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Boycott all imported goods from China. Stand up America. We need to take a role in protecting ourselves when it comes to public safety. China has no moral compass. We are living in chaotic and economically distressed times. But we need to pay attention. Wether it is deliberate on the part of the government of China or they just happen to have serious issues with quality control, we need to stop poisoning ourselves with these dangerous imported goods from China. Please enlighten yourselves with any of the following articles, and if these "accidents of industry" make you angry, then please sign the petition to send a message to our congressman and senators to change our trade agreements to reflect our public safety. Most importantly protect yourselves and your families. Pay attention to labels. When you see Made in China, I suggest you put it back on the shelf. China manufacturer directory, China products, China suppliers, China trade, China factory

96% of This Year's Recalled Toys Came From China

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Imported Toothpaste

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Pet Food Recall/Tainted Animal Feed

Melamine Contamination in China

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China steals proprietary technology from the United States, including scientific and defense secrets. Should there be a future war with China, American consumers and industry will have funded and developed Chinese weaponry. This must stop immediately.
Remember China is selling us trinkets and were giving them our gold.
One day we will have no more gold only worthless trinkets. And China will be our worst nightmare.
We need leadership in our country not political correctness,
Why was should we give them anything when I want to go to war with the Americans and the Filipinos stop all product make your country go for I can't stand backstabbers
When was the he last time we had a government with a back bone? We do not need to support a government like China. There are plenty more countries that have cheap labor, even half the labor cost of China. After WWII all items from Japan was junk in American eyes due to the actions of Japan. Just look at China's actions in the China Seas, India's border, Tibet ect. Why would any American want to support them and pay for their War Ships and missels. Take a look at the maps they drawed up showing the death of Americans if they hit the West Coast of the U.S.
China needs to learn human rights and stop bullying it's neighbors