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That shame when man lied women have her kids taken away.
That shame when man lied women have her kids taken away.
I went through two of the most traumatic restraining orders. My rights were entirely violated. The judge was prejudiced based on race, and also he did not allow me to defend myself at all. The two situations were entirely staged and set up way in advance. I came innocently out of my house, was almost attacked by two large dogs the meth dealers next to me set off on me, and then I noticed that the people across the street were filming me from the minute I came out of my house. I had the worst attack of asthma, and was without my meds, so was trying to get into my car to go get some. I was ready to pass out from the lack of being able to breathe. The man across the street kept jumping in fromt of my car and throwing fingers as I tried to get out and get to the pharmacy. His girlfriend kept filming. He threw fingers at me, called me horrible names, etc. the whole ttime I was struggling to breathe and about to pass out.

I managed to call the police and I had to go back to the house and wait for them, but meanwhile the man's girlfriend had photographed me on the camera and made it look as though I was trying to run over him, when in fact it was not at all true. These people had bullied me for several years. I am a 73-year-old disabled senior, and I had served on Citizens Patrol and also on the City Commission for Public Works and Safety. The bullying started when I moved into the park and continued over the years, with hate letters sent to Citizens Patrol and the City Manager, and hate mail sent to me too. These bullies did everything they could to ruin my life. I think half or more of them were involved with drugs - mostly meth and probably some cocaine too. I called the police many times, and so because of that, they all knew who was doing the calling and they destroyed my property, threatened me and my animals, and made life really unpleasant. I kept thinking things would get better, but I got assaulted toward the end. The police did nothing about it because they said I had no business being there (on public park property trying to get some chair cushions that belonged to my friend on her wicker furniture. Once that assault happened and I had to go to ER afterward (the crazy woman has a history of assaulting people including her own daughter) , the bullying stepped up and that is when the most severe bullying started. It was a living nightmare and now I have severe PTSD.
My daughter-in-law has file many charges of "assualt"; "communicating threats"; & "stalking" against various people (6 +) including my son & myself. She does this to allow her to break up with people or to move out of their homes, while allowing her to take whatever she wants to from the property. She then either drops the charges or doesn't show up in court. This is after the true victims have hired attorney's & had their reputation ruined. On each document that she files she states "He told me that if I left him, he would kill me". She has established a pattern of abusing the judicial system & should be stopped. We need laws on the books to go after these type of people. Please help.
This is just wrong. Put an end on the war of false accusations
I was in an abusive relationship. She lied to police and had me thrown in jail. Now she is trying to make money off of it in NYC pretending to be a victim of DM by teaching yoga to women who were really victims. She even admitted to lying on the police report to me. I think domestic abuse goes both ways but is always geared to pre-emptively accuse men before facts can be gathered.
My husband and I are victims of what my ex-boyfriend has been putting us through, we have been back and forth to court for the charges against my ex-boyfriend. He has made our life impossible. He has kept harrassing my husband and myself. It's gotten to the point that he made more than one false allegation towards my husband. Because of the 2nd false allegation, is why I have not seen my children. My ex went to jail October 2nd for stealing from his girlfriend and ofcourse she called the cops on him. Then he was using my kids money to get high and they removed my children on the same date. My ex has a long criminal history and is on probation for domestic violence. His other false allegation he did was on December 22nd and on Dec 30th,2014. I went to jail for something I didn't do. He claims that I texted him sending a terroristic threat and I don't even have his number. He said the same false allegation towards my husband and now my husband is in jail. My husband went to the court to defend me and show all the proof against my ex and for my husband to get arrested for something he didn't do. I need help to get my husband out of jail. My ex retaliated against us both. Because of another court date for charges against him for false allegations and endanger the Welfare of my kids. And the judge found probable cause against my ex, because of the proof from the girlfriends statement to the police.
There is no logic to this law. The system is ruthless and it is terribly abused by a lot of people. The law is not protecting the victims of domestic violence like it was intended for. Please consider that peoples lives are ruined because of holes in the system.
The Circuit Court in Deschutes needs to be
Audited for rampant civil rights abuses.They lack
Training in applying the law fairly especially in overlooking perjury and contempt by plaintiffs
Who have been awarded RO's. Its common knowledge that any one with a vendetta can get aRO in less than 5 mins. Circuit court judges are
Totally unaware how they are used by borderline
And bipolar women (especially) in exacting vendettas. I have witnessed a good friend get
Slammed repeatedly by judges allowing the accuser (who has 5 felony priors ) to perjure
Herself & act in contempt of her own RO without
Penalty. Deschutes
County judges are either corrupt or need training in Abnormal Psychology. Citizens here drdperately neef a Citizens Review Board or other entity to
Review appeals ex posto facto as a corrupt process of approving RO applications has been ongoing too long.
When it comes to disputing alagations of an ro as a man especially in oregon, you'll find the odds are NOT just regardless of your facts or Attorney. All a woman has to say is, "Im scared of him or "something bad will happen if i dont have this ro." Add a few tears and a poorly bressed woman and presto, ro forever. Once they have it. Ots even harder to overturn later. This is most comonly used as a tactic to gain custody of a child. Ask me how i know?? ;) This practice is the most un ethical, un lawful and very dangerous for the person with the ro against them because it allowsallows the ro holder to do whatever they wantwant. They cancan harass the accused as much as they want with no legal enforcement. I dont kniw who wrote the law but i guarantee they never had a sociopath with an ro in there pocket mathekeing there life hell. Time to wake up. The leagal systen is being made the laughing stock of anyone looking for revenge or custody. I was such a fool to this I'd get a fair trial. Ifoolishly thought the accuser had to produce proof. They dont. An attory wont tell you its a llosing fight. Not that you shouldent but dont expext much. Please put an end to the un lawfully practice in our "legal system" end the mockery.
