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Some recent comments: these messages are published with permission of the signer. Justices for mother and son. Please sign to stop court crimes. Family law has become an absolute embarassment to honest and moral behavior. we will fix it for you

Injustice in the justice system | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Injustice in the justice system | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Injustice in the justice system | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
My dad is being falsely accused of DV against his wife. Eleven months into the marriage he filed for divorce but because of her mental state was waiting to tell her when he thought he would be safe. In the wee hours of the night she was out rummaging through his truck & found the receipt where he filed. Hours later he was arrested for DV. It's been 9 weeks tomorrow & he still has not been allowed any of his clothes nor possession of his premarital house & vehicles. The woman has done this before no doubt & we have police reports stating she lied previously on my dad, she admitted it. She only married him wanting his money & house. She isn't scared of him like she is stating or she wouldn't be living in my childhood home, 3 miles from where I know live. She also would not be running the roads in MY dads vehicles. It is sad that our court systems are like they are. My dad was worthy enough to fight for his country for 4 years but the veteran has no voice for his innocence. This woman has claimed the two husbands before my dad beat her too & I am sure put them in pure heck just like she has done my dad. This law needs to be changed & anyone that falsely accuses anyone should be punished by law.
My wife became physical with me last week after an argument. I tried to leave and she fell to the ground as she was trying to keep me from leaving. She called the cops and said I threw her down which is false. I told the police my side of the story and they chose to believe her. I got arrested and an am being charged with Domestic Violence, 3rd degree assault, and child abuse because her son was in the apartment at the time. I also have a protection order against my home and my daughter so i lost all my possesions and I cant see my daughter. Even though I was the one who was hit by my wife.
This looks so familiar to my personal case.
These laws are very unfair to men. The judges Dont hear the facts and almost always side with the woman. It hurts the law abiding male citizens. If someone really wanted to cause harm to a woman, can a piece of paper really stop them? Due process is violated, the laws surrounding the order are overlooked. This is total injustice.
I am in know way for abusers to be protected, but when the victim turns around and becomes the abuser, with a history of making allegations, something has to be done. I am about justice and that is not justifiable.
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My wife and I have been separated for 3/4 of the 2 years we have been married. She had tried to bate me several times without success so I could not be near her in she was in Mexico. She came for christmas to settle the marriage and child custody formally drawn up. She was trying bate me and I would not take the bate and pushed me as I was leaving. When I turned to say I'm not going for it she began kicking me and punching me... Then hit me with door 3 times in front of our baby boy. (She was 5 years on the Mexican National Tai Kwan do team.). I defended myself, picking her up taking her out of the room. When I let her up she said "You threw the baby on the floor" stating her intent to lie and screening for help. I went to the police to tell them of her intent to lie/frame me. The arrested me and when I got out the next day she was gone. She had filed a restraining order and got custody. This was a planned attack. I got beat up, thrown in jail and had my son taken from me and now I have to pay for supervised visits (not to mention bail, criminal attorney and family law attorney). What a mess. Something needs to be done.
More attention needs to be paid to Covert/Ambient/Narcissistic/PassiveAgressive abuse. These abusers instigate, antagonize and do everything they can to get their spouse to attack or fire off a rant text or email. When they have sufficiently done their "job", they call the police and file a restraining order. I do not My husband followed me around the house inches from my body calling me every profanity in the book. Telling me that I was a horrible mother and that he was going to take my daughter away. He told me my daughter hated me. This man would not let me walk away and he would not get out of my personal space. He wasn't touching me, but he was so close, I could feel his breath. When I finally snapped and pounded on his chest (gorilla style, not abuse beating style), he opened our front door and cowered as if I were hitting him hard and then called 911 and had me arrested. This is only one instance of the emotional, passive aggressive abuse I endured. There needs to be better education into these types of people. Usually they are Narcissists and Borderline Personality Disordered people. The subtle nature of their abuse is difficult to describe and it's difficult to pinpoint because it is often slow and torturous. Physical abuse is horrible, but the scars form this psychological kind of abuse are just as bad and often much much worse. It drives people into depression and even suicide and often times the victim still isn't clear on the nature of their victimization. Law enforcement, judges and lawyers need to be educated when they are looking at a domestic violence case. They need to know about all of the moving parts happening inside of the home.
Women abuse men with false accusations and use it as control and a way to steal and screw over because they are too lazy to come up with a way to attain things on their own
As a victim of false allegations of domestic violence, I'm able to share with no hesitation that it is something you never really get over. It took me 3 years to even date someone because of the trust factor. Here is a high profile case that occurred here in San Diego with a star of the San Diego Chargers, and it goes without saying that reform is desperately needed in this area:
A False Police Report of Domestic Violence was given to my daughter's mother by the Miami-Dade Police Department after I put my best foot forward 6 years ago when I filed my Paternity Suit. The complete explanation of this nightmare available on my Children's Rights Blog the article called "Reckless Disregard" at . During this ordeal I have successfully completed 36 weeks of supervised visitation with my daughter at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center. I've received superb references via reports written by Family Court Services staff/observers that were submitted to Judge Manno-Schurr of the 11th Judicial Circuit of Miami - Dade County Florida and are archived in case no. 2008-29595 FC 17. Keep in mind that I have joint custody of my son. The point is that anyone and everyone that has seen my daughter and I together knows that I am a great dad. The Judge refuses to read the entire history of the case and after 3 reports that indicate I'm a great father she refused to accept my suggestion that my daughter and I meet with her in Judge's Chamber. She refused saying she was not a psychologist. I said to her that she doesn't have to be a psychologist...she just has to be HUMAN. at Family Courthouse -Miami-Dade.
I have been falsely accused and arrested for "criminal communication" by my ex-girlfriend whom I simply did not want to have a relationship anymore. Now, I am being falsely accused of domestic violence. None of what she says happened actually happen.
I got incredibly drunk and attacked my fiance with not just one knife, but two...along with a lamp, a cast iron frying pan, and a boiling hot steamer full of vegetables. I had no reason to do it, as I just snapped. Guess it was my childhood, which gave me PTSD.

