Unfair child support laws

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After children turn 5 they are in school and those women who collect child support sit at home doing nothing when they could be working part time to help support there children. It use to be the male as the main source of income, not anymore, we live in tough economic times, where it takes two in the household to support children. Why should those women stay at home when they could be working. The law should be added to so that those women don't have several babies and then wait for the child support to come in. They should at least be given some finacial responsibility as well as the father. After there youngest turns 5 they should should be required to work part-time to collect there child support. Nobody should have a free ride.

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I've been paying child support for 3 years now. Not once have I seen, heard from or been in contact from my child or the mother. The mistake wasn't having a child. The mistake was having a child with her and at that I had no idea she was pregnant til a year later. She got me for back pay and I was paying 400 a month and now it's down to 300. I have my own baby boy and wife to support and the justice system doesn't see a damn thing when it comes to the father. She lives off the government and gets child support from myself and another guy. I'm so caught up in working to pay this woman that I can't even make a trip to see my child whose 12 hours away. This isn't fair. I gotta struggle while this girl has a walk in the park.
I think the rules to child support are unfair, and unjust. I pay my ex's husband child support every month, while he lives off the government. I get my kids every other week, and they come over like hobos, my son is not doing well in school and his teeth are starting to fall out due to cavities. I would want to see where they money I give goes and for their to be some kind of monitoring on anything and everything he buys with the money I give for my kids, and it's awful when I go over I see he has a nice car but my kids have only the shoes I buy them alone with holes on there socks, and clothes that do not fit them. I think we should also make the other parent seek counseling on parenting as well as counseling for the kids. The laws for child support are appalling and disgusting. I love my kids and would rather have them with me then him. Court in unfair and we need to have rules and regulations in place for the parent who receives additional income.
Twice I have seen men getting screwed by child support. One is being used as nothing more than a source of extra money and the other is having to pay more than half of his net weekly income into child support and the court approves. How does the government think that forcing people into poverty and possibly homelessness help anything? Yes there should be some type of financial support for the children involved, but not the way it currently is. What about all the people paying child support that have been denied visits with the children by whoever has custody? Those people don't even know if the money they send for child support is providing for the children. I am so sick of seeing people getting financially destroyed and unable to live on the money they work for because it is mostly going into child support. I know people that were paying about $200 a week and get brought in to pay more and now pay more. I don't have children but highly doubt that it costs more than that per week for a single child. The current system needs to change! It needs to look at the realistic amount of net income needed for a parent to live on and then the left over amount for child support, plus look at the cost to support a child. There is no reason that just because a parent makes good money they should be paying more child support. The money is for suppose to be for necessary things for the child, not to spoil them or give the recipient extra income
I love my kids like everyone else on here but the laws need to be reviewed on a yearly basis. Something needs to change and change now. Support orders are never accurately enforced. About all the supporters are treated unfair by different court order judges and lawyers. And the biggest issue is that most of us suffer from a struggling economy and the court systems are just extremely uncompassionate about the incomes we receive and the many other challenges we face based on a salary that is deemed unaffordable for our everyday living. Where is the humanity in that? We have to work twice or three times as hard just to survive and not get penalized for the paying support to people who are receiving part of your income that you work so hard for and are doing nothing but spending it for unlawful purposes and their luxuries. I don't know much about the government but that sounds like "theft" to me. Even the dumbest guy in the room can figure that. There is just no balance and I, as an American am disappointed, disgusted, and embarrassed of how the child support laws are just easily ignored like it's our fault that we help bring a child into this world and that we have to pay for this. The inhumane part is that families are never the same due to this act and suffering is a just too common one way or another. It''s just completely shameful.
Children should share equal time with each parent. Six months with one and six months with the other. Each parent should be responsible soley for the expenses incurred while the child resides with them. For the equal rights we strive for in this country, these child support laws are some of the most one sided and unequal laws ever conceived.
Iam on public asstance recevieing a cash grant due to medical reasons and lackwanna county D.R.O is making me pay child support from my cash grant i only get 316.00 a month in a cash grant and i have to pay 90$ a month plus i have 5 chilren on my cash grant there takin i have gave them proof from all my doctors gave everything they asked but its not good for them i worked hard all my life and payed my child support but now im sick and the treats of jail and the stress it puts on both sides is endless we need help here in lackawanna county there making up laws and changing paper work to benefit there selfs and my opinon the D.R.O has a select few they harsse and im one of thouse people im stuggelin just to make it and they just keep takin living on a 316.00$ income a month how that fare with 5 children
I pay 20% of my paycheck to my childs mother and the child has been living with me for the past two years. The courts refuses to take action on the matter. The last court date we had she did not even bother to show up. The case worker told me there was nothing that he could do. Texas child support laws are so biased against men. It is so discouraging and completely unfair.
I am a man who wants to see.his kids but is not allowed. I get arrested for child support every year. I go to court every six months. I don't understand the law. We should be able to see our children and not have to pay more money to have rights to see them.
