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My daughters dad falsely accuses me of child abuse and constantly lies to try to get me in trouble. Many attorneys have told me there is nothing I can do to seek justice. NOTHING! So I have to live in this mess day after day. All I want is peace from this.
False charges were filed against me for stalking someone whom I have not seen for four years.
In June 2015, both me and my father was arrested, due to false accusation made by my wife and her sister. Me and the wife were living seperatly, and she just comes into my house and hits and curses me and calls 911. Both me and my father are arrested as a result.
Our court appointment date on aug 11. Please help!!
Several years ago my husband filed for divorce of his wife of 10 years. During that 10 years there was never an incident, police call, nothing. Keep in mind HE filed... then a week later he is served a restraining order-rape, attempted murder, child abuse, etc. Lost his 6 year old child in a several hundred dollar custody battle and she moved to another state. She should be in prison.. all incredibly sad.
The worst part of the whole scam is after the allegations are proven to be a lie the false accuser just walks away.
its not just men that are victims! My ex made this allegation and I've lost custody of my three children
Women who lie about domestic abuse shame those who are indeed victims. They ruin the lives of every innocent man who do not abuse women. Thus has got to stop. Families are being broken because of lies. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
I've been dealing with this sort of problem for a long time and I'm glad something is being done
Despite the typos, I adamantly support this petition. When my wife decided out of the clear blue to leave me three months ago, I was an emotional wreck that tried repeatedly to appeal her decision, and she entertained my entreaties for about a week, even returning to our apartment several times to have talks/negotiations with me about reconciliation. Yet she was adamant, which frightened me because I loved her completely, in the truest sense of the word. Now, about a year and a half prior, she had encouraged me to give up looking for full-time employment and go ahead with trying my hand at novel writing - a lifelong passion and oft-attempted hobby - while she supported us. I even turned down the job she subsequently took when I offered it to her after it had been offered to me, and with which she made an appreciable and fully-adequate income for our lifestyles, thereafter. So, in hindsight it was incredibly foolish of me to point out that should she leave in such an immediate and total manner, I would be forced to ask for spousal support. This obviously bothered her. It was the only subject, and only thing I had said over the week following her decision to walk out, toward which she'd showed any emotion whatsoever. It angered her.

A week later, after several confusing, painful and completely unexplained silent days and nights, when her and her entire side of the family imposed a communication blackout on me, I was served with the reason for the sudden isolation and alienation: a domestic violence restraining order!

I loved my wife in the truest and most pure sense of the word. I still do, in many ways. We always talked about how we both believed we had, and would always have, a much stronger relationship than any two people had ever experienced. Until the day she left, it was that good. Or, at least, that's what she kept telling me, and I always believed, even including that fateful day. And she knew as well as I did that she would never have anything to fear from me, much less some dangerous form of violence, or any reason to fear for her safety. Quite the opposite. I had always been her willing protector and champion (in my eyes, I suppose).

So, of course, I was hurt and confused beyond measure when I received the request for restraint papers. I went to court to reply to her request, every single word of which was entirely false and she did not have even one speck of evidence, of course, but, also of course, nothing I said or presented mattered in the slightest, and I sat in stunned horror and complete disbelief as the judge upheld her request and put a duration of three years on it. I had not even received divorce papers yet!

Well, come to find out, that was the whole point. I've since learned that fraudulent use of a domestic violence restraining order, in particular, is most common in divorce proceedings where there is a financial issue in question.

Voila. Antiquated stereotypes and abuse of process have now officially broken
Please read and sign my petition as well. I am sorry for the grammar and spelling, I forgot to check before I posted.
After getting no help from county mental health services for several years, my ex-girlfriend spiraled out of control mentally. She went through the local psych unit (or behavioral unit) at least twice in the last 7 months along with transitional housing or "hospital diversion" as the county calls it for over a month. Now they've dumped her at the local co-ed homeless shelter. During this time, she filed two frivolous restraining orders. One against my neighbor who has done nothing. Now a domestic violence restraining order against me for basically trying to help her. She also filed a police report for kidnapping and false imprisonment against me (again for trying to help her at her request) although the charges were dropped because there is no evidence against me. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished in this county. Though many here have experienced much worse here than I have, I certainly can sympathize and agree that the laws and the system must change.
I am a 61 yr. old female with a spotless record. My only downfall was being married to an alcoholic/druggie/dirty detective/Marshall for 24 years. I never knew he could be so nasty.