He restrained me to get the weapons away, and I was left with defensive bruises simply from being held down so that I wouldn't strike or slice him. I somehow ended up running down a highway where a motorist called 911 and I was sent to the hospital, where all the doctors found was that I had a sinus disease.

My fiance? Went to jail. Accused of punching me and causing internal bleeding. I have told everyone the whole time that I didn't want charges pressed, it was my fault...but no. My state files charges ''on the victim's behalf.''

We are now awaiting a jury trial where I am going to take the stand and take responsibility for my actions. I should be charged with DV, not my fiance. He was genuinely fearing for his life. More like guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

I don't drink anymore because I love my fiance, who was so generous to give me a second chance. STOP THE FALSE ALLEGATIONS.
my daughter hit herself and call police on me. I've never had a speeding ticket.She tryied to have me removed from my home. she got an order of protection against my from seeing her or my three grand children.
I am going through this right now with a dear friend of mine.I know without a doubt this man is innocent of these alligations that his wife has proposed because he filed for divorce.It sickens me that this is happening to him.
I am in a dependency case and my daughter is not with me for now and I have no prior history of criminal or violence. the workers hear say is adding me to child abuser database and it is not true .
My ex wife recently entered an ex-parte order of protection against me because I sent her an email stating that "I want to be left in peace, in order to live my life and conduct my business without harassment." The judge dismissed her order for protection, but I was arrested in court for violating the order because our custody agreement states that I must always email her a notification when I am picking up the child from school. I simply cannot believe this is happening to me. The email in question was so simple, it only stated that I was picking up our son at 3 PM, as usual. It is the same email I send every week. It should be obvious to everyone that this abuse of process is a danger to children. If I am punished for sending a simple notification regarding the safe exchange of our child, it sets a dangerous precedent in which a child abduction could go unnoticed due to a lack of notification.

