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I really agree to all comments on here made by man & women on here. I myself pay child support also think its unfair. I also think that its wrong that the court order me to provide health insurance when its costing me $450 a month throw my company and while his mom has him on Medical... the court saide its the law for both parents to have health insurance.. for my son. On top of my child support... I also think that its stupid how the court calculate the amount to be paid going off the gross and not the net amount...rite now im going to court because I ask child support to send me an audit form / payment history I whent month by month checkinh that all payment were accurate come to find out that the amount I paid on some months were un accurate lot of money missing at court me and my son' s mom meet with one of those laidys that say they represent child support the court and not me or my sons mom yeah right...so they treated me like a criminal and when they ask my son mom if she Teknowledge receiving those paychecks stubs from a company I used to work four and money orders she saide she didnt remember so now they want me to get the voided checks and money orders from 2007 2008 2009 etc etc etc. I saide to myself screw that so I hired an attorney my attorney has estimated that child support owes me about $8000 not including interest.....i now have all voided paycheck stubs & money orders with her signature on the back new court date is in june 2014 I really think we need a big organization some kind of meets rallys all over the world protesting in large groups im really tired of this corrupt system. congress: please hear our voices and do something about it
Child support has been ripping me off and letting my wife committed fraud so they have money to collect for years. It is bull******that they can take money that you don't owe and they're is nothing you can do about it.
I would like congress to completely review and change child support laws. I live in California and after losing my job have gotten way behind on my support. California has has blacklisted me ion every way possible. My drivers license has been suspended for approx 2 1/2 years and about 6 motnths ago i petitioned child support services and attended a court hearing. My childs mother was allowed to call into the courtroom and voice her opinions about myself and my ability to pay. California State knows i can't get work, they made it that way. She was allowed to ask the court to jail me on the spot for asking for a modification so i could pay without having a job. I judge took my petition off calender because I submitted my tax return without the w-2 forms. when i clearly didn't work and they knew that.
I am growing increasingly worried they will try to jail me...congress please help this horrible situation.
We all know the child support laws isn't fair. This is what we should do. Let's show them how important our vote is. More importantly how important our money is. I say we take one day out of a month. Everybody that pays child support don't spend a a penny. What I'm saying is every second Tuesday of every month everybody that pays child support don't add one dime to the economy. Trust me they will see us then. We have to organize and come together black, white, Spanish, male or female. Starting in June let's pass the word along. That will be June 10th 2014. Everybody that feels these laws is unfair. We will put 1 cent in the economy that day. If you could help it don't play for the train, bus, don't buy lunch, don't go shopping, don't buy gas, etc. etc. etc. We have to stand together. Crying isn't helping. Well now it's time for action
Why dont the Government get involved with the custody over rule decision to where it shows which parent is making more of an effort to work and base the custody decision on that. And for my case the mother of my child is being saved by her Mother who has custody of my kid to where the income tax is being filed under my sons name for their gain and at the same time getting child support. But i could have sworn that you only could file if its your kid. But what about creating a new law with that if you could claim the child you could completely take full responsibility of everything and you basically saying that you want the kid and the parent is not needed so why would they be able to get all of this money to help them pay their own responsibilities so what is the kid getting besides a person who is begging for child support but buys the kids clothes from Salvation army or even second hand. My situation they use the system for their gain to keep up a household which i thought that the parent is to be able to maintain a job and pay their own bills and not use child support money for their basic responsibilities. Child support means Support for the child not the household bills or to keep you in a home. Thats the parents responsibility to hold their ground for their rent and bills. And the Mother of my child is an adult and still dont do anythng with herself but has a whole lot of kids, as for me and my mistake i have one and my efforts to helping her do good wasn't on her agenda. Her agenda is have babies and the Government is in our favor so when you ask why we commit crimes or flip out evaluate the situation and see who's who. Cause its many imposters. This message is from an ANGRY DAD. SERGE MONDESIR
I cannot find work and the FOC in Kalkaska Michigan expects me to pay support amount the same as when I was employed. I have always paid my support on time when I was employed, now we have an unemployment situation and few jobs that pay what I need to fulfill my support obligation. I filed a motion and explained that I have no income, I had a hearing and was denied an adjustment, I sold items to send some support money and they refuse to adjust it. My ex wont work, live with bf who supports her, gets TANF, SNAP and other benefits even when I pay support to her. Last time I was able to speak to my kids, she was out getting her tattoos redone. I am seeking work and have been, trying to pay the 1400 a month the FOC wants. This system is not working, please change this and make all parents responsible for supporting their kids and make reasonable accomodations when support amount cant be paid or paid in full. Make FOC of Kalkaska Michigan adjust immediately when a parent is unable to pay full amount without having DL, or passport, which is required of many jobs taken away or the parent go to jail another way to prevent support being paid. Please make the custodial parent as responsible for their support obligations as well. This system needs corrections immediately.