Michael David Guinn retired Portland, Oregon PD. now living in St Petersburg, FL soon to be living back in Tucson, AZ.

He knows the dirty tricks when filing for divorce. He says I battered him and had the police kick me out of my home and into jail then onto the streets without anything. I'm a 120 lbs breast cancer survivor and he weighs 250 lbs. He says he "fears for his life," sound familiar? That is the 1st thing they are taught when going through the academy to protect themselves and/or setup the situation.

This is for control of the divorce and everything that I have purchased the last 40 years which is everything. Judge Amy Williams won't listen to me. He now has filed to extend it saying I lunged at him in court. Ya think, in front of the judge & bailiff? She says there is merit and will hear his motion. He has also destroyed most everything along with selling and bartering my expensive items; people talk. This is not right. A polygraph that can be used in court would be sufficient. No one in the GOOD 'OL BOYS' CLUB will listen to me. The attorneys just churn money and only deal with generic information and nothing specific to my situation.

I need help. local TV station, 60 minutes? How does one prove a setup? I have proof and the judge still won't listen.
My soon to be ex husband has filed at least 4 EPO's on myself as well as my boyfriend. During this last hearing, the judge didn't even look at the video from the police dept proving he was lying and the judge signed a DVO against me and it's for 3 years. My ex told me he would never quit until I was out of our child's life forever. If something happens to me, my blood is on the judge's hands.
I was found guilty of DV because a policeman told her what to write on on the police report. I never touched the women. I did not have the money for legal aide and was told I did not qualify for a public attorney. The reason for her calling the police, is her having charged 20,000.00 dollars to credit cards in my name.
I have lost everything for doing nothing more than filing for divorce.
I was falsely accused of DV and taken away from my home to jail then served an injunction. I never touched my ex spouse. She had a new lover and that waa the easiest way to keep my home and get me out the picture. Tampa police were in on it I could tell whoever she is with knows the system very well. Disgusting! I don't even speak with my daughters hardly because of this injustice!
thats a good law cause my wifw was admitted into domestic violence and cause she was homeless and i was in jail now im out and cant get a message to her to come back home
The restraining order is an import legal tool. The abuse of this law should come with serious consequences. The misuse of this law is a waste of public resources, harms society and degrades the value of the law.

Too often the restraining order is used to perpetrate abuse and not to establish healthy boundaries for the safety of victims.

There needs to be a national standard for what is sufficient grounds to get a restraining order.

In my case, i was not accused of ever raising a hand to anyone, placing the health or welfare of any one at risk. I was falsely accused to using the word, "NEWSPAPER" in an EMail!

After numerous other judges threw the complaint out, for lack of cause, it was allowed by associate justice Dorothy Gibson of the Massachusetts Family court.

