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more common sense needs to be put into these laws. If there is 50/50 custody and both parents make good money, at what point is the parent wanting child support considered to be financially irresponsible? Or if there are no child care costs, why does the receiving parent still get full child support? So much to address.
I had this relationship with a girl who set me up to have 2 kids with out me knowing that happened until she called and infirmed me. she divorced her X after she used him to come to the states and filed him for child support of the baby they had in the past. she filed for more child support though I was giving her 1000 dollar a month. Finally, the court day held yesterday making me to pay 1600 dollars a month for the two kids for the next 18 years because she said she doesn't have a job or any income ,She Even didn't mention that she is getting 300 dollars from her X for her older child from the other relationship.Surprised she was complaining in the court up loud that it's not enough money for her and she thinks I'm working a second job other than my 40 hrs extremely exhausting type of job. To be honest with you this is one of the most unfair area of laws that needs to be changed in the USA...I'm so glad this is overall what I'm punished out of this fake relationship because it will even properties cost my life if I continue with her based on how she reacted and things she had said after court ....Hope change will come sooner to see hardworking men,women and children to be more protected on this matter in the USA like any other countries,,,,in my country the law is different-the kids goes to the one who provide the most or who is more educated or who give more advantage for the kids upbringing unlike here---USA considered the most advanced and richest country in the world while my country on the other hand is considered one of the least advanced and the poorest country in the entire world...
Please help, I can't even got to college cause of a dead beat mother
The courts and laws, today, are ridiculous and outdated (by 30 to 40 years). Plenty of men purposely do not pay child support...we hear it in the media all of the time. But we don't hear enough about how women are getting away with not paying child support or how women are not being responsible in making the best choices (for the children) when they do receive support. I know too many men who are frustrated that the women hold all of the cards and a man has to jump through too many hoops just to see his kids. We don't see enough of our laws being changed to reflect the current trends in society. Women are getting away with too much, today, and men basically have no say (and no rights). Our courts need to step it up and make changes or it's only going to get worse. The media, also, needs to shed more light on the problem with women not paying (we've see too many stories about men not paying...thanks).
I live in Florida and agree that the support system is really not fair. I will do anything for my daughters and don't mind providing them with whatever they need. I even provide for my step-daughter without a second thought. Always have and always will. My issue I have with Child Support is that, I know it is not being used for what it is intended for. I pay $800 a month for my biological daughter and still buy birthday gifts, baskets for Easter, Christmas gifts and take care of any unexpected needs for both her and my step daughter. I also just bought my step daughter her first car... that's a lot of support as a whole and my ex still complains that she needs more help and can't afford to pay her bills. I have to pay for plane tickets to get my daughters here to visit me then pay to take them to Disney, Universal Studios and all the other things they like to do. I do all this because I do love both my daughters and I enjoy making them happy. To me this IS supporting my daughters and I don't need someone telling me to send a ridiculous amount of money to someone who is not going to use the money for anything that it is intended for. Anyway, everyone does need to be held accountable and responsible for taking care of their kids, but there needs to be more checks and balances in place. The one good thing is that as my daughters get older, they are beginning to see all the effort I'm putting forward and really appreciate everything that is being done for them.
Im from michigan and i feel that it is really unfair. We are having to pay so much child support and in many cases it does not take as much to take care of the childs expenses. The fathers who do not work have a $50 payment while fathers that do work everyday $800. Its not right at all. Im a young father who has stayed out of trouble, went to college and im about to have my BA Degree while working full time the whole time and all of it for what? Because child support is going to take from me all the extra money ive got from having a degree so what was the point? The women take MAJOR advantage of this and now they think they are entitled to be taken care of by the father of their children. I believe in taking care of my child and i love to do so, but to make me take care of the mother isnt right at all. Honestly, I dont think they will do anything about this problem because they dont care.
