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Women are takin advantage of the men who support there kid/s... And the dead beats r messing it up for us!!
I pay my 700.00 a month for my son out of georgia.. i make my payments on time. I am military and never get to see my son due to financial hardship being that i am out of state. the mother will not help me financially when he is with me. she wants to keep the money even though he would be me. i cant pay 700 a month and pay for daycare along with living expenses for him. Rules need to be changed so that income from both parents are annually reviewed for fair judgement. they are still going on a bias that she is still un-employed and that i need to compensate. THE ORDER WAS DONE IN 2009, and a modification is only good for my income not hers!
Im married and on disability and more than have of my check which is 1800 nine hundred abd eighty five goes to my ex for child support and she is married and works at a hospital
I have been denied access to my children and yet have never missed a CS payment, all of my denial of parenting time petition's have been dismissed as irrelevant, I demand that shared parenting be the norm and not the exception!
Something Needs To Be Done About These Women Who Have KiDs And They All Have Different Fathers, This Woman Has A Kid With A Guy Dumps Him Months Or Years Later And Hooks Up With Another Guy Has A Kid And Again Leaves That One , Just So She Doesnt Have To Work Collecting Childsupport And Welfare. She Lives IN Henniker NH. And She Gets Away With It! Something NeeDs To Be Done, Its Not Fair To All Those Dads That Have To Pay The Childsupport And Her FrigN Welfare! Time To Wake Up People!
I' m paying child support now and its not easy, and what makes it worse is i have joint legal and physical custody over my son, why should i pay child support if i have my son as much as the custodial parent who works, why cant my money stay in my pocket to support my means with my child when he is with me, instead of going to someone who uses the funds to get there hair and nails done.
I hope that one day men and women who give birth to a child, whether it be in wedlock or not, have equal rights to the child. I may be young but it effects everyone in some way. Women and men should have to pay child support if one does not have a job to support the child, until the jobless parent finds some means of work to help support the growth of their kid.
This law is being abuse my multiple women and needs to be rewritten to where birh parents are required to take care of the child
I was a loving father of my daughter since she was born. I was there from the beginning all the way until she was 5 years old. I bought clothes fed her took her to fun places, paid for her health care the whole nine. Then one day her mother decides to start a new life with a guy she just met. No problem, I thought. I would simply continue to be in my daughters life as usual. I was wrong. Her mother decided that since I was behind on child support that I could not longer see her. You see at the order was filed in January of 2010 but I didn't have to go to court until October of 2010. Apparently the way it works in Missouri is you are responsible for payment upon the date of the filing. I had no knowledge of this rule. So October 2010 rolls around and not only was I slapped with a $600 a month child support payment, I was also $4200 in arrears. Mind you I have 2 other children which I am current on they each get $583 and $500 respectively. I only make $50,000 per year and my monthly take home pay is right at $2000. You do the math. My Rent is $525, Car Note $445, Insurance $110, Utilities $300, Student Loans $250. And to top it all off I still cannot see my daughter. Haven't seen her since June of 2012. This system is unfair.
NY child support court ordered about 78% of my income be withdrawn from my check for months until got it modified to legal amount which still to high. It put me on the brink of homelessness and Financial hardship that I'm still trying the recover from. Child support is not to help children at all it's to make hard working Father's suffer for no reason, it's a million dollar racket for the Govt., and mothers can sit back get money they didn't earn which maybe 1-10% goes to the kids. The actual deadbeat dads get away scottfree because you can find them, or they're in Jail, or don't work. This is an unfair system
It is sad that a man has to go to jail for child support. It should go down on your taxes like everything else. Just because one women has the man on child support doesn't mean he doesn't have more kids that need him out in the world instead of in jail. Time spent is more than any money. These women getting child support food stamps cheap housing and utility checks driving nice cars ain't working. They ain't doing nothing but using the government and they letting them. Its sad the system acts like they killed someone and had to throw them in jail and the only thing they did was not pay a trifflin baby mama looking for a hand out. I got a child too and if my baby daddy can't help me I'm cool I'll get a job and take care of mines I don't need no man. I laid down ill support mines. I'd say this if a women is gonna receive child support DSS need to make monthly visit to make sure that the child isgetting what they need ain't dirty and got beds to sleep in. Don't make it so easy for this women they using the men and you too.
