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I myself am a victim of false allegations of domestic violence. I have no prior arrest record for anything at all in my entire life until now. I am currently undergoing countless court dates, dealing with the constant lies from the accuser, which i have no idea where she is. But just her lies sends authorities running my way when they obvious truth is right in they're faces that i'm a straight and narrow hard working person. This person simply accused me of all kinds of frivolous violent acts against her because i wanted nothing to do with her at all and i had a woman in my life already and was totally happy. The accuser wanted something she can never have, and used this weak law system to exact her revenge on me. It's just pathetic how these police act on simple accusation with not one shred of evidence anything is actually true at all. However, i have 1005 solid proof this person is a stone cold liar and misusing the power of the law to her own advantage. Once this all comes to play, she will then face everything i had to go through. But her's will be 100 Fold when she then faces her false allegation charges and is sued along with the city for continuously falsely arresting me on her every whim.
My husband I falsely accused for domestic abuse from ex-wife. And she took all money and we can't afford lawyers. Does anyone have any ideas for us.
My husband I falsely accused for domestic abuse from ex-wife. And she took all money and we can't afford lawyers. Does anyone have any ideas for us.
My husband I falsely accused for domestic abuse from ex-wife. And she took all money and we can't afford lawyers. Does anyone have any ideas for us.
I am appalled by the unequal justice and lack of support for men falsley accused of DV
I was with this guy 10 years . He met a girl and filed for a RO. I was beat MANY times. He broke his hand on my face. I was afraid to go to court. In 2008 he got the RO. He never served this RO. We were still together after this . Feb. 2011, once again he met a girl . Once again False RO.. Exs friend put papers on my car as i was leaving. I never saw what they said. Police said i was served. The police came to my house and gave me a DV-130 after Hearing Order. Police said it was part of a previous Order. So now This is Order is part of the RO that was never served. I have everything to prove all of this is one BIG LIE. I text. him he text. me.I saved all text to my email 4 years of them. He added his girlfriend to RO . I never talked to her face to face . Sold our Trailor that we bought . I lost everything . Police don't help when you get bet up. No one helps yoiu . He filed False Police Reports, I have everything to show Proof. No Money for Lawyer. JUSTICE ....IS ......BLIND.... .YOU...ARE ..ON..YOUR .OWN.....
My brother is a victim of false allegations of abuse and due to this he is not able to see his 1 year old son. Let's punish the ones who really deserve it...the false accusers! Shame on law enforcement, lawyers, and judges who just take the accusers word for it!! Too many kids' lives ruined by liars. SAD!
i am part of a DV now, the serious problem is the abuser is using her disablity to make people believe she is innocent, now to prove it in court, i have bodily scares from her anger and a witness, and Denver will attack the person who has been placed on this DV, i have no choice to have a jury trail, i can't take the blame for her actions. its really unfair, its good to protect the victim, if they really even knew who the victim was, what ever happen to having a a fair trail. i don't wanna go to jail for her Jacklyn n hide personality. and im a female, how does this work?
I am new to USA fromm Scotland. I am deeply disturbed by the disrimination against men in domestic abuse courts. Blatanty bias and a terrible development. Thanks for reading if you do!
My husband ruined my life as I knew it. Judge Marci Goodman and the Dept. of Children and families did harm to me and our children that has took yrs to repair. Thank the lord his greed got the best of him, when my family offered money and a job he went to my hometown in Tn., where after three yrs of hell and foster care, i got full custody of the children and have had for five yrs now. Santa Rosa Co is backward and an awful leagal system. pls share.
Put in law a punishment for the false accusers and maybe that will stop them from making false reports. Fines and jail time! Might make them think twice before making false accusations and ruining others lives.
Make sure the accused get their fair chance to defend themselves! Don't just ASSume the "victim" is telling the truth! Unfortunately people do things out of spite and not ALL accused are guilty! Check the facts and find the proof before charging them guilty!
Lets stop the insanity! Don't take the accusers side without due cause!! fix the laws now
Judges and lawyers need to be accountable for their lack of enforcing the law that is clear but often not enforced!
This needs to be addressed ASAP!!!!!!!!! NOW WOULD BE BETTER!!!!!
malicius PROCECUTERr to perjury and lyers. Whom ever Make false police statement.HAVE TO BE PUNISHMENT. And we can stop them tto before do something like that think twice
False claims of domestic abuse are running wild because there is no due process for those accused. People use it routinely as a tactic in divorce and custody battles, and good parents are forced away from their homes and children with little recourse. It is a travesty and needs to be addressed.
i am a victim of domestic violence my wife has has put her hands on alot and was put in jail,she went and filed on me when i was at work,told abunch of lies,they served me havent seen my baby girl sence
Most Asian women marry American men to come to our country. Once they get their green card then comes the false accusations of domestic violene. The husband loses his house and children just so she can bring the rest of her Asian family to live in his house. Their should be a law to stop Asian women to use American men.
I was arrested, removed from my home, restricted from seeing our daughter, put in a financial headlock. All just from my wife making a false accusation of domestic violence. Has our society gone downhill so much that we allow this type of injustice?
this is all wrong
It is unconscionable that a man who is innocent can be without any evidence locked up! Sick!
I was married for a long time. I have two daughters who r in there twentys that i tried to protect during our divorce. If i only knew then what i know now i wouldnt have lost my home or my kids. I also wouldnt have to treat the divorce from my wife like she died.
Alls she would say is im only doing as im told.
Check out a post on Mn. bench and Bar from my ex-wifes attorney in Mn. Traci Capistrant. The heading reads Order for Protection WHEN THE SHEILD BECOME THE SWORD. .
I, like many men across the country are the "True" victims thanks to the Domestic Violence laws as they are currently written.. Even after three, YES, 3 false restraining orders against me were dismissed for "failure to meet the requirements of the law" the damage was already done.