I feel that the government has taken too much control. A father should be given the chance to support his child(children) before the government steps in dictating how his hard earned money should be spent. Not every man is trying to run from his responsibility. The system stereotypes all men and is a very feminist system. It takes two people to create a child, therefore both parents should be held equally responsible to care for the child(children) financially. As a mother, I feel that the father should financially provide what he can with him having to struggle to provide for himself. My fiancé and I live check to check to keep a roof over our daughters head while his other children's mom lives comfortably off government assistance and free housing. Although she is not employed she doesn't allow him to claim his children on his taxes. On the other hand she has other people claim them and she collects the money. What's even sadder is that most of the money including the child support is spent on the mothers need instead of the children. What kind of a justice system do we have that would allow this. I strongly feel that many females have turned to having children as an alternative to getting a job. The child support system has turned children in property.
I am a fiance of a father being taken by the system,Ha has A daughter who is 6 and pays $500.00 for a month, has no rights to but visitation that the mom never agrees to. He raised his daughter until she was almost 3. The mother was in the military for 3 years and daughter was passed around between friends to raise. They also have a 8 year old son too that he pays for another $500.00 a month and againand did find out was his untill 2012. no rights at all and on top of that the mother hasn't even had the son since he was a baby he is being raised by her friend family for almost 9 years and in a totally different state and has not relationship with his mother or father yet she has sole physical and legal custody how?.Yet he has to pay 1,000 a month to a mother who doesn't even take of her children? I thought the courts do whats best for the children. We have a 2 year old together that my fiance can't even provide for because 75% of his check goes to her and owed welfare? So my child get left out because shes a women not to mention she makes more then him and had really no expenses nor takes care of children She also has an older child that she gets support from that father as well.. Best interest of the children i think not, More like best interest of the mother. WE are currently trying to get a lawyer but its hard when all your moneys going to child support.So the main story is that we have a mother who doesnt take care of her children everyone else does but she collects support, and this will cost of thousand and thousands of dollars to prove but have no money cause its all going to her cause the courts are stuck on a law that was made up in the 1800's that mean now days i think women make more then most men?
My fiancé pays 136 dollars and week and only makes 277. His ex wife remarried a business owner, says she has anxiety but picks through garbage cans and goes to amusement parks. She gets disability, kids get disability, welfare, food stamps, and medical help plus his child support. She makes more then we do and we even have a child together....she goes to concerts and gets tattoos but cant work and is only 30......This is not fair she wont let him even see the kids... If one has to work the other should have to and why is it some kids get more or less then others ...obviously that is not fair because some kids don't deserve more than others or it does not cost more for one kid then it does the next kid.
We are not all deadbeats. Some of us are forced into arrears pile-up by this twisted enforcement units and dishonest custodial parents. I can prove her dishonesty. But how if it falls on deaf ears? We cannot afford to pay sometimes, much less afford an attorney!
Following-up on my prior comments. It's an ongoing battle w/this twisted family juidicial system. My God man, what country do we live-in? What does it take to get these politician's attention on this tyrranny? Are they waiting for more of us to go berserk & resort to criminal activity ? How many more horror stories have to be posted? Again I got there an hr early to my audio hearing at the downtown child sup office. I was so prepared to testify on my behalf (of course, no choice) only to be told that the magistrate didn't show for work today so the case was adjourned to April 30th. Are you kiddin-me? meanwhile I languish in this hardship and have to find another shelter by Mar 18th. What's left of my disability will not cover a room much less an apt. This is what the enforcement unit really forces, even an honorable vet & caring parent like myself. Something's gott'a give! oh you people in congress!
Texas child support laws are drastically out dated. It truly burdens those that pay in an unrealistic set of laws that favor one side. Lawyer fees, court fees and the entire process are a beating.

