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Child support laws seem to be setup to bring the father to their knees left with few if any options of ever really having a normal life. It would be easier to be a ex drug addict or felon and make it in society, than it is to owe child support. It isn't fair to condemn someone for doing nothing more than having a relationship that went bad, and then having to suffer the burden of not only starving and being almost homeless with a good paying job but never being able to be a father to your child at all because either to broke or always have to be working to survice, or both. How is it in the best interest of the child to make it so that their father never has the ability to be in their lives? It's like its became a career choice for so many,instead of going to college just have kids and let them support you rather than the mothers having to actually support the children.
Children do need support but the amounts are outrageous. If a father makes 100,000 a year the child support is around 1700 a month, are you serious that is paying for a nice house for free for the ex's new husband.
Still at war with this tyrrannic ny enforcement unit. They claim immunity from being sued but I have to do something to stop them from these unjust attacks. Letters to politicians and everyone else have fallen on deaf ears and the dishonest custodial parents are laughing all the way to the bank while this vet languishes in a homeless program and mental treatment facility.
8,000 shy of 100,000 in child support for one of my kids that's 17 years old.
Tuesday was a bit of a let down in Texas. HB2363 died in the calendar committee, however, it still has a chance to be added to another bill. Please READ the instructions from the following link: http://www.fixfamilycourts.com/reviving-hb2363-equal-parenting-bill/

The state of Missouris child support system is a joke.. This state protects dead beat parents and is cuts the heads off the men who pay consistantly and miss a payment.. I am a single mom raising my son with no help and the father owes almost $20,000 and not one consiquence has taken place i give them the ifo they need top take action (in our court order to have each others addy) but since the POST MASTER cant verify his addy we have been at a stand point i have called my state reps i have a list of things that need to be changed in the legitratve and am willing to change the way the system works to prevent other struggling mothers go threw what i am i get no assistance from the state i go with out eatting so he can eat i sleep on a couch and my son has a room and the state says i make to much however i get no credit for paying for everything on my own aftercare insurance sand al his medical expenses all on my own his dad has given me total $300 in 9 years its not a debt people its called NEGLECT
MISSOURI you have allowed my son to be neglected and i hold you responsable.. you have failed me and my son
Child support laws saw a revamp in the 70's to enforce it to the fullest. The problem today is its no longer the 1970's where majority of men at the time where the breadwinners and the women where stay at home mothers. Today it takes BOTH parents to work real jobs in order to support a family and live a middle class life. In my case my ex is a college graduate to be an RN which makes between $80k-$90k+ a year in our state! Instead she chooses to live at home still with our 8 year child and work a bs job answering phones at a doctors office for $30k or less a year! To me that doesn't sound like the best interest for our child now does it? Yet I make $70k year, am married with a 3 year old who doesn't cost me close to the $1300 a month I spend on the child who doesn't live in its me that is in school! Sounds to me like I'm the only one paying to raise my child while she gets a free check from me. The best part is why can't I quite my job to be a stay at home dad for the child who lives with me? Oh it's because I'm fully capable of the making the money I do now. Well I'm a high school graduate and she is a college graduate fully capable of making what I do if not more but yet I pay 70% of the pro rata share! How is it fair she isn't held to the same standard as I am? This is the kind of stuff that needs to end ASAP! The percentages need to change and day care should be incorporated into what we pay now under the 17%. I pay for daycare for my 3 year old so I can work but in court do they take that off my year to date when calculating child support? Absolutely not!
I'm going through this right now ...Trying to get a divorce and the state of Florida wont grant it even though my childs birth certificate has no name in fathers slot and the dna test shows he is not the father. They are making him pay un-wanted child support because he knew I was pregnant by another man at the time of marriage.I didnt list a father because sometimes bad things happen and you wouldn't want your child to know about. My daughter has my maiden name.Anyway the state of Florida said stopping child support and granting the divorce would leave my child a "bastard Child" I think this law needs to be changed and men shouldn't have to pay child support for a child that is proven not to be theirs. It's not right that a man can be considered father by default by marriage or being on the birth certificate my husband has never met my child HE IS NOT THE FATHER we just want to get on with our lives and be done with this. He has his own kids leave his money alone.