Ray T, Westbrook CT
My ex-wife has chosen to work part-time for years in a job that requires nothing more than a High School diploma even though she has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. She is overqualified for the type of work she does and the court system makes it incredibly difficult to impose a fulltime wage and earning potential. Because of this 90% of the money it takes to raise my children is paid for by me. Additionally, I am responsible for the medical insurance since she only works part time and a high percentage of the unreimbursed medical expenses. The insane amount of money that I pay out never reaches my children who are 17 and 14 now. They go to school in “hand me down” cloths with holes in them and cloths that are too small. To make matters worse she employs my children to hit me up for field trip money, money for shoes, etc. while she takes the child support and goes on lavish cruises, tanning, having her hair and nails done. The rest of the money is used to pay her mortgage, I’m going broke and she is living the dream! There is absolutely no accountability on her part, she can spend the money any way she feels appropriate and my poor kids get screwed. The child support calculation and laws need to be modified to be more fair and equitable. It is important to take care of the children after divorce but you should not have to sacrifice everything to do so. One person “usually the stay at home mom” should not get a free-ride in life because she chooses not to work. If we were still married she would have gone back to work a fulltime job to help pay the expenses when the children got older. Why should that be different now? The child support calculation should be based on “what does it cost to raise a child by state” and then that amount split based on what income potential is. If I earned $1 million dollars a year and I was still married to my ex-wife I wouldn’t spend half of my earnings raising my children. Please do something to change the laws and stop giving these people a “free-ride”.

Ray Thomas
Westbrook, CT
I agree that both parents should pay for their children. My husband has shared custody of his children and pays almost 100% of the child support while his ex-wife does not work. His ex-wife has a bachelors degree and is perfectly capable of working and earning at the same capacity as my husband but she 'chooses' not to work. The courts do not seem to impute an income for those who 'choose' not to work. Not only is my husband paying her a ridiculous amount of money but he also has to pay for the children when they are living with us 50% of the time, while she goes tanning, gets her hair/nails done, goes on cruises, etc. My poor husband gave her almost all of the equity of their house when they divorced because he is a good guy and was watching out for the best interests of the children. That, coupled with child support payments essentially cripled him financially. The courts should determine what it costs to raise a child, not determine how much is given based on how much you make. If a person made $100,000 a year and they were married, they would not spend 50% of their income of their child so why on earth do we need to spend 50% on our income on our child when we are divorced? It just makes no sense. My husband can't afford to buy a house or take out a loan. His credit is destroyed. I always hear that the courts are concerned with the best interests of the child but if they truly were, they would not financially criple the parent who is trying to care for them
Child Support laws are ruining our country. They need to change immediately.
In addition, Men that pay child support should automatically be able to alternate the child tax credit for the child. Men should be offered joint custody upon support order.
My wife had an affair, when i found out and filed for divorce she quit her job and started to go to school full time. Now I have to pay her child and spousal support because she doesnt work and cant support herself. She gets to go to school full time, not work, and spends all of MY money on her boyfriend while I have to work two jobs to make ends meat.
