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While my husband and I have the children the same amount of time the EX and her husband does, (50-50) My husband pays child support, all medical insurance; Health, vision, dental, and all medical bills.... plus half of all the extra-curricular activities. She has no incentive to do better for herself. She is making under what the standard income for a school teacher's salary. I would say anywhere from $15,000-$25,000 less......I have no degree, unless she has gotten a substantial raise, I am making more than she is. I think counting child support towards housing, electricity, water and a phone is pointless-You would provide that for yourself anyway..... I don't know what the over haul should be for certain but there are some unfair situations.... I think that the household parental income (mom, step-dad or dad and step mom) should count...the entire household benefits from the extra monies. This creates an unfair household vs. household in our case. You marry for better or worse...or at least I know I did.
No one can tell me what to do with the child support money I get. I use it for whatever I want, if the kids want pizza we get pizza. If I need things for myself, I buy them. It's MY money to do what I want with it. I have two different fathers paying child support and between both of them I only get $1200 per month. They should be paying more since I am the one who has to watch the kids full time while they're out partying and doing whatever.

If you men (cowards) could keep it in your pants you wouldn't have to worry about paying child support. The fact is, you got us women pregnant and then don't want to MAN UP and take care of your kids. We didn't ask to be pregnant, YOU decided not to wear a condom.

If anything, the courts need to make men pay at least half their income because that's what their children DESERVE.
My husband has been disabled all of his life. Three failed marriages and three children later he is over 100,000 in arrears. We have provided documentation from the doctor that he is permanently disabled but the child support office keeps harassing him because his angry exes keep pushing it to punish him. He has tried to kill himself over the harassment. His exes all have three times the income I have and men in the home working yet they keep pushing probably hoping that he will just die. Corrupt system.
This type of thing doesn't just happen to men. It has happened to me and I am still living it. He has completely alienated my children from me. He bad mouths me every chance he gets and he calls, texts or messages me every single week demanding to know where his money is because his bills are past due, he's late on his truck payment or that his two story building had to come to a stand still. I pay monthly but the amount has been sufficient enough that we are on the verge of being homeless and barely scraping by. It's almost to the point we don't know where our next meal is going to come from, if at all. I have a disability hearing coming up at the end of this month and even then, I'll not be able to live. My b/f of 4 years has been helping me with my CS so that I don't go to jail. Maybe because it has hit me personally, I'll never understood how or why the government felt the need to get involved with other people's children. It took two to produce those children/child and I'm pretty sure the government wasn't involved. If anything, write down a list of what each parent is responsible for, eg. (school clothes, school supplies, medical expenses). Let both parents equally share the expenses instead of dishing out CASH! CS is for the child(ren) not the mom/dads way of life!
Make it a certain amount of time if they don't better there circumstances.. Custody should be given to the noncustodial parent
End the corruption now...

I had a daughter with a woman in my early 20s. I initially demanded paternity be established before I would offer any support. I had excellent reasons to doubt that she had been faithful. After I was proven to be the father, CSEA stepped in and has dragged me through the mud for nearly twenty years. When my daughter was 4, I married her mother (huge mistake in hindsight) and the order was terminated. Fast forward a few years, and her mother abandoned us for a drug dealer ten years my junior. Naturally, I filed for divorce and full custody. I paid an attorney thousands of dollars to escape the marriage with absolutely nothing. She lied about being a domestic violence victim and was awarded everything; the house, the cars, even the cat! I was awarded shared parenting, but that was a joke. That just meant I paid for everything while she reaped the benefits of all my hard work. She has refused to let me have any contact with my daughter at all since she was 8. She's about to turn 19 in a few months. Do the math. I've seen my daughter a total of fives times in about 10 years. In those years, everything has been stripped from me, one by one. My drivers' license, unfair portions of any paycheck I may earn, tax returns, and now the courts are taking my physical freedom as well. I've not been able to hold steady employment since 2008. Prior to the economic decline that year, I ran my own business and worked side jobs just to keep up with the unreasonable payments. After the divorce, I was forced to move into my mother's house. I was making ends meet, barely. That all ended when a fire destroyed the home and took my mother's life. That makes twice I lost everything. I haven't ever been able to recover from it. I was homeless for a time before rekindling a relationship with my high school sweetheart. She took me in, but the tab kept running despite my circumstances. I briefly found work as a janitor and resumed my support payments, still at a hugely inflated rate. I've requested adjustments over the years, only to be denied repeatedly. Nowadays, I'm one step away from homelessness again. This time with an entire family in tow. The courts don't care that I can't support myself or my five-year-old, not to mention my girlfriend's other two children. The courts don't pressure their father for payments, which I think is completely unreasonable. He works, spends his money on drugs, and never offers a dime for his kids. I, on the other hand, have to report to jail tomorrow morning for a 30 day stay and 60 days more looming in my future unless I immediately cough up cash I don't have. I'm not the type to just lie around feeling sorry for myself. But honestly, what can a man do when the entire system is working to handicap you in any way they can. It's so bad, I would gladly leave for any place where I can actually make enough of a living to survive. Sadly, they left me no options and therefore little hope of ever digging myself out of this hole.