You put a father in child support them what happens that child is getting Monterey support but a daddy support because the fathers feels tape after you tell him when where and how to raise him. Thsts why you have angry black children now. These are the government children not the fathers .once you take my rights as a father and put a vistation and time frame I can spend with my child them that child belongs to the system. Look at what's going on in the United States young kids growing up with no guidance but let's still send them money it will be ok. This your nightmare it's only going to get worst.
those who have babies with married men shouldn't collect support
I pay 1300 a month in child support and only bring home 600 dollars of my check I am behind on my bills but thats not the courts problem. I can't afford to go and see my kid's because of how much I pay yet they don't care. I'm in the military and half to support her because she refuses to work because she'll lose section 8 and her child support would go down. She hasn't worked more then 3 months before quitting or losing her job in the past nine years. But because I can't see my kid's as often as I like I have to pay more yet when I get the opportunity to see them i either can't afford to go and have to borrow money or she comes up with an excuse as to why I can't see them. I have no problem paying child support if it actually went to my kid's and not her partying and stuff for her.
I was not even aware that I had a child until he was 2 years old and his mother left the military and chose not to have a job. I was served with papers for a paternity test. This was more than 5 years ago and I have yet to be "allowed" to meet my son and was hit with back support when I was never aware that I had a son. $1000 a month because she did not have a job is what I pay and I have ZERO rights for visitation without fighting back in court for custody. Florida thinks this is the best for the child and I ask, how is that a fair system. I can't afford an attorney to fight for visitation AND keep a stable home while paying this outrageous support amount. This is a broken system and needs to be fixed NOW.
It is ridiculous. I have two daughters with my ex a 10 year old and 8. My relationship broke after her now husband got in the way .They both work lake good money have a beautiful house in the suburbs, and i have to live in the city and struggle yo survive.Muy child support order just got raised to 100 a week from 80 . Paying 80 i brought home 260$ a week my mortgage alone is 724 a month, plus everything else involved in house expenses. Here comes depressión . Nos I probably will end up in the street, Thank You, New York...
Texas needs your help! ALL OF TEXAS AND EVERYONE IN THE NATION, PLEASE VISIT THIS WEBSITE AND CONTACT ALL TEXAS REPS. http://www.fixfamilycourts.com/texas-call-to-action-urgent-equal-parenting-bill-is-stuck/

If passed, this will help other states follow up with parental equality (50/50) with your child(ren) and end parent alienation! PLEASE TAKE ACTION!
The whole issue with child support and guidelines needs to be rewritten. Absent mothers/fathers are responsible for taking care of the children. But some parents don't get visitation, and still have to pay. Custody should be equal, and support should go out the window. Too many men/women capitalize on receiving the payments. So they can sit around and do nothing but collect a "pay check". Or use the child as leverage, you pay you get to visit..etc. Why on earth would the goverment make it harder for the absent parent to get a Drivers License, which is necessary in most areas to drive to work. Why punish them for being poor or out of sorts and make it even harder to provide for the child. Makes no sense to me. Take away the passport, etc. But the license, or the license of the profession they are in. GARNISHMENT, would be better and most obvious way to go. Most of the people in charge of making these laws have never been poor, never got food stamps, and never had to worry about how to provide for there family. Let the common working class come up with the laws...and answers.
My X lives in a 750,000 dollar house and we have 50/50 custody of our son. I pay her 806.00 dollars a month. In what world does that make any sense?