Judges like this need to be held accountable for their actions. They should be required to justify such an order and if the judge is found to have acted in a frivolous or abusive manner, require impeachment!
I myself am a victim of false allegations of domestic violence. I agree with everything said above, and pretty much all that was said was true in my case. I would just like to add one thing. I have four children. The two oldest I haven't been aloud to see since the accusation a year and a half ago. My youngest two: I initially had to wait 5 months to even get supervised visitation at a family center. Then I was given 4 months supervised visitation with my parents involved. Then they took that away because my ex-wife saidy son was doing poorly in school, and somehow that's all my fault even though I saw in four days a month. So now I'm back to supervised visitation. All this regardless of her entire family speaking on my behalf, including her parents who were present on the night of the supposed DV. Both who have openly stated to anyone who would listen, that no such thing happened.... The one person you didn't wanna listen, the detective on the case. Apparently that's ok with the court, that her own parents who were there dispute their daughters accusations. And how did the court know? In my statement to the judge I mentioned it along with my feeling on how the whole situation was handle. And the result.... The judge openly condemned me in court, and gave me the max punishment.
Such tactics are used for custody battles and "best interest of the children" has no meaning to the court or accuser. Innocent until proven guilty is how it should be in all areas of law. All falsely accused we need to stand together man or woman together we will be heard.
This needs to be stopped my ex bonded out on an order of protection in which he and the girl was living together 6 months she got angry and called the police he bonded the next day she called and made up insane story and he went back to jail with7 felonies pendind this needs to stop.
I was accused of sexually abusing my son shortly after filing for child support. There has been no hearing, no due process, no constitutional rights, and I have not seen my son now in over a year and a half. This doesn't just affect me, it affects my younger son that has now had to live with his father, the actual abuser. This also affects my oldest son, and the rest of my family as well, as they have all been completely denied access to my son. Not only do I have witnesses to prove that my sons father is the abuser, I have physical evidence as well, all of which has been completely ignored now by dhs. There needs to be a law to punish those filing false reports, as the damage that is done is tremendous.
When will our laws require actual evidence to substantiate a jaded mothers claims? When will the fovernment take a mother withholding children from their father, as serious as a false allegation of abuse?
When will our laws require actual evidence to substantiate a jaded mothers claims? When will the fovernment take a mother withholding children from their father, as serious as a false allegation of abuse?
I was evicted from my marital home(wife never worked during ourt marriage) when my wife of 8yrs who had just served me with divorce papers a week before went to family court and falsely claimed that I bodied her pushed her and blocked her path. She also brought a "male friend" who falsely testified that I had previously said that I would kill her if she ever divorced me. During our marriage there was never any complaints or reports of any type of violence against me. A week later I was allowed back into the marital home accompanied by a police officer to collect my belongings. I brought my 18yr old daughter (from a previous marriage) and 5 people who work for me to collect my belongings. I learned later that my wife went the next day to the police station to complain that I cut wires and threw boxes around that were unpacked (we had moved into a house worth well over a million dollars 14 months earlier). I was arrested and handcuffed 2 days after I was accompanied by a police officer into my house in my place of business in front of my patrons (I own a restaurant /bar for 28yrs) I spent approximately 30 hours in jail before being released on my own recognizance. Now for the trifecta. I had visitation with my 6yr daughter and my wife accused me of abuse charges. Police did not prosecute (all research will show that you don't become a pervert all of sudden at 58yrs old) .I did not see my daughter for 3 months and then for the next 5 months I only saw her for 1 hour a week at a place for supervised visits in front of a social worker that I had to pay for. I am now allowed to see her 2x a week supervised by my sister for 4 1/2 and 6 1/2 hours respectively. When I went back to court the law guardian for my daughter claimed that she was uncomfortable with me and only went with me because she had to. (All reports from the social worker said my daughter appeared happy to see her father). I am now fearful that they will try to take away my limited time with my daughter. By the way I am still paying for all of my wife's bills including the mortgage on the house and she just recently had an abortion (not mine obviously) because she used the health insurance that I pay for.