My child support payments was 250$ weekly plus medical insurance on one child .
I lost my job for 3 years at the time of our country recession year 2008 . I then Consulting with an attorney , he told me to pay a percentage of my unemployment and I will be in good standing with the courts , so I did . During that time I move out of my moms house to live with a friend so that my ex and daughter could live there rent and bill free .
I went back to school to learn a new skill .I still could not find a job . Then I finally got a job . It was a low paying job but I increase my child support. I remarried with a new baby . I eventually got another job with higher potential in pay . The year I starred to make the money I was making at the child surport calculations was done 7 years ago my ex wife quite her high paying job at chase bank to become a low paying realtor. Then to subsidized her income she turned me in . Even tho we had an agreement. Now iam 80,000 $ arrears . I never received any letters from the state saying I was behind in child support all those years . I thought the verbal agreement was good . So now iam blind sided with 80,000 arrears that they are taking my income tax witch I counted on to pay for my 4 year old son to get his teeth fix . They need to sudate him . Now I've past that and his got to get it pulled . It's gotter worse because I could not get it fixed in time due to this legal issue iam in with the ex . My son tooth hurts him and he cries , we give him ibuprofen. We need a law that if you voluntary quite a high paying job to a lesser paying job that you cannot go after arrears to use it as a lottery.
At time of devorce I was order to pay 250$ a week . I lost my job , for 3 years I was unable to find work . I was on unemployment. I went back to school to learn a new skill to find work . Due to the recession that our country was in 08 I could not find work . My ex wife and I was on a verbal agreement and an understanding that I could not pay that full amount . I paid her a portion. Out of every unemployment check I received. Then I finally found work yay . But it was a low paying job . I up the amount in child support now that Iam making more money . But not what I was making when I was order to pay the 250 a week for one child . She accepted that for 4 years . Then I final got a better job making good money once again . Then my ex wife decided to quit her job at chase bank to start her dream job of a realtor . Now that she's making less money she reported me and put me 80,000 $ in the arrears. And by the courts she will get it . They have been taking my income tax refund and iam still trying to get a court date to impute her income to reduce my child surport. After 7 years she comes and gets it . There should be limitations on getting chold surport. They use it like a lottery ticket . Then I could not pay it .but now that I can she comes and gets its now for back then . Note my daughter never did with out . My family and I come together and gave my daughter everything she needed. She has always been taking care of
It's sad how the child support laws are one sided and only supports the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent gets treated like crap. How can the law be set up for one parent to go and put the other parent on child support with no proof or investigation as to what the parent is alleging. I took full responsibility, care, and support of my son from age 2-10 while his father went to college in another state. He was only ordered to pay $75/month which I only received $30 here a month or $40 there the next. Never the full $75/month in which that was still not enough for half support of a child that age. I don't think the judge took into consideration that I was a college student working minimum wage as well as providing daycare, clothing, shoes, food, rent, and bills. Once the father finished school and my son turned 10 now he wants to be a father and step up to the plate only because he didn't want the child support increased. But in turn to take custody of my child so that he could put me on child support. Now he has relocated and I had to fight for custody and child support because he stated I never provided for my son. Now I'm almost $7000 in arrears and the judge didn't consider the original agreement order made between the father and I. Now I'm stuck paying when I have receipts, family, friends and co-workers as proof that know I've always provided for him. There were times I've had to work 3 jobs because his father basically didn't pay child support, but the law don't care about that and it sad and rediculous for the custodial parents who are not lazy, works, and try to better themselves. There should be an investigation when the custodial parent goes to put the other parent on child support because these people lie just to get a check instead of working themselves or try and take the other parent for everything they have. Also, I feel that when the roles have reversed especially because the other