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I make 1900$ a month before taxes. After taxes its 1500$. Of that I pay 728$ in child support, 450 for rent, 50$ for phone, 150$ gas, and that leaves me with 122$ every month. Where's the money to eat, savings, car repairs, or to see my kids every month. Child support doesn't factor in that I pay taxes. It says I have 950$ a month for self support but I don't because of taxes. My ex makes over 50,000$ a year and gets my kids all the time. Why is this the law? Its not fair.
When will it change??? I have complete 50/50 joint custody of my 2 children with their mother being remarried to a man that makes a decent living. She chooses not to work because the less "she" makes the more I have to pay. Both of my children are in school. I have them from Fri-Mon every week so she is free every weekend to do as she pleases. I am not against child support but I am against lazy mothers being enabled by the government to live off the man. Even with 50/50 custody, on child support the mother is automatically listed as the primary parent and this can not be changed. Also the father is automatically responsible for more of the support than the mother. HOW IS THIS RIGHT??? Child support actually told me that if I quit my job and she got a job she would have to pay me??? So we are rewarding the parent that refuses to work and punishing the one which tries. Not to mention that she receives 6-8 grand every year of my taxes for back support that they said I owed from the day the children were born??? I have a baby at home with my current wife that goes without so my childrens mother can live better. The man has to eat, live, and survive too. I have a life too. Change these laws!!! Families are going without because of this cookie cutter law!!!
Child support is an absolute fraud designed to enrich lawyers and their judge friends that just rubber stamp anything thing brought in front of them. There is no such thing as a "deadbeat dads" . If you cannot afford to raise your kids without equal support from NCP but more instead you are "the deadbeat mom." In my case, The deadbeat mom intentionally quit her higher paying job to take a part time home job to just get more child support money. If this is about the kids why don't you give me the kids and you can have visitation anytime you want since you can't afford to raise the kids without my income. I know I can raise the kids without any child support from the mother and the mother can see the kids anytime they want. This is why this whole system is a fraud and destroys families.
Both parents need to be equally responsible. My husband and I both work and spend more to ensure the kids have a comfortable and happy lifestyle while at the same time having to supply biological mom with child support. She has chosen to work part-time and per the children and others in the community, she is not spending the child support on them and still asks us for additional reimbursements when she does something like buy them an extra shirt, etc. even though they are with us primarily and during the school year. It's a tough reality and unfair but that is why the laws need changed.
Frustrated working professional & stepmom
Both parents need to be held equally accountable for their children. Stop placing the entire burden on the father while the mother move in with another man and allows him to take care of her.
I have 2 big boys Im not even on the birth certificate for my first being a college athlete I think its unfair that athletes cant work and child support adds up when she is involved in sports as well.. She moves outta state takes my son and aspects me to pay all this money we are not even married never been...
I don't no one well at least most parents has a problem supporting their kids it's just the lazy*****parent who's using this for a free meal ticket. These judges and politicians need to try and live on this crap that they deem fair for a year they wouldn't last 3 months but they expect us to do it for 18-24 years! R u kidding me? But they will continue to drag this out until someone who is or has gone through this takes their place GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE AND OFF THE BENCH U R NOT THE SOLUTION U R THE DAMN PROBLEM!!!!
I have been paying Child Support to the tune of 871 dollars a month, plus alimony of 495 a month, totaling 1366 a month. I have a good job. My Son's mother chooses to work at a mediocre job because the system allows it. Since this forum is designed for Child Support issues, I don't think some of the comments regarding Alimony are relevant. Since I have what is deemed as a Shared Custody arrangement, I pay child support based on a ratio of my income compared to hers, then I pay the percentage of the difference minus what she makes. This formula is based on combining my income and hers to get a total. Then the STATE sets some arbitrary percent that people in that income bracket would spend on a child per month. The total of that percentage of what the state deems that people would spend on a child per month is then divided between the two of use based on the ratio of my income versus hers. Therefore, the more money I make, the more support I pay. If she chooses to work a job that has no upward mobility, then as I advance in my career, I will be paying more money to her each year that my income increases.