For the last 3 years I am trying to understand the logic behind the Child Support calculation. I recently stopped paying alimony to my Ex now we are int he process of recalculating Child support for my 2 kids. My Ex makes $70K per year, a very decent salary, but because I made 2.5 times that number I end up paying her a hefty sum monthly. I am trying to understand why this is. Is there a direct correlation to my income and the cost of the children? If timesharing is 50/50, why is child support obligation 72/28 in my case, just because of my income? I also pay for all medical/dental insurance for the children. Let me just point out I am very thankful I am able to provide for my children, but I feel like if both parties can maintain a good living, making a decent wage, why does one person get penalized? Just doesn't seem fair.
We found out that the child wasn't biologically his when the child turned 8. Because the best interest of the child we are paying child support still. The paperwork was signed believing there was no cheating going on. A lot of hearts were broken, the pain is real. To add insult to injury a modification to increase the pay was granted. Its an unfair practice.
Child support laws need to be changed immediately. Its not fair that men are working hard to pay their child support while most women will sit there living off every assistance available apart from receiving child support. I'm married to my husband who has 3 other children to pay child support to. We have 1 son. He has now taken on a second job to support us because his first job reduced his hours. Meanwhile, his first baby mama is collecting child support and has 3 other children from different men. My step daughter was molested by her 4th baby daddy. The second baby mama took him to court last yr for more money. It was the first time she showed to court in 12 years because he got a better paying job. She now drives a BMW. It truly disgusts me that the more men who pay child support, the more funding the state will receive. As if its not bad enough that they are already getting screwed by the mothers, the state keeps them there for their benefit as well.
I am a father of two children. My ex wife decided that she wanted to move back in with her parents regardless of the fact that we had finally accomplished an income that did not require her to work. She was free to stay at home and raise our kids. Her schizophrenic mother convinced her to leave me and take me to court for custody of the kids. She actually told me on two different occasions "I only want it on paper that you get them every other weekend, otherwise you can have them as often as you like". 30 people wrote declarations to the court on my behalf to defend my kids and I. The court ruled that I pay child support, attorneys fees, and spousal maintenance. We were only married for 3 years in which she was employed the entire time. I now pay almost 50% of my income in support. I am on my fourth lawyer and thousands in debt. I am very fortunate that I have my girls for 3 overnights every week. But with this support I greatly fear that I will lose that time with them once I am not longer able to pay (which is very soon). She has not been required to attain a job and has been allowed to claim an extremely destitute income on the child support worksheet. I filed a motion for review of the order, but when I came to the hearing the judge didnt even know why we were there. Needless to say he did not reduce support (even though from his own mouth it was determined that I was paying too much). I have been left feeling like I have been treated like a criminal by those who are supposed to protect my kids. I have been ignored, financially drained, and stereotyped. I am a hard working, tax paying, dedicated father and I feel I deserve better consideration.
I am an active duty service member in a great, stable marriage who is more than willing to take full custody of my daughter and provide her with a much more fulfilling, wholesome and rounded upbringing than anything her mother is providing. I am paying $1240 a month for child support to a woman who is an illegal immigrant, who I never married or even dated seriously, and who only had the child to try to trap me into a relationship with her. Regardless, from the start, I have always been there for my daughter and have done so much to try to be a good father for her. For years, the mother has done everything in her power to sever my relationship with my daughter, and even though we have joint legal/physical custody, she flat out refuses to let my daughter travel to see me during my already diminished time share. I took her to a custody hearing to fight for more time with my daughter and actually ended up LOSING time. During the child support hearing, she provided no financial documentation of any kind, whereas I had official military leave and earning statements and all financial statements the court asked for. So her attorney said they’ll ALLOW me to claim my daughter for a 12% time share, and the judge not only ordered me to pay $1140/month, but also ordered me to pay arrears, pay half of her lawyer fees, provide health/dental care for my daughter, and pay for 75% of all travel costs. I self-represented because I could no longer afford an attorney.
So my daughter is a minor, they live in California and I live in Florida. Since her mother is illegal and can’t fly, I’d have to buy two round trips for me and one round trip for my daughter to bring her to my home only to spend days or weeks at a time with her. That adds up to quite a bit of money on airfare. I knew fathers have horrendous representation when it comes to family law but I never expected that, in AMERICA, a US Marine would have less rights than an illegal immigrant. In court, I had ZERO rights and everything pretty much went her way. I work for the government, so you know for damn sure I’m not swimming in money. This country’s family laws are pathetic and wholly unfair. I was in military uniform on both court appearances, and after the judge got done absolutely demolishing me, he had the gall to send me off with a “thank you for your service.” Utterly revolting.
This law, effects me so much that I can barely support myself. I pay 1350 a month for 3 kids and it gets reviewed every 4 years just to increase. They say this money is supposed to help the kids, but the custodial parent just banks on the fact that nothing will ever change. How can I support my kids if I can't even see them, cause I lose everything before I get a chance to pay my bills. Where is this fair.