Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I'm tired of seeing my son live on 1065.00 a month while she has all the taxes and food stamps and the house all the money this is bull crap.It needs to be fair he cant even afford a place to take his children. And she's the one who cheated.
This system is getting out of hand fathers are being thrown in jail licensed being suspended and cases were some fathers committing suicide because of the hard ship the government is putting on them child support should be only between the father and mother and give responsibility to women also and theres thousands of storys of women using this mechanism to punish the fathers that are great to there kids because there relationship fails money dosent fix broken homes
I am a woman, and I pay child support. My childrens father has been, keeping my children from
Really knowing me, by distance, and money, and just point out making me out to be a bad guy, there is just so much more to my storry, it is true both parents should support the children, but some just cant, and this law can truely put such a bad after efect on someones whole existance. Some people use this as a tool to destroy one, another but one should realy lern to grow up, and just take the responsibilities of laying down, and it goes both way. But no one should be forced to do this,
because may just not have the resourses. " WE ALL
NEED TO GROW UP" and out of being with a child like mind. The law is just soooooooooo, unfair in many way. Stand strong MEN, I had other childre after that relationship, and I take care my children, compleatly by my self, and trust me its a strugle, pluss paying child support. Just ask GOD to pull you through all your strugles.
The mother of my son has worked at Wal-Mart for ten years and every time I get a raise she ask for more money but my son calls me for everything despite me paying child support since day one. Ridiculous
Unfair child support. I'm another individual who work extremely hard to maintain a fair lif of living. I'very been working two jobs and is loosing everything while the mother never worked. I'm about to be put out my apartment because I can't maintain my rent. And this is with working two jobs. It's not fair.
I have an ex that has nothing to do with his child but he's not a good person so it's more of a blessing. But as the second wife to my husband I know first hand about the parental alienation fallout caused by a bitter ex. Have been told by the children that the child support money isn't going toward their needs all the while the courts make it impossible for father's, good dedicated caring fathers, to protect their children because proper investigations and psych evals aren't done after false allegations are dismissed. These woman have no penalty for such acts. They keep the kids to further corrupt their minds, get support, and usually convince the courts to limit or eliminate the non-custodial parents visitations. Also no laws are in place to ensure parents are spending the child support on the child. Like it would be questioning there capabilities as the custodial parents or violating some right...yes that's the point- prove they are unfit, hello?! Then if a trust fund is requested by the non-custodial parent the court get upset and frown upon that parent, seriously?! At least they are trying to compromise and be solution oriented so their child benefits from the agreement. I know this cannot be an isolated event. These woman are talking to each other and teaching others how to abuse the system to get everything and leave the ex with nothing- not even a relationship with their child. With so many statistics supporting what a 2 parent situation can prevent in young adults, from jail time to teen pregnancy, the system is doing many children a huge disservice by allowing this broken system to perpetuate this cycle again and again. The psychological trauma is often untreated and therefore repeated with the next generation. Shame on you! You all must do better for the sake of children everywhere that love both parents but are used as pawns in a messy game by one; a mere pay check to some. This is a matter of protecting kids from a sick form of emotional and psychological abuse. Fix it.
Very very unfair .This whole situation is gonna end with my relationship .I work so hard and feel like I help him to help them .One of them doesn't even work .Really ?! How can u not work when you have two kids and only go to school ?Something needs to be done regarding this child support thing or so many American homes are gonna end up destroyed .
I agree totally i live in virginia probably the most biased state there is i was denied custody of my son for get this having a job wow meanwhile they let his mother retain custody even though she doesn't work and has moved multiple times in the last year alone and on top of that i have to pay almost 400 in child support because they combine incomes even though they gave her a income she doesn't even have and i cant even claim my son because he doesnt stay with me and i can only see him two days a week so im providing over 50 percent of his income she gets stamps and can use child support to apply for low income housing paying a fraction of what i do in rent and claim my son meanwhile im working long hours just to support myself n try n pay child support so say the whole system needs to be revamped it shouldnt matter if child stays with you or not if you basically supporting child financially you should get something back for it or get some benefits of it