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I never even used a curse word, was convicted without being notified and come to find out she is profiting from it. I cannot get a job anywhere. To say this is criminal would be an insult to criminals.
At the moment my son is a victim of a false domestic violence accusation Men need protection from women using these laws to harm men in a vindictive manor. and his accuser has been seen with another man two weeks after filing false charges have picture to prove it please Help......
I have a friend who has been accused of sexual abuse by his 3 1/2 year old daughter. I won't go into a character assassination of his ex-wife. Suffice it to say, she is a real piece of work. Because of her lifestyle and indiscretions, he was awarded sole custody of his daughter. The ex is obviously not happy with that outcome, so she has done everything in her power to make his life a living hell ever since. Everybody that knows this young man knows he would never do such a thing, to any child, let alone his own daughter. We are all absolutely convinced that the ex has coached this little girl to tell authorities her daddy abused her. We're not just basing this on our observations of the ex's behavior. No 3 1/2 year old kid would use the terminology she did unless they were told what to say. Of course, I am 100% for protecting children. But something needs to be done to make it harder for dishonest adults to ruin an innocent person's life out of pure spite or revenge. It's just way too easy the way things are. In cases like this, the child is not the only victim.
This definitely should be revisited, and at the very least, exceptions should be given to people already involved in divorce cases.
At the moment I am the victim of a false domestic violence accusation and facing a felony for strangulation. Even after the the officers that reported there was no sign of strangulation of the woman who is vindictivly trying to ruin my life. I have never had a criminal record, but this pending accusation has caused me to lose two of my three jobs, destroyed my repetition and I've now fallen way behind on my child support. Which was at zero before this accusation. Men need protection from women using these laws to harm us in a vindictive manor. Help......
False domestic violence allegations ruin the lives of innocent men and women.
What happend to innocent till proven guilty?
we must stop this
My son who had never been in trouble with the law was wrongly accused and convicted because his girlfriend at the time wanted him to marry her in order for her to get her U.S citizenship. Because he refused and then broke up with her. She promised that she would destroy his life. She plotted against him with her friends who coached her. They told her exactly what to do. She made a police report and attended victims of domestic violence session. Her so call injuries were not reported until days later after she moved out and her false police report was already completed. My son had injuries which were not included in the police report. She claims to fear for her life, yet she continues to try to make contact with him. Although she was 11yrs. Older than my son, was married and had children in another country, she tried to manipulate my son into marriage. She became vindictive because I was against them getting married. In addition, his attorney said that all she would have to do is just go to immigration and say that she cooperated with the state in a criminal case and this would make her eligible to file for her citizenship. So, whose side is the U.S Justice System on? Is it on the side of The U.S citizens who are falsely accused of domestic violence or is it on the illegal immigrants who make false allegations to gain their citizenship?
I've been a victim of this exact thing. Fortunately I was told to buy a recorder and it exonerated me in court. But I still was handcuffed in my own neighborhood taken away in a sweltering police car. And treated like a woman beater for 12 hours in jail...mandatory.
I am standing up for my brother whose wife has falsely accused him of DV and taken him to the depths of nothing. His family and friends, support him, but he is being seen in a court held by a judge looking to put all men down. His love was taken for a ride and her vindictive side is showing. As she medicates herself, she continues the control. It is time for men to get a voice and be heard! The destruction women can bring about needs to be stopped!
My son has been falsely accused of domestic violence so that his wife can get the upper hand on child custody. He has no prior record never touched her. She is claiming that he treatened on several occasions. She even went to the police 6 months prior just to have record-premedation. She is an evil women that is raising our grandchildren. She filed criminal and civil chrges. How do you file criminal charges on someone that has NEVER laid a hand on her???
He has a criminal Justice degree....evil is as evil does. This is such a great money making scam I cannot see anyone putting an end to this.
Females who falsely accuse should have to be liable for their actions.
"A slap in the face of the woman that really are abused".
i feel woman that lie about being abused should do time in jail.
My son has gone through DV accusations...thrown out of court. 2 CPS closed the case in record time. The other shook her head and said, don't worry. Local police were called to about 8 action taken. This is a ridiculous waste of state workers time and NYS money. Needless to say the stress it causes the children, the dad and his family's health...
I am one more citizen that the system lost..
I was in graduate school living on borrowed money when my spouse decided to get a divorce, but first decided to spend $8000 on a breast implant without my consent or knowledge. An argument followed, she filed the OFP, I was kicked out of my home and told to keep away from my own children - no investigation into the matter, and when I contacted her by text message I was jailed. My kids were put on public assistance and my professional license as an addictions counselor was suspended. This has done nothing but destroyed a family unit! I can't believe I'm living in this country.
