Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I don't pretend to have all of the answers because I don't. But I do know that this system and the courts view of custody is in desperate need of reform. Why, when women fought so hard for equal rights, are there still so many who feel it's a man's job to support them? What about equal rights for the fathers out there. My ex-husband and I have split (50/50) custody of our child because we both recognize the need for her to have both parents in her life and feel at home in both houses. If both parents are loving an responsible, shouldn't this be offered by the courts? I know there are cases where this couldn't work but what I can't understand is why the mother has more rights than the father? And if two consenting adults made a child, whether planned or a surprise, why should the dad have to pay a portion of the rent and utilities that the mother would have to pay whether the child was in the picture or not? Especially when the dad is only allowed by the courts to see his child every other weekend? Why doesn't it make sense for the mom to get a job and find a way to equally contribute? Anything needed for the child should be split 50/50. Ladies - just because you had a child with him doesn't mean that he should have to support you for 18 years unless that was a prior agreement. I know that if I had fought for child support from my ex, I could have gotten it because I'm a woman, plain and simple. Doesn't seem right though to cause my ex to struggle when he is a good father who provides his daughter with half of everything she needs. I took some personal responsibility. If there are fathers who won't help, they can subjected to these harsh laws. Since we live in the 21st century and women can vote and work, let's act like real women and be equally financially responsible for our children.
My husband is being completely drained of all his income because his ex wife refuses to work. She collets over 2000 dollars a month from him. This leaves me to taking care of all our financial obligations on my own. We have 2 children together and it is so hard on me to be the sole provider for thw family. We are constantly behind on our bills and it seems as though we will never catchup because my husband brings home next to nothing.
And they should also eliminate Backpage to a certain age I'm a grandparent now and still paying child support
Child support payments are considered taxable income on the part of the payer, but are received tax-free on the part of the custodial parent. Why does a parent have to pay child Support when they have joint custody? If the mother/farmer choose not to advance in their workfield why is it the responsibility of the working parent to take Care of the other parent?? There has to be rules on what child Support is For!!! It should not be tax free spending money!!!!!!!
I have been paying child support a long time and I am so tired. (not complaining) I barely afford anything I know some people say that $863.00 a month for two kids is nothing,Child support needs to be reformed. I have just spent the last year fighting a system to have my son emancipated at 18 yrs old. only to find out that non accredited "home schooling" will allow the mother to claim he/she is still on school well past the age of emancipation. I have paid on time for the past 16 years without complaint I have 18 months left on my last child and am currently trying to battle money hungry lawyers and a court system/Judge that continues to allow continuance after continuance driving up the legal fees. There has to be a change and soon many more parents will be financially raped by the system and many more will continue to use the system as a way of life
I am married to a man who has 3 kids from his previous marriage. He has paid child support on time every month for the 5 years I've known him. His ex wife is married and has decided she wants more money a month. I understand the cost of living, but there's nothing the kids need that they don't already get. We pay all of the insurance costs for them ,pay for all activities they are in, and if anything extra comes up, (school supplies, shoes, coats, etc) we always help out. The ex wife and her husband both drive 2015 vehicles, own a business (small town hotel), have snowmobiles, atv's, and other expensive toys. They are also granted free health care, free dental care, and are on WIC for the 2 children they have together. They take big trips, and don't seem to have a care in the world when it comes to spending money. The ex wife claims she has a $0 income and her husband works outside the hotel part time. My husband and I both work full time jobs, and both of our cars are 10 years old. We don't have any government assistance on anything and certainly don't have any of the toys I listed earlier, mostly because we can't afford them. I know that when we have our child support amount reviewed, it's going to go up dramatically because of the requirement of listing your GROSS vs NET income. She will claim 0, because that's what she does. Why isn't this ever investigated? Why is the woman entitled to collecting anything and everything she can get her hands on without any proof of actual need??? It's messed up - and we are frustrated!!!
Child support needs to be reformed. It is very unfair. I should be able to claim it on my taxes.. I cannot claim my child or the support of my child on my taxes at all, please revise the laws!!
Listen all fathers getting screwed.here is truth.federal government will pay the state you live in 2 dollars for every dollar of childsupport you pay.plus its coming out of social security that 2 dollars there paying to that state. so the state you live in the judge dont give a rats*****if your ex is a whore or the well being of the child.bottom line is money in there pocket.that is the truth.I worked for government for 11 years.I dont know it all but what I know is true.this system is not about the child or children its about the federal money and state pay back.**** you government.im an honest father whomarried a whore.go after them.this country Iis a joke.wish I was a women.spread my legs pop out kids get money.oh great america.whatever:(fu