parent now does not want to pay child support, the now non custodial parent shouldn't be required to pay child support or not be required to pay more than what that parent paid when there were ordered to pay child support. Some of these custodial parents are robbing and raping these non custodial parents of their finances and lively hood because if you don't pay then you get penalized or sent to jail. The penalties for not paying or being in arrears makes it worst on the person and now they are at odds of losing their current jobs or potentially hard to find new jobs which continues in arrears. I'm not saying people should get away without paying child support, however the primary parent shouldn't be able to just file for child support because their mad at the other parent or they're not giving them the money to do whatever they want with it or lying saying they does not support the child and now the other parent is on child support at the snap of a finger. There should be guidelines that protect both parties, but fair at the same time. The curr
Michigan is very hard on Fathers responsibilities of child support. Mothers are not responsible for proof of support and Dads are treated like convicts or losers as they pay for healthcare and 1000.00 weekly while mom sits home collecting state aid. How can that be legal? Children must get clothes from family members or thrift stores and mom is sporting jewelry, brand name clothes, car payments. Family members living with her n paying rent as the child has 3-4 outfits and raggedy at that. Why does the state of Michigan allow Mothers to not be responsible . It's not a rocket scientist to see exactly how these moms are collecting "Spousal support" but term Child support is what Michigan is legally calling it? Smh. I feel so sorry for these men and THIER children. Because they must spend an extra 50-100 bux to buy the things that are a nassesity for the child when he comes over without proper coats,shoes n hungry because mom is having a weekly upkeep on her appearance & cousins live in the home paying rent and she collects food stamps n unneeded health care that Dad already provides because Medicaid is 1.00 for a prescription and 1.00 office visit. I can go on n on. This has got to stop, Michigan is a woman's state to beat down a good Father till he's broken all ways emotionally & finacially
These child support laws a crazy . my son is now 12 I have been paying support for him since he was born. In those 12 yrs his mom has been only working part time and get food stamps , and free county healthcare . Me, i have to pay child support which is a large chunk of my income , which I don't mind if it's taking care of my son but I should not be paying so much that it takes care of his mom also. I'm struggling to pay my rent, my bill. My net pay every 2weeks should be 1000 but with support coming out my net pay is only $550.******my rent is 700 alone. My son is 12 he is over my house almost every weekend and every school break or whenever he wants , he does not go daycare or any other child care he too old . So why am I'm still paying $450 . I see why a lot of men where I'm from quit there jobs and hit the street to sell dope .
The child support laws are ridiculous. My husband has no part in his other kids life due to moving around in the military and the other women deciding to raise their kids with someone else fulfilling the father role. I can understand supporting single moms that need help financially with the child or if you have joint custody, but having to pay child support to a woman who is married and you have no part in the child's life is bull. Change these laws so these men can have a life of their own. It's hard to have a family and support them when your having to support a family you're not even a part of.
Good father's shouldn't be punished.
My husband lost his license recently because he got behind. But we recently found out that his children wermt even living with the mother one since he was kicked out at the age if 15 and the other was put in a group home when he was 11. All the support that is left is arrears from when she had collect welfare. How can he be responsible to pay this if the children wernt even in the house cared by her. Its unfair and were told that she can do whatever she wants with the money to provide a home IF they were to return to the house. She collected money he is paying back to California that didnt even support the children. Apparently its not illegal or even fraud. But now he cant drive because hr didnt know this was happening till it was too late. He is being punished and she got free money. Woman need to be required to provide documentation as to where the children are and what she is doing with the money. This type of legal fraud hurts so many men that are doing what they are sposed to be doing and they cant even fight it cuz its"too late" its not helping the child or fathers in anyway. Its unfair and should be illegal for the state and collecting parents to do this.
