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If you are currently under a Protective Order or Restraining Order, you MUST find a GOOD lawyer and CHALLENGE the CONSTITUTIONALITY of the order! The order MUST currently be in place! It has been done ONCE before... crespo vs crespo .... google it. The NJ Supreme Court ruled these orders unconstituional, but then it was overturned on appeal. If people start CHALLENGING these orders at the Supreme Court level in each state, this unbelievable injustice will stop! Most lawyers won't have the balls.... but, some WILL! Please... call around... FIND a good lawyer that would be willing to CHALLENGE the CONSTITUTIONALITY of YOUR Protective Order or Restraining Order, and take it all the way to the Supreme Court! This BS is GOING to change... its a matter of time. These orders are in DIRECT violation of the US constitution, but it is VERY rare that someone actually challenges the constitutionality in court.. Our government is SLOWLY realizing how these orders punish completely innocent people, with NO TRIAL, NO DUE PROCESS, and NO BURDEN of PROOF! These orders have become NOTHING but tools for manipulation... and they are DESTROYING lives! Epidemic false accusations... systemic and widespread. EVERYONE knows how to do it... its just a matter of whether they are WILLING to lie, and LOTS of them ARE, because they NEVER prosecute them... NEVER!! 2-3 million of these orders issued EVERY year... ZERO prosecutions for LYING under oath (felony perjury) to get one! Its felony perjury, but it is NEVER prosecuted.

Please, do yourself and the rest of the NATION a favor... FIND a lawyer (a constitutional attorney, possibly) who is WILLING to CHALLENGE the CONSTITUTIONALITY of your Protective Order or Restraining Order, and take it all the way to the Supreme Court! This is GOING to change... our retarded government is slowly waking up to this (widespread and systemic false accusations, CAUSED by our government).

I only found out this info. AFTER my order had expired, so I lost EVERYTHING! It has to be done when your order is in place.

This just happened to me. A false claim by a mentally unstable wife who know I wanted out. I am unable to enter my home, see my son and am having difficulty providing for my family (as I am sole provider) with all of these new, sudden circumstances. This is devastating to me, to say the least. Her accusations are complete lies and it was served ex parte with no due process. Please fix this. I live in the State of Arizona and loved my state up until now.
My daughter lived with her ex father-in-law for over 18 years. During that time she assumed the role of a domestic helper. She lived in his house all that time plus an additional 10 years when she was married to his son.
On the tenth of February he went to a neighbor asking for a bowl of cereal. They felt he was being abused and advised him to call the police.
A restraining order was issued. And the police showed up that afternoon. They treated my daughter very badly! Slamming her against a wall and handcuffed her in a way that caused her to bleed.
She was beside herself in panic and suffers from panic disorder. Due to her actions they stripped her and threw her in a cell with another woman.
Her bail was set at $20,000 and she was penniless at the time!
Fortunately a family member was able to make her bail.
To date she is living with her daughter and all of her furniture is being held from her.
She has been advised verbally (via phone) by her ex-husband to show up for her clothes with a police escort. Quoting the District Attorney???
She has yet to be notified of any such requirement. And had her restraining order thrown out! In court on the 18th of February.
Why the heck can people just keep throwing restraining orders at people.
This is new to me and gives me a bad feeling about our judicial system!
John C. Sestok
I have been falsely accused and set up by my ex solely to try and get custody of my son. I have been put in jail treated like garbage and at second court date she wants to drop it! Not only am I being told going after her is pointless but the court will not enforce anything!
The problem is that men are not reporting women to the police often enough for assault. Once every woman has been reported to the police and charged with violence against men, will the police believe men defending themselves against false accusations.

If your wife, sister, mother, female friend, any female whatsoever lays even a finger on a man, Report them and have them arrested. If they remark 'how can you have the mother of your children receive a police record?' just reply 'better her than me.'

Women are openly urged on TV to injure themselves if they can use it to punish a man (season 1 episode 10 Quantaco) and it's time we men stop this and have violent females behaviour permanently noted with police.

