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50year old no record won custudy of my minor daughter business for 35 years.Was aerested 4 times on false accusations by the daughter of a nypd,Went to trail on 5 charges because I wouldnt accept plea,My lawyer who was only interested in money sent back a hung jury and I was convicted on 1 charge.Tried to appeal spent 10,000 dollars on appeal 35,000 on case.spent 4 months in jail.was released and soon picked up again on 8 felony charges 16 months awaiting trail 2 week trail ,it took the jury 14 minutes to find me not guilty of all charges.Every complaint against me was made up by a women who was addicted to perscription meds has a history of mental illness and has since had 2 other people arrested for similar charges.Richard Brown refuses to investigate this person for perjury despite the ABSOLUTE PROOF we have provided.We have proof his ADA new of her intent to commit perjury but proceeded anyway.There is no need for domestic violence laws violence is violence Assault is assault and battery is battery Tagging it as Domestic only makes it political,These laws only encourages women to use the shield as a sword for revenge or financial reasons One more thing there was never a 911 call made and I havent had any contact with this disturbed person in 4 years when all this was happening People must be held responsible for their actions and perjurous statements.
As a man who was a victim of domestic violence during childhood, I am extremely frustrated and disgusted by women who false accuse men (who are truly innocent) of domestic abuse when there are thousands of women who truly are being abused. This in itself is abuse, and a misuse of power (aka bullying). What sickens me more is the fact that when these women are proven to have falsely accused a person of domestic abuse, there is usually no punitive action taken against the women. I am for equality, but things need to be equal all of the way. Until these concepts change, I ALWAYS advise any man that if you "catch wind" that a woman is abusive, or has the potential to do something like this, run away and stay away from this type of woman. NO ONE deserves to be abused, and NO ONE deserves to be constantly in fear for their well being. Be at peace within yourself, and if you cannot be at peace with someone, you do not need them or the potential problems that could present themselves.
I am a men and I am being falsely accused of domestic violence by my wife and her mother. She told me if I didn't give her full custody of our daughter and a large amount of child support that she would say that I choked her. I said no so she went to the police station and put a restraining order on me and assault charges. The restraining order was dismissed for no evidence at all. But I was found guilty of assault with no evidence. Just because her and her mother said It now my naval career is in danger. I live in Virginia. I feel like there is no reason to fight because a woman will win in court all the time.
After 21 years of service in the USAF, I have been falsely accussed of threatening my former intimate partner of 4 years with a firearm. I firmly believe she was coached to include this statement on her pfa request by an outside source.
In 2011 my life was change. I lost my mom and the woman I thought was my wife to be. Months after my mom passed away. I was going through the pain and hurt over her death. My former ex-would-be wife was someone who I consider at the time my best friend. We known each other over 20 years since college where we met and dated. I never had a doubt or had any reason the question her faithfulness and trust in our relationship. I later months in the fall of 2011, my ex and I tried to move on with our life. One day I got a call from her while I was at my job working on a project schedule. We talk for a brief moment on just basic "How was your date conversation"! Well once the call ended I received a call from her again within minutes of ending the previous call. When I answer her phone call at first I did not hear anything as I keep saying "Hello" and calling her name. The next thing happen I started hearing moaning sounds then loud sexual sounds "Like hearing loud porn playing in another room while you are in one room with no tv, radio or no power. Just so you can get the picture of this story. I was hurt and devastated from what I was hearing from the woman I thought love me. I left my job heading home because I thought that I would be able to catch in the visual act of her false commitment to me. When I arrived home she was not there. So I got smart and us my phone service family locator. I found out that she was at a nearby hotel. So when she came home I confronted her about the sexual affair. She denied it and told me that I was making up a lie on her. So I told her that I was going to leave her and she can keep the apartment we share. She express to me that she would still need my help and I told her that she need to get help from the man she just slept with. She got mad at me and threw a large set of keys at me. Then charge at me swing and hitting me. She verbally told me that I was F-up in the head and that my family and mother was F-up in the head too. Then she said that my mother die because she was F-up in the head. This hurt me hearing her say these words. I responded back by slapping her and then I told her to not say anything to me and to leave me a lone. Now when things had cool down. I told her that I needed to go take a ride. She asked where was I going and I just simply told her to come ride with me. I ended up dropping her off over to her mother home. I went back home to our apartment. Later that evening I was arrested and taking to jail without my right being read to me. The fight lasted for 5-10 minutes and we were both calm to a point. But for her to have me arrested was something I would have never expected. She lied and told the officer that I jump on her accusing her of cheating. She lied at my bond hearing to a judge. When the judge asked her did she cheat on me and she responded by saying no. Then the judge asked her did I made this all up, she responded saying yes. The judge denied my bond. I remain in jail for two months. Du
This country's court gives out domestic violence order too easily. Deceitful people have used this to hold against someone who is in their way. It's not fair. please change the law and require the court to take a more serious look at DV order when someone requested for it.
