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I believe it now takes 2 people to bring income into a household. There are a lot of woman out there who take advantage of the system just so they can get a free ride. They should be mandated to work at least 20 hours a week to help support their child. They had their pants down willingly and need to take responsibility for their actions. There are so many programs out there that will help pay for child care so that is an excuse. I personally worked full-time and raised 4 children (all 2 years apart). If a man is expected to work to support his children then ALL WOMEN need to work to support their child too. The system is UNFAIR and corrupted. It encourages women to go around sleep with every man they come in contact with hoping to get pregnant so they can collect FREE MONEY while they sit on their rear end tapping away on Facebook to see who they can hook up with next.
Ohio has to be the worst when it comes to child support enforcement and giving women the ability to use the system for personal vandettas and not making women do something with their lives besides having babies and running downtown
My husbands ex has been on welfare since she took their son to another state. He turned 5 and she had another child with her live in boyfriend. My husband is paying for her to be a stay at home mom for a child that isn't his. I'm married and want kids. I work full time and we can barely pay bills. Do I get a bonus for being responsible...no.
Ive been payin child support for 3yrs..just last may my ex for me locked up..I.lost my job my only source of income.I have another family I support and I couldnt for 3monthes on a bogus charge I had to plead no contest to in order to get back to wrk..I.finaly get a job then get a letter sayin my license is suspended. Then the nxt week I have a court date for late child support that came in the mail..my ex works..she has a damn good job at corrections..so ive been thru all this crap and she will not.let me.see my kids..and this is nor the first time..every time she gets mad at me she takes my kids away..I didnt.see my son when he was first born for 3monthes..she moved while I was at wrk..wenever she get upset she takes them..even now..I sposed to pay child support for my two kids I cant even see cus she wont allow me to see them..this system is messed up..I wish the childsupport judge would set up the visitation too..
I have been paying child support. For 25 yrs. The mother has 5 other children by 2 different men. I am behind or owe arrears. Problem is my youngest is 19. I did support my kids just not through the system. Both of my kids are not close to their mother. I could go into rants about this and that. I won't! Most of us probably have the same issue. I had my children most of their lives. The burden was upon me to get custodial papers etc. Changed. Problem is when I lose $750 per month to child support as well as dealing with revoked driving privledges . I can't afford to support my current family. I have asked for support reduction but can't get anywhere without being able to hire an attorney for $3000 up front. (Seriously). I love my kids but child support is out of control. My girls are married(1) and the other is in college (I now have a loan for). I just want to puke knowing she is getting all that $$ for herself. Sad! Please help the parent that is actually trying and those that by the fault of the other sex (male or female [most likely]) just keep getting hosed.....
I pay child support for a kid I never see. The mom came out to my state got a paternity test and then headed back to Wenatchee. She is now living back with the guy that she cheated on me with while I send em a check every month and some other guy plays dad.
Im a father to a 8 year old boy that I have full time. I don't get child support from the mom because she is a drunkard. I work full time and am still falling behind trying support my own family.
I think there has to be something done to add to the fairness and equality as human beings. I mean after all my life matters too damnit! And I don't sit on my*****collecting money that I didn't earn. She should pay me for my awesome sperm!
I have just started child support also and it's messed up because my ex told them that she has never worked a day in her life and I even have hemophilia yet they denied me all my requests. I even told them I have major health issues and they blew it off like I was some peace of garbage. People fight and brake up everyday. They just need to be a little more equal and make both parents work but the absent parent should still have to pay a percentage.
I pay $1004 a month for two children that I get to see every other weekend while their mother works part time minimum wage and pays nothing.
I truly believe this is a very unfair system. I see the struggles my husband goes through and it is so hard to watch. I think the healthiest thing for a child is to have equal access to both natural parents (of course they should each meet a certain criteria because I know there are some who are undeserving of rights). However, I feel like the court systems lean away from that for the sake of justifying child support orders. And just as much as I can acknowledge that there are deadbeat dads, I can assure you there are women who abuse the system and see their children as nothing more than a source of income. I will never have an issue with providing for my step-son, my issues are when there is nothing monitored on the mom's side....not standards that she has to meet, and then the game of "you can't see him outside of the rights given to you in the divorce decree"....that ONLY hurts the child. Again, my husband is a wonderful guy and terrific father, and I know there are guys out there who are not, so my opinion is for those who are out there working hard and taking care of their children....I feel the rights to the kids need to be more equal in those situations!!