Nothing will change for men until we have every single violent female classified with the police as such. Once this happens we should notice a drastic drop in the numbers of men arrested for domestic abuse.
I'm going through this right now, falsely accused of abusing/ Robbing an ex girlfriend, order of protection since july/august.
Case is suppose to get early dismissal 1st March, Now she recently made another false complaint ,assault, threats, violation order protection. It's crazy. The woman has mental issues and don't want to separate from me. But is smart enough to minipulate the courts and police into punishing me for not wanting to be with her.
This does not apply only to men. I am a female married to another woman who is mentally ill. I was punched in the face by her, which caused damage to my jaw and tooth. She took my phone so I could not call police. She then hit herself in the mouth, causing bleeding ( which happens very easily. apparently) She then called the police herself and claimed I assaulted her. They believed her because she had some blood on her teeth. I was subsequently arrested ( I've never been in trouble in my entire life but she has) It was the biggest outrage I've ever experienced. She also bailed me out in the a.m and never filed for an RO since i came right back home. I was never a threat to her- this is clear upon sight. She only helped me due to the fact that she knew the allegation was false and she lied to police. I had explained to the police that she has emotional problems and has a history of self injury-which I could back up. Didn't matter.Long story short- I am fortunate enough to say the case was rejected but not without cost to my reputation and ultimately my marriage, which will be terminated soon.
My husbands ex-wife filed many false allegations after we filed for custody of his son due to her severe neglect and abuse. She was allowed to keep him each time she abused him because she was the mom and the dad is not considered. We spent multiple weekends at doctors and hospital immediately after picking him up. DCS refused to even open a case or do a safety check most of these times because her lawyer was also the only judge for the city of Waynesboro TN. We fired lawyers who did nothing but suck money from us, got a lawyer and got him removed on emergency with 4 HUGE boxes of documented abuse of her to the child that our previous lawyers were given but did nothing with. Our lawyer DJ Norton of Selmer TN filed emergency custody where we live, we got temporary custody 3 days after removal and then got permanent. After the child not being in the abusive home with her and her dad for a short period of time, she stabbed her dad multiple times all over and then cut his abdomen open and his guts were all hanging out. This happened in Clifton TN. Her dad was airlifted to Vanderbilt in Nasville, TN. We took the child to a psychologist all the way through. She refused the appointments and we were only able to take him when we had him. This psychologist wrote multiple letters for removal to DCS and our previous lawyer in Lawrenceburg TN telling them she was unstable and not safe for him to be around. No one did anything. DCS refused to even do a safety check any of these times. We have so much documented proof. By her just saying false allegations, she was allowed to freely abuse the child with no one doing anything. We have boxes of documented abuse by her to the child from multiple providers, police, hospital, and so on. And no one did anything to save this child from this nightmare because she was the mom and she would make up lies and false allegations. She had only her lies, no evidence as there was no evidence because all she did was lie. There was no consequence to her lies or what the child or we went through. This has to stop. Protect theses innocent children against these people with abusive personalities and mental disorders. Stop the mentality that a mom can be the only one to raise a child and knows best and whatever the mom says has to be true. Too many children are abused by the mom and too many children are used by the mom to abuse the dad and others in the child's life. You want to know why the courts and jails are overcrowded? It's because these abusive moms are raising these children and the children then wind up in the court system. Stop the cycle of abuse. Give jail time to these women who make false allegations to get their way. They only get rewarded for ruining others lives with their lies and they ruin theses children's lives. Care something for the children and stop the cycle of abuse.
Take my case to proof a drug addict victim is lying to protect a female that she call her mother drug addiction. I am innocent and was force to plea to stalking when I wasn't and arrested back to back on lies by the victim.
Its pretty bad when an innocent man is wrongly convicted.
Ruining someone's life because a malicious false accusation is wrong. This should be punishable by law!
My alleged victim was intoxicated when she made complaint. When she sobered she called states art and told truth. She signed affidavit stating truth. In her history she has made many D.V. complaints. She has been jailed for making false complaint. The state has all this information but I am still scheduled for trial shortly. This is malicious prosecution and is being continued only in an attempt to increase conviction percentage and add my money to the county coffers
I have seen this happen first hand, it destroys family's, friends, and children. The people falsely accusing domestic violence are the ones who should be put in jail. I understand the police forces have to take every report seriously, but at least investigate both sides of the story and do not just believe the "victim".
I have seen this happen first hand, it destroys family's, friends, and children. The people falsely accusing domestic violence are the ones who should be put in jail.
I have been convicted of D.V.. Where police have given false statements and foul play, No injuries were inflected at all, let alone by me. Which all of these allegations come in wake of a custody battle and at the time of me being most successful in my career, I'm African American, my accuser is White, along with White police. I'm looking for help and justice. Thank you, Cyril Hart (224)-358-1281
It's time that EQUALITY mean EQUALITY for all. I do not doubt that DV exist, I do know first /second hand that there are FALSE allegations made frequently and that police and procesquors are afraid to act even when the claim doesn't smell right.....or is not plausible.
All for this. I currently am going through this with my boyfriend who is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial. All because this vindictive woman wanted to wreck his life because he didn't want to be with her anymore. And she had to go back to nothing. I pray that better judgement and laws come into place soon.
I married a woman from Armenia, when she got her green card she falsely accused me with Domestic violence for the last 6 years she has sole legal and physical custody of our son now he is 9 years and she been hitting him, not giving him his asthma medication and he scared from her, this is an abuse of domestic violence, it should never be use for family court and it is tool to get the custody of the children and get free attorney, free housing , we need to protect the children from real abusers
I have Falsely been Accused of DV.
I went to jail for the first time at 39 years of age. Never, have I ever been a violent person. I spent 15 hours in jail crying, asking God "Why Me?", and spending $7k I did not have. Taking a Stand of False Accusations! Putting an end to lies and mis-truth's! May those who falsely accuse spend a lifetime with Karma as there Best Friend!
Knowing someone who was falsely accused has sparked outrage within me. This person did it to obtain a social media presence and coming from someone like myself who was physically abused for 10 years, I'm livid! Time to end it
Its pretty bad when an innocent man is wrongly convicted
Its pretty bad when an innocent man is wrongly convicted
Man or women no evidence no justic
And no justic lead to revenge
So wash your hand from that and Before its come to you
I lost EVERYTHING shortly after being served a no-contact order for (ready?) …raising my voice. Coincidently, this occurred after putting vehicle and home in fiance’s name – it was meant to be a temporary switch to appease the title company after a tax lien came up from 10 years ago.