There needs to be some sort of process that just because I make more money, the state does not allow her to feel ENTITLED to more of the money I am earning.

I know that congress has much more important issues to worry about, like vacations and taking time away from the office to take care of their families, but there needs to be something in place that can protect the person paying support from the person collecting support.

I get my son over 40% of the time and I get a slight decrease in the support I pay, but it is negligible. If I never saw my son, I would pay about $100 more per month than seeing him 40 plus percent of the time.

Pennsylvania has some messed up laws regarding paying support (alimony and child). Unless you can get a hold of someone who cares or support master that would buck the system, you are stuck in the system that is in place.

Having children with someone else doesn't make support go down either. The good news is that after paying alimony for what will be 4 years and 7 months, Alimony will be ending at the end of May. I was only married 11 years. There needs to be a way to keep all support in check so it can not take advantage of the person who pays support. There is nothing in place and as a father, I am viewed as the one who is nothing more than a way to support my EX, not as someone who wants to build a new life.
It's not just the women who sit at home and collect child support. I am a non-custodial mom who is paying support for one child. (Apparently being Active duty military doesn't provided a stable enough environment.) But what I actually pay for is all of my sons support(gladly) plus truck tires, tattoos, a new wife and other things that should not be my responsibility all while trying to raise my younger son who I have full custody and do not receive child support for, because I have never asked for child support. I can take care of my family without relying on others. Mean while I am judged on my potential to earn and what the courts think I should be able to do. Why isn't the custodial parent judged the same way??????
My son has a child that I take care of.I'm the grandmother. My son is on child support from his ex girlfriend to collect food stamps . I upset with this law because t ghost e grandparent dont have any rights.If i give him back to her he might eat and might not so what do i do? I have tried talking to her all lies just getting a free ride but now its time for me to take action! The law need to b change!!
child support justice systems is unfairly all the a round with dads who take care of there kids someone need to help dads because when are kids all grown up y do we still have to pay childs support when u take care of the kids all they life up until where they are now because the mother say so thats a lie men really need help with this childs support system
There should be vouchers instead of money because some mothers who get support spend the money on there dead beat boyfriends, drugs, and partying instead of there child.Also it seems the courts harasses the ones who actually pay and don't do anything to the ones who dont.I got 45 days in jail for missing one payment in 7 years because i lost my job.The justice system needs to be reevaluated putting people in jail for non support is the dumbest law ever it only makes it to were the only one who gets support is the government it's not about the child it's about the government getting paid they could careless about the child.It's all about money.
There should be vouchers instead of money because some mothers who get support spend the money on there dead beat boyfriends, drugs, and partying instead of there child.Also it seems the courts harasses the ones who actually pay and don't do anything to the ones who dont.I got 45 days in jail for missing one payment in 7 years because i lost my job.The justice system needs to be reevaluated putting people in jail for non support is the dumbest law ever it only makes it to were the only one who gets support is the government it's not about the child it's about the government getting paid they could careless about the child.It's all about money.
I don't understand how they expect a man to pay child support when they takes a man lively hood away from him... What I mean by lively hood is the means for him to support his kids, for example!! I was with the mother of my kids from day one, so to give myself & my family a better life I started Truck driving school where I obtained my CDL's that the child support system took away which cause me to be unable to support me & my kids.... I been having trouble ever since getting back on my feet, it's been so hard for me for the past 9 years to find employment where I'm making a decent wage & they make it impossible for me to obtain my license back so I'm stuck working these dead end jobs just to pay my child support..... These laws need to change quickly especially the laws where they take your licenses away...
As a father I am paying so much to the mother of my daughter that it is hard for me to have a normal life and also to afford to do things with my daughter. The laws should include both parents salaries as she makes over $10,000 a year then I do. The country wants fathers in their childrens lives but the system needs to be more fair to the non custodial parent.
