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My husband works 50+ hours a week and makes enough to support us so I can stay home and take care of our 9 month old but his ex keeps threatening to take him back for more child support which would mean I'd HAVE to go back to work and my baby would be raised by a babysitter instead of me, all the while his ex hasn't worked or even looked for a job in 10 years!! I worked until the day I have birth, went back to work, and afterwards I stopped working to raise my baby until she goes to school; then I'm going back to work while she's in school. Yet because he works, we get screwed over!!! She has a house, we live in an apartment. She has more groceries in her house than we ever do, thanks to her not working and popping out 3 kids by 3 different dads, of which only my husband is actually there. The other 2 aren't anywhere to be found!! We have to choose most of the time to pay bills or get food etc, so he just eats at work and I don't eat nearly as much as I used to; I'm already losing weight from it, while she goes to her rich parents house every single week (stepdaughter told me this) to go swimming and to the river etc etc. They're the ones that bought her a house and car and the stuff in her house, she doesn't even have to pay for her phone...her parents do that for her...
There is unfairness in the family court towards fathers, and this needs to stop. When fathers can barely support themselves, but they are obligated to pay this high child support.
My daughters father asked for a child support review at the beginning of 2015. We both was ordered to send in our last three years of income so I did and he just sent in his 2015 and wrote a statement saying he didn't file taxes since 2011. I objected to the the order because In 2010 his ex wife left him and he worked for her parents at their local business. He then got hurt on the job and received workers compensation. In 2011 while still on workers comp he started working part time for a local radio station using his CDL. In 2013 he settled out with with workers comp. He was able to get SSD. He made more than I could make in three years in 2013 he made over $83,000 between his weekly 395 a week workers comp checks and his settlement. Then he was being penalized on SSD for not claiming my child support I paid him so they garnished his SSD for overpayment. This put him in a lower 2015 income. He bragged all over the internet he started a non profit organization ready to hire employees and he is an ordain minister while still on SSD. I objected to the evaluation because he didn't give his real income for the past three years. He put in a motion objection to dismiss saying I was harassing him. The order stated the last three years of income. Then i went to court and the Referee dismissed my motion. I motioned to claim my daughter on taxes since he stated he didn't file since 2011. I explained to the judge between child support and taxes withheld from my child i pay 10,000 and this would help me with the tax burden i have. To find out he has been letting his girlfriends claim our son and daughter. I struggle every day to get back and forth to work and pay my bills. I have to at times choose to buy food or pay my bills. Most of the time it's to pay my bills and I eat at my parents house most of the time. Or to not pay a bill until it's almost a shut off notice. While he is out buying nice vehicles and riding his harley i was driving a car that the rusted brakes went out on going over a bridge. The only thing that saved me was putting the car in neutral and that i don't drive fast. My parents did go out and get me a different car until child support is over so i can pay them back. The car i had for the last 11 years is a 1997 Bonneville had the under carriage so rusted out I was warned by a mechanic that the front end was going to give out and i would be in a car accident. After the Referee dismissed my objection to the child support evaluation i had 21 days to object prior to my 21 days being up I talked to the Friend of the Court worker and she told me that i could object but the judge is going to do what she wants and she feels it's going to stay the same. Even though she has his wages that he didn't claim. I feel that the state should be over the child support for fair reviews and not the counties because he is getting his SSD and my daughters dependent pay that he doesn't use on her and my high child support. To have checks an
Women who lie about being pregnant and don't allow the father to be apart of the child or children's life should be held responsible and penalized for child support. Child support is not only about money but spending time with your children.
I have many male friends who can't afford to live on their own because their child support payments are way to high. The mom's don't even keep them updated on how the kids are doing. I have watched these women use it to sit at home and do nothing, as well as use the money for entertainment to take them and their new man or woman out to dinner and a movie. Not fair come on judicial system open your eyes.
Pa family law is so ridiculous. it can drive a happy family to divorce, as long as the wife are not happy. they can take advantage of PA family law to get child custody and child support. and husband become a slave. Child support is based on income, not based on expense of child before and after divorce. the rule is set not for the best interest of kids as you divorce, but the best interest of lawyers and court. you are fighting for unbalance war and they earn the money. 80 percent woman initiate divorce, you know why.
Laws need to be made to protect fathers against vindictive women, it shouldn be the other parents responsibility to pay bills for the other parent. The best interest of the child is not important. Women use the system to do their dirty work and its not fair and its demeaning to the relationship between a father and his children.