It's very sad when your attorney states " The good news is, you make a lot of money. The bad news is, you make a lot of money"
Why should these men be sent into financial ruins because of greed? They shouldn't. These lopsided laws have gone on long enough. The system is enabling these women to do nothing.

Give these men their life back by adjusting the percentages fairly, while holding the women accountable.

Equal rights.
It is more than unfair that a child's father, who wants to be in their child's life, has to pay so much money and his mother is not required to work. I spent three years paying extra money because she would not work, she has now had a part time job for a year and a half. How on earth is this even allowed!!!!!! She is an able minded person, why is this antiquated system still the same!!! I live in Ohio and I know it's a little different in each state. I am tired of putting up with this and will do the best I can to continue to take this to higher levels until I am heard and maybe, just maybe, for those of us that are willing to pay, and want to be a huge part of our child's life can have a little bit of relief and maybe a woman will have the same requirements as a male someday. Equal rights, right, then let's do this equally!
Just as my divorce was finalized I was laid off. I was ordered to pay child support on a $100K salary that I didn't make anymore. Immediately my ex-wife began to harass me for payments while she herself did nothing to advance her own situation. I found intermittent contract work and borrowed money from people to stay on top of it. She harassed the entire time for money that she wasn't even entitled to like lunch money for school and bragged about how she tells people I'm a deadbeat dad if I don't pay her above and beyond what is court ordered. She obviously spends the money on herself as the kids have very little clothing and she's take 4 vacations in the past 5 years while I struggle to pay my mortgage, bills, buy food, have a life with the kids, etc. There is seemingly no consequence for deadbeat custodial mothers and the various forms of harassment they engage in. This must be stopped. I honestly can't believe anyone would allow the system to be this severely off balance. It's blatantly unfair and all people do is shrug their shoulders and say "sorry, that's how it is." Let's change how it is.
I totally agree with all of your comments. I pay
As well and dont even get to see either one of my children. Ive went to the courts and petitioned to be able to see them. .......obviously still waiting on nothing.what ever happened to justice? These women want equability but cant give the same.courts tell us men or women its in the best interest of the children,dito.....but nver the parent paying and not seeing the real neglect comes from the selfishness of one of the parents.this is life and its not right or equal.what really needs to happen is the men/women receiving the support need to get audited,every month.not all fathers are dead beats.and this i say to all who are listening that have the power plssssssssssss.change the law because as a father,and step father kids have emotions too and its in the best interests of all children to do the right thing.......to all dead beats dads and hood rich moms quit making it hard for those of us who really care about our kids and others
my ex thinks our son needs summer school, so she enrolled him so i can not get him during the summer and this is suppose to be my time. the judge she uses hates men and always sides with the women. i pay my support faithfully and i'm always on time picking him up and dropping him off. i have to drive from saginaw to detroit where he lives and she refuses to meet half way. i only have 250 or so every two weeks to live on besides buying gas to drive both ways i hardly have any money left for groceries after bills are pd. i don't mind it just irks me because whatever she wants she gets. i love my son and don't think it is fair that i have to give up my visitation and still pay through the nose for child support. she finds ways to make me go to court to fight for my rights which takes money out of my pocket i don't have... i feel we fathers who do things right still get the raw end of the deal and are punished because of the ones who don't pay...we should get some fairness and as long as we abide by the law , things should be fair for fathers and they shouldn't have to give up their rights . i see a lot of us get ripped off and judges are cold hearted to the parent who is not the custodial parent a lot. especially the one my ex girlfriend has...she hates men and shows it.i have loads to say but this is just the start of it...
My youngest daughter just graduated high school. I've lived in less than $200.00 a week for 12years. Doing better since I moved out of Arizona 5 years ago. But because of unfair support awards and judgements I figured it will take me 7.5 year to pay off arrears totaling $45,000.00. With 75% is interest. I've talked with lawyers and was told the state child support system in Az is like a Dyson factory. And there is nothing I can do. My ex won't settle or consider helping. I thought they had guidelines that they follow that goes by income. Not by what judges pull out of nowhere because the wife is crying and acting like she's not at fault for the divorce.. Me and many responsible fathers need better laws to protect relationships with their children. I work hard and should own something besides dept to me ex wife.....