I get my kid 4 days a week on average. My kids mom only wants to have him as much as she does so she takes 40% of what I earn. While she only works 10 hours a week and married a deadbeat who she's expecting to have a kid with. She doesn't spend time with him while he's there. He tells me he plays by himself and wants to live with me. Child support is making have a way worse life than he should have. Instead of me buying him gifts and doing things with him that cost alittle more money, she spends it on herself and he husband. How is this fair?? I barely can afford to buy grocerys and pay bills. Every week is a struggle while she's living the life sitting around neglecting our son.
For the last 22 years , I have been paying child support.The law states up to 50% of net income.I don't recall ever seeing the up to part. My ex has been on assistance for over 22 years and is still on it . Iam finally down to rears .What I don't understand is how can they take my whole return . What happened to the 50% . It would be nice to get a good emount of money once a year , even half of my returns would help.I barely get by day by day . and I have 1 child living with me . Unfortunetly she has to suffer as well . Child support doesn't give a dam about children , they just want money. It's just not right.
Child support laws are bias. Woman has kids she cannot afford, she get help. Man has kids he cannot afford, he goes to jail.
I pay $2500 / mo for one kid and the ex uses the money for whatever she wants. The law is completely broken. There needs to be accountability if she's going to get this kind of money for a 6 year old. I want to see receipts and any moneys not being used for her should go into a fund for her.
I was divorced 4 years ago and have been fighting a battle ever since. My ex wife and I both make around $65,000 a year with her sallary actually being better than mine. I have my kids 42% of the time during the school year and %50 of the summer yet I still pay 28% which comes out to over $1,100 a month plus my ex wife expects me to pay 50% of all extras........someone please tell me how this is fair.....I am paying for kids on her time as well as mine.......the country really needs to fix this stuff....GO TO THE SHARED INCOME MEATHOD that takes into consideration of time and sallary. By the time I pay for child support, health insurance, my house built in 1899, gas for my 1991 Buick regal, I can barely make ends meet......oh yeah forgot to mention the ex gets 28% of my yearly bonus if I get one......I would like someone to explain to me how this is fair in any way!!!
Money, money hungry unscrupulous and lawless women who abuse the system by not working and using our tax dollars to collect free food ( food stamps) free medical assistance and general hand outs that we pay for do not raise our kids! We need health care reform? We do need change, men need equal rights and child support reform that either sets a cap for child support instead of a ridicous percentage and that would make the mother pay back child support when the child becomes 18 and automatically makes the women get a court order for a week work order. A reform that actually cares where the money is going to better benefit the child not the lazy greedy and money hungry mother who think they deserve a free life. We work hard for what we have, they should to!!! Child support reform or no child support at all!!!!
my wife for 20 plus years passed away of cancer i was sitting at a restaurant one night where i met this girl she ended up pregnant. now she is asking for 730dollars a month for child support she lives in a home with 6 other family members a few work and the rest dont!! i have been employed for 27 years and because thats what she is asking for its all about the courts and what they say? why is it many females get what ever they ask for i am asking my attorney for 50\50 custody!! how is a man supposed to work and pay his bills and keep up with the high rising inflation when he barely can pay his mortgage payment and car payment? explain that but we are american aND LAW ABIDING CITIZENS AND WE ALWAYS GET THE SHAFT!! HOPEFULLY PEOPLE CAN HERE AND SEE THIS AND RESPOND TO WHY IS THIS!!! ITS UNFAIR TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT OUR FATHERS HAD FOUGHT IN THE KOREAN WARS AND VIETNAM WARS I WANT AN EXPLANATION!!!
