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My ex wife is doing everything she can to work as little as possible, all while collecting a lot of money from me every single month. We are barely making it in our home now. I have three additional children that I am responsible for and can barely make ends meet because she lies to the courts about the money in her home.
Yes the system is corrupt! But the courts don't always favor the woman. I work full time, pay insurance for my daughter and myself, and get less than $100 a month for her. I'm low income and barely scrap by, I don't get the luxury of special things in my one bedroom apartment because I make so little money. I've put in 3 different modification letters and finally something is being done after 8 years. But that being said he isn't forced to pay anything.. How is it that I work and take care of her, he refuses to even see her and he can get out of paying support?
It's a corrupt system. Legal extortion. In almost seventeen years I have lost my house, my second wife, all my savings, I live with my parents, my life is horrible. I owe $12000 and just recently I lost my job. Regardless that heartless judge will use the full extent of the law to take my last dollar. This is not a life I wanted. My kids are brain washed by the exwife. I am nothing. If we're not for my mother and father I would have taken my life years ago. Never far from my thoughts, I will one day drive my truck into the woods and shoot my glock for the last time. My blood will not be on my hands, I blame the judge, my lawyer, my greedy exwife and lets not forget all the great minds and politicians that made all my misery possible.
Lose your job get cancer lose everything. Answer from the "justice" system. You need to pay and no we can't lower the support amount or put a freeze on it.
The rules are out of date, unbalanced. No equality what so ever. Courts don't read the facts, judges have way to much power and rule with misguided logic.
Child support agencies don't really look at what the custodial parent is making - it should be looked at! And usually, the child support is money used on that parent's lifestyle and not on the child(ren). And the non-custodial parent usually can't even have a life except to work all the time. It's really sad. Child support should be reviewed yearly at least, just like they do with food stamps and temporary assistance, etc. Receipts should be looked at as well. If the other parent is forced to work, so should the custodial, otherwise the working parent who is actually supporting the child is the one who should have custody!! There should be rules in place on both sides! Those who pay child support should have a right to know what the money goes to with proof. But most importantly, child support should be more affordable for those who can't even afford to see their kids because they either have to work every day to pay support or they are homeless because they can't pay for a place to live. And if the child is with the parent almost half the time, child support should not even be in the picture except for medical and educational expenses.
These child support laws need to be changed.
My son is with me at this very moment I get him every other weekend an some holidays now I owe back pay cause when my mom was sick I payed the bills help with my lil brother an my son an son mother stayed with us at the time. I took her to court 3 years later about lowering my child support cause. I got Bills of my on an to get joint custody Smh the judge looked at her paper work real fast an said she don't make enough but I got told to do what I got to do but no words for her she used to keep him from me she told me she would **** my life up with this I ain't never did no drugs never sold any don't get in trouble I be with my wife an son that's it so yall telling me all this time I Been trying to be a good man the times I couldn't pay my child support gone get me locked up cause I got a son. yall making a blessing not one he got clothes shoes food toys at my house man yall need to help us man this not right its not far its not I get him a year she pay then she get him a year I pay no it's one sided it's easy to look the other way When It not you its happening to yall don't care bout the dad's we might as well be dead beats yall don't care bout us just want our money we care for our kids but our life can get took from us cause of our kids that******horrible I know what you saying it ain't Ya kids fault you ain't it's not that I didn't want to I was on things at 19 but like just hit me hard that happen but in this child support world once you at of one hole you got to get out a bigger one next
How is it fair for a man to be separated from seeing his kids grow, when he helped create the child too? He misses all the precious moments, and the woman gets to watch them grow while benefiting from his monthly payments. Maybe that's one reason why men are getting paid more? (If that is true)
My fiance was the one who worked and took care of his kids while the mother was out cheating. She did the same thing with the next guy after having a kid with him. My fiance hasn't seen his kids in over 8 years because she won't allow it. He is forced to pay child support and one of the kids may not even be his but that don't matter cause his name is on the birth certificate. So now his ex has 4 kids from two possibly three different dads collecting child support so she doesn't have to work cause she gets over $1000 in child support for being a hoe. It's a bunch of BS the way men are forced to pay and are garnished making it difficult for them to survive on the little bit they have left over.
I pay child support for my child and the mother of my child . I don't believe in child support I been supporting my son ever since day one. She just got a job in October of 2014 I'm the one who been taken care my son ever since the day he was born.