This law allowed me to be kicked out of my home, lose the state license required for my job (which had me fired), had my handgun and weapons permits taken away (also needed to work) and worst of all I have been removed from my children's lives depriving them of their rights as well as mine...

What sense does it make that the initial temporary orders are issued with only the statement of the supposed victim (by the same judges that dismissed them) if they didn't meet the requirements of the law to begin with?

Now, my wife has used the initial issuance of these injunctions to create the illusion of being a victim and she is fraudulently accessing several public and private benefits and services while being allowed to violate the law by being allowed to hide our children and deny visitation.

All while I struggle to make it through each day trying to find work and maintain our home to have upon our children's anticipated return while continually worrying about my children... and no agency or organization will offer me, the "man" any assistance..

These laws HAVE to change!
The mother of our son completely lost it about a month after birth. She started saying things like "You're not taking him!" and accusing me of being suicidal/homicidal with intent to kill our son. Her paranoia got the best of her and she filed a no contact order claiming she feared for her life and our sons life. It's unfortunate that a woman's word so close after birth can be taken so seriously and now I haven't seen my son for three weeks! When will the courts realize that women don't always tell the truth, especially when they are new mothers and possibly affected by PPD? They need to order testing before such devastating laws can destroy a new fathers chance of bonding with his child. "Guilty until proven innocent" is the way of the American justice system these days and something has GOT TO CHANGE! If her charges are found to be false, I will be taking civil action against her to recoup my legal fees so that I may put that money into his college fund. This only hurts our child in the long run and unfortunately courts assume a mother has the child's best interest in mind when clearly they don't in such cases of possible PPD.
I am currently witnessing an exceptional police officer be put through the ringer and defend himself through a false allegation. The alleged victim was angry that her sexual advances were declined by the officer. Out of anger, she accessed his medical records because she works in a hospital. She had a complaint filed against her with her employer and now has retaliated by filing a false claim against the officer. HELLO!! Wake up Boston Police Department! Look into the simple facts presented. This woman is making a false allegation because she has no other means to strike back!! Smh. :/
Agreeing 100 percent with the false allegations of domestic violence, through personal experience with my son's situation.
Something must be done to prevent those who would lie about being a victim of domestic violence from continuing to do so. If it is not, our prisons will be overrun with innocent men and our streets will be controlled by the women who sent them there and when declared innocent (acquitted) of charges, but placed on probation, accuser will resort to all types of lies and tricks (calling police and claiming phone calls to them and breaking probation rules) to have them arrested, once more on a different charge.
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This is how the state of florida treat its Disabled American Veteran and it Mentally Challenged Disabled people as well as some others . Who are falseley acccused of something without investigations and proof! They violate their own oaths and people contitutional rights!



