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Domestic violence is a serious problem and a serious charge. To ensure the best outcome for domestic violence cases, it is essential that every case is handled according to the law and that due process is followed. Failing to do so damages the credibility of all involved in the eyes of the public and also serves to trivialize the charge. This cannot be allowed to occur.
Sexism in the court of law is not only inappropriate, but down right dangerous. As someone who has experience in violence in the home, only to be told mothers don't do that, I feel that this needs to be looked at very carefully.
Do not appreciate false accusation of abuse when all I did was hold her by the shoulders so the wife can stop coming at me. I released her once she calmed down and said he was going to call the cops which I said she can with her choice. I chose not to make a claim or press charges due to the non severity of the argument and because of our 15 month old. I am familiar with the results from something like this due to a sibling encountering the same thing.
I am another victim. This has got to stop. Who can afford to have an attorney on retainer constantly.
Not once but twice I was falsely accused by my ex of domestic violence. I lost a careerover it and suffered numerous legal fees. Both times the charges were thrown out when I would not plea anything and swore to a fair trial and ccompensation from all parties when found innocent. Now both charges with no conviction sit on my record for life, making me look like a bad guy... very unfair..
I have been a victim of this myself. I moved to a different state only to have to go through this again, she said I drove to her state and abused her.when evidence showed me on video 7 hours away at the time she said I was abusing her. She also only calls the police days later to say Ive abused her. I ve been arrested, lost my job, my home, my kids. I ve proved time and time again I have done nothing yet she still gets away with it. Where does it end.
The arrest records of men who have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence should be expunged so that police do not harass them. The liars who accuse them should be prosecuted. Justice is not done for any one - not the women nor the men - when a liar gets away with destroying a man's life and his and his family's belief in the integrity of the justice system.
The lawmakers of this country have caved to the feminist lobby to create crimes of perception. In the blink of an eye, intimacy can become rape and well justified anger conveniently interpreted as the threat of bodily harm. No wonder we lead the world in incarcerations! Please stop and reverse the carnage.
my life has been destroyed by this system!
I am a victim of a former girlfriend filing false charges. She committed purgery, and I have no legal recourse. There needs to be a penalty for anyone found guilty of lying under oath.
my ex-husband made up a lie to police saying that I threatened him with a knife. I got arrested and now have an arrest record.
I myself was a victim of this misjjustice by a former girlfriend. Once the facts were brought forward that all the charges were lies she fabricated just to "try to get even me", the judge dismissed the case. I tried to pursue charges of purgery to be brought against her, but nothing was ever done. This misuse of justice needs to have serious reprecussions for people who are found guilty of it.
My stepson is currently fighting this unfair fight. He was awarded several purple hearts and the Bronze Star for his bravery and service in our recent wars. Now he's asked for a divorce & his soon-to-be ex-wife is making false claims to steal his children and defame his character. We should all be infuriated by this epidemic against good men and women. This not only harms them but ultimately degrades the plight of TRUE victims of domestic violence.
To speak for those who can not speak for themselves!
unfortunately thanks to the glorification of idiots like snooky of jersey shore lots of females feel that aggression can get them some attention...
Westchester Supreme Judge gave me sole custody only to be bribed to overrule himself with out any reason and gives custody to an abusive mentally ill mother who now failed to obay court orders for over 3years to grant me visitation with our children who I have not seen over 3 years and are being abused brainwashed by their mother
My daughter is being accused of domestic violence by her ex-boyfriend. After she broke up with him he also pressed charges against her for back rent and utilities after she left him. The local judge sided with him. He is unemplyed and has been since months before they broke up. She is working and is trying to keep her job, but feels it is threatened by all of the court appearances she must make.
False Allegations ultimately are child abuse. Women need to understand that.
Domestic violence and Terrorizing charges against families is way over done. It is In-Justice. It is being mis-used by women, children, and Legal system as a tool for financial gain, and to punish INNOCENT men. This program is a crime in itself. Please stop all this.
Am in the middle of this DV Lies lies and more lies. A woman can beat a man up and he tries to leave and has to be physical to escape and next thing he is he is arrested. Doesn't matter the wounds she inflicts
on him , n o one cares, no truth,no investagation, just jail!!! Who are we America????
It is wrong to issue temporary order of protection and ruin a man's life for "just in case". Well, many women do this to ensure they get custody. It is a ploy - an actual strategy because if one has been found in violation of the family violence act, they automatically lose custody. And a temporary order of protection is a violation of the family violence act. It is a twisted game people play, at the cost of taxpayers! It really needs to stop NOW.
I was wrongly charged and convicted after being in jail 124 days of domestic violence. While in Jail she gave away my three boats, my house was foreclosed, lost my truck and she even put my dog to sleep
innocent families are being destroyed, please look at each case independently and let there be a fair trial.
GOD help us!
The victims have a right to be protected. The person who is doing the domestic violence needs to be stopped and prosecuted. God is in charge, not man.
I am a step-mom who constantly has to prove I am not abusive to these children that I chose to love. Between police investigations, cps investigations, and family court investifations, its harf to maintain sanity and parenting abilities. Bio-mom failed the court ordered mental evaluation and receives unfavorable reports at best from counselors. A woman diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, bi-polar, and a few other things under a sealed record, but they still listen to her? i am a registered daycare provider and my job is put on the line at bio-moms every whim. Its sick and sad and my poor step-kids have to put up with it as well as my own daughter hearing this garbage. Guilty until proven innocent in the world I live in! Sick of it!!!
I have never once hit or even threatened my wife or my children. I thought our family was doing very well. Then, one evening at 9 pm my wife of two decades told me she had been having a long, emotional affair with an old boyfriend (thank you social media). He wants to marry her, and she loves him; she no longer loves me.