For the sake of those suffering from domestic violence, those who cry wolf should be punished. Abusing the laws that protect the true victims of domestic violence steals the fire from those true victims and makes it much harder for them to come forward. If it can be proven that these laws are abused for malicious purposes, the abuser should be punished as if he or she was a domestic abuser.
Hi this has happened a few times to me and one of my neighbors there is this guy that is causing all the neighbors problems without going to managemt if the villacoronado apartments in Irvine California he lives in 602 apartment I beleive which is below us and calls cops now has been 3 times I have spoke to like to 6 different irvine cops this neighbor somehow has a badge and convince irvine police that me and my husband that were hitting oneanother this that and this neighbor is falsely accusing us please stop this false accusations the apartments here has thin walls And every word goes out anytime we talk a little loud the police is by our door banging it for no reason it's not fair for this neighbor to call cops and get away with it Plz stop this false accusations me and my husband so far we love each other Plz tell these nosy neighbors to mind their own business if I needed help I have hands and can call cops my self if anything these people that cause false reports they need to be punished and fined by cops so they don't call cops again if there is no evidence of crime or physical or mental damage Plz stop these neighbors not to get away by getting other innocent people such as me and my husband that were newly weds in trouble Plz help us and stop such people
Hi this has happened a few times to me and one of my neighbors there is this guy that is causing all the neighbors problems without going to managemt if the villacoronado apartments in Irvine California he lives in 602 apartment I beleive which is below us and calls cops now has been 3 times I have spoke to like to 6 different irvine cops this neighbor somehow has a badge and convince irvine police that me and my husband that were hitting oneanother this that and this neighbor is falsely accusing us please stop this false accusations the apartments here has thin walls And every word goes out anytime we talk a little loud the police is by our door banging it for no reason it's not fair for this neighbor to call cops and get away with it Plz stop this false accusations me and my husband so far we love each other Plz tell these nosy neighbors to mind their own business if I needed help I have hands and can call cops my self if anything these people that cause false reports they need to be punished and fined by cops so they don't call cops again if there is no evidence of crime or physical or mental damage Plz stop these neighbors not to get away by getting other innocent people such as me and my husband that were newly weds in trouble Plz help us and stop such people
I told the police many times that my wife made up the story that I hit her and that she has mental issues. I had a no contact order so I could not call home to even talk to my kids. She continues keep me from seeing my kids. Come to find out later she had a boyfriend and I filed for divorce. of coarse I got to pay for the mortgage and utilizes for her, my kids, and her boyfriend to live in my house until it was finally sold. I was treaded as guilty by the police and court system from the time of the 911 call.
She has a personality disorder and the system never explored or took into account or frankly even cared.
Currently a victim of false domestic battery charges.
I have been a victim too at 73 years old and disabled. The people who did this had been bullies for years. They are uneducated and on the criminal edge with their actions.I was bullied for two solid years before it came to its outcome with the falsified restraining order I was denied my constitutional rights to justice and that is even a more grievous situation. This was planned by four people over a period of time. Why else would they be filming me when I came out of my home at 8:30 PM to go get meds for a very bad asthma attack? All of these cases represent true injustices and ithey need to be rectified.
I am dealing with false accusations right now by my soon to be ex-wife through the Protection Services The system believes all her lies with NO PROOF!!! Where is the justice? She falsified a police report to claim abuse, luckily the police didn't believe her, but they refused to charge her with Falsifying A Police Report!!! You Got To Be Kidding Me!!!!
My wife has made false accusations against me and taken an injunction out so that I could no longer see my children or even be able to collect my personal items from my house. I have been kicked out of my home and have been forced to take a batter's course for something that I did not do. all of this because I got into a small argument with my daughter which my wife does on an every other day basis with my daughter. she has been diagnosed bipolar and has also been Baker acted in the past in a previous marriage however the injustice of the court system ate up every word that she had to say and her false accusations. I am in detergent and disabled and I am currently awaiting my disability case to go to trial so she knows that I cannot fight back or afford any lawyers. she conned are roommates into lying as well with the promise of giving them my electronics. the justice system is punishing an innocent man do to a false accusation and something needs to be done about this. I even pleaded by filing two petitions asking for a polygraph test to be done or any other form of lie detecting test to prove my innocence. is there anyone out there that can help me I have lost my family my home and I am only down to the clothes on my back.
Hello my name is Bobby im 22yrs old i have my son 4 yrs old my son was removed and placed with the mom who had monitored visitation twice a month n failed to visit our son she is unfit she is on drugs and my son has been crying out for help saying his mom is hitting him he is saying that in the presence of the social worker and the social worker denied it every week my son has bruises on face forehead body arms n leggs he begs to come home but de to false aligations of child abuse he was ripped away sceaming from my moms arms he has a extremely close bond with my mom as well as i do to. Due to the social workers not helping or protecting my son and lying about my sons crying out for help i started recording my visits just so that somebody anybody can hear it and believe us n help us rescue my son before a tradgedy occurs due to my sons mom hiting him and her boyfriend who just got out of prison abses my son previously he has burnt my sons forehead with a lighter shoved a pillow over him due to my son crying for seeing him have sex with the mom im desperately seeking help to bring him home where he is safe and loved so much my mom was told by the administrator of dcfs to call the hotline and make a complaint of nobody helping my son she called the hotline and the social worker got so angy that made a bad report saying my mom is saying bad things to my son about the mom and thats the most biggest lie ever its not fair that the social worker is getting away with everything she is doing she got my mom banned from the visits my mom has fallen in depression and has gotten sick on me the pain is so severe she has trouble focusing and is always crying and worst of all the pain my son is sffering asking for mommy he calls my mom mommy ive called the supervisor, public defender, district board of supervisors the antonovich deputy, the chairman of the board, ect... they don hear me they dont care we complain and they make it nearly impossible to bare with the situation my son is my heart he was removed in june and until this date the judge or anybody has failed to let me speak or present my witnesses or evidence they made up a horrile story and the dcfs investigator tampored with my evidence blanked out all the dates and pulled out the evidence that proves my innocence i dont know what to do i rocated in Lancaster to give my son a better and safer environment due to me growing up in east los angeles was so rough but i managed to stay out of trouble prison, or jail i have a clean record and they trying to lock me up accusing me of something i wouldn't ever do to nobody especially to my son. Please help me save my son im desperately seeking for help nobody hears me nobody wants to help please help me help my son rescue him please i dont know what to do or say anymore there is laws n the department of children services are braking the laws violating my rights and failed to protect my son. I cant bare the pain i have terring me apart thankyou
The Family Law "system" is terribly broken.

