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My daughter was fed false accusations against me he entire life. THIS MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
So for the comment from and I'll be a psycho who also abuses the system and is possibly one of those women who have gotten away with it in Caryville, TN, you're comments aren't welcome on our page ! I'm a woman and will tell you that women like you abuse the system for something as simple as a broken heart . Soon as your man doesn't want you it's time to cry domestic violence. But you women you don't stop there you also make sure the kids are right in the middle. What is wrong with you? If you can honestly say women do not abuse the system and falsely accuse Men of violence , you have to be one of those women. The laws need to be changed. If you were not in Tennessee I would have already thought you were my new mans ex , because you sound just like her with your crazy words. She writes the same kind of crap and it is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to defend her own lies!
My life at age 53 my life is an empty hellish existance after being accused of things which took my precious babies from me. For 3 years my broken heart has Cried out to God as he knows the love stolen from my soul! Oh my Haley and Savannah daddy Will never stop adoring you!
A woman scammed people in our Iowa town out of big money via rent scams. One victim created a website to warn others about her and he connected with other victims from other states. In retaliation, this woman went to domestic violence groups in different states (using different names) over the following 5 years, told them that she and the landlord had been domestic partners for 10 years (totally untrue, he'd been married for some 25 and she was just a prospective tenant) and that he abused her, raped her, stalked her, etc. He was served with 5 restraining orders (all vacated) and had to go to court and hire a lawyer to clear his name. (Judge ordered the accuser to reimburse his expenses, never happened.)

Why did she do this? For retaliation, as mentioned, but also to "live" as a professional victim. As a fake victim, she was given food, clothing, shelter, counseling, hugs and understanding. When she was pressured by her supporters to find a job and get on with her life, she'd say that she "saw" her "attacker" and the blind dopes supporting her would send her to a different "safe house". This woman victimized people financially, and she also duped people at D.V. centers who were all too happy to believe her, with no proof required. Despite false R.O.'s, she never served jail time, and is still doing this. The "system" makes it possible.
This happened to me and my newborn was took by the father. I was breastfeeding and couldn't continue because he took her.. it was a true lifetime movie. Was the worst 5 days of my entire life not knowing were my baby was.
I will be going to court on the 26th of April, this has and is a nightmare, I also am charged or at least thru allegations trying to.I have not seen my little angel for a year (4yrs old).I'm 50 my only daughter being taken,my heart aches each and every day,the polygraph came back no (deception), physco sexual evaluation came back normal, each time DCF would tell me that you take the test and pass you can see your daughter. Yet there is still emptiness here.
It is a injustice to see this happen to innocent men, there has to he a fair trail when it comes to this. Women have and will use the system to their advantage and when evidence is proven that they have, these women should be punished by fines and/or community service for using and wasting the police and court system to their own revenge.
My life is being destroyed by false allegations. At least my faith in Jesus Christ has grown stronger regardless of these false accusations.
and women
It is women who have the table flipped on them and get arrested for nothing. Historically men have sent women to the hospital and controlled their lives. That's why these laws were put in place. Now there is a new epidemic of the woman falsely accusing the man. I hardly think so. Man have historically been abusers and continue to be throughout the world. You don't hear of women in 3rd world countries doing any false accusations. No, they get tortured and murdered by their husbands. Suddenly, American women are different? If you don't want to be "falsely accused," then don't lay a hand on your wife. Be a gentleman. Don't make her do all the work and heavy lifting in the relationship. If she has some humanity, cries or raises her voice in self defense because she can't take it anymore, that is not abuse. That's humanity. Here's the means test. If you are doing something to your partner that you wouldn't do to a man much larger and stronger than yourself, you are a coward and abuser. KEEP THESE LAWS ON THE BOOKS!
My 3 children are the true victims in this selfish act by my ex wife. My oldest is 13 yr old non biological daughter I raised since 2 yrs old, and now kept from me since Feb 2012. DV orders are abused by the People who use them, a vindictive tool slandering the accused party when the the accused is usually innocent. they are a means to fuel divorce courts, law enforcrment, courts ,counselors, and child services, and organizations like C.A.R.E.
Anyone that has a problem with you, file a false DV injuction against you..sad place to be if your the respondent.. ENOUGH
My son is being falsely accused of abuse. This is unbelievable that people get away with this and ruin peoples lives.
I was a victim of this act, my ex wife whom is mentally disturbed accused me if DV. The next week i had cops show up to my house and i was arrested. We are currently going through a divorce. I am only 28 and now have a court date looming against me in hopes my public defender can get those tapes from my local stop and shop proving my innocence. Something needs to change and fast this is wrong for men that are innocent.
People who cry wolf when it comes to abuse need to face a consequence for wasting public resources.The citizens of the state of New Mexico paid for the following: state police, county police, city police, (on numerous occasions), 7th judicial court, CYFD, Safe House, El Puente (for abused women), and Presbyterian Hospital. All allegations from child abuse, spousal abuse, to all evaluations she had done to her children and ex husband were proven false or unfounded of wrong doing. Each year 25,000 false reports are filed in our state, bogging down the system and costing tax payers a lot of money. I think of the donors who fund programs for abused women only to be used as a means by those who seek revenge against an ex spouse. There really needs to be severe consequences so people will think twice before they lie to police and authorities in regards to false allegations of abuse.
Everyone... Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington DC at (202) 224-5225

