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There is zero accountability for the person receiving child support and how the money gets spent.
Please change these unfair law's
These laws are a joke i have read the storys and they all sound the same.i thought i was alone i pay 113$ a week for a daughter that i have only seen a few times her mother kept her away from me.she is 17 and the last time i saw her she was 3.the sad part is we live in the same area.i have lost so much do to these laws. Hard to stay sane anymore.i love my daughter and have no problem paying suppourt but i have 2 other kids im raising and it is difficult to get ahead. Im sick of this mess my other childs mother has a great job me i make 8.70 hr rents 900 bills medical its just a JOKE!!
I make minimum wage and live in a homless shelter and I still have to pay almost half of my income to a women who makes almost 4k a month. How is this fair? I am a great father and my son would much rather spend time with me but can't because of where I am forced to live right now. Please do something to fix this.
I haven't seen my kids in two years I started working 7days a week so my ex toke the law in to her Owen hands and said I don't need see them I pay $1400.00 a month but I don't get see them this sucks I love my kids but don't have the money for lawyer. So why don't they make laws to help people. my case father don't see the kids she doesn't get money that would change minds
Have been paying child support faithfully for 7 years @ $500/m (9 yr old child). Child stays with me, over night, 10 days/m, plus half of summer vacation (5 weeks). Mother hasn't worked in last 7 years, but owns a house, just bought a mercedes, and has gotten a masters degree (and stays at home all day, home-schooling child). I make decent money, but mostly due to massive overtime I work to get by. Can't get the child-support lowered, because I make too much. I make too much because I have to work long hours to make up for paying child support. With my son being with me overnight, I am still responsible for almost the same expenses she is; I maintain a room, clothes, food, entertainment, etc.., since he doesn't just come to my house for a couple hours and leave. This system is broken.

I feel instead of doing a percentage of income, they just need to say "it takes 'x' amount to raise a child per month; here's your half, here's your half" and adjust for days spent.

I am getting to the point of working so much, I miss custody days. She will take me back to get more custody time and money. And the cycle continues.
The child support system has been broken and corrupt for years. Too many women play victim, quit their jobs so they can collect a paycheck. My ex "STAY AT HOME MOM "that had a 4th child nearly a year ago, just received her bachelor's. She gets 2 child support check, VA benefits for housing because she's going to school and DRS in Franklin County didn't even use her housing income that she gets from 9/11 gibill. I lost my job and they used my last income. She quit her job, and on the paperwork used to figure the child support, had zero on her side. Because she's a "STAY AT HOME MOM" with a 4th child not mine, I pay 50% of my pay, plus all monthly medical benefits for my 11 year old son that's in school from 8-3. If she had Tim to complete a degree, she has time to help support our son. She also hardly let's me see my son because, she's worries about the nights spent at my place. More nights he spends with me, the less child support she gets if by miracle the system is fair to me a man. The only way this system will change is if a senator, congressman has to pay 50-60% of their paycheck. When that happens, than we'll see changes because it affects them. Until then, this system will remain broken. THOU SHALT NOT RATION JUSTICE.
its unfair to make someone pay child support on one child when they are raising 2 children at home now
End this shit
Divorce ruins fathers. Forced child support sours men's attitudes towards fatherhood. Keep lawyers out of divorce and force both parents to be equally responsible for parenting their children! I cannot afford to pay bills rent etc yet have an ex wife forcing me to have placement with my children when all I have time to do is work to pay her 75% of my take home pay! This is an absurdity and an outrage!
Opt out option for men. We should have the right to say no.
I have been put in debt and live off of less tham half my income for years.I do pay child support but the orders are higher than my income x2.They take my tax returns.They force me to live in a world of struggle.I see all of my kids.I take care of all of my kids.I do not even begin to understand how any of this is fair.
My license was suspended twice do to me losing my job because of a bad economy.........now I can't drive not support myself or my daughter.
I have my kids 50 % of the time. I make 50 k per year and she makes the same. I carry insurance on them. there are no expenses for child care (daycare or afterschool care). Somehow I have pay over $800 per month to her. Why? My $150 per month in insurance and my $800 per month has me making over $11k less than her per year. She has a maid service to clean her house... I have a second job to eat.
