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20% of income for 1 child in texas means the mom doesn't have do anything
It takes two people to make a child male and female so it should take two to raise it in every aspect equal rights equal responsibility everything should be 50/50 cause thats what it took to make a child everyone deserves to be happy we all really need to unite to get this to congress cause enough is enough it's time for change and a closed mouth doesnt get fed so voice all your concerns and lets make a difference today for a better tomorrow
No more free rides. I worked and went back to college for the second time and when I got a better career the ag office told me to pay 1500 per month. My ex wife wouldn't go to school or get a job . That's one of the reasons I divorced her. She never helped me. And now I pay her more than I made per month when I was with her... thanks us government yall have your heads up your ass.
This system is set up to enable mothers who have kids to stay home and never work, while enslaving fathers with a debt burden for 18 years, and make it extremely difficult to get even ground when it comes to time with the children, and the support amount paid. Time to fix the defunct Child Support system.
Its called child support..not her Support...i dont mind paying..but how is it that im paying $700 a month plus medical..killing my self to survive and my daughter mom doesnt work at all and lives off the system..to me..thats called double dipping..and she gets away with it because. Child support isnt considered income..this ******** has to stop..she needs to get off her fat a$$ and get a job like alot of. Other tax paying american
My ex-wife is a very controlling woman that grew tired of me not doing as she commanded. She found another man, while we were still married, and moved on. Because of her infidelity, she was punished by the divorce court and received nearly none of the marital assets. Now she is using the power vested to her by the child support laws to punish me in retaliation. Giving my ex-wife the power to control nearly every aspect of my life. This came to a crisis point when my employer shut down and left me unemployed last year. Unable to find a position that compensated me at the same level, I attempted to start my own business. I then attempted to modify support to my new level of income, and the courts punished me for being self-employed and would not reduce my obligation. Citing that I could make the higher salary if I would find a job working for someone else. Since my support was set at a level higher than my gross income, I had to give up on self-employment. I then took the first job I could find in my area, which paid much less than my prior employment. Once again, the courts punished me for finding a job not paying enough, and would not reduce my support payment. They determined that if I gave up my underwater home and moved to a different state that I could find more fruitful employment. Leaving my friends, family, children, and home behind me. Due to arrearage growth and the very high payment the courts are garnishing 50% of my gross pay, and the arrearage is still growing. After the support garnishment, taxes, social security, insurance, and all other deductions… I am forced to live on less than 20% of my gross pay, leaving me well below the poverty level. As a result over the past 9 months I have lost my home, my vehicle, and had to sell almost all of my possessions. I am a college graduate that now sleeps on a friends couch and I have to ride a bicycle 12 miles to work every day. I have taken a second job at a hardware store down the street, leaving me very little time with my children. If I do not change my situation, when my children reach the age to end my obligation, I will owe my ex-wife nearly $70 in back child support. I challenge anyone to justify the fairness of child support!
Nothing about this system is fair. It leaves us hard working men with nothing. No paycheck at all an some of us don't even get to see our kids. I work 40 hours a week an a student an my check this week was $73. Not to mention I have a fiance and 2 other kids at home. I don't even have money to take care of my family at home since my first baby momma cheated on me and ran off with my daughter. Now me and my family has to suffer. I'm out of options and sometimes I think about just ending my life cause everything just goes bad dealing with this corrupt system. No money an can't see my daughter. What's to live for when your own country makes laws to keep hard working father's down?? All the law's just support women even the corrupt mothers who just abuse the system without any care in the world how it effects the father. I love my family but I hate this unfair life. Working for not even half a salary is getting old.
The child support laws should correlate to the custody laws. A mom sits home on her behind, withholds the child, asks for more support and gets it, blows the money on gifts to bribe the child, threatens more court, and dads don't have a leg to stand on. This is NOT JUSTICE!! Mothers should be required to look for work or have an income if fathers' support amounts are increased due to a mom's inability to budget. Plus, if the custody order isn't being followed, then a child support increase should not be entertained in court!
