Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I would like to say how can we even become better parents when the law has so many penalties I became a barber and I want to open my own shoe so I can do more and live better also but I can't even get a master barbers license to do that because I have back child support I can't even support myself I wanted to be a truck driver at one point but couldn't do that because they took my license away from me like do you want me to take care of my children or do u want to just put me in jail that's not right I have even shown that I have taken care of my child with proofand a judge tells me oh that's gifts no its not I'm taking care of my children why when a woman days oh he is not doing something they jump up and believe her right away without doing real research it's very unfair I want to be a business man and own my own business but I can't because child supporthas to many road blocks I went to school to become a barber got my certificate of completion but when my professor tells us that Ifor you have back child support you can't become a master barber and open your own shop I broke down and cried at my own graduation I thought I was going to get ahead in life and be able to better myself and my kids but thanks to the law it has hindered me again please change the law and the percentage thank you
I pay a monthly support payment of $800 a month plus I pay medical and dental coverage in Portland Oregon for my one child. The amount was determined while I was working a ton of overtime in the oilfields of North Dakota. The oil boom has been through for a year now and the over time ihas been cut in half. I have been stuck working this job in that God forsaken country because I can't afford to work anywhere else that pays as much in the country. I am 45 years old and had already been in the oil industry for three years prior to my seperation. A year after my child support had been established I wanted to change my Career as it was taking a toll on my body. I jumped through all the appropriate hoops and requested a review for a modification of child support. I had enrolled in a trade school and was no longer employed in North Dakota. Oregon state refused to even look at my request stating that Ithe had not been long enough for grounds of a modification. Since the support amount was not going to change, I was forced to return to the oilfields to sustain my support obligations. One year later I had my appendix rupture while working and after having an emergency appendectomy, I learned that I also had a developed a double hurnia. I have had one of the two surgeries preformed for the hurnia's. I have been out of work for three months. I have exhausted almost all of my 401K. 3 years is up in January and am going to request a review for modification to possibly be a reasonable amount. I don't think it was far that Oregon can base an earning amount off wages accrued from overtime. There is no guarantees in basing my income off the possibility of overtime. Why didn't the state of Oregon even consider a review for my request after a years worth of time and adhiired support payments had been made. My ex also claims my daughter as a dependent every year and she was able to have my original child support judgment thrown out because she didn't understand that she was supposed to show up to court to defend herself. That cost $10,000 for nothing. The judge said that everyone deserves there day in court and tossed the judgement and we started over. 10 K poorer. The lawyers sure get there share from this crap. I could have put the 20K toward my kids education but I had to use it to get the crappie deal I ended up with in the end. Then I pay 40K in taxes with no dependents while corporate America gets off paying squat because of the tax loop holes that favor the 1%. Well those days are gone anyway. I have no cash and no job. I have to do this modification process with no lawyer because I can't afford to pay for one. If the State doesn't adjust my support amount, well then I guess there is always Belize. It's non extraordinary.
My fiancee pays support faithfully,keeps his job to make sure his support is paid. While his children's mother floats from job to job, on foodstamps, medicaid, receives child support, and now has just received section 8. She told my fiancee that when she gets her voucher she will work consistently, as she should already be doing, in order to stack paper(money). Really???? He can't even save money because his kids still go without their needs. Does that sound fair?????
Dear Mr. Trump,

You don't know me but, I'm an American citizen and I have an idea that could possibly help you win your election. This idea would also help our country by taking a lot of burden off of our middle class. Which in return would help pull this country back to the right track.
The idea involves child support, as a working loving father and I'm sure millions of other fathers and potentially millions of voters I feel a significant change in child support and visitation nation wide would 100% better our country.
I will use my case as an example. On a good month I bring home 3000.00 a month bad month I bring home 2000.00. I've been ordered to pay 395 a month in child support on top of the 425 a month I pay already. Both of the mothers refuse to work and chose to go to school instead. But I still only get my children every other weekend. I work hard for the money while they go to school to better themselves collect government benifits. Now I'd love to be able to start my own company and work my way out of lower middle class. These child support laws limit progression. The more wealthy the people more wealthy the country. I'm not say to get rid of child support completely but a change to put men on equal footing as women when it come to children and making the women work and not recieve government benifits such as food stamps. Women fought for there equal rights but somehow the governments have put them above us parenting wise..
I believe a simple base 50/50 custody agreement that's time and cost would pull a lot of men back into a working status and out of poverty.I have more on this matter as well. I've wanted you to become president for a long time. Your a true American leader. I've never voted but for you I would. Thank you for reading my email sorry if my spelling an punctuation is off. If you'd like to contact me other than email my phone number is 573-421-5652.

Thank you sincerely,

Michael coffer. Dexter, MO

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Sending some to prison for not paying child support.. wtf.. how they going to pay when in prison thin on top of that how they going to find a job when they get out withna felony on there record??? I think the state is trying to trap you here... cause a couple months after getting out of prison they will come at you Again for the same thing... "double jepurty " it sounds like to me... then extortion on top of that which you will learn all about in that 1 or 2 years in prison... I'm on child support and have requested a DNA test from the courts here in tx and nothing, they set up court date for me while I was in prison, and didn't get a bench warrant to attend, so know I'm out been out for 3 months and the state of tx keeps sending letters saying I have to pay x amount a month for child support, how did they come up with that amount for me to pay when I've never been to court and didn't have a job??? Anyways today I got a letter saying I better 1600 bucks buy Dec 11 or legal action could be taken.. well...... I'm not paying send me back to prison cause until I find out if that kid is mine or not I'm not paying a dime I'll catch them in the next life. But If I do find out the kid is mine I will be happy to help but I just want a fare judgement if that's what you call it.
Support should not be based on the father's income only. It took two to create him or her, it should take two to support him or her. Equal rights, right? Isn't that what women seek? The way the laws are written is tantamount to legal extortion by the AG's in cahoot with mothers.
Under no circumstances whatsoever should anybody be able to legally extort another person.
I ran for government in 2006 a political science expert 2nd exwife sandwich mass lawyer Susan sard white got my license thru child support laws is that legal find me on web Stephen d MacMillan google search
I pay 1600 a month in child support to the mother of my child who recently decided " oh well checks are not acceptable"i have detail records showing that i have contributed financially even BEFORE my son was born....I started immedialtely after discovering i was going to be a father and still i was takin to court and still i paid. The ordered amount....I think a private investigator off good ethics should be assigned to every child support case to see if the mom has indeed "the best interest of the child" at heart or does she see it as a another revenue stream
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