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I am on the woman whom has to pay a man who beat me for 14 years never would work and finally had enough and attempted to divorce now stuck paying him since I would work to keep my kids fed during the marriage and he used it against me. Where are the laws not only for men but for woman whom are a victim to the set laws of higher income person if the other just chose to be a dead beat now has the children and his own monies since he would never work on the books. where are the laws for the woman whom had no choice but to have to walk away not for the manner of just a divorce but to save her life. faced in a economy that pays men more and I am expected to be able to attempt to live in fear of this man still as well pay him. been thru every process and the laws are not far for us. corruption all around. Blessing to you all.. may you be safe and healthy those are the true treasures in life.
I lost my job in June of 2013 due to a severe degenerative disability, which now has me in a wheelchair. However, I have never stopped trying to find a job and after over a year and well over 2600 applications/resumes, I finally received a job offer on June 20, 2014. The only challenge was that the training started on June 30th and I had to be in court for child support hearing. I immediately contacted the Buchanan County (MO) circuit clerk and asked what I had to do to get a continuance. Per their direction, I performed my due diligence within 30 minutes of that call. I attempted to call them several times over the next 8 days but always received voicemail, and I never received anything in writing. Due to my disability, I cannot drive, and Buchanan County is 6+ hours away so I had to make arrangements for someone to take me to court on June 30th since I had received no word of being granted a continuance. After we arrived I soon discovered that they had granted the continuance, but did not notify me until that morning. So not only did I lose the job due to THEIR unbelievable incompetence, they also wasted the time and money of my caregiver to get me there. I accepted this injustice best I could and was told the next court date was August 4, 2014. I finally received a written notice of the granted continuance on July 5th, and in the past month have been continually harrased by the child support office and the prosecuting attorney's office for "losing" the job and thus making no payments....????????!!!!!!!! THEY are directly responsible for me losing the job in the first place! I have since found a private entity that is making weekly payments on my behalf, however, it was just shared with me on July 31st that this was still unacceptable. I feel absolutely violated. If someone, ANYONE, reads this and has any idea what steps I could possibly take to rectify this please, please, please let me know! I literally do not have two pennies to rub together and if not for the good graces of one very special individual, I would be homeless or most likely worse. It is frightening that things like this are actually happening in America.
My ex has remarried and both have incomes that are TRIPPLE to mine. This state sucks when it comes to dads.
I struggle to get buy, while she bought a new car, moved to another house, (keeping the old one and renting it out). I do the dropping off and picking up. My children need clothes which I get them all the time. I want to see my children all the time but I cannot afford too. Hey congress make child support a tax deduction to where the payer can at least get money back and the payee include the income and pay taxes on it. Its a tax congress I know you'll love it. This make even make some of the deadbeats consider paying theirs.
What I believe is the best solution for child support is as easy as this, that the person receiving child support can only collect support for the amount of hours they work. In other words if Jane doe only works 15 hours a week she will have support based on 15 hours of work from John doe
This petition probably wont work considering its directed to a congress that has vowed to do nothing..hey john bohner thanks for nothing. Literally. You could have reformed this debtors prison we are in but you wont. You would rather sue someone than help out. Its clear congress is just another babymomma suing cause shes ****ed. Btw. Obama care is basically childsupport 2.0 so no wonder noone likes it. I saw let obamacare happen..then i can say welcome to the boat b
I never whent to court i didi not agree to this but was forced. Into it and never had a dna test done my name is not on the birth certificate. And the kids my not be mine i have not seen them or the mother for 7 yrs now and it hurts. Because they may not be mine. And i want my funds back i slaved for hard work and giled taxes and they just took it all unconstitutional. I know my rights i just. Got feed up with the money stealing. I have a lot of time to fight back now work is slow so am in
Do something about parents, mostly women, who use child support money to support themselves and their latest bed partner and the children get little. My ex, Deborah Dianne Titus, Jonker, whatever name she calls herself these days, uses support money to buy legal pot, they live in Kalkaska, MI where its legal and she buys that, and drives my kids around under the influence, kids say she drinks and drives as well. I last spoke to my kids Jan, 2014. I spoke to one and was told that she was fixing food for the younger ones, while her mother went out at night wearing only a swim suit. The courts in Kalkaska think its just fine that I don't know where my kids are living at this time, I cannot talk to them and don't know where they are. A lawyer in my state has been contacted, is working on this situation.
these laws are from the 50's and should be changed
It's funny the child support laws are supposed to stop people from making babies without the means of paying for them. Problem is people are always going to have sex. Alot of financially strapped people exspecially women use this to extort money from the govt. Not for the needs of the child but to fill up their own pocket. Meanwhile the poor father cant find qork in a jobless economy but is set to pay min wage. If he dont pay they take his license so thenche cant work at all. Doesnt that fall under the "cruel and unusal punishment" law provided in the eigth amendment of the constitution?