Child support should be based on the income from both parties, not just one sided. My child support payments are more than my mortgage payments, so I’m basically living check to check. This is totally out of control.

I am trying to hold on to what I have, but sooner or later I’ll have to let go. The upkeep and trying to purchase decent furniture is next to none. Just the basics are being covered.

My ex-wife lives comfortable with her common law husband now for over three years. She has no mortgage payments and a great job, yet her income or life style is never placed under a microscope or considered in anyway shape or form. SERIOUSLY, what the hell happen to equality in our justice system?

I’ve been through the court system several times for payment increases due to a salary increase. I take one step up just to be pushed back two steps.

All in all we are all perceived as deadbeat dads no matter how much we pay or share custody with our child. This is truly sad and no one in the White House gives a******about those they govern. They have their own best interest at heart.
I have my two sons with me half the year but according to the Washington State support worksheets I'm required to pay full support amouts.How is this fair.The childrens mother filed for a modification and the day the order was assigned a judge she quit her job.So according to Washington laws I'm required to pay more than a third of my income to support ,provide medical insurance,life insurance and pay more than half of any incurred costs from extracurricular activities.I understand that Dads in the past were a lot of times not responsible for their children.But the Dads now that are responsible and spend most of their time being good fathers,shouldn't take the brunt of past actions.These laws need an overhaul.
This system needs to be changed drastically, I mean its 2015 and we are still operating on 50 year old ideals. Most men actually want to be a part of their childs life. My ex wife got physical custody of my son who basically sees both of us an equal amount of time. Do you think this matters? HELL NO!!! I still have to provide full support while he is with her half the time and full support while he is with me. I mean what kind of government allows these laws. So basically she gets her cake and gets to eat it at the same time, and I get a huge pile of crap to bury my head into. Lawyer after Lawyer told me the same thing, "your the father expect to pay and there is nothing you can do about it" ARE YOU SERIOUS! I have never neglected my son in fact I'm a better parent then she ever will be but some idiot in a robe apparently doesn't see things that way. If a dad wants to split custody in have he shouldn't have to pay any support because the mom then has the ability to GO WORK!! But a court will not allow split physical custody unless the mother agrees, WHAT!!!!!!! Totally broken system that needs to be changed yesterday! Congress, what a bunch of idiots!!
Yes agreed.....we are cogs in the wheel of a corrupt "system".
I've been paying child support for 7 years. The mother doesn't allow me to see my son and court fees are above my budget. I have lived paycheck to paycheck but, with a decrease in wages, I can't afford a roof over my head. I feel enslaved to the government and a one night stand. I'm willing to help because he's my son but I can't work if I don't have a place to stay or proper nourishment for self. This is 100% slavery. Utterly unhappy with American tactics to exploit its citizens for greed.
Child support is unconstitutional and all you politicians know it is but you guys dont care because the dollar amount means more to you than our rights as people. Child support is fraud and a scam system and it violates my rights as a u.s citizien so im asking you to get rid of this law because REMEMBER this world was founded upon Godly principles and this nation has forgotten that God is King and my rights were given to me by the Gods that created me and not the state i live in. I hope change comes soon because this is a devil driven world and we as a nation wonder why things are going bad. We are suppose to be a free nation under God. God is in control regardless what this nation does REMEMBER THAT.
It's unconscionable that I make what would be considered to many a very decent salary and yet I struggle to pay for my own basic needs, i.e. rent,utilities, cell phone and, yes, food. Due to a prolonged period of unemployment (9 months) in 2013, I fell behind to the tune of 20K... yes, you read correctly, $ 20,000 U.S. Dollars. At that point, I was paying 2,400 per month. I have been paying over 3,600 per month since August of 2013 with no respite in sight for the foreseeable future. I hear about my childrens' mother going on vacation, showing off her new clothes, checking in at restaurants, etc. and it drives me insane as I have not bought clothes a stitch of new clothing in well over a year, the fanciest restaurant I eat at is Wendy's when I feel I can splurge and I make excuses to my management company as to why I am always late on my rent. I fully recognize my responsibility to support my children, but how can I do so when every waking hour I am concerned about paying my rent, bills, etc? it takes a toll on the quality of my job performance. God forbid, I lose my job again, the vicious cycle of arrears resumes. The people at Child Support Enforcement tell me that I have the right to petition for a court date but at the same time advise me that nothing will change because the laws dictate that I am still netting over almost $ 20,000 per year. They advise me to seek counsel to represent me; this itself is cruelly humorous as I have yet to find an attorney who will do pro-bono work for someone who earns over $ 100K per year. I make too much money to qualify for legal aid, but no one takes into consideration the fact that for every dollar I earn, I get to keep about 20 cents. Something needs to be done to protect the rights of those of us non-custodial parents who struggle to support our children.
Man....people...these welfare hood rats are not eating up our tax dollars they are being used by the welfare departments to generate money for the states.... The states call it childsupport , but the kids don't EVER see the amount the welfare takes from the noncustodial parent ... Not to mention the two dollars the state receives for every dollar they rip from dads paycheck calling it childsupport ... Meny billions of dollars annualy being generated in this racquet called childsupport ...250,000$ ripped from my pay checks for the past 22 years I was over garnished by 153,000$ as shown in court by the audit .... Welfare is pure busyness and just becuase its called the cute name CHILDSUPPORT ! Doesn't mean that's what it's for .... My case pulled in 250,000.00$ from my paycheck and with the 2 $ incentive for the states from us tax payers they raked in an additional 500,000.00$ so my kids case brought 750,000.00$ in the past 22years n guess what ! My kids hate me becuase they grew up poor n never had******n they think there dad never paid any money to them while they were growing up .... But now they know that I did pay and the welfare sent them 50$ a month and kept the rest.....
Women use kids for checks. These kids never see their fathers due to a woman scorned, but fathers are still obligated to pay. Hold women accountable, make them produce receipts, get jobs, and let kids see their fathers in order to get those checks.
Being in the military for 17 years and counting, I have been very supportive on child support, not fan of the different child support calculator every state.

States have that authority to garnish a fathers paycheck based on the entire income, when some income is not taxable. The main focus for child support is for the child, not for the needs of the significant other to pay for bills. Bills are accumulated on the individual (woman). The individual does not take the effort to get a well decent job, majority of the excuse is child care.

Currently, I have been seeing the individual is payed child support, collecting welfare, food stamps and welfare does not count against income for the individual. Majority states do not count welfare as income, as well child support from other fathers who pays child support. The participant (father) may be penalized for paying for other children in the house, due to dead beat fathers who are not child support. The individual gets a deduction on income against the participant,if working or not. States consider this "shared" income, when it really is not shared income. This is a burden on real participants who are actually doing the right thing and pay child support, but have to suffer based on the individuals efforts to get off welfare, food stamps, and actually report all income as counted income. Majority of the individual income is not capture correctly, so the participant get financially screwed.

My time in the military has been rough financially to accommodate my self and my currently family, not mentioning, I am being that father for my wife child, financially with no child support from the father.

Not mentioned, being the military, we travel based on orders, so most participants can just leave to see their child. Some states will penalize the participants for not having any time with child, resulting higher child support. So, why fault a person who can not at any way just leave from anywhere or if that soldier may be deployed in combat?