The system is a joke. My wife walked out claiming abuse none of which was proven and all was refuted by our 7yo, 15yo, 17yo and 20yo. All 4 said there was no abuse and refused to leave with her when she left and refuse to talk to her with the exception of the 7yo. During an emergency custody hearing, the judge granted her week on week off parenting time and $450 per month child support just for the 7yo but did not grant me anything for the 15 and 17yo who reside with me. Fast forward several months later and FOTC is recommending me for sole custody of the children but only thinks I should get $289 for all 3 children....$450 per month to her for only one child that we had equal time with and now only $289 when I will have all 3 the majority of the time to include school expenses??? Really?? Yep, seems pretty fair to me!
When two people divorce they create a PARENTING PLAN in the court system.Well if they can create this plan then you would think that between the two adults they can create a CHILD SUPPORT PLAN. No more trading days for dollars folks.I beleive a NEW METHOD will be in the future its called.....CHILDRENS CHECKBOOK.Both parents will contribute equally to support theyre childrens needsThis way both parents can see where the money is being spent.If you go on line.,you can look all of this up..CHILD SUPPORT PLAN & CHILRENS CHECK BOOK.Surely this is one way for both parents share the childrens expensess.Its very interesting.
I have my daughter about 13 days a month. It's not much compared to most, but I pay 300 a month in child support and have never missed a payment since it started 3 years ago. I didn't choose divorce, I didn't abuse her or cheat on her. She did, however, cheat on me. The next thing I knew she said she didn't love me anymore and carried my then 1 year old daughter away screaming "daddy!" I was heartbroken. I fought for a year in court, spent a tone of money. She got a free lawyer. I got on paperwork that I can get her every other weekend, and alternate weekdays. Totaling 10 days a month. Her mother gives her to me on request most of the time an additional 3-5 days a month. So since I have her so much, but her clothes food and more toys than a five year old could want.... Why do I have to pay child support? I made then only 12 an hour, now I make 15. So I'm not rich. With everything taken out I get paid 280 a week. I can barely pay my bills. I make to "much" to get assistance as she does. I can't claim her on anything. I once mentioned to her that it doesn't take that much to support a child half the time, that I would pay half of any medical (which she gets for her for free) and I would pay half of anything from school, if she would just drop it or at least could have it reduced. What did I get? A letter in the mail. Court summons. She was taking me to court for calmly and rationally asking her to drop child support one time! Nothing happened but I have learned to keep my mouth shut cause freedom of speech or fairness of any kind doesn't apply here. I'm tired of hearing dead beat dads deadbeat dads. Cause there are those like me who love their children very much, whose life isn't just football and hunting and a kid is just in my way of having a good time. My life is my children, I rarely ever get anything for myself, it goes to them. And I'm fine with that, but I'm not given much to work with here. Now I have a thee month old son with another woman who left. She abandoned the baby with someone in another state and this girl contacts me after me searching for them for months and tells me she has him. So over a period of a month I go see him, get a lawyer and win full custody of him. The mother shows up during court to fight for him after not seeing her newborn for over a month! Well we still have many more hearings to go. But my lawyer mentioned to the judge about her paying child support to me, which I'm for if the other parent has little or nothing to do with the child. And guess what? Denied! For the time being. Yeah. A woman paying child support!!!! Are you outa your head!
In my opinion why don't the courts make women report where the child support money goes?
All the money that is given to these moms goes unwatched, i see women with new cars all the time, moving from house to house, clothes that make them look hot and so on as soon as they placed there ex on child support.
I think support should be just for what it takes to raise the kids, and the money should have to be shown where it went and if it cant then it needs to be given back! 
This is unfair to us supporting the mother as well they suppose to show how that money is spent show proof as in where the money is being spent like every month child support and courts should issue paper work on them to write everything they bought down with a recipe to at least show the fathers that the money our hard earned money goes to the kids and not the mother so why should this be any difficult to do so?
