Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I hope this petition hits Congress. It is not fair for individuals such as me having to pay somebody else's child support, when legal the child isn't mine, nor do I know the party that I am supposedly fathering. Department of Child Support Program doesn't help men out. All it is is putting your social security number sit in the lobby go to the cuticle present paperwork. For them to tell you you still have to pay until the court cleared it. But that's what I've been straining to tell you people I haven't been to court. I have had a DNA, confirming that the child isn't mines. Mind you I never received any paperwork from the Courthouse or Child Support Services {THE STATE} stating that I had to come in and get hold of any DNA test. I voluntarily started on my owDid my own study. And now I am stuck with a $26,000 bill that clearly doesn't belong to me. To be honest, it sounds like fraud. Not the party in question. But the Child Support Department.. How can you illegally sign my signature on any document. Without having a physical body there. say any name on child support ,beat the case, and still pay.
My x wife makes $25K a year more than me yet I have to pay almost $2K per month for two kids. We share custody and the kids spend a lot of time with me. With support her gross income is almost double mine, how is this fair. It allows her to thrive financially and save money when I have had to reduce my 401K contributions just to make end meet. The worse part of it all is in Massachusetts child support goes until the kids are 23!
I also think its unfair for the father to pay child support when he takes care of his child regardless of court order and has his child(ren) half the time or even more than the mothers. If the parents have them half the time the mother should at least pay child support as well to help the father out when the child(ren) is in the fathers care.
and both incomes should be looked at when the woman makes less all thru the years they were married and take that into consideration for a woman paying high child support
I have split physical custody with my daughters mother and I have to pay full child support. She makes over $60,000 and just because I make more she's entitled like if she didn't have a job. I have 3 other children and it's hard on me. The Law needs to change.
I recently took my ex to court because she would not let me see my 2 year old daughter and had cut off all communication. She lives with her boyfriend and his parents. She pays no bills. I have my own 2 bedroom apartment and it's just me paying all the bills. DHR has ordered me to pay $450 a month child support, that's how much I pay for rent so now I can't afford my rent. I am now about to be homeless unless I get a 2nd full time job. Which would mean I'd have to give up the time with my little girl I fought so hard to get. I also pay for my little girl to have insurance. I offered to pay $50 a week and they laughed at me. What I don't understand is why you can't add in housing and utilities cost...those are things you can't do without. Something has to be done ASAP!!!
I am a father of my beutifull 11 year old daughter who i adore. when my wife decided to split via text while i was at work my world fell apart. After lmost a year of not being allowed to pay child support (waiting for courts to decide on amounts) i was hit with automatic 3k in back support. i moved an hour away and i constantly have my daughter for visitation. i went from living in a 3 bed 2 bath house and good job to being forced to live in a travel trailer in an rv park, this is while she has a business she works out of home as a childcare provider. she make 5-600 a child per month and has 10...do that math. i make 15 dollars an hour at a job that does not provide overtime. i cannot keep my head above water nor my sanity intact. I raised my step son from 3 to 16 and we got a whopping 130 a month for him from his father (an actual deadbeat day) and i pay out over 500 plus med bills and insurance i have to pay. on top he fly around for frieds grad parties vacations she pays for herself and 3 others including my daughter. and has nails done hair done new car..the list goes on...why is it equal rights are not equal? i dont mind paying but somone who makes that kinda money killing me financially for years ruins my chances to have a life, who want a broke man who cant afford to go anywhere or do anything. i fully support my child and assisting in her care and expenses, but i am sinking and depressed and literally only reason im alive now...wow what a surprise my daughter is my only light in life. i cant move i can do anything to fix. people say get a lawyer her guess what DADS ARE BROKE THEY PAY UNGODLY CHILD SUPPORT. now not all mothers are greedy individuals as mine is nor are all fathers deadbeats but wht i do know diffinitivly OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE MOTHER/FATHER/ SUPPORT ISSUES ARE A JOKE. they were designed when females didn't work like they do now...lets get out of the 50's and move into this decade and millennium please...NO REALLY I AND SOOOO MANY OTHER GOOD FATHERS BEG YOU!