STATE OF FLORDIACase No. 53-2012DR000382-000-00

Section: 005




v.Date September 7.2012

Stephen L. Felder,

Defendant in Error




COMES NOW NAME, a living, breathing, natural born, free man on the soil, a Sovereign American Citizen, sui juris, defendant in error, with and claiming all of his unlimited, inherent, unalienable, Constitutionally secured Rights, and with his name lawfully and properly spelled only in upper and lower case letters, and who appears by Special Appearance, without accepting the jurisdiction of this Court, which he has duly challenged, and without consenting to jurisdiction and these proceedings, hereby respectfully makes and presents this AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH FOR DISQUALIFICATION OF JUDGE, for the following valid reasons, based in truth, fact, law and evidence and in pursuance of FRCP Title 28 Section 455 states:

Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate

(a)“Any justice, judge, or magistrate of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”


Section 144 states:

“Whenever a party to any proceeding in a district court makes and files a

timely and sufficient affidavit that the judge before whom the matter ispending has a personal bias or prejudice either against him or in favor of any adverse party, such judge shall precede no further therein, but another judge shall be assigned to hear such proceeding.”

With all due respect to the Honorable Court in the spirit of peace and good faith in the light of justice I, Stephen L. Felder, the undersigned, make this Affidavit/Declaration of Truth of my own free will, and I hereby affirm, declare and swear, under my oath, that I am of legal age and of sound mind and hereby attest that the information contained in this Affidavit/Declaration is true and correct and not misleading.