My thing is it should be monitored 100% and it should go to the child!! If mom wants to get a new wardrobe and buy new cars then mom needs to get a job!!!! 
Child support never has been and never will be fair to fathers and its unfortunate. Most dads aren't deadbeat dad's they want to know and make sure that the money is for the child and not the mother this is why most men skip out on paying. And another thing is I don't get why we have to give half of our check i mean we should support but dang how much does it take to really support its crazy because we have bills we also might have other children to provide care for as well something has to be said and done about this we work hard and sometimes we have to get a second job to make ends meet I understand the child needs support but how about look into our situation too we need support ourselves in order to provide support. .. well all we want is to be treated fair and not unfair just saying to the father's that own up to it ........?
I can only echo what everyone is already saying.
I've followed the decree to the letter. However my ex has not. My crime? Wanting to be a father to my child. Because I asked for a change of visitation after moving out of state, I fell behind in support. This was used as a weapon to get me to stop seeking any kind of visitation. I'm told I owe a little over 7K in back support, which I'm not sure how this is possible because when I do the math, I pay $5'200 a year, and I was only out of work maybe six months, definitely not more than a year.

I had started making payments again as soon as I got another job, but was still arrested. I'm now ordered to continue to pay the current order and must pay an additional $250 a month plus court fees and classified now as a felon. I've never broken the law in my life with the exception of a traffic ticket here and there. My salary is now 12k lower a year than it was at my divorce. I live in a studio apartment, and after all is said and done, I'm left with $34.00 at the end of each month. So I have to decide, food, or gas in the car? S

No cable, not a fancy car, a cheap cell phone with a low rate of $36 a month. Nothing flashy about me at all, not one bit. I now have to get a second job; hard to come by with my current job and hours. The second job will only keep me from seeing my child even more, as I will have no time to visit her. I've not seen or talked to my daughter in two years. Mother doesn't feel that she is compelled to foster the relationship between my child and I. I'm constantly told I hurt our child by begging she have a relationship with me, to the point I've just let her go in the hopes that she will find me some day.

My crime was that I no longer wanted to be in an abusive marriage. And that I wanted to just be a father. I have been denied access to my daughter even at her school. There is no order that says I can't see her, but I have been denied. Her step father has more rights than I do as far as even the school system is concerned, how is this right? I've been essentially told to pay up, and shut up.
Child support reform is not workong, change child support legislation. that benefit the parent not the state
The current child support laws are a joke and a disgrace to the hard working men and women that actually want to provide for their children. Basing payments on gross income leaves little or no money left to live on by the time taxes, insurance, and child support are taken from the gross income. Too many instances where children never receive the benefits intended for them. There must be accountability from the custodial parent to the non-custodial parent to show what the money was used for.
I have 50/50 custody and I have to pay for insurance, sports, clothing, go to appointments and etc.. all and more than the mother takes care of and yet I'm still ordered to pay her support cause she doesn't want to work more than 32 hours a week or apply for a job with responsibilitys .So I busted my*****to make a living and she sit comfortably and reaps my rewards. If you ask me this is like legalised prostitution you have woman tricking man and getting pregnant or flat out lying to them and getting pregnant for financial gain a pay check, health care, housing assistance, food stamps and etc... Anyway to sum it up sex for gain. And social service ( the pimp) comes in and makes the man pay. If there is 50/50 equally shared placement and no one is more responsible than the other where in the world should there ever be an exchange of money each parent should take care of there half. Otherwise both parents compete to make less so not to pay the other and the child suffers or there's hurt feelings and animosity created by having money basically stolen from you and again the child suffers . HELP!!!!!!!! Please fix this
I have been following this petition for a while now..Congress can't you see the plea for change for the the unjust child support laws.The way this is all set up is set for the fathers to fail.Going to jail,losing ones license,getting a felony because he may have lost his job & just cannot make a payment.Wow please look at what all of this is doing to the parents & the children that are involved here.It is destroying people lives.Why isn't something being done.Look at the responses to this petition. Reform is desperately needed.PLEASE DO SOMTHING to help the people crying out in our own country.