Even after her [my ex's] testimony in front of a superior court judge where she admitted I was not/am not an abusive man whatsoever, the judge not only upheld the order, but also denied any civil standby and declared that my “stuff” is no longer MY stuff.

Said stuff, were contents that filled up a 4,000 square foot custom home I purchased in 2012 and were more valuable than the home itself — which she voluntarily forfeited to the builder I bought it from upon initiation of civl court proceedings.

Shortly after (she was also 40% owner of my LLC), I was arrested and charged with several counts of violating the NCO for emails that went out to clients, which had been BCC’d to her automatically via our CRM.

I went from a $200,000/yr income to living a car someone gave me, avoiding the police due to warrants for not keeping up with $1,498/mo child support payments. For one kid.

If anyone is curious about the extent to which a restraining order can wreck your life, I have the whole story here:

This needs to stop!!!!! It is used for revenge and to get back at a person.. It happened to me.
It is happening to my husband as I read this. My ex-husband who has mental issues filed an order for him and MY DAUGHTER against my husband with no evidence. There has been no physical violence, threats, or any issues. He just filed it, the judge signed it with no evidence, and they removed my daughter from our home. My husband has a perfect record and my ex-is a criminal and was awarded a temporary injuction.
I feel that when people do this they should go to jail. If someone has to miss their kids because of false order, it's determenal.
False allegations by my daughter in law that I sent her threatening text messages. No proof and I had a lawyer who lost. I later got the phone numbers the texts came from in a police report which shows the numbers' provider is a Canadian company Enflick Inc. Enflick Inc has a facebook page with many complaints of people all over the US being texted these similar nasty texts. Nothing is being done about it. I also found out that there are vicious lies aimed at destroying me with no proof, just made up by her. This is perjury!
If you are a high profile-figure, football player or music star, the police knows that they will be held accountable for any false charges and no charges will be filed. Then you only have to face the media.

If you are not, you are screwed, thrown in jail and forced to plea bargain which will wreck your entire life.
False charges will go unpunished in
both situations.

Manziel was accused by his ex-girlfriend of hitting her on Jan. 30. Three weeks later the Dallas Police Department is still looking into the matter with no determination if charges will be filed against Manziel, the Cleveland Browns quarterback (source Yahoo sports Feb 20 2016)
Another example of how Domestic Violence BY women gets covered up by police and prosecutors. Even the media will barely touch it:

A man accused of a butcher knife attack was cleared of any charges by a Dallas County grand jury. But his attorney says it never should have gotten that far and a private investigator questions how Dallas police handled the case.

