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I found out about a child I never knew existed until the mom lost custody and the court made her name a father. I have now been sued for thousands in back child support! I was never given a chance to be her father and now I owe thousands! And current child support for her is far over half of my income. I have two children I have younger that I have always take care of and the courts don't care. This child is the oldest and the only one I have been sued over so she takes priority. Our laws are backwards and sexist! A man has no right as it comes to the choices a mother can make the woman has them all. This has to change!!
A woman has all the choices (work or not to work, abort or keep, adoption or keep) while men's only option is do what she says and pay. The law is sexist! Men should march for there rights just like women did years ago. It doesn't seem to be a huge issue until you are affected by it personally it's then that you see the gaping holes in our legal system!
I am a woman in the exact opposite situation. I pay child support for my son. I agree that the laws and guidelines need to be changed, but in general not just for men. I have my son on the weekends, holidays and random other times thru the week, I need to be able to provide for him while he is with me(not to mention I provide extra curricular equipment and fees). I can not do that if half my pay goes to his father(who doesnt work and has a gf living there that helps finacially). I don't have a problem supporting my son, I just feel that maybe the money should go into a trust fund of some sorts.
Oh and we wont even go into why the father has custody and how unfairly I was treated in court!
Its not fair that some men have half their check taken out for child support while the woman doesnt work. The woman receives money and uses it for personal use while also having a boyfriend living with her helping her finacially. Some women abuse the help and situation they are given, this is not fair.
I am a woman and it is frustrating to see how unfair the system is for men. These child support laws are outrageous and need to be re written, its time to be fair to men and stop favoring women. Men need to be treated equal, too many women take advantage of these laws and men and this has to be stopped.
The men of america should skip a payment for a month and see what's happens to the child support system. it would come to a crashing halt it would be disastrous for the system. Their income comes out of our pocket.
This has got to end, women want equal pay, they can provide equally!
Women in Georgia, including the mother if my stepdaughter, publicly display the shopping and spending on themselves quote "Thanks to that deadbeat" end quote. Men should not automatically be punished and placed on child support when the issue is these women abusing Ga law. They are well aware that any complaint, true or false, against a father will grant them funds. My husband and I have been married for a few tears but prior to that, when first introduced after a year of dating, she sent him a text stating she would make his life miserable. All because he has moved on and was getting married. We have sent money, keeping receipts, regularly. We provide where we can and all just because she's in a bad mood, child support or being cut off from out daughter is the threat. There need to be more strict guidelines for these women. Men should be considered more. Every man is not running from a responsibility. If a woman lays down and becomes pregnant with a good man and still cheats on him and he ends the relationship. His hardworking should not now be dented and taken as if he is at fault. Both parents she be financially responsible for children and honestly basing it off of a fathers income is not right either. You aren't considering his spouse and other children. You're not considering how ridiculous it sounds for a woman to get funds and not be accountable to show proof of where her funds were spent in regards to the child. I am a working mother and have never forced my ex husband to do anything. Regardless of a sour end we sat down as adults and looked realistically at what it would cost to care for out child. I don't have joy in robbing him just because he has money. That's what these women in Georgia are being allowed to do and I will be glad to leave this state. Make these women work, stop giving hand outs where it unnecessary.
I'm also am paying an unfair amount of child support. I was treated like trash in court just for being a man. We have to stand up and fight this together. Too many women are getting free money from us hard working men.
I am the noncustodial parent and being victimized by this corruption system just as everyone else who posts here. CS enforcement is a crime, illegal, and unconstitutional. However, with all the scandals happening and so many corrupted politicians in office, sorry to say but this will not be heard. This is the least of their worries. Until we clean house of the corrupted politicians then the movement of change can happen. All I can say is try to hand in there people, that's all we can do for now. I hope after getting rid of these scumbags will follow a change with politicians who care to make a change for the people and nation. God bless everyone!
I don't hear a lot of comments about children. I hear a lot of comments about not wanting to pay what the judge says you owe. If your ex is a very good and loving parent you should want them to be home with your child before and after school. I am a single mom working part time with my toddler because their dad doesn't want to pay and has stopped his visits. I am very sad for my child. At the same time he is building his retirement account for his future, which I am livid about. I am on here not to complain about it but ASK LAWYERS TO HELP ME GET THE SUPPORT THAT MY CHILD DESERVES!!!! Apparently the non custodial doesn't have to pay before an order was entered and can add to their retirement, while not paying for their fair share. I want to be able to sue the retirement account. So LAWYERS… can you help me?
We are asking for fairness and for child support agencies to follow the law. We are asking that you intervene and make them follow the law. What they are doing to our family is illegal!
My husband was married before me with two children. He is divorced with a child support order. They were divorced in Nebraska. He had another child in Nebraska that he also has a child support order with. My husband moved to Florida. Both women moved away from Nebraska as well, because they were all in the Air Force and no longer are. Both child support cases were based on my husband’s military pay. He has had very few jobs since 2007, from when he left the military. He has requested from Nebraska over and over to readjust the payments and was told they would, and never did. Now, all four states, Nebraska, Michigan, California, and Florida are taking over half of his paycheck. All four states know that they are taking out for the same child support case and they illegally do not care.