I have 3 jobs pay child support and can barely afford too survive but whats worst is the mother has no job collects government assistance now they are threatening to suspend my license. I'm at a loss i pay my child support but the system is designed to fail. How can i pay something that is set at more than i make a month and then you threatened to take away the means to pay what i can. Makes no sense law needs to change to make things fair for both parents. You go after the parents that try hard and the ones who owe millions and do nothing it's fine i pay for those as well (i am a tax payer). I mean where does it end unthought out plan with dyer consequences for the father. Last time i checked i am the father but when did my child become a sorce of income i mean children are more of a pay check then anything. Can someone tell me how too join a group where too protest i mean as of now my child support is set at more than I make a month something has got to give
I had an order to pay 102 / month for a child I am not certain is mine . The child is 15. I have paid it for the last 10 years and my balance owed is 11k. The other day I receive a statement showing I now owe $617/ month and the balance is 90k.
Upon contacting support they tell me via their web portal that their was a temp order in 02 that became s perm order in 03 and they are just noticing that $102 / month is wrong and has been for 13 years .
Granted in 2002'i had 4 other children in their system and was only making 25k / year.
How did they come up with an amount of $600 / month when I was paying support for 4 other kids and making 25k / year.
How can they go back 13 years ago and make changes now for an error they made? There is no other system In the world where this would be legal. Support does whatever they want , whenever they want with no regard to how they affect people's lives, image my shock when I am told I owe 90k, not 11k .
I have 2'other orders that are also based on the incorrect salary amount , but I have been told that the orders cannot be changed as to much time has passed. But they go back and make changes When its to their advantage . Mind you the kids in question are 27 and 25 and I am strictly paying arrearages.
The system is definitely rigged against the noncustodial parents. I am so happy that my poor husband will soon be out of the clutches of the Massachusetts DOR. If he sent his payment a few days early the state sent it back--not due yet. A few days late...socked with a late fee. You can't win. A private company would hv been successfully sued Years ago. And it is annoying to pay a healthy payment each month while we hv a mortgage but she does not. The only fair way to assess a support payment is to have all bills supplied by both parties and have each case reviewed. But the court has grown lazy and wants to apply one calculation to all situations. Visitation should be automatic unless the non-custodial has shown violent tendencies documented with a police report. So much dishonesty and unfairness with these family court cases. I never realized how bad it is until I married a noncustodial parent and saw all the games his X played. Nasty stuff. Thankfully the X never dragged us back to court but it's tough living many years with that possibility. Terrible financial stress. Hang in there guys.
My name is Brendon H farther of A.H. My son was spending the weekend with me in December 2014. He started crying telling me how his mother boyfriend was abusing him. I tried to talk with A's mother with no luck. I filed for child custody and child abuse case against A's mother boyfriend in January of 2015. I had to call Department of Social Services emergency answering service two to three times. It took DSS about 3 hours to call me back on a child abuse emergency phone call. Make a long short it took DSS about a week to go visit my son mother home. That give her enough time to get the boyfriend out and coach A on what to say. It is two other adults living in the home and DSS only question A's mother.

Not long after I filed for child custody and child abuse on A's mother boyfriend. I receive notice from Child Support filed by A's mother in February 2015. I have not seen my son since January 2015 and still wait on a court date. I am now order to pay 50% plus of my gross earnings for child support starting 5-1-2015. I am trying to protect my son from his mother boyfriend. For doing this I have to pay a hugh amount in child support. Where is the justice for caring fathers? Where?

Please look at the attached text messages I received from A's mother, A's adult cousin and A's aunt. They all live in the same home. I have been receiving child support threats from A's mother since 2008.
It's obvious this is not being taken seriously or paid attention to because the last time I made a comment on here I got a response from senator Claire M or one of her cronies I'm sure about how they were gonna be fighting for more rights and support for the custodial parent! Are u kidding me!!! We r not being taken serious and nothing is going to be done its so unfair and I think it's time for more drastic measures to be taken!