A private investigator is actually the one who found the witnesses and evidence that made the difference in the case for Ervay Powdrill, 68. Powdrill spent nearly a month in jail for the assault, but video clearly shows he was the one being attacked by a woman.The woman was his on again, off again girlfriend Ora Mae Anderson, 50. She has not been charged with anything from the Jan. 22 knife incident.
Anderson had told police Powdrill beat her earlier that morning and she was trying to defend herself -- but Daugherty said the video and witness testimony don't support that.

Powdrill's attorney provided a statement to the grand jury saying, "the attack was the other way around as multiple independent witnesses- who, inexplicably, were not contacted by the police and video recording prove."

This guy spent a month in jail for false charges. Luckily he could get a PI to do the cops work.
STOP politicizing DV!
Washoe County,Nevada and Fallon, Nevada are the same way as all the other states in their not help in anything if your a man! Bias, Corruptions, Disenfranchisement, your Guilty by Association if you have the right last name. These people - Police, Sheriff, D.A, C.P.S, Oh and let's not forget the ones who swore to upheld the law and justice for all. Bolognese!!!! if only I can really say what i should. What kind of people have these jobs? Why is our tax money paying them for? My son is going through this as well. Yep she's a liar, A filthy nasty price of sh** She abused my son, my grandchildren, and had feed my grandson her HepC medication in which he O.D last August. She already holds a conviction of Child abuse and neglect cause she did the same dam thing to her oldest son. These so called official's don't give a hoots about if my grandchildren die in her care! Because she's a female. She hacked into his Facebook and wrote nasty things to herself and that's her defense? That's all her evidence! The fact is that that's all is very telling to anyone else! For God's sake! He has slashed up arms, Bite marks, cuts, bruises, BLOOD SO OVER HIM!!! And then she says I'm scared of him he's violent save me. No police report, No hospital, Nada. Yea Ghanage went to jail for a T.P.O violation and she continues to still lying to these dumb*****people and is getting away with it!!! Not for long I keep telling her .....
GOD... DON'T LIKE UGLY !!!! $$
I was falsely accused of verbal and mental abuse and subsequently filed for divorce again my soon-to-be ex-wife .This was a tempoary ploy by her to gain control, which was subsequently overruled through mediation to give me a 50/50 visitation plan afret she ****ed me for the last 5 months with minimal visitation. Set your goals and stick to them, as long aa the accusations are false you will.prevail.
my siblings wanted my mother admitted to a nursing home,, i objected, telling them that my mother could stay with me and my wife in our home,, my oldest sister accused me of abusing my mother and had the dept of aging investigate me,, in which they did and found nothing after interviewing my mother,, tore up the complaint,,, well she then filed an order of protection against me after i told her to leave mom alone and to not come out and cause any more trouble,,, by the way she is a drug abuser,, was on methadone, prescribed by a community hospital.. went before the judge, she lied and said i said i'd kill her,,, which was a lie,,,,the judge placed an order of protection against me, for 2 years , and when i asked for a continuance she denied me that,,my foid card was revoked,, illinois! and now i can't get it reinstated ever again,, can;t go hunting,, shooting,,, nothing,,, all falsely accused,,, no record whatsoever ,,, but the courts just took her word , and would not even let me speak,,railroded to the max,,,, my mother still resides with me ,and is happy to be here away from the others,, to this day,,, Illinois is a horrible state where this is concerned and no help is available whatsoever,,, only took her word and she is the biggest liar ever,,, and all my family and people who know her know it,, but the woman judge just took her statement as gospel,,,,,i was treated like a criminal. in which i'm not and never have been,,, but her word is better than mine i guess because she's a woman......this kind of discrimination has got to stop in Illinois, as well as all states,,, my 2nd amendment rights have been revoked because of lies and false accusations i can't believe this kind of travesty occurs but it occurs alot in illinois,,, there is a big problem in the laws and no one wants to remedy it,,, what happened to innocent till proven guilty? an outright shme this is happening,,, somethings got to be done , on behalf of good citizens being falsley accused,,, and this is america?
My wife began running with the wrong crowd. Drinking, drugs and coming home at 4AM. She would get angry when I asked her whereabouts. I'm a physician. She accused me of stealing money from our account. I was simply making sure she didn't misuse our funds. I actually transferred the money back into her account to appease her, she attacked me in front of a witness and I contacted the police. She told the police I hit her and showed her a bruise which I believe was self inflicted. I got arrested. My life is horrible right now. I cannot see my kids. I have an injunction. She has told everyone I abuse her when it's not true. She filed for divorce and got the most expensive attorneys in town. This law is horrible.