In 2012, she accused me of violence, anger and physical abuse. I spent thanksgiving in jail. While she went to Vegas with her new boyfriend. I took it to trial and my true emotions were felt through the 911 recording. They were those of confusion, fear, and sadness. I was acquitted of all charges. Time has passed and I forgot how deceitful she was. We got back together and now she's doing it again. She's stolen my children who are still enrolled in the san diego school district. Fled to Washington where she is filing a petition for a protective order. She's accusing me of threatening to kill her and that I severely beat her. I have multiple witnesses as to what really happened. She was the aggressor, trying to fight my pregnant sister. I will stand up for myself and my daughters and defend my innocence. But should all of my evidence and testimony fall upon deaf ears. I will remain content. For I saved a life that day. By placing mine in the path of destruction.. Besides, I know in my heart I did not do the things she's saying, I just restrained her. Strangely she did not call the police and in fact tried to contact me. She came back home the next day and was calling me baby for three weeks after the alleged incident. Till a month later when she decides to hook up with the same man. take my children out of state and file the emergency order.. I have three days to figure out a way to appear in court and present my defense. You would think that jurisdiction issues would not allow this to happen. But here she goes again...
I was falsely accused and when we went to court for a hearing I had three witnesses that proved the claims were false yet the court still gave a NCO to me ex wife without commenting on how he came to his conclusion after hearing the sworn testimony of the witnesses that caught the lie. Now I have lost work, friends because I am seen as an abuser. After a year NCO without issues I have no recourse to remove the false allegations from my record. This is wrong!!!
The same situation is going with woman against woman and have no relationship at all.Whatever happened to innocent until proving guilty.If you have to go to jail first and be processed,then you are guilty until proving innocent. Laws suck
My ex-husband (who was the one who filed for divorce after I had outlived my usefulness) was hell-bent on destroying me and my career as a forensic psychologist. But when he could not find any "dirt" on me he created it by filing not one but FOUR DV bogus & unsubstantiated charges against me (we had NO CONTACT, there was NO evidence that could be verified - I did not even know where he lived). Help me stop Judge Michael Kaplan and his grossly unfair decision from hurting anyone else!!!
Its just not fair. There is no protection for men who are falsely accused by bitter women.
Twice in three years wrongfully incarcerated on false claim by highly intoxicated ex-wife. Officer taking me in on the 2nd one even stated to me I was "getting screwed" but that he had to take me by law.
every allegation categorically untrue - written and verbal. a narcissist in menopause motivated by greed and a dishonest family with Mafia connections - almost destroyed me. this was not justice - just assassination.
Domestic violence should be proven in order to keep it in someone records. Other wise the one who caucused falsly should be punished.
I have learned “Zero Tolerance” actually means “arrest first, question later” on the grounds “violence might escalate”. Can you imagine an arrest on the grounds “one might steal a stapler”. (pre-crime?) Exoneration is not filed as “innocent” but rather vaguely called “no info” (meaning there was no real evidence, but most people wouldn’t know this). Over thirty public domain mugsites search engine optimize so your mug pops up keying in your name, often page one, telling only the first half of a story (avoiding to tell facts of the story’s second half, “innocent/exonerated” because they hope you’ll give 30 mugsites, $400 each to take them down). Then ALL current and future prospective employers shy away. What? He can’t get a job? Can’t pay the bills? Falls into debt? Well then, he must be a bum. I wouldn’t hire him either.” A colleague described it’s like you stepped in “s$@&!” and can’t get the stench off, and everyone clears the room, thinking I don’t want to “deal with it” or they fear liability, or “who wants their 17 year old daughter late night till 9pm with a professor who has an online mugshot for domestic battery”.. the thinking goes, “well, he must have done something wrong?” Devastating effect. Modern day “tar and feathers” … for life. Fact: 99% of false domestic violence accusations, proven liars and perjurers consuming vast amounts of resources, law enforcement, legal representation, judicial… simply get dropped. “We, the authorities don’t want legitimate accusers to fear stepping forward?” What? I am mortally afraid my next relationship, my friend, my mother or an interviewer will find my mugshot today, tomorrow, in five years, when I’m 80, I won’t get the job, I’ll lose the job, politically it will inhibit my career. Name it. Attempt to exonerate yourself by posting online, proven police affidavits, transcripts of 911 calls, and witness statements, surveillance video and audio, containing the false accuser's name? Guess what? That's considered cyberstalking and further punishable under Domestic Violence mandates. It has all happened to me. The law is called "VAWA" and not "VAPA" where "P" = persons. In fact, the accuser just waits a few months or a year and fakes a second or third set of online lies, then outright accuses ME AGAIN of doing it to "sabotage myself, so I can pretend to blame her?". Yet again… why not? Nothing for the accuser to lose, right? There is no recourse for the falsely accused. None.” – Barton James Christner
During the course of divorce my wife, guided by her attorney filed an erroneous PFA against me falsely alleging stalking, physical abuse & threatening of her life. This resulted in an emergency hearing before a county Judge due to the timing & severity of the allegations. These serious false accusations could of resulted in harsh consequences to me. I was given a postponed hearing which resulted in yet another Judge hearing the case 6 weeks later as his head shook in bewilderment as my wife stood before the court as the alleged victim "decided to drop the charges as I am a changed person and not a threat to her anymore".
