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my husband is paying child support and his teenager is in a mental hospital. the mother is not even caring for the child however she still gets the child support and claims the kids on her income tax. I am shocked!!
Child support laws are completely unfair,I am a loving father that pays child support for 2 children,I think it's unfair that a man should have to pay for his house hold expenses as well as the mothers,granted we are responsible for our half for the CHILD,but not for someone else's car note,house note,cable or anything else for that matter,this is an extremely unfair system of the government,we are expected to pay for a percentage of their house expenses,medical coverage and for the needs of the child,when I say this I speak both men and women alike,under the hardened sight of the system,that's ********,and then the fact the mother benefits from this while the child suffers from the lack of the other parent bring present due to what I stated earlier is a sick perversion of child care laws and a true form of oppression and unconstitutional,child support is no longer being used for its original purpose but as a weapon and a source of income for people that DO NOT WANT TO WORK AND HAVE NO AMBITIONS ON GETTING A JOB.
First, deadbeat fathers should be penalized substantially for not taking an positive role in their children's life. Those deadbeats make us good fathers look bad and thus the child support equation favors the mother. Last, when two former spouses make about the same in gross pay....their should not be child support...the father is always the one living in a slum apartment. The child support formula is out dated probably 40 years. Many of us are outstanding fathers and have our children or want their children in 50-50 share time with their spouse but cant due to the insanely high child support. I want to provide a home for my children....not an apartment. I want to be able to save for their college...I cant...in addition it has brought me on the verge of depression and certainly financial bancruptcy. ....which my ex helped caused.
I was married for almost 14 years, i had 2 children , the mother was worthless, i left, i pay 50 percent of my income on child support and alimony, ex-wife has never worked, and now i'm married to a nice filipino woman,the ex-wife wants a modification of alimony and child support, i cant' even afford to do nothing, i work overtime, now i'm being punished for working hard, i pay more, i should just quit my job and get on welfare , so i can be like her a bum, system is so unfair.
I pay a large amount of child support and it has put me in a financial bind. I decided I should get a part time job. Now I hear if I owe arrerage they will take from that too. Meaning I will be pay more than what is court orderd. This is so discouraging.
I have not seen my two boys in three years. We live in the same town but when I try to see them there has always been a reason I can't. I pay every week and always have except when I was out of wrk for a year. But trust me I'm paying and paid for with my time in jail too. Somthing needs to change where the woman needs to support the child "ren" too. Makes me sick.
Something is wrong when you have a hard working man supporting a wife and 5 children of our own, not on any government assistance and the courts come in rack your child support up 60% more then what you were paying and you and your family have to go file for food stamps because now you dont bring home enough money to support your family. Then on the other end her and her fiance are both sitting at home with no working money coming in accept money from welfare and all the other government assistance out there. How is it fair that one parent is having to support this child? Or is it that the government got tired of having to take care of the mother and the child on all the government assistance and saw that they could come after us to take care of them?
It's no longer 1955. Women want to be treated like equals then they should work like equals.
Everything should be 50/50. Time with child and money to provide for child should be split in half between both parents. It took two to create that child, it should take two to raise it straight down the middle.
I believe that if u make one parent pay go after the other one
I believe that support should be split down the middle on both parents income. What is the average payment for one child in a house hold when they have both thier parents.
I believe that support should be split down the middle on both parents income. What is the average payment for one child in a house hold when they have both thier parents.
haven't seen my daughter in over a year I pay child support now for 10 years mother of my child does not work nor has she ever work I pay over 500 a month for one child plus have to provide the medical care for her I have two children and a wife to take care of and the mother of my child sit at home and collect child support office two different fathers enough is enough! Orange County Child Support Agency do not have their rules
haven't seen my daughter in over a year I pay child support now for 10 years mother of my child does not work nor has she ever work I pay over 500 a month for one child plus have to provide the medical care for her I have two children and a wife to take care of and the mother of my child sit at home and collect child support office two different fathers enough is enough! Orange County Child Support Agency do not have their rules
The calculations that they garnish from you depending on how many children you have is extremely absurd. I am and still in my son's life. I provide with a roof over our heads, his necessities, groceries, toys, and anything else he needs with what I have left. However, my expenses do not total with what I have to pay CS to the lazy custodial parent! How the hell do these idiots impose such false calculations for children? It isn't possible to spend $818 a month for a child! So ridiculous, unfair, illegal, and just boils my blood how we get treated. You wonder why so many good parents who have and want to be in their child(rens) end up giving up in trying to keep up and are put in jail. REFORM NOW AND LET US LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE WITH OUR CHILDREN!
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This laws and judge need to change right away, they are destroying families.
Not fair, never has been, and probably never will be. People who want to do the right thing are still treated unfairly.
I am paying child support for my oldest son. I'm paying over $500 a month off a 7.50 hr job . I am in the reserve's and while I was away on orders last year the judge took all my visitation rights away from me. When I called to speak with the attorney general's office they told me it was none of their concern why I wasn't there and was not going to take consideration the fact that I had another son a year after I separated from my ex. I don't think that people who do the right things for their kids get taken advantage of by the laws when there are many people out there that just hide and get paid under the counter.
Katiuzka Vera = Mother =700K plus year in Herbalife
Me (father = 56K year / 2013)
2 kids, Mother filed for Medicare for the kids, got it. (I have all proof)
Takes the kids away from me, wouldn't allow me to see them, after having the kids every Thursday - Monday morning (for 3 months)