I think it's unfair that my husband has to pay child support when his ex is just laying on her back and getting child support from two other men.My husband worked really hard to move up in his job to a better position. I don't understand why she has to get it some of the benefits for him working hard when she doesn't even deserve it nor use it on those children no one investigates on how these women use their money. tThey hey are out partying and using that money to get drugs alcohol beverages tattoos whatever else so they can use it responsibly on while my husband and I are trying to provide for our children pay for our mortgage pay for their education here saving every penny that we have and still having trouble financially and then every 3 years she able to take us to court to see if she gets more money that is unfair. My husband is up at 4:30 Am in the morning just so she can get benefited from it.while she is barely getting home at 430 in the morning from partying. the court only cares about the kids that she has but they don't care about the kids that I have with my husband
I believe both parents should support their children!!! I also think it should be against the last for the parent with most visitations to be able to run with the children when they know the ex is coming for the children!!!!!
What is wrong with equality? Justice IS fairness!
Senator, what do you plan to do about the growing issue of unfair child support laws in the State of Ohio and across the country? Society always hears of the effects it has had on the lives of mothers on the system, but NEVER hears about the side of fathers being forced to remain in or forced into a lifetime of poverty due to the Child Support Extortion System.
I continue to pay and she hasn't worked in over 4 years...just went to court and found out I have to pay more! Meanwhile, on her weeks, she let's them stay home, get F's and ignore their homework! What a racket! On my weeks, I spend all my free time trying to catch them up on their homework!
I pay child on time and I can't even see my daughter when I want to
My husband had child support put on him a few years back by his ex because of him getting married to me, I totally agree that he should take responsibility, but however, he just found out that his children haven't live with her since there apply 6 years earlier nor did she inform her mother (where the children live) that she had done so. What do you do in that situation? We know she's married and has other children while deciding to receive his money for the kids to not use it on them at all. He hasn't been allowed to talk or see his kids and yet us able to play the system. I don't get it. Makes me sad for them kids and not far too their other siblings here it their dad. I don't even see how she's allowed to do this.
I think the child support system is so unfair to fathers. I am paying child support and what I make is not enough to pay the full amount. So I will always owe back pay at the end of each year. I asked for a modification hearing and was denied by the agency. It's like they don't consider that we have to live and eat as well. I was taking care of my children and was still put on child support. An amount that I can't even pay in full.
A good friend of mine, her uncle has to pay weekly in mass about 900 dollars a week!!! outragous for two kids I have one and here its 250 a month!!!
I agree but I also feel that the receiver of the child support should have to claim the money on their income taxes as well. It is also considered a income for them to live.
My opinion child support should be issued the same way a wick check is only allowing them a list of items to buy for the child not so they can spend it on them selves. I don't think it should be used for utilities or food either that should be the adults responsibility to pay for that.
My husband pays child support to his ex ever since she tricked him into "signing that he was the father." She collects support off of two other men for her three other children. Most recently, she kicked my stepson out of her home (December 25, 2013) and had the nerve to file for an increase in child support. My husband is currently paying his ex $379.00 to support his child that has been living with us since Christmas last year!!! Something needs to be done to help those that do care and try to better things, but only get the label of "dead beat dad!"
My husband has paid child support to his ex since a court ordered paternity test. She was 3 months old when he started to provide court mandated child support. The mother collects child support while she bullied my husband on visitation with his daughter. She would agree on a day a time and not be home when my husband went to pick his daughter up; she did this several times. One time she had a birthday party waiting for her and his parents home and she stood him up again. My husband was fed up and served her court papers for joint custody. She, again, did not show up to court. She did this more than twice. My husband was so frustrated with the system. He eventually gave up and lost contact with her until recently, but all these years she had the audacity to collect child support while denying him the right to be a father and denied her daughter a father.She had her daughter all to herself. She acted on selfishness.
