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women shouldn't be able to collect child support if they have no jobs. My baby mama is married stays at home an gets the max amount of child support. because she her self doesn't work. TOTAL BULL SHIT. I can see my daughter everyday but the court said NO you see her 3.5% of the time an i get charged half my pay check. This is a total scam. The State gives zero shits about the families. they just want their cut. I'm going from full time to part time. right! i call the child support they tell me to call my baby mama so she can agree to lower the payments? what the fuc? how is that even legal? of course she says NO. she says lets review it for 30 days. so for 30 days i'll give her my whole paycheck. rent,food,gas,life? who cares! says child support. I wonder how so many people become homeless. This system is so corrupt.
1. Most important. Child custody should be 50/50 split unless it is deemed that it's not in the best interest of the child. The mother should not be the 'primary' parent just because she is a woman. Women have all the power in a divorce case with a child and it should not be that way. There are plenty of dads that are great parents. The 'standard possession' schedule is not enough time for a non custodial parent to be with their child to have a good relationship.

2. Both parents should be financially responsible for raising a child

3. Child support should not be 20%. It should be the lesser of 20% or half the cost to raise a child based on statistics. Statistics say it costs 250k to raise a child until they are 18 years old. Women collecting $1000+ in child support on a monthly basis are literally taking advantage of the situation and profiting off of their children.

4. Non custodial parent should be able to claim a dependent. If I am paying over $1,000 a month in child support and I have my child nearly 50% of the time, there's no reason why she should be able to claim a dependent and not me. That is crazy

Is there someone in congress that will listen? I'd love to talk to them. A child needs both of their parents in their life especially when they have one parent begging to be in but can't because there's a woman with all the power and she doesn't want to share time. It's sad, frustrating, and not right. Things need to change. I'm jealous of all the mothers out there who realize that the child needs both parents. Not every divorce case is that way.
Money should go towards orphanages. If a parent can't afford a child, they shouldn't have one. Period.
Mommy support has become a big business for women these days. The power of all things child related has been unilaterally handed over to the females. Never mind that the entire pretense of federally forced redistributions is patently unconstitutional. Worse yet, this is a significant dividing issue between the sexes in general. How any woman collecting money they don't earn nor are entitled to, while subsequently bankrupting men to fuel said entitlement, can honestly look someone like me in they eye and pretend this is justice has to be totally brain dead. It's time for the panty wasted politicians to stand up to the harpies and set the record straight.
I agree that the system is totally against hard working people the cost for raising a child should be for both parents
Can the entertainment industry be sued over bombarding our young(myself included)with the violence on tv,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc?????????????????????? Ya, I thought,,NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gee I cant figure out why humans kill each other, quite a bit lately.... I'm clueless on this matter... just like I cant figure out why 2 of my TERM teachers got away with hanging me up on a sprinkler pipe,, with rope in front of my whole classroom of schoolmates,, eventually making me quit Highschool,,,, of being ashamed to be HUMAN...PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!. thank you TEACHERS JOHN WAITE and ROBERT CRONK of FITCHBURG HIGH... washed under the table by a bogus Principle ,, will be in my Memoire of my sick life on hell Earth...... I recently found out why I hated the sound of my last name, since the VERY FIRST time that I understood about having a last name... I'm glad my Memoire is coming out(don't care if anyone believes it) glad that no-one offers me to NOT mention it.... offering me a small settlement,, hoping it would just go away,,aint going to happen.. I have no fear of threats or death,, (( my ace in the hole)) not scared to lose this HUMAN host,, that I very poorly sit in.... Thanks Waite and Cronk.... I wonder who they are hanging now??????????????????????