I filed court petitions. = now I have to pay child support to her.

4/11/2014 - her bonus check last year in Herbalife was 133K.

I cannot afford a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago. Kids sleep at my house on a bunk bed above me.

Illinois Child Support Laws are wrong! Things have to change.

I will pay whatever they tell me to pay, but my kids aren't afforded the same living conditions at my home as they get in their own home.
I pay childsupport to my dad I was out of work most of last year except in Nov.and Dec. I filed my taxes and cs took them which I have no problem with it that left me oweing around 1300 I finally got a job and went to see if they could reinstate my license so I can get to and from work they told me they would not unless I pay 500.00 more I truer to explain I don't have it but with out my license I want be able to work something needs to change in this matter
I am a hardworking individual. I have always done for my son. His mother is a stripper and has been one since 2003. She get paid under the table and still I was voluntarily giving her money. I have receipts and statements and she took me to cs court anyway. I have to pay her 364 a month and her income wasn't included in the calculations. I dont mind supporting my son but she is getting over by not reporting her income to them. She also frauding the food stamp assistance because she is claiming she doesnt work. So where is this so fair to the hardworking fathers....
Its not fair how they take just my sons moms yearly income of 70k and not her husband's of 120k in to affect but raise my support to 366 a month when I only bring home 31k a year before taxes. I have a young son and wife who cant work. They dont care about the fathers and give us crap when we have to try and work more to make more money but then they take more making the time we have to give up with our loved ones and children pointless
Things have to change! I know more fathers who are doing the right thing for their kids but unfortunately they have crappy attorneys who won't FIGHT for them. The ex wife gets EVERYTHING! yet the kids don't benefit... So sad! There are some very evil women who are bent on destroying their kids fathers finances and preventing those dads to have any kind of future! THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE!!!!
The time has come for congress to step in and stop the destruction of our children's lives. Encourage 50/50 parenting and split the tax write off based on distribution of time. Enforce visitation as vigorously as you do support and stick some of these psycho parents in jail for the turmoil they cause.
Child Support Agency Robbery!
My husband pays child support on time including arrear through an allotment and he is court order. Since paternity was established he has paid on time every month. In February of 2014 he was notified that his taxes were intercepted due to back support. Come to find out instead of the arrears getting paid the arrears were only increasing; every month. When child support office in NC were notified they completely brushed him off as if he did not know what he was talking about. So they took the taxes of 2300 which means he is still paying arrears for probably six more months now, but the website stated that he owed 2314 and that is why his taxes were garnished which is false to begin with now its april of 2014 and he still pays on time and his support has risen with court order to 2680. he contacted the s child support office and customer service obviously notices the mistake and the social worker has not contacted him back yet this is day 3! yea we need to pay for a lawyer now! Extra money for CS's mistakes. Tell me do you think this system is crooked. I do!
I work 40hours a wk with $10 an hour. How can a female judge order me pay $224 a wk while my Ex works 12hrs a day for 7days straight. This is not fair for us MEN especially when u have a female judge.