After child support is taken out I make about 250 a week to live on. 250!!! How do you pay bills and food and do things with your children with 250 a week? You don't! These laws are totally unfair, if I was still with the mother I wouldn't be spending over 900 a month on my children, that's just ludacris.
I'm a woman and I have noticed that some women only do child support to play get back cause the man does not wanna be with her.I think they need to find out what that man actually provides for that child first
It has become an income for my daughters mother, not support for my daughter! Now it was amended to assist support for her child to another marriage... Who decided that this was fair and equitable...
This system encourages mothers not to work and is an extortion system of fathers.
My childs mother cant be trusted to spend the money properly and im forced to choose to insure my car or pay rent or eat that month. I can never catch up on bills amd god forbid my car breaks down.
Yes, agree with a lot of people on here. My sons father has never been in the picture at all. The only time I hear from his it get get his support lowered. Never does he ask how his son is doing or anything. Over the last 8 months he hasn't been paying support and the courts have done nothing. He is married with 2 other children and informed me that they plan on at least 2 more. Lets see. You can not afford to help support your 1st child you had, but has no problem making more babies and supporting and raising them. HMMMMM. I see it on both the payers and the payees end. Everyone gets screwed my the system.
I used to agree that child support is unfair because i didn't understand certain aspects of law. 9 times out of ten men are given a form and a pencil or pen and start volunteering our own information without a court order or warrant. They are suppose to provide the burden of proof. What they don't tell us is that what is going on is extortion. You can ask for an accountung of where and how every last penny was spent and how much was given to the child thru child support and court fee's and administrative costs and all of a sudden you found out that the books doesn't exist. Everything else is in your folder except the accounting detail. And then they jack up prices as high as they can. But what they also don't say is that they get grants and government funding which can offset some of your costs. You do know that its against the law to take someone's money by threats of jail and driving privileges. Levies on your check and all types of shit. Its not in their best interest to take only a little from you. That's how they get paid.. They pay these people that have no regard or compassion for others like some of these police. If we all just stop sitting around the side line and all work together making them show each and everybody one of our paths of money. And exactly where every last penny went and hold them accountable by getting a full accredited forensic accounting. It should be in our file but its not.. Why not. It couldn't be corrupt government could it? Why so you see more police at the site of a moving violation than at a real complaint.why there's more people in prison for not breaking the law. I was one of them for being unemployed. Its a business.. If you thing its anything else more than that then you are blind and willfully misled like i used to be until i found out that my birth certificate was being traded on the new York stock exchange.. The numbers at the bottom left is your universal Code of commerce known as your UCC. How is that? Look at your name in all capital letters. As in a corporation. Yes. The legal definition of a corporation is a person. We are the authorized agent's for our corporation or straw person. Look it up. I also found out that most courts are in a thing called maritime law or admiraltee law and not common law or mans law. Maritime law always deal with money and they always deceive the unsuspected by getting you into a contract. They say that you broke the law because you was driving without a Liscence and you sign the ticket. By signing you entered into a contract and have to abide by the rules. When in fact that you have the freedom of travel. Driving mean getting money for doing so. Or if your vehicle is over 170001 pounds. If also you are a municipal employee which makes tou a citizen. Most time it's not a citizen but its the public that gets tricked into thinking they was driving but wasn't. Learn the legal definition of driving for your state .. We've all been had. This is last age because its time for enli
I am a father whom gets harass when the child support check is late. It's not right that the mother can stay home not work ,collect child support buy herself . Phone's,clothing, nails done ,alcohol. Etc and call and brags to the father about it ..cussing him out about her money .which we thght it was child support money for the kids.
How can we get the law changed about child support suspending licenses
Unfair. They'll leave the father broke and helpless while the mothers and their husband can live good off your income. Plus, the friend of court in Detroit, mi told me if I do a DNA and the child mine they'll going to make my child support higher so skip the process and accept the child. It's very unfair no help or consideration of the fathers.
