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STATE OF FLORDIA Case No53-2012CA- 002137 &
COUNTY OF Polk Case # 53-212DR-000-382- 000-00
STEPHEN L.FELDER, Section No. 005
v. Date: 10/07/2012
Luna Ramirez,

I Retired Disabled American Veteran: Mr. Felder, Stephen, case number above to the left: I am filing this in disagreement with the terms/conditions/standards Judge Ellen Master, Judge of The Circuit Court State Of Florida, County Of Polk, Bartow Florida, have so ordered on 10/05/12 that both parties submit a bid and the person with the highest bid win the home, and the two of us will have to put a certain amount of money in a bank account. Making this change in her ruling after informing me I won my case and could set the condition/standards!
Judge: Master on 10/5/12 stipulated in her own words in front of six of us of both parties. That I Retired Disabled American Veteran: Mr. STEPHEN L FELDER (won my case,) on this date 10/05/2012, and also stated. I have the rights to set the standards/conditions of the case in her own words. That case involving property share between me and the defendant Mrs. Luna Ramirez, The judge infer that there is 50/50 interest, and her lawyer said I could not afford the house. Neither did not questing me about this .When I tried to object to this the judge denial me the rights to object. But the judge said I won my case afterward. That I had the right to dictate the terms! But Judge Master, change her mind later on during the hearing. Let me make this clear to all! There is no 50/50 interest but a 70/30! This can be supported by my proof/evidence.
I believe the house might be devalued. Since there was no order of protection in place to protect my stuff! After asking Judge Master, several times about this! I want a protection of order put in place for my stuff or belonging or both of our belonging will be sold at a public auction at seventy/ third in fervor of me. I did not get an answer. If anything is removed from the home: Mrs. Luna Ramirez, will be charged with a mister minor for destruction of my property.
In the beginning of hearing her lawyer stated that she could not afford the home, but later on said she could, and said I could not, so where is he getting information from?
However, she later on during the hearing changed her mind about me setting the condition or stipulations and made a different ruling going against the first ruling. I disagree with the second ruling, and I wish to continue with my standards /terms as stated on 10/05/2012 in the courtroom. (I want to retain and exercise my rights to freedom of choice of my own decisions.)Since I won the case a
My exwife lied about being abused, in order to take advantage of charitable organizations in the Livingston County area. Further, she lied under oath in an attempt to better her legal position in our divorce with respect to child custody. The public damage is one less true victim having access to these charitable resources. The personal cost is our daughters loosing faith in the legal system and their Mother.

The only way people are going to learn to stop lying in order to "better" their legal position is to be punished for it. It's a difficult time, divorce, but its no excuse to destroy other people's reputations, financial situations, lives. Especially when the worst of the damage is left at the feet of the children.

Please consider legislation to prevent this legal strategy from countinuing. It's in our country's best interest.

Best Regards,
Christian Hines
I too was arrested for false allegations of DV. I had videotape of the actual day but the cop refused to watch it and threw me in the car and rode me off to jail. Now I have a CPO against me and can't get custody of my children even with proof of her using drugs and her battering me on tape!
I was falsely convicted of domestic violence . No investigation and no proof! Only a call to 911 accuseing me from my ex who I told I was fileing for divorice the night before.The police showed up and I was arrested ,thrown out of my home and kept from my children. My ex was encouraged by the states attourney and some state funded womens group to file a restraining order keeping me from my kids and used in our divorice. I used to think the court system was fair but I learned that it is just another business. Not enough false domestic violence and we dont need these people getting tax payer dollars. I was told by a judge that if I would have said I was affraid of my ex charges would have been dropped. I told the truth and was convicted anyway. A women can lie and ruin a mans life without any proof ? 4 years later I now have full custody of my kids because of her abuse of them and cocaine habit. Whats really ironic is that I had called DCSF on her because she was smoking crack with the kids in her custody and guess what they did? They never did a thing! The guy at DCSF told me untill one of the kids was hurt they would not investigate her! and I was arrested from a phone call,no proof and no investigation!? There must not be enough profit or glory in our justice system for our children to be protected from unfit mothers..There is for the false domestice violence industry! It makes no sense and the law needs to change. These people ,advocates,lawyers and states attorneys know its all about the women getting the upper hand in a divorice most of the time and it keeps them in a job even though Im sure they know its wrong in a lot of cases. What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?
my wife of 12 years signed a domestic abuse warrant on me.we never even had a i go to jail on a 25000 bond was later released on my o.r with a order of protection as cond release.I begged judge first court date to see my kids .He said no i begged 6 or 7 times he said look at order its in there my atty also said it wasnt i told judge my kids were not safe with their mother.S i had to leave court .She does not show for next 4 court dates then they retired the domestic assault but order of prot stood well 6 weeks to day she done this i get a call from dcs saing my youngest son was found by sheriff deputy walkin highway 4 miles from home i needed to go to s.o .upon arriving they told me how she had been leaving kids alone at home for days on end with my 14 yr old daughter to play mom my 3 younger boys are all special needs.dcs report states she couldnt truthfully say where she was getting money from several men for no apparnt reason kids had no meds for several weeks house is completely destroyed my tools boat welders all gone and just tonight heard she wrecked our van and stole another one and was arrested .she tells our kids she will kill herself if they were taken away and kids tellin me and dcs how and why she made them say things she did.she was charged for child neglect was released on 2500 bail i was innocent and it was 25000 charge has been retired so what do i have to gain except my charcter i am was innocent of all charges funny how someone can do this with no proof what so ever its just plain wrong
Ex banged my sons head on the door calls police and said I pushed her causeing her to hit my sons head on the door. Arrested for domestic battery. Dcfs on my case. Lost my son and my freedom. Very vindictive women out there are abusing this. They say life is not fair I didn't know why untill now.
My son's ex wife has hit him, lied about him and used her daughter, our grand daughter as a pawn in her private little vendetta. The courts do not make her honor joint custody - we have to shell out more money (up to $28,000) just to see our grand daughter. This has been going on for 9 years and we are the Paternal Grandparents.