I am the (custodial parent) father of a 16 year old daughter. She has been in my custody off and on since she was 2 years old. I was granted full custody when she was in the 4th grade. During the early years the mother gave false information to the courts and child support began to accumulate and continued for about 4 years without me knowing. My immigration status was the reason for CSS not being able to notify me correctly. Long story short......Our daughter is 16 now. The mother has never paid for a school lunch, or bought any school clothes or even attend a school function but because there are no laws in place for fathers that take care of their children I am still obligated to pay child support & arrears till this day even though the mother has never provided 1 cent towards anything in 9 years. Not even consistent visitation. I tried filing a child support case against her and it was denied because according to the courts (she is on aid). How can this government allow someone to remain on aid for that many years??? People need to realize that just because you have a child support case or you owe arrears doesn't make you a deadbeat. Mothers that don't take care of children they already have and continue to have more kids while the government keeps assisting them are the REAL deadbeats!
Comment after comment of the destruction caused by family courts and child support laws. I am also a victim. No record here. i have been put in jail with criminals because i became a parent. Saddam Hussain never treated parents this bad in his Country. This needs to change. Time for State government to get out of our homes and out of our families. The destruction to the families in this Country is disgusting. I am actually considering leaving the Country because of child support laws. i can make a better life for my children outside of the U.S our Corporations and jobs are leaving the Country. And now families are leaving the Country for a better life because the destruction divorce and child support laws have on our children. (sarcasim)....Great job congress and state legislators. Keep up the great work!
I'm not against Child Support. What I am against is putting people in jail for it! Ridiculous. Not everyone is a dead beat for not paying...some have good reason. For instance. My son is required to pay 600.00 a month for two kids. A bit steep I think especially on minimum wage. He is out of work at the moment and looking for work as I type this. No one knows the stress it puts on a family thinking the law is going to pick him up before he has a chance to get another job! I don't care what anyone says It just not right. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST IT!!! As long as someone is trying and making what payments they can should be good. I raised both my son's without asking for child support and we did just fine. I also never kept their father from seeing them. Change the law now.! Be human and have some mercy.
My ex wife sits at home collecting $1050 for child support plus $300 in alimony in Iowa. Every man works hard for his money and what he has accomplished in life. Does not matter if you divorced it seems like you're still married to her. Supporting somebody you don't want to associate with or be with. Given somebody a free ride does not make no sense.
I despise how even if the woman cheats and causes a divorce and they have kids together, the man has to pay the price. I thought women want to be equal with the man? If that's the case, then they have just as much right to earn wages to support their children as much as the man. Sickens me how some women have babies so they can lay on the couch all day living comfortably off of welfare and the child support they collect while the man goes out and breaks his back to barely pay his child support that she's "definitely using on the child". Child support is a scam.
Some want child support for themselves
Some want child support for themselves
I'm a eight year that my ex-wife ran off with eight different guys while I was deployed to Afghanistan. While I was in a school to become a sergeant for two weeks I came home and walked in on her with another man while she was four months pregnant with my daughter. I already have orders for Germany and couldn't get out of . After two years of trying to get a divorce I finally got it . And have been paying child-support ever since. I'm now out of the military 60% disabled. And still have to work a full-time job. I make over $18 an hour . My ex-wife only works a part-time job . Because I was in the military I can't get custody of my daughter . Why is it my ex-wife gets a portion of my disability and a portion of my full-time job . I tried getting a part-time job and got yelled at by the courts . They never once told her she has to have a job . When we got a divorce we were told we were not allowed to remarry for six months . I waited . She got married after two . The courts told me they can't do anything about it . And yet they're the ones that set the rules . In Wisconsin if you are a male don't going to the courts . They don't care about vets and I don't care about dads.