Let me first say that as a woman that receives child support and is the custodial parent. Do I think the child support system needs to be looked at, certainly I do. I think women that hold their child away from the father is only causing great harm to the child and money shouldn't play a part in a father and child relationship. Now, to be fair, I have an ex husband that makes 90 thousand a year. I make 32 thousand. While he was working on his career I sat home and took care of the child. Someone has to raise the children of the other wants to advance their career and work 45 hrs a week plus sleep. Anyhow, we get divorced and they award me 1100 a month in child support. Now because I wanted a good relationship with my ex I went to the court and cut that in half cause he was complaining about all his bill ect ect. Well, he comes to pick up our daughter and his new fiancÚ shows me her brand new 5000 dollar engagement ring. As the years pass he leaves her gets remarried has another kid and gets divorced again, this time he finds another woman to marry ( 3rd time must b the charm) and she already had 3 kids from a previous relationship. So he has enough money to buy houses and get married and divorced like its his job and yet I'm sitting here wondering why he can't see why it's wrong to lower his first daughters child support to pay for a bunch of other kids. Our daughter didn't do anything wrong to deserve the back burner! Because I lowered the support 13 yrs ago they say I'm not entitled to a raise because I should be happy with what I get. That would b Deb Finney who threatened she would suggest to the judge a change in custody if I didn't lower his support and I find out it's cause she held a grudge from a man I dated ( her cousin) a decade before this ever happened. Talk about holding a grudge! So long story short, men are not the only ones that get screwed by the system. Heck my consumers bill is 500 a month and house payment is 900 a month and that's not counting any other bills like food that costs about 100 a week for 2 kids! So u can see that support payments do help with something other then getting my hair done cause I can't remember the last time I got my hair done lol. Oh yeah and my 97' Ford F-150 is a real show stopper lol so not all of us are taking the men to the cleaners.
My child mother is the custodial parent. She have now gave my daughter to me. Yes, kicked my daughter out and told her she can't stay with her anymore. With that said, I went to the child support office and let them know. They tell me to bring in proof of our daughter staying with me. I do so and they tell me to continue to pay child support. I ask them how will that be possible? I have two other kids, one I'm paying child support for, and the other is with my wife. Paying the monthly payment isn't the problem, but if I'm paying child support then it should be for the child. If the child is in my home then the monthly payment should stay in house I would think, but no! They want me to continue to pay the mother even if I gave them proof our daughter is in my household. I believe that's called spousal support. For me that shows a flaw in this system in my situation. Also I have another kid as I state earlier but I can't get child support reduced even if it has been three years. This child support system need to ne reevaluated and corrected. I hope this petition to Congress will be heard and something happens.
I am very angry with the way child support makes it seem that you don't give a dam about your kids when you struggle financialy and live from pay check to paycheck . I was at the attorney generals office in Texas and read a poster that read "Paying Child Support Means You Care." Money could never illustrate how much I love my kids. The system is screwed up when you're the father and the non custodial parent.
There should also be required monthly proof to the courts that the monthly is not being spent frivolously on non custodial items. If the money is put on a card, then money spent on that card should be monitored to make sure it is being spent properly. If a purchase made doesn't fall into a 'direct support' for the child, then it should be red flagged just like a normal bank would do. And the mother should report her spendings (receipts and such) to show she is buying things specifically for the child and not for herself or somebody else. Ex: A mother getting her hair and nails done would not be considered support. A mother buying shoes and purses and clothes for herself or somebody else should be red flagged. Bottom line, there should be restrictions on the money card for child oriented purchases and money should not be allowed to be withdrawn off the card unless given a valid excuse. Just as the courts monitor payments or lack thereof by the father, the mother should be monitored for her spending on payments rec'd.
Come join the revolution...

i have a daughter.... She's three years old.... I have held my daughter down for all three years due to her mother's excessive outgoing acts and selfishness , in regards to searching for another man to be with... Nights on end, I had my daughter with me... Laying under my heart each night, while her mother bounce around and party all night til the sun rise... When I decided to leave, she places me on child support, only because of bitterness and hatred... She blatantly told me that she never wish I existed.... And wish I can just fade away... But as a result of these issues my daughter is who I ultimately care for...

