Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I completely agree with this statement. We all know of these kind of situations. As there are career criminals there are also career child support takers! We ask ourselves, why is there such high crime rates, the answer might be because these women go in search of stupid men, get pregnant and then sit around and collect child support checks from different "baby daddies!!!" They don't care who they are having these kids with, the truth is, it's easier to birth them and collect than take the chance at getting paid for fostering children that can easily be taken away any time...and there goes their paychecks. We can't however just blame these low lives collecting child support from these men...we need to also blame the system that allows for this to go on!!!!
Why do females have children they know they can't afford then take all the fathers money through child support and don't even have to work but the dad on the other hand have struggle while she don't even try to work
My son has been paying got behind when people lost there jobs but is working to catch up He applied to get 2 grown in there mid 20s kids removed so he could catch up Paying what court says Ex wife wants him in jail She wants all back pay How will that help if hes in jail Then she gets nothing His kids dont bother with us the grandparents or my son They brainwashed them into hating us
even if they work part time the calculations they use are rediculous; I am going backrupt with what I am paying my ex.
There should be a fair amount for a father to pay. Fathers are working 2 jobs to pay child support and to pay there own bills and food on the table. People say there are so many dead beat dads, their dead wrong. There are fathers out there busting the tail for their kids. Maybe they work 2 job, to pay child support and to have a roof over their head, food on the table. They work so hard that, they cant see the kids. Maybe are tired of struggling and become homeless, cause all the money they have is on child support. Maybe, if the laws was fixed, there will be less so called dead beat dads in jail. Maybe, if they could afford the child support, they wouldn't be in trouble with the law. Maybe, the kids would have a father that can spin time with and look up too. And the kids would have a better up bringing. Cause they wont, if they are working to pay it. Or in jail for it. Make the laws fair. I think the child support system is broken and the laws need to be fixed.
my gross pay is $500 now -$100 for taxes and $200 for child sapport = 200 left over. rent and bills not coverd = me homeless. now they take lisence for arrears {witch ive been paying consistant for over a year}.. = lose job. = can no longer even pay sapport and gets sent to jail.= more arrears interst n penalties and now they make money off u in jail to..... how is this sapose to help the kid??? o its about money not the kid i forgot...
I have seen all sides of this child support issue.
1. My mom raised me and my sister on minimun wage salary and without the help of our dad.
2. I do collect child support($200 a month) from my ex husband. This money goes directly to my son's NEEDS (medicine, shoes, clothes, etc) it is NOT much but it IS enough to help out.
3. Before my now husband's children came to live with us, he paid BM $1200 a month for 3 children. Every month for 3 years she would call asking for money for groceries because she didn't have food for the children. Husband had a judge ask her for all of her bank statements and such, only to find out that she was spending the Child Support money on herself, eating out and buying herself clothes and such. The judge didnt do a darn thing about it after reviewing all of the financial info. All the while husband had to buy the kids clothes and shoes on top of the monthly CS payments. BM has a degree and chooses to work part-time minimum wage paying jobs because she makes more off of CS.
Yes!!! Child Support laws MUST be fixed!! They MUST be equal since BOTH participated in the making of a child. I'm so sick of these women making some father's part time daddies and taking their money!
I have a child with my x-wife and I have a child with a girl that traps dads for a living. My x-wife has a millionaire for a father hired the most expensive attorneys while I couldn't afford to touch a lawyer after the found out who her attorney was. We divorced I worked for her father . The judge called me a dead beat father and being unrepresented was put into a corner and she managed to get supervised visitation which I didn't even get that as she did not do the paperwork she was supposed to so I could see my son, and order to pay 358. a month with no job. My ex wife married a felon with a record as long as my 2 arms this guy also works for her dad and was fired from there for sexual harassment they had 2 kids at this point and they separated. I have not seen my kid in five years and she files with department of revenue on myself and the other father so that way she can apply for government assistance for all of her children somewhere in between she is pregnant again and back with this guy and works for millionaire daddy once again. she is asking for 17k from me for 5 years back due and not once offered me to see my kid blocked me from all social media, cell phone communications ect. and meanwhile daddy pays her rent in the apartment complex he owns drives the new ford explorer he bought her while she can parade around and take advantage taxpayers and a hard working man trying to survive, it gets better. I dated a girl for 2 weeks she told me that she was pregnant oh and that I should also be treated for chlamydia , she already had a 2 year old and was battling dad in court I found out that I knew other baby daddy and got to talking with him and all the things that she told me that father was a dead beat abusive doesnt pay child support was a complete fabrication. He pays quite a bit in child support actually and I start defending the father and same thing that my ex wife did to me she did to him alienating him from him but still wanted to collect that child support with a dose of harrassment to him and his wife driving by their house taking pics of what they own to try and get him to pay more money next thing you know here comes my paternity suit from this girl living with grandma whos retired from the department of children and families food stamp fraud department asking me for money to support our daughter but she decides im not like the other father I wanna see my daughter and I have the money this time around to defend myself , so what does she do. when all else fails get an injunction. and ask for support. injunction falls through from lack of evidence increasing my attorneys bills and having her attorney send my attorney frivolous letters trying to get my bills up to not be able to afford it anymore. This girl used her grandmothers years of knowledge of the government system to be placed on wic food stamps dor to keep her attorney costs down soo at the time I am battling her with that and what happens next she gets pregnant again a
My husband works 40-60 hours a week at $15.00 an hour. After taxes its about $1900 a month. He pays $552 dollars to biological mother #1 for one daughter and pays $807 a month to his ex wife who he has three kids with. He lives on about $300 a month. His ex wife has alienated him from their children. When he does get time to spend with them he has to refuse because he can't afford the visits. We have to drive round trip 8 hours (16 per weekend) as she rufuses to meet us half way. She drivs a brand new vehicle. Dresses in name brand clothes, get her hair done and nails done, goes out to eat at fancy restaurants every night. Mean while my husband can't afford rent :(
My childrens fathers rights were terminatwd because he killed our youngest son. He beat him to death. I didn't collect a dime of support from him. I raised our surviving son by myself with out support. While he was in prison he got SIX college degrees. He served ten years and has been out now for almost 2 years and he's making $130,000.00 a year. I should be able to get some of that for raising my son alone for 13 years. . . but I can't because his rugjta were terminated because he's a murderer. Please look at these laws and hear the people paying child suppor . The system is broken and extremely flawed. Non custodial parents are suffering and no one cares to fix it. Its time to change child support laws now.
The federal government needs to base it on minimum wage. They need to come up with a fair amount per child and cap it off at tha . None of this taking 65-80% of a non custodial parents checks. Like, $140 a month per child. Custodial parent pays $150 a month per child and a non custodial parent pays $150 a month. That's $300 dollars a month. That is plenty to raise a child on. Change the laws NOW. Just because a non custodial parent makes 50 grand a year doesn't mean they should have to pay more than a parent who works a minimum wage job. That's discrimination. FIX THE LAWS NOW!