We need harsh punishments for people who are proven to have made false charges against others. We need to see equal punishment for men for the same crimes. I'm not advocating increasing the punishment for women, but relaxing the punishments for men.
It's horrible what is happening to me because of the lies of my ex gf. I broke with her and (as it happened several times before) she become aggressive and violent. She first punched, kicked me then she called the police. This happened because she owes me more than 15.000 and she was scared I could report her for the previous assaults (7 times!!. But how a person that is in love could report his girlfriend?? Well she did it! When she had the chance.) The result? The police arrested me. I've lost the visa, the work, all my investments in Florida and I will always have the mark of the arrest. Till now nobody listened to me.... She called and activated a procedure that automatically destroys the life of the other.
My life is destroyed because of a liar, even if I have evidences (texts and pictures) of her violences. But this great country, where I brought all my savings to create a family (thankfully didn't happened with that Gold Digger), is based only on the money. No values. No civil culture. No human rights.
I came in this country because I thought I could create a future and a family. But you system, your laws are barbarian and made just to move money as it happens with the health care.
I will face the trial and probably I will lost because I'm a man and foreign.
I come from a country that has lot of issues with its politicians.... But believe in me American citizens: you are far away from an evoluted society. You still live in the "far west" with Cowboys and Indians to be killed for gold and land!!
I served in the church. I've been a fireman volunteer for years, I always worked hard. I adopted and raised two children in Somalia. All this while my ex gf was involved in crimes and felonies of different kind. I also payed people to let her get out from the gang she was involved before. . But I'm a man and foreign and she's a woman and American: she is protected by the brass face of your "democracy" and a law system that is a shame. The same democracy that allows USA to invade other countries with troops or with poisoned stocks.
Probably I'll end up suicided if the case won't be dropped. I've lost everything: love, trust in people, dignity, honor, money and future.... For 15.000 f***g dollars!! My life worth this for Americans.
If I'll do that at least some journalist could use my suicide to show to the world how horrible is this system.... And maybe my life will worth more than few bucks.
I am currently living with my wife. I want a divorce yet she will not sign the papers. I am currently unemployed and going to school. I am 35 years old and tired of arguing with woman. She constantly behaves in a way that she can get on my nerves. When I change to ignore the fact she tries something else. This is continuously happens and she brings outside strangers into the mix. There have been times where she will even get in my face and call me names. Like usual I just walk away but lately she has been saying that she will call the police and say that I hit her. I have never touched this woman and even worse there is a nine year old boy in the mix of this. He has been bad at school and has been denied to see me by his mother even though we live in the same house. I am currently searching for ways to protect myself against her false claims is when I came across this website. I appreciate this site to express myself to others in the same situation. Makes me more strong and a person my son can look up too. My son is legally not mine since I got married to her when she had him. I never adopted of fear of her also using that to her advantage. Scares me sometimes because this woman is non-stop. She brings strangers in to live in the spare rooms to help with rent and makes me uncomfortable. Of coarse she uses that to her advantage by calling me useless in front of people I don't even know and understand (one is Spanish speaking). When I got the divorce papers she helped but when I got the final pieces to be signed she wont sign. To make matters worse there is a woman down the street from my home that tells her in front of me that I just want the divorce because I dont want to give her spousal support. I have been wanting a divorce and have proof for a while now(6 months) and just started school a few months ago, so makes no sense. That woman is making things worse and doesn't even know me, ridiculous.
i have lost jobs, lost educational opportunities, lost emotional energy, lost financial opportunities because of accusations and something that is upheld based on me being a man and a societal stigma "geberal-rule-of-thumb" without any clear step-by-step process of gathering evidence from both sides and thorough investigations by therapists and doctors to confirm physical trauma and abuse.

