tattoos, piercings and takes vacations whilst trying to feed their large dogs... So sad to read all of these petitions. We all have the same story, just worded differently and most stories are such low life stories, forced upon us by the court system. I feel for the women who have to get 2 jobs to take care of their kids while the dad is a no show. However, if the father is there putting in 50% and you think you deserve more of his money, I think a 2nd job should be mandatory for the woman to get. If you are able bodied, I should not be supporting you. I should not have to spend 2/3rds of every day trying to provide a nice home for my ex-wife to present for my kids while I struggle to pay for a low income apartment that the kids have to share a room in. You know what is sad and literally makes no sense whatsoever? In my mediation, I explained the bills I had, explained how I was forced to move in with my parents so I could save to get my own place, that I had to claim bankruptcy to get back to ground zero because of her, that I had to forfeit my truck, my mode of transportation to work, that my kids had to watch me pick up the pieces of a broken man and the judge said this to me "I don't care if you live with your parents and drive a jalopy, as long as the kids are provided for" Seriously? I mean, you have a degree. You went to college and graduated and were sworn in as a judge because the local county deemed you competent enough to judge people with unbiased rul
It has been my observation that too many custodial parents are using the child support money for their own personal use. Any person receiving 700 a month on top of their own salary should be able to afford to send their kid to a private school, to pay for special extra curricular activities, and such. Instead, I see the child constantly asking the non-custodial parent for more material things such as clothes and shoes while the custodial parent is going out to dinner every night and splurging on expensive purses. Meanwhile the custodial parent's family is barely getting by. This is truly unfair.
It's one thing to collect child support based on a formula but to collect it from gross annual? Hard working people already have their checks cut in half due to insurance and taxes. Cut that in half again for child support and what will they eat with? Or support their other family with?
If the father is required to pay child support, fine. As long as the custodial parent is also working to improve their child's life even more instead of sitting at home all day not doing anything. Last I recalled, it was called child support not mommy and child support.

And for those on welfare, they have an unlimited amount of resources to either get an education or support finding a job. No excuses unless you are diabled. If you are able to work, do it.

Child support also shouldn't have to increase just because the other parent is makig more. He's probably trying to make more to support another family he has. The court system needs to put into consideration the fact that a father may have other kids to support. If all his income goes to his first child while that mother does nothing, it is completely unfair to the father and his second family who are working multiple jobs just to survive and provide for their own family.
Let's be reasonable with child support and not just look at one parents income/situation.
If you're serious about child support reform then please sign the following petition:

I firmly believe that fathers who pay child support should have more rights and that the mothers shouldn't be able to have their case reviewed everytime the father gets a pay raise, i think when kids live long distance it shouldn't be solely the fathers duty to travel to get them, it took two to make them it should be a divided equally responsibility on both parts.I believe that no matter how old the child is or becomes if the father or mother owes back support that it should be paid to them.
I agree, my ex hasn't had a real job in 14yrs. If you have children both should work once the kids start school.
I had my house, all belongings, and car taken from me. They are now garnishing my disability pay for moneys owed and all children are adults now. What is the logic behind this and I have to pay interest higher than the worst credit card. Its a wonder why some lose it over these issues. She got the whole planet and all I have is my BONES. That real just..............
I do not agree with some of the statements in the petition but I do agree that there needs to be drastic change in the child support laws. Our government seems too have broken down Our family structure by job creation and trying to put both parents to
work and paying to have a baby sitter coming to the home. It's difficult for a family with two working parents to support the household little owned one person. I was a single mother of four children my ex-husband was requested us to pay child support he went to court and was ordered to pay $40 a month for 4 children mind you while I was working One of my children got into trouble and was put in placement. I was orderd to pay child support which is fine but when i couldent pay it
all they suspended my driver license and threaten me with legalities. They did reinstate my license after i told them i was going to quit my jobs and go collect walfare.
i agree with this indiviual,i also feel that it is wrong to add interest to child support like its IRS bill. child support should automatic stop when i child turn 18 years of age, are if the child drop out of school
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My husband is paying out almost 2,000 a month in child support. he had to quit his job because child support was taking everything and he was coming home with $20 pay checks which made it to where he wasnt able to afford to get back and forth anymore and we are not able to afford our home and to feed the 2 children in our home. Its just crazy that people can run your life like this while woman just sit back and collect. my husband is so stressed out about it he talks about taking his own life. no matter how many times he ties to explain to the court he is trying and its just way to much money they dont seam to care.
Agreed. I am a married mother of two and agree strongly. A child should not be meal ticket. It is the responsibility of both parents to financially support a child. The child support system is a disaster and so many women have children simply so they don't have to work. What kind of example is this? Mother's receiving child support should absolutely be required to maintain employment. We also shouldn't reward fathers that pay to support their children with poverty. The system is sexist and a disaster for the community in general.
a month. Pretty nice right? I'm so blessed because all things are possible with God and I most certainly pray for his guidance and strength every night. People need to stop using their children as pawns....My hats are off to all you dads here going thru the struggle. Remember to put God first and he will definitely see you thru....Karma is real and believe me they will not get away with it.
My ex wife does not work, is completely healthy to do so. Does not pay rent and now her partner lives with her and hasn't reported it to the housing that someone is living there, while I'm paying real bills and can barely pay my rent while half of my check goes to my kids for child support! I give her 670 dollars a month for child support! Every two weeks i get paid only bringing home 335 dollars! I'm almost homeless. This is forcing me to find another job and leave my ministry at church after she was the one who cheated on me from the beginning. Ridiculous and unfair! I barely have groceries to live on!
I am a custodial parent with a 16 year old son. My childs father has an arrearage of over 46,000K. I agree with a lot of what you fathers are saying on here. I do not think that the laws are fair, no I do not need 1/3 of the non-custodials parent paycheck to raise my child but assistance is needed. I have seen my friends collect 1000s a month and they aren't even satisfied. I have male friends who pay support and the moms live at home with parents and don't work or they try everything they can to get more money knowing that he is doing the best he can verses nothing so I feel your pain. But it's the ones who right out refuse to pay - duck and dodge for years as in my case. I asked for 75$ a week (that's all) and that was to help with day care and his food for school, etc which was approximately 340 each a month between the two of us at the time. After daycare he would have been going to school and the support could be reduced fairly. But no.....I'm being greedy etc. etc. So I had to file because I couldn't take the lies, promises and excuses anymore. The court ordered exactly what I asked for almost 342.00 a month. I'm living in my own apartment, taking care of myself, paying my car, etc. etc. While he lives at home with parents, no car, no rent nothing, not even a credit card bill, not that that is important but when people live at home they most certainly don't have the responsibilities they would if they were on their own. After going to court I was labeled greedy and spiteful. The support order didn't make a difference because the only time he paid was initially when he was ordered and that lasted 6 months. After that it was catch me if you can, a few checks here and there and some tax returns. We also have a visitation order that he requested but those slowly stopped happening and are now completely non-existent. I see how my son is affected by his relationship with him. He tells him to let him know if he needs anything but when he ask it's always the same thing. "I'll see what I can do" or "why you only call when you want something" HELLO that's what kids do. What do you think I go through? It's really sad and it makes me so mad to see that so many of you who will do what it takes to take care of your child(ren) and yet the court or other parent don't take any of that into consideration and come to realistic support payment. You have a right to live in a nice environment, drive a car and not have to move home because you have a ridiculous amount of support to pay. You can't claim them on your income tax and they base support on pre-taxed dollars so unfair. As for me I don't think I will receive any support at all at this point. When you average the payment that was ordered over 16 years it comes out to approx 65K he has one more year before my son is 18. He isn't paying so that will bring the balance to 52K of arrearage which averages to be 11K of support I received over the years yes...648.00 a year which is 54.00
child support is not alimony, it should not be the sole income of a non-working parent.
People have been signing this petition since 2009. . . . Same situation under different circumstances. . . :/ I don't know what to think or what to say. . .

U.S.Army Soldier
It is unfair to pay 30% of my income in support, 30% in taxes, 15% in insurnace and receive $700,000 in debt. My ex leaves without any debt and did not work in 7 years (while kids went to school), I pay for school clothes, shoes, phones, activities and struggle on coupons. While she travels for the summer and got her first job in 7 years. She has 3 degrees and now works as a teacher and always tells the kids. You dad has a good job and he doesnít do enough for you ask him to buy it. I have a new wife and 2 children, itís sad I cannot take my children to the movies or out to eat. They get mad when we shop at Walmart or Aldieís, they want Macys and Whole foods like their mother takes them. They do not understand, I am still paying for their moms college, her attorneyís fees, $2,000 a month in child support, all medical and taxes and am going into debt every month.