My child's mother manipulates the system, from causing scenes to call the police to press charges amongst other things that create hard tension upon myself... I am a military veteran, disabled, and still looking forward to succeed... Yet, she constantly places the system against me because she is too selfish to identify that I want to be in my daughters life... Period... She disregards texts messages of me asking each day to get my child, takes me on and off child care lists, and begs for more money each rip. However now that the system is involved with something that is blatantly unfair and unjust, they only look at the woman's point of view and takes it... Its messed up... but that how the system is designed.... Which indeed is for the WRONG REASONS... Though some ppl feel that they don't care for their child others REALLY WANT THE BEST FOR THEIR CHILD, yet the other parent keeps them away from them, and wants to rip you life to shreds in doing so... They defintely need to change these laws properly to accommodate those who want to be in their child's life yet the other parent won't allow them to be in their life...
i have a daughter.... She's three years old.... I have held my daughter down for all three years due to her mother's excessive outgoing acts and selfishness , in regards to searching for another man to be with... Nights on end, I had my daughter with me... Laying under my heart each night, while her mother bounce around and party all night til the sun rise... When I decided to leave, she places me on child support, only because of bitterness and hatred... She blatantly told me that she never wish I existed.... And wish I can just fade away... But as a result of these issues my daughter is who I ultimately care for...

My child's mother manipulates the system, from causing scenes to call the police to press charges amongst other things that create hard tension upon myself... I am a military veteran, disabled, and still looking forward to succeed... Yet, she constantly places the system against me because she is too selfish to identify that I want to be in my daughters life... Period... She disregards texts messages of me asking each day to get my child, takes me on and off child care lists, and begs for more money each rip. However now that the system is involved with something that is blatantly unfair and unjust, they only look at the woman's point of view and takes it... Its messed up... but that how the system is designed.... Which indeed is for the WRONG REASONS... Though some ppl feel that they don't care for their child others REALLY WANT THE BEST FOR THEIR CHILD, yet the other parent keeps them away from them, and wants to rip you life to shreds in doing so... They defintely need to change these laws properly to accommodate those who want to be in their child's life yet the other parent won't allow them to be in their life...
Child support is very unfair. Especially if the man never wanted the child in the first place and only the mother chose to keep it. My friend and this girl had a one night stand and she kept the baby and now put him on child support. This is an unfair system for men and something needs to be done immediately.
I send my child support in every week via money order today I received a letter saying I owe over four years of child support and automatically I'm written off as a dead beat liar well I have receipts someone cashed those money orders
I think it's truly unfair that 50/50 custody and still the father has to pay out child support to the mother and 70% of day care cost. It's 50/50 for a reason. She pays half and I pay half. Total crap and unfair justice.
I've been paying child support since 2004. She has primary because my work schedule has always been 2nd shift. My son is now 15. There was only one time I got behind & that's because I lost my job that the support order was set on. They would not lower my support when I had to take a job making less. I had to use grant money I received for college to pay off the $1000 I got behind. I never graduated because stress of money and depression did a number on me. Went from making A's and B's to failing classes. My ex has purposely worked less so therefore made less. She's worked the system very good. All while having boyfriends that took care of her & family that would send her money. I've had no support. It's been a struggle. Now she is remarried to a man with money and she is making $300 more a month & $3600 more a year than me. Now she is working and makes more but I still have to pay more. Recently she took me back to re-modify the support order (mortgages on $90,000 homes are high!) & the courts awarded her an extra $160 a month even though I showed & told them at the end of every month after all my bills are paid that I have $84 for gas in my car & a little bit of a social life. Now I have to get a 2nd job of which means I probably wont be able to see my son during my visitation time since I figure any part time job I get I'll be working weekends. And I bet when she finds out she'll try to take me for more money. That's just the way she is. And our break-up was mutual without drama but post marriage has been hell. She has a good life going on cruises, Disneyworld, etc each year. She lives in a $90,000 home while I cant make rent in this LITTLE apartment. I can literally see myself living out my car soon. My son has everything that I never had at his age. Smartphone, ps4, computer, named brand clothing, etc. He's taken care of. Meanwhile i have no life, no phone, no health insurance, etc. Yet I am not eligible for welfare, medicare, etc because they do not count what you pay a year on child support. But anyway to cut this sob story short I cant even get a lawyer due to their costs & like welfare dont quality for a pro-bono lawyer. I'm thinking suicide at this point. I have no life, lonely, cant date, feel helpless & trapped. Family court always threatening me with jail, license seizure if I get behind. I literally have anxiety attacks but cant get medical attention since I have no insurance or can afford it. Dont do drugs or drink alcohol. Never been arrested. My humor is all I have. It's really not funny anymore. So much more stuff to say but I dont want to type anymore.