Mother stole my sperm from a condom and is now collecting child support
I am disgusted by the way I am treated as a parent. I work 50+ hours a week and can seldom afford to eat and barely pay my bills, while my ex wife collects a absurd amount of money from me and the state. She also has a live in boyfriend whom makes close to six figures a year. We have 50/50 custody this system is a broken and unjust one. This needs to change
THESE laws or very oppressive and need to change men are being taken advantage of every day by these unconstitutional laws.
My husband was young and naive met a girl in.the army who was 6 years older than him. They barely knew each other for long. She had nothing and didn't want to work she got them kicked out of army and then she got pregnant. She still refused to work she committed welfare fraud whole he was paying her money every month we found out early enough bit still the damage she tried to do would have been tremendous he doesn't get to see his daughter ever! She has a new bf who takes care of her and receives child support and hi for daughter. It's not fair I work full time and we have a son I have to work to cover what gets taken oht for a woman who doesn't work.
I left my wife because she would physically abuse me because she knew I would not hit her back. Not even a week after I moved out, she filed for child support. I make about $3400 a month and was ordered to pay $1750 per month. My rent alone is $1500, not to mention phone, electric, gas, food ect. Nor the emense amount of debt she left me in. According to the judge, debt is not a factor due to the fact that it is my personal debt. At this point, I stand to lose everything that I have worked so hard for. They asked me to prepare a work up of all my bills and debt, but did not even so much as look at it. What's the point? I guess my daughter will have to visit her daddy in the homeless shelter after I lose my car, 2 investment properties that I planned on leaving to my 2 kids, and all of the little bit of money in my retirement funds. Thanks NYC, you truly are a rotten apple.
I too am a victim of Tennessee child support. Pay on time every month. When my son is with me he is always neatly dress and clean with a hair cut but when i pick him up from his moms house he looks like a homeless child. I have to hold back tears and that aint even a micro organism worth of things i have to pick up slack for because of her neglect. The state needs to do a check periodically on the mothers that get child support. They need to check how the child is doing in school, the working status of the mom and living conditions and the environment the child is in if the law is really about the well being of the children. A lot of these so called mothers would lose their kids to protective services. Now days it seems the fathers are in better positions to have custody of their kids. If y'all really care for your children and you know without a doubt you are the better parent then do some research on winning custody its tons of info that I found out about that didn't know. Its a father's rights group that help with situations like this and they help with filing paperwork and finding affordable lawyers. Fight for your kids my brothers and for the real mothers who really take care of their children I appreciate y'all with all my heart. I'm going to court for custody of my son. Y'all wish me the best.
Child support laws need to be reformed as a Family Emergency..! I have 3 kids, and no money to support them like suppose to be, Just because the court did a wrong evaluation of income and expenses. The judge din't care about my other kids. And also didn't evaluate my Unemployed status for 3 months. My family struggled around 3 more months until I get a job, then everything was worst. they collected my family tax refund, and intercepted my salary from new job. But the nightmare was even worst, My income is so low, that I have to ask for Medicaid for my kids, and Food Stamps. what else? We had to rent an apartment in a very dangerous place affordable for us. Now government help me to survive, so that way my ex wife can have a comfortable life with her new husband, cheating about their income, so using medicaid also, and food stamps..... thank you to the judge who applied so wrong the law and justice. I mean what law and what justice???
I was ordered to pay 744.00 a month for support for one child. The lady I have the child with does not work. She has 4 other kids by 3 other men. She has 2 kids by one man.He pays 50.00A month for them. The other 2 kids dads pay nothing. But they are using her income to base the amount I pay. She don't work at all. This is really messed up. I feel I am paying for the other kids too.
The laws are unfair. Poor response time, poor service, no continuity . The laws are geared for the mother only. It's not about the children, CS is now a business that generates revenue from the victim (fathers ),. I've paid just as much to the agency, CS and the IRS as I have to my one child.
I pay 576.00 for one child. The mom does not work is remarried sends my son in stained ripped clothes and tells him to make sure he gets a haircut while visiting me. I don't spend 576.00 raising my youngest with my now wife and my youngest is clean and gets hair cuts. NOT MY JOB TO PAY HER RENT AND CAR BILL.GET A JOB.
55 percent of my check goes to my first child. That leaves me 112 dollars a week for my second son and bills. I'm having to stay with my mom because I can't afford my own place. I haven't seen my first son in over 3 years because I can't afford a lawyer to fight it. Why is this happening? Why do the state have the right to treat me and my family like this. I am all for supporting him but make it fair. This is extortion.