Tell them to do their JOB! It is now guilty, until proven innocent.. the OPPOSITE of what our criminal justice system was built on!

Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC at (202) 224-5225 and DEMAND a Congressional Hearing on false accusations of domestic abuse! Demand that they regard EVERYONE as innocent, until proven guilty in a fair court of law with DUE PROCESS! Hold the false accusers accountable for their LIES! Right now, it is literally guilty, until proven innocent.

Please... Everyone.... Call the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC (202) 224-5225 or the false accusations will continue.


One of tens of thousands of falsely accused American citizens.
My husband is incarcerated due to this raged ex female. I'm researching the law to find out how to get him released..?? IDK what to do because I work Monday through Fri. Please help and I will call the Senate.
My son is currently in jail due to false charges of domestic abuse from a fiancee who is an alcoholic and abuser herself. They have 9mo old twin boys whom she has no business parenting. My son was their protector, opening a DCF case against her due to heavy drinking when she was pregnant. I think she planned this hideous revenge from that point on and now her sons will be raised by a destructive vindictive unbalanced woman. My son will probably take a plea bargain in hopes of saving his job and getting out of jail sooner than later but then he has that on his record when he is in fact the innocent victim. He is guilty in the eyes of the law and has been stripped of everything. He had a home, a family and a good job one month ago, now his life is in complete ruin.
I'm a legal imigrant n I was arrested twice because of my wife at the time false accusation.The first time she did ,is when I found out she is cheating n we argued.They second she did it .I when I threaten to leave her.I each case I clearly told the police,hey I didn't hit anyone ,why am I being arrested?In both cases she left the house before calling the police.I ask the police where is she hit n I need to know the evidence of she getting hurt.It both cases I was later release but was force to do anger management course but yet my wife was lying ,never got hurt or could they prove it in any way.My name and reputation however is damaged.Im even on the Internet as a woman abuser in which I'm totally not and innocent of those accusations
I thought I was alone.
After being a victim of this crime of false domestic violence I know for a fact this is one of the worst laws. My crime: I kicked out my wife who was cheating on me with multiple men, drinking and drugs and didn't pay me a single cent for food or rent. After she was facing homelessness she cut off a piece of her hair and called the police. After grade A police work of assuming everything she said was correct and 0 questions from the police and stealing my keys/car and IDs (which she used to empty my bank account so I couldn't afford a decent attorney or bail) and gave these to my accuser. Just a month prior to this she attempted to kill me by her ex boyfriend.

I have no ability to expunge it or fight my case. I was not given a fair trial or a lawyer that cared. My only option was to plead guilty for a less harsh sentence. I figured I could get a job but I was turned down from my last 4 job offers after the background check.

My ex-wife sent me a letter proving my innocence years after hahahaha but because I plead guilty she get 0 days in jail and my record stays the same. Great system we have here.

I work hard to study and get certifications for IT, just hoping that after the 7 years, my background won't be displayed to my future employers.

About the only reason I am not homeless is my parents help me out. Makes me feel so great to be a 32 year old child who wants to work hard and applies to job after job without any hope.

I hope feminists see the evil they have caused. I hope that Congress see the errors of the law. It amazes me to no end that this person who accused me of this crime with a false accusation, even after she got married messages me constantly attempting to think I would want to get back with someone who ruined my life.