He owes a lot in back child support because Nebraska refused to adjust the court order in accordance with his income and theirs. He spent two years going to school to be a welder, he finished this year. He has had two jobs in the past month for his earned degree as a welder. He is about to lose the second one as he already did the first, because he cannot afford to go to work, because child support is quadruple dipping. He has called all four states child support agencies, and neither one care.
We just received a letter in the mail stating that Nebraska, alone will be taking over $1600 from my husband's paycheck a month. He barely makes that, if that. It also states that if you would like to appeal, to please respond. He has responded repeatedly. Both women make more money than he alone does. Both women are in a two income family. We do not have two incomes. Nebraska refuses to adjust this accordingly. This is illegal!! Not only will Nebraska continue to garnish his paycheck, so are the other states. Nebraska has no right to even touch his check, since no one has lived there for years.
First of all, what these four child support agencies are doing is illegal. Secondly, his child support owed would not be so much if Nebraska would have followed the law and adjust the support to his income as they were supposed to do in 2007. He tried again over and over, they still refused to do so.
The mother of his two daughters from his marriage refuses to even let him talk to his children and has done this for several years now. She wants him to give up parental rights to his daughters, and since he refuses to, she will not let him speak to them. She wants her soon to be husband to adopt them. The second mother has harassed us for years. I have changed my phone numbers over and over, and she continues to harass and threaten me. She told him that he could give up parental rights to that child, that he does not know and has never known,from a one night stand. When he
Why is the welfare so hard on us?!!!!! They get 2$ for every dollar they take from us : us tax payers : so they take 1,500.00$ from me the state gets 3,000.00$ on top of that , as a tax payer that ****es my off........n to top it off my kids never seen the 1/4 of a million the welfare ripped from my pay check..... So all in all Fresno county got 3/4 of a million for my two sons case : ha childsupport ..... Yah right .... This is over a5 billion dollar a year busyness for childsupport ! Research it : google: childsupport insentives to the states/...and you will see .....21 1/2 years and it's not over ..... Change this racquet : we are people too..........
I worked my way all the way up to supervisor I get paid for 40 hours but I work 50 plus hours a week and I have just been order to pay 600 dollars a month why my children mother sits at home get a check spends it on herself and drugs why I struggle to make ends meet and she gets to enjoy life on my expense when she could clearly get a job but she refuses to someone please help
I have tried to modify my payments for years, every time I file for unemployment I get behind, they take my license because unemployment is temporary. they keep raising my payments. Now if I'm already having trouble paying it, what makes them think I can aford to pay extra?
My ex wife cheated, took my daughter away while i was on deployment in Afghnaistan, filed after i returned. She would not allow me to see my daughter until the courts said I could. She gets 1k from me a month, with no job (she's not disabled and is capable). She lives with a man who is dishonorably discharged from the airforce (cheat on his wife and broke up two homes including his own, and makes minimum wage and we have cohabitation laws (cali refused to honor)). I have a new wife with two kids and they were not included on my dissmo...how is that even legal?
I'm a non custodial that has had it!!!
Although I try to give as much as I can for some reason because I ask questions and provide health coverage I still cannot get clear answers. I pay to the state of RHODE ISLAND. They stolen money to go towards the mother. They have forced me to mail payments cause the online inquiry for some reason now I cannot access it. I've filed motions and still no reponse. Waiting for any response from the courts. Nothing. ONE ANSWER.... Abuse of power......
Every comment that is written hurts my soul. I live for fairness in an unfair world. I want something to be done about this now. I'm not going to sit back and wait while all us parents and children suffer. Kingblight @gmail.com is my email and if anyone is ready for a change contact me. We need to get the laws changed now while we still can. We have to attack this unfair treatment from all angles and take the power out of the injustice system's cruel hands.
I think child support is unfair in some ways especially when a couple has kids together and then when things doesn't work out and the son lives with dad and daughter lives with mom and they still make dad pay child support because they say it based of who makes the most that's bull crap because how is it right for a man to pay bills pay a lot in child support and try to provide for your child that are raising I do agree that they are bad fathers and they are good dads out here and I do know for a fact that a lot of women do take advantage of child support because as soon as relationship doesn't work out they take child support out on a man out of revenge and spend money on them not the child it's crazy it takes 2 to tangle both man and female should be responsible for taking care of there kids. It's so many smart educated women out here who can have good jobs but they rather fall into the system trap staying home when they could be successful . Please someone help make it fair ! Let Pray because prayer changes things Amen.
i was working when my ex filed for child support for my daughter in march 2013 i lost my job later in july 2013 didnt get another job until dec of 2013 in 2014 july the order was approved for child support but the magistrate ordered it be retroactive from the day she filed in march of 2013 long story short im paying child support on a salary i wasnt making for ten months before i was hired ,how is this possible ?