I have a child that I have been supporting for many years now, and the mother does not work. Although we have an active child support order, she does absolutely no part of making sure I get to see the kid or involves me in any decisions in regards to his life and well being. Recently, my child turned 18 and the state had told me that the mother would need to file paperwork for the support to continue. The childs 18th birthday came and went, no paperwork was received, the order was stopped, and 2 weeks later the mother requested the paperwork, filled it out, and the state is now re-inforcing the order.
This mother is useless. She does not even take care of the child, he does not live with his mother, she does not work, lives completely off of state aid, and does and deals drugs out of her home. Why is she not enforced the same way as I am? I have a wife and 5 kids I currently support, but this deadbeat of a mother gets more of my income to support her habbits and in no way benefit the child.
These laws are completely unfair, unethical, racially biased, and there needs to be more fair and equal child support laws in place. Not only that, but we need to do more to make sure that the educational piece of the order is not abbused. There is no reason that the child and mother should get 8 months of free support after graduating. There also is no consideration what so ever about the fathers responsibility to his current family and their children. There needs to be more done to make sure the mother is doing her part, there should absolutely be random drug testing on both parties, and there should be more done to make absolutely sure they money goes towards actually supporting the child and not some drug habbit or other habbit. The law is way slanted in favor of the women and there is not enough done to make sure the father is getting support too. More also needs to be done to make sure that orders are being enforced, followed, should be yearly salary reviews, and should always be structured to keep things fair.
My husband has to pay child support to his ex for 2 children they want their 28% and backpay but he has not been behind child support.....just because he is making more money......she doesnt let him see those kids and to top it off she acts like her husband is the real father when my husband is the one that is actually giving her income because she never worked or graduated high school!!!!!! We have 5 kids together and the law doesnt care about our children and if we our homeless.....we will not be able to make it if they start taking more money from and they do not consider him having to support our family!!!!!! I think the law should change to benefit all his children.
what the laws do for the women is unfair .. and both parents should pay for 50/50 for the kid .. we live in a even world now don't we all have the same rights , but why is the man told to pay more when the woman doesn't work .. unfair and racist ..
Well , it is not only men being treated unfairly it is women also. My husband got custody of kids because I didn't make enough money to raise 5 children on .I have gotten way behind on child support due to having strokes . and I had to sign up on disability and during my wait of coarse my child support kept adding up . well I got my disability he got the biggest part of my back pay and I draw only $540 a month and he gets $351 of that so I live on $189 a month. He will not let me see my kids or get my court appointed visitation with them . he tells them bad things about me that aren't true to make them mad at me . and I can't afford a lawyer to take him to court. I wanna see my kids so badly I miss them so bad . and I have a blood clotting disease that causes my strokes I am so scared I will have a stroke one of these days and not remember my children . I want to be able to make memories with my children that they will always remember ! And he is keeping me from that . I am so frustrated with child support its like they don't care about the other parent . they don't seem to care that all I live on is $189 every month or if I see my kids or not .... There needs to be a lot of changes with child support and people like me that can't afford a lawyer to see their kids . in my opinion he doesn't deserve the kids , cause when you love your kids you don't keep them from their other parent when that parent so much wants to be a part of their life. I text him every weekend asking if I can get the kids and I usually get no response andwhen i do its always a excuse . I just don't know what to do anymore .
I was married 16yrs. I have 2 children that mean the world to me.I was order to pay child support on highest paid job that i had ever worked in the past even know at the time i was unemployed.i was order to pay $600.00 a month.with no job.once i found a job i was arrest for non payment of child.i was in jail for about 3 months.when i finally got out i lost everything i owned.i was homeless & just had the clothes on my back.it took me 3 months to get a new place to live.just got back on my feet again.then i got arrest again for child support.3 more months in jail.this has happened to me 4 times.i lost everything again homeless.know there"s no jobs because of the economy and if i take a minimum wage job.i will be arrest for child support because of a warrant.i have request 4 times to have the child support payments lowered a was denied all 4 times.the hardest thing is i was robbed from watching my children grow up i have not seen them in over 5 yrs,child support court will not help.they told me to hire lawyer.lawyer want $3500-$5000 and doesn,t promise that i will even see my children.