There are no law's in existence in the United States of America. That give father's any rights as far as our children are concerned. We must think of our son's future. The laws must be charged. If they don't change them. We must appoint different people to those posts that will. The persecution of father's must end now.
Sorry I don't agree on any child support laws.. honestly did the man carry the child, give birth, raise them. In my case I had by an ex who left his 2 children and the FOC set a support order for $40.00a month for both kids. Granted I married and my husband died and I didn't have a penny to my name. I put a roof over their heads while dad goes on vacations and sporting events. Why does my income from ssi from my husband's death factor in at all for income.?, he pays 40 a month for 2 children. .
I would like to see a law change that there is a set amount per child. Change the parents by the hour for taking their kid . See how many men will not take their own
Child support needs to be based on a child's needs and then split right down the middle 50/50. If it takes 1000.00 a month to raise a kid ( IT DOESNT) Then child support for dad needs to be set at 500.00 per month. There are two parents and the mothers need to be accountable for the child she made too. If dad provides medical insurance he shouldn't have to pay Co pays or persrciption either. Parents should rotate claiming the child on income tax and the year mom claims dad should be able to right it off and she needs to be taxed as additional income.
If they are able to work
The system is unjust! My husband has been paying support faithfully on his youngest child while we received custody of his other two older children. One is an adult now and the other decided she wanted to run away this last Summer. Her mother decoded to immediately get benefits for her. And then the state pulled us into court. The judge ruled in our favor and told the mother she would have to now file for custody to get benefits. The judge then suggested we file a juvie report on the daughter because she would not stay in school or our home. ThenMy husband did so. the state refiled against us again two months later pulling him into court. Saying he must come up with past- do amount since the daughter ran away or face jail time all because they can't go after the mothers illegal activity because she's mentally disabled, which is another story in itself. Another reason we have custody of two out of three children and the only reason we didn't get the younger child is because we didn't have $ for a lawyer. She has been deemed mental has a record of abuse on top of it. Now they are taking our tax check and threatening jail time! Where are our rights? This is lude! Its not about the best interest of your child! Its no wander that men and women run for the hills, the system forces them too! We are trying to do what's right and where's the Justice?
I pay my support and get my kids like I'm suppose to yet I'm always getting dragged to court and the judge feels sorry for her! I agree some guys won't take care of their children but don't punish the ones that do!
Agreed!! Should be a low set amount!! Not a percent of a man's income! And welfare moms need drug testing, cps visits, and forced to participate in parenting classes, work programs etc!! Not allowed to sit on their fat asses all day feeling like they are owed!! Nasty sloths!!
Laws for Child Support need to change. The person who you chose to have kids with should only be entitled to normal income such as your job not VA Disability, SSDI, rental income, capital gains, lottery winning. Kids receive Ssi payments from Social Security why should x's be entitled to a Disable Vet income and their SSDI too. If they receive SSI why should they take from the others too. Fathers are paying too much and do not want to increase their income to better themselves as they know the x's drag them back to Court to get income which they should not be entitled too. As that relationship is exhausted. Please revamp the laws. Fathers pay while mothers the court takes from the fathers while they live on all the social programs available food stamp, Section 8 housing, Energy Assitance, School Assistance and on top of all that they do not have to pay taxes on child support as income. Wtf why don't fathers get to subtract theirs paid out, but mom don't have to claim it coming it so many double standards. We need to rethink this pass some new laws let father get back on his feet instead of continually throwing him under the bus. In addition, there are so many good fathers out there and mothers keep their children from them because of personal reasons without any recourse. The law say you have to pay child support but it doesn't say anything about the fathers that pay getting to see their kids. Wow u can pay but the moms don't have to let you see the kids so unfair. Congress it's time to change the laws. Ty
The laws need to change to be fair for both parents. Women fight for equal rights, they got it. What about the men, everything should be equal. Not one sided. When a man goes into court for Child Support or Custody of a child, he's doomed! The Judge always sides with the women. Men don't have a chance. Same as a divorce , Men never get a fair case in both if these situations. Please make it fair.
