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My daughter in law who has a history of mental illness and self harm is making false allegations towards my son to get full legal custody of my grandchildren. This is causing major financial hardship for my son to defend these allegations and to protect his children.
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As long as the Government provides foregoing Federal funding to each state, Washington to br specific to ,bring Awarness of the severity of Domestic Violence, and Each state continues to implement the Zero tolerance policy towards the Primary agressor, which means, you better put a subject and a predicate together, and write, read, scan That Certification for Determination of Probable cause, with a fine tooth comb..... And dont be afraid to report investigation officers to internal affairs, dont be afraid to pick apart testimonies. Dont be scared to bring public awareness to this issue.... The Problem is, fixable, lock them both up... Because a real victim knows exactly why she staying.... Can fool individuals who have never ben in a domestic violence situation, but cant fool survivors. Without a shadow of doubt that they are innocent will be free, this is America ppl. You know we will vote to bring an end to that funding if the police departments dont implement a better method of investigation, listening for the truth and the lie... y look for a qualification within the Domestic Violence crime itself to determine probable cause.... Lazy way out... Basically the court system has become the WALFARE OFFICE PAYING VICTIMS TO BE VICTIM.. . Every last one of US should POSE A Bill that the MAXIMUM PENALTY FOR PURGRY BE ENFORCED UPON DEFENDENT ACQUITTAL. LIKE PRISON, BECAUSE ITS ALREADY A LAW, YOU JUST HAVE TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE, THAT..
Please review and reconsider this un justice mostly to men. My son was falsely accused and went through hell to clear his name and thousands of $$. I know that the revenue is why. But these and human beings we are abusing!!!
My fiancÚ was falsely accusing of simple assault by his crazy whack job ex. Long story short, she's insane and everyone knows it. I never doubted my fiancÚ at all. From what I was told about her, she's a very ugly person. Inside and out. She has no confidence or self esteem. And is narcissistic. This******needs to end. It happens a lot. I've witnessed this crazy stuff with my own eyes a few times ) not with them but other people )
The woman accuser in a divorce case simply told the court she was afraid, and she got a divorce lawyer free of charge through the battered women's Volunteer Legal Services Project of Monroe County Alternatives for Battered Women She was the the one that left her husband for another man, and falsely accused her husband
This is exactly what happened to me, she went to battered womons and told them I mentally abused her, they take her word for it, never a call to the police, nothing, and they give her a free lawyer while Im thousands in debt and losing everything.
I completely agree that this must be set in place. I too am a victim of this. My ex girlfriend cheated and did not want to be in a relationship. Rather than stating this she told her entire family that I beat and abused her so she could move home free of charge after recently signing a lease. I was blessed that she did not file anything, but had she, my hard work and achievements would be nothing. I feel bad for those who go through this and It actually sticks. There must be justice to this system
After my 3 yr old son was Physically abused by the mothers boyfriend Ryan Best, the mother has accused the father of Domestic Violence taking place through some form of verbal control in a paat conversation some 15 years ago. Even after the mother admits to court CASA that father has never been violent or abusive, the CASA still believes the father has a problem with domestic violence based on a mothers fake story from 15 years ago. The father was granted adequate casue for custody after the mothers neglect and abuse to the child but the courts still sides with the mothers lies. The father has taken 3 diffetent polygraphs to prove he has never been violent toward the mother and child and the father passed the polygraphs but the courts CASA still believe the mother. The mothers abusive boyfriend Ryan Best failed a polygraph for abusing my son, but the court CASA wants the court to dismiss the current orders we have to protect my son from the child abuser. The mother has failed to follow court orders and alienates the child from the father until she was found in contemlt of court, but then the court CASA limits the childs time with the father out of retaliation for holding the mother accountable. How much pain and suffering with the courts keep putting father through fkr trying to protect a child from abuse and neglect. My son js my whole world. I have never been violent, and trying to protect my son from abuse has turned into accusations of domestic violence to distract the court from giving me custody. I am very worried for my son. The court system is not fair to fathers who spend there whole life savings to protect a child. The court CASA system sides wkth mothers and encourages them to come up with domestic violence accusations to keep fathers from custody. My sons mother has been encouraged by the court CASA to accuse me of doemstic violence even after se has disclosed it has never happeneded in the 15 years we known each other. I am very disappointed in the system
This has happened to a family member of mine. They are now trying to find the woman to subpoena her to go to court. She knows it didn't really happen the way she said & is not answering her phone. This has been going on for 6 months now. She actually was the abuser, verbally & mentally.