I am a female that pays child support and gentlemen believe me , you are not the only victims here I draw a 540.00 social security check and my children's father gets 351.00 of that 540.00 . he will not let me have a thing to do with my kids . and the only reason he got them was because he made more money than I did so in court I was to get my visitation and help him with the kids . yea right my children have to sneak around to even talk to me ! This has been going on for over 6 yrs . I can't take him to court cause I don't have money for a lawyer. I miss my kids so badly !!!! And he tries every way possible to get every dime I make , that to me is just a greedy pos! He works in a prison making at least $17 a hour to my mere $189 I have to live off of for a month .
what welfare requires ladies with babies to collect money from the father without the consent of the father all while he gives what money he uses for food and eats dollar menu items instead of cook. what about if the father looses his job he goes to court against the department of revenue and they are aggressive in taking their money and invade the privacy and wellbeing of the 'dad' on all cost. While this is me, and I struggle to believe in the need for this just because a woman out there doesnt want to work and wants to claim welfare to get free food and free medicine and doctors visits to make sure she didnt contract anything along the way half way through her life from promiscous infideluties. what about the cause of break-ups when a married man with state license has cause their spouse cheating and all is hearsay as if what right does a man have compared to a woman? talk about one sided dealing with dcf writing reports about the man like he was a caveman and woman like she was bff. america and its states need equal rights for men & women with babies and needs to wisen up to those getting a meal ticket & hush money as their lifes ambition. 1.) if a child is kidnapped by the 'mom' and sues for child support then what justice you think your gonna get from people who want money who have your child? we all need to rise up and stop the slavery of it all. 2.) dont let it take so many suicides for loosing the rights and liberties due to child support enforcement. 3.) consider what parent deserves the child based on what they can provide and even consider orphanism if it will keep the child from learning to be a drain on the economy. please america get your self together and heal our wounds. in closing i have been through the flightiesness or the most heavy of feeling at times depending on the economy and the state courts. The mental abuse of it all is in a tangent all on its own but what we dont realise is how much humanity is fooled into taking that sugar pill called child support in replace for a good home and no drama with the law regarding their children. if you watch youtube about child support you will find guys locked up in jail for LIFE for inability to pay their insurmountable amount of child support in some cases. How dare you do this!! what a robbery in plain view in plain sight and we must end it!! equal rights!! now one more thing i must annotate with my personal views on the subject being if a woman were so unfit to be in dealings with dcf where the facts are laid out such as abuse of infact and rape of father, physical mental and emotional abuse but the woman utters a few words hardly understandable and dcf is willing to fill in the blanks with their stereotypical view on how they feel society should live and raise children. well let me tell you they have orders just like welfares 'department of revenue' and they set you up for divorce classes and try to take away your rights to your child like they are gods only chosen intermediator
If I am forced to pay child support, then it should be regulated! I pay $500.00 a month and still have my children 50% of the time. When my children need clothes or various items that child support should cover I am told by my childrens mother to buy them?! Child support is plain and simple welfare. They take from the rich and give to the poor. Child support also suppresses any desire to make more money and further build income as the result tips the percentage scale and provides more money to the collector.
We need to change this 1950s law!!
The real problem is no one cares except the almost 18,000 people who have signed this petition. I highly doubt any law makers, judges even read these! Good luck to my fellow great fathers who are doing what you need to do. Hang in there.
I have child support in wisconsin because my ex-wife cheated and got pregnant by another "man" while we were married. We agreed on $400/month and 104 days a year for me and my son.

Here we are 8 years later - she quits her job to go to school (she has two degrees), and they have 4 kids together with him making near minimum wage. Wisconsin just gave me less days with him and 17% of my gross income which is OUTRAGEOUS...they didn't even ask her why she justified the time, nor my opinion of the whole matter.

To make it worse, since she's unemployed she claims "poverty" status, so she gets free legal counsel where as I have to pay 1k retainer and $275/hr. She basically sues me whenever she wants and I haven't had a fun summer with my son in over 3 years. You guys need to do something about this travesty of child support laws. The cater to lazy and vindictive exes.
I feel that if the laws change, then there would be more men willing to pay child support. Lots of women file for support just because a man doesnít want to be with them, or the man has moved on with his life. There are more men that take care of their kids than men that donít. I feel that Congress needs to step in because a lot of states go off of gross income, which is unfair. There lame excuse is that the child comes first, but were the problem comes in is when the government takes their money and uses the same gross formula. Its methods like this, which is the reason why a lot of men work jobs for cash money. Also the mother with five kids and four baby fatherís can sit at home while she collects money every month from the four fatherís, receives food stamps, welfare, medicad, child care assistance (day care), and live in a three to four bedroom house under section 8 and only pays $25.00 dollars a month in rent and have a Cadillac Escalade sitting in the driveway while she and her new boyfriend sit at home all dame day and smoke weed and no job. I guess a lot of you are wondering how this is possible, well if she was married then she would collect the child support under her married name and used her maiden name to collect the government assistance and lie by stating that she does not receive anything. No one canít complain as to how she uses the money that she receives, she would have her hair, nails, and feet, done while wearing expensive clothing at the same time your child looks totally different than she does.