Crooked system to keep men in debt, forever growing interest and giving the mothers housing and free food/money. new age slavery
All males on child support should be given a paternity test whether they sign the birth certificate or not. All males should be able to provide receipts and it counts for what was purchase for they kids and it shouldn't be consider a gift for they kids
There are over thirty thousand signatures and hundreds of testimonies on this petition from people that are outraged not so much about having to take care of their children but because of the unfairness and bias of the child support system.Title IV D has created a system full of corruption and illegal activity and it allows these judges,magistrates and state attorneys to use the children as cash cows and hide behind the bold face lie of having the childrens' best interest. The federal government gives these child support agencies and family courts two dollars for every dollar they collect in these matters and a lot of that money goes into the pockets and retirement funds of those who enforce and rule in these cases. With those kind of incentives why wouldn't these judges set the support rates outrageously high and even add arrears to further enslave the unfortunate non custodial parent.This system the way that it currently exist is designed to break up families and use the children for profit for both the custodial parent and their own interest. Nobody is addressing this issue because of the revenue that it is creating for the states kinda like how so many people were against the abolishment of slavery because of what it would do to their own personal financial gains regardless of the tyranny it caused.This system is allowed to extort people and throw them into jail(debtors prisons) if they can't meet the extortion demands of the courts and that's illegal. Congress needs to step in and fix this this problem,there needs be a complete reform of the child support system that would hold both parents accountable financially,psychologically and morally. Please somebody in Washington address this issue because it is causing financial ruin for too many hard working people that really do mean well for their children.
Their are women who sleep with men that are married and get pregnant then get child support. Then they get soo much for child support when he already has other kids to support and are not count for in court.
Fathers needs rights as well the current child support laws are crazy and unfair I beg congress to change these laws and truly make it fair my ex wife has stolen from me abused my kids while going out drinking and neglecting my kids while I worked and raised my kids she works a job that she can't support herself is alcohol abuser and the courts do anything to swing it back to the female please congress change these laws and make dead beat mothers help support also instead of making fathers suffer women use these laws for there advantage make these bums responsible !!!!!!
Child support is completely unfair to put it lightly. The divorced father now has to fund his own household and new family and his previous family. This tyranny must end.
Everything everyone is saying is correct why do we fathers have to suffer paying child support and backup child support with interest that's ridiculous whose really collecting the money I just would like them to see from both sides because I pay but don't even get to see my kids that's wrong why do I have to pay if I can't see them and then when I ask the attorney general for help seeing my kids now I have to get a lawyer because they can't help but it's easy for them to just take the money from our checks that is wrong wish someone can help with this.
My ex didn't work through the marriage. She divorced me cause she wants money to sit around on her iPhone and Netflix and just make my life miserable by asking for more and more money while she's getting food stamps and soaking up the gravy welfare.
I am a veteran who loves my children deeply. I just traveled across country to go see my 2 children for 10 days. I make 60k a year, but I am still struggling to make ends meet because 25% before taxes is a lot of money. I paid for all expenses when I went to visit them and I was not getting paid at work because I didn't have the paid time off. Now child support took all of my money for this month. How is that fair to my wife and step daughter? How will I pay my bills this month? I wanted to see my kids badly, but this puts me in a financial strain when I go see them. It should be 25% after taxes.

God bless,
At some point the laws have to really mean that they are used within reason. I've felt from day one i'm taking care of my daughter as well as the (mother???). I agree that mothers should be given some financial responsibilities after a child reaches a certain ag5. and a financial review every 6 months.
I pay an astronomical amount of child support per week to my children's mother. She blatantly abuses the system by leaving the children (ages 7 & 8) unattended by adult supervision. Instead she leaves the two older children of another father home to babysit my children. She also gets child support for those two. She decided to be a waitress in the evening which allows her to drink until all hours of the night.
She doesn't hide abusing the child support system either. It's posted ALL OVER Facebook. Her name is Julie H. Rogers from Forestdale, Ma. 02644.
Her actions are disgraceful not to mention she has lived her whole life USING people and the system.
Ridiculous that some ppl live off child support, you should have to work and give father's a chance and I'm a mother of 4 kids, and yet I'd rather have them have involvement with their fathers, than get it. I don't see how they haven't updated this ridiculous system!