Yeah one voice will never be heard but 5 billion dollar a year industry called childsupport will not be stopped eighther..... This is not for our kids ; since when have any of us payees ever seen or heard of us fathers and mothers actually being able to be fathers or mothers with parental rights backed up by the welfare system that is the same system that takes our paychecks n ripps our parental rights from us? Sad to say ; but this welfare is big busyness .... Too many disgruntled ex's lined up at the welfare office doors just ready to sign up to ride the gravy train at our expense ... The disgruntled ex's gets to destroy us financially; and we get dragged in n outta court when ever the disgruntled ex releases the welfare blood hounds ..... Good parents made into slaves to the welfare , and made into prisoners doing time and most of all made into DEAD BEAT DADS by the same welfare system that says there there for the best interest of OUR child.... Ha ; welfare is used as a collection agency for civil matters ,we as parents will never get any ware with these petitions:welfare gravy train only has too kinda passengers , the welfare agents and the disgruntled ex..... N tickets for us non custodial parents - this welfare even gets 2 $s more from the tax payers for every dollar they steal from our paychecks ..... The U S tax payers don't know this; n when I share this with tax payers it upsets them to know that welfare gets paid to destroy good hard working class parents: I'm a tax payer too , but I don't count becuase the welfare toke my credibility when they smashed my credit report when I was only 19 years old 23 years later I still have no credibility even tho I've paid almost 250,000.00$ in childsupport when the ending audit showed I was to only have had to pay 97,000.00$ yeah one year in a Fresno California court n I still lost the case...... Ha welfare is bigger then the IRS , a person can get there tax bill knocked down to a percentage .. But not childsupport .... That's for life and with interest ALLLLLL THE WAY THREW!
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Oh yeah..... The welfare gravy train... All aboard ; next stop taking your kids fathers paycheck....... Then taking All his belongings ; then throwing him in jail........ All aboard! Come ride the gravy trail .... Only disgruntled ex's get the ticket , to ride the welfare gravy train ;All aboard
Them taking your license away is shitty because its against your pursuit of happiness. In the daclerration of independent. Think if you gov let's that happen then they don't care and that's the truth. They make alot of money on you in jail.so if you can't work you can't pay they are not stupid at all.i had a friend in ft Lauderdale he is in jail but you can look him scott Rothinstien.lawyer. and he told me alot of stuff about political party s and stuff like that and one is how county jails are owned by private firms and those same private firms back judge s .i was told 75 a day and 25 of that goes to the judge s campaign. Do the math.if you pay say 400 a month for cs they get 30bucks a month now if you do 25 ×30 They 750.00.a month.that why they build more jails in this country then schools.corruption at it finest. People need to understand this and stand up to it.the president of this country only cares about him.change what change.change this so you America people will look at you like you did something. One court room for this not two.
It's not far when i make 14 hr.and she sit at home her husband collects my taxes. And she dont work.and i dont get to see my kid at all she calls him dad and me strange man.so if someone is married the other partner.should be in child support to there w-2 should be because if they get a loan they do.this is way to one sided i would love to meet the political party how thought this up had to be women in charge or there was sex invalid or money it's just to one sided.
If the court would let suits in to court .like if you pay but they dont let you see you child.sould be a civil suit.but everyone forget if you o back support and they still say you can't see you kid.again.civil suit.because you still pay that now or later ether way there getting money.but time is lost.the main problem with all this is they won't everyone on paper to control you.why is it they look at you the same as a crack dealer. Money to them your the same to the court paper.why is that i plumbed a house and the owner is wealthy and the court get there money rite off the top court costs. Now child support when you o they get money every time so keep that going. When you o the court money they put you in jail.and they make more when you in jail.dont let the lies full you.keep America divided and we will not be stronge.dont let the government s win.we the nation need to come together to fix all the visitation and support in one court that's were the problem is at .but in my 3yrs not seeing my child America s are full of it and afraid to stand.dont think of changing one law because when it goes to one court room they will have to change the law.make the courts work for there money stop making easy for them.stand up America. And if your afraid read the bible so you dont fear.