I keep losing everything I have while her 5hings keep getting Nicer and more expensive hasn't worked a day in her life just sit back and collects..Don't get me wrong I'll support my kids butt I shouldn't have to suffer And.my family shouldn't have to suffer
I can't get a divorce to set free my cheating wife because I can't afford the child support . What get a divorce and can't afford it so I can go to jail and not pay anything .
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My husband has shared parenting with his ex wife of there daughter, she's an alcoholic and doesn't work and he pays her child support every month even though they have her equal time. So now, he pays her and then we get her and have to pay for her more. We pay full time even though the time is split in half
When I first got put on cs I went in front of the judge with all my receipts for taking care of my child. The judge told me that's just a gift. So from that day forward i have been in the hole of a lot of back support. Someone tell me how you can owe more interest than actual support. Kids are grown with kids and I am still paying back time and will never pay it off unless i hit the lottery. A man doesn't stand a chance from the beginning.
I am a mother of 2. I work 6 days a week to make ends meet for my children. My ex husband has not paid in over 3 yrs and in the past year has been let go of paying 2 purges that he was issued to pay. The court ruled that he had to pay and then both times turned around when he got arrested and released him the next day saying that the purge was no longer valid. The second time he was able to show a letter where he broke a finger and it stated he could not work, they now have suspended any child support payments he has to make. Please tell me how a broken finger allows you to no longer work. Last time I checked you could still flip burgers with one hand. Our system is SO screwed up and something needs to be done bad. How our some dads run through the mill for missing one payment but others seem to get a free pass for not paying.
My husband has a 10yr old HT only lived with foot the first 6 months out her life. He was never married to the mother. She is now married with a 5yr old from her husband. The father and I are now married with 3 other children of our own. The 10yr olds mother stays at home all day, doesn't work and collects child support to support herself. Did I mention she also has her master's degree! My husband and I can barely make ends meet. We've been on and off state benefits to help support our own children. Yet, this well educated woman gets to sit around, not working and living off of us.
I am a mother who receives child support but I work my*****off to give my kids what they deserve. I get upset when my husbands ex wife doesn't use her child support wisely, spends it on her self. Her Kids always come asking for school stuff, clothes, ect. I don't mind sometimes. It just gets me upset that she does not work or does her part to give them things to her kids. Besides getting child support, medicaid, food stamp, and housing. I mean she is living on the goverment. There is nothing wrong with her that permits her from working. I think the goverment sometimes doesn't see what we see. How could they, they don't go throught the struggles we do. When I go to the store I think and use my money wisely then I see other families with two carts filled with food and junk food and what do they pay with food stamps. I mean common....really we work , we pay taxes, while other people that don't do much get to eat better than the working people.
I have been proven not to be the father of a girl which will be 19 on 9/11/16. Found out 14 years ago. Her 18 yr old brother is mine. But since u found out she wasn't mine I have been withheld from seeing my son. Yet the camden county new jersey child support unit don't wanna face the fact of reality that child is not mine. The mother gave her mom custody. Her mom was getting money through probation against me for my son and the biological father for my sons sister. Yet my bm was getting welfare for both children without rights and charging me for both kids. N.J court system is not fair at all. $588.00 a month for both children and $50.00 in arrears. I go to court to stop support due to my son turning 18 and his mom claims college. Courts denied my request. Yet he still hasn't enrolled for collage and courts don't care. Say pay till he is 21. Tell them his sister ain't mine and proved it 14 yes ago. 5here say well pay for her till she looks like you. So much for taxes that we pay for this corrupt system called child support. I agree 100% to having to provide for your child. But no court needsystem to make a judgement on those who care and try. Something has to give. Alls the system is about is money. They can care less if the child gets fed or not. If support money goes to child or for the parent to go pay for Thier wants instead of the child's needs. We have to fight the system.
I just started this nightmare of child support on my end, smh. nothing good has come out of it. I'm hoping that things will change, reading the stories on here just have me like wow! something needs to be done, cannot live like this it is not healthy all around, don't need the added stress, I get that a lot from baby mama.