i was with my ex for 7 years and had a 6 year old
together both supported her through 6 yrs. we had
another little girl and all the sudden the relationship fell apart. well now i am 20k in 6 years of back child support and 6 months into our new little girl. i am devoted to working and helping my girls recieve the best of all that is possible. As of this moment they are taking 60% of my income wich isnt very much and sometimes since im on commision is even more than i make. when do the males get an oppurtunity to enjoy time and go out and do things with there kids. i work all the time to no advance and also when my girls come see me im broke and have no money to do any kind of outside bonding ( movies,zoo,etc) It is rediculous that she works and makes more than i do and yet i still pay my whole check to her. And of course if i dont have the full amount i loose my license in which i loose my job and well then jail etc we need some sort of back here so that it can be of equal oppurtunity and what is best for the kids!
my son will be 18 in n less then 2 months. . It has been a rough few years with 2 neck surgeries and an automobile accident. So I have fell behind on my payments which were up to date at the time. And he moved in with me for almost a year and when I tried to report it to foc they informed me i had to have my ex call and report it to them. But of course she refused. well I received a settlement from my accident and foc took it which was everything i had. After I set up payments when I went back to work. When I called and tried to explain the situation. the girl at foc began to attack me basically calling me a dead beat dad. Which is not true by far. All because my ex received government assistance and they never made her work so in affect she never supported him financially. Foc is a bunch of people with to much power and a closed mind. Not to mention in 17 years I have never spoke to a male only woman. I dont mean anything by it but women tend to take these situations to heart.
The biggest issue with child support is that is a NON-Regulated System. Meaning they attach a bill for revisions every so often it passes and non custodial parents pay for it. The States collects a percentage of child support collected through their agency. Bottom line the states profit from anyone in their system. Secondly, child support laws are for dead beats. The law considerers every person paying a dead beat since their is no way to single out good from bad. Third, the States themselves actually are not looking out for the interest of ANY person custodial, non-custodial, or even the children. The State AG office and AG use the AMOUNT of child support collected as a political metal of honor to say "how tough" they are on crimes....Crimes? Since when is two individuals who decide to go their separate ways a crime. Agree the parent must equally share a roll raising their children. Child Support should be FAIR and JUST. The way the law reads now is neither FAIR nor JUST. Why is child support on credit reports? You do not have to fill out an application for it. Why if their is an increase in support does it report as a late payment? It was an increase not a miss payment. Why do persons paying child support obligated to report the debt and not use it on tax information, while the collector can use the payment as it suits their beneficial needs TAX FREE! Is it just me? Or does the State providing a "FREE" service and then collecting a % on that service for the balance of the court order not say Vested Interest! Most Child support cases go through the AG courts with Judges hired by THE AG OFFICES!! At the end of the day I am not supporting the abolishment of child support. I am saying it needs to be regulated and fair for ALL parties involved. Child Support is not a Criminal Offense
This system is insane!! It is simply not fair and there is no way that a calculation can determine what is fair. I have one ex that is extremely competent but refuses to work a regular job because the system props her up and enables her to do this. I have them half of the time, and I support for her and her boyfriend like they are my adult children. What a poor example this system is setting. She is in the prime of her life and doing very little to help so I keep paying for her to have money that I would spend on my kids funneled through her for whatever she pleases. Why is she able to maintain this elitest attitude that she is better than everyone else and doesn't need to work a 40hr a week job? My other ex that I tried to talk her out of having the baby is a great earner but did everything in her power including a false restraining order(thank goodness the court read my rebuttle and dropped it) to keep my baby from me for the first six months of her life. I have had to fight so many times in court to finally have my baby in my life. Because of her impeedments I have paid an absurd amount of money and the mom makes as much money as I do and has turned having a baby with me into a cold blooded investment strategy. It is sickning!!

I have read that for every three dollars collected for support by the local government the federal government gives one dollar back to the local government. Now that I know that there is incentive for local governments to take as much as they can I am even more grossed out by how this is justified. This system is seriously flawed and because of all the bad fathers of a different era that came before me I feel like there is no justice for good men that truly are and want to be a big part of their kids life.