Please fix this terrible law and give men a fair trial or do something so no one has to endure what I had to face for trying to do the right thing. Homeless, Childless, Hopeless, no due process,
This very serious criminal charge is the only one I can think of that puts the defendant in a situation of being guilty until proven innocent. This statute is nothing for cops to play games with, which they are. An angry out of control female can destroy someone for the rest of their life simply by alleging that she has been touched. Talk about bad law , this is a classic example.
Everyone!... Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington DC. THIS is their JOB!

(202) 224-5225 Tell them that Americans would like their DUE PROCESS back!... You know?.... innocent until proven guilty? Right now, it is literally guilty, until proven innocent... which is impossible to do, because you can't prove a negative!

Please!!! Anyone who has been a victim of this, call the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC.... THIS is their JOB... SPECIFICALLY!! Tell them to stop kicking people out of their OWN homes, and putting them in jail, based on NOTHING but an accusation!.... because THAT is guilty, until proven innocent!!... The OPPOSITE of what our criminal justice system was BUILT on!!

Please... Call (202) 224-5225 Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington DC.

Demand that they hold a congressional hearing on False accusations of domestic abuse!.. and immediately STOP kicking people out of their OWN homes and putting them in jail, based ONLY on an accusation, with NO trial, NO due process, and NO burden of proof whatsoever.... Oh, AND their is NO RISK whatsoever for lying under oath to get one.... they have NEVER prosecuted ANYONE for it... NEVER!!!! That's why people keep lying... there is NO RISK whatsoever! They refuse to prosecute!

Please call them NOW... (202) 224-5225

We WILL STOP this!

Do it now, or the false accusations will continue! They are slowly waking up to this MASSIVE problem that THEY created.

Thank you.
It's not just men who are victims of false domestic abuse allegations. A woman who successfully defended herself against attempted RAPE by her male oommate is now facing domestic violence charges, by a man who is claiming to be her boyfriend when they were never even dating. Unfortunately the police ignored the attempted rape allegations and belived him that she attacked him for no reason. He also falsely claimed she attacked him several times in the past, so the cops are now saying she has a "history of domestic violence". All based on lies. I put my story on this website go to site map to read all sections. I was removed from my home,left homeless,and had my three children taken from me for a year. All she had to do was lie!!! So much for due process.
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Whomever accuses FIRST wins! It is truly OPEN SEASON for false accusations!

The feminists have such control over congress, that EVERY ACCUSATION is to be taken as truth, until it is proven to be false.... that's guilty, until proven innocent! You can't prove a negative.

Thanks US lawmakers, for catering to the insane feminists. It is now TRULY guilty, until proven innocent!... the OPPOSITE of what our criminal justice system was built on.