Child Support Laws are unfair. They should have a fair cap on what the noncustodial parent pays. This will force the custodial parent to get a job that will allow them to contribute to the home. Most noncustodial parents depend on CS and don't get jobs. It's not fair, they're both responsible for the kids!
I have been paying child support, lost my job of ten
years and tried to have my child support modified
and denied all 4 times. Lost my drivers license
and unable to drive. Having a hard time getting a
job. My kids are grown and now on there own.
I can't even get a temp. Drivers license to try and
get a job. Something needs to change in the state
of Georgia. Was even in jail for 2 weeks. Had to
have friends pawn there car to get me out. Need help.
The rules is design to keep hard working individuals down.
I was a stay at home mother for ten years. The man I married was abusive for nine of them. I finally left him but couldn't afford an attorney to contest what he viewed as "fair divorce terms". (He got the house, my son, all my belongings). I now work two jobs trying to pay off the living expenses loans and credit cards I had to take out when we were married and both going to school. (He had bad credit and mine was good).
I now owe roughly $9000 in back child support.
He makes six figures and had told me he doesn't NEED my money but laughed at me when I, in turn, asked him to file a modification to drop my payments. "Why wouldn't I want to take your money?"
If I paid my monthly support payment, I'd be left with $15/month.
Gas to and from work (and hour drive each way) is around $45/week.
Now I'm being threatened by the attorney General.
They've revoked my professional license, my credit is ruined, I couldn't even take out a loan to pay it off.

This is disgusting!!!!!
there should also be a added stipulation where the custodial parent makes over a certain cap of 20,000 a year they should be deemed fit to take care of the child on their own and if they are no longer receiving assistance then there should be a second stipulation the support order will be exited completely and a third stipulation where as the custodial parent break the visitation order then the non custodial would be able to execute a support evacuation order so that way the parents have to follow the orders. we need to change the support law to where it is fair to everyone. we should not have to pay support for a kid that we do not see... its like saying would you buy a Bentley and pay 700 dollars a month while it sits on the lot and you cant drive it... no you wouldn't and the same should be true for parents so the custodial parent cant just stop visits when ever he or she chooses... that way its fair for everyone instead of the mentality that the court has now which is oh you don't get to see your kid oh well you still have to pay for em...its the responsibility of both parents but it is also said it is the responsibility of both parents to be in their child's lives... so for one to completely ex the non custodial parent out should have repercussions.... everything has repercussions you steal go to jail you kill go to jail etc... so why are there no repercussions for this? these things should be implemented not to protect the child but the parents too...
it's absurd we only care about people that are under 18, after that, fathers can live in poverty and no one gives a crap. The ex wife makes a wonderful living and spends almost zilch on the kids. Total BS
Oh oh I know , why don't all of us that are getting our paychecks stolen by the welfare all just join the welfare crew too; n we can all ride the welfare gravey train ..... Ohhhh yah!
I have been struggling for 10 years now paying child support to my sons father. The past 3 years i paid double at $500 a month as i had gotten behind over the years here and there, but ive since lost my income and cannot find work. The state wants to take away my license but how can i work if i cant drive? it makes no sense to me at all, they wont work with me and when i filed to have it revised i was told that even though i have no income they consider me working 40 hours a week at minimum wage. i dont understand.
child support in Georgia is the worst I have ever seen there services has no compassion for the man I came them for help my case worker I never seen I had a situation when I had kids over six months all who birth certificate I signed told them and showed them I had them don't you know I still have them and still pay child support the same way they helps these women the same way they should help man this another situation child support was being taken out my check every week from a job I had it was continually not being sent on time on occasions not paid for three months I called the cooperate office got no answer went to child support office never seen my agent other agents telling me it falls back on me and I need to get on my job about that but hey I told them before they started deducting out check i will pay my self but they did it anyway so now they took out the money and still want me to pay what they already took us men need the help from the real federal government on Georgia corrupt system on how they should handle these situations cause what if the custodial parent rely on this money when its being taken or why should the the man has to get bad part of stick in realityI think allof Georgia laws need to be reviewed from a honest working citizen not a deadbeat!!!##!