could care less who knows where I'm at... being poor is against the Law.. Lets go after all deadbeat DADS and MOMS , lets make them feel more like a failure, lets make it as difficult as possible for them to get to work (cancel all Licenses) and put out the worst rep that no business will hire them....... constant threats of jail time is worth throwing a party over.. what else can we do to lock these people up????????????? Ummmmmm, people have or use to have feeling for their past spouse, you have no idea what happened in that relationship and some will run away hopeing and praying that they can just start a new without living the terror over again,, IM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.. THE CHILDREN pay, just like I pay since the age of 5... "You get Married and then you go to WAR.! (DAD once told me) WAR,, is at home, is at school,,,,,,, is on every street,,, is life as HUMAN... IM A FAILURE AS A PARENT,, and I tried hard for over 13 years to get along with an EX that slept around on me first
could care less who knows where I'm at... being poor is against the Law.. Lets go after all deadbeat DADS and MOMS , lets make them feel more like a failure, lets make it as difficult as possible for them to get to work (cancel all Licenses) and put out the worst rep that no business will hire them....... constant threats of jail time is worth throwing a party over.. what else can we do to lock these people up????????????? Ummmmmm, people have or use to have feeling for their past spouse, you have no idea what happened in that relationship and some will run away hopeing and praying that they can just start a new without living the terror over again,, IM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.. THE CHILDREN pay, just like I pay since the age of 5... "You get Married and then you go to WAR.! (DAD once told me) WAR,, is at home, is at school,,,,,,, is on every street,,, is life as HUMAN... IM A FAILURE AS A PARENT,, and I tried hard for over 13 years to get along with an EX that slept around on me first
Women should have equal pay in the workforce and equal financial responsibility for their children.
Wake up people I've said this in ealier posts the system is corrupt for a reason first off what every person here should know child support enforcement is not even a government agency it is a privately operated agency that works with the administrative branch of the government, this agency gets federally reimbursed every time they open, collect, or have the obligor( non-custodial parent ) incarcerated and so do the judges. Listen up do you really think they care about people's children being fed or clothed, think again. I'm not trying to be negative but in my personal travels for my job I have met and talked to a lot of politicians and I know that they're going to laugh at this petition because peaceful protest does not work anymore, I'm telling all of you we need to stand up to them in force it's inevitable.
My son was born when I was in college. I stopped going to school to work full time and never graduated. I still work full time and go to school full time and I honestly dont make much money but I'm trying to do better. My sons mom was fournuate enough to have someone support and pay the bills when she was in school. Now she lives with a friend and only works part time, refusing to get a full time job even though she has a degree. She is constantly asking for more money and telling the state of texas i make more because she "has a hunch" im making more money and hiding it from her. Shes a parasite and i think it's atrocious that here in Texas the system is rigged in the moms favor. I work hard i pay child support i see my son 1-2 weeks every month yet i am treated like a deadbeat while my mom lives off her part time job and the child support i oay her.
child support is a wonderful idea , but implemented so very very poorly , my ex doesn't work and lives in a house with a boy friend with 3 of his own kids , and those kids mother does not pay support , my ex then spends the money i pay on support , supporting her boy friends children ... then tells me she needs to modify it for an increase , these kind of situations should not be allowed to happen . a man paying support who wants to be a father, has to pay this bill , then on top of it , spend the money he would normally spend on his children . its double dipping , and the system is abused by people daily
I am a victim of paying my hard earned money,to support my daughter's mothers drug addiction to meth, I've tried explaining my situation to courts but keel getting reminded that the state of Tennessee only enforces payment, not on how it's spent.