I am being falsely accussed of domestic battery in the state of Kansas. My husband and i were not living in the same home but was in it when i got home onenight. I ended up tasing him. I went to jail and while there the judge ordered me to stay away from my home so basically i waked out of jail with the clothes on my back.he lied to the judge and said he was paying and living there. He hadnt worked in t2 years and havent lives there in at least a month.He then couldnt ake the payent and got evicted. There goes my whole home and 25 years of me working hard! I am now having to pay for pre trial services which is probation. So now it seems i am guilty before innocent. And on top of everything i now am homeless. I lost my job. I have nothing. He stalks me. I cant prove that he is staking but i sure can prove he iied to that judge on Jan. 7 but what am i do in the mean time? How is this even acceptable? Our judicial sytem seriously needs help. And apparently so do I!
I have recently been charged with domestic assault for which I wasn't guilty I was attacked this is happened over the years with her attacking me the cops and called them knowing that I would never hit her even though she hits me now she's learned how serious these charges are she's even admitted to the prosecuting attorney that she attacked me when I wouldn't agree to a plea deal after he had the truth in his hands since I wouldn't do what he said by excepting the plea deal he amended to make my chargers both felonies I wouldn't except his plea deal this is the last straw of this crooked judicial system we have in place I will not allow this******to take my life so they can get some Federal money granted their county I will not give them the satisfaction stripping My life from me when there's no life in when there's no life left in this body I have they will not have one to steal hopefully then your crooked system will see the problem but I highly doubt it but I'll tell you one thing I won't have to deal with your crooked ******** anymore thank you for your time I hope you make a step in taking the right decision as a human being
T.S. signed
false allegations fatten the wallets of the county and they don't give a damn its awful shit
I sign this as a victim myself. I had false allegations brought up against me by a scorned girlfriend and it was devastating. She later got arrested for lying. Sadly she even was working in the children and family services of Bay County at the time. I will never forget it.
Please reform these laws.
I am dealing with a very bitter and vindictive ex who has been arrested 3 times for felony abuse on myself. Even while I was awarded sole custody I made sure our twin's visited their mother on a regular basis. We, together, were always loving parents, and I never wanted that to change for them. She was never abusive to them and with me, it was mostly jealously formed by the dragons in her mind, of other women. When we first met,I was a single dad of two great kid's ,6 and 8. I had
sole custody due to the abuse my first ex caused me. I'm not a wuss. I was just brought up to never lay a hand on a woman or child. To this day I never have or ever will,this much I am sure. I even allowed her to take them overnight to their nana's house. Twice before they took and hid them from me. First time was for three months, the second for about six weeks. They were so young then, I doubt they would ever remember. Unfortunately, the last arrest was out of my hands and could not stop it. I am awaiting a heart / liver transplant in CA and as a pre-transplant patient I have two teams of 35 doctors, nurses, psychologist, psychiatrist social workers & more. Anyway, I was already to the point of filing for divorce, had papers even; when my ex came home from a weekend cheer competition saw an email from someone and took to destroying my home office. I have always worked for myself because raising two children alone, gets expensive. The internet was just starting up and I ran with it and never stopped.This afforded me the time with them, even allowing the time to volunteer on the playgrounds at their school. Sorry, off topic there. back to point; I gave update to my therapist, passed along to SSW and they arrested her for destruction of my office, all my businesses, and for hitting me in the chest with my keyboard where I have an implanted ICD unit to jack my heart up should it stop. As the Sherriff's arrested her, I have their nana enter my home and in front of the children yell that she hopes I die as I don't deserve a heart. The Sherriff got her out and my twin's cried. They were 11yrs old. Even after this I always made sure they saw their mother. After two months, I foolishly dropped charges against her and am paying for it now due to a very broken and flayed court system bordering on corrupt. From the time I let go, my life has been nothing but a living hell. When the twin's visited their nana and mom for what was supposed to be a week and a half, turned into 226 days of not seeing them at all. Even when I turned to Social Services in their county for help they all got therapy and I got screwed. Everything turned around. She made false allegations about me scratching her car. Without the money for a private attorney I used the Public Defender whose only job is NOT to defend but to coerce you to pleading or scare you into take their deal or possibly lose your children forever.I hired a private attorney for the divorce, finally got some visitation but by then the