any woman can cry and thus satisfy a general "emotional distress" and logic, reason, inquisition, theoretical testing and sound proof goes out the window and thus the system uses "spiteful, irrational, manipulative" emotion as it's vehicle for due process.

i am now releasing everything, including the taped coerced resignation from that county and asking for an attorney and an advocacy group to go after this college and county and have an impartial investigation from the outside as i have nothing left to lose after being labeled off an original title that had to be illegally upheld just to stick and the losses from such cheating tact.

please pray for me that i have the favor of david against this goliath. it's easier and cheaper for those in comfortable power to cover something up rather than restore my life and go after the ones in power that allowed this to happen to me and created these chips stacked against me.

please follow me on facebook adam woodard or text me or call me 8284062109 if you know of a federal investigator, a college civil rights group and an assertive and underdog attorney that can see what i have and help put pressure on changing and expunging everything after that original illegally upheld restraining order that first stigmatized my great name and record. everything after can't happen as i would have had two jobs and my own place.

i have been with women and even married before this ex-fiancee and my record of traffic tickets prior to 2013 speaks for itself. my marriage ended in a mutual annulment with no foul play nor accusations. that is a real testament to my resolve as a man regardless of the last two liars.
i am about to go to legal war over this, so i am asking for all prayers and support.

in 2013, i had an ex-fiancee that wanted me out of her home county in my native state so bad, that she deliberately and maliciously staged an act of tears in court after filing a restraining order.  not only did she win, and the judge refuse to look at my text messages and records showing that we were sending love texts and spending a long time on the phone the day before she even found out that i had gotten a job and was staying in that county. but once she had the restraining order awarded, just to sabotage my life even further, her and her father went to my new employer that same day and had me fired.  i called a law enforcement officer of that county and he turned a blind eye and kept me outside and said she can come to my known place of employment which i know is an objective violation of the protective order and it's purpose, but clearly shows a perjury and her real ulterior motives.  i still stayed in the county and got a full time job as a TA with the school system i had been substituting for, then in one month, i suspiciously got "coerced to resign" for no merit nor write-ups nor just cause. TAs don't just get cut after a month. i have the recording of the coerced resignation.

just one restraining order is like herpes. 

it followed me to another state and i had charges pressed by a spiteful ex i got involved with that was intelligent and had access to this awarded restraining order in my home state. this girl originally claimed in her official statement that she had no idea who i was, and they made a felony arrest on stalking, then when i showed the law and my defense attorney the evidence that we were intimately involved and she is objectively lying, instead of throwing it out, they cooperated with her to change her statements and press different charges; this time alleging physical abuse. my "public defender" tried to get me to plea bargain, while i maintained my innocence and her lies.

i even had a family member (that is a female) in 2014 when i came back home that i've never been close with use this when she found out i was enrolling in her college that semester. she dropped it a few months later because she knows what she did was wrong and was a low blow despite her personal opinion of me.

then, this past fall i got banned and dismissed unlawfully from a school that created a case against me surrounding this "domestic violence/stalker/harasser" label that started only because the first one was unlawfully upheld in 2013 and the subsequent instances.  this university never notified me of an investigation nor did i ever have the student handbook rights to question the "anonymous women that i harassed" as well as this university banned me and sealed the letter dated October 19 and kept me on campus until December and then notified me banning me completely abandoning proper procedure and policy. 

i have lost jobs, lost educat
This is tradic ,the laws that are there to protect the woman from domestic violence is being used against men in general, this is got to stop, the same laws to make men pay child support,are there to hurt the man ,these law,s are used against men ,they can lose there job ,and everything all over false allagation,s and woman who want to use the system,please protect our fathers brothers and the men that stand to mean anything in our life,if we hurt these men than that's and injustice.
The Domestic Violence Industry is aided by a corrupted judicial system which keeps citizens hostage. Who needs ISIS if we have the US justice department violating its own laws.