Also to add note if I want or need a better job and trying to do so child support agency's and the mother want allow me to get a better job because the law set up in Va is that if you owe more than $2,500.00 in child support one isn't able to get a pass port and I feel that is extremely wrong when the pass port is for better work positions and only for work but child support agency's tells my children's mother not to with draw the child support because I want a better job but if she was to with draw and I get a pass port to get a better job with Merchant Seaman and once I am accepted and she go back to reopen the case that means more money for my children's and they can be taking care of better !! But child support agency's tell her not to with draw nothing and children's mother listen to the agency's and this isn't helping me nor my children's at all and these people trying to manifest to my kids that I don't take care of them or don't wont to take care of them I don't expect and don't won't nobody to take care of mines I created them and it's my duty to take care of them in every way possible the system and the courts need to stop giving these mothers all these lead ways of wrong to destroy the Father's that wish and want to be father's in their children lives
Child support guidelines are totally wrong and misleading out dated and the system is making money the child doesn't receive the money the one parent do and the system and the child support agency's shouldn't be able to receive not one brown penny off the child support money
I hate to he negative an to the point.the system lives off this an are paid threw this because of grants an kickbacks.it takes the man or woman to make this happen.now I'm someone who can testify the complaints an has. but now I see that no matter what we say or how many times we keep this going this will never change.The children are tokens an the parents who run to this flawed system are fools.We the people need to just see that we are doomed an this is just the way it was set up.Their is no room to be a respectable parent, it is not profitable..Dysfunction is!They know the answers, but we know the "powers that be" dont hold or best interest in mind.......on mad an fed up real father...An I do understand my choice in who I had my son with is my fault but at the same time its time for the woman this state in Texas favors so much understand it takes one sperm an one ovary... Thanks.
How can someone else who had nothing to do with creating a child be financially responsible for someone else child? Who the he'll thought that would be an okay thing to do. My refund is taken to pay his back support and he gets ssi. Took whole return to pay for 1 child and screw the 5 i have and work for. He doesn't pay but I have to. How does that even make sense? And to top off it's a default order at least his name is on my kids birth certificate I have proven mine are his. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!! Take it anyway you can don't matter if your hurting other kids as long as you help one. Top it off haven't received my cs in 13 yrs but don't expect a call from me I can and have done it on my own don't help my child if his dad is in jail. It's better he sees him and he does what he can when he can then using my kid for income. Oh and the only reason foc cares is because they want their cut and send me the scraps lol no thank you foc.
How is it fair that a state can say you have to pay 400 dollars a month when your bring home after taxes is only 600 bucks?? How do they expect you to live on 300 dollars a check while you take care of your other child full time?? I work part time and I raise my 5 year old daughter by myself with no help from the state and my son's mother wants 400 dollars a month in child support when it does not take that much to raise a child...I can do it with my daughter for around 200..Why should my only option be work a second job and never see my daughter or my other option give custody of my daughter back to her herion addicted mother because I can not longer afford to take care of her while my son's mother lives in luxury?? You crooks have the power to stop this and yet you choose to sit back and watch has the system destroys people's lives. I have no problem HELPING support my son, but why should my daughter have to suffer because you guys say that she does not matter. How do you sleep at night?
My boyfriend has been paying child support for years to a woman who does not put a dollar of her own money towards her child but relies purely on the money from child support to pay for everything. How do I know this? When my boyfriend had to have a surgery, and couldn't pay child support for a few weeks because it was a major surgery and he needed to recover and couldn't work, guess who came to us and told us she's been eating nothing but rice and her phone has been disconnected because she (the child) is out of money and she won't be doing any sports this spring because she (my boyfriend's elementary age child) is out of money. Apparently my boyfriend's child can have things from her mother when the mother receives child support but can not have things from her mother when her mother does not receive child support. Did I mention the mom has a gambling problem and gets paid more money at her job than my boyfriend makes? Never mind that the mother purposefully alienates the child from him whenever she feels like it, occasionally breaking court orders, telling their child that her dad is bad whenever she can, and never mind that the court never takes into account that maybe these women fight so hard in court to have more time with their children because they want the money. It amazes me how biased this system is, how a parent has to financially struggle because they have to make such large child support payments while the parent who receives child support can throw away money like its nothing. I think this system encourages dysfunctional relationships, I think it exists the way that it does so that the state gets a portion of each of those child support payments, and I think it is actually creating a lot of emotional abuse for children who want a relationship with both of their parents, and I ask, how does a system like this that is so poorly run, that has so many people abusing it, exist in the United States?