My ex-husband is an abuser. I'm currently in domestic violence therapy. This therapy has made me aware that most abusers increase their abuse after a divorce because they lose control of their spouse. This is exactly what happened to me. My ex-husband has used the court system to maliciously persecute me. He has alienated my children from me and purposely kept them from me. My ex-husband filed a false police report against me in June 2016 resulting in me being charged with 8 First Degree Felonies, despite the face I was the VICTIM. Unfortunately, in Bay County, Florida the Judicial System is extremely corrupt. The police, attorneys and Judges are all in bed together. The police ignored my report with my hard evidence. Now it's costing my family 20k plus to prove my innocence. I have no criminal history, never even had a traffic ticket, was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years. Yet, when by law and court order I went to pick up my children at my ex-husband's residence he battered, assaulted and pulled a loaded gun which he chambered a round, pointed at my chest with my 72 year old mother right behind me. Somehow, me trying to spend time with my the children this abuser has kept me from has now cost me possible life in prison. Even with a pre-set bond, my ex-husband committed domestic terrorism and got my flight's manifest and passenger list on a flight I took to Bay County, FL in secret. I was swat teamed, not read my rights, handcuffed on the plane in front of all the passengers, manhandled, verbally abused, had a severe panic attack with a resting heart rate of 126 which is borderline cardiac arrest and the police didn't care. They just yelled at me about how much I was f*ing ****ing them off. I asked for my medication to calm my panic attack and they refused. I already have PTSD due to years of abuse my my ex-husband and this made it 1000 times worse. How is it, someone is able to go to the police and lie and not have evidence, make up evidence, falsify documents and the next thing and innocent person and the victim is now the DEFENDANT!!! This has destroyed my life. I am not allowed to have contact with my children now, my ex-husband stopped paying alimony right after he filed the police report, hasn't refinanced the home I still owe 285k on and yet claimed I broke into the home. I am shocked the prosecutor didn't just throw this out, but my guess is I am not from Bay County, I am an educated female from a big city and therefore they don't like me. Bay County, FL is run by the Good Ole' Boys Caste and I never fit in, so I am not very hopeful about the outcome of this situation. My ex-husband and his girlfriend have already lied in court and submitted several false documents to the 14th Judicial Court and got away with it. I pray for all those in my same situation who have lost everything, have been abused and now face prison. May God wake up our elected officials and stop the INSANITY!!!
I'm currently in a cusidy case for my 3 children how have been kept from me over three having false DVs and no contact orders on me.I was unable to to call my kids or see them.they have been told many lies in this time and after reseaving my first call from them in three years they think I'm a monster now.I'm out to set the record right for not only my children but in hopes of this not happing to inocent fathers.I feel that my kids have been kidnapped. The system is being abused.
My wife estranged for 18 years files for divorce and claims I threatened to kill her if she ever tried to get a divorce. We live 2 hours apart and I have tried to get an amicable divorce from her for nearly two decades. She did this only to get me restrained from properties I have worked my entire life to pay for.
The fact is that she physically abused me for two years before I left her. I never once defended myself.
My husband is today deciding to take a plea or go to trial. His Ex Wife pulled a gun on him in his home when an argument broke out, he fought for it received a black eye her redness in her jaw. She called 911 and told them twice she pulled a gun on him because he got in her face and WAS going to hurt her. However, with the officer and her handwritten statement that evening she stated he pinned her down took it out of her waisteband and threatened to kill her. Let me add she admitted to the EMT she had been drinking. All this happened while the kids were in the bedroom watching TV where my husband put them. two weeks later she went to DA and said kids saw it so they added cruetly to Children in 3rd decree. Her stories are all over the place but they want hin to plead guilty to a felony or go to trail our attoney says take the deal because jurors in this county may find him guilty because they wil see him as a bully. with all the lies, the DA will not consider dropping the charges.
My gf attacked me i my sleep. Punching and choking me. I pulled her out of the house and locked the door. I threatened to call the police on her. A neighbor reported the commotion. My gf told the cops it was me that assaulted her. I never got a chance to speak to the police. I didnt know anything was going on. They indicted me. That means i was arrested without ever getting a chance to speak. Stupid me stayed with her hoping this would all get cleared up. She tried to get the charges droppedbut was not allowed to. Over the next year she slapped me kicked me smashe things...the cops said we should get counseling. Now shes with another man who she abysrethe same way. And here i sit today with no conviction for it but it still shows on my record online.
This exact situation happened to me this past year all bc I didn't want to be in a relationship with the mother of my child.
My nephew has been dealing with his babies mom coming and going whenever she chooses. When she leaves she refuses to let him see the kidsame and they end up in court so that he can get a visitation schedule. This last time she went one step too far and filed a false domestic violence charge against him. He surprised her by not giving into her manipulation and hired an attorney to fight these very damaging and faster charge. I feel that there should be some recourse a person can take. Those who have been falsely accused should be able to charge this person with filing a false report and liable.
As a nurse, making false allegations is absolutely sickening to me . Especially when children are involved. Most of the allegations made are against men by vindictive women who are trying to use their gender and the current laws to get back at the men and get their way. There needs to be a serious review and change of the current laws to prevent the destroying of innocent lives. Both parties in allegations need to be reviewed equally without gender bias, and actual physical evidence must be present before actions are taken against a person. From my professional and personal experience, the accuser is usually a woman who is trying to get back at the man for wronging her in some way. These woman are playing the system to harm the other party and to secure custody of their children, who they are harming both mentally and physical in the process. There needs to be stricter laws in place regarding false allegations and the accuser needs to be held accountable for false reports instead of just getting a smack on the hand.