Child support guidelines are a joke. How can paying the children's mom 1/3 of my take home pay be reasonable at all? She makes $2/hr less than I do. I have the kids 50% of the time. Yet I'm suppose to give them a great life on top of providing health insurance. Changes need to be made now!
why does the child support division have to suspend the drivers license and expects the person to go to work to pay child support and yet get caught driving with a suspended license almost every time on his way to work and get fined for not having a license. Is there another way?
My husband is currently being sued by his ex wife for back child support. The time in which he didn't pay he was unemployed for 9 months due to a horrific accident and lost job. During this time he himself was on government assistance. They both mutually agreed to set aside the ruling and he would pay and do as much as he could. He was finally able to get a job and was then making the same amount as his ex wife. Again, giving her word she promised to set it aside and just split the cost equally which my husband did. Now... 5 years later he's happily married and she is now suing us for back child support plus interest. There is nothing we can do. Not one dime of the expenses that he paid will get deducted from the 65,000.00 dollars that we now owe her. All because he believed her and never went back to court. Had he done so he would have owed her no support and no allionmony. Now our new family has to suffer and pay her almost 1100.00 a month. How is that fair? My husband is not a deadbeat dad. The children live with us 50% of the time. We provide for them, cloth them and even have paid for a vehicle for one. The state of Tennessee says tough! You pay or you go to jail. Something that she had threaten us with but has since removed because the children found out. Tough laws on deadbeat dads are understandable but what about greedy moms that are clearly just trying to hurt our family. How are the children benefiting when dad is now going to be gone all the time due to working two jobs so we can pay off money that would have never been paid in the first place. New laws are needed ASAP!!!
I have 50/50 joint custody, provide for full health and dental insurance and still pay child support wile my 5yr old sons mother gets an easy ride and collects money and government assistance when she is perfectly capable of working. She has a medical assistance certificate. It's called child support and there's two parents . Why does the father have to be the only one doing the hard work. Plus mother has exposed my son to DV , her being perpetrator. This law has to change
Long story short, I married a women with a 6 year old son.then had my son with her.she was collecting 400 for my sept son then after 3 uears of marriage she has sex with my bestfriend, files for divorce, puts me out on the street, takes my sons away from me and I have to pay 800 a month to her for childsupport.I was working three jobs to support my family now because she divorce me I have to pay the price? Wtf! Im an honest hard working man.now my son is crying, living with different menIin and out of his life because of his mother and I get treated like a criminal. This system needs to be changed.the laws are so screwed up.ive been fighting for my son for 4 years to have him.sick of these women using these children as money income.wakeup you people.good honest fathers getting there kids taken from them and paying out alot.not fair.give me my kids.I ****ing done with this court system.update it already.these women plan a free ride.in the end the children suffer.my ex has had 9 men in 4 years.real great system raising a child.wakeup congress.
We complain about the child support laws but what we really have to do is get involved with getting these laws changed. No one seems to want to step up and do something about them. I am guilty of that because as long as I was working, it didn't really matter. But since I have been unemployed I see the total lack of regard for the non-custodial parents. I plan to not only sign a petition but get on the steps of our law makers to take another look at these laws and make them more fair. They say it's about the children, but I think child support agencies made it more about their bonuses for collecting. Yes we may have had children in previous relationships but these laws care nothing about the noncustodials if they get remarried. These laws must be changed to make living possible for both parents and the children.
I just got ordered to pay $985 per month in child support and that doesnt even take into account the cost of medical insurance I am also paying. So, in short, I pretty much am suppose to hand over half of my take home pay to her and live out of my car while she sits at home and does nothing.