I was falsely accused and it ruined my life
I am currently going through the exact same thing. I'm not going to get into that because the court date is 2 weeks away. I can assure you this is all because I did not want to be with my soon to be ex-wife. She has scammed the government ever since I've known her. She lied about her kids living with her to get food stamps. She lied about her back in order to get social security, when that didn't work, she changed her disability to mental (PTSD). After 7 years of going back and fourth on these two "disabilities", she finally got $480 a month (LOL). I stayed with this woman for 3 extra years strictly because I felt sorry for her and her sob stories of her tough life. Now I realize, she just wanted to take from me and found the most effective way; by playing with people who actually have emotions. This alone shows her honesty or lack thereof. This is a serious issue, that needs immediate attention.
I am going to court now on false domestic violence charges so she could get a green card help
I didn't realize how big a problem this was until my son's ex did this to him here in Pawnee County Kansas. She was party to a child in need of care case, caused by her own neglegence and somehow managed to hang it on my son. They had no consideration for the fact that there was a prior CINC case in Logan County Kansas. They held an illegal hearing, illegal because I was a party to the case and so was their father and they did not inform us. The Pawnee County attorney apparently lied in court saying we had been informed and gave her custody of the children when there is already a custody agreement in place which she has violated several times through malicious prosecution like this. She throws herself around and then claims domestic violence. He hasn't seen or even been allowed to talk to his children since the end of December because of her lies and the presiding judge in the PFA case refused to even let him tell his side of the story before making a ruling. THis is already illegal but it is my understanding it is being done all over the planet, not just here. It needs to stop. What it is doing to society is all too obvious.
I unfortunately have been the victim of a mentally unstable woman. Physical and emotional abuse. Stolen money that was loaned to her plus the bail and lawyer cost. She had me thrown in jail after she had hit me multiple times, I didn't fight back, I just left and when I did she hit her head against the wall to cause injury to herself to blame on me. She then called the police who then called me and wanted to hunt me down but I returned not knowing what I was in for.... She lied and said my computer was hers and that I had stolen it. I showed the officer multiple texts thru the evening and the day before showing her erratic behavior and me asking to get my computer and money I loaned her for her rent. She lied and played the victim all to well. Thousands lost in bail and court fees so she could take everything of mine and everything that she owed... She harrassed me while she had a restraining order on me. Broke multiple laws... She left CA to Florida with my money and things...And now a year later she filled a lawsuit in Utah while she's in REHAB!! I have never been to Utah and haven't seen her since that day! This woman has terrorized me and my family sending my mother Facebook threats of having me thrown in jail. Lucky The DA never prosecuted me but bail and lawyers don't give refunds. I swear on my families lives and everyone and everything that has and will matter to me.. That I've never and will never strike a woman. This woman has taken thousands and lied and been conniving, vindictive and caused me to live in fear. Thousands stolen... Thrown in jail and called the perpetrator....All of this when I am the victim. Justice needs to be done and I deserve for the truth to be known and reparations to be paid No more no less. So many tears cried by me and my loved ones from the stress and loss. Living in a country where We hold justice, truth and human/civil rights in such high regard and that all are equal under our flag and under God. We should live up to these words written down by or forefathers over 200 years ago.
Pls Stop this injustice! I am a women and realized that women Play the pity card and get away with it. Men say something is wrong and they have to prove it. Even when it's proved the just system doesn't believe them. my step daughter is a true victim of this disgraced! I pray for our children!
Please start to impose fees and prison sentences for those people who file false domestic charges, including the attorneys.
My charge was issued weeks prior to being served divorce papers. My ex. squatted in the home while she refused to work and pay any of her own bills or the mortgage. Her attorney also racked up debt on the joint accounts.
I was lucky to have digital proof she lied, but the damage was already done.
If my experience was isolated, they would not have made a movie out of it.
Please review the trailer on , "Divorce corp", regarding false domestic charges. My experience was identical for the same reason: positioning for more money prior to a divorce.
Everyone is aware it is a scam, but zero is done to correct the problem.
My wife cheated and left. When I said I expected 5050 custody of my 2 year old daughter. She didn't want that and TOLD me I could see my daughter 2 to 9 hours a week! When I went to court (yes I had to go to court just to remain a father) she all of a sudden applied for an order for protection. I have no history of violence whatsoever. By the way her career......she is an actress. Man did she put on a show. Accused me of abuse. Then sex abuse. Then under oath said "she forgot" she accused me of sex abuse. Then denied doing it. Then accused my mother of sex abuse. (Now that is in my daughters medical file as well. Of course the Dr. Said nothing happened and that my daughter was perfectly healthy.) And on and on.... I requested psych evals and results are pending. But in the past she has accused another man of raping her only to drop the case halfway through due to her lies catching up with her.