In 1975, Congress passed a law which included a last minute amendment to create the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). When signing the bill, then President Ford commented that it took the federal government too far into domestic relations and promised to propose legislation to correct the problem. Over the decade that followed, it became clear that OCSE intended to grow in size and power to control all aspects of child support law, seizing that power from the state courts.
The size of the OCSE grew, this decade acquiring a staff in excess of 50,000 and costing taxpayers some $3 billion annually. Child support laws were modified, so that simple mathematical formulae are used to make award decisions. This new simplicity is required due to the low level of education of workers who are assigned as "judges" in child support cases. Extreme consequences defined by new federal laws, often carried out automatically and without trial, give the child support enforcement agency power over tens of millions of individuals that surpasses anything previously seen in the United States.

After almost 25 years since its start, judges in Minnesota finally felt that they had seen enough. In June of last year, the Court of Appeals decided that the administrative branch of government had exceeded its constitutional powers.

"The administrative child support process governed by Minn. Stat. 518.5511 (1996) is unconstitutional because it violates the separation of powers required by Minn. Const. art. III, 1." (STATE OF MINNESOTA IN COURT OF APPEALS C7-97-926 C8-97-1132 C7-97-1512 C8-98-33, Filed June 12, 1998; http://www.courts.state.mn.us/library/archive/ctappub/9806/c797926.htm)

The Minnesota Supreme Court upheld the decision in January of this year.

"The administrative child support process created by Minn. Stat. 518.5511 (1996) violates the separation of powers doctrine by infringing on the district court's original jurisdiction, by creating a tribunal which is not inferior to the district court, and by permitting child support officers to practice law. Therefore, the statute is unconstitutional." (STATE OF MINNESOTA IN SUPREME COURT C7-97-926 C8-97-1132 C9-98-33 C7-97-1512, Filed: January 28, 1999, Office of Appellate Courts; http://www.courts.state.mn.us/library/archive/supct/9901/c797926.htm)

--Reported by Roger F. Gay
court knew i make $1200, and then deemed me paying my ex husband $623, for support. i live in another state. weve been marrie for more than 12 yrs. i raised a teen and 2 boys while still married. when i had my 3 kids with me in another state, i never ask their father to help me support our kids. but now that the court have asked to give the father a chance to raise the kids, so i said yes!.. then now wants me to pay support, thats half my check, which i also have kids and family to support here with me. he wants my kids and support which he makes more than me. system are not fair and not willing to be fair... i shouldve said "NO"! to the judge as its my right and i was married to their father and thats half my kids too!.. i have a home for my kids here with me when their father and my kids are living with my kids grandfather and my kids are always in a small room.
My husbands children live in our home, but yet we still have to pay the mother child support even though she gave a statement saying the children lived with us. She does not give us back the money spends it on herself and does not see or call the children. The only way we are told to get this dropped is to hire an Attorney at $2,500. What kind of system is that??
The Child Support System (CSS) has major flaws that need to be reviewed. The intentions are correct, but many parents abuse it. I have been financially supporting my daughter since infancy and continue to do so as it is my responsibility, but her mother moved away and changed her number when she was four. A couple of month before she left, I had served her court papers for joint custody because she took ownership of our daughter and would only let me take her at her convenience or when her lifestyle changed (new boyfriend.) She was a no-show at court 3 times, so my case was transferred to child auction unit. My case went no where. She is now 14 years-old. I found her through social media and contacted her. My time away from her can never be regained. I believe child support and custody right should be established at the same time. If mother's are willing and demand money; they should also be required to agree on a custody agreement.
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I pay a lot in child support for 2 kids, one my babies mother makes over 80 grand a year and she needs my 9 grand a year to pay her car payments. She never allows me to see my daughter she never drives up to drop her off so I can see her. Its a losing battle so I just pay until I die..
There needs to be a committee to make sure this is fair for all parties involved. and what is in the best interest for the family as a unit.