Us Congress, please consider to re-look the child support laws, not against child support, but I am against individuals abusing the system getting child support and food stamps, welfare not count against income, child support from other participants. Take these matters in consideration to actually save money for the federal government and benefit for the hard working participant.
When is something going to happen to make a change in the child support laws! Especially in Missouri. I moved back to this state about 18 months ago. I moved back to be around my children. Due to the wonderful economic conditions it is very difficult to find a job that will pay me enough to cover the $1000 month I was ordered to pay by this state. i have been unemployed 12 of the past 18 months, jobs that I am finding want to pay around $40k year… Sounds good right?? Lets break this down… $40k year… 30% Taxes leaves $28k left… take away $12k in supper from that and it leaves me a whopping $16k to survive.. $1333 per month.. I cannot live in decent housing, provide basic necessities for myself, car food clothes.. etc… therefore I am still looking for a job that will pay more to cover this unfair fee. I went to court to try to get it lowered and they said it couldn't be done and I was stuck with the amount…now I am close to $17k behind and the state is now wanting to charge me almost $1500 month for normal support and arrears! My back is against the wall… nowhere to turn.. You can go out and google dads that couldn't deal with the stresses of courts and their orders and took their own lives… article upon article upon article… now there are how many families without fathers, brothers, sons from this corrupt system. Now faced with Jail time, potentially losing Drivers License…(Like that is really going to help the father find a good paying job) I, just like many fathers have about reached the limit. Is there anybody that can help?
When is something going to happen to make a change in the child support laws! Especially in Missouri. I moved back to this state about 18 months ago. I moved back to be around my children. Due to the wonderful economic conditions it is very difficult to find a job that will pay me enough to cover the $1000 month I was ordered to pay by this state. i have been unemployed 12 of the past 18 months, jobs that I am finding want to pay around $40k year… Sounds good right?? Lets break this down… $40k year… 30% Taxes leaves $28k left… take away $12k in supper from that and it leaves me a whopping $16k to survive.. $1333 per month.. I cannot live in decent housing, provide basic necessities for myself, car food clothes.. etc… therefore I am still looking for a job that will pay more to cover this unfair fee. I went to court to try to get it lowered and they said it couldn't be done and I was stuck with the amount…now I am close to $17k behind and the state is now wanting to charge me almost $1500 month for normal support and arrears! My back is against the wall… nowhere to turn.. You can go out and google dads that couldn't deal with the stresses of courts and their orders and took their own lives… article upon article upon article… now there are how many families without fathers, brothers, sons from this corrupt system. Now faced with Jail time, potentially losing Drivers License…(Like that is really going to help the father find a good paying job) I, just like many fathers have about reached the limit. Is there anybody that can help?
To the guy from SC DONT dare apologize! U r abosolutly right this country was great but now, not so much just read about the 68 year old man still paying child support for his kids that are now in their 30's! How is that right or fair U know they r not getting it and they r not children not blaming anyone but the government and the judges this needs to change NOW NOT LATER!!!
Yesterday I wrote a letter in anger and I apologize for that. Today I want to ask you for help. Child support laws are punishing a lot of good people . Hard working men and women are being made to live in poverty , having their license taken away , their jobs are being taken , and their freedom is being taken from them all by child support law's . It's not right that a judge is given the power to ruin a man's life if he can't afford to pay in full what child support ask ' s for. How can they make the payments based on your gross income ? You can't spend your gross income , this isn't money your saving or investing. The fact of the matter is we are being made to pay money we don't have and that's not right. If you are working and making payments and the judge can still put you in jail , what is the point in paying child support in the first place ? Locking people up who have a job and making them lose that job can't be good for the economy . The good people who try to do the right thing are being punished for the ones who don't and that's not right . Change child support law's , make things right .
Riverside county is one of the worse. Since I have had a case I have always tried to do the right thing. Paid my support when working and communicated with them when I couldn't make payments. It does not matter, they screw you in any event. My ex has lied and lied and cheated and I'm stuck with a huge back amount. My children are now 32 an 30. My 32 yr old came to live with me when she was 12 and they agreed to adjust the payment to reflect that. That was 20 yrs ago and I just now found out that they have been charging me child support as if she wasn't living with me. Then 10 yrs ago they, and I, signed a contract and agreed a monthly amount. Again, I have paid when working, by the way I'm 68 yrs old and only get social security, and communicated all the time. I just recently called to keep my word only to get screwed again. Now they say they don't have to honor the legal binding contract and want to increase my payments and refused to release my licence which would allow me to work. This system is so not right, so unfair and isn't designed for the benefit of children. They really don't care if your trying to cooperate and do the right thing, they screw those that try to keep the law worse than those who try to always beat the system. At 68 yrs old with 12 grand children and 3 great grands, I will never pay off my debt to them but I'm willing to do what's reasonable and I get screwed even when I try to do that. What is happening to America? It is no longer the land of the free, its no longer than each human being has the right to pursue happiness or live a decant life. This system needs to change and change asap...
