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Boycott all imported goods from China. Stand up America. We need to take a role in protecting ourselves when it comes to public safety. China has no moral compass. We are living in chaotic and economically distressed times. But we need to pay attention. Wether it is deliberate on the part of the government of China or they just happen to have serious issues with quality control, we need to stop poisoning ourselves with these dangerous imported goods from China. Please enlighten yourselves with any of the following articles, and if these "accidents of industry" make you angry, then please sign the petition to send a message to our congressman and senators to change our trade agreements to reflect our public safety. Most importantly protect yourselves and your families. Pay attention to labels. When you see Made in China, I suggest you put it back on the shelf. China manufacturer directory, China products, China suppliers, China trade, China factory

96% of This Year's Recalled Toys Came From China

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Imported Toothpaste

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Pet Food Recall/Tainted Animal Feed

Melamine Contamination in China

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A shame those in china who love animals must suffer but Yulin must stop!
I'm boycotting products, especially leather and faux fur from China. Their tortuous, brutal, and inhumane treatment of dogs and cats is disgusting and makes me physically ill. If Americans knew what was happening they would feel the same way. Only the most inhumane people could do this to a live animal.
Toys and other products from China may save us money up front, but in the long run is destroying the US economy. These products are SUPER LOW QUALITY!!!
Food from China can't be trusted. Please do not purchase meats, or leather products, or fur from China, because it may be Dog or Cat!
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Stop chinese nationals and or chinese investors from buying U.S property and or land.

For years now rich chinese nationals and or investors have been buying many u.s properties and land. Not only are they driving up the housing market they are driving many small American businesses out of business. There have been many articles on this matter however it has not gotten national attention. I would like to quote The Business Insider posted on Feb 21st 2016 " While not all the companies doing the buying are state-owned enterprises, they do need to have the full backing of the Chinese government in order to close foreign deals. That's because they need approval to get enough foreign exchange to pay for the acquisitions, something the government monitors closely." This should be a national security risk as the Chinese government is behind most of these acquisitions. Let's stop em