False DV charges are now common in NJ separation and divorce cases. They are suggested on the QT by many attorneys representing the woman to gain advantage in regard to child custody and control of all monies and property holding husbands hostage. My x-wife threatened to file false DV charges if I filed for 50/50 child custody (at which time I called the police and reported the threat). She threatened me repeatedly with false charges of DV through out the divorce and charged me in the divorce papers of physical and emotional abuse of her and our two sons. I was very lucky that my sons where teenagers at the time and provided eye witness testimony to the attorneys that all the charges where false. When I ask if she would be prosecuted for making false charges nothing was done. 67% of divorces cases now involve DV charges with only 25% of them real. Women or men who falsely make DV charges should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
This is common in Deschutes County OR. Here Judges routinely award RO's in minutes, with no documentation. The appeal hearing is slated to last 15 minutes because the court is too busy. Interesting. RO's generate huge revenue. Statistics reveal that most troublesome people who are 'frequent fliers' are borderline, bipolar, or sociopath by definitons in the DSM-IV. I know of one borderline woman with over 23 hearings in the last two years in Deschutes Co: two DUI's, 3 evictions, 2 wage garnishments for fraud, felony theft, and now 7 hearings about a RO issue. The court has overlooked her admitted perjuries and attempts at entrapment.Keep the cash flowing in Deschutes County!. We need a Citizens Review Board to get some justice.
I'm a victim of false accusation by my ex scorned gf who always lock me up whenever she want the cops won't listen to me and always arresting me without evidence only her words and sometimed she add her co workers of 5 years or her mother as a evidence , today I'm sick and tired of my life being like this for 2 years now . I don't know where she live I have no contact with her , we don't hang out in the same areas just because she has my ful name and adress and was intimate she succesfuly using the system againt me , I waisted so much money in lawyers and coutfees that today I really don't know if is worthy me living in this life and go through this mental disturbance, lost of livelihood, unhappy loved one around me at the moment, scard 24/7, please I need help
Good man in hiding.
Long story short my x- love of my life lived together for 3 yrs. The hole time we lived together we had 1 or more roomates. From the bigging she let it known to myself and all our close friends how she hated and was deathly scared of her father x retired military. But deeply loved her mother and 2 brothers.Many times I would find her crying I knew she missed her family each time I would offer to take her to get home town. To maybe see if her mother could sneak away from under the thumb of her dad for a short visit with my love. She refused every time.She refused because she said her father would out out and it would not be good for anyone. She would tell me he had many resources and still had contacts in high ranking military and government. In three years to my knowledge she spoke to her mother a few times and never saw them. I think her younger brother came to see her once for a short visit.In our second yr together everything went south. She had gotten a her life threat from an x boyfriend she claimed she had no contact for 5 yrs..this person cloned both our cell phones new everything going on in our life to the point of lights off before going to bed. It got to a point I had to stop working and went into hiding to keep her safe. She asked her uncle for help. I asked who her uncle was when she told me I almost the floor.During this time I had received emails from someone claiming to be the uncle. I had my doubts at first but then I had reason not to believe her. All this was going on we were pregnant at was a very pregnancy she was in souch pain all the time. I had to help her to the rest room and back every night anything she needed i got for her day and night. On our 8th month or so she went into labor. I recieved the message from my roomate that he had dropped her off at the ER I called to the ER to find out her status they told me she taken to labor and delivery and was tranford to that building. The informatoin desk also said she was in labor i asked to please connect me to the nurses statoin they in turn tell me she is not there. I was so confused scraed and upset all at the same time. I called friends that work at the same hospital and they said that more than likely she was a no info patient. At that point I remember her telling me she was a no info patient because of her dad. But even then why was I not put on the list to be able to come up and be with her. I was not happy I went back home up all night waiting for any news. The second day came by this time I knew the baby had to be born and her in recovery I started texting begging her to tell me something on or about the faith dufaith day I got a call from her to please come and get her at the same ER she was dropped off at.To my surprise she was alone I asked her where is the baby? She said there was no baby that what was growing in her was a massive tumor that was removed..I was in shock! I thought to myself but you were lactating and I would touch her stoma
Juat the ohter day my Ex Wife startingh hitting herself and scratching her face. called 911 police came and took her away because my 9 year old daughter saw her hitting herself. She has hung these tactics over my head for years. Now shes in jail and the police know that she has been abusing herself to take my freedom and my kids from me. The first time it happened it was a living nightmare. i couldnt believe it. The police just looked at me like i was a piece of******and my friends, well it took this for them to realize my Ex is a smart evil entity.
There are many obvious loopholes in this law and serious long lasting emotional devastation to falsely accused respondents. It's the word "CRUELTY" nicely embossed on to a shiny shield shaped badge. Right at the top of the list is a dismissal of injunction does not enforce legal repercussions against proven frivolous accusations by the petitioner.
Like so many others, I went through the same thing. My ex used these laws put in place to protect real victims of domestic violence to gain the upper hand in a divorce - she lied about domestic violence, lied about emotional abuse. I was kicked out of my home that I purchased before we were married, children taken away, firearms taken away - I was treated like a criminal for several months. My reputation in my small community was ruined; after all, why would a cute, petite woman lie about being abused? She had nothing to lose by doing so, as these insane laws do not punish those who lie - only those who are falsely accused. For her, best case is the charges would stick, and I'd be a criminal the rest of my life. Worst case, charges are dropped.