Divorces used to take months, now they take years and attorneys profit at the expense and demise of innocent families.

Please stop this "legal" destruction of the family unit and destruction of the children. My son was given the gift of a wonderfully intelligent brain by our God. He read every single Harry Potter novel in one summer at the age of first grade. Now, in the hands of his abusive dad, he has C's and D's. A bright child being wasted and destroyed so attorneys can make money.

Please stop this travesty.
It's an injustice to all Americans. They should be prosecuted and convicted if found to be filing false aligations. I was accused. I lost my job. My home. Friends. Cost me thousands of dollars and endless hours to defend.
Found not guilty and the case was dismissed. Now what? Who will recoupe my losses?
I strongly support this and any other bill trying to prevent these kind of things from happening.
I was able to have the Massachusetts Appeals Court VACATE a 209a restraining order that was obtained by my X wife that was riddled with "LIES"
and supported by a crooked Judge. I have 3 children and it took years to finally have the RO vacated. By the time I was finally vindicated my children were totally brainwashed. It is now 11 years later and I have never seen my children again. The only solace I have is knowing that Lawyers have cited my case in Court to help there clients.

my case has helped others
I'm not quite sure if my opinion counts anymore due to the fact that i served 240 days in jail because of false accusations; But, I know this my ex-girlfriend lies and lies and lies and she just left me for a heroin dealer because my dad made her leave his property(in which me and her resided on). My dad made her leave because she was trying to tear up my dad's trailer. Just out of stupidity and pure meaness she cheated on me and threw away 4 years of being in a relationship with me. She lied to the court too and said that my dad hit her! I was there, and my dad did not hit her! She is one example of an insane woman who lies when things don't go her way! I am an honorable man and I loved her to death. I would have never cheated on her, ever. I would have done anything in the world to make her happy. My ex is just an evil and sickminded person though, and I 'd hate to see other men have to go through all of the craziness that I've gone through with my ex. She even burned down our last trailer because she is just wicked and heartless. I never pressed charges on her though. I knew she burned it down and I still didn't try to put her in jail. Men must have bigger hearts though I guess.
My wife is Bipolar. She would go to the Courts in a Manic state and file several Orders, and never show-up for the hearing. We are also a same sex couple. Let me tell you the Courts are so ill-equipped to deal with Mental Health driven actions, add a same sex couple to the equation and it becomes all so sad.
I been falsely accused and my X has put 2 restraining orders on me. Both were dismissed in Court because none of them had any basis at all. After the second Restraining order was Terminated after your 10 day wait she leaves that Court house and immediately goes to another Court house and then gets a Harassment order against me. She totally has no basis and on her affidavit she writes that I called her "Evil" which I did, I will admit and that she is in constant fear of me and she also states that I always keep breaking orders. She lies on all the affidavits and I can prove it 100 percent. Now I am being prosecuted for 3rd party contact because they are saying I violated the order. My big crime is she got an email from Twitter that said the following " My Name and then it said "Is still waiting for you to join twitter" I did not send that out and I have a Twitter account I set up a long time ago but I have NEVER twitted any one in my life. Now I am Being charged with a Felony.