Men (the fathers) no longer have equal rights. They are like the blacks before the Civil Rights Movement. My grand daughter would like to know when a judge will speak with her - she is now eleven.
I am going though such a case at this time. I told my ex that i was finished with her mood swings and violent behavior, that night she attacked me. An hour later i was on my way to jail. the arresting officer did not read me my miranda right, took no statment, and did not photograph my injuries, while i was incarcerated she pawned and sold all my belongings. We'll see what occurs at trial
I was acussed and charged with DV. My ex called police because I told her I was fileing for divorice. She told the police I slapped her and I was arrested , kicked out of my home and kepted from my kids! She was awarded sole custody the house and support of course.. Now its 3 years later and she has lost the kids because she is a crack head and abused our children.(the reason I filed for divorice). I now have custody of my kids. The system is ******** and set up so these womens shelters and states attorneys make money and have a job. We wouldnt need most of them if it wherent for them making it so easy for false alligations and even encourageing.
My sons mom claimed abuse to get a free attorney, he is now attempting to have my son removed from my home so he can be homeless and have a mom who is in recovery for addiction care for him... what if she relapses... what happens when the temp. drops below freezing i live in alaska wtf
these laws need modification, men are charged with no proof other than the statement of an angry partner.
My wife is accusing me of domestic violence for me to lose my clearance and job due to false allegations. I moved outof the house in fear of her wanting get me arrested with her lies
My wife is accusing me of domestic violence for me to lose my clearance and job due to false allegations. I moved outof the house in fear of her wanting get me arrested with her lies
I live in Eugene, Oregon.
I'm currently fighting false reports of abuse.. There is no evidence of abuse and never has been cause I am not someone who hits women or men.. I'm not a violent person.. The system is broken.. When a women can say whatever to have a man arrested and make stories up there is a serious problem.. I understand there is women that need help but there has to be something for men who deal with women who lie and make stories up with no hard evidence.. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?? Now it's guilty until proven innocent.. Congress I'm not a big political man but something needs to be done.. Innocent men are being punished.. Thank you for your time..
I worked in Domestic Violence for several years and saw the terror within kids and families. I have also seen really good guys break up with an insecure, vindictive woman and landed themselves in jail because they have no say. It is not Due Process and it sickens me that evil people can have so much power over another individual. The guy probably dumped you because you were an evil, crazy witch in the first place and filing false charges should have more severe penalties than the charges themselves!
My son who was a designated driver wouldn't let his drunk girlfriend out on the highway when she asked to get out because she was mad at him, he was charged with false imprisonment and domestic violence even though the girlfriend said he never touch her and she said he wasn't imprisoning her she was just mad and wanted to walk. When police showed up she told them nothing had happened and they filed charges any way, her story has been consistent from the beginning but the DA refuses to drop the charges. It is costing us $5,000.00 in legal fees so far to try to fight the charges and especially get the DV charge dropped. We were told even then there is no guarantee that this charge will be dropped. This abuse of power has to be stopped, they are ruining young peoples lives. I have been literally sick to my stomach about our justice system every since this happened. I is my goal to make sure everyone is aware of this abuse of power.
I feel that this is a gross injustice. I believe that if one is proven to have filed false claims of abuse they should face the same punishment as the accused would have had it been true.
I was charged with domestic violence. My ex wife used the system to leverage an upperhand in civil court. After two years I prevailed in civil court. I could only afford one battle with the court. Since my child was more important I invested money and energy in the civil case. I plead no contest to the domestic assault charges. I just learned that I cannot enter the military and my second amendment rights are extingushed. It also makes me sick that people can abuse the system and those with legitimate complaints are "bogged" down by false claims.
I believe there is a place for these protection mechanisms, when one would truly need protection. But just because an ex-girlfrend or spouse is upset about something, this act of aggression and assault is not controlled other than the female saying I am scared. no proof is required, no police report, nothing. this is what i find detrimental. Then on top of that, there needs to be strict punishment and upheld for falsely accusing. I believe there are instances where this protection is a necessity, God Bless those who need it.
I'm a mother of 3 i have never been into trouble my husband got caught cheating i asked him to leave, month later we had a verbal disagreement only he cried wolf in the courts with a conflicting story to the police department 5-days before he went to the courts because i want take him back, he has been trying to destroy my livelihood lied said that i choked him we got a no hassle contact order that was threw out in August, now someone is tamper with my personal files,home computer home phone, cellphones. i have NOT CONTACT him nor do i want to be with him, i tried to explain this to many people with out seem like im attacking him i just want to be left alone and when i can afford the divorce i will be filing. it sad cause there so much victims that really need the law to protect them and you have people out here in this world that will abuse the system for personal gain
I am a victim of domestic violence and it makes me sick to see the false accusers getting away with destroying lives. They should be sent to prison for it. My son was accused by a unstable x-girlfriend and now faces a record over her way of getting attention.