The mother and I where never married or have we been in a relationship since my son was born. My son was born in 2002. I was put on Child Support by his Mother in 2005. I've been 100% involved in my son life financial and emotionally since he was born. From 2002 to 2005 my son lived with his mom and grandmother while I attended school to obtain a degree. I dropped out in 2005. His Mother left town to attend school from 2005-2007, all while I'm paying child support and my son being left in the primary care of myself, my mother and her mother. She graduated in 2007 took my son and moved from Texas to Georgia from 2007-2009. My son came back to live with me because she couldn't handle him, so he lived between me and her mom, all while I'm still paying child support. She moved back to Texas 2010 and since them I still pay her child support and cover 100% of what he needs in my care. Sports fees, haircuts, shoes, clothes, activities ect... The system has failed in this case because the state is trying to increase support not fully understanding the full scope and only concerned about what the guidelines are. The State guildlines in this case are not in the best interest of the child, when causing me to pay more money puts my monthly expenses to be greater than my monthly income. This will be economic hardship. I'm married with a newborn and a 8 year old daughter who isn't legally mine but i've taken care of her for the last 7 years. My son mother is married and makes double what I make on her own. I have no problem taking care of my son, I have a problem with the system going off guidelines that need to be updated to fit the entire situation and lifecycle. My son is very well taken care of on both sides but based on State guidelines I'm being treated like a dead beat FATHER! FATHERSLIVESMATTER
Child support as it is is old world. It's disgusting really. One parents feet are held to the fire. The methods used to collect and calculate it are ridiculous. I believe it to be corrupt. Why should a person have their civil liberties taken when no crime is committed. Unfair and unjust.
I don't receive my tax returns, 60% of my wages are garnished, and 50% of my retirement. I get to see my children once a year, all because I can't afford to drive anywhere but house to work, let alone 5 states away. My ex hasn't had a job in 5 yrs and lives with her parents and our kids. In no way does that seem legitimate.
For years I worked 2 jobs after my ex-wife lost her job because it was found out she was having her 1st affair (that I knew of) with her then boss and my friend. She stayed at home, went to the pool and off on vacations with her girlfriends. I was working both jobs, coaching the kids soccer and being a scout leader. 10yrs later back to work she goes, has another affair with her millionaire married boss. Both ask for divorces and are now married. I had to pay half of the house to her, she paid off the new car and took it and took half my retirement, half my bank account and my kids, I pay health insurance on all and child support. Illinois laws SUCK!!!!!!!
Child support laws these days actually are so one sided that they do not truly consider both parents ability to survive which according to the interpretation of the law is that the child should not see a difference from before a divorce, but if one parent can't even afford a car or home, isn't that different for the child?
I'm paying over $1600 a month between court ordered child support and court ordered insurance while 2 of my children's mother lives in a half a million dollar home,always in a different new car,a member at the country club and going on about 4 cruises plus other expensive vacations a year. The other two children's mother hasn't worked a day in over 7yrs because she is a wanna be artist who sits at home painting while myself and her other child's father keeps up her hobby and drinking habits. The NC law states the father is 100% financially responsible for the children but the way I see it them children wouldn't be here if that man and that woman had not had sex which means the woman is half responsible for creating the child so they should be half responsible for the child's financial needs. No wonder Fathers are so bitter!!!
American society has changed since the 1950's, but Family Law has not. It it time for a change.
I pay child support for my two children I have half of the time. I work, and go to school part time. I do everything I can to support my kids, and I am simply exhausted. My ex inherited money, has a husband, and can always see the kids even on my time for sports and school events because she does not have a job other than watching another child. I feel at some point I am just not going to be able to keep up, and my children will lose their father because of this system.
Dont get me wrong i make decent money, 19+ an hour but over 3/4 of my biweekly paychecks go towards child support and insurance for my daughter, leaving me with less than 500$ a month to cover all my bills rent fuel, ect., but yet her mother who works a minimum wage job, doesnt have to pay i for insirance for my daughter hers is paid for by obama care, and is able to take a two week vacation every year to cancun while i am stuck at home working my self to death for next to nothing, how exactly is this a working system?