I agree that child support laws need to be revised. The whole idea that they base it off of your w2's and not off a 40 hour week paycheck is unfair. The last year of my marriage my wife without my knowledge stopped taking birth control to get pregnant even after our councilor told us not to change anything and work on our marriage. I was forced to work almost 7 days a week in order to make sure our family stayed above water. Overtime is not guaranteed and I was lucky that year that it was there for me to work. But with that in the divorce they go by what you made the previous year and now it forces me to have to work on weekends and takes time away that I could be spending with my kids. I'm not one who thinks I shouldn't pay child support. The only problem I have is that it takes time away from my kids. With all the dead beat dads out there that don't pay at all and don't care to be in there kids lives you would think that they wouldn't punish the hard working fathers that want to be I there kids lives. I just don't think its right. And wish there was something that could be done. I mean the president goes on tv saying fathers need to be in there kids lives more but how can they when there forced to work all the time to pay unfair amounts of child support. All I wish they would do is base it on 40 hours a week which is more likely to get that overtime so fathers can live and there support there kids without having to kill themselves to do it.
Child Support in this country is a scam for bitter exes to economically cripple a man for his most productive years. The law needs to work for 50/50 balance, and require both sides to to pay into a fund that requires receipts and proof of expenses for either to withdraw from it.
I am tired of the way I am treated in Branch county. The courts are all for the women and men are the scum of the earth. Even if the men try to be a big part of the childs life, the court treats them like dirt. they take more and MORE time away from the men. The Women are ALWAYS right in court and men are always WRONG. We need to do something to change this. Its time for the U.S. to treat Men Fairly.
Please tell me how $3200 out of a gross income $4800 is fair when the mothers choose not to work. They don't have to when they receive child support, food stamps, and cash welfare also. This system needs to be fixed because the noncustodial parent expenses are rarely l taking into consideration.
I am a woman who has over 25% of my income going to the father of my child. Instead of the courts taking a reasonable judgement, they suggested that I "work on my relationship" with my ex-husband. I did not realize that I had to be my ex-husbands' friend for the courts to make a fair ruling.
I gladly pay my due, but you guys are killing me. I make almost $20 an hour and bring home $300 a week. Not to mention I have 3 kids that live with me and I don't get support for them. Amazing how she cant work but has time and money to go to vegas. Do something please. Quit taking more and more money from those who willingly pay. This is not why I fought for OUR country.
I hate yo people my kids stay with me and im the one paying for this******and no i dont wanna put the mom on child support why u would u make anyone go thru such much pain and suffering some people pray to wake up i pray not to all because oF the situation off not knowing whats really going on in a person home every father is not a bad one
A mother of a child or children should not get more than 50% of the fathers income for child support, the father has to live as well and take caare of the children on his time, especially when the father has the children almost 50% of the time, and child support should be taxable the laws need to change to support the father as well, and not be again the father. se mothers spend this money on things that are not for the children and that needs reevaluated...It is truly a shame the our congress is not changing the laws to help support the father. Make it happen..
j cannot figure out how is it we pay child support for my step daughter and yet the mom has never ever held a job, gets free state Assistance, has a Boyfriend helping her and yet we struggle to provide for our other 2 children. Yet the money doesn't go to the child, she can get a job and help pay for her own daughter as well. Yet if we dont have the money to pay we lose everything and they do not care if our other kids are taken care of. Last time i checked it doesn't cost $200 a month for a child. My kids currently do have nice clothes, shoes and both wear diapers and we still do not pay $200 a month for them. These laws need to change and make it to where the mother also be required to have a job and help pay for their own child (i am a woman with kids)
Child support law I find is unfair. I feel and have been a victim of this unfair law practice that starts from the lawyers who feel they can have you pay them $3000,00 only to sit back, make no argument in your defense, never return your calls or prepare you when and if you are call to give a statement concerning the divorce or custody or allow the other lawyer to drag you through the dirt and make outrageous demand to the judge to slap you with. I also blame the judge for stating to the ex that he will not demand that the child remain in state in which the family live in order to promote a stable life that the child can have with the non - custodial parent.
Financially supporting a child is non-negotiable. But unfortunately, the current statutes make support payments unfair to the non-custodial parent, especially if they make a decent salary. The obligated child support payments of someone in a higher tax bracket practically pays for ALL of the child's expenses, with no financial responsibility on the custodial parent. The courts may break down numbers that obligate both parties, but only the non-custodial parent is held to it (garnished wages, direct payments to custodial parent, etc.) . This is unfair!
