Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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My husband and I have custodial custody of my step son.
His biological mother was order to pay child support when we got custody, when he was 7yrs old. She went to court and turned in a modification for child support in November of 2015. My stepson is now 17 years old.
The judge stated in court that they do not feel she is creditable because she was claiming she only worked one day a week and was working for free at a barbershop "intern" her and her boyfriend actually own the shop.
They get to use the shop for free, don't have to pay no rent on it because the boyfriend's family member owns the building, so they make a free income. She lied to the judge about her income after the judge got done saying all that they stated that the father was to pay the mother $209 a month in child support. She doesn't see my step-son or does she even bother to call him. He doesn't live with her she lives off of Section 8 and gets food stamps and Medicaid. We have to pay Kaiser for medical insurance which my son is also on.
She pays $100 a month in rent. How is this Fair how can this girl claim to be this person making no money, and my husband and I work full time jobs to pay our bills and take care of her children, and now pay her child support for a child she doesn't see. Mother doesn't see my step son but maybe every 2 to 3 months; however is granted child support because she makes less money, as she claims. Giving this girl money for a child she does not take care of. Nor does she have a bedroom for him sleep in. If/when he goes over he sleeps on the couch.
The worst part about it is as they're making us pay back pay from November of 2015 ($1,200). She just paid her back child support because her attorney told her it look good, now we have to pay it back to her after we went and spent the money on new clothes for my son, food and two bills.
We got my son a car a few months ago and he just got his licence.
She never been involved in his life.
She pops up every now and then when it's convenient for her.
She has one other child she pawns off to the grandparents.
This is not right.
We're paying 1400 for my son to go to Washington DC we have to come out of pocket that money plus pay 1200 to child support for this girl to spend on herself.
It is not reasonable for someone to pay 1500 dollars a month for one child. Raising a child does not cost that much. Many women get pregnant purposely to collect money from men.
I worked so much over time in 2015 because my second shift delivery driver woman was able to watch my daughter for me so i could provide a nice car for her to drive while she was prego. Son was born amd eanted everything her way. We faught. She left me went to court in march. Told the guy i have joint for my daighter. And pay 250 a month for her for day care. I havent worled any over time and was bringing home 325 a week. The mediater ignored my pay checks and used my w2 from all that over time. Now im 3 bills behind because ober time is not availble at my shop so you have to jump through all these loops to get heard. While shes on food stamps. Wic making more money then me cause she dont have to be honest on the tips she makes. Something needs to be changed
It doesn't only apply to men. Women are sometimes given the mess end of the stick too. It isn't fair man or woman everyone should pull their weight when raising children but it shouldn't be a burden on one parent and a picnic for the other. Some women are collecting welfare from the state and 1/2 a mans salary every month, where is the equality in that?
Where is the equality? Im signing this gor the men that struggle to live! I dont even have kids but as a man i have to step up and stop this unfair treatment from the courts just because we are man.
I pay 2100.00 per month and my wife left me because I did not want more children. We had agreed to have one and we did but she wanted more after the one. She left for another guy now remarried with her next child. I pay that 2100 faithfully but during tax time, she is not taxed on child support I am in top of 28000 in taxes. I get limited time with my kid but the judge couldn't see this was not my fault. My ex was greedy she didn't have a job when we went to court but soon after the ddivorce was over she went back to work hot remarried and now I'm the one suffering. This country is so wrong when it comes to divorces. I guess the judges see their daughtets in our exs. Men don't stand a chance.
Both parents need to be financially responsible for their children, both incomes need to be counted. Texas only takes the non custodial parents income when calculating child support. If the parent pays 1100.00 in Texas, in a state that includes custodial parents income it would be closer to 750.00. If both parents are deemed fit they should both be custodial parents with equal time. The child support laws and family courts divide parents and children. These laws need to change!! The family Court system needs to be investigated.
I agree, the mother of my child sits at home in her mothers 500k home. She's waiting for her to die so she can get another hand out.
Ask hillary about equal rights for women
I have been crushed by my ex wife. I have nothing, and any little I get is taken. She has a new car, house, and job. I lost everything.