Honestly It's all bull suit it is all for the purpose of "Money" they mean ( CHILD) is there way of getting a way with it! Every adult and by adult I mean men women 18 and older know what their responsibility are and if they do not help then why bother with the bull shut if you love your child that much you are going to bust your assistance off to take care of your children with pride because you know they are your life! That is my opinion I am a single mother who's life have changed with a blink of an eye a heart beat.....Do to false reports and excuses of abuse and negligence bull suit my*****so that they may put there concerns for the safety of the children when in reality they mentally and emotional abuse the not to mention that they do not expect the child to feel or fear in anyway anything because it's in the children's best nature well I apologize with all do respect **** You
How do you go home and sleep comfortable knowing that what you do is wrong yes I understand their are children that are really in need of emergency removal and that is " SOME" not 90% removal and 10% that are really in need remain in the home what type of bull suit is that? No I do not submit to sign in order to leave my opinion sorry I disagree
I am a single father who lives on $60 a week that $240 a month now I understand that my child needs things however why should I have to pay someone that no longer has my daughter. I feel as though I am a slave to a system that has failed and needs fixed my daughter has been bounced from her mother to her grandparents and now to a cousin I now owe over $2000 because of the low wages I make something must be done
Here I am protesting the unfair and tricking me into signing a agreement that was held by third party regarding the child and child support. I am struggling to support my current family of 6. This child support system with interstate child support law keeping telling me to go to where the claim is when I am currently living in other state. Child support takes my livinghood check plus work check leaving me just 200 bucks to support my family in "homeless" situation because $200 will not pay the rent, utilities, gas for a loan car and other things necessities to function. How the hell can I get help if I am stranding with a $200 bucks? Government is ignoring the dire economic of its male populations. The child is living in a state school yet I must contribute the support to the parent of the child who is living in a state institution. All I need was a help to solve the dilemma of this shitty law. All the law and government agencies is telling me to cough up money! How do I maintain this if the income is way below my ability to maintain a home and supporting a child who lives in state institution? Is the government trying to rip me off at their expenses? When I get a contempt hearing telling me to go to court in Texas the next day! How do I travel if it is the next day? No advance warning or attempt to give me the chance to dispute the charges at all. Why cant the financial situation involves both parties in supporting the child in question? Why is this stereotyping the male to support while the mother collects money siting at home? Thank you for hearing me out. I am in bad situation and hope someone helps me with the interstate laws
I am a single mom who pays child support and I don't think it's fair when I was young I agreed to let my children stay with their grandmother from their father side she was supposed to return my kids when I got on my feet because living with her son wasn't any help in the home something happened with my daughter well my oldest daughter she end up having a seizure and it's a when we took her to the hospital a nurse said she had bruises on her bottom so we had a doctor look at them and they confirm they weren't bruises they were Mongolian spots but from that day on Social Services stayed in my life so I had to let my children stay with their grandmother I didn't move to the city that their grandmother stays in in Alabama where I was going to get my own place which I did and a job she then in return went and got a lawyer and had a court date that I knew nothing of so I looked at like the bad guy who didn't show up for court and her and her husband were given custody of my kids later they told me that they would need to adopt them to receive some extra income that her husband their grandfather was getting for disability or something like that so we're agreed then the grandfather passed and I was still left to pay child support if my kids are grown 1 is 17 now I owe 38000 and arrears and it has ruined my life completely my kid's father which is her son doesn't have to pay anything never has never will and she is hitting him from the court system but I am the one suffering from this and me and my kids talk everyday I see them spend time with them we have a wonderful relationship but I'm the one sitting out here struggling trying to pay bills keep a roof over my head and my other child my new family and I'm still behind $38,000 for child support just because their grandmother was upset with me and my kids relationship I have no help to pay this balance off I can't receive income taxes I can't have good credit or anything because of this
that's only fair
that's only fair
My husband's ex-wife gets almost half of his paycheck every two weeks, free insurance from the state, and is going on a week-long vacation to Mexico at the end of the month. How is that possibly fair???