I am so upset on how this child support system is set up it is design for people to not even have a life to live at all .My husband has a 17yr old daughter and has been taking care of her since birth. Her mother decides she wants to file CS on him just because he moved on with his life. Now when I met my husband they weren't together he was just there to help take care of his daughter. She lived in DC at one point then MD, NC mind you she didn't close the case in DC at all which you are suppose to report when you move from county to county to close that case she didn't and the money was still adding up. We had no clue so she moves to NC no one was informed I was 6mons. pregnant with a son at the time. It was a mess filing joint married on my taxes I had no clue they will garnished the taxes due to a high arrearage yes they took all of it in 2006. So I have to file injury spouse to get my taxes behind this mess. All being said when it's time for and audit DC said he owed them money he said no I pay in C.County so then they had to cut some monies out but his arrearage is still high and he is still paying CS along with that. But now the mother is out of work i'ts been 3 yrs now they are back here in MD so she is still bitter. So she still doesn't give the child the money that my husband send to the daughter. But the court want you to pay and they have no clue the child isn't getting the money at all. This is insane to the fullest so this sysetem should be call Parent Support instead of Child Support.
I pay child support to my wife, in California. I choose wage garnishment because I didn't want to deal with her. For three years now, she has prevented all contact from me and has since remarried. I have exhausted all efforts to find any communication with my kids, yet, she and her husband, both employees of Palo Alto Police Department in CA, still take my money like dousche bags. I've tried seeking help from CSS, they don't care, they only handle collecting support. Parents in my situation need help. I can't afford an attorney because the support order is a lot. Parents who interfere with the relationship between their kids and father, need to be held responsible!
I agree with these men they are treated very poorly by the child support courts.Me and my sons father are going throu the same stuff we just found out he had a 17month old daughter from a 1night stand he also was not aware of the child now the women took him to paternity court and wants child support .I dont know what she expect but what if a men works 40hrs a week but only makes 25000$ a yr and has his own expenses.Some women are so scandalous what can be done about it.Also before she even had the girl she didn't know who the father was and why did it take her 17month to take him to court...please help........especially o know the money isn't forthe child and she already has 2 different childrens fathers
Child support is in the best interest of the children? Money buys love? , happiness???
WAKE UP or LEARN TO LISTEN and do something about this corrupt system.
I agree with other fathers A LOT of women NOT ALL , just wait on that check every pay period and use that money not to support the kids. I see Kids with no new cloths, eating garbage unhealthy food every day.
At least have the kids enrolled in any kind of sports or educational activities with that money.
The sad part is the results in most of the cases even when some of us report abuse or negligence to CPS or the court nothing happens in most cases, then the kids drop school and have babies when they are teens, tragic events or these kids end up in drugs; and all because of these stupid system that does not review cases or HEAR the fathers that most of the time are correct with their complaints or demands as responsible fathers. LAW only in favor of woman in a high percentage.
After all these years check on statistics and the bad results on mothers having the kids and not taking proper responsibility and care of kids and even worst getting the free tax money from the government (lone star card) to buy food. HELLOOOO ????
DOES THIS RING A BELL !!!!!!!! ??????? We as fathers have our kids coming our homes every other weekend so besides the high child support we pay, we have to support our kids with food, clothes and other expenses too.

