Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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These laws need to be changed. Im having a quarter or my money taken away before taxes and im having a child. $616 a month to a woman who works 20 hrs a week but makes the same hourly. Shes lazy and refuses to work more. This is insane.
There are many couples, for one reason or another, whose marriage does not work out. However, when there are children in the involved, that tends to make things more challenging for all parties to deal with. In my current situation, a divorce is transpiring. The woman that I married, decided after nearly 10 years, that she didn't want to be married anymore. She asked me to leave the house that we had established together, receives roughly from 20 to 25% of my income due to the child support, and my child still expects me to do some of the things that I was doing when I was still in the house. I have to stay with friends or family just to keep my head above water. I'm still paying credit card bills that have accumulated from the marriage, the lawyers are down my back asking for attorneys fees, and there's no federal or state legislation or assistance in place to help struggling, hard working, fathers, that makes an honest living, that I need have some extra assistance financially. My soon to be ex wife, makes roughly 3 times the amount of money that I make. I believe that the child support laws are extremely unfair and does not factor in the more than adequate amount of money that she makes or the financial strain that it puts me in. I don't mind doing for my child or doing my part as a father, but it's hard for me to survive and to provide for myself. Look, I didn't get married to get divorced. I happened to marry someone who no longer wanted to be married to me for whatever reason. The laws and the courts are in her favor... and she has taken full advantage of it... because she can. She also wants the life insurance if anything was to ever happen to me. So not only does she get paid when I'm alive, but she wants to get paid when I'm dead. She continues to want all the financial benefits of being a wife without actually being a wife. Marriages end, but fatherhood, expenses and life still goes on. Is there any help available? Where can I turn to?
I am currently paying $1200 a month to support my 18yr old son (NY) to live with his aunt. He lived with me for all but 5yrs (I am in military) and HE decided he didn't want to move out of NY. The support magistrate awarded 17% of my pay and included my non-taxable housing and food allowance, which he didn't do only 3 yrs earlier when my ex-wife applied for welfare and the state took me to court on her behalf. Yes, I had one child living with me and was paying $500 for my daughter to live with the mother, all the while not receiving a cent from the mother. All states, but particularly NY, need to revise their laws since most haven't been modified since the '70s
It's sad getting locked up over a civil matter, because I'm not in a position to pay my child-support. I recently lost a job and looking for a new job on a daily basis in order to pay my child support! They are my kids and I have no problem what's so ever providing for them, but sometimes things happen such as loosing a job or what ever. I'm currently on child support civil probation and if I don't produce money as if they would like, I will get locked up, and by me doing jail time my kids is really gonna suffer, the ones that I pay child support for and the ones that's living w me whom I don't have to pay child support for, want neither set of kids receive any kind of support from me by me being incarcerated and while I am incarcerated the state has to feed me and clothe me acting as if they don't care about wasting tax payers money. Locking someone up over not being able to give the type of money that the government wants us to pay is crazy, it's like being treated like a slave or a terrorist. I sometimes would like to move to another country, because the United States treats people who owe child support like fecal matter. Knowing that the laws that he been placed up against us isn't fair they still gets away with it after all those years. Locking me up over a civil matter isn't solving anything! I also feel as if we (the ones whose behind on child support) are slaves to society. The government has not came up with a logical idea that's fair on how to handle child support in a manerly way as of yet and probably never will, it's almost like Jesus being crusified. And I tell you this isn't a way to for a U.S. citizen to feel as if we don't belong here. It's almost as if the laws that's being made isn't being doubled checked and as if OUR government is saying "Owell." Things could continue to get worse as they already have but sooner or later something is gonna have to give cause individuals such as myself is getting tired very tired!!!
In autauga county ALABAMA this fine countythe cheating spouse gets the children and determine s when and how u get your children . as far as I see the THE STATE of ALABAMA. Aid and abedded in the theft by deception of all three of my children not with one wife but two all thecheating spouse did was go make a false report and the state aids in taking the children and I myself as the father is looked upon as the bad parent till the end of days I go to court on on February 9 2016 for the second cheating wife for child support and the state has not delivered or attempted to contact me about this case I was informed by my x wife .... Yet if I don't I will gave a warrant for my arrest ..... . this awful of the state of Alabama I font believe I am the only man this has happened to in this state I feel if there is enough of a lawsuit should be filed against the state of Alabama for lacking to gain evidence before their actions are taking in both of my case I worked two jobs owned my own home and had cars lost the car s lost the house lost the kids so I get four days a month with my children and have to constantly be reminded by their mothers they are in control and abuse this privilege my second wife abuses this more than the first . the first x wife apoigizes but won't take me off papers nor am I allowed to raise my children with out them calling their flavor of the month daddy this is doing far more damage to my children than I can repair in my four days a month.... If Thiers is anything I can do or any attorneys can take my case probono I have the evidence but I don't have thousand s of dollars because I do pay cs and I take care of my children I get them as much as I can but I should not be subjected to thus inhuman torture ....
As a woman, if I CHOOSE to have a baby.. then I alone chose to take the responsibility of another's life into my own hands. I'd love to have a partner that wants to be in the children's lives and contribute to their well being. If not, good riddance! I don't need hate money from someone who doesn't want to support that child. And I damn sure wouldn't use child support to negotiate a relationship with the man's own children. Child support has been turned into a game by far too many women, and quite frankly it makes collecting child support embarassing.
My boys are over 18 yrs old
I owe back support
I pay 1000 a month for back support only and I am still threatened to Lose my licence often which cost me 15 per letter d.m.v sends and they ALWAYS send 2 cpl days apart.
Paying the 1000 a month for over 18 yr old kids
Toward back support only I am still having bank accounts levied. 6 times in last 7 months.
This is totally unfair designed for failure. Sexist!
These laws created by people in government are unfair to those who have to work everyday and pay these unfair and high amounts of child support. While i work everyday my ex does nothing but sit back and collect this free money . The laws need to change and change soon its unconstitutional to force men into a money slavery that only puts him into debt further and further hopelessness . You cant collect money from a dead father
Also should have legal representation for the fathers as well when pit on child support. Instead of costing the father to pay thousands to be represented to have no worry's of hiked monthly support. Because that case worker is not in the interest of the father but the mother. Then about visitation what's not included with out legal representation. Because the case worker and judge don't care about the father seeing his child or if he have other kids he takes care of. So this law is to keep men traped and financially unstable to live.