Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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My husband works 50+ hours a week and makes enough to support us so I can stay home and take care of our 9 month old but his ex keeps threatening to take him back for more child support which would mean I'd HAVE to go back to work and my baby would be raised by a babysitter instead of me, all the while his ex hasn't worked or even looked for a job in 10 years!! I worked until the day I have birth, went back to work, and afterwards I stopped working to raise my baby until she goes to school; then I'm going back to work while she's in school. Yet because he works, we get screwed over!!! She has a house, we live in an apartment. She has more groceries in her house than we ever do, thanks to her not working and popping out 3 kids by 3 different dads, of which only my husband is actually there. The other 2 aren't anywhere to be found!! We have to choose most of the time to pay bills or get food etc, so he just eats at work and I don't eat nearly as much as I used to; I'm already losing weight from it, while she goes to her rich parents house every single week (stepdaughter told me this) to go swimming and to the river etc etc. They're the ones that bought her a house and car and the stuff in her house, she doesn't even have to pay for her phone...her parents do that for her...
There is unfairness in the family court towards fathers, and this needs to stop. When fathers can barely support themselves, but they are obligated to pay this high child support.
My daughters father asked for a child support review at the beginning of 2015. We both was ordered to send in our last three years of income so I did and he just sent in his 2015 and wrote a statement saying he didn't file taxes since 2011. I objected to the the order because In 2010 his ex wife left him and he worked for her parents at their local business. He then got hurt on the job and received workers compensation. In 2011 while still on workers comp he started working part time for a local radio station using his CDL. In 2013 he settled out with with workers comp. He was able to get SSD. He made more than I could make in three years in 2013 he made over $83,000 between his weekly 395 a week workers comp checks and his settlement. Then he was being penalized on SSD for not claiming my child support I paid him so they garnished his SSD for overpayment. This put him in a lower 2015 income. He bragged all over the internet he started a non profit organization ready to hire employees and he is an ordain minister while still on SSD. I objected to the evaluation because he didn't give his real income for the past three years. He put in a motion objection to dismiss saying I was harassing him. The order stated the last three years of income. Then i went to court and the Referee dismissed my motion. I motioned to claim my daughter on taxes since he stated he didn't file since 2011. I explained to the judge between child support and taxes withheld from my child i pay 10,000 and this would help me with the tax burden i have. To find out he has been letting his girlfriends claim our son and daughter. I struggle every day to get back and forth to work and pay my bills. I have to at times choose to buy food or pay my bills. Most of the time it's to pay my bills and I eat at my parents house most of the time. Or to not pay a bill until it's almost a shut off notice. While he is out buying nice vehicles and riding his harley i was driving a car that the rusted brakes went out on going over a bridge. The only thing that saved me was putting the car in neutral and that i don't drive fast. My parents did go out and get me a different car until child support is over so i can pay them back. The car i had for the last 11 years is a 1997 Bonneville had the under carriage so rusted out I was warned by a mechanic that the front end was going to give out and i would be in a car accident. After the Referee dismissed my objection to the child support evaluation i had 21 days to object prior to my 21 days being up I talked to the Friend of the Court worker and she told me that i could object but the judge is going to do what she wants and she feels it's going to stay the same. Even though she has his wages that he didn't claim. I feel that the state should be over the child support for fair reviews and not the counties because he is getting his SSD and my daughters dependent pay that he doesn't use on her and my high child support. To have checks an
Women who lie about being pregnant and don't allow the father to be apart of the child or children's life should be held responsible and penalized for child support. Child support is not only about money but spending time with your children.
I have many male friends who can't afford to live on their own because their child support payments are way to high. The mom's don't even keep them updated on how the kids are doing. I have watched these women use it to sit at home and do nothing, as well as use the money for entertainment to take them and their new man or woman out to dinner and a movie. Not fair come on judicial system open your eyes.
Pa family law is so ridiculous. it can drive a happy family to divorce, as long as the wife are not happy. they can take advantage of PA family law to get child custody and child support. and husband become a slave. Child support is based on income, not based on expense of child before and after divorce. the rule is set not for the best interest of kids as you divorce, but the best interest of lawyers and court. you are fighting for unbalance war and they earn the money. 80 percent woman initiate divorce, you know why.