I don't understand why men get so screwed over with Child support. They support their children when they see them they get them things they need yet court wants to take more then half their paychecks so they can barley live.? seriously! the system is a joke the court house is just ruled by women this is so horrible how things go. I am a women and i have two children and you know what I DON'T bring their father to court for child support because of the system and i know what they would say he would have to give me and then he would suffer and not be able to do anything with his kids. So i take what i can get when he hands me money. THIS SYSTEM IS A JOKE EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR THE CHILD SUPPORT DEPARTMENT SHOULD BE VERY VERY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK! giving women everything they want! Not all men a scums some work so hard and always have to work overtime just so they can pay bills and give the mother the RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT I SWEAR YOU JUST PULL A NUMBER OUT OF YOUR A**. "oh lets see your a guy so how can we screw you over today" MAKES ME SICK!
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Been dealing with child support for the past 16 years, the mother left the children on our doorstep one wasn't even mine and I still took care of her like she was mine, the mother didn't call write, we didn't hear from her for months, then all of a sudden she shows up, say's can I take them to the park, I say sure have them home by dark! Next day BAM cops show up and issue me a child support order, she must have been planning it for a while! Took the kids and never let me see them again, I fought everyday to see my kids, NO HELP! 16 years later the kids are grown married and have there own children and husbands and guess who's still fighting to keep out of jail while taking care of my disabled wife of 16 years, ME!!! So not only does the ex- get my money, she also gets her Husbands money and has a double paycheck without having to lift a finger and guess who has to pay twice, Me one to the Druggy ex and one to my current wife. Child support is completely unfair! I work for my money and I have to take a drug test to get it, then maybe the crack head ex needs to take a drug test to get child support. Half the time they lived some where's else, I went to court so many times to get my kids and all they did was feel sorry for her, 4 times she had DSS called on her from her own family! Kids are 25 yrs old and now living with me and I'm still having to pay!
My fiancť pays $1725 a month for child support and is left with $271.00 a week and works His butt off. How in the world are we supposed to live on that? The one ex wife doesn't even work. I think this needs to be reviewed to be more equal for both parents to take care of the kids so both parents can survive!!!
The non custodial parent should not have to provide for both households. Paying so much for child support to ex. Then trying to afford a place for the kids when you have them along with clothes, food and things to do. And pay for medical insurance, half the co-pays and half the babysitters cost. Now what is it that the custodial parent pays for?
My son is 13 and I have five years left. My ex left and moved back home after his first birthday. I did the right thing by going down and voluntary my information so she could have money to take care of my son. I was 26 yrs old at the time. They gave me a surprising $750 a month present. It caused me to move two hours away so I could find steady work, I've been homeless, and eat unhealthy trying to not spend to much money. Fast track to 8/2016. My son is now 13 and wants to join basketball and do school activities... I just wish there was a way that I could live closer so I could be involved in his life. The courts really do screw-up families. All of my vehicles are used. I can see why people murder their ex's and it's all because no one really is trying to help the dad. At one point I had a house that later went into foreclosure in 2010 from the economy and job loss. If #DonaldTrump really is about making #AmericaGreatAgain then he should do something about this #childSupport and help change the laws so men can be fathers and not be left behind. Just my two cents worth.
My son is 13 and I have five years left. My ex left and moved back home after his first birthday. I did the right thing by going down and voluntary my information so she could have money to take care of my son. I was 26 yrs old at the time. They gave me a surprising $750 a month present. It caused me to move two hours away so I could find steady work, I've been homeless, and eat unhealthy trying to not spend to much money. Fast track to 8/2016. My son is now 13 and wants to join basketball and do school activities... I just wish there was a way that I could live closer so I could be involved in his life. The courts really do screw-up families. All of my vehicles are used. I can see why people murder their ex's and it's all because no one really is trying to help the dad. At one point I had a house that later went into foreclosure in 2010 from the economy and job loss. If #DonaldTrump really is about making #AmericaGreatAgain then he should do something about this #childSupport and help change the laws so men can be fathers and not be left behind. Just my two cents worth.
I pay my child support and they still took away my license then when I try to get ahold of child services they don't even answer their calls back all they tell me is that I need to wait 48 hours until they call me back it's kind of bull because I took all my paycheck stubs in that I have been paying my child support and they said they don't care if my license got taken away or if I have a job. I even showed them that I could've had another job and the still did not realise my license
Its unfair for good fathers out there doing their best to support their kids. We need to support our selfs as well and with my paycheck cut in half I'm don't make enough to support my needs. When I get my son.. Child support is still coming out my check when I could use that paycheck to support me and him when he's down with me. Its sad and needs to change!!