Women want equality right, lets make things equal
I have had custody for 2 years and the judge has refused to make my ex pay child support. When I payed child support to her it was calculated to 515.00 a month. The judge told me since I have the tax write off she shouldn't pay. I thought that we were supposed to have equal rights and the woman were equal to the men? Why is that state profiting 3% of each of my payments. My ex wife failed a drug test, a psychological evaluation and sent the child to school with a bottle of boons farm and it took 2 years to get custody. The laws are biased toward men who get custody.
There are many laws that are written and very unfair to the non custodial parent, I am fighting to get some of these laws rewritten. If any one is insterested in helping to change the laws please email me and put in the subject line Child Support...please email me: lizliz62@hotmail.com
There are many laws that are written and very unfair to the non custodial parent, I am fighting to get some of these laws rewritten. If any one is insterested in helping to change the laws please email me and put in the subject line Child Support...please email me: lizliz62@hotmail.com
Dead beat Dads……I don't think so…..what a scam the court runs on the fathers.
why should my son have to pay child support when she abandoned the children and he works two jobs come on Idaho so unfair and she doesn't spend it on the children more unfair
Dear Sirs,

I am the Wife of the victim Rodney Ahrens. Child support enforcement is run more like organized crime for profit here in the south. They did zero investigations and ordered him to pay arrears of $48000.00 (yes I said fourty eight thousand) and he has not been able to make a dime since before he got divorced. So what was this amount based on? Southern greed and corruption that's what! I know we are probably venting for no reason as no one will do a thing to help people in poverty in the south like us, but we don't know where else to turn and we had to try. Many who know him both in Florida and Louisiana where we now reside will attest to the fact that he is a very kind and caring person who loves all of his children dearly (he had two biologicaly with his first wife although he loves all four very much and is being charged for all four) and lives with serious medical problem, yet the system is coming after him and has already jailed him once. My prayers are that someone who can help this situation emails us or this petition stops this madness.
Here is a story, all true. Every word of it can be proven.

In 1994 a man was in an awful accident, hit by an 18 wheel truck ripping his car in half and putting him in a coma, Seems the truck driver had been awake a couple days and fell asleep at the wheel. The accident left him blinded in one eye and shattered his jaw, even shoving some of his teeth into his skull. He was thankful, at least,that he had not yet picked up his kids.
He went through rehabilitation for a year and a half and is doing much better accept the brain damage causes him to black out and lose time, and he has occasional seizures, and severe pain now and then. Over time, he lost all his finances being unable to work, all the while not knowing his wife was having an affair and when she was caught she claimed she had "needs" he could no longer fulfill. He tried to be forgiving and told her if the affair ended he would just put it behind him. She agreed, but continued with the affair anyways. In time, she divorced him. She filed a motion of loss of consortion and obtained 80 percent of his settlement from the accident which her lawyer said would release him from alimony and child support so he could freely visit his children. A year after the divorce, he went to visit his children for Christmas, but she called the police. It turns out that when he was signing the release for the settlement, one of the forms stated he was giving up his parental rights. Feeling like a trusting fool he was devastated so he moved to another state to try to start life again. He later learned that the man she had left him for was convicted of raping his oldest daughter, so his mother got custody and, although the situation was horrible, the silver lining was the children were placed with his mother and he was able to see them from time to time once again. Fast forward 14 years.
He now has a new wife and a wonderful son. One morning, at 5 a.m. police show up at his door and arrest him. Turns out his wife filed arrears after his youngest son with her turned 21. He tried to explain the previous story to the judge but was told to shut up, treated with scorn as if he was a deadbeat dad piece of trash. He was denied a Lawyer when asked. He and about 30 other men were presented one by one before a judge who stated what they owed, without being allowed to speak on there behalfs at all. It was like a factory belt pushing out debt . The man tried to plead with the council to the right of the judge that he had not been able to work due to his medical issues and offered to present medical records to show this but they wouldn't hear of it, now he is in hiding. Feeling helpless and has no idea how to fix this imposed death sentence. His own children provided the bail money to get him out (the ones they accuse him of owing arrears to.) so how is that benefiting them in the least?