There is absolutely nothing evidentiary suggesting I was or could be abusive yet I feel like I am guilty until proven innocent.....

How is this fair? She is harassing me now by calling the cops on me for random things all the time. I just don't see how someone can get away with all of this. What happened to being accountable for ones actions????
When I was falsely accused my own attorney didn't believe me
what happened to inocent until proven guilty. He has lost his job and he is now sitting in jail until his trail. She has bi-polar and she uses the system against him. Now she is getting compensation from the victims fund. She had no marks on her. He went to go visit their daughter and she found out he got engaged and she called the cops. Stole his truck after he was in jail, damaged it. I filed a police report cause she tried to assult me and guess what they did nothing. The laws in Texas about domestic abuse is bull crap.
I am a victim of this sick and twisted "game". Enough is enough. Three times to jail in six months and never broke the law. Lost a job and a job offer due to this. Paid $10,000 in bail money. Changed my life horribly because she thought I was cheating and was wrong, so she decides to call the police and make up rediculous stories that she can never keep strait yet puts me in jail.
i know a man whom:

-cannot serve our country now (qualifies spec ops)
-has to look over his shoulder everywhere he goes (arrest)
-has to be careful when he hunts game (firearms)

all because a woman who behaved spiteful, manipulative and abusive and cried wolf.

his life is different. her life carries on. he faces possible legal friction. she flows easily down lie road at the subdivision of "gender supremacy" in the city of "america shelters and rewards this behavior of lying and making false allegations"
how to get a false allegation of domestic violence removed from one's record
Had horrific experience for 2 years of neighbors that were renting an attached townhome. They were involved in Harassment, Stalking, Violence, Cyberstalking, Defamation, Libel and Slander of me but filed false petitions against me before I could do truthful ones against them. The neighbor bragged constantly that her stepfather is a police officer and every time I called 911 on them for assault, etc. the police took her side because of this claim and started to accuse me. They didn't even do their due diligence to learn that it was not true. I've never had to call the police or 911 for myself in my life until these neighbors. Their false report resulted in an injunction against me and a hearing which was subsequently dismissed. I ended up in the hospital 3x and was very ill due to the stress. I am also already disabled. Now this shows up on my Background Check and I have been unable to even get an interview for employment. It also jeopardizes my professional licenses, ability to adopt or foster, etc. I have years of experience and a college degree but since a DV shows up on your record and you can't see what happened or why unless you get a copy from the courthouse, employers won't touch you. And you are automatically eliminated with a DV for education/healthcare and/or jobs that work with children. You cannot even file a complaint or claim or perjury with the police or courts and no lawyer will assist in pursuing a civil suit. You are defamed, shamed, libeled and robbed of future gainful employment and there is nothing you can do about it. This is abhorrent and we need to be able to expunge false DV reports from our records, especially if they were denied or dismissed. I can pay $75 by check by mail to have a criminal misdemeanor expunged from my record but can't do anything about a false DV. Terrible. Please help us! Thank you.
I am victim of false allegation of domestic violence. I am being victimized by my wife. I was in jail for no reason, cannot see my son and now wife is trying shelter homes. Her parents are helping her with this mean mindset and I can't do anything. I am from India and with no one around me to help. Spent $10K and still nowhere.

This law was put in place for a reason and I am getting victimized for no reason or fault of mine. I hope I would have been less emotional and should become one of those guys who do not care about their family.

I am suffering because of bad wife and loopholes in legal system.
False allegations have become the norm to those who want the play the system. Guilty until proven innocent is backward thinking and is not fair or right to the fathers and children of the sick game nor is it right to exploit those who are truly are victims of DV. Law makers who allow the travesty to continue are just as guilty as the false accusers for allowing the guilty until proven innocent debacle to continue. It is extremely naive to not believe that the large number of DV claims are mostly made up of manipulating liars. In the best interest of all involved, including the children who deserve to have a solid relationship with both fit parents, its time to end the well known false accusation game because its proven at the expense of countless innocently accused victims to be greatly abused and flawed.
Courts need to do more research on those who file and have court date before kicking innocent people out also heavy penalties for made up orders.

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