Child support needs to be reviewed. Both parties should support children equally. If a woman cant afford to do so the man should get full custody and vice versa.
My ex wife, named Martha Adams (Marti) Luke, former Mcintyre of St. Petersburg and Tampa FL, was divorced from me in 1981. She took my 3 yo daughter, Sarah Luke(Buschlen) to another state without my knowledge and I did not know her whereabouts until 1996, Sarah was 18. She told me she suffered during this time living with Martha her mother, a serious alcoholic, had to pick up beer cans in the mornings from age 6 to present, forced ride in the car with her drunk mother, had to daily clean, take care of and was at times required to live elsewhere because of Marthas drinking. Martha has numerous counts of public drunkenness, DUIs in the states of South Carolina and Florida. I was unable to take my daughter out of this horrible situation because her mother kidnapped her and took her away and I did not know of her whereabouts. My daughter is now scarred emotionally because of what Martha Luke did. Now Martha/Marti Luke (she is on Facebook) is trying to get child support from me for those lost years from the state of FL. My daughter is now 36 years old, has told me what she endured all those years, wished I would come to rescue her and I wish I could have too. Now, Marti Luke wants child support from me when I did not know where my daughter was all those years. Martha has had a free ride all this time, I paid support to her through her parents, they would not reveal where she was or where Sarah Luke( Buschlen )was. I am sorry Sarah had to endure what she did, she told me she is emotionally scarred forever. I am taking legal steps for this but my time with my daughter growing up is lost forever. Where are my rights as a father in this?
Men are unfairly penalized for their success. We work hard our whole life make enormous sacrifices to make it happen only to have it unfairly stripped. In many cases the woman has a good paying job and is fully capable of supporting herself and the child yet the man's wages are garnished. This is just wrong,child support needs to be capped, and if both parents make above a certain amount child support should not be required.
I believe that the money should be accounted for in the way of receipts for clothing, shoes, activities, etc because after all it is for the children and not for the custodial parent's hair, clothes, occasional night out, etc.
It seem to me the Child support Laws are a way to push the fathers out of the child/ren life. So the states can raise the kids and the women become more dependent on the welfare system. Your laws are far from reality, unjust, a form of slavery. You hate men, you hate family, you hate creation.
Lessons should be learned, don't have children/get married to women who are psycho with no virtue, it's really easy. If you feel that you are constantly in unhealthy relationships, get damn personal counseling, find out why you have white knight syndrome and or a major beta male problems and FIX IT!!! If your mom is semi crazy and or drives you up the wall, seek help immdieatly and refuse to get married until you find out about YOU! thefefore you marry women you respect and know will last a lifetime. Please don't give me this she changed overnight, there are always red flags within months of a new relationship...ie has tons of sex, instead of learning to communicate, manipulates you when she is mad...etc. etc.
You reap what you sow, it's like rich men who are surprised to death that their blonde using bimbo got half of his assets and left him to dry. If you are attracted to the damsels in distress who have a hard life, they are usually going to be messed up in the head, just like you. It's all about self knowledge, learning who you are and deciding where life is going to take you, instead of letting life fall right on you.
Oh, and don't be surprised******hits the fan when you people let government run our life's this is called slavery people, our governments have us enslaved and you are somehow surprised by this obvious state corruption. Pft...And no, voting or writing to your congressman doesn't help. Do you think it helped black people 2 hundred years ago to write a nice letter to their massas??
I believe some females do take advantage of the sympathy of being a "struggling mother" when in reality the situation is far from that. I believe that every situation is unique and blanket laws should not hold true. I believe our legal system may be lax in providing thorough financial reports investigations and enable some petitioners of custody (primarily mothers) to play helpless victims.
