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If one parent needs that much money to raise a child then let the other parent raise the child. Child support is a consolation prize for a relationship not working out. Why does a father have to prove he wants to raise his child verse a mother gets to keep her kid by default? How is child support fair anyway? WOUld a mother still need a house if she didn't have a child? Would she still need food, lights, or heat I think she would. Child Support is like the Federal Reserve Bank can't be audited sound like that is real fair to me.
It's hard to believe that action has not already been done...still there seems to be ridiculous and unfair treatment towards the working class...if an ex spouse can't really care for a child and think it requires over a grand a month, then who really is the best to serve as a custodial parent.
If a women need child support then she should not have full custody because she can't take care of the child men don't get any breaks who take care of us when we have responsibility as well my wife a real women would love to take care of my child with no hand outs but single women use child support as a tool of revenge because either she's selfish jealous want to be in control or mad because you moved on ...
I am currently paying $650 plus medical expenses for one child of mine and get to see him very little. I have my own family after my separation and can barely afford to pay the bills. I have another child with my girlfriend and she has two of her own. And believe me, a child does not consume $650 a month. I'm not saying I dint want to pay child support, I was the one that went to the AG saying I wanted to. But I also want to be able to live comfortably with my family.
I think child support laws are ridiculous at best. There should be due process where the total expenses of the child are documented and agreed upon. Then a fair benefit can be calculated. Simply taking 20% of a man's gross income is not fair. In my particular example, I pay over 100% of my child's expenses in child support, pay an additional $300 per month in health care, plus I have him 1/2 of the time so I incur expenses from that. His mom pays $0 of her own money, but gets all the tax deductions, and is always asking me to buy stuff because "she" has already spent $XXX (of my money, mind you). As soon as you are no longer with the mother of your child, you become a criminal/degenerate in the eyes of the government.
I have a friend that pays 800 dollars a month to his child's mother who lives in a low income housing paying 100 dollars a month, she receives food stamps, and works at the daycare that their child goes to so this woman has to pay for NOTHING. Why should this man work to bone, still spend time with his son on a regular basis, and still be threatened to go to jail if he doesn't pay this ridiculous amount of money? Why should he be held responsible when this woman isn't?
I totally agree with this
What I think is unfair about child support, when you get behind on child support, your license should not get suspended, because if you have a job, you will not be able to get to work and if you you get arrested (she or he is definitely not go get anything).

I think if the kids are not in school as a non-costodian you should not have to make payments.
I am a woman going through the things most these women do to men. I feel so sorry for anyone going through this. Kids are being used as a way to maintain and keep from getting a real job. On top of that the judicial system is so ****ed up that it supports the suppress cycle of madness to gain from these hard working people. I'm better off being broke and homeless then things are given to you. When you work hard and you have a money hungry lazy bum of a spouse you get ****ed in the*****with a knife. I'm so sick of loosing in this damn country when can we get these laws to make sense and accommodate to real humans life's. I'm so hurt I lost my daughter today and I have to pay child support on top of the fact this fool took her and moved to 3 different states and kept her away from me. Talk about justice!
I pay over 700$ a month in child support fees for my only son. It is outrageous to think this is acceptable when in the first year of paying his mother went and had elective surgery for breast implants. I wonder who paid for those. I love me son and his every need is met when his time is spent with me. I fully agree that something needs to change. Why should I have to count pennies to live when she frivolously spends it.
I'm tired of paying child support just too see that the money obviously isn't going to my child! Make it law that all money used be provided receipts to prove the money goes for the child and not the child's mothers next dress, haircut or cell phone, and when not paying for something my child requires, The mother be fined or support be lessened! "It's time for the child support agency to wake up and see what has been as is going on and fix it"!!
Child support is punishing the non custodian parent. First is if the parent wants a divorce, or separation, than the courts rewards them the child,& they keep the child from us, then they replace us with someone else. Then the non custodian parent is suppose to pay almost all their pay check, sleep outside, & are r sure that they r suppose to eat? tHE ANSWER TO CHILD SUPPORT IS CHILDREN'S HOME THAN BOTH PARENT SHOULD PAY, & HAVE VISITING RITES. if THEY DON'T PAY, THEY THEY MUST volunteer, or the child get adopted.
Both parents need to contribute financially to the support of a child. Not just one. Receipts need to be submitted monthly by the parent who is cashing the child support payments to prove the money is being used for the care of the that child and not themselves or other family members. It's called child support not lazy parent support. Any money that is not used for the child needs to be put in a bank account with the child's name on it for future use to benefit the child. Custodial parents need to stop mooching of their children and get a job themselves and pay their own portion of child support.
50/50 should be the law there should be no need for child support unless in rare cases but if need be the person sitting at home not doing anything while the child is at school and their collecting a check is disgusting ..change this broken system of ours..do your job for what your paid thousands of dollars yearly for ,concerned citizen ,father , and fathers rights activist .thank you and God Bless our country
Non-custodial parents get screwed in every way when it comes to child support. I pay $1710/month in child support for one child and about $200/month in medical expenses on top of that. I also pay for health insurance. When tax time comes around it's just another slap in the face. In reality I pay more than 100% of my child's support. At the very least I should be able to claim my child, but again another advantage to the custodial parent. She's living in a house and driving a car I paid for in full. Meanwhile I'm renting a much smaller house and my truck is falling apart. The government doesn't care about divorced dads, period!!