These cases must be judged individually. It is crushes the soul and will to succeed of many men. The feeling of wanting to be earnest is ruined when your have your money go to someone that refuses to work or does not need the money. I am ashamed by how corrupt this system is. If you are not fair than you are nothing in my book. Fix this and assign investigators instead of case workers!!! I am a loving and involved dad and there is nothing in this world that has done me more injustice than the California child support system. I wish it was not true and there should be a class action lawsuit against mothers or fathers that abuse this system along with the local child support offices for allowing and mandating unfair support amounts.
It's simply not fair and there is no way that a calculation can determine what is fair. I have one ex that is extremely competent but refuses to work a regular job because the system props her up and enables her to do this. I have them half of the time, what a poor example this system is setting. She is in the prime of her life and doing very little to help. My other ex that I tried to talk her out of having the baby is a great earner but did everything in her power including a false restraining order, thank goodness the court read my rebuttle and dropped it. I have had to fight so many times in court to finally have my baby in my life. The mom makes as much money as I do and has turned having a baby with me into a cold blooded investment strategy. It is sickning!!

I have read that for every three dollars collected for support by the local government the federal government gives one dollar back to the local government.

This system is secretly flawed and because of all the bad men that came before me I feel like there is no justice for good men that truly are and want to be a big part of their kids life's. These cases must be judged individually. It is crushing the soul and will to succeed of many men. The feeling of wanting to be earnest only to have your money go to someone that refuses to work or doesn't need the money. I am ashamed by how corrupt this system is.
I have two kids (11 & 13)with my ex and two kids (2 & 4)with my wife. I had 50% custody of my two with my ex for 9 years. She gets a big up her a$$, and slaps a bs personal protective order against me, which means she gets full custody of the kids until the hearing 1 month later. The judge granted the order and I could see them for another 6 months. Then the next day we go for support bam hits me with $1200 a month in child support and $1200 a month in child care, $2400 a month and she didn't show one paper of any of the cost. Finally after 3 months of back and forth to court got it lowered to $1186 a month, and up to $1000 a quarter for sports and medical.(those counting that almost $24,000 a year I have to pay her) one year later I relocate to tx with my wife and our kids and bam she hits me again for more money! I have two other kids to support as well!! And they cost more as one is still in diapers. She has shown no proof of anything and the court just eats it up. In my eye every child should matter not just the ones in the system.( oh and my ex works under the table for cash and says she doesn't work at all)
About time someone stands up for our rights too. It is unfair that most women just refuse to work and keep having babies from different fathers just to get free public housing and food. The rest of the money usually goes out for theme to go clubbing or whoreing around enough with the B.S. time to hold them accountable as well.
It's been 5 years after my divorce I was given
Custody of my three children, I have returned to
Court to stop my child support. Csea Is say I am the absent parent and I have to pay mother. When it states in my divorce decree that she is not The residential parent
I am force to live on the streets because of this childsupport is crazy in Texas they want me to pay 37000 please Mr Obama help!!!!!
Child support laws not right if I have to pay the mother should have to work hard why she just sit it home
Forcing someone to pay child support for a child that isn't his is extortionate, and it is contrary to this country's basic sense of fairness. The law is wrong and it ought to be changed.