Child support payments really need to be looked at again. They are outrageous. Why isn't the mother expected to pay half? I don't understand this. If everything is to be equal, our laws need to reflect this.
I didn't mind paying child support even though she tried raising my son to not know me. I paid for ten years but lived a poor life that has affected me till now living in a garage because I had to disconnect my phone and other necessities just to pay. Although I had my contractor's license she threatened to take it away along with my driver's license. She had three new cars while I fought to maintain my old truck. Don't give up, after the ten years I got custody of my son and received child support from her.
Two year old child in my home. His mother collects his child support monthly however the child lives with us. She also gets his WIC and food stamps and energy assistance. We receive no assistance whatsoever from her. Court gave her sole custody of the child and our state does not recognize grandparents rights. We also provide diapers and clothes for when he is at his mom's house (which is usually only a few hours maybe twice a month). She doesn't pay her bills and her electric has been shut off twice this year for nonpayment. Where is all his child support going?? State agencies know he lives with us but don't do a thing about it. Oh, and she dropped out of high school and refuses to get a job! Why should she.... she's got a free ride. She learned from her mother who received child support for years while she didn't have her children. Never ending cycle.
It amazes me how unfair our laws are for NCP's to be apart of our child's lives, as well as teach our future men women and child to use the system to prosper off someone else's hard work and pay. Why work when you can have the courts force NCPs to pay exorbant amounts of monthly support that is not justifiable, realistic in today's economic state.
I have been paying support for ten years and my kids don't even live with the mom I take care of them and still pay support because the mom will not support them with the money I give each month the court knows this and will still do nothing about it I never had to pay for a bill food anything like that growing and no kid in history has or should have to so making people make high payments should stop cause the only place it goes is in to there wallet for there clothes car payments and for them to have a good time and if the kids don't live with them they should not get it and pay half
I live in South Carolina, but my child support is out of New York. I have been paying child support for approximately five years for my two sons. My child support is an automatic withdrawl from my paycheck, but when I go to get a second job to support my family I am getting the child support taken from their as well. Now I have no issues taking care of my children, but when I call the child support office and they acknowledge their mistake of telling me that it will take 20 days to process a request to stop the child support from being garnished from my check and another 20 days for my secondary employer to receive the termination, that is a problem, because in that forty days, my lights have been tuned off, my water, I fall behind on my rent and car payments. It would be different if I was in arrears but when I am totally current, its absurd. There should be no reason I am paying five and six hundred dollars per month in child support; per child when I am not making anywhere near that and still be able to support myself.
i work, i work hard. after taxes i would take home on average $500 every week, child support for me has just been adjusted and now they want me to pay $1300 every month....this is for 2 children who live with my ex wife. i have another child (different mother) who lives with me as well as my girlfriend(my youngest son's mother) and her son. she gets about 350 a month in child support for her child and is a full time student, so with all that said the state of ohio wants me to provide $300 every week to my ex wife in the form of child support and use only $200 a week to keep a roof over my families head where i live as well as keep food on the table. i would add that my ex wife works for FORD and make $17 per hour 40 hours a week.....she drives a brand new Cadillac, wears designer clothing, collects food stamps, has medicaid, and I do not qualify for assistance from the state because I make too much money......even though i well only be taking home $200 a week.........and people wonder why "deadbeat dads" exist....I cannot provide for my family at only $200 per week.....i well add that my children (who don't live with me) are at my house 52 weekends a year and the entire month of July as well as at my home after school from noon to 2:30 (preschool hours for now) 5 days a week. I have my children far more than my ex wife does and for some reason this is considered fair. I do everything by the book, I am an honest hardworking man who takes great joy in being a father. I am not against paying for child support I understand and can appreciate the necessity, however i am against an amount being required to pay that well cripple the non custodial parents ability to provide for themselves and their families. I do agree that something needs to be done and something needs to be done soon!
