Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I was a single mom with four small kids one was so sick he died at the age of20.I never got but two hundred dollars from him the whole ten years we were divorced judges didn't care called me a liar. Now at 52. Im disabled cuz i worked every moment for my kids. Nobody helped me with rent when jeremiah died. My ex husbands brother paid his rent for two months. I didn't get a dime to help with funeral expenses. I had a daughter at home whom was 16 years old. Luxottica which is lenscrafters threatened me so i couldn't take FMLA and called me a liar when Humana called and told them. My son begged me to come see him one last time he was in college when the embalism went to his lung they could have let me see him. He lived for three months. I had total break down cuz all the bulling and drama they kept putting me thru. I got where i couldn't sleep or eat. The harrassment so bad can't trust no one. Judge honored my SSDI in court april 2015. Here its august 29 and i still havent been paid. On Nov 2 ,2015 its been three years with no income. My own mother told lies and stole from me along with my sisters. I trust no one anymore. It was jeremiahs sentimental cedar chest a woman gave him at 10 months old. Its mine the judge ordered her to return it and i still dont have it back. I was the one whom my mom and sisters could call on and after her lies she still lying to court. I waiting for my finances to come in a charge them with contempt of court and theft charges. The town in Lincoln county is bias and crooked. I've got a big case against county and prosecutors office. They confined me 21 days noing i didn't do nothing i proved this in there family court that she lied
I use to think people who didn't pay their child support where losers, until I married a man that has to pay child support and realized how TERRIBLE and hard it is to have to give over half of his paycheck to his exwife his last paycheck was $72 for two weeks time, yes that is $144 a month he brings home to help pay bills and support our own child. We have a baby and I have a job that I brings home $1500 a month after taxes so most of our bills get paid as they total $1800 a month not including food and gas. We have to get angel food boxes from the local churches to be able to eat some of our bills are always past due and we have had to borrow money to survive. And it shouldn't be all on me to support us while he is REQUIRED to support his 8 year old son who's mother lives off what he and her other baby's daddy pays her. My husband has to pay her $600 a month, oh and she doesn't have a job. It does NOT cost $600 a month to care for an 8 year old!! My step son told me yesterday that all they have to eat at his moms house is cereal, bread and root beer. He never looks nice and gets made fun of at school. She uses all the money on herself, has a brand new car and gets her hair and nails done constantly. People us child support just like they use walfare in this country it is VERY crooked and needs fixed!!
ok i have been doing this child support thing for about 8 long unfair years paying support and have not been able to see spend time or anything with my daughter 8 years its not fair i been to jail treated like a criminal i not saying I'm perfect by no means i have been homeless for 4 years working a McDonald's getting paid every other week and coming home with 25 dollars so 50 bucks a month to live on with 4 kids i have at home so now jobless going on 5 years i want to own my own business and i can't cause i owe 95,992 i need legal help
I believe that anytime your ex alienates your children from you, there should not be any child support agreement.
Child support laws are worse than organized crime. What other institutions have the right to suspend licenses, put negative marks on your credit report, require you to check in with child support agencies when you are unemployed, forbid the issue of a passport,charge more interest than banks on past due support, or do anything that will help you to make your support payments. They have free reign to terrorize you and harass you with threats and constant calls while you have no rights at all to protect you. Changes need to be made and it needs to be quickly. When a couple is married the law doesn't require you to maintain a set amount of money to support your child, how is this okay in the event of divorce? The whole idea of mandatory support is ridiculous especially in these shaky financial times. It is imperative that we make changes. Let's see it gets done.
My husband still pays support for "kids" that will be 19 &20. We live in NJ,they are in Florida. He fought to not allow his kids to move but the courts laughingly said that he can have just as good of a relationship with the phone, skype etc.ha. Fast forward. visits became less and less through the years, and now he hasn't seen his kids in over a year.But we still have to pay through the nose ,while we are losing our house.seem fair?
I have had my son over 80% of the time. She lied and said I rarely see my son. I lost my job, my licence, to a lazy woman who will not work even to support her new family. She stated that I abandoned her and my son. She was sleeping with other men in my house while my son and I were sleeping in the same house!. But I abandoned my son when he moves in and I leave? I'm homeless, jobless, when I have my son we stay at my family members houses. She was already awarded my taxes, My licence, 65% of minimum wage, I try to work, even day labor. I lost my vehicle. And am getting close to going to jail so I can get further in debt. If the CP does not work, has a new family, how am I supposed to support them too?
Also, child support should be regulated, so that the mother's have to PROVE they are spending the money ON the child, or housing/bills for THE CHILD. As of now, the mother could pay a babysitter to watch our children for a WHOLE WEEK and use MY money to go on vacation, AND for the babysitter, AND that is OK to the government. HOW is this possible??? HOW is child support ALLOWED to be used for ANYTHING the other person sees fit? Even unemployment is monitored, if you are not looking for work, then they take it away from you.
Just does not make sense. I have 50/50 custody and pay child support. What is the purpose of supporting the other when after all gets paid you cant barely survive or provide anything to your kids.
this child support trash is fraud for real i wanna talk to somebody who can do something about this system i dont think no man should have to work to pay a female who dont want nothing her self when i work for mine to take care of my kids and my money just getting token right from me because one female can say im not being a father to her child ITS CRAZY the saddest part about it they make it so its Almost impossible to get off or close the case
Father should not have to suffer. My husband is paying over 1000 dollars a month to his sons mom who does not work or go to school. It does not take 1000 dollars a month to take care of a child. He technically taking care of her too while she its on my*****all year and were both working 3 jobs to pay her ass.
My son cant even get new shoes on $730 a month. He's afraid to ask her. He wears old clothes and hand me downs, while she buys Michael Kors purses.