I'm not sure petitioning congress is going to do anything...it's a state by state issue. It's groups that lobby the state governments to pass laws that are then passed down to the courts. Of course most judges always favor the woman no matter what proof the man provides. Those who receive support should have to file a monthly expense report per the number of children they are receiving support for...they should have to be financially responsible for screwing up the child's life with a divorce. It does not cost anyone $900 a month to care for a single child. It is NOT lifestyle maintenance !
I'm not sure petitioning congress is going to do anything...it's a state by state issue. It's groups that lobby the state governments to pass laws that are then passed down to the courts. Of course most judges always favor the woman no matter what proof the man provides. Those who receive support should have to file a monthly expense report per the number of children they are receiving support for...they should have to be financially responsible for screwing up the child's life with a divorce. It does not cost anyone $900 a month to care for a single child. It is NOT lifestyle maintenance !
For those of you who live Missouri, look up House Bill or HB 1131 and write your state representative.
The laws have to pertain the same to all states.it is absolutely absurd to have to pay for a childs college,it needs to end today, it is unconstitutional
Child support is currently garnishing 65% of my paycheck. I am 36 years old and cannot afford to live on my own or pay my own bills. My parents have to pay for my health insurance through obamacare. I applied for public assistance and was denied because the governent says I "make too much money." I agree that fathers should help support their children, but if the mother does not want to be with the man child support should not be allowed to place the man in a life of poverty.
We need reform ASAP!
I am a mother than pays child support. I think that the entire child support system needs to be revamped. Child support services is nothing more than a debt collection agency and they are allowed to break federal non fair debt collection practices. Non custodial parents are struggling while custodial parents have a FREE ride! This has to change!
My two sister in law are abusing child support. My first sister in law name is katty lives in mexico and is married twice one from my bother and second one from mexico . plus she gets child support and doesnt work and keeps getting pregnant and doesnt care about my nephew fernando. My second sister in law name is Olga and doesnt work and doesnt care about her daughter at all. Plus she always parting an not feeding orbathing her daughter. This woman dont deserve child support at all. The need to look for jobs. I been seen alot of womans that take avanege from the government. It makes me sick to hear this stuff.
The whole system of child support and family court needs to be fully investigated. The laws are bias and unjust for men and it is a total violation of human civil and constitutional rights. Change needs to come that fathers have full rights equal to women, without bias in our court system. Congress needs to be aware that women are using children as pawns and are alienating the fathers. This is destroying families all for a monopoly game of money. I'm aware children need to survive with BOTH parents help. Its not right for a women to go and try to get help from the state or government and are requested to put the father on support and if not, no help is given. This puts parents against each other and the child suffers in the long run. Please review all child support polices and the enforcement agencies, illegal practices are being executed. I been paying support for 10yrs.I had a injury that required surgery and I'm out of work until I'm cleared to go back. I called the enforcement office in NY state and informed them of my work absence. I was told I have 164.15 of credit on my account? I told them ok I'm gonna to send what I can to cover the month and use the credit towards that month also. I was told to call back in the beginning of the month to apply that. I also requested the billing summary from 2011-2014. Because In 2006, the same thing was told to me about a credit 72.41 and after looking into it. I discovered I overpaid 2,506 ? I called them and informed them with proof and they re-paid me. Now I called back in the beginning of the month as instructed to have the credit applied, I informed the support representative about a credit on my account for 164.15 and I'm trying to use it for this month payment. I also informed her that I'm aware that the amount is not going to fully cover the month, but I'm going to mail the remaining balance to the enforcement agency. NOW I'm being told by the child enforcement official that, their isn't a credit on my account of 164.15. I was placed on hold for 5 min and she comes back and tells me I only have a credit of 72.13? I told her the agent a few days ago informed me of my credit of 164.15 and to call back and apply to use it, this agent still states I don't have that amount and if I wanna use the 72.13. I can but it isn't going to cover the month so I'm going to fall into arrears? I explained to her, I only have the exact amount due to me speaking to the first representative. She didn't care and was rude and nasty I heard her co-workers laughing in the background. I requested again a billing statement for 2011-2014, since I never received it.Well after receiving the billing statement I discovered again I over paid 1,698? I printed out my last paystub from every year of 2011-2014 and my actual amount deducted from my check every year, doesn't add up to my official court order amount, and once again it is proven on the statement from the child support agency that I have over paid but no credit or overpa
Title IV-D Child Support laws have become an abusive corrupt cash grab by the States Family Court systems for some time now. In what groups Pro Title IV-D groups claim like the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) is to benefit children is actually to generate unrestricted Title IV-D matching funds and billable hours for lawyers and other court professionals. All this is felicitated by Family Court Judges and Child Support Magistrates.