My Ex gets 340$ a week for 2 kids. It's half my check, And no i don't owe back support so it's not garnishment or anything of the type. The stupid part is if i didn't want my kids half the time it would only cost me 12 cents a week in Child Support. I have no issue supporting my kids, but i should not be paying her car payment, and most of her rent. The amount i pay is just stupid. After bills i have no money to do anything with or without my kids.
I had my son every other week that's tue. To sun through the hole summer. I was paying support to his mother when I had him. Where was the money for me when he was in my care. She has just paid off a 2006 explorer not even 3 weeks after that she bought another car and now has more payments when she didn't need to. Now she is complaining I don't pay enough. My son is in school fromantic 8-3 she has a full time job and so does her husband. I pay another support to another women which is less than what I pay on the first support and don't hear a word from her. So yes I do believe that the system is a little messed up. Pennsylvania
Child support has ruined my life. Can't live on an imaginary income here. I make money and I see enough to not be able to provide for my kids when I have then. I'm to the point of leaving America for a third world country.
The state of Texas is "Out Of Control" when it come to child support laws!! They first garnish HALF of my payroll check and now they want 75% of it!! They need to be STOPPED!! I CANNOT LIVE ON THIS!!!!!
I had sex with a girl and I used protection, two weeks later she called telling me she was pregnant. Was as kink had I been throwing up or feeling sick. That's when she hit me " I'm pregnant". I agreed to help her out until we get a DNA TEST. Her response was that her kids not taking a DNA test. That's when I stopped helping her. At the time I had no children and was working, had no knowledge of child support or how it worked. Was the farthest thing from my mind. One day at work about two years down the road when I received my chek. I saw this new withholding from my check which said GARNISHMENT. Went to my supervisor and him what it " is this a new insurance or something"? He responded no that's child support. That's how I found out that this girl I had sex with once and used protection with had put me on child support and that's when the fight with the system began ( The Attorney General). I contacted their office and went talked with I guess was a representative of their office. The woman asked me do I want 6 months jail or ten years probation. I responded I don't want either one. I retained an attorney which post phoned all that until I went to court. I had never been served papers or anything and the place they had been serving papers to I had not lived at in at in years. The guy living there came to court, signed an affidavit telling the court that and that he had never given me the papers. The judge responded that they could have put it in the newspaper or anything. Which was a shock to me. A person does have to b directly notified for judgement to b passed. I was not allowed a DNA test through the court. At all. My attorney appealed the case on his dime BC he was ****ed. I ended up paying for a DNA test out pocket. Thanks to their aunt who signed them out day care so I could do so because the was avoiding that at all cost. Turned the kids where not mine. Hired another attorney and went back to court. I was told that my DNA test didn't matter BC the mama didn't take it. Which was another blow. The mother of the kids did say that to the judge that she didn't want me paying child support. Judge said that she couldn't do that. I ended up paying child support for kids that where not mine an court being fully aware of this. I also wrote state REP. BETTY BROWN. They say that they can't reverse a judges decision even if it is wrong. What the f***? They took my income tax, I was getting medical bills BC they kids where put on my insurance, had my own family, some other guy was walking around Scott free , not being held accountable, the girl never gave me any of my money even though she knew they where not my kids. It was crazy. I finally got off in 2012 when they passeed a law that no matter how old the child was if they where not yours u did have to pay any more. Right! Hired another lawyer. But had I had to lie in court and say that I was mislead to to believe that those kids where. For the record they where twins. There was no two desperate oc
The way I look at it is, those who write these ridiculous laws are also to blame, they contribute to the problem as well by allowing these individual (men or women) to abuse the system. It's just a lose lose situation at the end. All that does is drive the poverty rate right out the door. I have a son who is 6 years old, his mother my ex fiancè decided to just up and leave while she was pregnant with him. She lives in California with him, since birth her and myself came up with an agreement to send a set amount of money monthly for support.I even tried to set up a case myself due to the fact of me having the thought that it will grant me some form of custody. She never let me come to see him, or when she did agree on it, I did fly down there I would be stuck in a hotel room because she would screen my calls.Keep in mind I properly documented all money or gifts sent (just in case) I kept up with payments on a monthly basis, my son mother always claimed that she had a job, I never had any letters or indication of CSSD in the State Of California just sitting back racking up this ginormous bill for me. My sons mom spent that money on other men, drugs, traveling state to state, even abandoned my son by leaving him for long periods of time (months) while collecting assistance without my knowledge. Fast forward to early this year, I get a fat bill in the mail stating I owe Child Support (State Of California) $34,000 for back child support.... That money I sent $20,000 wasn't even recorded. they did give me a credit of only $14,000 so now Im left with $20,000 in back support .With that being said she pretty much lied to The State by saying that I wasn't paying any support to collect money. Now I have 2 younger children that I do take care of, I can't even provide for my family, hell barely for myself. Now instead of making things better ,it made things worse, by taking food out of the mouths of 2 children, over one individual that abused the system. Now CPS is involved with my son, (his mother being unfit as a parent) I can't afford to even fly down to California to pursue custody for my son. It really makes me think, Is this system even for the children or is the system just in place to suck more money out of an individuals pockets.