Statistics bear this out showing up to half of all law enforcement domestic violence cases are based upon false allegations.
My soon to be ex-wife and I were mutually abusive to each other during our relationship. She has used that against me since I moved out to continually file false charges of stalking and assault. The fact that once you have been convicted of any domestic change you are almost always the suspected one is wrong.
I have a brother that is facing domestic charges I just feel like it is so wrong how his ex wife is falsely accused him
When domestic violence is real, it's a serious issue and it's important to bring it to a halt, but when people lie and make false allegations, it potentially ruins people's lives and reputation, and charges should be brought up on the person lying.
Family Law reform needs comprehensive changes. At the moment, civil rights of mostly men are being violated on a daily basis at the whim of a woman, judges, and public administration officials. Listen to the people, goddamnit!
It is no more right for a woman to hit a man than a man to hit a woman. It's the law that we are innocent until proven guilty.
All this corruption has to stop and the only way to have it stopped as if we speak up
Don't be a chump
Vote for Trump
Hopefully we can put a stop to all this corruption and Bs from politicians that a doctors to judges to lawyers it's all a bunch of corrupt BS
My son's soon to be ex-wife filed false allegations against him because he told her he wanted a divorce. There was no phone call to police she simply walked into the magistrate's office in Chesapeake, Virginia and told a lie. Now several months later, and still awaiting his day in court, my son has had his whole world turned upside down because the Commonwealth Attorney's office is more concerned about their prosecution record than the ACTUAL innocence of a decent law abiding citizen who unfortunately just happens to be a man. May I also mention that this woman has herself been arrested for assault & battery previously (although the charge was eventually dismissed). My son was also assaulted by this woman shortly before this incident (she jabbed him with a knife because he told her she was an abuser) and although police were called to the home, he refused to press charges. Does the Commonwealth even care about that? I guess the rule of "whomever presses charges first is the winner" is not just a myth. This unstable and vindictive individual has called not only my son's phone (despite there being an order of protection against him) but my phone as well leaving voicemails professing her "love" to him. Why does the state of Virginia allow the accuser to say and do whatever they feel regardless of the consequence and harm to others. What a blatant and despicable abuse of power. Shame on them! As one petitioner stated earlier - Help Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence!
Its time to expose these wrong doings and stop innocent people's lives from being stripped away from them. Do you dam jobs and fix this. You people are suppose to be the "trusted" ones. The ones that are suppose to make things right. Well guess what? Things are NOT right. Put yourself in the shoes of false allegations out of vindictivness. You seat in your comfy government chair ripped from you. Your career you worked most of your life for taken. No way to pay your bills. Your reputation ruined over somebody that abused the system. How would you feel? How would your children,family or friends feel? The system is broken. Special interest advocate groups coach these people to make a false accusation stick. Its job security for their personal conquest. The courts are burdened with heavy case loads. The DA just cares about "winning" to advance their career. Anither gold star on the case closure rate with no investigation into the actual facts. Police reports manipulated or words twisted to support these false allegations. Instead of coasting with your fancy high paying government jobs why not actually do something for the people wrongly accused. How about helping the people you are paid to help. Where is the justice???????? There is none. Its greed and legal gamesmanship. Its sad and this country is not what our fore fathers wanted it to be. Its easy to turn a blind eye to it from your perch high up but i urge you to lut yourself in this situation and really do some soul searching. How.would you feel? If you have a soul you would help. But then again ive lost my faith in how this system works and how government works. As long as you have money everything is perfect. UNTIL YOU LOSE IT ALL. HELP US
This is happening to my nephew. While he was in jail for 3 days, his wife of only 3 months cleaned out his house, possessions and bank account with her two grown sons. He is not the first man she has charged with domestic violence. He was arrested because he was the man. He has no prior records.
The No Contact Laws destroy families and denies a father and children either not to see each other or see each other very limited amounts of time. Even if and when a divorce is granted the woman who files the charges can simply keep filing extensions of the order and can take away that person's rights for over 5 years or more and there is no Court that will do anything to stop it. Once a No Contact Order is in effect it can even affect a man's joint legal custody and educational rights granted to him in a divorce for his children.. This bad law is really unconstitutional and there is absolutely no recourse to change it. The victim can modify it, but the accused is stripped away of any and all rights. They lose their children, homes and property and it causes 3rd parties who are part of the families to lose their rights also without due process. This bad No Contact laws helps to perpetuate potential domestic violence in the children because they do not get to see their fathers and can lead to bullying or other social problems for the children and society. Again, this law needs to be reviewed and changes made or dropped.
The American family WAS at one time the power of this nation. False accusations of abuse has been a leading issue in the decline of or judicial system, truth and the future of our race.
This has happened to our son! She abused him and told him and got arrested in 2014 and she told him he would pay. He thought he loved her and didn't press charges long and behold not even 6 months later she got wasted and fell and of course the cops didn't even investigate.... He was awoke from a dead sleep and questioned for hours....
I was convicted of Domestic Violence even though I did nothing but try to leave the store my estranged wife was in. She made multiple attempts to stop me because she needed me to babysit. She had scuffs on her Knees and various small bruises. Her statement of facts didnt even speak of me doing it. Only two witnesses made conflicting statements as to where they were when incident happened. The wife could not see anything and was inside the store. The husband says he was out front an saw me repeatedly pummeling my estranged who was sitting on the ground. Husband says he and wife entering parking lot at time of incident. Wife said they were inside the store. My estranged wife said nothng of me hitting or punching her. Proceedings for child custody started one month prior. I am only stable parent both lifestyle and finances and was suggested having me convicted would be the only way she stood a chance of keeping custody of our 11yr old son who begged to come live with me. My glasses were destroyed by her during brief altercation and drew blood on my face when I was scratched when she snatched glasses off my face. I asked to press charges on her by officers said I could not as it would look like retaliation. Was told I had to wait until my trial was over. I tried at that time but was told I cant that I was suppose to file charges after incident.
I was given 180 days in jail. suspended 177 served 3 days. I was told if I get as much as a speeding ticket within the next year they would drag me to jail to serve the rest of my sentence. THIS WAS 21 YEARS ago yet for this entire time I get tearful talking or even thinking about the injustice i experienced. Typing this comment has the tears flowing and Im not a sappy emotional person. Having this on my record has affected my ability to get some job opportunites I applied for. Even though there was NO physical violence for the 13 years she and I were together, I was still ostrisized by family and friends. They commented since they threw the book at me I must be guilty. It filled me with such shame to have people now feel that way about me. I know several Veterans with PTSD very well. After hearing my story and seeing my reaction they all feel I have PTSD from the incident. I found out later the reason my ex was so determined to keep custody of our son who she agreed for the past 5 uears that he could come live with me. At the time my son was to move my ex was on welfare in a subsidized apt. My son was the last child in the home. To loose custody of him, she would not be eligible for welfare cash assistance or able to remain in her 3bdm subsidized apt. She was not ready to go to work Even though she had a Batchelors in Education she did not have her masters yet. She also had no where else she could live. Please contact me if my experience or testimony will help get this law passed. I can obtain any needed proof.
When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty. - Thomas Jefferson