I really don't think it's fair that I'm paying child support and I never get to see my baby NEVER like I really need help he's trying to control my life with my child by using the government I just don't feel like it's fair .a very loyal and honest person I deserve to be with my children sand she deserves her mother I miss my baby and I'm very scared that he's trying to take my baby away from me
I really don't think it's fair that I'm paying child support and I never get to see my baby NEVER like I really need help he's trying to control my life with my child by using the government I just don't feel like it's fair .a very loyal and honest person I deserve to be with my children sand she deserves her mother I miss my baby and I'm very scared that he's trying to take my baby away from me
I really don't think it's fair that I'm paying child support and I never get to see my baby NEVER like I really need help he's trying to control my life with my child by using the government I just don't feel like it's fair .a very loyal and honest person I deserve to be with my children sand she deserves her mother I miss my baby and I'm very scared that he's trying to take my baby away from me
I live in Virginia I pay 970.00 month just got incredses was 570.00 month . I even helped my daughter by a car . My youngest daughter even spent most of the summer at my house and I still payed . When we went to court and I told this so called judge well I won't use some of the words that I would like to I have always got my kids and done for them getting them after from school taking them home on my dime and still paying support . I hope something happens I am about done with mine just 2 more years it's still hard she don't use the money for the kids . Didn't when it was just 480.00 month my kids complained they had to eat deer meat all week because mommy spent all the child support money what can I do
To sum it up, the whole system need to be changed, I am the step mom to now a 14 year old, I married his father when he was 2, he has lived with us since 8 years, ( mother dropped him on door step cuz she met another guy)we were in costody battle for a year ( abuse was going on with new boyfriend) cps called in and of coarse unfounded as usually, now she refuses to pay support( she's on welfare) so no cost to her, she is now 7,000 in the hole, she just recently pick up a job 24 hours a week, so she can still collect off the system, meanwhile the judge ordered her every other weekend, she has spent one over night visit with son in a year and 3 months, my husband paid support while son lived with her and was doing all the visitation he was ordered, anyway we paid our lawyer 16,000 to fight our case so now we went further in debt, over a lazy excuse of a mother, my solution stop making it so easy for people on welfare, they should not get everything free, life, attorneys, meanwhie the hard working people get a nice slap in the face! I strongly feel both parents should be made to work 40 hours a week and a fund should be set up in child's name, for the child use college ect, it takes two to make a child, both parents pay for the child, the non costodial parent should have to pay a percent more, and visitation should be mandatory, seems there are to many dead beat parents ( more mothers then you think) pretty said when you have to force people to be parent to there own child, fix the system
I pay 1501 a month for a little boy I had with a crazy. She works but I have been forced to work away from home to make the money. 1501 is as much as she takes home and we have joint custody. What can I do to spend more time with my son? I work 3 weeks on 3 weeks off. I just can't understand why I pay as much as she makes. How is that fair?
The Child Support system in South Carolina is very wrong in many ways.
My grandson pays child support for his 3 yr. old son, and the mother has said that she will not work. It is known that she spends the money for herself--for pedicures and new piercings. The dad has the boy a lot of the time so that mom can enjoy herself. He does not mind paying but it is seriously affecting his life. He can not afford to go back to court to challenge this arrangement. She knows this and is gloating. Please some relief for dads who love and support their children.
I signed this last year and still nothing. How many people has to speak up and sign up to get something done.
I've been paying support for 16 years and when I lost my job they suspended my license there for preventing me from job searching these FD up laws in this FD up country are getting out of control. Who ever came up with the father is the one you crucify when in my opinion kids need there gather much more than their mother for developmental reasons. And all this time I sit and watch my two kids get nothing from this low life and her other two kids walk around in gap jcpenney wtf so my child support is buying her other two kids expensive clothes while my kids suffer
It is a same that men have to go through this even when you really are not making that much and the mother of your child is making more than you. It makes it a million times worst when you have other kids that you cannot provide for and they don't even give you credit for your other kids this is a struggle. When I get my child she is well took an care of this really has to stop. I just want to find a way to make it far to use men to stop this. Today on 5/8/15 my bank account was wiped out and it hurts now how am I gone take care my daughter when she come see me or even have gas to take her to the park with her brothers and sisters someone PLEASE STOP THIS
I work hard everyday risking my life to better the life of my children, then some woman who ran off is able to get child support from me. She gives you false name so you can't find her and child, then after 6 years can just pop up and receive child support, not even giving the father a fair chance to be a father. Hiding out for 6 years under a false name is just ridiculous. Some laws have to be made. I am so upset with these dead beat moms who always cry the victim because they are to lazy to get off their butts and find a job. i am a tax paying citizen and i'm tired of this crap dealing with these dead beat women. they steal from hard working people and the government let's them get away with it. The same way they have to look for jobs to receive government assistance should be the same way they receive child support. Showing an effort to want to do better.