Why is it that the system takes so much money from the responsible but just let the irresponsible disappear and rack up a back fee that they will never even think about paying, why is it that the system allows the responsible fathers to be extorted legally by mothers just looking for money as an extorter does, why is it that the system only takes care of women as if men aren't human beings and have feelings also, why is it that the system is legally allowed to extort men in the name of women, why arent fathers cared about or taken care of like mothers, why is it that the system will see a father homeless just as long as child support is paid no matter what, why is it that fathers are punished by child support for a relationship that didnt work out, why is fathers rights nothing but a mere advocacy group but not an actual law that makes sure that the father is able to do more than pay child support, like pay rent pay bills and be able to save something for a rainy day which is everyday once youre in the system-
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Hi i am a fater of a two yr old boy who im always fighting to try and see me and the mother are not togeter and i pay child support for a kid that i hardly even get to see i do not think it is fair that i pay and still have to pay nor should any father half to im about to have another child but with my wife who loves my 2yr old has spent money on the first day to get him clouths and diapers and kid movies but my sons mother is always saying how great she is and how im the reason for my son freaking out when i hardly get to see him i do not feel that the child support laws are far we as faters need to take a stand and boycott infront of are court house of child support system til this issue is dealt with women get equal right why cant mean hard working father get the same fathers that value every momment with there child just to get told we cause everything it takes two to make a child not on yes the women carrys the child but we need to stop unfair child support they need to be ordered to let the father shee there child or no child support or atleast at the age of five find a job while fathers are working hard and the mother can sit and do nothing were is that fair
Child support should never have been allowed to ruin people credit report that's pay every week weekly month
Child support should never have been allowed to ruin people credit report that's pay every week weekly month
Child support should never have been allowed to ruin people credit report that's pay every week weekly month
The whole system needs a change. One parent has more then they need taking from one that can hardly get by. Seems very unfair
My husband pays $330 for 1 child! She's 15 years old. They were never married it was a high school accident. While the mother has never worked a day in her life because she was on drugs and lost the child, so my husband had full custody. When a child turns 13 they get to choose who they live with. The mother is psychotic. She guilt trips the child and has her do things to make it seem like we're unfit. Like taking pictures of our messy house. We have 3 boys under the age of 5. So yes it's messy. Anyone with kids can vouch for that. The mother sits on a $900 disability check every month plus she lives with her BF who is verbally abusive to the child. Calls her names and will smack her in the back of the head. We've asked her if she wants us to do something about it but she wants to live with her mother. Not to mention her mother is legally blind that's why she gets disability. But yet the mother drives. The mother is crazy. We have paid over $4k for the child's braces and we have paid for her phone (not just any old phone) since she was 12. We finally shut her phone off cuz we can't afford it. And it has caused the child to not come for her visits. So it's just a mess. The child support laws are old and out dated. It needs to change. Not all fathers are deadbeats.
I agree 100℅
My fiance pays $600 a month for one child that he gets every weekend, sometimes more. When he started making more they pumped him pay up and his back child support up to match his new wages. That is ridiculous. Punish him for making more by doubling his back pay and then suspending his license. Uhm hello how is he supposed to drive a hour to work to pay this support with no license. The system is screwed and needs to be looked at.