If your ex is educated with an earning capacity that exceeds childcare costs, then she/he should get a full-time job.
I am personally affected by the unfair laws towards fathers that are fighting for more visitation while mothers use the children for an upper hand and a tool to hurt good fathers.My ex wife currently makes 12k more than me a year and I make 700$ every two weeks with car notes rent for my new apartment that accommodates my two girls, and she has petitioned for 1000$ dollars a month while I have two work 3 jobs just to survive. While she's living the good life I can barely make ends meet, I have always supported my children financially and emotionally but it's unfair that fathers make so many sacrifices while some women sit back and wait for support that they very rarely spend all on the children if any at all..I believe a change is long over due because in the end it is all about the children right?
This is a joke 65 % for the lazy*****spouse support quit my job **** it 787 a week I get 200.
This is a joke 65 % for the lazy*****I quit my job **** it
The child support should be pretax with the receiving parent paying tax per their tax bracket. The current rule of after tax child support is unfair on the parent paying the child support.
I recently switched jobs I was only out of work for one week I landed a new job in car sales been there 2 months they take 65% of my check wich leaves me with like 300 a week to support me and my wife. Today I recived a letter saying they plan to suspend my license in 20 days. Let me get this right......take 65% of my check and then suspend my license ........Brilliant absolutely Brilliant who makes this stuff up I haven missed a payment in 4 years btw.
Men should not have to pay that much child support to a woman when she have another man living with her which is the father of her other child and don't have him on child support.
I am a divorced mother of 2. I have a total of 3 step children from subsequent marriages, too. Mine say they never felt like 'children of divorce.' My step-children have not fared nearly so well. In my divorce, I accepted responsibility for earning income, as all adults should do when kids are able to attend pre-school. Still, the state insisted on writing mandatory support into the divorce decree. I get and appreciate that balancing safety net, yet I refused to take one dime. Not once, over the years. Their dad & I agreed--despite hurt; turmoil, confusion and pain--on just 3 things: to keep our childrens' well-being at the forefront, 2) to keep showing up, even if was difficult to be in the presence of the other at first, and 3) that if I needed money, as the primary parent & the one with the lower income, at any time, I could ask and he wouldn't hesitate to help. The men in my life who've not had the luxury of a sense of sanity or maturity with their break-ups have paid dearly. The laws are entirely unjust. The rates in every state I've seen, are, without question, leaving child support payers destitute, and in some cases, literally homeless. The laws are written for the wealthy, and they're too often written without any responsibility left on the other parent. Men, typically loathe conflict of this nature; the laws so confusing and hiring of an attorney too cost prohibitive, leaving them eith agreeing to the ex-spouses insane demands; rationale, or having no clue how to clearly set rational boundaries in court. The results are devastating parents in this county; but most importantly, the real victim of all this is children. Since when is writing off (primarily) fathers in the best interest of children? It isn't, yet the support payment laws and too many people's attitudes reflect that; and our culture reflects the consequences of doing so. It is beyond shameful. When are we going to start demanding change; placing values back where they belong--squarely on welfare of children going through the traumatic transition of their parents' separation.
Requesting child support from a father you were never married to MUST be linked to giving that father parental rights and visitation, or you shouldn't involve him in supporting you and the child you deny him the rights to raise. I am a single woman, have always supported myself, and strongly feel that women should not be allowed to court order support from men while denying them a role in the childs life, especially if the man desires and will fulfill the role. Laws must be changed to better link child support with visitation in the case of unmarried parents.

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