Debtors prisons are alive and well. Unfair court procedures without legal representation. Suspend Liscense, and no checks and balances in place for family court. 1 year in jail for child support? How are we supposed to pay or get a job being in jail for a year???? Contempt of family court jail should be limited to 60 days MaX
I'm happily married to my husband for about a year & he has a child from a previous relationship. Since his baby mama who is Spanish is very lazy & don't want to do anything for herself but collect child support & government welfare, she found out that he moved on to me after they been broke up years before we dated now she choose to take him to court for more child support. His been given her money every month without the courts involved but now she wants to get evil & go for more. I think this is crazy how this system is. We have to hire a lawyer to have this case dismissed because it's very unfair she was married when she had the kid & by law her husband is the kids legal father but no one follows the rules anymore the child support system bypass her husband & go straight for mines. I wish this laws would change to make it fair for not only women but men also.
All child custody should be joint 50/50 unless there's signs and proof of danger to the children from one of the parents. In my case I'm separated and my kids mother has full custody even though Iíve never hurt my kids nor have I had any felonies, misdemeanors not even a police record. Child support takes more than half of my check, therefore Iím forced to survive on a $7.30 an hour wage which is less than the state minimum wage. I get to see my kids every other weekend (2 times a month) if Iím lucky. It's heart breaking when you see your kids and they want to have fun with you, but you can't afford to take them out or buy them additional things cause you're struggling to survive with the little you're left. The system is broken and has been for many years. Fathers need better rights and the mothers should not be allowed to only give a sob story, so they can get more money to spend on themselves. Can't afford a lawyer, so just have to deal with it..it's depressing not able to do anything cause the courts are so one sided.
I'm really ****ed because I'm on child support all because I didn't want to be with my child's mother. After I got another girlfriend she flipped out calling me a dead beat and saying I never did anything for my daughter. Instead of a investigation on the situation I just was put on child support because the mother says thats what she wants. Then on top of that all the workers in the court treated every father in there like shit. Thats not fair how they do us.
If the custodial parent ask for a modification then the burden of proof for that request should be on the custodial parent. Show a monthly budget for the past 12 months along with receipts of how the money being received was used!

This will stop the abuse of the custodial parent simply living off the non-custodial parent because they don't want to work.

The way things are now is that it is largely a "Welfare" check for the custodial parent which creates a hostile environment by the non-custodial parent not wanting to do anything to help the custodial parent. If the system were more fare and not abused neither parent would have cause to complain. It is clearly still biased against men! its Wrong and nothing across the board is going to get better until it is fair!!!
These laws are destroying families,not helping.
It's not just women that collect child support. I didn't work when I was married, so after we split up, I took an overnight job so I could have kids during the day while he worked, and he had them in the evening while I worked. Well I didn't know the child support law only took overnights into account. I pay $571/mo. am not in arrears, but he buys a bunch of junk cars & remodels his house with the money. I since took a day shift job since my kids are in school so I'd get more time with them.
We need to make some moves guys.
Very unfair system. The judge can be as lientient or as mean as she wants more then u think.
I have a 7 month old now, and in the back of my head i always think one day im gonna have to pay child support and my life will be ruined, its scary reading all these comments, i want to live my life, not suffer or be jailed and forced to kill myself, if i get caught in the jail/childsuppirt loop death seems like only way out. I feel for all the men who are wronged by this.
I do believe a little child support is useful and should be giving to the mother because no she did not make that child alone, but the way these laws are setup its like women don't have to work and men are destroyed by a system that don't care about their well being. Half these laws hell a majority of these laws are so f'ing out dated its crazy. its 2015 get with the times. this economy is horrible yet men are required to pay more then they make, or with some states pay the government back for benefits the female is getting......... be for real!!!!! I will never say a man shouldn't support what they help created. And if he didn't want it condoms go a long way. But this system stop it. There are more reports of men killing they self to get out of the situation now everybody lose. His family is hurt, the child(ren) don't have a father, and that lazy female has to get a job.... ok im done thanks for reading.

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