Wake Up America, Drama Queens cannot run this country. Prosecute those who file false reports and wait with protective orders until all parties are heard and evidence is investigated. Jail police officers who file false testimonies.
I was falsely accused and arrested in Holywood, Fl. My wife did this because I confronted her about money she stole and fraud bank/credit card accounts she opened using my name and ss number. I had filed a restraining order against her months ago for stalking and involving our child when she came to family's house to start trouble, and the law did nothing. This was just revenge and a good way for her to get an easy advantage, hiding behind her lies. But when a man is falsely accused, the law is very different. They will come after you like a hungry wolf pack. But remember: most of the biased arresting officers are also men, and every dog has his day. It is very wrong for anyone to abuse the law system, but it is even worse for the law system promote it. In this case, Broward County.
My brother is in this predicament right now, his wife falsely accused him of assault because she got tired of pretending while she was using my brother to get a green card. Now we are all frustrated and with the impotence of being under her will, even though she was the one who was abusing him.
I have now been falsely accused of domestic violence for the second time and facing a felony offense. Fist time was in 2000 by my ex and now this time by another person who was temporarily staying with me and refused to leave after she admitted having illegal drugs and undesirable people in my home while I was st work. When police arrived, they ignored my claims and coheresed her into making a false claim against me. I was arrested and she was left in my home even tho she was not a resident and she was high on drugs and drunk on vodka. The officer stayed there with her alone, in my home, to "take some picturers ". I was told by the officer who took me to jail that he was called in because the officer that stayed behind was off duty. This seemed very inappropriate and suspicious. The alleged victim did not speak about any assault until after the officer told her that I said something.
My wife at the time in 2014 falsely accused me of CDV. I proved my innocence after spending 17 hours in jail and $5000.00 in bond, lawyers fees, lie detector test, as well as lose of two careers. I am in the process of exspungement. No use to even try to find a job !!! Where is the justice for me ?? I can not even own a gun now thanks to this liar !!! We as innocent victims need some help from the ones who make the laws. It is set in place as a penalty of up to 7 years imprisonment for filling false information with the police, but her crime is not monetarily beneficial to our judicial system, so she is not being sought by the police. Maybe instant justice will be our only hope of true justice in this unfair society that the lawmakers have created. I await a truth and a just conclusion for my unfair situation. RKS
My son is falsely accused of domestic violence and now has to get a lawyer to see his child. This is devastating for us!
My son's mother got a domestic violence grant from the state saying I had hit her. I have not seen her in months and never laid a hand on her or any women my whole life. She is a drug addict only trying to figure out a way to get her next fix. Angelia Marie Wagner.
I came to this country 3 years ago with a kind of AMERICAN DREAM. Now it turns out to be a NIGHTMARE for me because of the false charge on me of domestic assault based on the false accusation of my wife.
I just got my green card but now I am facing the possibility of losing it. I would be deported if I lose the trial.
But I will still go to the trial to clear my name. This is the most important for me, even though at the risk of being deported.

I have lived in 3 countries and have been following all the laws and rules for my life so far. I never though I would be arrested and put into jails. I never thought I would be charged with a crime. But this happened, though I was innocent and the actual victim. This happened in a country where each one's human rights are said to be highly protected. But my human rights have been violated, even violated in the name of law!

The law system of protecting the victim of domestic violence is so easily to be utilized by a liar. Under this system, to be a victim is so easy. You just need to call 911 and claim to be attacked, no matter actually you attacked the other part. By doing this, you can kick the other part out of the house which you did not pay one cent. By doing this, you would have a good reason to get the green card, which you were not eligible. If you still have other greedy purposes to reach, you can do this too. Do not worry, you would never be punished because of lying. It is a heaven for liars!!!!

The defects of this system are so clear and easily to be improved. But no improvement is being done. It is possibly because of the political correctness of "protecting the victim". Who cares who is the real victim. Who cares the human rights of those falsely charged innocent.

As a law abiding resident, I want to get my freedom back, ***the freedom from fear !***. Now I have to fear the possible consequences if I lose the trial, though a small possibility. I have to fear being framed and arrested and charged again, which is very possible if the alleged victim would not get what she wants in the following divorce.

Despite of the fears, I am going to fight.
Every one wants equal rights, so why is it ok for men not to have a right in this case?
Everyone needs to start CHALLENGING the CONSTITUTIONALITY of these Protective orders / Restraining Orders! They need to be taken to the supreme court!

PLEASE READ!! If you have been falsely accused and served with a Protective Order or Restraining Order please listen....

Find a GOOD lawyer in your state, and tell them that you want to CHALLENGE the constitutionality of the order that was served on you, and go all the way to the Supreme Court! It has been done once before (crespo vs crespo) in New Jersey... google it. The court found that these orders were UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but then the decision was reversed on apeal... They KNOW that these orders are in DIRECT VIOLATION of the US constitution, in MANY ways.... but MORE people need to stand up and CHALLENGE it IN COURT! They violate the right to a TRIAL, the right to DUE PROCESS, the right to face your accuser and cross examine them, and the RIGHT to be presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty in a court of law! With these orders there is no burden of PROOF... only a "preponderance of the evidence", and after the order is issued, the burden is automatically on the accused to prove they DIDN'T commit they abuse! Not enough people are CHALLENGING the constitutionality of these orders IN COURT!

This needs to be done in ALL states! If you have a bogus Protective Order / Restraining Order on you right now, please do yourself and the rest of America a favor... Find a good lawyer.. You may have to call around... A lot of lawyers don't really want to do the work... but SOME of them DO care about this epidemic of false accusations... and this issue is gaining ground.

Find a lawyer that will take your case all the way to the Supreme Court in your state! (reference: crespo vs crespo in NJ) Challenge the constitutionality of the order!