Its time for change wake up congress.
Your all slaves fight or starve! Your choice
My husband had a marriage and a girlfriend before me and I understand the past is the past but when the exgirlfriend scream through them going to take you for childsupport in Texas and Oklahoma and any other state possible so don't have a stone to throw OK well that one does allow him to see kids even though she left him. The ex wife cannot control her kids and cps placed them in our custody now keep in mind he still pays her child support and I have to take care of 1400.00 - 1700.00 in bills each month plus gas and groceries what's fair about that? These females are using us to the limit and I can't get no help from the state I am severely disappointed and the I was born and raised has let me down and let my children down. They get to be hungry and not have Moma but the rest get everything they need for a while I bought the exgf's kids cloths and stuff and quit I have my to think of the exwife s kids will eat 2-3 helping of breakfast lunch and dinner when I tell them I have to share the food with the babies they go tell everybody Iddon't feed after they ate almost everything here anyway its not fair I can't keep asking friends and family for food and gas money because he can't make enough money to help me pay for family expenses.
so child support is crap they say i made enough to pay 350 or so a month i only made 575 on ssi and ssdi and now one son lives with me and was abused by his dad and suposely i owe 38,000 for the abuse my children suffered he disappeared and i did not get to see my kids for 16 years this is crap they should not let him get away with all this bull i do not want him to get anymore money this needs to change
Something needs to change! These laws are absolutely ridiculous! Good fathers are getting the short end of the stick in divorce situations. We are talking about people's children here. Enough already!
My husband has two less days with his daughter than his ex has, TWO, and he still pays full child support, while we struggle and don't qualify for any assistance, she only works half the year and qualifies for everything, she's never has the child to school on time and rarely bathes the child and doesn't do any homework with her, all the while my husband takes amazing care of her and we all worry sick about her while with her mother, but it's still in the mothers favor to have custody here in Alabam. It's complete ********.
I hear a ton of bashing going here about mothers using support to live off of well my ex husband is taking me for $1000 a month in support I provide insurance I support my daughter a grandson who live with me and she is not his child and then the ******* excuse the language goes and claims my son who I have a court order to claim yet he refuses to amend his taxes he took custody illegally and when I had the kids he never paid a dime of support so yes I agree the sytem is faulted and I can barely get a bank account with savings in it.. I work my*****of pay my support and just keep getting screwed whil my ex and his girlfriend abuse the sytem that was in place to ensure children are cared for not to destroy one house hold so another can live off my money's that are not used to take children it's an excessive amount and unfortunately I was away to ringing with him when I had custody of the kids and I wish I had known that he was going to be like this but the probate system is set up so that the first one to take the first hip is usually the one that comes out on top it is not fair system whatsoever I'm paying a minimum wage income in child support how is that even fair? I'll never get a home I'll never go on vacation all I can do is pray my lawyer finds a loop hole in his financials that prove he is lying and fraudulent it's pretty easy to work minimal hours and show the court the last two weeks of your paycheque and act like you live poor when you live in a home that cost $1500 a month rent you have two cars you spend all kinds of money on computers and spend the support I pay my hard working income all kinds of crap for yourself and your kids go without because the judicial system in this country and probate system in this country is so broken.. This needs to stop people can't give up 30% of their income and expect to survive in the economy today. Our children are use as a commodity in this country and means for people to make money off of it and that should not be the case the system is still broken and I can't even comprehend it in begin to explain to you how hard it is for me to just make it pay check to pay check paying for this guy to take advantage of me and take advantage of my kids
As a Combat Veteran and injured in the line of duty I am being raped by child support. I have always been honorable and paid but my son's mom keeps moving around and declined my SSD $ for him. Now I get half my income garnished and laughed at everytime I go to court
I know the truth about child support it is corrupt and suppressive, the CSA benefits more than the custodial parents, everytime a child support case is opened, collecting, or incarcerating someone they are federally reimbursed and I know life is very good for them and the judges who are making bank on our misery. It needs to be stopped right now its a scam to keep money rolling in to thier pockets. This is the truth people I have even heard people who work for this agency brag about the money they make.