I am about to go through this SAME problem. I was with a girl on and off for awhile when she started talking bout wanting to be serious. At first i did doubt her motives because you hear all the horror stories anymore. Eventually she convinced me she was real and i let her move in and we started to make plans for a real future together. It only lasted about a month... jus long enough to convince me to not wear condoms with her. She ended up leaving me unexpectedly and i found out a couple weeks later she had already moved in with someone else. Time went by and she texted me that she might be pregnant. Without even asking for proof i immediately ask her back and she agrees. Less than a week later she lies to me saying she was invited to a bday party for a friend. A couple hours after leaving she texts me that she had went yo a hospital and gotten checked... something she NEVER even mentioned while with me even tho i offered to take her before and to buy a home test first if she was nervous thinking i was being a concerned and considerate man. After her positive results come back she lets me know and also informs me that she and her new man will be seeking the max penalty for me because i had refused to take care of her and had lied to her which are both very much false. The problem is even knowing that i have done EVERYTHING possible to try i sit here and read on the internet alot lately and read so many cases of this happening all over. FYI i am 100% disabled from a car wreck that resulted in a major spinal injury causing paralysis and permanent nerve damage. Will never work again and am also a single father to a 5 yr old son i have raised by myself since birth because HIS mother walked out on us when he was a month old. Where are the laws that help us men? Most of us want to do the right thing but arent even given the chance. This has to CHANGE
My husband has a 6 year old with his ex and he only pays her $175 a month (which really isn't much). But I feel like it should be taken into consideration that we are married, have two children together, have a home, car, and all the bills that come to take care of all that. Plus my husband has medical, dental and vision insurance on all of us including his 6 year old.
The mother however is 24 and still lives with her parents and sister in a small double wide, works as less as possible, and has NO bills to pay, but yet when we pick the 6 year old up or see her out in public her clothes are old, dingy and either way too big or too small and her shoes are always nasty. We have bought her many new outfits from Justice and a lot of new shoes but the mother will never put them on her!
It isn't fair that we are in need of a new home badly but cant afford it now and especially wont be able to when he is ordered to pay an extra $300 more a month that we honestly don't have!
The problem is, Everyone wants equal rights but nobody wants equal responsibility.
I am currently playing to get married to my fiance we have been dating for a while and I have a child that is not his and he has a child that I didn't carry. His child mom has a very good job and she makes threats all the time if he doesn't do what she tells him to do. Like buy all kinds of Jordans and unnecessary things for their child. She has gotten a new car and if b he does anything to show he is ok financially she wants every bit of it. We are trying to raise kids and keep our household together and we can't because of her greed. I don't understand why the courts allow this. If he is paying his support and decides to move on with someone else and try to make a good life, she is allowed to threaten for an increase. She trys to live a fantasy life and he has to pay for it. She is so great for his money it's sad. I think that this child support thing needs to end as far as giving cash to the parent. They should have to buy clothes and shoes for the children every so often and go half on any extra activities the child may be interested in. Paying over 100 a week is crazy. I have a child of my own and I don't receive support at all, if he decides to do then ok, but if not I still have responsibilities, if help is offered I am sure to take it but he has a life too. His parents help and if I ask they are there. He isn't working but that isn't an excuse for me to slack on my end. It's sad because most woman have babies with guys just to ruin their lives. Yeah you may have moved on but I still have your child and I am putting you up for child support. We can't get have a wedding because she takes everything, if you supposedly can't take care of the child give us custody. These laws need to change, it's not the dads that are deadbeats it more the mothers.
My brother pays child support for two children with two different women. He is completely involved in the life of one little girl. However, the second little girl has a mother who refuses to let him be involved at all, raised her to believe someone else was her daddy and is constantly going on drug binges. She has 5 kids with 5 different men and does not work. She collects child support from each of them, takes unfair advantage of HUD. Because she would rather get free money to do drugs and leave her kids with her parents. If the state is so concerned with making all of the father/s pay child support, WHY are they not concerned with 1- keeping tabs on what mom is up to, where the money is going, and forcing her to keep a job...and 2- not allowing a mom to just decide that dad can't be involved at all, with the exception of child support? It's unfair. How do mothers (or fathers if they are the primary parent) feel that it is okay to take the other parents money each month but not allow the paying parent to play a solid parental role in the childs life? In cases like this, when one parent flat out does not allow the other to be present, child support should not be required. Period.
I pay 140 a week for my oldest daughter's mother to go out to bars and purchase a Lincoln Truck while my wife and i struggle to pay our own bills and the needs of our daughter. My family and i buy my oldest new clothes, shoes, toys, etc because it seems her mother never does. Im not against paying but i feel as though it should go into an account where it can only be used for the child or i shouldn't have to pay the amount i pay now.
My husband pays his ex $560 a month for their 3 year old daughter. He is the sole provider in our family so that I can raise our daughter. We can't even pay our bills!
My daughter is 16 and recently has decided to move in with me rather than her mother.