After going in the bathroom to vomit, I spent the next 2.5 hours pleading for another chance - I love my family. She said we could try to find a solution, and we went to bed at midnight.

The next day I was served an EPO, which became a DVO. The primary claim was that my wife was "terrified" of me, and I had "detained" her the prior evening in our home. No mention in the petition for the EPO that she was terrified of me because she had just informed me of having a multi-year affair! Nor did she mentioned that I had never touched or even threatened to touch her.

The entire experience has been shocking. I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone, I never knew something like this was possible.

The system is very, very easy to abuse by those that are aware of its inner workings.
judges should be held responsible for common sense in these cases.once convicted very hard to over turn because the way these judges handle these cases.
These laws must be changed. I am a "victim" of the states desire to get more funding and nothing more. The DA's office has zero interest in the facts, only a conviction. All of these "women" that put up with or cry wolf are to blame, imo. Now, it's assumed that every female is a sad, pathetic victim of some man. Guess what? Not all of us are or would ever be. This has gone too far and needs to corrected immediately before even more innocent lives are runied forever.
when cheron freeman lied to police I want to jail 114 day's befor the judge find me NOT GULET now I can not gat help from prosecutor Maui,Hi
can I gat help
Agreed 100 percent. Women who choose to foster this type of behavior should suffer federal (felony) consequences. It is very easy for a feamle to cry wolf. In short, it destroys lives and chidlren yet takes a guy into bankruptcy for fighting it. the WRATH of a women should be held accountable and her feet held to the fire.. if a distict judge violates your rights, you dont have any rights...period. Judges and counselors get bought off under the table, the attorneys silivatate knowing the big money they'll recieve. it is vicious, I know for certain, i have lived it. Lost my marriage, my children and my home all becasue the wrath of a women ad your rediculios domestic abuse. Now living under a bridge, cant even make ends meet
Im going through this rite now.Was just recentenly accussed of 4 felloney counts of domestic violence.Didnt happen.I had no chioce but to plead guilty of two misdermenor domestic violence charges.I have lost everything.Thankfully my employer has not fired me.My life has ben turned upside down.Poeple i know veiw much differently now.Ive ben labled for life.Im not say im inisent of bickering or fighting with my accusser but to take to this level is not warrented.Please take a better look at this issue that has gotten out of hand.Thank you for takeing the time to read and really listen.Sincerly Miguel Carranza...Sonoma Ca Sonoma County
I am a victim of 100% false accusations of DV. I never laid a finger on her. I'll be in court for a trial in 3 days. Please pray for justice.
My self and my younger son are victims of the system, back in 2011 I discovered I have been robbed by my older son and his girlfriend 20 years older than him,when I reported the theft to the cops my son and his girlfriend fled and after 6 weeks took me to court tried to evict me from my house and then fabricated a story to the judge where he put a RO on me and my younger son, after the woman sold all my oil paintings in her Saddle River,NJ house she through my older son out and put a restraining order on him, I have not seen him in over 2 years thanks to our system and the judge, I in up in the hospital with N.B down and costed me a lot of money in legal fees,where is the justice!!!
I was arrested for domestic violence in Feb 3, 2013 and was held in jail until my trial on March 21, 2013. I was found not guilty. I have been kicked out of my house, all my positions stolen and have lost temporary custody of my son. There was no evidence and I was held on a $60,000 bond. I lost a lot of money as well.