It's extremely unfair to the hard working father to pay child support to a mother that does nothing at all but sits at him, she has never in her life worked and that 100% TRUE. Unfair to the father.
I love my son and want to help in every way I can but I pay more child support then I am able to pay bills and the mother does nothing but sit on computer and cell phone. None of the money I send goes to my son. I was recently in a gas station to pay for my gas and the girl in front of me used her child support card to pay for cigarettes and scratch off tickets, it just made my blood boil to the point I wanted to flip out on her. Not all of us father's are a pos. And there are just as many girls out there that are as bad as the men. I also agree to the mothers being forced to work after child is of the age of 5.
Texas needs major child support law evaluation! When do they take half your federal tax return, and use the other half, up to $650 for administration fees each year? When are they aloud to place 60% deductions on each pay check for child support? The attorney generals office refuses to do anything or even follow the laws about taking the child support out. Their reply entails come live in Texas for about 6 months and deal with it in the courts. Who can put back money for that when pay checks are on hold because they take out more than what was agreed upon? And the child support is not behind! Men are getting financially derailed into extreme life wrecking poverty because the mothers always want more & more! When does justice begin?!?
The system needs to be updated there are a lot of father's that are getting treated unfair.i was at a court hearing today and I was treated like I was a low life by the judge who would not even take the time to listen to me.i along with other father's are at our limets something needs to change in pa.
Ok. I concur w/u ALL. Listen, @ 1 point in my life i had 2 go 2 HRA now mind you my the man that raised my son as his own gave him his last nam & all after we talked it over after all we were going 2 stay w/ 1 another. By d way i met him wen i was 4mths pregnant bcuz the man dat I've been with since i was 17yrs old was a whore lol #RealTalk
A lot of baby mamma's Lol but anywho, decided he wnts 2 stay with everyone else he just really didn't wnt me plain & simple. Well, this man was a sweet heart. But, i wuzzn't happy after 5yrs but we stood friends til this day our sonis now 18yrs old. He's Been there birth, grew-up, 1st walk, 1st tooth 1st everything. Well, HRA decided they wnt 2 take him 2 court 4 child support i told them i don't know where he's @ they pulled his name up mind u he wrkd allhis life. So, i just went 2 HRA til my SSI/SS kicked in so i really had no choice. But this man was giving our son pretty good amount every 2wks my son got his clothes, games, life insurance all til HRA took itall away. He was helping me no matter wat. I so appreciated this man. He didn't have 2 do any of this he luvs our son & our son is the only DAD/FATHER he knu. But, i am going 2 sign this bcuz it's the Right thing 2 do. There are real men out here that just wnt 2 do right by their children & most mothers/fathers mess that up 4D #RealMen #RealWomen I'm just making a big difference 2A child who really is need of family support point blank. #GodBlessYouDadsMomsChildren.
Child support should be assessed on a case to case basis. My particular situation has caused my entire family financial hardships while my sons mother has purchased a new home. Now my son no longer likes my home and is more inclined to his new home. I blame both the laws and judge for failure to use their judgement regarding child custody cases. Now I am a 27 year old and would have never seen my life struggling to make ends meet.
I'm a woman and I have 50/50 custody of my child and I have to pay child support to my husband who always worked during our marriage up until he got fired last June. Now I'm stuck paying alimony and child support that is more than my rent for a one bedroom apartment. It's not just men getting screwed for dead beat parents, it's the responsible parent getting screwed. What is the incentive to go to work if you can manage to live off of support? The whole system needs to be re-hauled. Parents with 50/50 custody shouldn't have to pay child support.
It is so unfair for a hardworking dad that pay support on time out of his paycheck every month to not be able to see his children. A father that has begged for more time and constantly told no should not be allowed. Children need both their father and their mother and not a mother that holds them full time away from a father to get more money. Please change the laws back to 50/50 custody and 50/50 in taking care of the children's expenses and not one parent that is completely fit, a good father and a hardworking great person. It is unfair for a mother to keep the children away from the father for money. This should NOT be allowed.A paying wonderful father should have JUST as much rights on equal time sharing as the mother should.
I agree. .