On or about February 2, 20012 at 8:45 AM, and on March 8, 2012, at 1:30 Pm:I appeared before the men currently acting as judges, Circuit Judge Durrance. The Honorable Judge Durrance, February 2, 2012, and Circuit Judge Spoto! The Honorable Judge Spoto,TheyI believe have consistently acted outside the scope of their lawful authority pursuant to their Oath and the specific enumer
It is a shame that even authorities now that many women use the domestic violence accusation to get an upper hand in divorce and parental rights issues and nothing is done about it. ENOUGH. These false allegation destroy lives.
Attorneys should take this more seriously even if the person has a rap sheet and look like a thug. They were no there and should not assume when lives are on the line.
...innocent UNTIL proven guilty. Does that exist anymore. My boyfriend has been plagued with an ex-wife who wants to destroy our relationship so badly that she has pressed many false charges against him to break us up. That is very disturbing to me. Plus, he has spent time in jail. The judge told her that if she pressed false charges against him again that she was going to be in trouble, but she is not. She has told us, "They won't do anything to me."
I was a victim of the misuse of the DV laws in Omaha Nebraska
My Ex- told police officers I had tried to kill her by setting her on fire. when in reality she chased me out of her house with gasoline and tried to set me on fire I got in my car and rode away. before I could open my door and walk in my house the police were calling me trying to investigate what happened. When police came to my house they threw me in there car. Took me back to her house and from there took me to Douglas county jail and I was charged with attempted felony assault. I lost 6 months of my life and pleaded out to 3 yr probation and I agree this incident has ruined my life It's embarrassing to even tell future employers why I have a felony and what it is for not to mention by me having a felony how many jobs this incident has cost me something should be done about it
Im going through this now in Colorado.. I was charged with DV for doing absolutly nothing illegal to my ex. I was arrested 2 months after a incident when she was drunk, violent and out of control. She staged a scene with advise from her manifist friends to throw me under the bus with a false abuse story. With no evidence of her accusations. That same night she assauted me and she was charged with DV and arrested by the Police that arrived on the scene. The officers examine my head since she admitted she pulled my hair.. They asked her why and she said because she was angry. After her arrest she violated a PO trying to influence me as a State protected witness and dispite my attempts to have my vioce heard in the matter, my victims rights were ignored and I was never able to speak with the DA.. Her case was dismissed shortly after.. She and her family have been on a non stop campaign to legally harm me by exploiting the biased laws in the legal system. I contacted the DA offic e and told them she had violated the PO and had been harrassing and threatening to have me harmed since her arrest. And I asked why I was not informed or was able to speak to the DA and they awknoledged the error in the system and appologized. Instead of having the State bring charges against the PO violation at that time, I went the Civil route to get a PO but it was vacated since the judge ruled on no immenant danger instead on evidence that the harrassment would continue. In disperation to seek justice I then exhaused reporting the State order violation which basically resulted in my arrest. I brought in proof of the violation of the PO, my case was handed off to the DV department and then a DV detective. She was confronted for the violation and was not panalized for it at all; further more she false reported and gave her cry wolf victim story to the detective.. To make this long story as short as I can; I then became a suspect, based on a DA discovery driven by a detectived th at ran a biased investigation on false data from my ex. Dispite all the obvious proof, she fabricates a story to avoid accountability of her actions and has turned this around on me. After her failed attempt of motivation is to seek free housing by having me evicted from my home and is now using State resources to get subsidised housing at my expense is succeeding in taking my freedoms and liberties away.. I believe I'm a victim and subject of sexism and the system supports it with the current legal standards. In addition with my case she is using the legal system as a form of abuse on me. Men do not have equal rights in these matters at all based on my personal experience. These DV laws must change.. My life has been impacted on many levels I cannot even begin to explain without breaking into tears.. If the people making these laws experienced what its like to be falsely accused I garuntee they wouldn't be signing them into law and doing everything in thier power to make laws t hat accusations of
Im going through this now in Colorado.. I was charged with DV assault, child abuse, and harrasment for doing absolutly nothing to my ex. I have 4 witnesses and was arrested 2 months after the incident based on a baised DA discovery driven by a detectived that ran an investigation based on false data from my ex. The irony here is she was the aggressor and there is evidence of that and she violated a PO after she was arrested 2 months prior with police that had the facts right.. Dispite all this she fabricates a story to avoid accountability of her actions. I have learned she was motivated to seek free housing by having me evicted from my home and use State resources to get subsidised housing.. No justice just bad laws with DV and men do not have equal rights in these matters at all. These DV laws must change.. My life has been impacted on many levels I cannot even begin to explain without breaking into tears.. If the people making these laws experienced what its like to be falsely accused I garuntee they wouldn't be signing them into law and doing everything in thier power to make laws that accusations of false abuse is ABUSE and NEEDS TO STOP.
This law has got to be modified , my cousin at this time is in jail facing charges for DV for crimes he didn't commit just cuz his accuser wants to get legal status in this country , it is not fair that his side or better said our side of the story is no even being herd because of this law anybody can lie about you and put you away no matter what , we need to please fis this issue ASAP because is unjust , I always believed every body was innocent until proven guilty and right now with this law is the comple opposite ...
We really need to change these DV laws and the VAWA. Why are we so quick to rip a family apart instead of trying to find solutions like counseling? Social workers assist woman (especaily those who are imigrants) to commit crimes and allege DV against their partners. I am all for protecting people who are in an abusive relationship and we should never give up that fight but this is gone to far. When a man or a woman can accuse the other of DV when nothing has occured is insanity. And giving woman who screams abuse a green card is just plain wrong. We neeed new solutions to these issues!
We live in Casselberry and have an ongoing custody battle with my husbands ex. She has no job, is an addict, has no home and various records including harrassment and trespassing in our home. She continues to state we harm his child...and EVERYONE believes her even though we have custody and no record. She continues to make things up and DCF and other offices we continue to have to defend ourselves against because of her allegations consistantly. Shes a white female and hes a black male. She has the record and violent behavior here, not him, but apparently race is still important in the state of florida. And this coming from someone lying to receive state benefits and defrauding the IRS with her father. Something has to change!!
I was beaten badly assaulted and put in the hospital then charged for DUI, battery and a few other things. My life has been ruined for something I did not do. I was trying to save my life and get help when my accuser called the cops to save her ass. I am now looking at going to jail for something I did not do. I need help. I am terrified and have lost everything. I have spent over a million protecting myself and trying to stay out of jail. The judge does not believe me and wants to throw me in jail..It is horrible that I live in a country where this can happen. The police did nothing to the girl that put me in the hospital. The girl that beat me up did not have a mark on her and I was bleeding from every part of my body. I have bruises the size of base balls. I am sickened by this.
I am in the process of being accused of this. Out on bail now. I'll probably be in jail by my court date of Nov 11 2012
I was beat up and bleeding. My son and I left for the store to give her time to calm down. She was mad and called the police while we were gone. An hour later when my son and I returned. I WENT TO JAIL!
She told the cop she did it and I did not hit her, it says that in the police report. When I asked the cop why I was going to jail. First the cop told me, "She called I didn't". if thats not good enough when I asked him about my wounds and her lack of wounds the cop tells me "It is standard procedure to take the male to jail in these cases"
i completely agree with this,. i was recently arrested because i kicked my fiance out of my home because she told her boyfriend to call the police on me for what she told police i hit her when really i did not. and then she later told my leasing office i was arrested even though she moved out that same day i am was then evicted while waiting for bond. and since then i have gone to a hearing and waiting for another court date while in the mean time my ex fiance runs around our small town i am in and slanders my name. stalks me and send harassing messages to me, my family and friends and has also hacked into my facebook and emails accounts and the police and my lawyer have even said there is not physical evidence to the crime but her word and yet the prosecuter is still trying to have me thrown into jail for up to a year for a crime i did not commit while my accuser stalks and harasses me.

were is the law for me????

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