Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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My ex has primary residence of our 17 year old. She receives 1042 a month from me in child support. Her share of support was figured to be 837 that's 1879 per month. Her yearly income approaches 95k a year. She constantly drags me to court over frivolous issues i.e. the cost of over the counter cough medicine, ibuprofen, I already pay for our child's medical ins premiums and split all reimbursed medical expenses. Her recent stunt was taking me to court for drivers ed which she never informed me of . My attorney was a adiment this was part of child support, however the all high and mighty hiding behind the black robe fervently disagreed. None the least I expected it since the court has granted her virtually every motion she has filed. The system and those raping the non custodial parent need to be held accountable. .
The unconstitutionality of it all is appalling. Divorce is not a crime, and neither is fatherhood. I have also lost everything, and cant afford to get my license back due to not having a job. I cant get a job without a license. The law was changed decades ago to include judges are not to be held accountable for their decisions and actions. Talk about unconstitutional. fathers go to jail for something that is not a crime. Look at how much revenue per state, per year, and you will see the truth. All of this is corruption by definition.
I was married to my ex wife for 8 years and we have two daughters. She is from California and I am from st.louis mo.. we lived in Missouri for basically our whole marriage. We went through a separation period and she put me on child support while we were still married and took the kids and moved to California. The courts basically told me **** you pay us..they didn't care about how this person can just up and cross states without my consent or even took the time to come to a common ground on what was best for the children. How is it ok for a person that doesn't have an education or no means of making money have rights to take care of children leaving the parents that can give them a good life with a bill. I ended up losing everything because I couldn't support myself anymore from the child support order. Now that I live with my mother the courts look at me as an unfit parent because I'm no longer able to support myself and I can't see my kids because they are not in the same state. When are the other parents that chose to sit around and do nothing to better themselves but wait on a check be held accountable for there actions for being lazy. It nothing wrong with being a house mother if a woman chooses to but if your not doing something to make your downtime worth while how are they going to teach there children to be productive. To me our system shows us that it's ok for a woman not to do anything with her life just have kids and we can pay for them for you and won't demand any responsibility on your end to better yourself for them and leave the other parent (the Man) in a mountain of debt, possible jail time, loss of job, can support himself and can't see his kids but this is best for the children in the courts eyes.
This government of crooked officials have had the privilege of hurting innocent people all in the good name of serving corrupt and wicked civilians. The justice system knows it but like any problem without profit, it won't be fixed. I see the political scale as a scandal of thieves with twisted agenda to ruin hard working people and homes with good families. No matter your sex, religion, race, etc there is no defense against a nation designed to raise you to be a follower. A follower surppressed by lies and brute force. Our past has shown us time and time and time again that innocent men and women who are punished for doing good will never see justice. In my opinion, it is a cruel joke placed on society to entertain people who have given themselves a higher authority!
I have loans and mortgage and the government only gave me 98.00$ To live off of I pay childsupport 334.00$ a week and that leaves me 98.00$ a week and I work over time and my childsupport goes up and I kept all my pay stubs what do I do I cant live. And I have not seen kids at all
I have fought for 2 years over this, every time she runs to court everything goes right to her and I get left in the cold. I have 50% custody and I am the residential parent and I dont understand where these people learn their math. Im told it because I make more so the children have them same living in both places, well they dont. She lives in a bad part of town while I work hard to create a better child hood for them yet I get penalized. I think this country needs to get tough on people instead of always trying to baby everyone. If I have the better living situation give me my children and let her work hard to reach higher goals and earn that time for them. As it stands this system is a joke, I was told by my case worker at support they have been trying to restructure this system for the past 23 years and she has never seen a change. Not to mention they make 2% off of the money passing through the system so it encourages them to keep the payment up, not even.
Paying for ex wife's and new husband's light bill, Harley note, and good times I am sure... My child don't even live with them. judge ordered child support, she dropped him off at her mothers and drove off, but I am looking at jail time if not paid. Wow.... Let the good times roll.
My ex is working the system to the Max in nj. He is collecting welfare, working off the books and possibly selling and using drugs. I am left being 100% financially responsible. I am covering the medical and all unpaid medical expenses because they are sending the bills to me since I carry the insurance. I have two other children who reside with me and I am facing losing my car because I can no longer afford the payment due to high child support payments. I am behind in my mortgage and utilities. I can never catch up. And I travel 45 minutes one way to work. The commuting costs, gas and for what. I am left with 250 per week. There is simply not enough to live on. I can't take a second job because that would require babysitter fees and being away from my other two kids. How can I survive while my ex fraudulently lives off the state.
Thanks to the child support laws I am behind on child support last year I worked to take my family on a vac and when I say family the child support excludes step children from my family. My daughter did go as well. But anyway the day we got back ex ran to the court and wanted more money so they gave it to her after I paid off her house which is worth 150,000 paid her car off 5,000 credit cards 3,000 and had joint custdy and offered to pay 500 a month plus ins of 198 a month so based on all the over time I worked the first part of the year the judge awarded her 1756 dollars a month more so with 150%increase in her income and bills I already had I have fell behind and not counting the lose of over time due tho big busness so now I am being threatened to be locked up because I can't pay it can't afford a attny. So I am looking at loosing my job my house and possibally a divorce do to these wonderful child support laws that claim to support families!!!