Im all for taking care of my child but make it fair . Im a hard working man but i can barely keep a roof over my head.
It's not fair that the custodial parent stays home and collects a check
These "laws" are getting out of hand. When the economy was better then it may have made sense. But things are taking a major nose-dive and the government isn't making things better. I think the money should be put into a trust fund or the custodial parent must provide a detailed statement on what the money is used for.
My children come to spend the weekend with me and I can't even afford to feed them because I'm giving all the money I have, basically, to their mom(aka: the whore who cheated on me and forced me to leave my kids)! Someone please tell me where the justice is behind that...?
These laws were written way too long ago and need to be revised it is completely unfair to the non coustodial parent. Please fix this. Both parents income should be considered and then the percentages should come into play but they take so much money sometimes I don't understand how they expect people to live off their job. If you make 30k a year and they take 20-25% that is very hard to love off. The ncp also has spenses with their children it's not like you pay child support and not another single dime on the children.
I totally agree!! I'm a single mom that has never received a dime in child support the government don't even try to collect for my daughter no income tax no nothing they only go after the men who try to be good and there for their children. I have made it just fine by myself no help at all from the government I ve worked many jobs at one time to make ends meet!!! Bc I love my daughter...it makes me sick to see the men who care to be ripped off and the dad's who don't care or try to get off free. It's all about money!!! Not the innocent chilren!!!
I think the guidelines should be based after taxes and also leave me enough money to live as of now they leave me with 1000 a month to pay my rent and bills
cant live when all you do is work and have nothing to show for it... not even able to hold your own child is punishment enough...
It's time to make justice. It's been so unfair for hard working men.
DADS have it worse than criminals. We work and our money is taken away from us unfairly. After paying child support and taxes. How can any person live on what is left? Child support is the biggest scam I have ever known.
My ex is getting what she want all because I left her and this tube only way she know how to get back at me...She's using my son
I am a woman who agrees with this statement. But this statement is directed solely towards women why?
Children are a privilege, not a responibility. When two people decide to birth a human, no government is there. So no goverment is needed to take from either parent.
I do support this, but part time doesn't quite seem right. They need to get full time jobs just like the rest of us women. Also, if anyone knows where I can find a letter as far as voting in a law for child support money being monitored and mothers having to PROVE they spent the money on their kids please let me know. My boyfriends ex wife would rather have her pedi than buy them underwear. They get******stained handy-down underwear from their older cousin. Hopefully she'll get struck by lightning
Why do losers get Medicaid and free health care but our veterans get poor care.
I am a married man who wife also has to work hard to support our child. Why should you let these women take advantage of your American men while also taking advantage of you; our government.
Here's another screw job for dads. Out of curiosity I had my lawyer run the child support calculator, here in California, showing that both my ex and I make the same amount of money, that we both have 50/50 custody of the kids, and that I pay for the medical coverage, and guess what -- it still shows that I need to pay $200/month!!! How the hell is that fair!?
Child support enforcement is a joke courts are pro mother don't care about the children or father's relationship it's all about the all mighty dollar
Child support is extortion and it violates several of the constitution...
I agree to an extent. If the women are having babies by different men just to make a living then they are not very good mothers in the first place.
Investigate if a father does take care of his kid first instead of taking the womans word..
Two people brought the child into the world. Then it should be BOTH parent responsibility to raise that child equally. The non custodial parent should only be responsible for basic needs for the child as set forth by the own government welfare department. Putting a man into jail cost taxpayer dollars because he is unable to give the custodial parent a said amount that they not only have the income tax benefit and also determine how to spend that amount is totally INSANE!!
Children aren't paychecks. Lets change the child support laws. Let your thoughts be heard
Something should be done!!!! I'm not even gonna rewrite what has already been said above. These laws are ruining men. Congress needs to do something now!!! So unfair how women can have is put on jail if we simply cannot afford to pay or something happens.
I had a child with a women who refused to work, which caused the split in my our relationship, she continued to threaten me with child support if we split I, now I'm behind in bills and she refuses to let me see our child and soon I will have to pay 600 a month which is something I can not afford right now. I have never committed crime a day of my life and if I'm found guilty for getting behind I will be a crimal this is truly unfair to any taxe paying citizen.

Child support laws are unfair regardless of who’s paying. It takes two to make a child, so child support should be based off both incomes. These laws are so out dated and bias, I’m not sure why more men/women haven’t come forward to put a stop to the injustice. Those that pay child support has no relief on taxes and our 401k saving is limited or nonexistent.
If your one that no longer have access to your son or daughter due to the wedge your X spouse placed into your life for added difficulty, don’t look to the legal system for help. No one cares about the payer and how you live moving forward. Our X spouse can beak and alter the existing orders without fear from the legal system.
These current laws lead to the greed and dishonesty against those that pay. I don’t mind paying child support for my son and I truly miss being part of his life. I hope in the near future these laws are reformed and ‘MEN Without a Voice’ will be heard!

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