I myself am a victim of false allegations of domestic violence. I have no prior arrest record for anything at all in my entire life until now. I am currently undergoing countless court dates, dealing with the constant lies from the accuser, which i have no idea where she is. But just her lies sends authorities running my way when they obvious truth is right in they're faces that i'm a straight and narrow hard working person. This person simply accused me of all kinds of frivolous violent acts against her because i wanted nothing to do with her at all and i had a woman in my life already and was totally happy. The accuser wanted something she can never have, and used this weak law system to exact her revenge on me. It's just pathetic how these police act on simple accusation with not one shred of evidence anything is actually true at all. However, i have 1005 solid proof this person is a stone cold liar and misusing the power of the law to her own advantage. Once this all comes to play, she will then face everything i had to go through. But her's will be 100 Fold when she then faces her false allegation charges and is sued along with the city for continuously falsely arresting me on her every whim.
My husband I falsely accused for domestic abuse from ex-wife. And she took all money and we can't afford lawyers. Does anyone have any ideas for us.
My husband I falsely accused for domestic abuse from ex-wife. And she took all money and we can't afford lawyers. Does anyone have any ideas for us.
My husband I falsely accused for domestic abuse from ex-wife. And she took all money and we can't afford lawyers. Does anyone have any ideas for us.
I am appalled by the unequal justice and lack of support for men falsley accused of DV
I was with this guy 10 years . He met a girl and filed for a RO. I was beat MANY times. He broke his hand on my face. I was afraid to go to court. In 2008 he got the RO. He never served this RO. We were still together after this . Feb. 2011, once again he met a girl . Once again False RO.. Exs friend put papers on my car as i was leaving. I never saw what they said. Police said i was served. The police came to my house and gave me a DV-130 after Hearing Order. Police said it was part of a previous Order. So now This is Order is part of the RO that was never served. I have everything to prove all of this is one BIG LIE. I text. him he text. me.I saved all text to my email 4 years of them. He added his girlfriend to RO . I never talked to her face to face . Sold our Trailor that we bought . I lost everything . Police don't help when you get bet up. No one helps yoiu . He filed False Police Reports, I have everything to show Proof. No Money for Lawyer. JUSTICE ....IS ......BLIND.... .YOU...ARE ..ON..YOUR .OWN.....
My brother is a victim of false allegations of abuse and due to this he is not able to see his 1 year old son. Let's punish the ones who really deserve it...the false accusers! Shame on law enforcement, lawyers, and judges who just take the accusers word for it!! Too many kids' lives ruined by liars. SAD!
i am part of a DV now, the serious problem is the abuser is using her disablity to make people believe she is innocent, now to prove it in court, i have bodily scares from her anger and a witness, and Denver will attack the person who has been placed on this DV, i have no choice to have a jury trail, i can't take the blame for her actions. its really unfair, its good to protect the victim, if they really even knew who the victim was, what ever happen to having a a fair trail. i don't wanna go to jail for her Jacklyn n hide personality. and im a female, how does this work?
I am new to USA fromm Scotland. I am deeply disturbed by the disrimination against men in domestic abuse courts. Blatanty bias and a terrible development. Thanks for reading if you do!
My husband ruined my life as I knew it. Judge Marci Goodman and the Dept. of Children and families did harm to me and our children that has took yrs to repair. Thank the lord his greed got the best of him, when my family offered money and a job he went to my hometown in Tn., where after three yrs of hell and foster care, i got full custody of the children and have had for five yrs now. Santa Rosa Co is backward and an awful leagal system. pls share.
Put in law a punishment for the false accusers and maybe that will stop them from making false reports. Fines and jail time! Might make them think twice before making false accusations and ruining others lives.
Make sure the accused get their fair chance to defend themselves! Don't just ASSume the "victim" is telling the truth! Unfortunately people do things out of spite and not ALL accused are guilty! Check the facts and find the proof before charging them guilty!
Lets stop the insanity! Don't take the accusers side without due cause!! fix the laws now
Judges and lawyers need to be accountable for their lack of enforcing the law that is clear but often not enforced!
This needs to be addressed ASAP!!!!!!!!! NOW WOULD BE BETTER!!!!!
malicius PROCECUTERr to perjury and lyers. Whom ever Make false police statement.HAVE TO BE PUNISHMENT. And we can stop them tto before do something like that think twice
False claims of domestic abuse are running wild because there is no due process for those accused. People use it routinely as a tactic in divorce and custody battles, and good parents are forced away from their homes and children with little recourse. It is a travesty and needs to be addressed.
i am a victim of domestic violence my wife has has put her hands on alot and was put in jail,she went and filed on me when i was at work,told abunch of lies,they served me havent seen my baby girl sence
Most Asian women marry American men to come to our country. Once they get their green card then comes the false accusations of domestic violene. The husband loses his house and children just so she can bring the rest of her Asian family to live in his house. Their should be a law to stop Asian women to use American men.
I was arrested, removed from my home, restricted from seeing our daughter, put in a financial headlock. All just from my wife making a false accusation of domestic violence. Has our society gone downhill so much that we allow this type of injustice?
this is all wrong
It is unconscionable that a man who is innocent can be without any evidence locked up! Sick!
I was married for a long time. I have two daughters who r in there twentys that i tried to protect during our divorce. If i only knew then what i know now i wouldnt have lost my home or my kids. I also wouldnt have to treat the divorce from my wife like she died.
Alls she would say is im only doing as im told.
Check out a post on Mn. bench and Bar from my ex-wifes attorney in Mn. Traci Capistrant. The heading reads Order for Protection WHEN THE SHEILD BECOME THE SWORD. .
I, like many men across the country are the "True" victims thanks to the Domestic Violence laws as they are currently written.. Even after three, YES, 3 false restraining orders against me were dismissed for "failure to meet the requirements of the law" the damage was already done.