I work at least 60 hrs a week to afford child support at 2100.00 a month for two kids plus 400 in insurance after taxes I am left with 400 a month and she has a job making 15 an hour how is this fair !!!!
Why do women get do,icicle what is the parent fitness it should be looked into more because if they need child support they can't take care of the child
The law is in favor of custodial parent only.
I am a mother and grandmother a daughter whom never received any child support a son with $45000 yr ends up with $12000 YR NO TAX DEDUCTION does not qualify for any help he has no life what right do you have to take his life your laws create what you call DEAD BEAT DADS texas laws give no rights to the dads if you can not afford a lawer infact it does not matter in texas. my son has a right to have a life as well again your laws create the so called DEAD BEAT DADS
There are too many people depending on child support to be able to get their hair and nails done. They are not spending it on the children as they should. The laws that are set in place basically force money from a man or else. Mothers who have children by people who they are not married to should not be able to receive child support payments. Some people end up paying child support even if they are taking care of their children. When I had my son, I was a teenager and I was basically forced to put his father (whom is now my husband) on child support or my child would not have been able to receive Medicaid. Do you see how the government forces men on child support just because they are not the person to give birth. I HATE child support. It is just another way to keep our men down. People make mistakes and should not have to pay for it for the rest of their lives even if they have straightened themselves up and got a family. A married man would not be an ideal dad to an outside child simply because they have to TAKE CARE OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD. It is not a sin to neglect a mistake that was made at a previous time that God had already forgiven you for.
I have an 11 year old and I am paying child support that pays for her mother's free living for her boyfriend and their 3 kids they have a house while I have to work 12 hours a day to make ends meet to raise my 3 year old twins and I still can't afford a house
The laws are unfair
The laws are unfair and need to be changed !
It's time to hold all parents accountable. I'm a hardworking mother of two and I watch my husband get squeezed dry from his ex wife who parties and sits on her butt! The kids are with us the majority of the time and he is a great father. She threatened to try and get more out of him recently. What a loser!!
I pay a lot in child support plus a portion of my bonus goes to the lazy Ex. She refuses to work a full time job as a nurse so that i can suffer. The fathers who are there for their children, have careers for their children get shafted because outrageous amounts of child support and Unwillingness for an Ex to work to her full potential. Unfair and this needs to change.
Child support should be base on how much it cost to maintain a child by both parents not just on a percent of income of the non custodial parent makes. How the child support is spent should also be monitored to make sure the money is being spent on the child if the custodial parent can not financially support the child custody should be given to the parent who can. Here in Texas there is alot of prejudice againts fathers seems like Texas is pro-mom they do a flat percentage of income they do not take into consideration of mortages, school loans or other expenses just like they don't care on what the child support is spent on.
I am all for child support but it is one sided the women collect and the men are forced to struggle to help the woman payu bills that she was paying before she had a child, child support is for the child not for her to pay her bills and not have a job, i have been forced into poverty and will lose my house =, but you preach support i cant even do anything with my son and dont have a home to bring him to, but she does
The Child Support System is the civil rights plight of our time, it will continue to murder father's all over the country until it is modified. When a guy goes on NATIONAL TELEVISION to "Discuss the Brutal System of Indentured Servitude" and instead SETS HIMSELF ON FIRE!!! in order to draw attention to the atrocities the support system perpetrates you'd think Congress would take a step back and say, "Hey, is there anything weird about this system that would make these fathers blow their brains out???" They don't and I sit here in tears, terrified of this system. I'm a slave, a slave to my ex-wife, a slave to the State and Federal government, and I will never be free until my children, whom I NEVER see because of the inexplicable lack of enforcement of the ONLY thing that matters, visitation, are out of college. It makes me sick, I feel like a prisoner, at least a prisoner can seek forgiveness for his sins, a father estranged from his children and extorted by the very government sworn to protect him and his rights has nothing to atone for? No crime to learn from... His only crime was to be a father? Yet, the courts, again, WON"T ENFORCE VISITATION! It's so blatant that the only reason for the system is to get more money and to make it so the government doesn't have to support women and their children. That is the ONLY REASON THE SYSTEM IS THE WAY IT IS. It makes me want to kill myself everyday. Instead I quit my job and am starting my own business to attempt to escape the horrendous punishment that has befell me, if I fail I go to jail, as a martyr, I feel we as fathers should all refuse support and simply ask for 50/50 custody. Why not? It makes it so simple! If we split the cost of the children right down the middle, why the heck do they even need support. The only reason is bc the gov't doesn't want to foot bill and men are scared to death to challenge it because they are chastised as bad dads, low life's, dead beat dads, etc. IT's BS! It needs to stop.