LISTEN and REGULATE THESE EXAGGERATED CHILD SUPPORT payments and BE FAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In 2009 My ex's husband adopted my daughter because he had a better job, insurance, and had been a great custodial father. Ever since both my ex and I have been trying to cancel my child support obligation, but no matter who we call, what forms we fill out, or office we go into I am still obligated to new payments and required to pay for insurance which will not actually cover her as she is not legally my dependent.
Help!!! Stop standing on the line. Men need help. With child support its gone to far.
Help!! Men Now, Stop waiting tell its no more good men, left to work.
i agree everyone knows the money isnt always for the children i do beleive in pay for my children but the mother does too
I know that child support is for the child. However, it is not morally right for the father, in my case, to be supported by a foreigner living a lavish life and working as less as possible to pay little as possible, with the freedom to see his son any time. This father chooses to be a "father" 24 hours a week. I have proudly worked hard and have struggled as a single parent, giving my son the best I can mentally and physically, from day one. This guy has no clue what a parent is or what responsibility is. I am disgusted and disappointed at how this system works. I know that I am raising a beautifullly intelligent young boy to mature a gentleman, his father will never accomplish to be or fathom.
What about men who recieve CS from Women when the woman never worked in the marraige the were stay at home Moms that sacrificed there employment/education. Meanwhile the men in the marriages were the main sole wage earner. The men recieve the CS and spend it on themselves. The woman having no money nor means to support herself or her children.
The child support system is broken in this country. The non-custodial parents (who are usually men) have to pay far too much. Every time I make more money, the child support office of Arkansas comes back to me and takes more away. I can never get ahead and have a decent life for myself. One time I lost my job and the child support office turned me in to the Credit Bureau.This hurt my credit and I was not able to refinance my home. Tell me how this helps the child when the father ends up paying more for goods and services because he has a bad credit score? This is ridiculous and needs to be against the law.
I have been living in my car or on the streets now for over 10yrs now. I have no chance of
any kind of life. My ex is. financially secure and remarried.
And my life is destroyed.
I don't even get to see MY own children.
I fell behind because I lost my job. Now the California child support system took the last of the money I had left out of my checking account and the bank charged me a legal fee and 2 overdraft fees. Now I'm jobless, homeless, and nobody gives a******because I'm a guy and I live in California. Thank goodness my ex who chooses not to work and sit on her*****all day and collects government money now also gets to collect it from me as I try to beg a friend to give me a place to live while I try to find a job again. There is no justice and the child support system should be renamed to the job for lazy mom's while dads get screwed no matter how hard they try system.
I had pretty much physical full custody. On paper and in court of law we had shared custody but I paid for her food, doctor bills, clothes, medicine, diapers, EVERYTHING. On top of all that? I had to buy food for my ex for 3 months. I'm only complaining about the last part but how fair was that to me? She wanted joint custody but she never paid for her half and only saw her for 6 hours a day Monday through Saturday. I had nights till 8 am for 4 years. Now I'm paying for private school again I'm not complaining but she doesn't want our daughter to go to a prestigious school? Because of a religious personal preference? I have moved heaven and earth for our daughter and now it has destroyed my relationship with my family. Now they pay for the items our daughter needs. How fair is that? Women want to be treated fairly? Then TREAT them as such. Give them what they want. We men are not all the bad guys. Sometimes women can be even worse.
Guys pay enough child support, what more does she want??
After it's all said and done I net enough after CS to actually qualify for public assistance to meet my basic needs (rent, one meal a day, utilities) and yet I don't since it's based upon my Gross!
Child support laws need to be changed. A man just now finds a job in today's economy (let alone health insurance) then gets put in jail because he couldn't find a job for a couple years to keep up. Then it's a cycle, because a man is back at square one looking for a job, praying he doesn't go back to jail. I honestly feel child support should be up until the age of 16.
Child support guidelines are out of date and not far!! is the only one who gains is the mother.
My husband had his taxes recently taken (and mine). Here is the issue...there is no back support owed. Somehow the mother was able to walk in to FL and say that there is back support owed, and there is none. Nothing is done to the mom for lying, however now we have to fight and prove that there is a zero balance. This needs an overhaul!!! NOW. We havent see his kids in 3 years as the mom refuses to let us see them even though support is paid and up to date.
I do not mind paying child support I will do whatever it takes to give my children the best life possible at both households however It really gets under my skin that I'm not the one that left or wanted out of the realationship but I am the one who has to do with out seeing my kids every other weekend isn't enough that dose not qualify me to be the dad that I would like to be my kids look at me as if I'm a stranger or a distant realitive they see at family reunions the heart achieve from this is to much to bare but the mobile county court house takes their precious time it has been three year and I still have no rights to my son but I pay child support so how can I get an order to pay but not get an custody order its simple she just keeps postponing the court date like I said I will pay whatever amount they tell me to without a word being said I just wwant more time with my kids I think that isn't to much to ask just let me be a dad!
child support is to help the children, but if a parent has to pay more then they are able and then put in jail, fined or lose licenses, then we are making it impossible for them to work and pay child support. The parent is then put into a no win situation. If they don't have the money, the don't have it. Is it right and fair, no. Is it the best thing for the child, no. But, you can't get money from nothing and you can't get it if you make it impossible for the parent to make money. The parent receiving the money should show that they are doing everything they can to provide for them and the child too. Both parents would like to have custody of the children and receive child support, but only one can. Have them take turns paying child support and having custody of the child. Maybe they will be able to see the other sides point of view and come to a workable compromise that will be best for them and the child.
I am a dad that is tired of crying, I am a dad that is unfairly treated, I came to this country for a piece of justice, I end up with broken heart and tearless...

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