Hello, I'm the father of a 4 year old beautiful little girl. And words can't even begin to describe what she means to me. But I can tell you that she is the reason I open my eyes every morning, get up out of bed and push through the day. Busting my*****as I fight through the hurt and pain because such a big part of my heart is empty most of the time a void in my life. And I'm sure I speak for a lot of us loving parents that this is happening to. Mostly us fathers. And I'm not holding anything back because I will fight this fight and I'm never giving up until we have equal parenting rights 50/50 with our children. As a first choice of the courts when there is a divorce or separation. Because I don't believe that any man or woman should have the right or Authority to make the decision to take away our GOD GIVEN PARENTING RIGHTS. As long as the child/children are loved, safe, provided for, and not in any danger. You see we the parents know that the courts are to help and make it fair during the divorce and we all want what's best for our children. But over time it's became a numbers game and yes I mean it's all about money now. It's a sickness in the courts called greed. And the government is the main carrier of the sickness greed. And the courts need to know we see that they are no longer a solution to help us but are now a burden and an enabler to most of the mothers that don't work and live off of tax payers and drain the life out of us fathers. So now we are technically paying them twice when are on welfare living off our tax money and then we're paying them child support as well. And this is just the tip of the problems. But I want to speak out the main problem. The one that means the most to us. Now because of the greed. Our children have to suffer also. Because they now lose their father and we pretty much become a visitor to our children. Expecially when the mother is on a power trip and has animosity build up towards the father and thinks she is going to teach him a lesson or try to hurt him. And now She won't let the father come around or agree to see the children other than what's on the court ordered visitation plan. And that's if we are even lucky to get one of them. Well I have to tell you who ever wrote them plans up SUCK!! And must not of had children. Because they are ********. I want someone to tell me why in the hell a visitation for a parent in ohio would only be 4 days out of the month. Every other weekend and a few hours one day through the week. So let's start with my scenario. I live 10 minutes from my daughter. And she is 4 almost 5 in October. I have been Divorced almost 4 years from her mother. Our divorce was not a horrible one. It's we just drifted apart from each other and she left one day with our daughter. And moved to her grandmothers. And has been there every since she left and we got a divorce. Now I remind you they only live 10 minutes from me. So as we went through the divorce of course she got awarded custodial
I have to fight to get one extra second with my child. My ex constantly breaks the court order yet I pay more in child support than I do for my mortgage. I don't mind paying for my child but I would also love to get more than every other weekend. The system is broken and terrible.
The system is rigged and my ex is defrauding the system with her mother. I work to pay child support and not pay my own bills. They won't lower my support payments and to get a lawyer I need money.
The system is rigged and my ex is defrauding the system with her mother. I work to pay child support and not pay my own bills. They won't lower my support payments and to get a laser I need money.
I do not have children but I have been through and witness the unfair treatment for fathers with the child support system.
They kept taking money from my ex husband and not punishing the mother for not letting us see the children.
Me and my ex husband was married for 6 years been together 9 and we only got the children twice. Another crazy thing is my ex-husband was paying child support for a kid that he did not get a DNA test on. They child support system named him father by default!?!!?!!!! I can understand if they were married but they was never married.
We went through hell.
We let them know about this and they didn't help all they cared about was the money.
Time and time again the child support system does not help fathers. They do not give them rights.
This needs to stop.
There should be mandatory DNA test for every child.
And women should get punished for lying and keeping children away from the fathers out of spite.
I don't see why that should be a problem when countless men go to jail for non payment.
I feel that it should be more than that law being changed what about after the father gets confirmation that the child is his why are we not getting joint custody why are we only obligated to visitation rights if we wasn't married what about letting the child have our last name instead of giving the mother that choice what about stopping mother's from getting section 8 and making them get real jobs I feel like a mother should only get section 8 if she is going to school and working at least a part time job give them rules I understand that a long time ago men was just out here making children and not helping but this is a different time we got fathers out here that want to be involved and ever aspect of there child's life but we really don't have a choice because it's up to the mother discretion if we are involved and that an that's not right at all it's time for a change