This is abusive government program needs to end.
Child Support should be set up like WIC checks! The women should not be aloud to receive cash at all! They should receive a currency that can ONLY be spent on things needed to raise a child/ren. This currency can be spent on Baby Formula, Diapers, Toys, Baby Medicine, Baby food, and any thing that a growing child will NEED. This will ensure that the dead beat mother CAN NOT abuse child support. It's a horrible world we live in when the mother blows 80%-100% of that child support on HERSELF to support her greedy/drug addicted/alcoholic or all of the above lifestyle.
it takes two to tangle we should both have equal and reasonable responsibilty. The current laws condem fathers to a life of bankrupcy when mothers decide its easier to take a free ride.
I am paying 1025 per month for a dead beat welfare collecting mother in Ca.
I pay for my 3 girls CS, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision and Extra Vision Insurance. this totals $986.00 a Month in CS. I also have 50/50 Custody of my children. The EX works whenever she feels like it, never has food for my kids but she gets her hair done and nails. Leaves them unattended at home with no food. She smokes dope and the fridge is full of beer. Does this seem fair to my kids? Why should she be given chance after chance? Just because you birth them doesnt make you suitable to raise them. My kids want to live with me permanent but they dont want to tell her to her face. I feel Social Services would just schedule an appointment and give her time to get everything in order before going over there. Im tired of fighting. None of this is ever going to change.
Laws set on this matter are totally unjust. I've been ordered to pay animist have my check to my child's mother for 1 child and I have 4 children in my custody. My other kids are barely considered at all. She makes the same amount as me and has 1 child . Makes no sense
Single mother While living in Oak Park I made a respectable living as a nurse but still struggled because child care was $900 /mo While the STAY AT HOME WELFARE MOMS got to send their kids to the same day care for free compliments of the government I didnt qualify for anything because I made $500 too much. Of course the smart ones stay home duh
Hello my name is Gregory Jackson and I been paying child support many years while my child mother sit and home and don't work I feel something should be done about that.If they forcing me to pay child support and she requesting more money they should force her to get a job
The mother of my child (which I never even dated, and lied about being on BC, was just awarded over $1000 dollars a month and her attorney fees paid. The gave me a $124?! dollar discount for travel expenses because I have to fly from North Carolina to California, rent a car and get a hotel to see him. I honestly don't think I will be able to pay my mortgage after my savings runs out, let alone do anything but work 5-7 days a week. She has no job and lives with her parents. Thank you California and society for rewarding that sort behavior.
There should be a set amount to pay and not take so much that the other parent can hardly live. It does not help the child it hurts them
Please help
Child Support Breaks Up Families..... NotFair
I'm 31 years old and when the mother and I split, I started over with absolutely nothing. I left everything to my son and his mom. I rathered them be happy and comfortable and figured I would just buy my time and eventually I'd be ok. I make pretty good money but the oilfield is so slow now that we are down to 40 hours a week. I have never been late on my CS payments, not even once. I went for shared custody but the judge didn't care one bit. I have joint custody and I do get to see my son but not like I want to or feel like I deserve. i believe it should be 50/50 and visitation should be 7/7. We are both good parents so why should I be the one to suffer all of the time. I know I'm missing out on so many things and it breaks my heart. YOU CANT GET TIME BACK. I can barely afford my CS and vehicle much less a house note. So I'm stuck living with family and that leads to other issues. I have no love/social life because of my living situation, its embarrassing in my eyes. I will keep working to get out of this rut and to make sure I give the best for my son, but why does is have to be this way.
I have been trying to find my daughter for almost a year and a half the mother of my child took my baby and fled the state of Arizona. i have called NUMEROUS NUMEROUS amounts of times to try to get help and find her to take her to court to get my baby but nobody will help NOBODY all i get is a sorry we cant release her address to you or here is a number that may be able to help i call them its the same thing over and over, i don't want her address i want her in court so i can rightfully see my daughter. its gets worse now my licence is gone lost my job i cant drive to a job why is this happening to me i'm trying so hard and this system is killing me that is my child just as much as hers why does she get to play god and this really makes me wonder what i mean to this country and to think i served proudly for it i have nothing and still trying to take more from me all the fathers doing right by there children or want to do right but don't have the chance i pray this madness stop gets revised fix something i should not feel lifeless and hopeless when i wake up every day and NOT THINK but know there is no light at the end of the tunnel. to frustrated to care about sentence structure .
I agree, being a baby momma from having kids is not a income. Change the law or make the parent who receives child support submit receipts for everything
screw my baby mom
When a woman or man use the child for a crutch to collect child support it is wrong. There are more women than men who should be getting up and going to work instead of staying home and having child after child and expect to collect child support. There is nothing wrong with these women going to work. There should be a requirement to collect child support after your second child, especially if you are a woman who have multiple fathers which there are a lot of women out here who do. The need to take responsibility for their children.. it should not all be on the man or the woman's shoulders. Our laws regarding child support have not been looked at in years.. and I mean years.. you never see it on the ballad ever ... think about it. These laws should be revised, now.

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