I owe child support but can not get a job because my licence are suppended because of pAst due CS. This really sucks. I was almost put in jail becsuse i owed luckily some one was able to help me out and paid my purge of 2000.
These people collect welfare as well and should be required to contribute to the system. They can collect half of their ex spouse's income and not work, yet who says any of this money actually goes to the children. There's no accountability, these laws are outdated and unfair. Time for a change.
It's very mentally and emotionally exhausting to constantly get the crap end of the stick my husband paid his child support every month only to be at the mercy of his daughters mother. We never to get to see her and then his ex wife asked for an increase of 250 on top of paying an already outstanding amount of 600.00 that we could barely afford. Sadly we've had our hand and wallets tied to the point of pretty much being forced into a gentlemens agreement of relinquished visitational rights to avoid being being broke. We live on just his income currently and I'm in school full time with a child of our own we must also take care of and support. It's been literally the hardest decision to have had to make but what else can we do. Please re think these outdated laws and I beg for change!!!!
It's very mentally and emotionally exhausting to constantly get the crap end of the stick my husband paid his child support every month only to be at the mercy of his daughters mother. We never to get to see her and then his ex wife asked for an increase of 250 on top of paying an already outstanding amount of 600.00 that we could barely afford. Sadly we've had our hand and wallets tied to the point of pretty much being forced into a gentlemens agreement of relinquished visitational rights to avoid being being broke. We live on just his income currently and I'm in school full time with a child of our own we must also take care of and support. It's been literally the hardest decision to have had to make but what else can we do. Please re think these outdated laws and I beg for change!!!!
Too many women take advantage of CS. They need to help too. CS is crazy ridiculous. What my husband has to pay a month for one child from a previous relationship, I dont spend on all 3 of my kids in a month. Women need to take responsibility too. CS laws need to be updated and fixed, because right now, Men are completely screwed in the deal. Im not saying they shouldnt pay, I amjust saying it took 2 to make the kids, 2 people should be finacially responsible.
Yes it will help...
I agree whole heartedly!!!
I have been an active duty military servicemember for over 21 years. The way the State of Oklahoma in particular compute their child support payments are anything short of immoral. What our End of Month Statement shows is not really what we bring home as positive income. I am currently paying $1238 a month in child support (that is 35% of what I take home before bills, car payments, college, my (residing) three kids ages 12,11, and 8 plus my non-working wife needs. My older son failed to graduate from highschool, he is already 18 and him and his mother are abussing the system collecting that money until in accordance with the OK laws he eventually graduates or turns 20 years old, whichever one comes out LATER. This is simply absurd.
The current system is by every since of the word unfair it takes from one parent to provide support for the children that TWO PEOPLE made. Both parents should be equally RESPONSIBLE for the children. The current system penalizes one parent while rewarding the other for their failure to work or provide support.
Time for a change in child support laws in this country.
My ex-wife works, but was only supposed to be getting a small amount of my checks, now it's been raised, and child support enforcement agency when I ask them about it, only says "It's been amended". The way things are going, I won't be able to make rent, or insurance payments on my vehicle, and could lose my license. I'd also like to add, that my 3 children spend 75% of the week in my care, and I pay for their food, and tend to their needs, as the ex works out of town. Now, I'm aware that I helped bring these children into the world, and have a responsibility to make sure they're taken care of, but what's being taken from my check is nothing short of rape. There, I said it. This needs to change. Child Support, should only be raised for actual cases of deadbeat parents. Not people like myself, who actually provide food, and spend time with our children.
Child support laws are outdated and border line slavery.
I'm not saying a father shouldn't pay...NO...I'm saying that I shouldn't be the only one paying for my son. My son's Mom thinks that I should cover 150% of all the expenses associated with my son because I was born with a *****. I'm sorry to be vulger but we speak of equality of an and women in this country YET have laws on the books that show a HUGE favoritism towards mothers. This is coming from a father who has his son at least 50% of his time, loves, nurtures and takes care of his son. I don't agree with the current laws and I don't agree that it costs a father THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS in court costs and fee's to get the same/equal rights for his child that a mother does.