I am fortunate that all claims were dropped, and I got my life back and shared custody of my two children. But, things could have just as easily gone the other way, as I have read over and over in the comments on this page. This is an epidemic!!

My thoughts: If someone (man or woman) makes claims of domestic abuse and files a DVCPO, and if those claims are ultimately dropped, dismissed, or proven false, then the person filing the charges needs to pay a mandatory fine (say $1000) or spend some time in jail. I think this would make those liars think twice about making false claims.

Good luck to all of you...
Judges need to step up...learn the laws...burden of proof falls on the petitioner ...not the defendant...why do you judges not enforce loser sister got a PPO on me... i fought it... I have concrete evidence she lied...damn judge didn't care...whats wrong with that pictures?
Please Remember - Women are also victims of false Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
Please stop False Allegations on Domestic Violence. Just because I no longer wanted to be with the person, he falsely made reports and provided false photos claiming a date 2 months back of the police report. This person is mentally unstable and suffers from PTSD and took rejection really seriously. He was caught in lies of where he took the photos and they still convicted me. I do not understand the purpose of fighting for my innocence when the State will still prosecute you. If the State knew that the allegations are false why would they still proceed and prosecute the innocent. This needs to stop. These allegations are all for the purpose of winning a custody battle or being bitter due to rejection of not being accepted anymore in a relationship. They need to take all this into consideration. If anyone can just go out there and hurt themselves and call the police on false allegations and get away with it, then what is next? This system is corrupted and its ashame that no one can step in and make a change. All this really deviates from the people from the real victims that need the help. Now, people are using this as a tool for their own vindictive benefit. Come on, wake up, it is no longer for the innocent victim. You are all we have for help and we are all pleading for your help. Please step in and do something about it, reach out to us with resources, feedback, assistance, programs. Make a change for us.
Domestic violence is a terrible crime, false accusations are equally devastating. Both are equally destructive to the lives they touch. More should be done to guarantee the safety of both parties. I was accused by my wife, who used this tactic to aid her case in divorce court because she wanted to marry another and wanted our children without a fight from me.
Having been the victim of a mentally unstable abuser of these laws for the last 7 years....using them to her advantage to gain control over a divorce she didn't want and only wants revenge for our failed marriage and to unjustly keep my children from knowing me when there was no real evidence of any abuse to her or them only accusations.....losing in criminal court but through the advocates and civil court getting 5 years and now again trying to abuse these laws to again get another 5 year order to keep me from her and my kids all over a bad argument that she created ... Only to remarry a real victim whose Ex-husband beat her so bad he spent over 6 years in prison who never got ANY help from any group or advocate whatsoever and had to go it alone before me...WOW what a system we have...I guess after 20 years of vacations..private schools and staying home to raise the kids in a great neighborhood and never having an issue this could happen...These Laws Have To CHANGE
It is a travesty the way this law works.
my brother has been a victim of a hateful woman who abuses the laws meant to protect against domestic violence.
Women who do this need to be held accountable and prosecuted. They hurt real victims of domestic violence and they create victims of unfair laws, all for their own selfish, insane reasons.
I was drugged and framed for DV by my husband, who was able to use the false allegations to gain the upper hand in our divorce. He was granted an emergency TRO and temporary sole custody of our three children. Ultimately no charges were filed against me, but it took over a year and a half for the DA to dismiss the case, and I spent $35,000 to date in legal fees fighting the RO and fighting to see my kids. He has also filed a civil suit against me, even though he lost the DV RO trial. The police refused to look into the fact that I had been drugged. And during the year he was able to keep my kids from me, he successfully brainwashed the older two, who now want nothing to do with me. Not only has he gotten away with all of this, but has been rewarded temporarily with custody, sole use of the home and other assets, and not having to pay support all this time. I on the other hand continue to pay despite the allegations being false and am having to fight to get back the things that should have never been take from me. There is enought research showing these people usually have a personality disorder, in my case, he is a narcissist. Until there are laws and punishments that hold them accountable for their false claims and lies, this will continue to happen and innocent lives will be ruined...including children!
