Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I got custody of my own daughter, I been separated from my ex-wife 4 years an didn't know she was pregnant during the divorce. Now utah ors is saying I'm responsible for this kid even though they tested me an I'm 0.0% the father. I have my daughter an mother to support an now they are trying to make me pay for a child from my cheating ex-wife? This is beyond constitutional an needs to stop...
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its been proven in court, she has voluntarily underemployed herself, moving to a more expensive state and changing child support to gain more money, claimed herself as a student, convinced my kids with her to hate my gutts and literally poisoned their heart by bashing me to them, received alimony and instead of having studied she ultimately got herself pregnant by her under 20 yr old boyfriend, not to say her own brothers molested my daughter that stays with her that the courts deemed allright and now a change of circumstances to see if i have more moneynto give her, while here i sit , having served nearly 18 yrs in service 4 combat tours trying to enjoy my new family, and im being taken back to court for another modification to see if she can better indulge herself with money, and the xourts are clueless. wow. yes there needs to be reform. send these people to afghanistan. get a job weirdos.
I also believe mothers who refuse the father to be apart of the children life should not receive any child support. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
I'm sure this letter will go unread and unnoticed. But, I'm out of options and at least by writing this I will feel like I'm trying to do something about our situation.
My new husband pays $350.00 a week in child support for his 13 year old daughter. That is not my problem. We are more than glad to pay. We have my husbands daughter every weekend and sometimes during the week in the summer and on school vacations. My problem is the Mother. She uses the child support to fund vacations for herself and her new husband, $65,000 primary vehicles, various other cars, trucks, jeeps and ATV's for themselves. I'm told the Mother will only wear $300.00 a pair sunglasses and now the new husband has a new dump truck and is starting his own business. She has bought her new in laws vehicles also, and taken them on vacation. The Mother of my Step daughter has two children she collects child support from. She grosses over $40,000. a year just in child support payments. She buys herself, her new husband, and her in laws all these material things and every time I see my Step daughter she is in her sisters clothes, and hardly anything new for her. She was just given a computer. Also a hami down. But, she's made to think it's new. The Mother told us she bought new clothes for my Step daughter for school. But, if she did, where are they? Isn't there anything we can do? Is there some sort of over sight law that prohibits my Step daughters Mother from spending the money we give to her on herself and her husband? My husbands ex wife calls on a weekly basis threatening and is verbally abusive if we do not pay. My husband is a Sole Proprietor of his own Electrical business and she threatens to go to court and take his license. She also has relatives who work in the court house here in our County. So, taking her to court is not an option. She also will not let us see our daughter until we pay. She gives us more visitation than what is on the custody agreement regularly, but she refuses to let my Step daughter come to our house unless she gets money. Because of the 5th week in 5 months a year my husband currently has arrears of $2600.00. We thought the child support was $1400.00 a month flat. Rereading the divorce settlement the child support has to be paid weekly. There comes in the 5th week. Like I started with. I don't care about paying. We are currently working on paying the back child support. I'm glad to pay for anything my Step daughter needs. But, there has got to be something somewhere that is set in place to make sure the Mother spends the money on my Step daughter and not on herself and her life style.
I am a single mother to a 22 month old son. The father basically evicted us after he was born. I moved back from a different state to try to be fair and give him a chance at parenting. He gave up a ton of time anyways even though I agreed on 50/50. He "waived" the child support I would owe HIM. He is now taking me back to court for $1140/mo in child support claiming his income dropped by almost $1,000/mo. He just moved into a $400,000 home (he rents for over $2200/mo) and has 7 people living there. He has a side MLM business and two other sources of income. He leaves my son with his mom or gf anyways half the time. How am I to survive on giving that much?! I am very tight on money and don't do much for myself anyways to ensure my child has what he needs. So sad. Don't always think that its just the dads that have to pay the support. That much being requested is about how much my friends pay for THREE kids. Mind you he's also so behind on medical bills in thousands its absurd. I wish Child Custody and Support could be heard by a jury. Bet a lot would change then!
I cannot get off child support which is now at 13k for a child that the mother has never had. How is it legal to continue to charge me for child support when my child's mother haven't seen him in 4 years.