I have been a victim of this with my ex, and now my present day wife. Crying wolf with no consequence. Being held by biased laws that required no evidence other than here say. Attention must be brought to these woman and the laws that enable this injustice.
My dads brother is doing this to my dad. It has been a nightmare. It does not only happen to husband and wife but to other family members
Sarah Rees, member of USCG, has accused her ex-husband of abuse in order to avoid punishment by CG. She has also used this excuse to engage in multiple extra-marital affairs. Play the victim and get people to feel sorry for her. Absolutely disgusting and she gets away with it. Her ex was arrested, thrown out of his home and now has to fight for custody. People like her shouldn't be allowed to claim this falsely and get away with it.
I have been arrested. Several times on this very issue and yes bad choices on women but this is the last time. Women have learned how to use the DV laws as a weapon, I have a very long history, in this probably 8 to ten times in my life and I have only been really quality. One time of DV my wife chasing me down the street with a baseball bat runing past a neighbour I said call the cop's well she couldn't catch me And stoped and banged her head on a building because she couldn't catch me. The neighbour seen it they arrested me. And the court appointed lawyer plead it out. Then arrested again. And yes once again arrested. Pled it out different girl, did the same thing. I'm innocent on all three charges, and you probably wouldn't believe what this court appointed attorney is and trying to do I learned long ago not to touch people. Anybody. I have not idea how I'm going to fight this and get the other convictions of my record. It's like this bill is saying so true I have lived it. And now I'm being stocked. By the sheriff's office. And the judge is all pised off at me. But I'm not giving up hope because I know that justice will find it's way. Some how and my court appointed attorney has lied to me to take another plea. No way. This needs to be fixed. Thank you all
I was accused of domestic violence by a neighbor. There was no evidence presented to the court and yet based on her word alone she granted an injunction. Upon completing my paralegal studies degree with honors, I find it very difficult to obtain employment based on what one angry woman had to say. This is very unjust.
False accusers should have harsh consequences.
Something needs to be done about false accusers of all brands, because it is far to easy to get just about anyone into serious trouble with no effort or no consequence on the part of the false accuser. Either remove anonymity from reports, or bring serious counter charges against false accusers that carry serious penalties. There must be balance as well as protection for legitimate victims of abuse. Our system is no better than a modern day witch hunt, or Spanish inquisition, where false accusers come forward and offer no evidence and ruin peoples lives and reputations. Give the drama queens and trouble makers something to fear the next time they consider harming their neighbor. How can we turn out logic and reason in favor of subjectivism and reason? We live in a age of fantastic technology, yet live in a judicial dark age at the same time. How can we continue in a society such as this without having terrible consequences?
More than one unsubstantiated allegation results in more than one arrest and detention. A history of such false allegations is not equal to having a history of domestic violence. Understand the distinction to clarify any rebuttal. And yet injunctions depriving us of our freedoms are still mandated for false allegations using a devious process via the corrupt social services (more like the nazi secret service) child protection agency made up of man hating lesbians who have an 'ax to grind' agenda combined with other prejudice and judicial influence based solely upon their employment title.
My ex girlfriend broke up with me. When i went to talk to her to specifically get 20k dollars that i had given her over course of six months, she conveniently made up excuse of that she doesn't want to talk to me and this is causing her harassment and she would go to cops if i call her.
I didn't follow-up as i knew she had done something similar to her ex-husband. I had initially thought she had been harassed by her ex-husband but now i knew that she realized how to game this system.