Go to the District Court (never deal with the family law court, they are corrupt) File a complaint of Intentional Infliction of Emotional distress, Trepass, Assault, Perjury, or whatever grounds you can prove. Take photos. Get on the computer and type up your whole story with dates, names, witnesses and what happened. Put it in a 3 ring binder and turn it around so SHE is the one being sued. Keep sueing her until she stops.
It's refreshing to see that my main family's issue is that of so many more (that we're not alone). I have 2 older sisters who exhibit psychotic behavior and hate my dad so they both claim he abused them. My dad wouldn't get my sister who was 16 at the time a car so she yelled outside our house, "He raped me!" I was abused by my oldest sister (she is bipolar though we didn't know at the time) but she denied all the abuse (she abused all my siblings of which there are 6, myself included). We forgave her but then to top it all off, she recently got the state involved to investigate my dad for being abusive. Fortunately, they saw there was no case. This Christmas was the 1st Christmas in which my 2 older sisters weren't invited. It was heaven. No tension, no unnecessary drama...when people are harmful to your family, cut the ties asap. Dont prolong your and your family's suffering. Learn from our family's mistake.
It is rather sad that, being a person who's always advocated for equality of gender (equal pay, equal political representation, etc.), I have to see that for the wrong doing of a few, some of us (loving innocent fathers) have to suffer the wrath of mentally ill women abusing the legal system. I am now being falsely accused and being destroyed... it is the worst nightmare a man can have.
I have a friend he is sitting in prison for his wife accusing domestic abuse. These are the women who are making it bad for the ones that are really abused.
I have a friend he is sitting in prison for his wife accusing domestic abuse. These are the women who are making it bad for the ones that are really abused.
My ex with help of a non - profit organization , got w educated how to get everything without a divorce and now playing her cards using the FRO. Falsified everything to get me arrested to extent of blatantly lying to court.. I had everything to prove including an out of state RO.. BUT NJ JUDGE WILL NOT HEAR ANYTHING I SAY.. I LOST MY KIDS. MY LIFE AND ALL I EARNED last 30 years including self respect
Im currently going through this exact dilemma in the state of Texas. If there is anyone that can help me my phone number is (361) 228-1673.
Texas state has this same problem.
Get this worthless govt. out of my wallet, & off my back. Balance the damn budget!
I was a victim of a mentally disturbed vandictive exwife, bipolar 2 and the Court System, who allowed 11 restraining orders to be filed against me and 10 were denied. this ruined my professional career. Becasue i was asking for custody of our 7 yr old boys at that time for his safty who by 19 yrs or age was charged with 4 felons which is classic text book case
I was a victim of a mentally disturbed woman who was evicted from my property which used false allegations of domestic assault as retaliation.
this exact thing just happened to my son and he had to spend 10 days in jail on top of it she claimed that my family supposedly was threatening her or texting her and we weren't everything that she supposedly put in her protection order was atuff she exactly been doing to my son and then claimed she felt like he was a danger to his own daughter. Smh they granted her temporary custody and also has a cor in place he never got asked his said of the story nor did they marandaize him either time
If there never has been a history of domestic violence from a certain couple, then how can the court take the word of a woman that the guy has been beating her? If he has been beating you then shouldn't you have called the police about it in the past? Shouldn't someone who knows you seen marks on you? If no evidence exists then how can the court take the words of the woman as 100% truth?
i am one of many please change the laws