This law allowed me to be kicked out of my home, lose the state license required for my job (which had me fired), had my handgun and weapons permits taken away (also needed to work) and worst of all I have been removed from my children's lives depriving them of their rights as well as mine...

What sense does it make that the initial temporary orders are issued with only the statement of the supposed victim (by the same judges that dismissed them) if they didn't meet the requirements of the law to begin with?

Now, my wife has used the initial issuance of these injunctions to create the illusion of being a victim and she is fraudulently accessing several public and private benefits and services while being allowed to violate the law by being allowed to hide our children and deny visitation.

All while I struggle to make it through each day trying to find work and maintain our home to have upon our children's anticipated return while continually worrying about my children... and no agency or organization will offer me, the "man" any assistance..

These laws HAVE to change!
The mother of our son completely lost it about a month after birth. She started saying things like "You're not taking him!" and accusing me of being suicidal/homicidal with intent to kill our son. Her paranoia got the best of her and she filed a no contact order claiming she feared for her life and our sons life. It's unfortunate that a woman's word so close after birth can be taken so seriously and now I haven't seen my son for three weeks! When will the courts realize that women don't always tell the truth, especially when they are new mothers and possibly affected by PPD? They need to order testing before such devastating laws can destroy a new fathers chance of bonding with his child. "Guilty until proven innocent" is the way of the American justice system these days and something has GOT TO CHANGE! If her charges are found to be false, I will be taking civil action against her to recoup my legal fees so that I may put that money into his college fund. This only hurts our child in the long run and unfortunately courts assume a mother has the child's best interest in mind when clearly they don't in such cases of possible PPD.

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