These Protective Orders / Restraining Orders / Domestic Violence injunctions have completely circumvented the US constitution! This has been going on WAY too long.... MILLIONS of falsely accused citizens kicked out of their OWN homes, and even thrown in jail. Families destroyed by our own government's laws!

Please... They are slowly waking up to this!
I have been personally affected by false allegations of domestic violence...
My ex wife and i got divorced about 3 years ago. A year and a half ago my ex wife got engaged to somebody and that was a good thing it was the most peaceful she has ever been to me. I got engaged shortly after to my now wife and things were great i had 50 50 custody had my kids over night every other day but it all went to hell when my ex split up with her fiance and a week later i was being served with a ex-parte saying i couldnt have my kids anymore saying that my current wife is abusive, which is bs my wife works for easter seals volunteers at a church and works with elderly clients as well as mentally challanged miniors. She is a wonderful woman. But because my ex wife "says" my current wife is abusive i lost custody of my kids and a no contact order was placed on my wife. With no proof of evidence! The judge says he must lean on the side of precaution and play it safe and put this no contact order on my wife. So then i was left with the choice to either leave my wife and move back in with my parents so i could continue my normal days with my kids. Or stay with my wife and fight this in court. (I say move in with my parents because with the amount of child support i must pay now, i could not afford a place of my own) which is a funny thing that my ex after 2 years of being divorced dosent want any support until she becomes pregnant by another man that up and left her after impregnating her. Also gives up her job just a few weeks before filing for support. And the way support was determined was my income vs her income and had actually nothing to do with what i was already supplying the kids. Paying her child support isnt even a big thing to me. All i want is these false accusations againt my wife to be acknowledged as being lies! And be able to have my kids back with my wife and to have MY FAMILY! Its the only thing i want in this world to sit with my wife and kids for dinner, read and sing bedtime stories, go on family trips play games and to grow as a family. 😢
I've been living with a woman in public housing in nyc she been on ssi since the 1980s never work and I've always work till 2012 that I got on ssd and I live with her since 2006 now she wants me out so the government or NYCHA don't know I was living with her so now the city and NYPD is telling her to get a Domestic violence order against me to put me a disable person in jail and it would get me out of the apartment and she won't have to pay the city or go to jail for being with me 14 years and being on ssi new York city knows who she is cause I let them all know even the attorneys General office DOI and supplemental security income but if it was me ill be in jail by now and the way I feel it may be best cause I hear when I get out they give me an apartment or is that just for women
I know a married woman who was on several dating sites and wanted a divorce. Husband did not want a divorce and she proceeded to file for protection against domestic violence. Husband stands to lose EVERYTHING because of her lies. There needs to be justice for those falsely accused. The woman is NOT always right and will lie to move on to greener pastures and the man suffers irreparable harm
My husbands ex-wife had their 7 year old lie in court saying he saw my husband hold a gun to my head to regain custody of him after we proved her unfit two years ago. She alleged domestic violence in my own home and had absolutely no proof yet we lost custody of the child over her lies, and could have lost our other 3 children to the state!! It's time to do something about false allegations of abuse!!!
I currently have a domestic violence restraining order on me something I didn't do. My cowardly lawyer laced down on me so his law firm can remain in good gracious with the court commissioner who hears these cases and divorce cases to. I Had a police report that documents I did nothing and a witness how observed the entire incident. But my lawyer laid down and refused to present my case on the day of trial. Go figure
Where is the justice in our " justice system". A woman cries wolf and get shelter, order of protection under false pretenses, free legal assistance and represeration. Also their is ZERO ramifications for all these lies and false alligations that instantly paints a evil woman beater and kids are taken from him. As a father I also love my children as they are my life and my heart! I have to spend money I don't have for legal council and pray for a "fair" outcome usually at best I see my children every other weekend!!! We call this justice?? The love I hold and have in a simple question of "son how was your day at school" gone!! Let not forget this is the 2nd time she had pulled this crap.. Yet she's so scared she came back to me for two years , we have another child together and she does this again! She still contacts me having my 5 year old son call me know a oop is in place to try to violate me. Though the court with stacks of evidence somehow over looks all this and she still wins and gets her way.. Truly sad, corrupt, set up for a man to fail. Justice is merely a illusion along with these alligations from a bi-polar abusive woman and I'm somehow the "bad guy"..
its bad when a female police officer lies that she is a domestic violence victim...what is dangerous about this is because she knows the domestic violence and knows how to script. the most favorite and used charge in domestic violence cases is harassment .

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