Indiana is unfair! i have been paying on my child support since the 2nd week of dec. 2013. i was behind They say 30,123. it is now feb.2015. how and the hell am i now 35,768 behind when the state has been taking child support out of my payroll check and also taking 20 for what i am behind on. its like the state is taking my money but what im behind on is getting higher. makes noe since to me. its just costing me more money for a lawyer i cant afford. im trying to live my life with my new family raising two little children. one is mine. why dont the state care about my children in my house hold. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!
My husband got a letter from child support ordering him to come take a DNA test on a 12 year old child he had no knowledge of. It came back that she was his an the state of Indiana ordered him to pay $ 50.00 a week, he just started a new job so they take $110 out his check every pay period, he doesn't mind that but they say he owe back pay an took $ 1500 out his taxes, and he can't even visit with the child because her mother is married an her husband doesn't want him to have contact with her because he say he been with the mother through the whole pregnancy, so why did she take him to child support.I have had him contact Indiana for visitation rights but they don't care all they care about is that he makes his payments on time. I think that is wrong.
I am working making 2300 a month and they are taking 1050 a month before taxes my bring home is under 900 a month they don't know how much the other party make and I am 70000 in debt they take my license report on my credit talk bad to me when I tell them I can't afford it not I didn't. Won't. To help my kids they shouldn't be a debt plan i love my kids I haven't seen 3 of them in 3 years
My boyfriend of 5 years was treated unfairly I believe... He and his ex agreed on an amount for child support and he payed religiously. But his ex was still able to open a case against him and have his wages garnished. He doesn't mind because he isn't a deadbeat and thinks anyone who doesn't support their children is one, but unfortunately he was instructed to pay a total of $750 per month making only $15 per hour. He was left with $1200 per month for all of his expenses. The state believes that a single person can survive on as little as $900 per month. Problem is, he isn't a single guy. His ex requires him to have a 2 bedroom so that their daughter has a bedroom. Rent here is about $500 per month. Car payment for a used car (There is zero public transportation here) $360, Car insurance $90, health insurance $90, Power bill $70. So how much is left? $90 to cover food, gas, a phone, water and gas bills. Forget about cable, internet, clothes OR SURVIVING ON $1200 PER MONTH!! His ex just had breast augmentation surgery and purchased a brand new Honda civic with leather seats and had the windows tinted a month after purchasing the car. She uses her daughters money to pay lawyers (Which he obviously can't afford) to keep him at minimal visitation so that child support doesn't go down. The end result? Mom lives a great lifestyle and Dad barely survives, this promotes Mom to retain as much control and physical time with the child in order to keep child support where it is. So, Dads almost always end up with a bare minimum -cookie cutter time sharing agreement and pay the maximum child support keeping them from hiring legal representation making the custody case a fair fight and actually about the childs best interests and not Mommy's greed. It deteriorates the relationship between father and child essentially stealing the childs right to a healthy and full relationship with both parents. The experts know it, the politicians know it yet nothing gets done.
The government is profiting from child support laws, that's why the law's have not changed . How else can you explain locking up the non custodial parent for being behind on child support ? And they clean it up by charging you with contempt of court. Well you're damn right I have contempt of court! I've lost two of the best jobs I've ever had not because I wasn't making payments , not because I wasn't coming to court and doing everything in my power to comply , but because I didn't have enough money to satisfy the judge . Meanwhile my kids mother gets to spend the money on whatever she wants . If the government is not going to change the law's , at least change the name of the law to what it really is STATE SUPPORT
why does a father have to pay half medical daycare expenses etc yet standard visitation is less than part-time
My boyfriend of 2 years has been paying child support for his two children five years now. The mother and him have joint custody.. they are in school during week at their mothers and come to their fathers house Friday-Sunday of every week. Additionally he has them for the most part of the summer. I have no problem with any of this with the exception of the amount. He pays 1620.00 monthly along with dental, all activities, does all the driving both way (gas money), their weekend for food, activities, all clothing, school supplies and more on a $49,000 a year paycheck... after taxes and child support, he is left with 14,000 ish for the year!...consequently, he has to live with his mother again who feeds him, gives him gas money etc. I have to pay for all outside activities. Meanwhile she is in a 1650. a month townhome with her fiancé. It is not fair that my boyfriend does all he can and yet without his mother, would be homeless.. its a shame, its heartbreaking...additionally, the mother was ordered to pay health insurance but to this day has not.... my boyfriend paid that as well. why? because they need it! so angry that I may never be able to have a normal relationship with this man because of the corrupt system. There needs to be some modifications. We cannot punish the men who are THERE, who are PAYING or WANTS them everyday!! ITs wrong!