All I have to say is what every good parent who's in their child(s) lives is that it is very unjust and corrupted. It's been over a year since I got laid off from a good paying position and filed for CS reduction, and I am still paying the same amount with no changes. Yet, I am on my third lawyer with no results. They are in it to get paid and do not care to help, so it's pointless hiring attorneys'. It's very frustrating that you are tyring to make ends meet to provide for yourself and your child(ren), while the courts give them the power of control even when it's 50/50 and to utitilize the CS as they please and nothing for the child(ren). Thus, I am in the brink to just putting my hands up and say f uck this s hit! Not worth paying thousands of dollars to attorneys' with no results and to salvage my insanity with all this corruption. If I get behind and arrested oh well, at least I can say is that I am in my child's life and tried! Eventually, when the system is fixed then there might be a good change and better relationships with your child(ren), but it won't happen in my life time.
I pay $445 a month for 3 children.i have no education and just lost my job .my ex-girlfriend has already started on me about her not going to recieve more free money from me.Yes I understand helping the kids but the mother needs to work also and not sit at home while my support pays all her bills .Shes a dead beat and has lived off me long enough ..Make her work lower child support due to what the kids need.im not using her house ,water or electric dont make me pay for that.I cant afford to take care of my new wife and daughter cause $445 a month is to much toilet paper and clothes a year.
If a man faces jail time for not paying support then why doesn't the female receiving the support face the same consequences for not working? You have to work in order to receive welfare so why not child support?
I'm 20 years old full time student and work full time job. I have a 13 month old daughter that I get to see Mondays from 430 pm to 9 am tues and Fridays 1200pm-730pm. I make roughly around 22k a year and I'm paying $707 a month in child support. Is that normal or does something seem messed up. Also I have a handicap brother and when I have my daughter I can't take her to my house or to a family event where he is at because she believes my daughter would be in danger. When I have my daughter I have to live at my aunts. Iv caught her spying on me, found a tracking device. I just feel like I'm getting screwed !
I don't think Congress actually cares, which is why everyone in this forum should vote for change. My child support just increaed to $2800/month for two kids!
We now live in a hand-out society! What happened to going out and making yourself better rather than expecting money. Child support system is a complete joke.
Ps also define human resource. ....and your case number As your tattoo or as US bank account number from child support recovery unit.
When. Are all you going to realize that csru doesn't. Represent the children or the dad or the mother there only selling you out to the US bank Corp in 16 states. Connected. To the " to big to fail " in 2008 seriously people. Run the math. The person. With the support card with drawing cash from atm at a $2 fee at only 1 time a week for 700000 cardholders. Comes out to 1400000 a week. Now take that times 16 states. 22400000 shouldn't this . make You sick now don't it. Just look at it... fact. Is more support more money. The banks aka csru have capitalized on children as support orders. My figures are not accurate by any means but. There. Are. Numerous people being choked out. Financially this goes states wide. Poverty levels at an all time high. Look at your life. It's time us Americans take. A stand against this csru. There breaking our constitutional rights under the ucc. Look at it I'm dead serious its pure genius. And the government saves. Money by not having to process paper checks and your. Money. Also accumulates interest on all this money. Paid in. Now. Just look at stock spikes month to month with. US banks. Were. All fighting to live. A so called Life ??????????
Unfair law
Why I'm paying 17% to a child that the mother keeps away from me and she refused to sign legitimation papers! I'm also paying health and dental also. She works a full time job too so where is the fairness? You tell me.
I think the child support laws needs to be changed. It needs to hold each parent responsible in providing for the child or children not just one. It took two to make the child or children and it should take two to provide. And sending people to jail and taking away their license is just ludicrous. The law is old and needs to be changed.
Why do I get punished for working harder and she gets rewarded for not working at all?