2Ti 2:15 And study to present yourself approved to YAHWEH, a workman unashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
It is a shame that our American justice system allows this to happen. I know about it first hand because it has happened to my son several times and unfortunately he can't just walk away because a baby is involved. It's sad when a person can use the legal system to be vindictive and not be held accountable for it when they have been proven to be a liar. Our justice system is broken. People say the justice system works but it doesn't work it's being worked.
I might be lucky. My girlfriend was a pill popping alcoholic. She drank one day and I got home and her face was messed up. I took her to hospital without incident. Came home and slept without incident. Woke up and told girlfriend it is over. Suddenly she claims domestic abuse and an ex parte OFP was against me, temporarily banning me from home (which she did not own or is on mortgage) and vehicle (which she did not own or name on title). After thousands of dollars for lawyer, settled for home and car back but agreed to OFP without findings. This is a joke and needs to be addressed so TRUE domestic abuse victims can get justice.
I was attacked, defended myself, but I was taken and a restraining order was issued. Could not see my own children for over a month. Left on the street without home or vehicle (wife has them). In hopes of true protection for victims and freedom for the innocent.
Would like to work with someone to bring a lot more attention to this we need a grass roots group to make more attention to this subject!
Im so glad happy to find, this petition to stop fasles allegations of Domestic Violence,And to say that there are so many innocent men and very sad to say,that the children are also the victims when fasle allegations hits the heart of the family,it sadness when dad's are actually torn away from the children daily life, it is very hard to explain to those who are very small and fully don't understand, I am not one who is against domestic violence,there are so many women and men that are in need. But again help"STOP"fasles allegations of domestic violence. that are affecting many many innocent, men it is very true,Some Public Defender are just the voices and many are send to fill up the jails and prisons.......Help Stop Fasle Allegations of Domestic Violence...I know someone now that is fighting against, Fasle allegations of Domestic Violence and is looking at serious incarceration has lost his job freedom everthing he has work hard for, is now been taken away,PD is just a voice.....Jane has now came forward that she fasle allegations which is pretty much to late......Yes my signing this petition
I was falsely arrested for domestic violence with trumped up charges of strangulation & suffocation when all I did was restrain wife who was severely intoxicated, angry & wielding punches. She retaliated by calling police much too my surprise, naively thinking they would mediate the argument but instead they knew she was intoxicated and still arrested me because she stated that I pushed her. Of course, she was mortified and sobered up quickly when they handcuffed me away never expecting that outcome. After a long cold horrible humiliating night in jail, court dates and attorney fees the case was dismissed, wife was contrite and testified that no battery occurred of the nature described by the corrupt officer. I was also assured that the arrest records would be sealed which at the time dissuaded me from filing a law suit and complaint. To make matters worse, the records were never sealed causing irreparable damage, leading to job loss, employment discrimination, derogatory credit rating, and disenfranchisement without ever being convicted of a crime. Two years passed while these records were publicly available and misused by these criminal data websites before I realized the damage. Now I'm incurring more attorney fees to clean my records and am hard-pressed to exact any form of legal recourse without a costly battle.

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