Wisconsin has raised my garnishment to the max of 60% $650 - 60% leaving me with $260 for SSDI to live on. I don't know how these figures are calculated, but soon I will be homeless and be more of a burden to Tax payers. I have no resources and being permanently disabled is not my fault. These laws need to change to reflect on a certain % taken out of SSDI when one is disabled. Taking more than half of $650 is ludicrous.
I'm not the one who was drunk all the time and stayed out all night. She cheated and now I have to pay this lazy creature so she can work at a bar, get drunk for free and do whatever she wants (her tips of course aren't reported). Change these laws now!!!!!!!!
The law should be revised and made equally to help the child and the noncustodial parent. You have hard working fathers that cannot provide for themselves due to unfair child support judgements made by laws that are not economically logical. Then there is no ethical way to successfully interact with the case worker to get business handled in a timely matter. You are enabling broken homes as long as you are taking money from good fathers and using the money as a replacement. Pay attention to the damage you are causing by your unethical laws.
I've been paying over 50% of my paycheck to a woman who spends absolutely none of it on my child. Currently unemployed and under court order to pay $350 a month for one kid. I live with friends because I literally cannot support myself, and domestics hasn't worked with me a single step of the way. They want more money to fix my case, which isn't even a promise to fix it.
i am paying child support for a child and they wont even give me a DNA test, so my check gets garnished monthly. these laws suck and the woman are getting rich off the hardworking men.
My child is being abused and has been for over a year. Every concern has been ignored and only focus has been on monetary advancement of the mothers status. At 50/50 time with our son, I was ordered to pay support to an abusive parent and even lost my employment due to all the time spent with our son after getting him from his mother. His condition over and over was so bad that he couldn't be acclomated to any care program allowing a parent to continue respective employment under ethics and morales. He just turned two years old. Instead of using a calculator to determine a child's needs and well being, read factual case file and protect our "children's rights". In any state besides California, the mother of my son would have been arrested for kidnapping, child endangerment, negligence, and domestic violence. Instead, she has been exonerated and continues to neglect and have custody. I do not even know the individuals I pick my son up from by name. She also has a degree and can work in the medical field. She decides to bartend, and after a fraudulent marriage of 9 months has manipulated the CA "calculator" to deplete my entire assets saved for our son to have college funding for self need of the mother, employment is impossible at the rate I was at (also note: I increased 40k dollars in pay in less then two years from pregnancy to mother kidnapping son) to be continued due to her actions and care provided to our son that places him under duress and injury. Equal rights, children's rights, ethics, morals, justice, accountability, abuse, neglect, perjury, civil rights, and much more are just grossly overlooked and are destroying children's futures due to lack of due diligence by our congress. Protect our children, stop harboring abuse. What if it was your child??
Can't see my kid because of a bitter ex can't afford child support, disabled, can't hire a lawyer
My husband is disabled and has a hard time walking in our own home much less working as a welder (his profession before becoming ill). When we submitted a modification of child support request and were told we would hear back from someone in thirty days. We did not hear anything from the local child support office, so after waiting two months we requested a status update online, still nothing, another months went by so we requested another status update, still nothing, another week went by and we requested a status update, and still nothing so we sent in a complaint to the ombudsman, about two days later my husband received a denial voicemail stating that he could work and he should hire an attorney if he wants a modification. The date that was given stating the day he was declared disabled by his doctor and company is the same expiration date they gave him to pay a huge amount on his arrears. Funny how he is held accountable but our own government isn't with their response time seems more like a revenge call on their part. The mother of his amazing two year old daughter has also created her own rules of visitation, as if the state didn't already mess that up, she will only allow visitation in her other daughter's room for four hours every other Saturday. The mother and his daughter and the mother's other daughter live at her grandmother's home along with her mother and step father. Due to circumstances of my husband's and her break up a bitterness exists between him and them (no violence involved), and the step father's brother in particular has a horrible attitude against he, my mother in law, and me. He once was on a drunken rant about how beautiful my husband's little girl was as he kept caressing her face and legs, I told the mother that I was concerned about that because it didn't seem right and she just said he doesn't live in (our town) anymore. My husband does not need anymore stress making him even more ill. Again, funny how our government felt it right to set up visitation irresponsibly and within five minutes but now that there is a need for the to step in they can only do so if we pull money off of some proverbial tree and pay for a lawyer who may or may not be able to help us. When the state set up visitation in the first place the documents stated that my husband was to see "the child" alone with "the mother". This was explained to my husband as being better for his daughter so that she gets use to him and that too many strangers may startle her... hmmm so did the doctor that delivered her startle her, how about the nurses, her sister, her grandparents, store clerks, I can keep going with ridiculous examples. So since my husband refused to separate his family, me, from his family, his daughter, and since he doesn't want to fight or argue with her family and since I'm the only one working to take care of him, our home, my mother in law and myself it's a little difficult finding money to hire an attorney to fight for visitation. We w