It is unfair that we continue to abate by antique laws when men used to be the sole support of a family. In a time when we all support equal rights and pay for men and women, maintaining such format and burden in the father is unfair. Children need both parents. Men give as much to the upbringing of a child as a women do. Both sides are indispensable for a child. It is time to go by the 50/50 rule and have equal expectations, duties and rights for both parents involved and stop legally supporting free rides to women just because there is a child involved.
I would just like to say that this is so wrong because women know they don't have to work they know they can work u an take your hard earned money and the system is fixed so that the woman have more of an advantage of winning and taking what u have to me this is a form of slavery think about it u work hard and pay her she does nothing an get paid the system should be fair for both parties if the woman does nothing the woman should have to work or pay back child support if not being able to pay just like man they should look at facing time really or pay the man who word hard or pay the government u guys like taking money take their money really i think some of the money should be put in a bank or frozen so that she can't get her hands on it i think the man should pay so much child support because what does a baby need with 300 400 500 dollars or more in child support what can a child i repeat a child do with that kind of money an u know the woman is not using it for what they need it for its called child support not woman support right then they can change it every 3 years according to how much u get paid they can take more so if u get a raise she get one to its so wrong an it needs to change this or next year like i said baby dont need more soo much money well they do but dad shouldn't have to pay it all an she shouldn't set back and grt paid its child support not woman support bill support food support hair and makeup support something has to change
Like many systems we abide by in this country, this one needs overhauled. Deadbeat mothers have learned how to work the system, no doubt. It's almost too easy for them not to. I'm a good man, I made a horrible mistake with a person who has consistently shown the potential to make disgusting decisions. Her and her deadbeat fiance will now live a much nicer life beginning today. I only wonder if the Son that I have been kept from since inception will benefit from the unreasonable amount of money his hardworking Father is now paying. The amoung is only unreasonable because of the circumstances.

Accountability needs to be held for people who take advantage of the systems. I tried to help, I tried to insure my son under my wonderful insurance plan. She refuses help, and will not give the information needed to add him to my policy yet continues to allow my son to ride the state system, right along with her. She wont work. She instead, filed false claims with the state that I've continuously refused to provide medical care and financial support to my child. This is far from the truth, and though it will be addressed in legitimation and custody suit about to be filed, it's just unfortunate that this situation is perpetuated and allowed by the flawed system. This child should have never been on the public welfare system, and it's disgusting that this is allowed to occur. How is she able to not work? She possesses a college degree. She also possesses a recent criminal record. How does the obligation not lie with the state to dig into this and check someone out who files for benefits? Anyone who would perform the basic research would be able to determine that she is not a good parental candidate. Shouldn't the state perform these basic background checks when someone is parenting children and drawing off of the system? Shouldnt there be accountability and penalization of some sort for those who believe it's ok for them to keep a parent from his/her child for no reason? Instead I'll now spend thousands to get the truth out there in the open. My well being, and my childs future and best interests will be harmed by this useless waste of money. I know that my case is likely one of millions, that are quite similiar. NCP's have rights, and they aren't ATM machines. Something needs to be done.
My ex 6 plus years ago said she didn't want nothing from me and that she was moving on with new husband, new chapter. That it was the best for the 2 children we had for me to stay out of their lives and I agreed. They called the stepdad dad and the children where happy. July 2015 ex-wife and her husband sale the house that was still in my name that they lived in for years paying late payments on the mortgage for years in which the ex-wife was too refinance since 2005. Well they sale home and run to the Attorney General Child Support Office and file for child support and back pay. The law says they don't care if we did a mutual agreement that the only one that can remove the back pay is my ex-wife so I had to sue her for damages to my credit, sue her for not letting me see the 2 children that are teens now. I had to pay a good lump sum to zero out the back pay oh but they ex-wife and husband wanted the full money with interest of the back pay but they had to come to an agreement due to the damages they caused me. What man lives in a house that is owned by the ex-husband, conceives two children then years later his in court with the wife (my ex) having a say on the agreement of child support of the 2 step children. And he never said he'd adopt no wouldn't want to lose his monthly child support check now would he.
I'm signing this petition due to the scheme of the ex-wife and her husband.
Oh and its been weeks after the court day and yet ex-wife's attorney is dragging the papers to have them signed so they can be filed in court of the recorded agreement yet they already got there money.
My sons mother is the deadbeat! Never had a job! Didn't graduate high school! And she's 35!!!!! When is it time for her to get punished!?!?! There's got to be a way to throw the hammer down to deadbeat mothers milking the system for child support!