I was also charged before the Restraining order because my son was sick at School and the school called me to get him to bring him home because they couldn't reach his mother. I got him brought him home and walked him in the house that I own and always walked in before but because she is angry I have a new girlfriend she goes to the police station and tells them I broke in the home. Never mentions to them the reason why I was at the house. It got dismissed like everything else but I am tired of defending myself for things I don't do or such nonsense. It's affecting me and my kIds and I need help?? I could type in so much more but I could possibly go to jail for 90 days because of this Twitter email that came from Not me!! How can I make her stop???
There needs to be some type of law to protect those who are innocent against false charges. What is disturbing to me is it is a local domestic abuse center that is convincing my wife I am an abuser even though if the facts are closely examined I tried hard to be a good husband. What I was guilty of was I was not smart enough to realize how sensitive she was and how I upset her by not fully understanding her. The false charges hinder or kill any chance of reconciliation.
i know a women who is being accused of domettic violence....she is disable & would never be able to commit the actions that her soon-to-be ex husband is claiming. the bottom line is, it is cheaper for him to get a divorce if there is domestic abuse.....he can also get support from her. nothing he is claiming has gone on, but from what i understand, there is no burden of proof. my guess is that 95 % of cases are absolutely true, but there are people out there who are cowards & are going to use this as a crutch...the indivisdual i am referring to is a habitual liar, among other things. so because he wants to lie to get a free ride with lawyer fees paid and possible spousal support, everyone jsut believes it. some people are very good at puttin on a show & this man is no exceptions. she cannot even get into her house to get her personal belongings such as birth cert. social securtiy card, clothing, such as bra, underwear shirts pants, shoes. she has proof that would make his statements no credible, but t semed the magistrat was not interested. out justice system has some very serious flaws. a womens life , reputation and future will be ruined because some selfish **hole didn't want to be a real man and just tell his wife he wanted a divorce. PATHETIC!
I have a family member falsely being accused in order to benefit the spouse. Many calls were made to build a case in order to have the accused removed from the home away from their kids. This needs to stop and evidence should be imperative when accusing. Many lives are ruined for no reason. Please help stop the false allegations of domestic violence.
I am one of these men who are victims themselves of domestic violence who has been charged as the aggressor by using the necessary for to get away and called the cops to report the attack on himself only to be charged with domestic violence from her word. Even when the cops where called before the DA sent a letter stating they would not charge the wife for domestic violence, and I belive that this is because the stigma of men being the abusers and not the abused. Living through this time and time again and having to go to court before with the same woman, and being acquitted and now has to go through it again, this time I do have more support of friends to help get through it and leave the situation, but for men this is the hardest part to live through, we are supposed to be the strong one, the provider, and the one who keeps the household safe, but in fact there are more men who are the victims who can never be helped because the system does not see us as weak or being able to be mentality and physically abused. I hope this petition helps men like me and others to find justice and help through victims services that now concentrate on women. More men need to step up and release this stigma and be strong in the since of being able to stand up to the abuse they recived, get help, and have justice not throwing a blind eye at this problem.
Approximately 2 years ago I was working in California in my trained trade. I am a professional Poker dealer. I found an opportunity to move to a better job in the State of Maryland. After moving there, and starting this great job, I summoned a girlfriend I was seeing from California to come to Maryland to join me, and I would try to get her into school as a poker dealer of which I did. At some point our relationship grew. She is 41 and I am 26. At some point, I decided that I wanted out of the relationship because of our age difference. She took offense to it in such a way that I had to leave the residence and find a place to live, which I did. Suddenly, I am arrested at my place of employment accused of Domestic violence supposedly happening 87 days ago. Now I am out of work, facing Criminal charges. The crazy thing about this is, I never did any of it. She is angry because I left her. She had no cause to do this other than that. The other part is, there is no police report, no evidence that any of what she says even occurred. It's just her word. This is a Travesty of Justice, and something has to be done about the way innocent people are treated in events of this nature..