Why not pass a law that any parent be a Dad or Mom have to prove what they pend the money on.
My x has child support on me to pay 647$ a month after 7 years of me being there for the 2 boys now saying I o her back support of 47k$ and my oldest son lives n Florida was adopted by his aunt and still trying to say I have to pay 647$ a month that's ****ed up bad I have a 3 year old girl with new wife that's 23 and fine as hell I'm 38 and x is mad at me for that lol
It's not just men getting screwed over. I filed a modification to the divorce decree to put in it specifically what days we were each to have our daughter. He filed for full custody and was awarded a 10-4 schedule. (He gets her 10 days, I get her 4.) AND I have to pay that loser child support. It's not because he cares about her well being. It's because he is angry that I have moved on and found better things in my life. I am basically living off what my new husband makes because of the whole thing. I'm happy-and lucky-he supports me but his law HAS TO CHANGE!!
My son's mother lied to C.S. Enforcement & told them I wasn't paying C.S., but my son was in my custody & she wasn't due anything except arrears. But when the Enforcement agency got through they hiked it up talking about some "new-law" they passed. Something needs to be done about this because not all men are dead beat Dad's! We Clearly have made mistakes with the WRONG MONEY HUNGRY WOMEN, & the BEST thing to come from it all are our Precious Children who are caught in the middle.
My kids mom put me on child support because I cheated. Then when I do give her money she don't spend it on them. I can't see them only when she want me too. They want to lock us up for this when it's not us it's the mom that's needs to quit. Child support need to be fixed.
My husband and I have been raising and supporting my step-son pretty much the last 10 years as well as financially assisting his sister who is now in her 2nd year of college. His mother worked at one point for a hot minute, then decided to have 2 more children and has not had a job in 8+ years. Of course when the children lived with her, we paid child support, however she has NEVER paid us child support. I don't understand the fairness of why it's okay for a woman not to have to work to support her children but the man is expected to work to support the children and is considered a "deadbeat" dad if he doesn't. There needs to be more of an equality on this issue and it is LONG overdue.
The law should start off by giving joint custody to parents and everything be 50/50. Unless one of the parents is unfit. If a parent is unfit then custody should be given to the able parent. You have a system that automatically give full custody to the mother and forces the dad to pay an outrageous amount for childsupport and when they visit with the kids cant do anything with the kids due to no funds. (excluding those case in which some dads/mothers are deadbeats) How is this looking out for the best interest of the child?
Disgusting slugs that have kids just to trap men into being forced to pay them money, should be the ones being put into prison. Disgusting slug slobs like tamelia hodges offer no benifit to society whatsoever, and should not be allowed around human beings.
I really think that women who collect welfare should have to pay welfare back not the men cause it's not their responsibility to pay that money back they wasn't on welfare. I also think that women shouldn't get away with not paying child support and should be held responsible for paying child support like a man is help responsible.
Kids are not paychecks!

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