My sons mother is the deadbeat! Never had a job! Didn't graduate high school! And she's 35!!!!! When is it time for her to get punished!?!?! There's got to be a way to throw the hammer down to deadbeat mothers milking the system for child support!
Greetings Everyone,

I have had just about enough of this SHIT! It is time to start taking action, because obviously this isn't working either. It's time to start a revolution, stand up for our selves and get a protest going, march and hold up signs explaining exactly what Title IV-D means and how it affects us. In brief, Title IV section D is a Federally funded incentive program designed to reward child support order establishment and fund child support enforcement programs. This allows the states to generate huge amounts of revenue, the more families and individuals they destroy, bankrupt, and finagle to keep in the system the more money or incentive monies the states get from the Federal Government. Hiding behind the excuse "It's in the best interests for the children"... Blah, blah, blah! It's in the best interests for Judge's pensions, FOC Officers, Etc....Their pockets.
I'm fine with child support, I'm happy to pay it. He's my child and I love him. But I don't think it's right for the mother to become rich off child-support. I think it's wrong that the mothers standard of living increases simply because she's the mother of a child whose father has done well later in life.

There should be accountability on the mothers part, have her show that she spends the money on things necessary for the child. Any extra money should go into a trust set aside for the child at a later point in time.

For several years my ex-wife and I have paid the same amount of money. I have paid her $1000 a month or more for our one child for the last seven years. However I recently got a nice raise and I make about three times what she does now. So now my child support obviously goes up. Will that increase in child support directly be reflected in my child's Quality of life? I don't think it's right that she should be able to buy nice shoes, a nicer car, and expensive jewelry. My marriage with this woman ended, while we do have a child together who needs both of our support, she should not benefit, personally, from my later success merely because she has a child.

All I'm asking for is accountability for both parties involved. Aft all I'm asking for is accountability for both parties involved. If justice is truly equal, it be nice to see that represented in child support and family law.
Child support calculations are very unfair to the non custodial parent, pay out 1/3 your income, carry health insurance costs on your own, then get stuck holding the majority of the bills afterwards, on top of such you pay your own way thru life while the custodial parent is aloted an easy ride. And with our disgusting healthcare system who knows what you'll get there. You make the children together, and you support the mother of your children for 16 years, then have to continue to do so after divorce, come on, the reason we get divorced is to get away from one another, the courts are forcing you to live out that life with them. It's wrong and it should be overhauled.
Woman take advantage of of just cause they are females, very unfair to us men
Child support is calculated unfairly. How is a father to pay for his living expenses food, shelter, car, and gas for work if he's paying most of his paycheck to child support? It's not fair or right. Something needs to change!!
Extortion in every way!!!!
I pay 466.30 every two weeks and i make 11.00 a hour and the mother of my babies hasnt let me see my daughters since they were born. she loves collecting the child support though. even if I went to the courts and got rights to see my children i wouldn't even beadle to take care of them because I'm barely bringing any money home because its all going to her. I miss my daughters so much and i wish someone in the state of Ohio would fix this problem. Ohio has one of the most unfair child support laws ever. lets get this problem fixed because its not only ruining my life i cant imagine how many other good lives its ruining.
Child support system needs overhauled where either parent can move to a new state file a PPO then the other parent loses drivers license........you see whats happening? Throwing people good people in Jail isn't the answer. REFORM NOW its a broken system.
This child support system is a joke all it is is extorting money from the American citizens as another way for government to get their fingers on the money they haven't taken already . It's disgusting that my license was taken away after I got into a car accident couldn't work and my caseworker said well that's too bad file a motion for which I was put in jail it's just a crooked ****ing joke
I have two children with my ex, both now are over eighteen. Seven years ago, my ex "tried" to overdose on pills, and since then my older son lived with me. The moment he turned 18 last year she took me back for child support. She hasn't worked in seven years since her episode, yet has had two more children. My younger son just turned 18, and is a junior in hight school, so I have to pay her for another year, even though he gets little of the money if at all, since he works 28/wk. And she has the other two children. Her and her husband basically told my son I can help with the other children.
Yeah, the child support system is very fair. At least my children know I'm there for them, and learned on their own their mother is a worthless drunk.
Too many families struggling to get by because of unfair laws.

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