Washington this is earth where good people do live AND this needs to stop with severe consequences to these false accusers.
As a past victim of domestic violence, the physical & verbal assaults by my ex-husband went unreported to anyone. They would not have been false accusations. That being said, I have a HUGE problem with men and/or women who cry "wolf" and expect help from anyone.
My fiance is one who has been falsely accused of domestic violence which in fact he was the victim. He was locked in their basement, sprayed in the face with a water bottle spray whike sleeping on their couch, and told by her that he cannot contact his family. But yet her accusations won her custody of his four boys and now sge is accusing him of abusing them. She will not stop until she has ruined his life.
I am a defense attorney, I see false allegations day in and day out. Particularly with aliens who are eligible for a U visa when they are a "victim" of domestic abuse.
I was falsely accused by a vindictive and malignant narcissist ex, and she got me thrown out of my home, and won the majority of custody of my daughter. I am an excellent and loving dad, and we are both being deprived of contact by a messed up legal system that rewards cruelty and dishonesty with the majority of care for the kids. You don't think the govt. can mess with you like this until one day you wake up and you are 60k more in debt and you never see your kid. This situation completely destroyed the emotional landscape of my child because the judge has zero interest in doing his job well. It's disgusting.
Hello my name is listed above. I'm currently on probation for drugs, I have changed a lot and my sister is so jealous of me. Last year my probation was violated because she filed false charges against me that never went in front of the judge. And I'm afraid its going happen again. What can I do. If anybody can help me plz call me at 4438034664
Hello my name is listed above. I'm currently on probation for drugs, I have changed a lot and my sister is so jealous of me. Last year my probation was violated because she filed false charges against me that never went in front of the judge. And I'm afraid its going happen again. What can I do. If anybody can help me plz call me at 4438034664
It's a flaw . Plain simple.
My x husband had me charged and locked in jail. He jabbed himself with a pocket screwdriver and told the police I had done it. Actually I was the person who called for help becaused he had me in a headlock and pushed me to the floor. He took the phone away from me and told one of his friends at the police dept to arrest me and by god they did. I will forever be traumatized by this as my children were watching. At the jail they stripped me naked and left me sitting in front of peveryone. They locked me in the room where you visit people and lefte naked on a voncrete
This misuse and abuse happens everyday...
I've had a false complaint filed against me.
Even went as far as manufacturing evidence
I wasn't charged but I wasn't allow to file a complaint for disorderly conduct (filing a false police report).
It's like the RLPD (local police department) and the SA (states attorney's) office have some kind of agenda to suppress incidents where the woman has lied. The RLPD went as far as violating the FOIA to conceal information about her crime. (AG's office stepped in).
She has stalked me and couldn't even get a restraining order.
I am bn wrongly accused help me asap
My wife put an order of protection on me in order toget an apartment. Can anyone help me.
The system has now become even more perverse. If you don't give a child what they want, they will attack you by fabricating a story of Domestic Violence, which can start a whole new complex set of circumstances. Citing, any type of domestic violence in the home, no matter who is arguing with whom is considered emotional abuse against a child. I'm the stepfather of a troubled young lady who has been in mandated counseling for as long as I've been with her mother. The biological father is and has been livid for years about my marriage to the girls mom who would not marry him. The custody fight has been constant for years and I've endured a barrage of allegations and court appearances all that have been determined unfounded. Recently however, a new strategy has made it into the picture where instead of alleging child abuse, it's now allegations of domestic violence where I'm supposedly abusing my wife. This happened after the girl got her big birthday bash taken away due to an extreme behavioral issue that cost us her birthday money leaving us without the means. She demanded her B-Day party not be taken away with the threat of retaliation. She's only 8, what retaliation? My wife has tried to put the kibosh on the allegations, even exposing herself fully to law enforcement and CPS to show that the story of beating and bruising is untrue. People are learning how to use the system as a tool for vendetta and revenge. Everything so far in this case has been in direct violation of constitutional rights. We have direct knowledge that the biological father and girlfriend coerced the girl into telling her new school teacher the story in a strategy to get a mandated report. It's a new school year and a new teacher and had the teacher talked to the staff or last years teacher I think the teacher would not have allowed the manipulation. Govt. needs to get out of family, if you wonder why the nations kids are becoming so violent and there is such an upsurge in violent behaviors. If you give a kids a tool so powerful as to strike fear into caregivers, the kids learn that they should get whatever they demand. But when they become young adults and then adults they find a different set of rules. Without the proper tools it generates a huge feeling if desperation and panic. No tools of consequence or conscience. All american parents and families should feel the responsibility of getting Govt. out of the family, it's our nations strength. Do not let your kids become a generation of indoctrinated Govt. robots. Look at history, Russia, Laos, Cambodia, and other countries that used indoctrination of children to become non-free...
