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Boycott all imported goods from China. Stand up America. We need to take a role in protecting ourselves when it comes to public safety. China has no moral compass. We are living in chaotic and economically distressed times. But we need to pay attention. Wether it is deliberate on the part of the government of China or they just happen to have serious issues with quality control, we need to stop poisoning ourselves with these dangerous imported goods from China. Please enlighten yourselves with any of the following articles, and if these "accidents of industry" make you angry, then please sign the petition to send a message to our congressman and senators to change our trade agreements to reflect our public safety. Most importantly protect yourselves and your families. Pay attention to labels. When you see Made in China, I suggest you put it back on the shelf. China manufacturer directory, China products, China suppliers, China trade, China factory

96% of This Year's Recalled Toys Came From China

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Imported Toothpaste

Fish from China, yet Another Recall! - Associated Content

Pet Food Recall/Tainted Animal Feed

Melamine Contamination in China

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No more China product, MADE IN AMERICA ONLY
More jobs for Americans, Less money for china military.
Tibet is occupied and Tibetans are in living hell, seeing themselves on fire, crying out for help. China has a tight hold on Hong Kong and Taiwan. World governments are afraid to upset China and do nothing. Chinese products are toxic. China tortures and kills animals, including dogs to eat. China is buying up real estate, famous companies, land and water worldwide. China is taking over the planet, polluting, destroying and raping the earth itself. How many reasons do we need to boycott China! China is very powerful and very evil.
China continues to do what they want in the South China Sea, continue to steal technology from US companies, and continue to pollute and allow acts of animal cruelty. Furthermore, we are supporting their military build up by importing products and exporting jobs. The U.S. needs to wake up before it is too late, if it's not already.
America needs to support the American people. We are sending too many jobs and money overseas. This is having a compound affect on the American people and economy.
The American people need to realize that China is controlled by an amoral Communist regime that would like to bring this nation to it's knees.
Defund China's Military, don't buy Chinese products.
They are preparing for war. The Chinese fought the US in the Korean and Vietnam wars. I hope it does not happen again.
Bring manufacturing back to America, save our jobs, save our economy and save our lives!
I support this for ethical, safety and economic reasons. Ethical because of China's human rights abuses against the Falun Gong and other groups. Safety because of China's negligent attitude towards protecting the environment and allowing harmful chemicals in to products manufactured in China. Economic because I support bringing manufacturing back to the United States (more production means more people back to work) I will not buy Made In China.
It's my understanding of the FTC laws regarding imports of Textiles that if a product is sold online the seller need only state that the item is "IMPORTED" and not provide the County of Origin info. The actual product however once received must show all County of Origin etc info. I feel the FTC law does not protect consumers enough in order to make informed buying decisions via the internet.
This is solely an issue government needs to act for the protection of our citizens, not corporate initiatives. We need to rekindle manufacturing in the country.
Tired of supporting a dictatorship