I have pretty much the same opinion as everyone on here,the laws are unfair and unjust I understand if u have a child u must raise it,good lord I've heard that so many times it's sickening,I've paid child support for what seems like forever but just 20 years ,I've gave everything i had and every dime I've ever made to lawyers fees, child support fees ,probation fees that was after I got behind for over 2600 so they forced me to have to pay Medicaid back for my child being born ,after that the balance was 17000 and accruing interest ,I had no idea if I wanted to change anything I had to go to court,but here I am paying for school clothes off the record sending money thru money gram for a school trip ,baseball uniforms ,cleats fees fees fees I swear if u been thru this its a complete joke especially if it's you the payee,I tryed to go to college even passed a few semesters trying to better myself, of course I wasn't making regular payments to child support then I had to have gas money to go to school ,books fees fees fees etc.but I still made sure my child had food,clothes,making sure her bills kept getting paid 150 here 150 there all off the record considered gifts tothe court not actual child support haha all a joke huh haha after finishing my second semester 24 credits into a 48 hours bachelors degree, I get charged with felony non support b/c my arrears have grown from 17000 to 27000 in 2 years wow go to jail have to beg my brother for 2 grand to get out and have to start working instead of finishing school another lawyer 1000 guess what ? Hard to find a job with a felony on your record,ohh well I'll just take this 8 dollar an hour job instead of all along child arrears still adding up as if I made 10000 a week lol plus probation fees of 35 a month as long as I still owe a balance lol yeah all that on top going to see my child every other week and keeping him in the summer when he was out of school, never recorded expenses etc, whatever , as of right now I still owe 9000 in back child support and still on probation that I've had extended 4 years already ohh and still paying probation fees and if I don't get it paid in the time given they revoke my probation another 1000 to a lawyer and another 2 grand to get out just to keep oweing more and more ,u call this justice ,u call this fair ,u think it helps or hurts my child, it kills the American in me ,I absolutely hate the American justice system and it'll never change, u think I can tell my child to go and have fun and find a person he falls in love with and try and make a family with her, hell no I tell him if he don't wanna spend this life in hell he better go to school, make something out of yourself before u try and make a family,never ruin your credit,stay away from people that are constantly in trouble etc. in all honestly a woman can go have 5 different babies with 5 different fathers and make every one pay child support and have life just planned the way they want it ,they get food stamps
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Can someone help me understand how a parent can just pick up and live almost instantly after having a child,file for child support deny visitation or communication with the child and also signs the child's custody over to an ex while still fighting to obtain child support. I have 9 or 10 different numbers between child support and family court just to get refferd yet again to another number to call. And in the end when you finally get the department that can assist you your required to pay $60+ to receive paper work that may or may not help modify your
A lot of women get a free ride and the father is left paying for everything. This is a huge injustice and inequality to the max. Both parents bring the child into this world and BOTH need to be responsible. When you have one parent that refuses to get a full time job even though they have a 4 yr degree just because they get enough money coming in from the ex to make a decent living....something is wrong with that picture.
I have my kids 50% of the time yet I still pay the full child support plus half of any expenses the children incur. Their mom works and makes plenty of money. I would even keep paying the support if it was going to a college fund or a trust that the kids would have equal share of when they became adults. I do believe that Dads should be responsible for their kids and I very much am but I feel like my ability (money in this case) to provide for them in the best way I know how are being stripped away from me simply because their mom and I could no longer live together amicably. It makes no sense.
Child support for Fathers is so unfair. My daughter's mother refused child support back when she was younger and we established a shared parenting agreement. She still choose to get help from the state so now they are coming after me and it shouldn't be that way. I didn't benefit from the states help because I still took care of my daughter. Also my son's mother makes way more than I do so I'm confused as to why I'm paying so much
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I was never married to my ex, itís a long story and I was really stupid for it but also I wasnít on the birth certificates, but I was there and supported my kids from day one. A lot of this is my own fault, and I should have made much better choices.

Anyway, our relationship was going sour. In part because I paid all the bills. She collected rent from a rental that was in her name(but that I fully helped to buy and also did major remodeling), and from her sister that lived with us. I made the $1700 mortgage payment and paid most of the utilities. She was supposed to pay the sewer bill(I would get a $500 bill later because she wasnít paying after she knew we were going to split). I asked her to help more with the bills. She pointed out that I had enough money to buy a six pack of beer on FridaysÖ. Okay but I paid over $2100 in bills which was pretty much my take home.

Okay so we split, not just over the bills but that was a huge factor. The new house was in my name. The rental in hers. The new home was a huge burden. The rental(old home) was more than half paid for and had a very low mortgage payment. I asked if she would let me buy the old home for the going market rate. This would allow her to roll that money over and buy the new home. It would give us both about an equal mortgage and allow the kids to stay in the new home while giving me a much better mortgage payment. She would benefit by having the nicer home with a similar mortgage. She refused. Because we were not married, I couldnít do anything about it. She had thousands in the bank too. One account I knew of had $25k, but I know she had others. So right off the bat, she walked away with a ton of equity in the home and pile of cash because I paid all the bills for years. Again this is all my fault. I lived in a fantasy land thinking it was okay because we would be together forever, also she did tend fork out when we needed say a new Tv. Oh she also got the tax returns every year. Again my fault for being a dumbass.