I had called DSHS to let them know they can stop taking money out of my paychecks for child support. After a few days I had to call them back. At which time they stated that the mother said she was still living with her. Of course I reminded them that we had moved all of her belongings into my home and I had been taking her to school every morning. They then gave me a number to call which was disconnected. Then gave me another number which led me to another person that gave me a new number and a website to go to. After not being able to figure out what else I needed to do I contacted an attorney which of course I cannot afford. They informed me that according to state laws if I move forward with this that the end result is that a judge would award her mother custody and I would continue paying child support. What? She is 16. Anyways I have contacted a few more and am awaiting replies. Funny thing is when we first separated DSHS had know problem making sure the child support was automatically deducted from my paychecks with no prior notice or approval through me. This is solely based on a phone call from the mother. If the State is seriously concerned for the well being of the child then why are they not doing the same for me? Because I am the father? This is really unfair and the only person suffering from this is my daughter. Why is our state so one sided? I thought it was about the child not the sex of the parent. I am totally confused and disappointed. If it cant be resolved I will be forced to send my daughter back to her mother only because the state wants it that way. It feels like I am paying her mother so my daughter can live with me. Why would the state make this so hard for a father? Seems pretty simple to me. I would really appreciate any help you could do for me or even just let this be known to everyone so it can be fixed for future fathers. No one should have to go through this. It is very stressful and sad. I love my children and I do the very best I can. The state should see this and reward fathers not punish them.
I am a single mom who receives child support AND works full time to support myself n my child as well. I have only 1 child but know of many who have more than one and live off of child support, welfare and food stamps. Yet men are forced to bare 100% of the cost for their children. Our system is flawed and needs reform. It should be illegal for these women to live off of state funds and child support even if their children are under 5..they can get childcare assistance as well. They CHOSE to have a free ride n play victim and our court systems allow it.
I strongly disagree with any award to any capable person. Both parents need to have equal responsibility and accountability. No "gold digging" allowed.
I also feel that the child support agency should not be allowed to take actions that could harm the noncustodial parents ability to continue visitation or continue to pay child support. The child support agency's ability to suspend your drivers license or contractors license stands in the way of the noncustodial parents ability to continue working or continuing visitation which in turn hinders the ability to pay child support or see the children. I believe the child support agency's should not be allowed to levy your bank accounts, suspend licenses or put liens on any property unless it is evident that the noncustodial parent is refusing to pay child support and is in arrears over a certain amount.
My husband has been paid child support, now the child is 18 and finished high school, he don;t have an stable income, i have to support him sometimes, many times we can't afford even pay our bills. his ex wife make $20.000 in a second job from home (business running illegally ) and she is claiming $4500 for back child support, he paid all, she is saying he didn't. she has a husband and 2 more kids. Live in Georgia in a house that cost $5000 rent a month. This is totally unfair.
You know what's not right? I had my first child in high school, I had my goals on being the best father I could be. But after my beautiful daughter was born I realized her parents are crazy. They gave me one option, the only way I could see my baby is if I come to they house. As my baby grew older she was crying once I leave, I asked can should go with me, her granddad said he don't trust me because I barley do things financially. But I was a senior, focusing on graduating, I spent a lot of time at their house but money was the issue. Her granddad was drunk one day in told me he was gone break my neck, I defended myself, he put me out, told me don't come back. How do I suppose to see her now? My child mother was on my side in the beginning but she surely shifted to her parents decisions later on. I met another girl that's in the Army, planning to marry her. God bless me and her with a child my 2nd her 1st, I was happy because I knew I would get to see my 2nd child. Word got around we was having a baby, so my 1st child mom called, I'm excited and confirmed that we are having a baby. Two weeks later I get child support papers, I'm estinally mad because I tried hard to the point I was thinking about kid napping my child because I missed her so much. I couldn't believe I was robbed at being a father, didn't have the money to pay my attorney for visitation rights, now on child support for moving on with my life. The court did not want to hear nothing I had to say, the judge ruled in her favor and told me she couldn't help me with visitation rights. So now I pay child support for a child I don't see. Once I get my degree in criminal Justice I will try to get custody. So I can make up the years we missed and so she can see her little sister.
After the loss of my 3rd custody battle in Texas family courts, the judge ordered my CS from $250-just under $1200 per month. This originally was due to my ex not telling the OAG she was collecting. So, along with other reasons I went for custody, and wound up losing. Now, I'm a disabled vet and I do collect social security, my ex on behalf of my son was collecting $296, but refused to inform the OAG. When we went in front of the OAG judge, he agreed to let the family courts decision be that going forward. I was hosed, I didn't own a house, my son didn't go to a school near by, and I was being alienated and ostracized by my ex and her lesbian partner. I owe about $7k,my son now gets about $700 per month. .