I was recently falsly accused of domestic violence by a very vindictive woman with mental health issues. It has ruined my life and put my career in jeopardy.
My wife of six years filed a false allegation of abuse to obtain a protective order because I returned home to work out everything. She states I was there to ruin the child support & custody cases she filed behind my back and had called police prior to that and had cps involved after claiming I threatened to kill her (LIE) and once their investigation was completed there was a ruling of (unfounded).
So her next move was to lie about me pulling a weapon and locking her in our bathroom which then she went to the court and obtained a protective order allowing me to be removed without any clue of what just happened, and she never mentioned my daughter to the courts who was at my mother's for the week on summer break who is her step daughter, but did list our other two children
In the protection order who I cannot see now and I am out in the streets with my eleven year old daughter and have no help from any agencies.
Née court date was set to 12/2014 with courts having no knowledge of eleven year old daughter being victimized by my wife as well.
I was falsely convicted of domestic violence - my 10 year old son was taken from me and turned over to an abusive alcoholic ex wife. She used the system as a tool - it was very easy for her to accomplish her vindictive agenda. My life has been destroyed by lies and the court system.
I too have been a victim of false allegations and actually was able to show proof that no violence had occurred and no I ament danger to follow , so I was able to go home, but now , are u guys ready for this, my ex wife married this guy and I knew he was a bad guy but what am I supposed to do? We have been divorced for 2 1/2 years now and to be honest , I was missing her but never knew how to contact her without putting her in harms way so I wasn't able to contact her, I had givin up on those thoughts , but one evening I got a instant message from her and she was asking me questions and they started getting kinda personal , I kept listening and she asked me if I still loved her , and I said yes, she then asked , could she come home? I was really freaking out , I said sure , and she absolutely ran from that place to be safe with me and in the week of planning her move out from her new marital home , she was met by a police officer and was served a EPO, couldn't get non of her things and was put out in the street because this yellow bellied coward lied and said she slapped him, pulled his 14 yr old boy with major mental issues by the arm and said she told his twin daughter that she was ugly when she woreskeup, , if you knew these people , everyone would say really? No way , but yes way , the court system said they saw where more violence could occur so they awarded a DVO that lasts for 3 years and that means no firearms , and that means no hunting for my friend, so people of the earth , can u hear me ? This protection order business is a joke most of the time, there would be a lot less domestic violence if there was a Penalty for filing a fraudulent EPO, meaning if u file a fraudulent EPO on someone and they had overwhelming proof ur lying and trying to abuse the system, u could spend a week in jail urself, I think if that would be looked at by our elected leaders and make something have a consequence for ur actions , I'll bet a lot more men will keep the right to keep and bare arms and won't be takin away from there kids and some of these vindictive women and some me will get some of there own medicine and I think there should be some type of cost to following thru with EPO , that would stop a lot of wrongfully accused men and a few women for being victims of the upside down governmental jurisdiction in keepin a good man down and believe it or not women too cause there are little me that hide behind these epo's and only did the EPO so that he still had control over this woman, we are goin back to court to get the DVO reversed if that doesn't happen , we will go to the court of appeals and show this cowardly act that women play , I'll keep y'all posted to see if we can get this gals gun rights back b4 deer season, she has cried on my shoulder because her soon to be ex says he won't drop the DVO and that could be a reality but I'm hoping the people will see how badly this emergency protective orders are abused and used solely for revenge it isn't
A False 3rd degree Domestic Violence Charge ended in a "non-conviction" in court. However, my arrest was made public on I was harassed by strangers, denied apartment rentals, my name dragged through the mud.
My son was falsely accuse of domestic violence and the mother stated that she was afraid of him because he is so tall in height but yet this woman wants him to pick of their child outside her apartment..go figure. Just a way for some women to get back at men and get their way in court. Its awful and this needs to stop. This same woman has called my son's job and made threats against him yet he cannot get a PO.
I am going though this now. My soon to be ex-wife took out a dvpo on me (with false accusations) , i was served with it, went to court; she did not so it was thrown out. Then she went and re-filed the exact same affidavit and is trying to run it again.(she did it before in Pennsylvania and withdrew everything in court) any advice from anyone? How should i go about handling this? On top of that her boy friend and new childs' father who lives with her has/had a assult with a deadly weapon against her and last month a assault on a female charge... (who needs a dvpo on who)
DVTRO's and DVRO's, when used for "Ill Intent", Personal and or Vindictive purposes are some of the most devastating Misuses and Abusive of Protective Laws; complete Miscarriages of Justice
My big brother is going through this now i cant stop sheding tears because of the pain...i feel like the police need to start lookin at both sides instead of one..i really need help shouldn't no one be treated like this not even my worst enemy. ..heart hurts bad...
I had a false allegation of domestic violence ordered against me on June 19, 2006. It was based on lies, but the local sheriffs office and State Attorney's office didn't care that he was a covert lying narcissist. I doubt they ever heard of the term, in fact. I made the mistake of moving back in with him in September 2008.