Hi my name is Wayne I know this petition will be disregarded so I propose we just have an uprising against them most of us really have nothing to lose they have done thier best to disempower us our advantage however is now there are so many of us that we by far outnumber the ones doing this to us.
Child Support is taking 60%, of my paychecks for 2 kids, one of them is already 19. I have 2 jobs so I can survive, this month I am facing an eviction notice and a repo. I moved from Texas to Arizona so I can afford a rental and a way of living but I am desperate, I can not afford a lawyer and I have been asking for help to the Texas Child Support filing a modification. One year had passed and I have not received an answer yet. I feel helpless, this is not fair, I am not denying to pay, but a fair amount and answers is what I need. This is ruining my life.
I have to pay child support and rears, that was never spoken of in court. We went to court three times and only spoke of custody. Some how outside of a court the judge granted 83% of my payroll. No joke its all in black and white in the filed court documents. I have shown this to the child support agency and I keep getting to that there is nothing that can be done. I have been back to court and still no help. I have not tried to get out of paying support, Iím the father. I still think I should be treated fairly. I have asked how is it that the law can be broken to give child support, but not to correct the wrong. I was told that family court is above the law.
Im a full time student i work a part time job and i am trying to save up for an apartment for me and my children but cant cause my check gets garnished every two weeks I pay all of her bills along with taking care of my children some one help
Child support Lawservices should not take away your license, bexcuse without that, we can't get a proper job to pay child support. They should at least use common sense in that there is no money without a job, and there is no job without the tools to get a job.
My son has two children to support. One in NC anther in NY. NC took all of the child support (he was trying to catch up from losing his job). And sent it all to the child in NC because she was on welfare. Then got arrested and spent four days in jail because the child in NY didn't get any money. Then he had $150 in his pocket so that's what they set for his fine and then lost his job. Something needs to be done about this law.
I currently pay child support for one child. My paynebts have increased every month fpr the past few years. Anywhere from 40 to 60 dollar increase. Why they cannot explain... Or why i am paying child support to the state of texas since my child lives in Kansas. I cannot renew my license because of back payments from when i wasnt working but still sending clothes shoes whatever i could while i wasnt working plus still keeping visistation arrangements with no help from custodial parent. She is SSG in United States army. Funny cause i kno they pay for everything medical and all for him and her. Unfortunately ive lost two jobs now because of this and these laws need to change. Cause for the dads i see thats single parents how many of the moms pay child support and why does the mom usually end up with custody??? My childs mom literally spent 1 yr with our son by his 3 bday. There is no way she should have been auto selected for custodial parent. Just bs
I don't think if one parent has total custody of a child and the other parent never gets to see the child that parent should not have to support said child, also if the state is willing to give out welfare to a mom or dad why should the other parent have to pay the state back? Very unfair.
I've been going thru my initial child support papers.. My case is in Missouri.. They ordered me to pay $1,086/month for 1 child who is 5 now.. The order started when he was 1. Child support has ruined my life.. I had to move to Nevada for work and they labeled me a dead beat and ordered me to pay the maximum amount.. I just looked online at Missouri FSD and it states that gross pay of an order of $1,086, I should be grossing $8800/month.. At the time of the order I only grossed $2200 and after deductions I make $1100/month. Literally my checks used to be $12 and I made $16/hr.. Child support is*****backwards and should be abolished!