If the law obligates an amount of money for the child, there should be checks and balances in place that require the money be spent only on the child. Other than that, it's a tax free payday for the custodial parent and remains bias towards the non-custodial parent. A change is long over due.
I make 2700 a month and the proposed order is for me to pay 1,366 for 2 kids, i have 2 other children whats gonna happen to them. The worst part is i told my ex i wasnt ready for kids, then we decided to have one, all along she told me she is one birth control only to find out she came off and then came a second child. How is that fair? When i didn't even want kids, i cant talk about my other kids and if it was up to her i would not give them a dime, i guess her dreams are gonna come tru thanks to these unfair chid support laws. And onther thing that should be changed is marriage proves paternity cause it does not only a paternity test can do that, this lady has been cheating on me the entire relationship, i moved out for 3 weeks to clear my head only to drive drive by early one morning, to see her and her man coming out of the apt i am still paying for!
I make 2700 a month and the proposed order is for me to pay 1,366 for 2 kids, i have 2 other children whats gonna happen to them. The worst part is i told my ex i wasnt ready for kids, then we decided to have one, all along she told me she is one birth control only to find out she came off and then came a second child. How is that fair? When i didn't even want kids, i cant talk about my other kids and if it was up to her i would not give them a dime, i guess her dreams are gonna come tru thanks to these unfair chid support laws. And onther thing that should be changed is marriage proves paternity cause it does not only a paternity test can do that, this lady has been cheating on me the entire relationship, i moved out for 3 weeks to clear my head only to drive drive by early one morning, to see her and her man coming out of the apt i am still paying for!
By default, unless otherwise unsafe to the child and parents live in close proximity, 50/50 equal shared parenting time. Period. Both parents keep their own money. Support only goes toward medical insurance and expensive things like braces etc. Based on how much each makes. If parent A earns 90k and parent B earns 30k. Parent B pays 1/3. Regular CS can be eliminated. Just medical and other big purchases like braces etc. based on how much each earns. Something similar to this can work.
I stay with my children and baby mama and she still got me on child support what should I do ??
It's time for CITIZENS REVOLT and REVOLUTION to stop the Communist-ZIONIST regime in this country called "Amerika" -- this is not country of freedom, but country of communism and its leader is a communist also.. ABOLISH CHILD SUPPORT NOW !! End the COMMUNIST rule of America. For a true free America !
Congress is a joke right now. The women profit even with 40+ percent of the time spent with your child is in your own home. I make nothing, I am twenty years old. I make maybe 18,000$ a year and pay 99$ a week. I just got told, my daughter is REQUIRED to have health insurance through my employer. I average 31 hours a week @ 8.25 and my lowest plan is 128.18 a week which is 40/60 coverage. If you do the math I am mandated to pay 10,908$ every year I make 18,000 if that? I have bills to pay, rent to pay. I get 140$ after all is done. And I have 1,600$+ of bills that are equally as important. Like the nice roof over my childs head and her clothes guess that will be all gone after the state is done taking over 60+ percent of my wages. Gotta love democrats. Take from the working, give to the poor.
I pay my child support and have not even seen my kids in years nor do i know where they live only i know what state. One child i do not know if he is mine but im forced to pay.
Child support should be based off of both parents incomes. 50 years ago most house holds only had one income, now day most work. My ex-wife works a full time job, and 20% of my income is more than enough to feed and clothe my child. So who gives me money to do that when i have my child? no one. I have my child 40% of the time in the decree and have my child more than that. It seems child support is more of a entitlement, than support for your child. the person that receive the child support gets to claim it as income when buying a house or car and pays no tax. The payer has to show it as a garnishment when buying a home or car and pays taxes on the child support. So in my case, this is free money that my ex-wife gets and will continue to get for 13 more years. So you get divorced and the payer has to wait until there child is 18 or out of high school before they can truly be done with the divorce. Way to go america! Congress likes to make changes and add new laws daily. Its time for Congress to fix this.