The child support guild lines are unrealistic, unfair, and make it to where a man can not afford anything. why does the cost of one child differ from another. I have two children, one I pay child support. The mom of the child that i pay child support for is driving around in a brand new car, when my wife and I share a truck because we cant afford another vechial. I make less than 30,000 a year and I was ordered to pay 15,000 a year. The child support system is a scam. Some women take advantage of the system.
When I was originally divorced I couldn't afford a place of my own so stayed with my 85 year old (at the time) grandmother for almost 2 years after. I then got a small apartment, filed a motion to modify visitation/child support to obtain shared parenting and share 50% of the cost to support my 4 children. I was fought by my ex and the court, and spent over $10k on a GAL and my own attorney. That went on for over 2 years. Once I filed dropped the motion to modify child support my ex agreed (almost immediately) to the shared parenting. So I am still paying 100% of the child support I was prior yet I have more than doubled my overhead costs. I would pay whatever the cost to be with my children as they are the most import part of my life. I have 3 sons and fear they will be thrown down the gauntlet of the child support system themselves someday. Our leaders need to act on this important issue.
whole system is a scam to make $ off the dad, for everyone but the slave himself.
I got involved with a woman that i never should of. I lived in Illinois. She got pregnant, moved to Louisiana to have the baby, and started asking for child support. I understand paying child support and happy to do my part. I would love custody of my daughter and can most certainly give her a better live. But i am a man and the laws favor the wormen. She hasnt worked in years, her mother works from home, and now she is saying she is going to school. She is using state/federal money to go to school. She dropped out of college before and still hasnt paid those past bills. She has a large amount of debt. She is going to take online courses and doesnt want to put our daughter in daycare but wants someone to come to the house while she is there. So i have to pay 100% of child support, 100% of the daycare, 100% of medical insurance and medical bills, and never get to see my child. If she works, its for her father and not taxed so she doesnt have to share any of the financial burden of the legal child support. She gets to claim all the taxes. Whats worse is she doesnt even have anyone come for daycare and she pockets all the money. I have to pay more money to go to court and fight for what little rights a man has in this situation. Its outrageous.
I am also an Army veteran. My wife cheated on me, drained the bank account and left me. I now pay 75% of my children's care at 1500 per month in child support and medical insurance. When they get nice things and go on trips, I pay. I was just ordered to pay my ex 17k from a house that I am struggling to sale because I cant afford to do the necessary repairs to put it on the market. I pay $700 per month for mortgage on that house, in addition to the house I live in ( in another state ) costing me 1500 per month and my girlfriend is paying 500 per month for the loan she took out to pay my ex the 17k. My ex is engaged to another man, just used the 17k and child support to buy a house for her fiance', his kids and my kids. She is living the dream while I am struggling. I can't even take care of myself without help from my girlfriend although my income indicates that I should be doing great. My ex gets a free ride though life while I struggle. To add insult to injury, every year, she claims my kids on her income tax return. Where is the justice in that? Meanwhile, I am taxed at the highest percentage because of my income, as if I have no dependents or responsibilities. There is no way that it's fair for her to receive that money tax free while I pay the highest percent taxes on it.between her and the IRS, I only receive 50% of my income to live off of! I am angry at this system. It does not work for dads who pay child support!
I am a veteran and I am being completely messed over on childsupoort
I see my two girls 3 weekends out of the month. I am paying over $2000 every month. After that my living standard is essentially reduced to that of someone making half of what I make. My ex doesn't work, gets to claim both kids as dependents. While I pay >$2000 a month post-tax and can't claim them as dependents. My tax withholding increased so my monthly take home check is much smaller than before. I feel the law punishes the financially responsible parent for divorce.
Isn't the spirit of child support to provide for child(ren) the same standard of living the non-custodial parent has? Well my living standard has gone to $h!t..I work my butt off during the week, and take care of my girls on the weekends, while my ex takes care of the girls during the week and gets to relax on the weekend. Oh did I mention, she doesn't drive, yet decided to move an hour away from where I live and work, so I am on the road 4 hours total to pick up and drop off my girls. How does someone who can't even drive get full custody?
How's any of this fair?