my wife owe's child support dose not work taxes come around and take half of it not that i dont think the kidos should go with out but sad is i was order by the court due to her ex not liking me to not good enough to be around his two kids but good enough to pay the support and just to add i am taking care of his other child under my roof that he wont claim but thats okay! js
I make 1900$ a month before taxes. After taxes its 1500$. Of that I pay 728$ in child support, 450 for rent, 50$ for phone, 150$ gas, and that leaves me with 122$ every month. Where's the money to eat, savings, car repairs, or to see my kids every month. Child support doesn't factor in that I pay taxes. It says I have 950$ a month for self support but I don't because of taxes. My ex makes over 50,000$ a year and gets my kids all the time. Why is this the law? Its not fair.
When will it change??? I have complete 50/50 joint custody of my 2 children with their mother being remarried to a man that makes a decent living. She chooses not to work because the less "she" makes the more I have to pay. Both of my children are in school. I have them from Fri-Mon every week so she is free every weekend to do as she pleases. I am not against child support but I am against lazy mothers being enabled by the government to live off the man. Even with 50/50 custody, on child support the mother is automatically listed as the primary parent and this can not be changed. Also the father is automatically responsible for more of the support than the mother. HOW IS THIS RIGHT??? Child support actually told me that if I quit my job and she got a job she would have to pay me??? So we are rewarding the parent that refuses to work and punishing the one which tries. Not to mention that she receives 6-8 grand every year of my taxes for back support that they said I owed from the day the children were born??? I have a baby at home with my current wife that goes without so my childrens mother can live better. The man has to eat, live, and survive too. I have a life too. Change these laws!!! Families are going without because of this cookie cutter law!!!
Child support is an absolute fraud designed to enrich lawyers and their judge friends that just rubber stamp anything thing brought in front of them. There is no such thing as a "deadbeat dads" . If you cannot afford to raise your kids without equal support from NCP but more instead you are "the deadbeat mom." In my case, The deadbeat mom intentionally quit her higher paying job to take a part time home job to just get more child support money. If this is about the kids why don't you give me the kids and you can have visitation anytime you want since you can't afford to raise the kids without my income. I know I can raise the kids without any child support from the mother and the mother can see the kids anytime they want. This is why this whole system is a fraud and destroys families.
Both parents need to be equally responsible. My husband and I both work and spend more to ensure the kids have a comfortable and happy lifestyle while at the same time having to supply biological mom with child support. She has chosen to work part-time and per the children and others in the community, she is not spending the child support on them and still asks us for additional reimbursements when she does something like buy them an extra shirt, etc. even though they are with us primarily and during the school year. It's a tough reality and unfair but that is why the laws need changed.
Frustrated working professional & stepmom
Both parents need to be held equally accountable for their children. Stop placing the entire burden on the father while the mother move in with another man and allows him to take care of her.
I have 2 big boys Im not even on the birth certificate for my first being a college athlete I think its unfair that athletes cant work and child support adds up when she is involved in sports as well.. She moves outta state takes my son and aspects me to pay all this money we are not even married never been...
I don't no one well at least most parents has a problem supporting their kids it's just the lazy*****parent who's using this for a free meal ticket. These judges and politicians need to try and live on this crap that they deem fair for a year they wouldn't last 3 months but they expect us to do it for 18-24 years! R u kidding me? But they will continue to drag this out until someone who is or has gone through this takes their place GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE AND OFF THE BENCH U R NOT THE SOLUTION U R THE DAMN PROBLEM!!!!
I have been paying Child Support to the tune of 871 dollars a month, plus alimony of 495 a month, totaling 1366 a month. I have a good job. My Son's mother chooses to work at a mediocre job because the system allows it. Since this forum is designed for Child Support issues, I don't think some of the comments regarding Alimony are relevant. Since I have what is deemed as a Shared Custody arrangement, I pay child support based on a ratio of my income compared to hers, then I pay the percentage of the difference minus what she makes. This formula is based on combining my income and hers to get a total. Then the STATE sets some arbitrary percent that people in that income bracket would spend on a child per month. The total of that percentage of what the state deems that people would spend on a child per month is then divided between the two of use based on the ratio of my income versus hers. Therefore, the more money I make, the more support I pay. If she chooses to work a job that has no upward mobility, then as I advance in my career, I will be paying more money to her each year that my income increases.

