Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I work hard and love my kids. My ex wife decided she want to be with someone else, so the divorce came. Now I am paying $600 a month for child support, working 50-66 hours a week just to barely pay bills. I have never missed a payment, I am not behind, and yet any "extra" money I earn through bonuses, profit sharing is ALL taken by child support. Even my federal tax return is less than half of what it should be because of child support that I don't owe. I guess they take all of my bonuses "just in case" I ever miss a payment. The system is set up to screw fathers who want and love their children. I can't afford to have them as often as I want. I have to work double shifts almost just to get by. This HAS to change!
This is for all fathers out there that want their children. The court laws regarding child custody are COMPLETELY OUTDATED and need to be CHANGED sooner rather than later. The ex wants child support but then absolutely will not communicate with my son. She was granted permission to leave SC with the children and move to AZ. To me child support should not begin until the divorce is final to be fair to both parties. It is not right that you cannot see your children. Please consider aa parties request in court as this was not done in my sons case. This is a very important part of the process that is unfortunately no taken into consideration. PLEASE CHANGE THE l
I never had a first child. I had first children. I was unfortunate enough to impregnate a nasty piece of work. Well she bore triplets. Soon as we broke up child support started up and i am now living with my sister sleeping on the couch. I still havent missed a single payment but this has already lead me to attempt suicide. There are times where she will keep them from me for extended periods of time. My kids love me and often get very upset when they have to leave daddy. They turn 5 this year and i havent been able to do anything for them really. I've never even owned a car. Ive bought their mother 2. I am just so tired of living in poverty unable to improve my situation. Getting another job wont resolve anything because there is no cap on child support. The more you make the more you pay. It wouldn't be so bad if i was able to partially claim them on my taxes or at least have the amount i pay lower my tax liability. This petition will fall on deaf ears but at least i said my piece.
Funny the tyranny o had 2 wife's both run around on me lol one was even living with me when i got a notice i was 5000 behind. Both secretly went and got a divorce told there attorneys they didn't know where i was lol i lived same house 25 years. Then child support kept the cases separate at 595 a month x 2 i was only grossing 2000 a month and paying 1200 a month i never got my day in court to prove them unfaithful he'll i had a town full of witnesses. Bill Clinton see the ******** u wrote into law. Now mothers who don't wanna work can simply find a man get knocked up 9 months later draw 600-1200 month for 18-22 years per child and draw food stamps thanks bill clinton u just disabled every woman in America if they choose to be.
My son is paying so much in support that he himself can not afford to live. While this girl tricked him into getting her pregnant. She has 3 babies 2 to other father's and that is how she makes her living while sitting home doing nothing.
I pay almost 3,000 a month for two kids (different mothers). Both mothers stopped working, and have decided not to work again because if they do their child support will go down. It is a bit unfair that I am paying for the mothers to get a free ride and do spa days while I work. The system is unfair to fathers. This also includes unfair visiting times due to being male.
I have to pay my ex wife almost $1000 a month I have a wife and another child. I bring home $1600 a month. You can't pay a mortgage and insurance and a car or groceries for $600 a month.... Just a note papers say I have my child 8 days a month but every month is has been 50/50 I have calendar records. So I'm not a dead beat and I am getting screwed seriously. Why does our government wanting to screw dads?.
Fighting with The Mother of my husbands first child currently! We have been together 10 yrs he was never married to her the child will be 13 in July. They have always had 50/50 dead even amount of time each and child support was waived in 2003. Now after all this time (7yrs of the child's "mother" not working) she is filing for CS. The court will grant her said support even though we have put him through private school we have cared for him and have been financially responsible on our time All because she doesn't have income!! She doesn't have income because she chooses not to have income! She was awarded $450 a month in a separate CS case with Baby daddy #2 for sitting home on her butt and Daddy #3 will be next I am sure! Unreal how my husband is financially responsible for him for our 182.5 days AND now on her 182.5 days but she is NOT!! How is that fair to us how is it fair to my stepson who is being taught you can sit on your butt have a bunch of kids with different guys not work collect CS foodstamps medical etc?? He now has to live a less fortunate life at BOTH houses since half of what we would normally use to give him the BEST at our house is being taken and given to his mother who we all know will use on hair nails cigs etc for herself maybe an occasionally outfit for him. The GOV pays for his food The gov pays for his cell phone the gov pays her Cash assistance!! We pay his medical we pay his schooling!! Beyond frustrated with the system!
I just paid off welfare my audit amount was 97,000.00$ I got garnished for 250,000.00$ n I'll never get the agonizing years back they " the welfare " over charged me 153,000.00$ I took the case to court n the case got throw out because I didn't live in Fresno California all in all the destruction the welfare cussed on me from there extortion of my finances is in my future ... Welfare you are pigs and my kids never tasted the money you took from me and now they hate me becuase they think I never sent them anything all these 22 years ..... I did but the welfare took it. Welfare you are pigs at the working mans expance and the children you say it's for the children you are liers . PIGS......
This is very true.
I have 50% joint custody. I pay all cell phone bills, medical bills, extra curricular costs. My ex quit her job and had another kid, with a different guy, and filed for assistance. Then the state of MN scheduled a hearing and is now taking $600 from my income and giving it to her. So, instead of being able to make payments so my kids can get braces, mom gets to buy a new coach purse or whatever else her greedy little heart desires. The system is broke, hopefully someone has the courage to address it.
"Stop Bichin"... Start Marching !

No wonder nobody gives a @#$% what we think.

We are INVISIBLE to the powers that be.

Last I checked, some of the mothers getting support don't give a #&+@ you can't pay your bills. In fact she's living better than you are.

We ought to man up and show up and &*%$ these blogs and do something. Yeah... I said it !