I cannot get off child support which is now at 13k for a child that the mother has never had. How is it legal to continue to charge me for child support when my child's mother haven't seen him in 4 years.
Hi, I'm a single mother of three. I have seen all sides of how the court system is unfair. I myself have not gone through the court system nor do I ever want to. The father of my three children only lives three minutes away from us. He is more than welcome to come see our children anytime..is he a good father, in my opinion no ..but he does not abuse or mistreat them and the children love him and that is their father so he has a right to see them anytime.. I don't ask for child support all I ask is that if you want to be a man then you should help out..and in helping out I don't mean pay for my car or house or vacations for I to chose to have children . I mean half of medical or any hobbies sports or schooling cost ..I believe if the children are with me then I pay for their food if their with him he pays for their food..and so on...I'm tired of seeing people spending their child support money on themselves instead of their children..I'm don't understand why the courts turn the children into money symbols...and need why they don't put the money on a card to prove that the money is being spent on the children the right way...and I'm not meaning candy or phones those are not necessities. I'm talking about whom ever is receiving child support needs match whatever the other party is paying and have put in account for the child's needs or necessities. That way both parties are paying equal amount on their child...Instead the courts want to break one person to the point where they can't afford a place to bring their own child...just sad ...Note child support system is horrible. ..Note custody system is horrible. ..grow up everyone and take care of your children ..am I a perfect mom...lol...no...but I do try to be fair...court system not fair...make parents recent their kids (not all situations) turn kids into dollar signs...I have seen people that would care less about their children but the only reason they keep them in their custody is for the money...sorry if I'm jumping around...lack of sleep...my parents raised me to take care of my responsibilities. ..yes the father of my/ our children does not help out and does not pay child support and does not see the children but maybe once a week for an hour or two if that ,his choice...am I having a hard time financial. .yes..but no..my kids are happy for the most part...and my parents help out...even though they shouldn't. .I have a job kids are healthy and they love me and their father though they do dislike the situation and I understand. I was never raised to take the easy way out..I could go on food stamps and so on like some people ...growing your own garden would be better though...half the people that I've seen on food stamps sell them ...anyways I'm getting off track and probably have Moe than once in this entire rant. Child support system is incorrectly used on the behalf of our children....50/50 in a special account on a card when spent has to be signed by purchaser and a record of purchase must
These laws need to be changed ASAP! They are completely unfair!
It is a horrible system for the good father's out there.
I don't have kids but can attest to this being the most bias system I have ever seen. You will pay a fortune to a lawyer to go around in circles and never resole the issue. if they fix it they don't get paid. If you can't afford a lawyer you have to put up with whatever horrible decision is decided for you by the court and the other person. I have witnessed a court take sides with a deadbeat dad and then when the mother worked her way off food stamps the deadbeat took the oldest son child and got more for one child than she had ever received for their four when she raised them alone. I have also experienced a mother who, claiming to be a Christian, does everything she can to disrupt and and interfere with visitation because she got a modification. Like others have stated, stay at home mom, now remarried no young children was getting over 1200 a month for one child. The son no longer in day care, they had moved in with the excited parents soon after the settlement and that didn't include the alimoney. When the exhusband was not getting to see his son the limited time he was home even after preplanning and equal visitation rights, he found a job closer and stopped traveling so he could spend time with him. This also meant money was tight so modification was required. In court, she actually said, "what, you mean he only has one job"? Here is a father who has never missed a payment, never been later and wants to see his son. Court order is everyother weekend and daily calls. He has to fight for every little thing. Some how the GAL thinks activities are more important and the lawyers think the father needs to continue to show good faith while each weekend another "something" gets in the way. I am now watch another case where a mother has no money and her husband refuses to work. They lived with his parents in FL. She was working until he told her he wanted her to leave because she continue to tell him to get a job also. She had no place to go so she took the kids to visit family in another state. He of course told her she has to come back to Florida with the kids. She has no place to live and no family there. He lives with his parents, won't work and won't take care of the kids but if she wants to see her kids she has to stay in FL. Thus one us just starting and I haven't done enough research for my sister to help yet but it isn't looking good since she doesn't have any money and his parents got him a lawyer and had her sign documents to stay in FL for a year?