The laws need to change to be fair for both parents. Women fight for equal rights, hey got it. What about the men, everything should be equal. Not one sided.When man goes into court for Child Support or custody of a child, he's doomed! The judge always sides with the women. Men don't have a chance. Same as a divorce , Men never get a fair case in both if these.
I worked hard my whole life did the right thing Sprint and saved to purchase a home put myself through school to get a decent paying job due to the court system and child support all of it has been taken away I spent over $50,000 just to get 50% custody of my daughter. Pls help what kind of message are we sending to the children
The system is incredibly flawed. My husband has two children from previous marriage and pays child support. He was diagnosed with cancer 1 year ago and was unable to work or make any money during chemo and radiation. The 'ex' recently filed enforcement with the court and he could possibly go to jail for not being able to pay while he was going through cancer treatment. She makes triple what he makes on a good year of steady work. She does not allow him to see the children because she is a control freak. It's incredulous that the woman ultimately gets to decide if the child will be born but father will pay for her decision regardless of circumstances. So many women purposely get pregnant to try to trap men and then the women get the sympathy card from the courts. Only the non custodial parent's income is looked at and taken into account.
If the mother (custodial parent) makes 100k a year and father (non-custodial parent) only makes 20k a year, shouldn't this be taken into account?
I have little faith the system will change.
Children should not be used as a check!
Child support is for the child!
Enough with women using children as a paycheck!
I'm being taken for an unreasonable amount of money, threatened with things that will be taken from me and promises of incarceration...
Child support in rarely use for the children issued too. Something should be done to ensure the child/children receive the money!
How about a card like food stamps have?
Where the card ONLY apply of the needs of the child/children?
Not used for house payments. Home improvement!
Buying new automobile?
The child/children do without, while the parent receiving benefits spend the money on themselves. An if back support is being paid...how come the money doesn't go straight to the child/children of legal age???
Just doesn't make any sense to me??
It should be a way to put the money onto a card and be limited to the things that can be purchased that is not pertaining to the children ie; vehicles, alcohol, clothing for them ect
I'm a mother that has struggled most of my life to provide for my children.i never complain I just do it I have recently had my 14 year old daughter snatched away from me and now they trying to make me pay child support and I doing everything for my child not to mention I'm commission only and I have two other children
I am a father and I was ordered to pay child support. I work at a job and make $26000 a year and paying for 5 kids. They take over 60% of my chek and now there goingafter my military disability. Even though they cant garnish it they are getting it because either I pay or go to jail. Never mind im with my kids every weekend, when they need anything there mother texts me or has my oldest call me. I give my last to make sure they get wheat they want. Also there mother makes twice what I make. Something has to be done.
I am a woman, and I think custodial parents should have to work to help support their own children. Men did not make these children by themselves. Too many women are happy to sit on their butts and let the father of their child support them. I believe child support should be same across every state in the US and it should work like this.... it should be a flat percentage of the combined income of both parents AT THE TIME OF DIVORCE OR BIRTH OF THE CHILD, and the dad should pay 50% and the mom should be responsible for 50%. If the mom chooses not to work, then she can figure out how she is going pay for nail and hair appointments and all the other crap mothers spend child support on. If the dad wins the lottery six months later, it should not affect child support, and it should never be allowed to increase. The flat percentage should be same in every state. I truly feel that if we stopped raking men over the coals when it comes to child support, they would be much more willing to pay. How many single parents dad's don't have a job???? Probably way fewer than moms. There should be no gender bias.
I work and on a fixed income. If I don't work over time I have no money on my pay check
They also increased my child support by 10% stating cost off living adjustment. My salary has never been raised to show cost of living increases. Anybody receiving child support mother or father should show the court how this money is being spent on that child with proof of receipts and then the courts can determine in they are eligible for cost of living increase.