There needs to be some sort of process that just because I make more money, the state does not allow her to feel ENTITLED to more of the money I am earning.

I know that congress has much more important issues to worry about, like vacations and taking time away from the office to take care of their families, but there needs to be something in place that can protect the person paying support from the person collecting support.

I get my son over 40% of the time and I get a slight decrease in the support I pay, but it is negligible. If I never saw my son, I would pay about $100 more per month than seeing him 40 plus percent of the time.

Pennsylvania has some messed up laws regarding paying support (alimony and child). Unless you can get a hold of someone who cares or support master that would buck the system, you are stuck in the system that is in place.

Having children with someone else doesn't make support go down either. The good news is that after paying alimony for what will be 4 years and 7 months, Alimony will be ending at the end of May. I was only married 11 years. There needs to be a way to keep all support in check so it can not take advantage of the person who pays support. There is nothing in place and as a father, I am viewed as the one who is nothing more than a way to support my EX, not as someone who wants to build a new life.
It's not just the women who sit at home and collect child support. I am a non-custodial mom who is paying support for one child. (Apparently being Active duty military doesn't provided a stable enough environment.) But what I actually pay for is all of my sons support(gladly) plus truck tires, tattoos, a new wife and other things that should not be my responsibility all while trying to raise my younger son who I have full custody and do not receive child support for, because I have never asked for child support. I can take care of my family without relying on others. Mean while I am judged on my potential to earn and what the courts think I should be able to do. Why isn't the custodial parent judged the same way??????
My son has a child that I take care of.I'm the grandmother. My son is on child support from his ex girlfriend to collect food stamps . I upset with this law because t ghost e grandparent dont have any rights.If i give him back to her he might eat and might not so what do i do? I have tried talking to her all lies just getting a free ride but now its time for me to take action! The law need to b change!!
child support justice systems is unfairly all the a round with dads who take care of there kids someone need to help dads because when are kids all grown up y do we still have to pay childs support when u take care of the kids all they life up until where they are now because the mother say so thats a lie men really need help with this childs support system
There should be vouchers instead of money because some mothers who get support spend the money on there dead beat boyfriends, drugs, and partying instead of there child.Also it seems the courts harasses the ones who actually pay and don't do anything to the ones who dont.I got 45 days in jail for missing one payment in 7 years because i lost my job.The justice system needs to be reevaluated putting people in jail for non support is the dumbest law ever it only makes it to were the only one who gets support is the government it's not about the child it's about the government getting paid they could careless about the child.It's all about money.
There should be vouchers instead of money because some mothers who get support spend the money on there dead beat boyfriends, drugs, and partying instead of there child.Also it seems the courts harasses the ones who actually pay and don't do anything to the ones who dont.I got 45 days in jail for missing one payment in 7 years because i lost my job.The justice system needs to be reevaluated putting people in jail for non support is the dumbest law ever it only makes it to were the only one who gets support is the government it's not about the child it's about the government getting paid they could careless about the child.It's all about money.
I don't understand how they expect a man to pay child support when they takes a man lively hood away from him... What I mean by lively hood is the means for him to support his kids, for example!! I was with the mother of my kids from day one, so to give myself & my family a better life I started Truck driving school where I obtained my CDL's that the child support system took away which cause me to be unable to support me & my kids.... I been having trouble ever since getting back on my feet, it's been so hard for me for the past 9 years to find employment where I'm making a decent wage & they make it impossible for me to obtain my license back so I'm stuck working these dead end jobs just to pay my child support..... These laws need to change quickly especially the laws where they take your licenses away...
As a father I am paying so much to the mother of my daughter that it is hard for me to have a normal life and also to afford to do things with my daughter. The laws should include both parents salaries as she makes over $10,000 a year then I do. The country wants fathers in their childrens lives but the system needs to be more fair to the non custodial parent.
I get my kid 4 days a week on average. My kids mom only wants to have him as much as she does so she takes 40% of what I earn. While she only works 10 hours a week and married a deadbeat who she's expecting to have a kid with. She doesn't spend time with him while he's there. He tells me he plays by himself and wants to live with me. Child support is making have a way worse life than he should have. Instead of me buying him gifts and doing things with him that cost alittle more money, she spends it on herself and he husband. How is this fair?? I barely can afford to buy grocerys and pay bills. Every week is a struggle while she's living the life sitting around neglecting our son.
For the last 22 years , I have been paying child support.The law states up to 50% of net income.I don't recall ever seeing the up to part. My ex has been on assistance for over 22 years and is still on it . Iam finally down to rears .What I don't understand is how can they take my whole return . What happened to the 50% . It would be nice to get a good emount of money once a year , even half of my returns would help.I barely get by day by day . and I have 1 child living with me . Unfortunetly she has to suffer as well . Child support doesn't give a dam about children , they just want money. It's just not right.
Child support laws are bias. Woman has kids she cannot afford, she get help. Man has kids he cannot afford, he goes to jail.
I pay $2500 / mo for one kid and the ex uses the money for whatever she wants. The law is completely broken. There needs to be accountability if she's going to get this kind of money for a 6 year old. I want to see receipts and any moneys not being used for her should go into a fund for her.
I was divorced 4 years ago and have been fighting a battle ever since. My ex wife and I both make around $65,000 a year with her sallary actually being better than mine. I have my kids 42% of the time during the school year and %50 of the summer yet I still pay 28% which comes out to over $1,100 a month plus my ex wife expects me to pay 50% of all extras........someone please tell me how this is fair.....I am paying for kids on her time as well as mine.......the country really needs to fix this stuff....GO TO THE SHARED INCOME MEATHOD that takes into consideration of time and sallary. By the time I pay for child support, health insurance, my house built in 1899, gas for my 1991 Buick regal, I can barely make ends meet......oh yeah forgot to mention the ex gets 28% of my yearly bonus if I get one......I would like someone to explain to me how this is fair in any way!!!
Money, money hungry unscrupulous and lawless women who abuse the system by not working and using our tax dollars to collect free food ( food stamps) free medical assistance and general hand outs that we pay for do not raise our kids! We need health care reform? We do need change, men need equal rights and child support reform that either sets a cap for child support instead of a ridicous percentage and that would make the mother pay back child support when the child becomes 18 and automatically makes the women get a court order for a week work order. A reform that actually cares where the money is going to better benefit the child not the lazy greedy and money hungry mother who think they deserve a free life. We work hard for what we have, they should to!!! Child support reform or no child support at all!!!!

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