IAM paying 1000$ a month in child support, This has to stop, IAM losing my house and car, even before the support went threw, I was paying all expenses for the my 2sons, luis19130@yahoo.com
Child support is broken in so many ways and just like everything it the middle class that get hit the hardest. In my state NY the child support for 2 children is %25 percent of your gross salary, and if you make under 16000 the minimum is $300 per year. I did well for my self, when to school and have a decent job making 90000. I love my children and I want them all the time, but even with a fight I only got them 40 percent of the time and I had to start paying $22500 per year, that is $1875 per month. Lets break down where that money is going.

Ex wife housing ) 700 per month
After School Daycare) 400 per month
Clothing ) 300 per month
Food ) 300 per month
Education Exp ) 100 per month
Extra ) 75 per month

Ok so when I was married the most I have every spend on my child is 1000 per month and now I have to pay %187 more than I have every spend on my child all because I have to pay for the my X house fully, the clothing fully, the food fully, education exp fully and make sure my kids are eating steak and lobster every night. And on top of it I get taxed at %20 percent which is %45 percent of your salary not including SS, medical, and all the state tax you have to pay. So when you figure all the taxes and child support you make way below 50 percent of your income.

Ok so I am not all here to complain but to give a suggesting. I believe to truly be fair with expensive the money for child care should go into a state fund just like HSA (health saving account) DCA (dependent care account). This is a account where you place money in and the only time it can come out if you have a justified expense. For HSA you can take it out for doctors visits, surgeries, pescriptions and so forth. I belive a CCSA (child care saving account) would be great. For example if I made 90000 and my X made 20000, I would be reponsiable 81 percent and she be responable 21 percent so for all expenses so she need to fork up 21 percent of the money if we had a equal 50/50 split of the kids. So if a 3br house cost 800 per month (what she need for the kids) and a 1br house cost 500 (what she needs to live) the differeance is 300 dollars where I have to pay 81 percent of 300 for housing which is 245 dollars. These rule would enforce that to get more money the woman/man needs to spend more money on the kids and kids along, not on her hair, clothing, going out, ect ect. Also to gain benifits each person needs to work and provide for there children. If you don't work and the other parent wants the child they should have first rights, as long as they are a fit and able parent. Knowing where my money goes and knowing that someone isn't getting a free ride just because I did the right things in life.
My brothers have been drug through the mud and hell twice over by the child custody laws in the united stated. MO is a mothers rights state but half of the mothers in this state ate worthless and willing to put there children in a horrible situation only to gain something for themselves. I have seen my brothers give up girl friends, jobs, and friends to make sure they provide the time, love, support, and safe place. I could lay out all the details of these three mentally abusive , house hopping, stalking, mentally ill girls but I won't. What I will do is promote great parenting and be a big supporter of any man or women trying and successfully givinh any child a home and love that they need to be safe and as normal as possible.
My husband broke up with his abusive ex six years ago. They had a 9 month old daughter when they broke up. My husband paid her child support every single month even though they hadn't gone to court. Eventually she got mad at us and took my husbands daughter out of preschool which she didn't get in trouble for. She turned off her phone and disappeared from the face of the earth. We opened a child custody case and right before everything went to court, we had an officer show up to our home and tell us my husbands daughter was in foster care. My step daughters mom was arrested for illegally growing and selling illegal substances. All of her four children including my step daughter were taken from the home and put in foster care. They did not tell the police my step daughter has a dad they can call and just allowed her to he taken into custody. We got her back into our home and fought TOOTH AND NAIL for full custody. We thought this is it. Finally. She is in jail and had all of her kids taken. She was charged with endangerment of children. We were granted temporary custody until out court date. Somehow, some way, they have her mom half custody of my step daughter. HALF! we were fighting for full, and wanted her mom to have visitation until she cleans her life up. She was given half custody on the grounds that she had a house, which her mom was paying all of the bills for. Her mom pays her cell phone and car payment as well. We were ordered to pay 1200 per month which nearly broke us. We can barely afford to pay that after bills. We were ordered to back pay her for months and we owed her thousands of dollars. All of our money is being sucked from us and pur bank account has been levied twice. My husband plead to the judge to take into consideration our two young boys at home. They made it clear that our boys are not important. Since she is the first child of my husband they told him she is of number one importance. First priority they said. They will take our last dollar if it means my step daughters mom gets the money she "deserves" even if it means we have no way to provide anything for our boys. All my boys have is my husband and I, I do not make an income of my own. My step daughter's maternal grandmother makes a lot of money and provides for all of them, paying their way while our child suppprt goes for fun stuff. As far as the state is concerned, the mother has no income because she doesnt work, even though she lives in a nice home and drives a nice car paid for by her mom. This system is SO broken. I believe child support is important. But I also believe to take into consideration a families situation. Just because my husband and I got together after he had a bad relationship and got married and had kids with me, we are unimportant to the state. We pay top dollar to a criminal who has her mommy pay all of her bills. She is also collecting welfare for my step daughter AND child support and shattered did not get in trouble. Something needs to be