At first, we come up with a plan. I paid her cash for child support. It worked for maybe a month, then she would refuse to let me see the kids on a whim. Even letting me pick them up then calling as I was halfway home demanding I bring them back. About the fourth month in, I give her a check instead of cash. She rips it up and throws it at me. At about the sixth month I show up to give my daughter a birthday present. Another lady opens the door and states they donít live there.

I finally decide that she isnít going to calm down, and that really need to get this all legal. I get a lawyer and spend even more money. I have to track her down. I have to do a DNA test. All and all it takes more than 9 months to get a temporary PPP. I finally see my kids. That was a great day. The mother had convinced them that I didnít want to see them. My son cried when I took him home because he asked when he was going to see me again, and I explained that I will see him soon and eve
Some women file for child support, and do not let the dads see their kids. This is not right for the good dads who are not doing anything wrong. A lot of the women also then use the child as a way to try and control the father. these women are just mad the dad does not want them anymore as a partner, so they are on this revenge kick.
I was divorced in Ohio in 1992. My ex moved to Arizona in 1993 with her new husband and my son. I moved to AZ in 1994 to be closer to him and involved in his life. Ohio told us in 1994 they could no longer collect child support payments since we both lived in AZ. I paid her directly from 1994 until 2005. A few months before my son turned 18 she contacted Ohio and they began collecting all the money (again) going back to 1994. I fought it for years but it's useless. It's not simply my word against hers. She and I sent a signed notarized letter to Ohio in 2000 explaining that I was paying her directly. In 2005 Ohio told me that notarized signed letter was "invalid" because a Judge didn't sign off on it. Since when does a Judge have to sign off to make a notarized signature valid? Ohio points to a clause in my divorce papers that states any money given directly to my ex that doesn't go through Cuyahoga CSEA is considered "a gift." Both Cuyahoga CSEA and the Ohio Attorney General's Office have acknowledged that there is more than enough evidence to show I paid her all those years - but because of that clause, unless she specifically tells them (again) that I already paid her, they continue to (re)collect more than $42k I already paid. As of today, Aug 2016, that balance is down to $6,900. I have written hundreds of letters to everyone I can think of since 2005. In the end I will pay this thief and her lying thief Phoenix Police Department cop husband, (who used to come and actually pick up the "Child Support" payments from me), more than $42,000. If it was simply a he said/she said issue I could almost understand. But the fact that Ohio, (the 5th most corrupt state in the Union), is purposefully ignoring evidence and legal documentation and knowingly taking money that they have admitted they know I already paid shows that the system is greatly flawed and corrupt
I have been paying almost 325 dollars a week for 2 years. I suffered an injury was out of work for 6 weeks then returned to work I received my check which child support took my entire remaining amount and there for I could not afford to go to work. Now that I lost my job due to there withholding income the mother has withheld my children and child support who wouldn't help me is now acting as my exwifes attorney. The whole system is a crock of ####. I lost my 50/50 due to communication biggest line of crap ever. when in reality she was broke and can't afford life on her own with a 4 year degree. mn judges in small communities are corrupt. More like protect woman's incomes here it's a joke and its unconstutional.
My story is for my husband. He has a son and we have a 16mo daughter together. He did not even know about his son till he was almost 2 and was slapped with almost 12k in BS. Fast forward to now. We can not afford a place to live so have to live with my parents. The only work he could find was through a security firm and he only gets 26.5 hours a week. SOMETIMES he may get more if people go on vacation. He has to commute 60+ miles each way every time he works. Since we moved I have applied everywhere I can with no callbacks.

His CS is now $361 a month. After all the bills and everything including the amount we have to spend on gas.. we have less than $200 a month to support ourselves and our 16mo. It was recently time for his CS to be reviewed. They decided to lower it to $266 a month. They will not take into consideration that he cannot get FT work, or the amount in gas he has to spend to get to and from each day.

His EX REFUSES to get a job and has in fact gotten their son and her daughter diagnosed with autism... I have spoken to many experts and each one says that the way the children behave does not in ANYWAY say autistic.

She is now going for SSI for both children and (her words) is going to the courts to ask for more because she has no money.

She spends almost $150-$200 on makeup each month. She has chinese delivered every week. Goes out for coffee 3x a week with friends.