I am being falsely accused of "emotional abuse and neglect" after an argument between me and my ex girlfriend of 5 months was seen/overheard by her 14 yr old son. It was a heated argument and one that had been building for sometime. She has several medical conditions including seizures, which causes angry outbursts, antisocial behavior and hallucinations (seeing ghosts, hearing clouds move, believing people are "out to get her", etc). If she says something, her license will be suspended. This is just one facet of our weeks long argument over money, theft, things being destroyed. After she began breaking all the dishes, slashing her arms and screaming in her sons room about my medical condition (I have HIV, not a subject one should be screaming at a 14 year old about at all) and that she would "ruin my life" for leaving her, I packed my things and left. A week later, I received a call from a woman who identified herself as being from CPS. I was asked some questions and told I was accused of trying to break my ex girlfriends neck, throwing her, attempting to smother her with a pillow and screaming "I hate you" at her (the last of which I freely admit guilt to). None of these allegations are true or possible due to me having a major spinal injury that has been well documented. The charges brought forth against me are being brought by the state and are inconsistent with what the report states, which makes no sense. As there were no physical injuries, no property damage, and nothing to go on but the word of a 14 year old who will do anything his mother asks how is it possible that the charges be brought forth against me? I have tons of receipts to show I bought this woman's children thousands of dollars worth of groceries and clothing, in addition to paying half the rent. In no way was she or her children neglected and if anything, I've suffered emotional abuse after being told I taint people with my illness and that I'm a garbage human being. I didn't even have time to grab all of my belongings, let alone find a place to live...I'm living in my car now. I stand accused of ridiculous crimes I didn't commit...these crimes are misdemeanor offenses levied against me by a county prosecutor that sees me as an easy target.
I got falsely accused in 2010 and the mother of my now five year old daughter and my daughter whom I don't have paternal rights established with and her mother's son I have not heard from and nor has her own mom as far as I am aware- the state wouldn't lift the DANCO or the charges when they should have she was even trying to visit me while I was in jail..I got bailed out of jail and I also barely missed the opportunity to me my daughter when she was around one yrs old with a guardian ad litem present but she didn't engage in conversation with me and of course I didn't quite recognize she was my daughter..I was at a park with my oldest daughter at the time. The litigation was prolonged when I didn't want it to be. I am worried about what happened to them and I have been stonewalled about the matter I suspect she was also in contact with the public defender that I had at the time.
I was falsely accused of domestic violence when in fact I was the one being hit on and threatened with a knife I would go to another room and lock the doors just to leave the room she was in some times she would go lay down and other times she would act as if she had left the house but once I would come out the room she would approach me in a threatening manner start swinging on me all I ever did was hold her hands so she could no longer hit me so I could get away back to the other room she left and filed domestic violence against me and with little voice I had been removed from the home
And found myself sleeping in my car with a resdtraing warrent being served I could not go get my tools for work and eventually fired
I've dealt with this as well as false child abuse accusations multiple times. It has cost me 10's of thousands of dollars. I have been to court over 9 times in the last 5 years.
False allegations should be punishable, it is the pure abuse, and the abusers should suffer the consequences for manipulating the system, instead of encouraging them! Period.
My poor step daughter who is 4, has been through a rape kit. Cause her mom thought it was a way to keep the father (my husband) away. The case was dropped, thank God. But she tried it 2 more times and those where also dropped. How can someone get away with this?? And that poor little girl, I worry about her mentally and what the mother is doing to her mentally!!!
It is far too easy for women to destroy the lives of men. The laws should be fair to both parties.
It is well documented that many abuse claims come during child custody court hearings where a claim of domestic violence is the "silver bullet" in winning custody. Kids used as pawns in an evil game.
Domestic violence/abuse should never be tolorated.False allegations against any family member, or co-parent is also an act of Domestic violence/abuse and should be prosecuted.
Long, long, long overdue
My brother has a past history of DV charges with this particular woman. She cries wolf, then bring it to court, then retracts her statements. Well this time, she got my brother thrown in jail, then wouldn't do anything, and he is in prison for 5 ****ing years!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ********!! women hit men as well. she is a mentally disturbed individual, who doesn't have the capacity to understand there is a human being in front of her, not to mention she lost four kids to CPS>
I completely agree! I myself just had it happen to me. My own sister falsely accused me of being suicidal! I have proof and she knew the opposite! Iam filing felony charges against her in the morning exactly for this reason! I also told my husband of 20 years!! If we ever divorce that if he is SMART he will let ME do the filing and dont fight me because in my opinion in the US men are ALWAYS! Takin advantage of when it comes to alimony and child support. They dont even leave them enough to survive on and usually end up giving up their homes and belongings to keep from spending every single dime! Trying to get a fair divorce.


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