The structure and motives and actions and regulations of this child support system are deliberately corrupt and uncaring as to serve an entirely different and secret agenda. The court i have seen the people i have seen working there are hollow and uneducated and without merit. This type of government sector burns a vicious and cruel hole so deep into the ground and fabric of this country so powerful that it has the intensity to wipe out all the good and strenght and life of the Constitution and the Amendments. When i look at this child support situation it looks like a slow homicide of all that is truth and harmony and just. Walk into the court house or sit in the lobby chairs outside and you can feel your soul cry. Feel souls break. Feel your energy drop as if your fainting into a deep sadness. A goverment set to throw humans mostly males to the wolves like this just to get some bucks to pay their employees and court officials is inhumane and fishy and traumatically unbearable. Child support should be looked at as grand theft from a childs piggy bank. Theft done by some cold heartless rich yet still looking for extra cents woman and has found it from the children and men. These women that run the show are stealing with fake smiles and wild eyes and doing it with a giggle. With a trick and without a heart. The woman running a show for other women and when a woman is wrong about something or lies in court or to authories about the father and his identity. Look at the kind of forgiveness she receives when she is wrong about who the father is. Why? The female is the worst almost as bad as a criminal already incarcerated for theft and corruption. I am not tricked by these liars. These bitter revengful now unlucky single parents after that one night stand with that guy at the bar or the woman who likes to trap a man to stay by getting deliberately pregnant with hidden agends. The court documents say one thing and these court players turn around and do another. Unfounded! These females' Poor attempt at deception its so amateur that it proves someone disguised and stronger scarier and more dangerous is allowing this inhumane behavoir from these courts and judges and calling the shots and getting paid real well. In this country everything is for sale. Child support supports more than children and its sloppy structure hurts only children and fathers. Is this money being used to pay off debts? Buy things from third world countries? Is this money being used to pay blackmail and secret bribes elswhere? This child support system and their unorganized procedures of enforcement is a crime against children. As well as a crime against whole familes that this monster goes after. It hurts other children of the father that also deserve attention and not to be shunned by these assistant attorney generals. These asisstant attorney General females ignore other children "not on the docket" and give sick advice to the other family having to go thru this telling the mot
I support fair and equitable child support laws. I don't know if this "petition" is worded in a way that offers any help to congress, however factoring in the work ability of each parent does seem like a reasonable factor for calculating support. I stumbled into this group looking for any insight and/or active opposers to the practice of APPLYING INTEREST to back child support. On the surface it sounds like a 'good idea' to motivate the parent responsible for support to not fall behind. HOWEVER, the execution of this idea is terribly flawed. Our experience is in Florida. Our case has a long history and from the beginning there was heavy bias against the father and for the mother, but by no means was the father entirely innocent of not making the best choices. The bottom line is "the math" that the Florida courts and the Florida IRS uphold as "straight forward" is a monopolizing venture to increase State revenue. Regardless of the nuances of our case, and the reasons why the back support owed became so high, the amount of money the state is and will collect FOR LIFE unless the person paying dies or goes "off the grid" is an atrocity of justice and should be the poster child for "unfair child support laws." Here's the simplest illustration from our case: In a 5 year period $38,000 (+/-) was paid on account. In that same time period the account balance INCREASED by $12,000! Yes, 38K paid in - balance increased 12K. There is/was no benefit to the child whatsoever. In our case the child has aged out and happens to be deceased and still paying. Regardless, if she were still a minor, the child does not benefit from the "extra" money. It is a money maker for the State. Period. Not a system that is looking out for the best interest of the child. This is a ridiculous notion and as stated, a flawed execution of a seemingly "good" idea. If there is anyone out there who is trying to advocate for the reform of this practice or investigating the double dipping/triple dipping/ usury laws as SHOULD be connected to taxing back child support....ANYTHING...please get in touch with me. amf4fairlaws@gmail.com. Thank you! I would love for Congress to take notice of this, but the folks who would need to overturn it are working for the best interest of their State - not children!