I was a sworn armed law enforcement officer with my department for 23 years with an exemplary record. One night, my ex live-in girlfriend head butted me and I sustained a serious laceration over my eye. I left my residence and she received no injuries. i called 911 from my cell phone. She was arrested at gunpoint, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. After a false and tearful statement to the sergeant, I was unlawfully detained for over four hours in the rescue vehicle and in an ER room under guard. With a coached and leading statement by a detective, i was arrested for d.v. strangulation (5 year felony) and d.v. battery (misd.) She had no marks on her face despite her lying I "punched her hard with a closed fist." She had no bruising 2 days later when the agency took more photos. i won my arbitration and my job back. My agency transferred me to a high crime area (not my previous assignment) and retaliated against me until my hypertension and medical conditions worsened. I had to resign due to constructive discharge. That night, my agency made a false arrest and ruined my career and my personal life, I am suing my former agency and the responsible individuals in federal court myself, if I don't retain an attorney. The domestic violence laws need to be revised- as they are not gender neutral, Males as well as females need to be protected from domestic abuse, and have the same Constitutional Rights.
I have appeals in civil and criminal courts the only evidence is heresy this is not right went to jail because she said called her for 8 days still no evidence so o appealed wish me luck
This happened to me, a 54 year old woman, by my 30 year old niece who I was kind enough to allow to live in the home I own. She moved her BF in and when I needed to start living there also two and half years later, they lied about DV and I was arrested. Then filed TPO keeping me from my own home! No priors of any kind I spent four days in jail. Pleading innocent to the video court judge would have allowed me to stay in jail for three weeks awaiting trial date. Posting bond (ae: bribe for my freedom) would have cost me $3000+. Pleading guilty allowed me to be set free on OR and stain my record permanently. I had no court appointed atty. but heard someone else plead 'no contest' and so I did too and was released on OR. Court date still pending, nightmare not over. Shameful system where the two acted as each other's witness and I had none. Their word against mine and she had no injury just a good drama acting job. I was definitely found guilty upon her mere accusation with no way to prove or even hear my claims of innocence heard. Disgusting.
I am a victim of being falsely accused of domestic abuse by an alcoholic women who was coming off a cycle if antidepressants and was having, unbenonenced to me, 2 affairs. The charge was later dropped but the tramatic effect it had on me has been something that has changed me forever. The whole ordeal was totally taken that I was guilty and had no rights.
I know a lot of women that abuse this and try to get men locked up because they can It is never investigated like it should be. I also know women that abuse their husbands and get away with it because police won't believe that a women could do such a thing . Start investigating and spare the innocent from being fond guilty in our court systems, there are always two sides to every story. Our whole judici
al system needs revamped
Not just an ex-spouse but many teens nowadays know how to "work the system" for whatever crooked purposes intended or coxed into exaggerating or basically lying, by wicked or at least mean-spirited accomplices. God has his eternity for justice, man has only the few decades on Earth.
My friend is spending in jail right now because her malicious roommate and our "friend" called the police on her while she was eating dinner lying saying she was abused by her.

My friend is ill while locked up because she has a medical condition! This malicious female is getting away with it because shes using the law to get what she wants! Shes sleeping soundly right now while dreaming of more malicious things to do! And money to break free is a bit of a struggle!

This malicious friend also has pictures of bruises that my friend never gave her! Its unjust!
After 39 years of marriage my wife without warning wanted a deviorce and said she was going to call the sheriff department and claim demostic assult on me. I have never done anything like that in 39 years. I had to retreat from my own home in fear of being arrested
My 58 yr old sister got s dv to against me based on false allegations of me having a history of violence . I proved that I have no history of violence but judge granted it anyway . she got the dv restraining order to keep me from visiting our 80 yr old mom and to discredit me should i report financial elder abuse. She is being unjustly enriched and won't allow me to discuss my concerns with mom. I'm terrified of my sister now and fear she will stop at nothing to keep me from mom. She grows marijuana for profit and has 5 distressed houses uninhabitable that moms income pays for. Mom recently diagnosed with dimentia. I need to start conservatorship action but my sis is making it impossible.

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