I am a United States Marine married to another Marine who was obligated child support. We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter together born in 2011 we were also married in 2011. He was divorced in 2008 in Missouri. In 2011 he got out of the service. Since 2008 the child's mother has sat on her fat*****while we were paying $850.00 a month in child support for one child she was also remarried in 2009 and she was now working (only working the bare minimum) also sending the kid to child care on days she didn't even go to work why? We were fronting the bill. OH YES! $567.00 a month on top of %69 percent of child care and %100 insurance with him making $3600.00 a month. In April of 2011 at this point my husband being out of the service now was still obligated to pay the $850.00 a month. He had a lower paying job not nearly $3600.00. And modification of support was a joke which we couldn't even modify till 2012. Lets just say it is now 2014, 4 lawyers later, a foreclosed house, ruined credit, and taken taxes thank god I am so prideful and work and don't take advantage of the legal system just because I am a female. Remember, we had a child in 2011 (we got served with contempt paperwork 5 days after she was born because we couldn't keep up with $850.00. I couldn't provide for her as much as what I have wanted to because another child was getting 3 incomes. My husbands ex -wife bought a car in his name while he was overseas forged his signature never got in trouble. Sent the kid to child care on her free days never got in trouble. That b**** got everything. If there is one thing I have learned from all this I am working my a** off to become a strict DAD lawyer. So, for all you dads out there who are getting milked for everything you got, and for all you wives out there standing by your man while you have to suffer too, and pay for someone else's car payments, bling, and vacation. I want to give you a damn standing ovation. Go get em!!!!!!!!!!!!
The laws need to be changed immediately to reflect that both parents need to provide support regardless if they stop working or not.
I think they all so should be randomly drug tests the agents for child support don't care about the kids they only want checks
I was a stay at home mom to six children and my marriage was already over. Before I lost my sanity i moved out working 12 hr days with no place to stay. He received government assistance and they came after me with child support. I was already providing for my children yet I believe he lead others to believe that I wasn't. Its not hurting me as much its hurting my children. Why? because he hasn't bought them the things they need nor is he there to raise them. So my hard earned money is going where exactly?
i have wrote the distric of columbia of the u.s.a they got power the congress states attorney general of mpls mn dc florida because they take any ones case if you dont live their we are sick of the goverment breaking the rule s and violating are rights the goverment took a oath to protect our rights and that is why child support is unconstitutional and ileagal they are run by magistrate rules and clerks they have said been adopted by the federal to do there dirty work but by congress law the federal goverment CAN NOT ADOPT the rules and guidlines of the state they passed this back in1975 i am schoced that they have been willing to risk jail time in doing this because their is a god and this will back fire so fast as it is its unconstitutional and it is human trafficking tresspassing treason enforcement violation of the 14TH Amendment
I actually pay child support for 2 children. One isn't even biologically mine but I except responsibility for her even though their mother does get a very small amount of money for her. She is trying to finish school and hopefully get a career in that field to help support her kids, that is not my issue. I feel that ALL parents should be expected to help support their kids. Not just one of them.. This law needs to happen! This will stop a lot of injustice and women who believe they can just live off of something they didn't earn while their child suffers.
It's unfair and not equal the way the laws are written and then to have a administrative judge decide what's fair that day and time is even more crooked as the same system that FORCES you to be a working TAX slave, is the same system that says DADS need to be more in there kids life's. But they need tax money so things can't be 50/50 even though the Constitutions says were all created equal. Listen I won custody then the gang related family threatened to make me disappear. So in exchange I gave up the choice not to see my daughter anymore and she would close the case. 5 years later after she was removed off probation she reopened it and now they say I owe over $100k in past arrears. Wow I got 4 more kids to support. Which is weird is that Im disabled for past 10 years and only about 3 years I worked and when I did work I only made about 22,000. Either or L.A County is the worse crooked organized crime syndicate off them all. They prefer to put more criminals DADS in jail then to provide them with better job training or job assistance. Plus the cost to support your self in a city of Angeles is so high that your pronged to move to the Ghetto drug migrant side to live just in order to emit a bill that's based on credit. Not to mention there support offices are full of previous welfare to work moms and dads that were prior criminals and or related to. Ruminant gangs so most off time they find and locate people for a little pay. Wow can't say more but you thinks your state is evil try LA COUNTY. Most organized crime syndicate ever!!!!

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