Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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This law is an insult! Unless the monies spent by these greedy overzealous xxxxx's & females are better monitored & documented. This law & system will remain broken just like Congress itself!
No court ever asks if I love & get too see my child!
Here in MN DHS finds it funny to set you in default then pull the "We can take 85% of your income to pay the balance."
Need to update outdated child support laws!!

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We take care of my step son since he was 1 she would go out andshe leaves him home with us all week after work 8pm she picks him up and drops him off again at 7am... We put him in school his first two years took him to dr stayed with us 3days of the week and every other weekend and yet she asked for more child support she has a new car house i dont think it fair that she takes all my husbands check he has two more kids with me and my kids never get anything cause shes taking everything and we still have them for more than a year....
no woman shall stay home! this is boredom all right!
MY son, WHOM I the father pay child support for . just before VET came to our home to put to rest our german shepherd , who had not been able to walk for a month and 1/2 was comforted cared for 24/7.
MY son & i went to the bank & he proceeded to ask teller for cashiers check for the amount of $18,788 dollars, He is only 21 years old . & somewhat aware of CS situation. After a very sad putting to rest our dog . HE came to me ready to close my child support case . NOTE the mother could have closed the case WITHOUT costing her a dime , WHO in there right mind would be willing to cancel free MONEY. "GOTA LOVE FREEDOM " our son asked his mother several times she could close case for nothing . HER REPLY i dont know what ur talking about .
THIS was his money he saved . I AM very sorry to say MONEY cannot bring back the LOVE & JOY our dog Pupperdillis had given to us. IF NOT for my son i would had to deal with child support till i Died.
I raised my son to do what feels right depended on who , why , and outcome.
AND to never Take even though u may or may not be welcome.
I have 2 kids . my ex finds out i have a new girlfriend she files child support on me. Taking half of my paycheck. Im not a deadbeat dad. I take care of my kids
The Mother of my step daughter uses her child support for fancy vacations, a $65,000 SUV and lives in a 3,000 square foot house with horses and a barn. She buys her new in laws vacations, cars etc. while her father in law drinks his way through life and her new husband physically and mentally abuses my step daughter. But, if we don't pay she with holds us seeing our daughter. Now she's threatening taking my husbands drivers license and contractors license. Something should be done about this. My husbands ex makes $40,000 a year in child support. TAX FREE. How unjust is that? I raised my 3 by myself with no child support. Something has got to be done!
This law unfair to parents with regret that the Government that issued unfair decisions for parents to spend on children must be equitable between father and mother that the children's decision support something heartbreaking watching every father's future in promote itself financially, and the sad thing is every father's future end in a country like the United States characterized by freedom and equity. every man's future has become an absolute exhibition of future collapse and breakdown who finds his parting from his family until he became every man compelled Duty parenting. so I demand absolute wife grants part of material responsibility
I absolutely agree that women should have financial responsibility and at least a partime of six hours when their children are in school. I'm divorced twice and I have three kids. Always my financial responsibilities were 50/50 with my ex husband. For me knowledge is power and that helped me to raise up my children.
Best interest of the children is time spent with both parents, not sending the non custodial to jail for enforcing the money transfers.
ruling and you say that to me? Did you at any point (after getting that boyish man hating haircut) take into factor that the kids would be with me 50% of the time? You just took my means of protecting and properly raising the Part 2
kids so she can sit around and do literally nothing.. ("well, I gave birth to them, that is why you pay me") LOL. Maybe we should stop all these petitions and start a movement bigger than any other...
Here is one for you. When my ex and I split, I was obligated to $379 per week, per the child support mediation. My ex and I agreed to $250 per week considering I was making just over $60k per year. I have 3 children with her. I have a court ordered agreement for 50/50 custody (which in my opinion should not still warrant the primary and secondary classification, it should just be equal) and I had to move in with my parents for 3 years in order to get back on my feet. Over time, I have increased my gross income and can now, sort of eek by with a semi-normal lifestyle. We are all plagued by bills but I am $1000 in the whole at the beginning of each month due to child support. Now I ask you, do you think that since my oldest son , whom now lives in Hawaii (Army station) and is emancipated, my daughter whom now lives with her mother because I was too overbearing and her mother let her do whatever, whenever with her boyfriend, and now the youngest son, whom now lives with me, do you think if I (the man in this scenario) went back to court and pleaded with the judge that now that its basically split right down the middle for dependents, that he/she would consider child support null and void? C'mon, lets be realistic... Please consider that my daughter buys all her own clothing, pays for her own gas, pays a portion of her phone bill (on her mothers plan) and pays her share of the increase to add her to her mothers car insurance. So, basically, she pays almost her entire way and her mother gets tattoos, piercings and takes vacations whilst trying to feed their large dogs... So sad to read all of these petitions. We all have the same story, just worded differently and most stories are such low life stories, forced upon us by the court system. I feel for the women who have to get 2 jobs to take care of their kids while the dad is a no show. However, if the father is there putting in 50% and you think you deserve more of his money, I think a 2nd job should be mandatory for the woman to get. If you are able bodied, I should not be supporting you. I should not have to spend 2/3rds of every day trying to provide a nice home for my ex-wife to present for my kids while I struggle to pay for a low income apartment that the kids have to share a room in. You know what is sad and literally makes no sense whatsoever? In my mediation, I explained the bills I had, explained how I was forced to move in with my parents so I could save to get my own place, that I had to claim bankruptcy to get back to ground zero because of her, that I had to forfeit my truck, my mode of transportation to work, that my kids had to watch me pick up the pieces of a broken man and the judge said this to me "I don't care if you live with your parents and drive a jalopy, as long as the kids are provided for" Seriously? I mean, you have a degree. You went to college and graduated and were sworn in as a judge because the local county deemed you competent enough to judge people with unbiased rul
It has been my observation that too many custodial parents are using the child support money for their own personal use. Any person receiving 700 a month on top of their own salary should be able to afford to send their kid to a private school, to pay for special extra curricular activities, and such. Instead, I see the child constantly asking the non-custodial parent for more material things such as clothes and shoes while the custodial parent is going out to dinner every night and splurging on expensive purses. Meanwhile the custodial parent's family is barely getting by. This is truly unfair.