I'm paying child support to a man who sexually molested two of my 3 children. The family division in NJ didn't believe my children and I. My ex-husband a rich and well known jewish man took away my youngest son who finished HS this year. In NJ the law is unfair because it almost don't have an end in paying child support, my ex-husband encourages my son to go to medical school (maybe 10 years more?). The Child Support embarrass me many times sending threatening letters to my bosses when hired or leaving the job no matter that usually I was ahead (2 months) in my payments. Now that I'm disabled to continue working I filed a motion to decrease/stop child support payments after not working for a year and the process of the motion is going to be a year that finally will have a Judge decision this coming week. The judge secretary told me that it will decided according how much money he and me makes (I'm starting receiving SS benefits)and without my noticed the judge ordered to take money from my small benefit: $1400/ mo I finish receiving $1000/mo not any other income at all that I must to move to AZ (apts cost lower than NJ). My ex-husband a child molester and demanding me to pay child support. He supposed to be in jail and is walking free. I tried to contact Obama but nobody cares because I'm a minority and poor. Do you think is this fair?
Husband paid and was current all along. Ex wife decides to go on TANF because she refuses to work . She lied saying he never paid CS, but he's paid through his paycheck FOR YEARS. No one had bothered to to cross reference this fact, so b they took her word for it. As a result, our bank account was frozen for 39K of arrears that her does not owe as he has always been current.

So SHE get free court representation yet WE have to pay for out own counsel?? I call BS!!

Rectify this now for the father that are wrongfully noosed by this corrupt system.
My new husband lost his job after they split. The law says he has to pay the original amount and I understand this and it is not their fault he lost his job. She is below the poverty line because she has never had a job even before they had children. Even though she has a bachelor's degree there is no expectation for her to get a job and she is on every form of government assistance possible. I have paid his child support and pay for all of children's food, vacations, clothes, birthday and Christmas gifts...and bought a bigger house to accommodate our new blended family. He is working for less money now but there are times that he does not make enough to cover the child support in full for a few weeks. She told him just this morning that if he fell behind this summer she was going to take him to go to court and have the money taken from my income. She says she can do it even though I don't believe she would win...but, it is disgusting that I could even be taken to court to win a court preceding in the first place.
I agree I have a wife n child with me and one child from before that have to pay support on. Wife lost her job a couple months back. We can barely afford to eat and have to pick and choose what bills to let slide and what to pay. All the while the baby mamma i call her does fine
How can fathers be blamed for not working when child support take jobs opportunities away from them by suspending their licenses? It's like throwing me in the ocean and I can't swim. Yet, you tell me to reach for the lifeline you're holding, and when I do you pull it away. Then if you do end up pulling me from the ocean, you want to throw me in jail because I was not able to catch your lifeline. And you want me to survive this unfair treatment in a system you created and control. Let me be clear........I'm not a "died beat dad". I'm an individual ready and willing to work hard to get out of a corrupt child support system.This is not the way the government is suppose to work. How much more............?
Very abused law, you shouldn't be forced to become a father.
Hi everyone just read a few comments and some dads out there like myself try to make a living but how can we? I'm working two jobs at the moment and the child support is taking income from both of my jobs, I went to court because at the moment I'm happily married and have two kids and I was told that after I reported them to the child support offices my payment would go down but all I was told was to get another job which I did but only thine that happened was that they started deducting MORE money and now I'm working, working and working and I hardly get to see my family and my other kids. I'm just upset to the fact that my child's mom has her Facebook and she places comments that she is just spending my child support money on sky diving, to pay her school, the bar, and to make her car payment--and she still had the nerve to be telling me that my kids need clothing?? Like are you serious, this government is just full of sh*** some moms need to grow up and act like a REAL MOTHER, I was close to getting kicked out to the street due to me not being able to pay my rent, luckily my wife just started working and we are getting thru but to be living check by check while my kids mother is just living it up isn't right, this needs to get brought to the governments attention because it's not right--what's going to happen when I get kicked out to the street with my wife and kids? I know for damn sure the government isn't going to help me out all they are going to do is add up my child support; to all the hard working dads that do what you have to do my respects I know how it feels everyday knowing that we are working hard and yet we still can't see our kids all because these damn courts and dead beat moms(just a few not all mom) just stay at home and collect our hard earned money, oh and by the way my kids mother still lives with her mother and I'm paying her rent as well, I'm paying $1000 a month and when both of my checks come in I only see about $480 all together from both jobs.