I am a victim of order of protection abuse. I currently am resticted from my own property and am suffering financial disaster from being displaced from my home. I have been slandered and suffered irrepairable harm from this situation and am waiting to defend myself in court to clear my name. In the mean time my job search has been hindered by this being on my record as the employer sees this on my record and does not consider mr for employment. While I save up money for a lawyer and gather all of my sworn statements from witnesses I and my horses and dogs are suffering greatly. I have exained to police and detectives and shown proof of all of the lies although their response is "you have to go to court to prove it is your property and show your evidence""you need a lawyer". How am I to afford a lawyer when I am having to pay expenses that I shouldnt be. I am sinking in debt while the abuser is living in my house, with my firearm she has stolen and laughing thinking she has gotten away with perjury and a use of the system. And she has!!! I am suffering only because I am a target and the real abuser is living in my house and on my property. Ive had to displace my horses and dogs and myself. Something has to happen to change the rules of obtaining the credibility of the abuser.
I was falsely accused, arrested and eventually stuck in tiny windowless room at the courthouse for over four hours until i agreed to a surprisingly good plea deal (no DV, just disorderly conduct, a one day anger management class and a $75 fine). It seems crazy to me to look back and think that i took a deal because i did nothing at all to assault my ex wife. I had no rights during the whole process, it was insane. I lost out on two months with my son. Afterward, believe it or not, the prosecutor apologized to me following the deal. He said that the only reason they moved forward was because they were bound by law and even though my ex changed her story numerous times (it made no sense even to him) she was still preaching the holy truth. Something needs to be done.
It should not be okay to ruin someone's life over jealous fits of rage, hatred and anger, and possibly mental illness...Their needs to be accountability and consequences for filing false assault, domestic violence, and rape charges...
This has to stop; the ease with which injunctions and protective orders can be obtained, with incoherent and unsubstantiated ramblings serving as "proof" of what one has done to a person is simply unacceptable...I commend whoever started this petition!
I am currently being accused of domestic violence by my wife. I found her with a man she classified as her boyfriend to police. He nor She had any marks. She had me arrested because she lied and said I threatened her and her daughter. Cops came in lied didn't listen to me and tased me in my own home.
Going public to national news media to expose the injustice of being falsely accused of DV and losing everything children, home, personal property,car and my personal dignity as an innocent man. The DV industry and millions of tax dollars are being misused by people who falsely accuse by lying to prosecuters,victim wittness advocates, judges and law enforcement. There must be changes made in the law to protect real DV victims and the person's falsely accused.
Going public to national news media to expose the injustice of being falsely accused of DV and losing everything children, home, personal property,car and my personal dignity as an innocent man. The DV industry and millions of tax dollars are being misused by people who falsely accuse by lying to prosecuters,victim wittness advocates, judges and law enforcement. There must be changes made in the law to protect real DV victims and the person's falsely accused.
Going public to national news media to expose the injustice of being falsely accused of DV and losing everything children, home, personal property,car and my personal dignity as an innocent man. The DV industry and millions of tax dollars are being misused by people who falsely accuse by lying to prosecuters,victim wittness advocates, judges and law enforcement. There must be changes made in the law to protect real DV victims and the person's falsely accused.
yes something needs done. I am a woman and my ex did this too me. So I'm all for this . I can't believe the system. This is a criminal act and it's being used most times by the abuser....... Please let's make a change . Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??????
I fear I will lose my custody rights, my career and ability to earn a living. Women proven to have falsely accused must stop their criminal behavior. We laws to protect us men, women, and children from the psychological damage caused by months and years of investigation. We need to tell all our friends to support us by reporting believed false accusations. Get your friends and family to petition!
The entire DV circus is an abomination and as enforced, against the law. The law defines domestic violence as a pattern of violence, which is something that needs to be publishable. But every incident (including arguments, hair-pulling, gripping, a slap and so on, is handled like someone is trying to murder another.However, there are many true abusive situations as the law was intended for and it is up to the prosecutor to discover and reveal facts.This does not happen and prosecutors are simply interested in a conviction and make every court case so bad that the defendant will plea guilty. Prosecutors stack false charges in order to make the defendant plea to a lesser charge. Why is it so that there HAS to be a victim and a perpetrator anyway?