Laws need to be made to protect fathers against vindictive women, it shouldn be the other parents responsibility to pay bills for the other parent. The best interest of the child is not important. Women use the system to do their dirty work and its not fair and its demeaning to the relationship between a father and his children.
Mother stole my sperm from a condom and is now collecting child support
I am disgusted by the way I am treated as a parent. I work 50+ hours a week and can seldom afford to eat and barely pay my bills, while my ex wife collects a absurd amount of money from me and the state. She also has a live in boyfriend whom makes close to six figures a year. We have 50/50 custody this system is a broken and unjust one. This needs to change
THESE laws or very oppressive and need to change men are being taken advantage of every day by these unconstitutional laws.
My husband was young and naive met a girl in.the army who was 6 years older than him. They barely knew each other for long. She had nothing and didn't want to work she got them kicked out of army and then she got pregnant. She still refused to work she committed welfare fraud whole he was paying her money every month we found out early enough bit still the damage she tried to do would have been tremendous he doesn't get to see his daughter ever! She has a new bf who takes care of her and receives child support and hi for daughter. It's not fair I work full time and we have a son I have to work to cover what gets taken oht for a woman who doesn't work.
I left my wife because she would physically abuse me because she knew I would not hit her back. Not even a week after I moved out, she filed for child support. I make about $3400 a month and was ordered to pay $1750 per month. My rent alone is $1500, not to mention phone, electric, gas, food ect. Nor the emense amount of debt she left me in. According to the judge, debt is not a factor due to the fact that it is my personal debt. At this point, I stand to lose everything that I have worked so hard for. They asked me to prepare a work up of all my bills and debt, but did not even so much as look at it. What's the point? I guess my daughter will have to visit her daddy in the homeless shelter after I lose my car, 2 investment properties that I planned on leaving to my 2 kids, and all of the little bit of money in my retirement funds. Thanks NYC, you truly are a rotten apple.
I too am a victim of Tennessee child support. Pay on time every month. When my son is with me he is always neatly dress and clean with a hair cut but when i pick him up from his moms house he looks like a homeless child. I have to hold back tears and that aint even a micro organism worth of things i have to pick up slack for because of her neglect. The state needs to do a check periodically on the mothers that get child support. They need to check how the child is doing in school, the working status of the mom and living conditions and the environment the child is in if the law is really about the well being of the children. A lot of these so called mothers would lose their kids to protective services. Now days it seems the fathers are in better positions to have custody of their kids. If y'all really care for your children and you know without a doubt you are the better parent then do some research on winning custody its tons of info that I found out about that didn't know. Its a father's rights group that help with situations like this and they help with filing paperwork and finding affordable lawyers. Fight for your kids my brothers and for the real mothers who really take care of their children I appreciate y'all with all my heart. I'm going to court for custody of my son. Y'all wish me the best.
Child support laws need to be reformed as a Family Emergency..! I have 3 kids, and no money to support them like suppose to be, Just because the court did a wrong evaluation of income and expenses. The judge din't care about my other kids. And also didn't evaluate my Unemployed status for 3 months. My family struggled around 3 more months until I get a job, then everything was worst. they collected my family tax refund, and intercepted my salary from new job. But the nightmare was even worst, My income is so low, that I have to ask for Medicaid for my kids, and Food Stamps. what else? We had to rent an apartment in a very dangerous place affordable for us. Now government help me to survive, so that way my ex wife can have a comfortable life with her new husband, cheating about their income, so using medicaid also, and food stamps..... thank you to the judge who applied so wrong the law and justice. I mean what law and what justice???
I was ordered to pay 744.00 a month for support for one child. The lady I have the child with does not work. She has 4 other kids by 3 other men. She has 2 kids by one man.He pays 50.00A month for them. The other 2 kids dads pay nothing. But they are using her income to base the amount I pay. She don't work at all. This is really messed up. I feel I am paying for the other kids too.