I've have two kids 8 years apart from different mothers and I pay 17.5% per child since my youngest son turned 2. When my youngest mother and I split I had to start paying as much as a person with 3 kids from the same mother. My youngest mother makes more money than me and I have to pay all of the insurance as well. Does do either one of them save one penny for my sons (no), do the mothers have to account for a dime that is spent (no), does the father get any tax right off or anything (no), do I still have to pay for everything when they are in my care(yes). I still get asked by the mothers to help out with all types of things money wise and I also get stuck with unpaid medical bills the mother don't pay because some how they just expect me to do it. Some of the money I pay should be set aside for the kids because they both go to public schools and there mothers have not financial obligation regardless of how much money they make to their kids. In today's society with all the equal right for woman equal pay and the fact that families now are mainly two incomes the sexist laws that once prevailed need to be changed. When a mother makes more than the father and the father is obligated to pay insurance regardless if he has the kids full time or not something is wrong. Even with a decent pay taking 35% off the top after taxes is life changing in a bad way. The state takes money and it's always the maximum amount regardless of how much or little the mother makes. It's not about the welfare of the child it's about how much the state can collect and then give to the mother. They more the state gets the more the state gets paid and that is not in the best interest of the child. It causes strife, struggle, tension, and abuse.
Child support has become the new private income for state employees the jails are now privately owned in Florida by vanguard and Geo in 2013/2014 Florida incarcerated 250,000 people for unpaid child support jails get 100.00 a day for an inmate. Easy money for state corporation to put money into fsr Florida state retirement system. Judges or mashes treated are paid to hear cases .if you don't have money to fight in the court of law you are hit with the silver bullet. This is my story . I sat down with me ex explained that I need to go to college full time to obtain a fire science degree and ems degree. She agreed and being a nurse practitioner and her new husband a pulmonary doctor said your son isn't in need so go for it 4 years went by I achieved my degrees. I had the opportunity as a new hire for the pmrf as a battalion chief for the DOD . In Hawaii . For my 508 clearance a flag came up for a suspended dl. Flew home to see my son for his birthday went to find out about my dl at the court house and was surrounded by police and arrested ! No money to pay a burge I was sentenced for 180 days in jail! . I still can not get my license to drive . My paramedic license and all the college is just papers I now I have a dept that is inconceivable . They took my ability for any trade to do even cut grass . Even they laws state it's not to punish . They took all my rights to see talk or even send a card . They are now child experts.. I have no contact until my son is 19 wow . As I saw in jail inmates with crimes of drugs Sui . Theft served less time than me . No PD for civil only criminal . Welcome to America ! The state has failed in justice and has become about money for the state period !
As the woman working in a man's world installing HVAC for your Anoka County and Minneapolis and being a single mother I am completely upset with my government. My son's father when on Social Security which I don't even know how he got because the four years we were together he never worked he pushed me to work and then abused me. My son receives not even enough to pay for his daycare from Social Security so pretty much my son's father has not been forced to be responsible one bit and that would be your fault. Like I said doing HVAC for your counties I sit on welfare because I'm not getting enough hours as I'm working in a house that is worth at least $500,000 and it's getting a free furnace. Try installing that furnace in that house without breaking down sobbing and tears because your government is ignoring you yet putting a freebie and this shit. Excuse me but if you own a $500,000 home and can't afford the furnace then sell the darn home what are you doing putting a free furnace using my tax money in this home???? I don't care if this house was inherited I don't care its a $500,000 house figure it out. I have watched landlords having their renters qualify for them to receive multiple furnaces for multiple properties and to tell you the truth these are slumlords and you are enabling them two house people with addictions. Yeah this hard-working mother is unable to take care of her child working her hands bloody???? You can't see the problem here???? Why are landlords who receive rental income getting multiple freebies and I'm not talking about just furnaces because I watch the insulators I watch then get free Windows I'm talking over 10 $20,000 worth of work for free and they have multiple property income. I'm forced on welfare when I'm not getting my hours because daddy gets to be a deadbeat and you allow it so I'm expecting the county to help me when I need it. Do you realize that most of the freebies I do for your counties 90% of those houses smell like reefer when I walk in not to mention the crack rock I found underneath the return air. You allow all these low-income people you're not even trying take advantage of County Medical and the funny part is most of the homes that I do install in should be condemned. Why do you put free stuff in a home that should be condemned and hazardous to People's Health? So now they need your free medical because they're living in a house that should be condemned do you understand where I'm getting. Hoarder houses that I can barely even walk into their so nasty. I understand some of those people cannot take care of their properties because of medical reasons but okay then instead of paying for free furnaces and stuff and a house that should be condemned and hazardous to People's Health, use that money to put them somewhere that isn't hazardous to your health I think that would be more sensible. I've watched the county do installs for example a space heater with new chimney and everything then they change their