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I have a childhood frend who has been falsely accused/convicted twice on domestic violence charges. His wife is mentally ill andno one has looked @ this issue or angle. It is beyond sad to see him try and rebuild his life and secure any kind of custody of his two children, hold down a job now that he's a convicted felon. Justice has not been seved and he simply doesnt know where to turn to be exhonorated.
I've been falsely accused...
Super Bowl Sunday my wife listened to two stupid neighbors who convinced her that I was having an affair, to call the police and say I committed sexual battery and battery to her. That way she can get revenge and ruin my career. Long story short, I was arrested and charged. The case was dismissed after she told the truth to the prosecutor. But the issue now is that arrest is still on my record. So I believe if a case is dismissed, especially when false allegations are or were made the arrest should automatically be removed from my background.
This is so messed up but true. Its exactly what my poor btother is going through now. Its sad its false but around the holidays as well. Its a bunch of chaos, nothing but a lying big mess. prayers for not just him but all thats being falsely accused.
This is happening to my son now!
These needs to heard!
As "Joleen L. from North Branch, MN" rightly said, the kids need to be taken to child care facility until the case is resolved. This way you are giving equal opportunity to both the parties of coming out with truth.

Most women just by accusing are getting free Lawyer, free home, free food stamps, husbands vehicles, in some husbands home, get all the kids, get enough time to teach kids how to talk against father in court, above all FREE CARD for the IMMIGRANT VISA.... yeah simply if USCIS is not approving your other visa, just accuse your spouse and get to stay here. I have heard cases where couples plan to use domestic violence as the way to get the DV related US visa (U-Visa) and they get together later in life once the wife/husband get a permanent residence here in US.
My mother inlaw convinced my husband while in the hospital. Incompetent to sign over power attorney to her then convinced him of horrible lie they both went before a judge AND LIED NOT 1 thing was true I was thrown out of my home beaten robbed lived on the street I was uicidl at that point this while my husband wasn felony probation. Fr trying to kill me he'd would. Call lid to police I'd ho To jail
stop it please!
this is a very important petition and it can happen to anyone anytime...please help this !
Please stop this!!!
I am learning all of this first hand as a family member is currently in this situation. False accusations must be stopped and the accusers making these false accusations must be punished! There are 2 sides to every story, you MUST hear both sides. Just because someone says something happened does NOT make it true. Being arrested without an ounce of evidence is ludicrous! Being the "first" to call automatically makes you the victim??? Great way of getting back at someone because you are angry at them! And yes, this happens to women as well as men!
I am learning all of this first hand as a family member is currently in this situation. False accusations must be stopped and the accusers making these false accusations must be punished! There are 2 sides to every story, you MUST hear both sides. Just because someone says something happened does NOT make it true. Being arrested without an ounce of evidence is ludicrous! Being the "first" to call automatically makes you the victim??? Great way of getting back at someone because you are angry at them! And yes, this happens to women as well as men!
This is not only something that impacts men! after being physically, emotionally, mentally abused for over 20 yrs, i became the perpetrator instead of the victim. When controlled after yrs and trying to leave the situation became nothing but mental abuse. After being called names, threatened, treated horribly, i snapped and open handed slapped my abusive husband. what a great way for the abuser to get the upper hand. now victimized by my abuser and the court system. i left everything to get away from this abuse, and now seen as violent, which gave my abuser more rights then i do. the court system is more than flawed, they are blind to justice. clever men are also using these laws to victimize their victims again, and again.
My son is going thru this right now. It has taken every dime we have to represent him & the Victim's Assistance attorney is representing her for free. It's been 11 months of hell with no light at the end of the tunnel.
I feel like this article was wrote about me. Same stuff vindictive women that doesnt want to move on with her life but just try to wreck me and my federal job
I am helping a man falsley accused of domestic violence. It is the most heart breaking situation I have seen. He has been in jail since June 15, 2014 and they are trying to give him 2 1/2 years for not a hand raised and a woman with a control issue. She is the one who should be incarcerated, she is the one who has caused all the abuse
As someone who lived and escaped the nightmare that is domestic abuse, I find it nothing short of downright insulting that a women would lie about being a victim. It's absolutely disgusting. How dare those women negate and make a mockery of what I and millions of others went through or are sadly still going through?
I am a woman and am embarrassed by the women that use false reports as a tool to control and manipulate men, especially in custody situations. Stop allowing this to happen. There should always be a presumption of innocence.
See Sarah from minnestas comment...she's what the police say is a victim of domestic violence...when reality is this entire family have been made victims by the ones who were sworn to protect...a judge has ordered this man and woman have no contact whatsoever, from here on out, with no conviction of domestic violence, when this is a family who wants their family together...the real abuse this family is going through is COURT ORDERED! Is that legal? I'm feeling so confused...could you tell me what country we're living in? WOW
Children should be taken from both parents until abuse is proven. Then people would be less likely to lie, if they had something to lose. Stop the madness!!
too simple for someone to accuse a person of Domestic Violence, it is ruin lives, stop the madness..
