Unfair child support laws

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Unfair child support laws

After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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What is wrong with equality? Justice IS fairness!
Senator, what do you plan to do about the growing issue of unfair child support laws in the State of Ohio and across the country? Society always hears of the effects it has had on the lives of mothers on the system, but NEVER hears about the side of fathers being forced to remain in or forced into a lifetime of poverty due to the Child Support Extortion System.
I continue to pay and she hasn't worked in over 4 years...just went to court and found out I have to pay more! Meanwhile, on her weeks, she let's them stay home, get F's and ignore their homework! What a racket! On my weeks, I spend all my free time trying to catch them up on their homework!
I pay child on time and I can't even see my daughter when I want to
My husband had child support put on him a few years back by his ex because of him getting married to me, I totally agree that he should take responsibility, but however, he just found out that his children haven't live with her since there apply 6 years earlier nor did she inform her mother (where the children live) that she had done so. What do you do in that situation? We know she's married and has other children while deciding to receive his money for the kids to not use it on them at all. He hasn't been allowed to talk or see his kids and yet us able to play the system. I don't get it. Makes me sad for them kids and not far too their other siblings here it their dad. I don't even see how she's allowed to do this.
I think the child support system is so unfair to fathers. I am paying child support and what I make is not enough to pay the full amount. So I will always owe back pay at the end of each year. I asked for a modification hearing and was denied by the agency. It's like they don't consider that we have to live and eat as well. I was taking care of my children and was still put on child support. An amount that I can't even pay in full.
A good friend of mine, her uncle has to pay weekly in mass about 900 dollars a week!!! outragous for two kids I have one and here its 250 a month!!!
I agree but I also feel that the receiver of the child support should have to claim the money on their income taxes as well. It is also considered a income for them to live.
My opinion child support should be issued the same way a wick check is only allowing them a list of items to buy for the child not so they can spend it on them selves. I don't think it should be used for utilities or food either that should be the adults responsibility to pay for that.
My husband pays child support to his ex ever since she tricked him into "signing that he was the father." She collects support off of two other men for her three other children. Most recently, she kicked my stepson out of her home (December 25, 2013) and had the nerve to file for an increase in child support. My husband is currently paying his ex $379.00 to support his child that has been living with us since Christmas last year!!! Something needs to be done to help those that do care and try to better things, but only get the label of "dead beat dad!"