My ex wife called the cops 3 times with false statements. They knew the statements were false when the showed up (one time she was even out-of-state, telling the cops on the phone that she was at home instead; they searched the house for 30 minutes looking for a corpse or something). The cops laughed about it and told me not to worry and that they would write a report.

When the county attorney later talked to her about her phony calls, the attorney briefed her how to make an legitimate call and that she had to make sure that she would get a bruise in a next argument. my ex-wife had told a friend of this, which I heard later and was confirmed by a cop.

But all this did not matter (Yes, I should have just left like a thief in the night and divorce her and my possessions)

The next time she made sure the confrontation was physical and during the court sessions, the previous police reports were "missing" , evidence altered, medical records mis represented and the d.a. did nothing but lie to the judge. My attorney advised me to plea guilty which I eventually did. The DA violated every agreement on the plea, did not disclose evidence that he was going to present to the judge. At the bench-trial,the judge never gave my attorney an opportunity to speak until after he had sentenced me. The whole court system is corrupted in order to get conviction, boost DV statistics so they can get more tax payers dollars for enforcement. I did do the mandatory 28-week DV class and in those six months ONLY heard similar or lesser stories. Not one person in those classes was a notorious "wife-beater" but everyone that becomes involved and charged, will be treated like one.

Fact do not count in court, where only victim/perpetrator situations exist and the victim can say anything without any consequences.

I assume why we are supporting this petition is for the right to be heard and that charges are fair and facts presented and considered.

But as long as mr. Rice's relation with his gf/fiancee/wife are more important than cops being shot in NY (as in the news yesterday dec 21,2014, when Rice was headlined), I am afraid the DV circus will just keep hiring more clowns.
I was attacked by my girlfriend, had my fingers bent back to the point of breaking. She then shoved my face into the couch. I pushed her away and I've suffered all the consequences, and to fight it would mean possible losing my gun rights and I love to hunt. She lied to the police about what happened.
My husband and I are both being accused of abuse by his ex wife , just so she can shut us all out and yet still receive child support ... it is wrong and uncalled for. It needs to stop

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