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Get a parenting plan and try to get equal time with the other parent. In this context a parenting plan is a life saver. Dont settle for just every other weekend. Go for more like every other week(the whole week).
I was found not guilty by a unanimous jury. Can't get past the background check after awesome interviews for jobs at $15+ going on 4 yrs now. Can't pay child support. How do you reinvent yourself?
I strongly support you Bobby Jones and other victims who have been wrongly accused and wrongly stereotyped and judged. I teach Intercultural Communication at Calif. State University, San Bernardino and I will have all of my students read your narrative. Thank you for speaking up and doing positive actions to change what is wrong. God Bless You and your daughter. I know you have a good heart and soul. :-)
I strongly support you Bobby Jones and other victims who have been wrongly accused and wrongly stereotyped and judged. I teach Intercultural Communication at Calif. State University, San Bernardino and I will have all of my students read your narrative. Thank you for speaking up and doing positive actions to change what is wrong. God Bless You and your daughter. I know you have a good heart and soul. :-)
I am a witness of how my son is living this right now and has been for years. his girlfriend is mentally unstable and has abused the right as a woman to continously charge him with DV while witnesses see and state that she is the one slapping him, punching him and even spitting on him. When he pushes her away she then proceeds to call the police and file a assault charge. My son has no rights in court and it is just so depressing to watch the court system. Where are the rights of the MEN!!! As a woman i can not even comprehend how the court will allow this. I understand that many woman are victimized at the hands of men but there has to be a law set for the men that are also falsely accused and stalked and victimized by these unstable, vindictive women!
I've been directly victimized by this at least 6 times and am now in the middle of a painful custody/divorce battle with a wife who's mentally unstable,criminally insane and chemically dependent and she abducted our 8 month old daughter and filed a protection order in baby's behalf against me which in Arkansas (a mommy biased state) is granted automatically regardless if any evidence even exists. None does in my case and it's going on 2 months in a overloaded court system. It's just absolutely horribe. my case is a textbook extreme of how bad this can be abused all the while an innocent little life is hanging in the balance.
Police came to my home today saying there was a domestic call to my address. It was false but my daughter was taken in to custoday following a argument between her and myself. I want to know can they do that on an anomyous complaint. I live Las Vegas NV Metro Police Division. Congress needs to change their do gooder law. They didn't think it through. They don't think anything through.
False allegations are used as weapons during divorce and separation to gain the upper hand in family court. Attorney Gary Schlesinger when asked why attorneys file false orders of protection in court " to spin the litigation in the clients favor".
I was falsely accused then given a mock trial by a court appointed attorney. I filed several complaints against him while the legal process was taking place. It did NO GOOD! Then when I asked the simple question of what was my legal defense in my case I was told he didn't have to tell me what it was. He never told me what evidence the state had against me and told me not to take the stand. I later find out that the state had no evidence and that he only way they were gonna go through with it was if I didn't testify so my lawyer wouldn't get in trouble for doing nothing. I would of received a more fair trial in CHINA.
I'm seeing this happen to my own brother and it's not fair that sick minded women with no remorse or care enough for her child get away with these kind of things. A lot of women nowadays are vile and it's just unjust that good men suffer from this.
I'm seeing this happen to my own brother and it's not fair that sick minded women with no remorse or care enough for her child get away with these kind of things. A lot of women nowadays are vile and it's just unjust that good men suffer from this.
Warning!! Never accept a plea if you are falsely accused of DV regardless what they offer you. Let the case go to trial because it is your only chance at normal life. She has to take the stand and tell her lie under oath which means perjury. Best scenario is that she will face perjury charges and worst scenario is that you can use it to sue her in civil court for damages. In my State, all public defender are required to plea-out DV cases and they will use every scare tactics possible to force you to sign. I refused three different pleas, including Alford plea and case was dismissed the following day. Do give away your life.
it is scandalous how attorneys plot this resource in order to win causes at the price of destroying lives
I have worked in law enforcement for the past 8 yrs. I have never raised my hand to a woman and never will. I was brought up in an abusive home and I would never put anyone through the torture my mother suffered. But still I made the mistake of choosing a partner with an alcohol problem and 2 years later in a drunken state and coerced by a police officer presses charges. No investigation, no evidence, no actual crime committed. And I am left to suffer the consequences.
I am veteran and a victim of false accusations of domestic violence. I served as an army soldier, to protect the freedom and justice of my country. I later fell into a horrible relationship, where I was emotionally drained by a horrible person. Just as I was realizing that things would not become any better, my wife told me that she was pregnant. She began to act more irrational than ever before. She referred to our baby as a parasite and eventually started exerting herself by moving furniture and exercising extensively, to the point of experiencing pain. After about eight trips to the hospital to stop preterm labor, my baby was still born prematurely.