They base the child support on gross pay and overtime and then take it from the net pay and that is ********!!! First of all it should never be based on overtime because overtime is not guaranteed. Forty hours should be what each parent should be accountable for if they each have full time jobs. There should be a national average for the cost of raising a child in america from the age 0-18 (a true and fair amount) and that should be slit in half and the non custodial parents child support be based on that half. That amount only changes when the national average amount change. Both parents should be responsible for carrying health insurance and splitting the cost of medical bills. Get rid of title IV-D under the social security act that is causing all of this corruption and maybe things can get better for the children and the families involved.
My husband and I share 50/50 custudy with his ex girlfriend of our 19 month old son. We have our son during the week, and his mom has him saturday sunday and monday. Due to this schedule my husband and I are obviously the ones that have to pay for his school (daycare). We have him 18 days of the month and she has him 12. She has him on her days off work, therefore she does not even need to pay for childcare. Yet we are still required to pay her $600 a month because that is what the offset support is because technically she and my husband pay child support. We pay $900 a month for his daycare and another $600 to her. She is 35 years old and works at a tanning salon. So we pay $1,500 a month on school and HER bills and we have our kid over half the time. It is not fair that in a 50/50 custody split that anyone should have to pay the other party because parenting duties are split. In our case we have him more of the time. I do not want her money, I just dont think its fair that we pay her to have our son less than half the time.
I am a father of 2 in my second marriage. I am paying on my 12 yr old who I get on a regular basis. I work 3 jobs which keeps me from my family quite a bit. I have a total of $499 left on my full time check after paying the support. I pay a total of $700 per month for my almost teenage daughter. Way above the average for one child. On my part time jobs I only get paid around $500 per pay period for both part time jobs together. Me and my family are losing our home to foreclosure because the state of South Carolina feels I still make too much even though she only makes $10,000 less then me per year before taxes. I have been denied a reduction and not am forced out of my home while she buys a brand new vehicle and eats out every night. There needs to be some sort of legislation that can look at both incomes after taxes and not before taxes. What we bring home is what should matter. I'm sure if they looked at that, then I know I wouldn't be paying so much for one child and could provide a home for me family and still support my daughter who I see every day I am off. Another thing they need to do is monitor what the money is spent on. Some sort of control needs to be put on it.
I believe that there should be a set amount on how much child support should be per child, not per income. Just because the father works full time, it doesn't mean that the child's expenses are any more expensive than a child who has a father who works part time. My husband and I have 2 children from prior relationships and my husbands child support is based on his overtime. It is so unfair because we are barely able to afford our rent. He also has to pay medical for his two kids that he has no contact with. One mom left the state and we cannot find her and the other one lives in the ghetto collecting my husbands hard working money while sitting on her butt collecting state benefits. She refuses to let us see the child. There should be a law that if the fathers aren't allowed to see their children, then child support is terminated.
On my behalf, I allow my kids fathers both to see our kids and yet i do not receive the court ordered child support that I am supposed to for my children. The support enforcement office states that I have to personally take them to court yet for some reason they NEVER miss taking payments from my husbands check. How could the system be one way for one father and different for the other? They recently messed up in child support enforcement and sent a letter of termination to my sons dads employment. And yet they "accidentally" charged my husband double child support leaving us with less than $300 for two weeks. They refused to refund him stating that they couldn't do that but that it will lower his balance. Thank God we had saved money because it was time to pay the rent which by the way for a two bedroom is $1364 cold flat. I believe that the system is so unfair especially since we are experiencing it from both mom & dad views. Something needs to be done!!!! They need to make those females go to work. They should definitely NOT call it child support!!
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should there be a percentage taken from noncustodial parents. Children do not NEED more simply because one EARNS more. And if one parent is more financially equipt to provide for the child, that parent should be automatically considered to hold residential custody for "the betterment of the child".
After paying my monthly child support order, I don't have enough left over to support myself.
I was in a auto accident 3.5 years ago. I broke my neck and back in 3 spaces. They took my license because I fell behind on my payments can't drive to doctors or physical therapy Not Fair

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