These lies not only effect innocent men but innocent children as well.
I accused my ex husband of attacking me and hitting me in the face, and it was premeditated. I had busted my lip by myself with a wrench, and the reason was I was an alcoholic with untreated mental problems in those days. I caused him to lose his Permanent U.S. Residency status,,,and he was deported. He never got to see his kids again, and they lost a wonderful, loving Father. It was ALL my fault, I blame myself 100%. However, I support that the laws should be changed to support innocent men...the cops needed some type of proof. They just took my word for it. This happened in Florida in 2002.
Please release this man,he's not just my ex husband, but the father to our 2 boys! These boys need there father more then you'll ever know! I beg you, set him free!
Please release this young man from this injustice.
My son lost at his trial with no evidence only her crying story and lies!!!! Women need to stop ruining mens lives !!!!
This needs to STOP! It is ruining mens lives every day and no one even cares.
My boyfriend was arrested because of 911 call who said he was beating me. But he was not and we were just fighting and i, having anxiety issues, was shouting. Our lives have been ruined since then. We love each other too much but we really want our life back.
The SYSTEM will
It's NOT just women who are accusing.. the POLICE/STATE are taking action and stepping INTO people's business even if NOT called and AUTOMATICALLY arrest the MAN if they suspect (or are just mad at the world and want to take it out on someone that day.. or have a control issue) then throw a DANCO (domestic abuse no contact order on the GUY and title the girl "alleged victim" (even if she's NOT) and then SILENCE them BOTH. it's tearing families apart and NOT doing what it's real intent is.. to help people in REAL abuse situations.
These actions are taken way too often It's also a known & accepted "dirty pool" divorce tactic. Sadly, just another example of the system creating conflict so they can profit & bill by the hour. Sadly, it's at the direct expense of the very kids that everyone claims they care about. #wefailourkids
If not eliminated, then a clause needs to be added
imposing a penalty on a petitioner who uses the law vidictively, or wrongly.
This needs to stop NOW! And these women that lie, need punishment!
The state of Florida is horrid in this regard.
This lack of due process will become a model for the denial of constitutional rights.
My adult son petitioned and filed for a divorce last year. His wife moved out of the home and then falsely accuse him of domestic violence in order to get a free lawyer. Her word was automatically taken by the domestic violence legal aide team, with no evidence to back up her claim. So with a free lawyer she has endless resources to fight for sole custody. Its been a year now and my sons lawyers bill is thousands of dollars. Now she is using the DV card to get free housing from HUD and food stamps for the children who don't even live with her. She also uses the DV card to raise money on the internet "Go Fund Me" site. She has found a legal way to get a free ride in life.
Judge Byerley...Eaton County 56th Court in my opinion needs training regarding PPO laws. He is wrong on mine...wrong wrong wrong!!!!!
Living this injustice now. Sleepless nights, job loss, extreme stress, financial disaster, and hopelessness are smothering me. The government is evil for perpetrating this bald faced money grab! Shame on every govt employee that has a hand in it, from law enforcement to the courts.
My mother's boyfriend was picked up from his apartment on a Wednesday at 7:00 am with allegations from an ex girlfriend of his that he beat her on Saturday and that he and my mom had drugs and weapons in the apartment. My mother felt harassed by these police officers because even after they looked all over the apartment and not find any weapons or drugs they kept yelling at her to tell them where was she hiding the evidence. After a few hours they left because they couldn't find anything but took her bf to jail. That lady has threatened my mothers life and she has sent messages that she will not stop until he has been deported and my mother dead. My mom found her in a night club and that lady was there yelling at my mom and laughing at her. My mom called the police and the police officer arrived and interrogated that lady to find out she is in probation but didn't take her in for violating probation. My moms bf bond was dropped but that psyco lady has added more charges. I was so mad that a lunatic can just go up to whomever and decide she wants to add more charges. What angers me more is the fact that law enforcement is believing everything she says and my mom has to be afraid to walk out the door because they keep believing everything she is saying. This case is in El Paso Texas and I believe that the lady has influence within the system because no one seems to hear my mom or her bf when they are being victimized by a crazy lady that cannot get it through her thick skull that the relationship is over. Deal with it. I am mad at the system I am sickened by the fact that there are women so rottened in their heart that will ruin others lives because she can't deal with a break up. I wish that you can do something about this because in this case not only is my moms bf involved but so is my mom and if you loved your mother the way i do you would do everything in your power to stop a tragedy from happening even if it means taking justice into your own hands. That is how angry and frustrated I feel.
My SO is going through this and he doesnt live in the same STATE as the accuser

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