Now you tell me. How the hell is that constitutional? The Child support enforcement is owned by a corporation called Lockheed and M
Although I am a mother receiving support, I also own my own business. I don't feel ANY mother should be able to sit and do NOTHING to support her children and expect to live off the child support. I do think there should be SOME leeway here, what if the mother has worked and gets laid off and is looking for another job? Then she can't get support while she is searching for a new job, when the child needs it most? That makes no sense. I also think just because a man doesn't work he should not be exempt from support. Just as a mother should work so should the father. I think the percentage is fair and our court gives fathers PLENTY opportunity to file for modification. But yes. Mothers should have to be Working and contributing as well.
My ex makes more money hourly then me and I have to pay her 60percent of my income to her. I have my kids every friday to Monday 4 times a month, she has remarried so no they have 3 incomes and I cant even claim one of the on my income tax.
Have a disabled child with a crazy ex girlfriend. When I say crazy, I mean she tried to stab me and broke into my home. Also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Started paying support, when she turned 6, my ex put her in a home. My support stopped. I moved on in life and got married and also had three more kids. Now out of spite my ex wants to take my daughter out of the home and make me pay support again. I took her to court and ran out of money to keep my child in her stable home.
My fiancé was ordered to $380 while in the military, however after he left, the courts wouldn't modify the income change, and he is still paying the same amount. Now the mother of his daughter has up and moved 2000 miles away, he has no communication with the child at all, he is disabled and not able to work, fighting with SSDI now to get some type of income other than the $400 he gets monthly from the VA. I've been paying whatever I can for his payments just to keep him out of jail and the court knows this! But now I've lost my job, I’m disabled as well and have to find jobs that can cater to my disability since I’m still able to complete the same work as before my accident, but it’s hard to come by a work at home job that is a legitimate company. Then it got worse, now the mother of his son is ALSO trying to get child support and all she does is sit on her bum all day collecting welfare! REFUSES to work! So now the court is trying to force him to work, while fighting SSDI for benefits .. while the perfectly healthy parent can sit on her*****all day long doing nothing. We can barely keep our bills paid, We're always a month behind on the power bill, rarely pay rent on time, haven't been able to pay our trash bill in 3 months , while she is taking trips to the beach and going to the movies, I can’t even put enough gas in the tank to get back and forth to the grocery store to feed us! I’m frustrated and disgusted with the court system.
I have been divorced for 5 years and my daughter is now 7. During the divorce and for about 6 months afterwards my daughter lived with me and saw her mother maybe one weekend per month. The court gave us 50/50 with me paying support. The ex-wife finally started spending more time with our daughter after she cleaned up (drugs) but to this day still has never held a job. I paid child support plus extra money in cash to her. I pay through the state now. She is asking for that money that the state does not have recorded. I have finished college and am close to a master's degree with an excellent job and she wants MORE MONEY even though I have my daughter half of the time. My daughter complains that she "sits on the couch in sweat pants and ignores me". I plan on bringing character witnesses and evidence that my ex-wife aligns (brainwashes) my daughter by teaching her materialistic items are important and that you do not need structure nor education. I will have zero respect for a judge that orders me to pay her more money and plan on going to the press if it is the case. If these cases were for "the best interest of the child", then deadbeat moms with no motivation to better themselves and think they are God's gift just because they are stay at home moms should not be allowed to receive an type of monetary support after a certain time frame. This at least would force them into the real world.
my husband is paying child support and his teenager is in a mental hospital. the mother is not even caring for the child however she still gets the child support and claims the kids on her income tax. I am shocked!!
Child support laws are completely unfair,I am a loving father that pays child support for 2 children,I think it's unfair that a man should have to pay for his house hold expenses as well as the mothers,granted we are responsible for our half for the CHILD,but not for someone else's car note,house note,cable or anything else for that matter,this is an extremely unfair system of the government,we are expected to pay for a percentage of their house expenses,medical coverage and for the needs of the child,when I say this I speak both men and women alike,under the hardened sight of the system,that's ********,and then the fact the mother benefits from this while the child suffers from the lack of the other parent bring present due to what I stated earlier is a sick perversion of child care laws and a true form of oppression and unconstitutional,child support is no longer being used for its original purpose but as a weapon and a source of income for people that DO NOT WANT TO WORK AND HAVE NO AMBITIONS ON GETTING A JOB.