Because of child support i have lost my home,car,and because i lost my car i lost my job.She has not worked every since she filed for child support.
have provided for my kids since the divorce. We have joint custody over our 11 yr. old twin boys. My ex did not work for 5 years and was able to purchase 5 used cars, keep them insured, registered, go on vacation and have another baby while being unemployed. I have one car and only can afford one car with one job. In 2010, I lost my job but, managed to keep my children medically covered. I was able to get a job at Stanford Hospital the same year. My ex had been unemployed since 2009. He finally got a job last year....but because I make more. I have to fork up more money. The system doesn't make sense. He doesn't use the money towards our boys but, on his new girlfriend. Not to mention, he was able to file hardship because a new child that has nothing to do with me. I showed proof of his fraudulent actions, letters, witnesses...yet, his actions weren't looked into. I have consistently been responsible for the sake of my children since the divorce. His long length of unemployment and his many cars weren't questioned. I was so tired of paying him that he needed an incentive to work. Because I did that, I had to pay him arrears $8000+ of hard earned money to a man that has done very little. I paid for our 2'older kids college tuition and books. I paid the medical bills and on top of my own. I have paid for the necessities that my kids needs. How can I rely on giving a man medical bills if he cant even pay a cell bill?
I have lost all trust in our family laws. Its full of injustice and the good for nothing parent seems to get the better deal. The list goes on with what this person as done. I have been nothing but honest. Something has to be done! I need
I am writing from the beautiful Austin, TX, I personally have not been involved in a Child Support dilemma but I have witnessed someone close go through it.
First, if the mother wants full custody, that entails being able to financially support the child as in GET OFF YOUR ASS, GET A JOB AND PROVIDE FOR YOUR CHILD. I do not understand a mother not working and why mainly the father has to solely provide for his child that he only gets to see 6 days a month(the Texas normal every other weekend BS law). AND had no say in HOW his money is spent in regards to his child's lively hood.
Child Support laws are severely unfair to whomever is given the duty to pay child support, most folks do not have enough money to cover rent, bills, or living expenses due to the unfair system. Cost of living is higher now, wages have not kept up with that incline.
If the mother wants sole custody, that is fine, but she should be able to financially support herself AND child without the help from the other parent. Child Support laws need to change. No more baby mamas taking advantage of father's income, no more baby mamas using child support payments to fund THEIR wants rather than the child's needs, no more baby mamas exploiting the system.
Change Child Support Laws nationwide. Hold the mother accountable on how the money is spent, set limitations to what may be purchased as in clothing, groceries, grooming, extracurricular expenses, and school related items. Require her to keep records/receipts of how the money is support the child. We must protect the father's that are trying to do the right thing, but get discouraged by irresponsible mothers with the help of a severely flawed system.
You want sole custody, show you can afford everything that it comes with.
All I know is that child support is federal funding,all 50 states gets an equal 66% The judges get paid first before anybody else they are making millions off cases and its unfair. Child support is not constitional its not judicial or legislative its an administration hearing(man made law) The constitution is suppose to protect our rights and child support does not protect our rights so always remember that God is watching and justice will be served 1 day because God is not happy with these man made laws.
All I know is that child support is federal funding,all 50 states gets an equal 66% The judges get paid first before anybody else they are making millions off cases and its unfair. Child support is not constitional its not judicial or legislative its an administration hearing(man made law) The constitution is suppose to protect our rights and child support does not protect our rights so always remember that God is watching and justice will be served 1 day because God is not happy with these man made laws.
I do not think a Custodial parent should be rewarded Child Support payment at all. If the Custodial parent feels they can take care of the child is the only thing that should make them a custodial parent. However the rights to the children should be agree on what they want to consider 50/50 and when the child is in that parent care it is up to the parent on his/her time to take care of the child. It should be required when that child is on that parents time to purchase 50% what ever that child needs, clothes, schooling supplies, doctor bills. If that child is in your care going to school from your home then you should take responsibility taking care of that child on your time which includes buying school supplies, both parents should supply clothing, if that child is with the parent or other on winter break that parent should be supplying the winter clothes, Only a parent that neglects his child in his her time should be put in jail. Starving you child and not proper clothing your child or getting the right medical attention is neglect. That is the only time jail time should be served. Not because someone did not get their money. Make people responsible for their own action. The Child Support system needs to be changed where everybody is not spreading their legs out because they can count on that money to come to them or I will play with your life and throw you in jail. No one should be rewarded with money to take care of a child. You should know yourself that you can take care of that child if you going to be the custodial parent and that their is consequences to having a child. Meaning you split up or have a divorce. Have a job to take care of your children. Sending someone to jail does not solve anything, taking someone license away is pure stupid. I do not agree with the laws.

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