Last year, on July 23, 2013 he, with the help of his conniving sister, literally abandoned me. Left me without transportation and tried to have the electricity cut off. However, the electric company told him it was unlawful to do so. I am disabled, because of him and have been fighting to get my life, reputation and sanity restored. It has been over a year and while, life goes on for him. I am still struggling from deep scares of betrayal, lies and his continued smear campaign against me.

I thank you for the opportunity to speak out and stand with other true victims of abuse. You see, it isn't just women who abuse the system, but men, as well.

M.E. Piccirillo
My son got temporary court ordered visitation with his son after his ex got pregnant by another man and took his son completely out of his life in August of last year. On second visit to get his son, his ex "claimed" he slammed her hand in the door. It never happened. I was with him when he went to pick his son up. So, it has been over a year since he has seen his son, aside from the first visitation in March of this year. He was found "guilty" by an idiot judge who didn't even take my testimony seriously and totally ignored his lawyer when he summed things up. My son has decided to pay his child support and drop trying to get visitation with him. He hopes that his son will attempt to see him when he gets older. He is eight years old and I'm sure he has very good memories of the family she has taken away from him. She is evil and I'm sure if my son continued to see his son she would claim the worst....sexual abuse. I wouldn't put that past her. She's the biggest liar and thief I have ever known. Next court date is December and charge will be dropped pending no contact with his ex. I despise this woman and her parents for doing this to my grandson.
Rainbow services of San Pedro Ca! You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of woman's vulnerability with Gifts. I'm exposing this agency, you can get away with it but so long but when you mess with the wrong family, God will not let you mess with his children. they take these woman's story and turn it into life a threaten situation and make them do things like get a divorce file restraining order and file custody quicky within 30 days of being there. when these women come in they write a statement for them by copying pasting and if they don't comply with what they put in those statements they get kick to the curb, these women advocates use strong language that makes innocent men look like a monster in the eyes of the court system. It doesn't stop there those women that have children they bribe these children with gifts by telling them to say that their dad is a bad man and he will hurt you and your family. You wouldn't believe what I am finding out from these woman that were at rainbow services. This agency is destroying families and making these innocent men look like monsters. I am now coming out and Telling my story. I am suppose to be hero in the eyes of this country fighting for this country. And this is how I am treated I feel like a refugee in my own country.