First, deadbeat fathers should be penalized substantially for not taking an positive role in their children's life. Those deadbeats make us good fathers look bad and thus the child support equation favors the mother. Last, when two former spouses make about the same in gross pay....their should not be child support...the father is always the one living in a slum apartment. The child support formula is out dated probably 40 years. Many of us are outstanding fathers and have our children or want their children in 50-50 share time with their spouse but cant due to the insanely high child support. I want to provide a home for my children....not an apartment. I want to be able to save for their college...I cant...in addition it has brought me on the verge of depression and certainly financial bancruptcy. ....which my ex helped caused.
I was married for almost 14 years, i had 2 children , the mother was worthless, i left, i pay 50 percent of my income on child support and alimony, ex-wife has never worked, and now i'm married to a nice filipino woman,the ex-wife wants a modification of alimony and child support, i cant' even afford to do nothing, i work overtime, now i'm being punished for working hard, i pay more, i should just quit my job and get on welfare , so i can be like her a bum, system is so unfair.
I pay a large amount of child support and it has put me in a financial bind. I decided I should get a part time job. Now I hear if I owe arrerage they will take from that too. Meaning I will be pay more than what is court orderd. This is so discouraging.
I have not seen my two boys in three years. We live in the same town but when I try to see them there has always been a reason I can't. I pay every week and always have except when I was out of wrk for a year. But trust me I'm paying and paid for with my time in jail too. Somthing needs to change where the woman needs to support the child "ren" too. Makes me sick.
Something is wrong when you have a hard working man supporting a wife and 5 children of our own, not on any government assistance and the courts come in rack your child support up 60% more then what you were paying and you and your family have to go file for food stamps because now you dont bring home enough money to support your family. Then on the other end her and her fiance are both sitting at home with no working money coming in accept money from welfare and all the other government assistance out there. How is it fair that one parent is having to support this child? Or is it that the government got tired of having to take care of the mother and the child on all the government assistance and saw that they could come after us to take care of them?
It's no longer 1955. Women want to be treated like equals then they should work like equals.
Everything should be 50/50. Time with child and money to provide for child should be split in half between both parents. It took two to create that child, it should take two to raise it straight down the middle.
I believe that if u make one parent pay go after the other one
I believe that support should be split down the middle on both parents income. What is the average payment for one child in a house hold when they have both thier parents.
I believe that support should be split down the middle on both parents income. What is the average payment for one child in a house hold when they have both thier parents.
haven't seen my daughter in over a year I pay child support now for 10 years mother of my child does not work nor has she ever work I pay over 500 a month for one child plus have to provide the medical care for her I have two children and a wife to take care of and the mother of my child sit at home and collect child support office two different fathers enough is enough! Orange County Child Support Agency do not have their rules
haven't seen my daughter in over a year I pay child support now for 10 years mother of my child does not work nor has she ever work I pay over 500 a month for one child plus have to provide the medical care for her I have two children and a wife to take care of and the mother of my child sit at home and collect child support office two different fathers enough is enough! Orange County Child Support Agency do not have their rules
The calculations that they garnish from you depending on how many children you have is extremely absurd. I am and still in my son's life. I provide with a roof over our heads, his necessities, groceries, toys, and anything else he needs with what I have left. However, my expenses do not total with what I have to pay CS to the lazy custodial parent! How the hell do these idiots impose such false calculations for children? It isn't possible to spend $818 a month for a child! So ridiculous, unfair, illegal, and just boils my blood how we get treated. You wonder why so many good parents who have and want to be in their child(rens) end up giving up in trying to keep up and are put in jail. REFORM NOW AND LET US LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE WITH OUR CHILDREN!

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