My baby was born with many sad issues, but the most considerable was something that most likely came from the genetic disorder that my wife had, but that she never disclosed to me. Due to my daughter's condition, the government started to provide over $500 a month through social security. My wife made sure that I did not know about this and had it directed into her personal bank account, that she told me she had closed, rather than our shared account. After this point, my wife became constantly loud, mean, demanding and hostile. She decided that she no longer needed me, so one day, she told me that she was going to divorce me and force me to take care of her (not my baby) for the rest of my life. She called the police that day and attempted to file a police report against me, for violent behavior. The police report reads that she changed her story multiple times and finally said nothing violent happened. She then filed domestic abuse charges against me, as there is no need of evidence of any kind. Since I had never once even accidentally bruised her, she had nothing to claim, so she came up with a story that I shoved her while she was holding my baby. My wife then filed a DSS report with similar lies, saying I was not safe around children. These were only the beginning of her many lies to come. I was Immediately refused any rights to see my baby at all, and I was escorted out of the hospital that my baby was being care for by a police officer. As the time passed, My wife continually found a reason why the case could not be heard, so to extend the time that I could not see my baby. Eventually, I was able to defeat the false DSS charges, then later she dropped the domestic abuse claim (only after she realized she was going to lose the case), but she still refused to let me see my baby, except when she had no choice, during hospitalization. Yes, I won the battle against all legal actions against me, but the courts would only tell my wife that I was allowed to see my daughter whenever I wanted, and we had to arrange it on our own as adults. My wife, who ironically is in divinity school to be a minister, refused.

I was only ever able to see my baby when she was hospitalized, and my baby girl was in the hospital much of her life, due to many illnesses. Some of which were from possibly pre
Special consideration must be made for immigrants who attempt to use the VAWA loophole to gain citizenship. The current bill strips USC's of their due process constitutional rights. Both men and women are affected by this due to the "Gender Neutral" language in the VAWA law that was reauthorized in the Senate bill version that stripped out the language to try to control the immigration fraud that is now running rampant.
falsely accused of dv, lost my job because of it, and now I'm trying to get my life back on track
Can I man be accused for domestic violence in USA by a baby mother overseas, after three years of no fiscal relationship?
its happened to me recently
im sitting here wondering if da
is going to press charges and i didnt lay a finger on her she was ****ed because i turned off the tv and the wifi
I can relate to this topic because I once made false allegations against my lover because I was a woman scorned and wanted to get even with him and make him feel the same level of pain that he made me feel. Luckily for him and me, I was convicted in my spirit and confessed to the court that I'd lied and the matter was dropped. If I'd not been lead to do that, my lie could have ruind this man's life because he was already on probation after having just served several years in prison for an unrelated matter. He's dead now and it is a lightened burden on my conscious that I didn't let this lie follow him to his grave and he was able to clear his name, but many men aren't as lucky as him. In this society, a woman's word is bond in the eyes of the law. If she says that a man abused her in any way, that man goes to jail...without question or delay. This is so unfair to men and I request that you please level the scales of justice on behalf of all men in America by first thoroughly investigating all complaints against men that are brought to the attention of the law by women.

Thank you,

Catherine Jones
False Allegations go hand in hand with Parental Alienation in Custody issues. It is an easy out for many and a revenue generator for lawyers and Family Courts!!!!!
As a male victim of domestic violence my voice was never heard by any reponding police officer. In fact, when they arrived my batterer made false allegations against me which led to my arrest. Three years later, the Eloy Policy Department settled out of court admitting wrongdoing. Still, I lost my career, my name in 3 years of income because of the sexes actions taken by Arizona law enforcement. We need laws to protect men from false allegations because they have been far more than what we are led to believe. Thank you.
The mere false accusation of domestic violence, was used to get me out of my house.
we are good fathers and we want to raise our kids. all women want is the control or power and the money. if they want it that bad they should have been a man.
Under a false temporary stalking order for 3 months. No way to defend my 62 yo female self at home without my gun.
There should be consequences to making false allegations ... allegations made either directly to the police or even through internet social media websites -- Social media should have laws better placed as well to prevent this from happening
Dangerous law easily used as a sword instead of shield. A Butte man died over this. His girlfriend after making the false allegations cleaned out his bank account. He committed suicide. His mother Ruth had no money to bury him the girlfriend depleted his assets partying.
In Missoula a good man was arrested so his wife could take sole custody. The cops hauled him out of his place of work based on what his wife said. I am a woman and oppose this law.
No to lying scum
This needs to be stopped.
I am standing up for the injustice of the falsely accused and fathers that want to be fathers to their children , can't be because of scorned women who want to take out their anger in a wrongful manner.
My fiancée is active duty military. His ex wife and her mother have accused him of child abuse and child molestation, both resulting in EPOs being issued against him. There was absolutely zero evidence to support those EPOs! Their FALSE accusations could have ended his military careers! His custody battle began 2 years ago. The county where his child is being held from him doesn't even investigate actual legit abuse. If there are no bruises, no lacerations, they call the case "unsubstantiated". The courts haven't even let HIM talk, or lay down the concrete evidence he has IN BLACK AND WHITE to include the criminal records of his former in laws and ex wife. The court system in Bracken county Kentucky, the Social Services workers in that county, even two particular law offices need to be investigated for falsifying information and conflict of interest. Since when does being that 1% who is willing to lay his life on the line for his country and go to war for all of our rights Gove one court, one family, and 2 lawyers the right to strip my fiancée of HIS God given right to be a father?? He can more adequately and stably provide for HIS Daughter than those who oppose him of "low socioeconomic status (as stated in a Bracken County Social Worker's own words!)" Since when is favorable interest of the child based upon lies and a deceitful family who has made a way of life out of the welfare system and our tax dollars? Especially a family with CRIMINAL RECORDS for abuse and assault on both adults who are handicapped and minor children who are their own blood kin?

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