I have been paying child support insurance included 647 a month, and now fixing to pay another 580 a month for two other kids, nether mother works, I am now forced to move me my girlfriend to Ohio from Oklahoma so I can live rent free with my brother because now I can not afford to pay my bills, I earn around 1900 a month my rent is 575 my car payment is 437 and gas bill, electric, city, you get the point, new laws need to be in place to go not by GROSS income but by net bec also after the two hundred I am forced to pay for insurance I just can't make it, it is a sham the State and Government is taking advantage of hard working people, we do need to stand up and fight this, it can be won, just let your voice be heard and NVR stop trying because without a fight we will never have change, thanks.
Joseph, I don't think we need intelligent people to fix this. Too many people are making a boatload of money off our backsides. Society and politicians already have the research and studies that show noncustodial dads are getting destroyed. And our children are suffering because of it. What we need are honest and courageous people to change something that is wrong on many levels.
can we please just get some really intelligent people whom are not lawyers or too far on one side of the issue to make better policies?
It should be that the fathers be given a tax credit and as well split the EIC tax credit for any children they he pays support for. it's not fair that the mothers get the tax credit only and father don't get anything. the support they get should be added as taxable income. last thing I remembered is that it takes 2 people to make a baby. All some women go around spreading their legs open and knownly not on any sort of birth control, to trap men so they have some mean of guaranteed financial support! Some women just sit on their asses all day and do nothing but collect the support money, They need to get a job and help pay for some support themselves. A lot of support cases I have seen the women have not bought hardly anything for the children and take the money and go buy them selves a pair of tits and get their hair and nails done so they can go to the clubs and find their next meal ticket. This has has got to stop, that money support is meant for the children's well being and living standards. Some women screw men for money pit. Maybe some of you nasty hoes should get a brain and close your legs and actually stop screwing us men and the children over. Oh p.s stop wearing those hoochie momma and slutty outfits to get us to sleep with you ao you can get us to knock you up....so all u men out there that have not been victimized by these black widow women be careful! They will give up the booty ISO they can get their 18 years of payday... Make sure u wear condoms and throw them away your self. Good and safe way is to break a little bit of hot sauce and put a a few dashes in the used condom to kills and sperm, women have got them selves pregnant by insemenating themselves with a freshly filled up used condom that you threw away in the bathroom track can
I have two wonderful boys with my ex girlfreind and i tried to work things out with her when we were together but she continued to treat me like dirt. I was the only one bringing money into the house workinmg two jobs 7 days a week with no days off. i did this for three years untill i got laid off from one job. I paid for my ex to go to school and get some kind of credential to help out. she ended up not following thru to help out and all she did was stay at home and complain about stuff. after a while i got sick and tired of it and i wanted to do right by my boys but i couldnt stand being treated like i didnt have a say so in my own home. we would get into arguments all the time for stupid stuff even her own family told her that she shouldnt treat me like that cause she will lose a good man. her response to that was all negative. I couldnt take no more of coming home to a dirty house and have to clean up after a hard days work, figure out whats for dinner, give the boys a bath, etc.. I gave her the option to stay at my dads witch had an apartment upstairs where we lived. I told her she can stay there till she gets on her feet but im out! I kept it 100 with her at all times and never cheated cause thats not in me. I gave her half of my tax return and in return she goes and rents a budget 7-10 rental truck and began to clear out my apartment when she owned nothing! I was not there at the time and i got a call from my dad saying that she is clearing me out! I rushed to my dads to find her and her cousin taking all my stuff. I told her fine u wanna be like that go ahead take it! she lied to me and said she was moving in with her aunt witch was not far from me. So i said ok fine just leave my flat screen and cpu and she tried to take it all. she did take my cpu tho. smh. i went by to pick up my boys and she, my things, and my boys, were gone! nowhere to be found. I asked her aunt and she didnt anything. 6 mounths later i found out she went to her moms witch was a 4hr drive from where i lived and in tried to serve her court papers but was unsuccessful. id send money for my boys every chance i got and then came a child support order. now im happily married with two beutiful girls and we cant make ends meet. my dad passes and leaves me the house that i cant afford coz of the chilld support! its winter and were running out of heat with no money to keep warm. i still have a job but with out child support i bring home about $989 every two weeks. with child support i bring home $585 every two weeks and my bills has rocketed to a hight i cant recover from. soon i will lose my home... she did this to me out of spite! is this for the welfare of my children? I got alopecia from stress. I had to beg her to bring my boys to my dads funeral! i dont here from my boys much and i miss them so. is this fair? Im in desperate need of help i cant servive like this.