My Boyfriend living together for 3+ years accused me of trying to hit him with my car. He called the oakland police 4.5 hrs after said incident(enough time to find a witness) and he and his friends lied. The police came to my home 5hrs later and arrested me for "Assault with a Deadly Weapon". My boyfriend had no harm to him nor was there any damage to my car to prove such an accusation and I explained to officer's that he was under the influence and verbally attacked me and threatening to call the police to have me removed from our home, all because he was caught cheating on me and he owed me money which he was not planning on paying back. The police, arrested me anyway. I was put out of my home, humiliated, cheated out of my money, my possessions and emotionally and physically put thru hell all predicated on a lie. The Oakland Police assisted this man in an illegal eviction and robbing me of my money. I had to pay for attorney $3000, bail myself out $3000, move to another town $1500, pay for hotels until, I could find a room$500 and drive twice to 3 times the distance to get to work and now have to go on disability because of the 26 hrs on a concrete slab in jail and the stress of all of this has reactivated debilitating pain in my back. I am broke, disabled and emotionally crippled by a system of enforcement rather than a system that protects the truth of the abused.
I have been a victim of these circumstances on more than one occasion. The first incident, I received a call from my girlfriend at the time, that our daughter was sick and needed to go to the dr. She asked me to pick her up from work so we could take our daughter to the Dr.'s office. When I arrived at her work, I was immediately surrounded by officers and arrested for violating a restraining order I was never served with.. Later I found out, she started dating someone else and had gone on her lunch break to get this "restraining order".. I was not aloud to walk on the same side of the street as my own daughter even though I had done nothing wrong. I didn't have the money to hire a private lawer so I was charged with a domestic.. Then several years later I was dating a different girl who at the time admitted to social services that she was abusive to her children. One day I had enough of the way she was treating her kids and told her I was going to leave. As I went into a seperate room to get dressed, I heard her on the phone claiming I pushed her and slammed her arm in the door, which never happened. I waited for officers to arrive. Upon their arrival, I was not even givin a chance to speak. They arrested me without any cause. She then went to the court and tried telling the truth, that the incident never happened, but the prosecutor would not hear it and I was forced to plead guilty to disorderly conduct even though I did nothing wrong. I am now going through yet another case where I brought my brother to West Virginia to pick up his daughter who was in a bad situation. On the way back, my brother got irate with his wife about how much money it was costing for this trip. He hung up with her and directed his anger twords me for no reason. When I didn't respond to his attempt to get a rise out of me, he threw my cell phone out of the window destroying the phone along with pictures of my children. I then pulled into a Walgreen pharmacy and called the police. The police arrived and tried to force me to get back into the vehical with him. I just wanted to go my own way. I explained to them what had happened and that i didnt feel comportable getting back into a vehical with him. They ended up arresting us both on a domestic stating they had to arrest both parties. Upon going to court, the prosecutor will not hear my side of what happened due to my prior record of false prosecution.. Something needs to be done. I am a father of four beautiful children, and do a lot of community work and fund raisers. The laws are unjust and there needs to be advocates in these proceedings..

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