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Boycott imports Made in China

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Boycott all imported goods from China. Stand up America. We need to take a role in protecting ourselves when it comes to public safety. China has no moral compass. We are living in chaotic and economically distressed times. But we need to pay attention. Wether it is deliberate on the part of the government of China or they just happen to have serious issues with quality control, we need to stop poisoning ourselves with these dangerous imported goods from China. Please enlighten yourselves with any of the following articles, and if these "accidents of industry" make you angry, then please sign the petition to send a message to our congressman and senators to change our trade agreements to reflect our public safety. Most importantly protect yourselves and your families. Pay attention to labels. When you see Made in China, I suggest you put it back on the shelf. China manufacturer directory, China products, China suppliers, China trade, China factory

96% of This Year's Recalled Toys Came From China

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Imported Toothpaste

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Pet Food Recall/Tainted Animal Feed

Melamine Contamination in China

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just now
Someone from Colorado Springs, CO writes:
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Goods produced in China are poorly made, dangerous and unsafe for U.S. citizens to have and use. We the People must stop the import of Chinese made goods to the U.S.A. We the People must create and support policy that encourages U.S. businesses to produce the goods we need here in the U.S.A. using workers with U.S. citizenship. we the People must pass laws and enforce policies that discourage the use of manufacturing and providing services with automation and robotics. Thank you.
February 10, 2017
Ganesh V. signed.
January 29, 2017
Karton W. from Palmdale, CA writes:
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China..The rapist of mother earth.. There's nothing too disgusting that they won't do for money
January 24, 2017
Anne B. writes:
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Together we can stop this horrible abuse against animals in China! Boycot please!
January 24, 2017
Guro Margrethe S. writes:
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Stop this horror
just now
maggie j. from New York, NY signed.
January 23, 2017
maggie j. signed.
January 23, 2017
Annie W. signed.
1 month ago
Priscilla C. from Cedar Park, TX writes:
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Made in America gives jobs to Americans and the goods we get from China aren't worth bring home!
January 12, 2017
Lauren S. from Glen Cove, NY signed.