Yes, I make $100,000 a year, but after child support, insurance and taxes, I take home $1,552 dollars every 2 weeks, while my ex has so many tax deductions, with her job she takes home $2,136 every 2 weeks and receives $2,000 in child support as well, while I have all the bills from our marriage and pay half of all child activities. I donít know what she spend the money on and the kids always ask, why donít you take the summers off and Christmas off and lets go have fun, mom does it. How am I supposed to live with a wife and 2 children, support 3 other children and pay half of everything. Sadly she didnít work for 7 years, but was able to travel for 3 months a year and receive welfare and in court always said, her travels to Kenya, Europe and everywhere where paid by her family, she stated she doesnít have $50 dollars to pay for court fees and that I had to pay them for her. While she has 2 new cars in her driveway and lives in ďA Gated Luxury Apartment CommunityĒ. I have 1 old car thatís 12 years old, looks like crap and my children with her have told me I owe them a car and they donít want me to give them my current car, they deserve better and new car.

Just once, when I go shopping or plan a trip, I donít want to have to say I cannot afford it or we cannot eat there, we have a budget for lunch. My other 2 kids, donít get the same experience and I even tried to go back to school, but couldnít afford it as the college wouldnít take me In the doctoral programs unless I worked as teaching assistant and did not have another rob. I would go to jail as the TA salary is less than my child support, which cannot be changed as itís based on potential earnings. I work 80 hours a week, all year long, my ex didnít work and now works as a teacher and just enjoys life.

How come child support is up to 50% of gross income, and then the parent has to pay taxes etc. and live on the 20% thatís left as well as any new kids or spouses. Itís sad, my current wife would have a better life if we divorced and lived together so she could get child support from me and welfare too. We would have double our
So my ex files child support on me 8 months after I knew she was cheating on me. Get married a few weeks ago. None of them work and live off his grandma, if they don't work and can live then why should I have to? Yes I would help with my daughter but she doesn't let me see her makes my daughter all her husband dad and so does he and cancels the visits when I had to jump through all these hoops to get approved to see her because her false allegations got me put on house arrest cause the court doesn't investigate and judge was bias and didn't want to look at my evidence showing the allegations are false. And another reason why I don't think I should is cause they're both drug addicts everyone in the household are drug addicts so I don't know if she's going to use the money for my daughter, I'm barely living as it is and I live with my mom now, I make minimum wage and you can barely live off that even when you're working 50+ hrs a week. Alls I want is joint custody and have her have to get a job to collect child support, women want all these equal rights but some of them want to live like they're in 1930s not working and collecting money from there ex. We need to get something passed for fathers who want to be fathers and not have to suffer for working
It need to be redesign if the women gets childsupport it should be some type of record showing that the money its going to the child or children not the women benifit not all women abuse the money jus most of em that dont work and the ones supporting there habit
If you're serious about child support reform then please sign the following petition:

After the non-custodial parent can no longer work why and the child is grown. Why is the State still collecting child support interest when the amount can never be achieved or overcome?
For me to get custody of my children, whom have expressed a desire to live with me, I have to have "adequate" housing.

Current FHA debt-to-income ration limits are 31% housing related expenses and 43% total debt related expenses.

42% of my "pre-tax" income goes to child support every month, making it impossible to secure financing on a home, let alone, one that is deemed "adequate".

Something has got to change, these kids want to live with it at the very least, have split custody time and this government racket has made it impossible to have the "kids best interest" taken care of.
NC child support enforcement has kept me in bad credit and with the inability to save money. I live pay check to paycheck because of these unfair calculators they are using. My ex wife makes more than I do and yet she gets to claim all the kids on her taxes, she stock piles the money etc. I pay 1350 for two kids. And she gets all of the benefits tax wise. It's a shame and I am ashamed to live in NC.
I have paid child support and have never been behind since taken to court. My child's mother changed her phone number and left the state for two years. I have tracked her down in the last few months and now I am able to see my daughter once a week. I am a person of the community, a home own and tax payer. Yet, my lawyer says if I go back to court my child support will double and I will be lucky to see my daughter twice a week. When will the suffering end?
Its the system not either parent the courts, child support if they give a job to folks and stop asking race or gender u can't pay bills ,with a check one bill takes up your whole check this system needs and will collapse its slavery putting y'all against each other while the rich are behind it getting rich learn history

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