It take two to make a baby it takes two to support the child.
Some thing got 2 change
It's time to make a change my husband had tried to file with the child support agency to change his child support amount they ignore his petition 3x and the amount has never change, they should implement the new debit card law from Delaware as well in CALIFORNIA IT CONTROLS what the custodial parents are spending the money on
I don't have a problem supporting my children and I understand child support is needed. That being said the amount I pay in support is more than we could put towards are children when we were married and she should be paying some of the cost of raising our children. And I don't feel all the money given to her even goes to the children's needs and essentials. There needs to be laws that make the financial responsibility of raising children equal to both parents and the money the residential parent gets for the kids needs to be tracked that it is being used for the children and their daily needs!
These current support laws are absurd and very unfair to the non custodial parent really we have to provide monies that we as non custodial parents have to pay all the income tax on but yet in return we cannot use the child or get any kind of tax break and the custodial parent gets money free and clear of tax and also gets to use the kids as a write off for income tax plus we have to supply insurance all because two people who were at one time fell in love and had children come on we all have equal rights so we as parents should have to also pay for the children Equally... And there must be something that this sorry administration we have in current place can do for the non custodial parent to level the playing field. Have you ever wondered why the non custodial parent seems to always have a poor outlook on payin child support come CONGRESS do the right thing for ONCE change the law!!!!
Child Support law reform. I support it completely. We must band together, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers affected by these laws and walk to Capitol Hill and demand change. Please organize something! Lots of kids and adults suffering! No wonder this country is all messed up!
My husband and I work hard to provide for our combined family. He has 4 children and I have 2. 2 of his are under 18 and his child support just went up another $520 per month for a whopping 1200 per month. And we have to pay back the chips insurance program because she has had them on it and they don't qualify because she makes too much money. Her finances nor ability to provide insurance has ever been brought up and is not factored in to the amount of support my husband is required to pay. Now we are facing very difficult financial times and she gets to have a top of the line brand new car, a nice home, nails and toes done weekly for her and my step daughter, 2 lavish vacations a year plus several other weekend trips post month, brand new furniture, breast implants, and the last goes on. I don't think it's right that the non custodial parent is the only one that has to financially support the children. And I don't think after the initial setting of child support, which should be based on both parents income and the lifestyle the children were accustomed to prior to the divorce, should not be changed regardless of the non custodial parents income changing for better or worse. And then to top it off, the custodial parent don't have to claim the child support as income and gets to claim the child as a tax write off while the non custodial parent has to claim the child support he or she is paying as income and gets zero tax break on it. That's messed up.
My ex wife fradulantly got on welfare didnt claim income she was getting, I am expected to pay that back which in california they call child support so they revoked my passport so i am being treated like a criminal when my ex is commiting fraud left right and center and i am the one being punished because i am paying and doing the right thing barely able to survive and the arrears is going up instead of down how is this not government extortion if i were to do that i would be in prison
an immediate construction of an oversight committee consisting of the ACLU and The United States House Committee of Ways and Means to examine the PRWORA Act of 1996 that converted the Child Support Enforcement and Collection system into a profit generating machine. Which wages war against/neutralizes/dissolves the constitutional rights of non-custodial parents in this country. It wrongfully destroys both the parents relationship with their child, and destroys the non custodial parent financially to a point of no return. Upon which, after that point is reached, excessive garnishment of wages, removal of driving privileges, and incarceration is inflicted upon that parent. This system has run rampant, with no form whatsoever of checks and balances for far too long. I, as well as MILLIONS of non-custodial parents implore you. We are banished from our children, kept from them, and our ability to be viewed as a positive role model to our children is being taken from us at an exponential rate. We non-custodial parents are marked people. As it was in France, the fleur de lis, we attempt to approach the legal system pursuing a fair hearing and we are all but imprisoned for attempting it. We are in dire need of help.

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