In Indiana my lawyer said since she doesn't work that no one can force her to work .. ******** I say
I make 800 a week, pay 200 in taxes, pay 230 in child support, pay 125 in rent (slum), pay 125 in bills (power,h2o,car ins, phone...), spend 70 on groceries. This leaves me $50/week for gas, savings, and the expenses associated with actually seeing my children. I cannot afford health insurance. I need a change.
The struggle is hard enough to support one house hold when employers only want to pay 8-10 and hr. When you have to support a family at home and your ex wives family as well that is just insane. I have no problem taking care of my children hell I love being able to give them things. When I see my son walk up with clothes that don't fit and his mother just let the tanning bed and is wearing under armour then there is a serious problem. Something has to be done to protect everyone involved.


Follow the directions on this link: http://www.fixfamilycourts.com/protecting-parent-child-relationships-bill-for-texas/

and forward it ASAP!
The party who received child support should have to claim as income.
Judge Gary of Sacramento Family Court stated "I'm going to ruin you sir.", before he ordered me to pay child support that leaves me with $34 a month to live. When I asked him how am I supposed to pay rent and eat, he shrugged his shoulders.
I was railroaded in court by a judge that had a problem with me for past trouble i jad been in.me and my ex had actually agreed on a number that i could have afforded bit when brought in front of the judge he jacked up my payments by assuming what he thought i could make even though it was well over the legal percentage that would have been taken out of what i wad actually making.that was 7 years ago since then me and my wife and younger child have had a constant struggle,and have been on the brink of poverty.i still dont make what he claimed i did even back then.me and my wife will never be able to biy a house or even rent one.weve had to love on my parents land and if it werent fpr them we would be homeless.they take half of all mu earnings and that still doesnt pay the amount that im court ordered to pay.what am i to do?just give up and rot in jail?my ex and her new husband bought a new house and have had twocmore children.something has to be done.
women are triple dipping and the system is allowing it. they getting money from the ex. she getting money from the state or government and she is keeping hers or getting money from the husband or significant other. and the moment a man tries to better himself by getting a better paying job, they step in and take more money from him. they all going to hell.
My ex wife has the luxury of turning down full time work and refusing to take some jobs because it will take time away from our children. I live in Hawaii where the cost of living is extremely high so the pay rate is higher here because of that. She lives in Florida and gets 1200 a month by court order for child support of 2 children. That money pays for the rent and food. She does not have to work at all if she didn't want to.
The laws need to be changed.Regardless you should be able to have a relationship with you child or children.Women should just not be able to have full custody.These children also need to have a relationship with there children. Its like you go to court for child support but the women gets to have all the rights.Just because your relationship doesn't work doesn't mean that you don't let the father see his child or children. They need to make it a mandatory that if you pay child support they give you an option for visitation .
I pay half my disability check to Child Support interest and have paid CS for over 43 years.
I will never in my lifetime be able to pay off this interest on CS because due to MS I can't make any money now. 68,000 in interest at 12% can bury any body in debt little lone somebody that's on SSDI
We Care Austin is with you.
#WeCareDads is this saturday at the capital for fathers matter!! We understand your pain. Follow us on fb voice your opinion!!!!!. God bless

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