I will not sit back and allow you to destroy my family and my character. I am putting it out on here hoping that people will see my truth and join in with me and help me fight back. And yes you men that are out there you can come swallow your pride and do something to change this system. Together we can make a change.

I will continue to pray for this agency!
I was taken to court back in 2013 I believe by the House of Ruth Baltimore. District Court in Catonsville, Maryland. My ex wife angry that I divorced her and later remarried, claimed that back on 2001 I beat her up while she was pregnant with our oldest daughter. Funny thin is she was only pregnant for 17 days in 2001, while I was in the field for the Army as our daughter was born Jan 2001. She claimed she feared for her life, when I simply asked to pick up our daughter's an hour earlier for what she claimed was no good reason, yet she never asked me why or allowed me to explain why for my request. She even had her then bf come to her house to stop me from getting my girls. The police I called treated me like I was the bad guy and even thought her bf was their father. I explained to the officers that I'm a career Soldier and there was no way I would jeopardize that.

Any way in court, I provided phone records and text messages which pointed all to the contrary of what my ex was trying to say. The judge listened to a voice mail on her phone of someone with a Jamaican accent. I'm not from Jamaica or know any one from there. She also presented a typed up word document claiming I typed it or had someone type it and place it on her car. She claimed she made a report, yet police never once came to my house to talk to me to see about my side of the story or to even see if I had an an explanation.

She claimed she was so frightened by me, but yet we remained together another 11 years after her claim of the 2001 so called incident. We had another child together in 2007, bought a house together in 2007 or 2008. We even drove cross country from WA state to Maryland in June of 2006.

I ask you does this sound like a woman who was afraid or had a reason to be afraid of me. Nonetheless, the courts believed her story with the corrupted evidence she had. Oh, I forgot to say that the typed up letter was not even signed had not signature or physical handwriting on it what so ever.

I was mistreated by the court and my military record and accomplishments were in jeopardy.

Later I was told that this District Court was under scrutiny for releasing people or not granting Protective orders when a woman makes a claim.

In my opinion I was used as an example. I'm black, she's asian, and she claimed to be here alone with no family, when I was her family and she got caught cheating. My family took her in and welcomed her.

From the time she said I beat her up, my case was done. The judge heard everything her attorney from House of Ruth said, but was essentially than attentive to my attorney.

After the court granted her the false protective order. We immediately filed for an appeal. With the threat of me suing her for everything, a month an a half later she dropped the case. Now if she had nothing to hide, how come she just dropped it like that. If I did what she claimed, she would've had a strong case.

I ended up partitioning for custody of ou
in 2003 the Appeals Court in Massachusetts VACATED the 209 a order issued against me.(Szymkowski v Szymkowski) I am not an Attorney and represented myself Pro-Se I exhausted all of my savings in an effort to hold on to my Children. In the end when the Court Vacated the order my Children were completely BRAINWASHED by my ex-wife and her now ex husband and as a result I have never seen them again. Yes I won the Case but in the end I lost everything. My Story would make a very sad Movie.

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