In order to avoid giving difficult answers and return money, she found convenient way by throwing buzz words like she is getting harassed, stalked, mentally abused.. oh well! i ran away as far as possible from such a scum.

But it goes to show that some people have been emboldened by crazy laws so much that they will openly abuse and harass people in their name

If US laws don't fix themselves even now, when will they?
I am the victim of False allegation of domestic violence. Which has perverted a family court system, to which now I have had most of my civil and parental rights removed. All for the sake of a divorce to cover up an affair. Apparently this is a too common theme to how divorces are handled these days. If we stop the BS up front, maybe parents can be parents and wouldn't have to drag their kids and families through this stuff.
My brother is being falsely accused, by his now ex girlfriend, of hitting her and breaking her cheekbone. Now anyone that knows my brother knows that he would never hit a woman. He has no history of violence. If anything he defends women who are beaten by men. Anyway, now there is a warrant out for my brother's arrest just because she's a drunk who lunged at my brother and fell into her dresser busting her cheek and she swore he hit her. Funny thing is, if he hit her as hard as she claims and did the damage she claims, he would have busted knuckles. He doesn't have a scratch. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Too many women take advantage of the system for their own enjoyment and 15 minutes of fame. It's not right.
My ex married me purely for a green card. Cost me my home and life savings which the USA Govt backed. She pejured herself in court. Lied to the police. Abused me both mentally and physically. But she made a fortune from what in most coumtries would be seen as criminal behaviour and seen right through by any other court system in the world except the USA where you need to prove statements in court documents. The fact there was zero evidence of domestic violence didnt matter. In fact the only evidence of that was by them themselves.
My ex married me purely for a green card. Cost me my home and life savings which the USA Govt backed. She pejured herself in court. Lied to the police. Abused me both mentally and physically. But she made a fortune from what in most coumtries would be seen as criminal behaviour and seen right through by any other court system in the world except the USA where you need to prove statements in court documents. The fact there was zero evidence of domestic violence didnt matter. In fact the only evidence of that was by them themselves.
The police show up to our home and proclaimed someone supposedly was claiming they saw domestic violence take place. They knocked on our door, I opened and ask if I could help them. They stated (about 10 of them) they had received a call of domestic disturbance. My wife was standing next to me and I said here she is; see for yourself she's not been harmed ask her anything you like. They then proceeded to say we are going to enter your home. At this point, I stated "No you're not" that's a violation of my 4th Amdt right. They remained defiant and tone deaf, so I started to close the door and was abruptly pushed through my home to the middle of the living room with 4 police with taser's drawn and yelling as if I was a terrorist or serial killer. I am a 25-year Vet with PTSD and told them to calm down there isn't any resistance or call for yelling. Placing two sets of handcuffs on my hand while another bravado police officer shoving his knew in my back where I was injured from the service. I asked politely to get his knee out of my torn tendon as it is excruciatingly painful. End result, take me to lockup, book me in, see the magistrate and was told to not speak, DV charges were unfounded, but a utility door that's consistently damaged somehow I was charged with vandalism. I've had several calls from Child protective services, forcing to comply with an interview, my wife and daughter have both been interviewed and nothing warranted further action. However, they are still sending my wife victim/witness program information soliciting her to call and speak with them. Almost 50 now half of my life in the military and a wounded warrior and guilty until found guilty is the theme of law enforcement. My questions is where are accusers held responsible for false testimony? I want to know my accuser! Oh, and when I interviewed with the epitome of child protective services guy, I asked, "So if someone calls and states they've witnessed a domestic violence incident, the police will respond automatically and the person making the call isn't to prove it occurred? His answer, "YES". Isaiah 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
I was falsely accused of domestic violence in 2011 by my current wife. We were having a argument over custody of our children as she had recently filed for divorce. I decided to take the children to my parents house when she started to become very vocal. I stated to her that I would return after droping the kids off because they didn't need to over hear our conversation. Her attorney had told that if I left with the kids there wasn't anything legally that could be done to make me return with them for 30 days being we were not under any custody orders. She jumped on my back as I was leaving causing us to fall over an end table. once I was out the door she called the police and fabricated a story that I hit her. There was no witness, nor any evidence beyond her testimony. To further complicated this situation, I was heart broken she had filed for divorce and desperately wanted to keep our family intact. I had never had more than a traffic ticket in my 36 years of life and was bullied and scared of the prosecutors office threats of "felonies and maximum sentences threats"! Not knowing how this charge would effect my life and the lives of my children, I plead guilty to a misdemeanor DV charge , thinking that if I had to put my wife on the stand and accuse her of falsifying a statement of a police officer, this would destroy the hope of staying married. Yes I should have been thinking more clearly about my future when I plead to a crime I was not guilty of, but the reality is a woman lied to a police officer, the prosecutors office pressed charges and I went from a college educated man with a great carrier, to someone who aces interviews and receives many offer that just get rescinded after a background check. I am unemployed and relying on my parents to help take care of my kids. I used my entire 401k before filing bankruptcy. I am currently writing my representative to congress about my experience with the legal system. I am heartbroken for all others that have experienced what I have, and am lifting you all in my prayers!
These stories are an outrage, keep voting for liberal democrats and you will get more of the same
I am a victim of this outrage. On February 4 2015, I was in an argument with my ex and she assaulted me while I was driving her to her grandma's. She punched me several times in the face and grabbed the steering wheel of my car, causing an accident. She then lied about the ordeal causing me to be arrested and charged with domestic violence,kidnapping and reckless driving with great bodily injury. I was forced to take a plea bargain in fear of going to prison for 10 years. I am now serving 3 years probation, I have to pay 60k in restitution to the driver I hit and am being forced to pay over 2k in fees and take a 52week class that costs 3k. I am homeless and am having problems getting a job due to the nature of my charges. I have never been arrested before and have always been a law abiding citizen and a naturally kind and loving person, now I suffer because of a lie a woman who was 51/50 ed for psychological problems made.
To punish me for filing for a divorce, got me fired, I requested spousal support, judge ordered it, he flled a FALSE TRO the next. False DV are not just filed against men some men do it to WOMEN when they feel they can't control them anymore. Judges to not read exhibits, declarations, the procedure is RUSHED and the moving party is generally considered to be telling the truth even when the evidence is before the court. Look at my case Contra Costa Superior Court, Case No. D15-00029.
To punish me for filing for a divorce, got me fired, I requested spousal support, judge ordered it, he flled a FALSE TRO the next. False DV are not just filed against men some men do it to WOMEN when they feel they can't control them anymore. Judges to not read exhibits, declarations, the procedure is RUSHED and the moving party is generally considered to be telling the truth even when the evidence is before the court.
A woman lied to a police officer in chicago. And i did nothing at All tp her but the officer told me to leave i felt embarrassed since i was a innocent

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