My husband is away from home 12-14 hours a day. We couldnt even have a bday party for our daughter because of the money we are paying. He lives off ramen and I live off of PB just to make sure our daughter has diapers and food.

The CS laws as they stand now are totally unfair and need to be revised.
I was conned into the child support order. I had my daughter in Georgia and when she reached 3 me and her mother split up. She wouldn't let me see her be around her and admitted it was over the fact I didn't want to be in a relationship with her so keeping my daughter from me was out of spite. For two years if I was lucky to see her she couldn't spend the night, matter of fact she never could. I would have to pay cash to see her... hundreds went this way. I had enough. Went to the courts in Cobb country and asked advice on gaining a partial custody agreement. By there orders I got DNA, legal legitimacy and then one court day she was offered two speak on her allegations and she lied and said I never gave her a dime and she begged for money. Well I was warranted and charged on the spot for child abandoned and a order for support was made. Instantly my life got darker, the mother used that order to control my life with my daughter and me and my daughter sufferd over and over again. Many times her mother would ask me "Sever your parental rights and I'll cancel the order of support. ...but she never did. I even have a notarized letter saying if I paid her a certain amount she would have the FCS drop the arrears and I did and I have the proof in the payment legend when they deducted the amount agreed. Comon it's about the money.... I haven't seen my daughter or heard from her in ten years now she will be 16 soon... and I got a unaffordable amount to pay and I'm not a dead beat dad when I have been raising three other children with the same mother for over ten years, I didn't abandon my child she was taken. And for a long time I haven't seen or talked to her, nothing, they won't help find her no its how about the support.... I can bearly support my family now due to a child my kids are deprived to see themselves. I think mothers that don't abide a custody agreement of at least 40/60 then they should get nothing. And a father that hasn't seen a child due to similar or direct circumstances should be released of the order. The mother doesn't even comply to FCS services instructions or letters. She doesn't need it it's a way to dissappear and receive money from me unfairly.
It's sad many of us of the same situation, however instead of the problem getting fixed, it appears to be getting worse.
Why doesn't the IRS charge the person receiving the child support, taxes?.
I have 2 children, I claim one and my ex claims the other. No surprise the judge awarded her the younger child to claim.
I over payed my ex wife. She subpoenaed me to court stating I Never paid her. I saved all the receipts, bills, rent payments, insurance payment and grocery receipts. (for any naysayers, I was NOT on any of the bills, insurances or lease agreement at the time. I removed my name and lease I was on with her was up, she renewed in her name alone.)
The judge said it was ALL a "Gift in kind"
The judge even asked her if she thought it was support when she accepted me making the payments as support. She said "yes", she even thought it was, but because the way the legal system is worded in Nevada. After her lease was up, she moved in with her mother and the kids came to me for a year. She got remarried and I stated to her that the kids need both of their parents in their lives.
So when I got the subpoena to go to court, I thought I was getting money back for over payment, No not the case, I had my wages garnished from my check. and owed more money than the original decree, which all parties said was worse decree ever seen because we went to the "do it yourself" section in family court when we initially got divorced. Every line said "we will verbally agree, " but decree was issued that way. I have the kids equal time now with her 50/50 and still have to pay.
I had to go back to court a year later to see if I can get our days flip flopped since she put kids in her school zone with no notice and changed schools. Of course nothing happen to her, but the judge said he was upset with her. The judge did not flip flop days, I had to take 2 kids to 2 different schools across town from me. I got off work 3am had to wake up and be at High school at 6am, then comeback and get the 2nd child to middle school at 8am, and then same in the afternoon. My hours were from 2pm Monday-Until start of school Thursday.
I think I speak for most of us when I say we believe in taking care of our children, but it is after all for the children! Alimony is for spousal support, so why are the ex spouses being punished? Also, if our income increases, why does child support increase? How does an increase in our lifestyle increase the bills in the other household? We are being punished for succeeding. The ex spouse never has to show what they are doing with the money, why? My ex still after receiving child support from me did not buy school supplies or school lunches. I still paid for all of it. If it is labeled support, then our payments should be a percent of the bills, for example a % of water, electric, gas, food, etc...not to exceed a percentage of the paying spouses income. However the problem I can see is the ex adding more bills to get more money. The

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