My husband pays so much support that it's very hard for our child we have together. He wasn't the bad guy and has never been a bad guy. He has also over paid child support by $1,000.00 and they said oh well they dispursed it to her instead of giving him credit. What is wrong with this picture? She will not keep a job, the kids are 10 and 12, get out and support your kids too. We need changes to our child support laws.
For those of us who pay and never late, keep medical, dental, vision insurance and can't afford the amout of support I have to pay especially when I don't work if it's raining, above 110outsife or below 10 degrees. Something needs to change so I can afford to be in my kids lives.
I am writing to you to ask for change on an epidemic that is destroying families, fathers, and children right here in Country. Simply put, the “Family Court” system as it now exists has stripped fathers of their rights to be a part of their children's lives. Instead, fathers have turned into financial pumps, living in constant fear of being dragged back into court by their ex-wives and victimized yet again.

I could give you countless examples of fathers who have been victimized. I’m not referring to the “deadbeat dad” types who leave their ex-wives and children living in the streets. I am talking about hard working, tax paying, child-loving fathers who live for their children. The ones who had their children stripped from them for the simple reason of their ex-wife deciding that she just no longer wanted to be married. The ones who are allowed to see their children for 4 days a month. The ones who are allowed to see their children for a few weeks over the summer. The ones who are required to pay astronomical amounts of child support, often putting themselves in a situation where they barely can afford to live. These are the fathers that are relying on the judges, lawyers, and Legislators to help reform the system. This system has created a society of fatherless children and childless fathers. This system has created its own life through a judicial system that exists on misery to feed itself.

This system violates their Constitutional Rights to Due process, Equal Protection under the Laws, and Privacy.

I would like to call your attention to the February 25th, 2002 ruling by C. Dane Perkins, Superior Court Judge of the Georgia Alapaha Judicial Circuit. Judge Perkins declared the Georgia Child Support Guidelines (which were adopted guidelines from Wisconsin which almost all states use) void and unconstitutional in his ruling based on the above Constitutional Violations.

Due Process
The United States Constitution provides that NO State may “deprive any person of life, liberty or poverty without due process of law”. In almost all states, presumptive child support awards rise as a share of obligor (paying parent) income. NO child cost studies show child costs rising as a share of after-tax income. ALL child cost studies show child costs declining as a share of the after-tax income. In most cases, especially in higher income situations, the presumptive child support results in a significantly higher obligation than one bases on actual child costs that decline as a share of net income. In Parrett v. Parrett (1988, the Court of Appeals of Wisconsin), the court found that, particularly in higher income situations, the presumptive child support amount would “result in a figure so far beyond the child’s needs as to be irrational”. This is the very sort of result the Due Process clauses are designed to prevent.

Equal Protection
The United States Constitution provides that NO State may “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equa
There are several glaring flaws with America’s laws regarding child support. The following are a few of the more unbelievable and inexcusable ones.

The mentality that the more the non custodial parent makes, the more it costs to raise a child is unbelievably flawed. The non custodial parent is all too often forced into poverty and becomes a liability on the welfare system (requiring food stamps and other government assistance) because of the ridiculous amount of financial responsibility placed upon them. It's common knowledge that our economy is in trouble and good paying jobs are few and far between. If a struggling non custodial parent is making minimum wage but aspires to do better, finds a better paying job and starts making 12/hr. The difference in income results in a higher child support payment and their effort is rendered useless from both the higher taxes imposed on the income, as well as the hiked support rate. Devastatingly, they remain at poverty level despite their best efforts to climb out. Is there any wonder why some refuse to relinquish their meager wages to pay child support in place of rent. The government readily admits that below a certain wage is poverty level. Yet adamantly requires a non custodial parent to still pay child support even though they do not make enough to support themselves. Where is the logic in that expectation? Moreover, if the custodial parent can't support themselves, the government provides them with everything needed to live a comfortable life; all funded by taxes. Why is there a double standard for the expectation of providing for the child; if you have custody, everything will be provided for you; if not, then you are mercilessly demanded to provide support. The double standard is undeniable and unacceptable.

In addition, why would a custodial parent be allowed to remain unemployed for an extended period of time without a penalty? Such as their support being decreased or cut off completely? The law allows, and even inadvertently encourages, custodial parents to be leeches off of both the government and the non custodial parent. They use the welfare system to live above poverty with all of the necessities of life, plus some. They collect food stamps, WIC, TANIF and several other government funded assistance programs. They use them to survive and aren't required in any way to put forth effort to support themselves. They then get paid their child support, which becomes a monthly wage for simply having their child reside with them. It's as if the support is their fee for being a caretaker. They provide very little for the child that has resulted from their own hard work. Instead, the child becomes solely financially supported by government programs and child support. The custodial parent is given a free ride and a steady paycheck (support check).

There are also no stipulations regarding how good or bad of a parent you have to be; simply do not cause the child harm, or neglect them and the fre
My daughter is 24 years old and in the Army National Guard. And I owe $1900.00 in arrears for child support for her (19 hundred dollars), which will clear me for good with child support. But my opportunities to find work are greatly diminished because my drivers license and PERC Card (security officer certificate) have both been suspended. I've been told by Child Support that they will lift the suspension when I pay $900.00 to them. My question is..........how can I pay you if you are killing my opportunities to work by suspending my licenses? You might as well throw me in the ocean and tell me to swim to the life line, rather than throw it to me. With both of my licenses I am sure I would be done paying child support in 6 months. Just yesterday, I was given a golden opportunity for employment with a security firm. But was told because I did not have my PERC Card, there was no chance of me getting hired. Why is my entire life being but on hold by Child Support?
I'm 24 with two kids and if I lived on my own I would be homeless and I work 40 hours a week making 1250 an hour. You wonder why there are so may dead beat dad's.... cuz they are being robbed and can't afford living costs. And do you help them survive so they can see there kids. Nope! It's bias and robbery. What about the dad's that are there and not eating and can't afford anything so they can feed there kids. Where's my assistance when I'm struggling? O to busy putting 500,000 non Americans in luxury hotels while you rob and starve your own people that support you. This world is pure evil and the government and people need to prove me wrong...
I just spent a long time commenting on another petition only to be informed that for some reason it would not go through. I have a long drawn out horror story. All I can say for now is the system is in need of reform.
Im a women and I agree on some of the thing being said here. BUT not all of us are like that, I feel bad for the men that have to pay out the butt and not to get to spend time with their children. My husband went through the same thing 400 a month for his son with no visitation rights at all but you want me to lay HA thousands spent on poor lawyers that did nothing for us. I have an ex that owes me 25000 I never get child support from him and then he got it reduced to 149.00 a month because he doesn't work haha with money owed the let him reduce it. What a joke it doesn't matter whom did what it matters if the child is taken care of THATS IT my dad didn't pay my mom because he thought it was hurting her lmao what an*****So don't hurt her by not paying you only hurting the child
I'm a single mom who takes no child support from my son's dad because I'm just as capable as he is to earn money! He has our son half the month there is no reason he should have to pay me! I do my part on my own and gladly.
The state of New Jersey is forcing my husband to pay for kids that are not his about 5 of them. He never took DNA or signed acknowledgement forms or even seen the birth but they want his money. One women he don't even know. 4 of the women have said your not the dad but can't take him off child support. One women said at the time you had money and a promising career. We have 3 kids together and they are suffering because women have lied just for money and the state of New Jersey does nothing to ensure mothers are telling the truth. One judge told my husband I can't take you off the child's mom was there telling h he wasn't the father she had made a mistake.
Child Support laws need a major overhaul
Where is the equality that women ask for when it comes to child support?
The non-custodial parent ends up getting the short end of the stick in these cases and a vast majority of the time it's the men, even if the relationship ended because the woman was unfaithful or simply decided she wasn't happy and left
I am paying $1,106 each month (plus $96 for arrears). All they did was put my income and hers (which is about the same as mine) in to a computer, and the number I received was ridiculous. After not being able to come up with a reasonable number, we had to go to court to determine how much I will have to pay. After pleading my case to the judge, she determined the ridiculous number I am paying now. I think it's ridiculous how they have no regards as to the fact that I can't afford to put food in my fridge, pay my rent, and utilities. I now have to take public transportation to work ... I can't even afford to do that. Plus she doesn't even let me see my children. This system is meant to bring you down. My cousin killed himself because he couldn't afford to live based on how much money he was paying for child support. I can understand why he did it, because I can barley survive now. It has become hard on my girlfriend because she has to pick up my slack when it comes to the bills, and mind you, she has 2 kids of her own, and she doesn't receive any financial help for. I know nothing will be done about this, but I just wanted to share.

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