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i filed suit for IIED because my ex falsely led me to believe that we would reconcile but she was actually in a relationship with my friend and when i had never acted in an aggresive manner towards her for the first time went to the place where she worked and i used to work she filed a stalking injunction against me after threatening months before hand that she would do so if i didnt give her space but she knew that i was emotionally distressed and just wanted to know the truth nothing more then lied about being afraid for her life and made false statements at the hearing and the judge granted the order even though i had no history or record of any sort of violent behavior in my life. i was arrested after she sent several people to my house to threaten me which i can prove and when the same person caught by the police followed me again i followed the person to where she worked and saw the officer in the parking lot to ask for his help to make a record of the man who followed me again i was arrested that moment for violating the injunction. this has caused so much damage in my life and the domestic violence laws are a gross denial of our constitutional rights to due process and the rights to have the charges against us proven beyond reasonable doubt. we must protect real victims but we must not do so in a way that will create more victims then we are intending to protect. which is whats happening
Justice2injustice hopekidsfuture kids aren't at fault if we don't put a stop to allegations what is going to be the life our future kids future! I have been threatening from my ex girlfriend for many years 9 years ago I took her in with three siblings that are girls everytime kids were sick in need of medical attention & now my to boys that age's 4&1 year old that almost lost their lives several times are when I would bring it to her attention she will get terrified in anger and lose control not to tell her what to do that I was not a Doctor to know and would call Laredo Police Department with false allegations and would threaten her own little girls that if they didn't say what she saidpolice will take her away and they would never see her for the rest of her life and CPS would get them and separate them for the rest of your life and not see each other again have over 20 witnesses of the injustice of false allegationsand still we are getting injustice haven't seen my two boys for over 7 months when ordered by the court judge legal aid attorney from Corpus Christi MS FlanaganCPS from Laredo Texas as well Corpus Christi Texas even though they backed off no one is following procedure from court judge Thank You Respectfully, Mr.Ramon
I have had false accusations in the past from my former gf of more than 20 years ago. My current gf knew all the stories, guess what current gf is trying to stay in my home and keep my child from me by using my own home as her sanctuary while I am forced to live outside my home and now I am forced to get an attorney because she cries wolf upon 5 years of verbal abuse from her while I was trying to take a shower with my clothes half off and she kept screaming and yelling about my other son (because he is from another mother) about what a POS he is. I asked her to stop yelling, placed my hand upon her mouth to get her back and she trips over the bed and stuff lying on the floor and hits her head on the armoire, now I am being forced to defend myself against domestic violence although I never hit her.
We have a 3 year old son involved and it tears my heart up that I can't see my son because the law says that I am a risk though I have never even gone to court or been arrested.
This is in the State of Washington, I see way too many absurdities of the law and hard working men like myself, who spend all day working to make ends meet coming home to an unhappy verbally abusive female partner.
My daily grind is to work hard for my family, come home hug my lady and child, have a beer and get up and do it again....and I am the "Offender"?
My fiance is going through this right now. All he wants is to spend time with his son. And all his ex is doing is alienating him and refusing their son the love of his father, and falsely telling the judge and her own daughter that she was abused. False accusers need to be put in jail.
If ever there was a violation of rights by vindictive spouses, this is it. Not only is the family court biased against men, but this action is unconscionable to good fathers.
Ok I have been in and out of of court with my ex for the past year for custod and now going on two protection orders which both are false accusations. She is filing orders cause of our current custody agreement and her new boyfriend. She also has violate the custody order since it was first instated. I have warned her that if she keeps not letting me she my son then I will get her for contempt. Now that she's lied yet again for a protection order what will happen to her if I prove she was lying?
I hope laws like this pass to protect the innocent. I know at least three men that have been falsely accused and at least two women that are friendfriends that have attacked there ex's out of purecjealousy. I believe that these women have mental disorders and there needs to be a law that protects the innocent children andand innocentinnoce ex husbands against false claims.
Killeen Police officers pressured me to make a statement that my son assaulted me when he didn't. I told them I'm okay and not hurt and at all. They were not happy with I told them so they took me outside and took pictures of me to insist that I had st cathedral on my arms .I told them that is dry patches of skin allergies. My son was not even at home during this time. I can admit that we did have an argument but he did not assault me. KPD told the magistrate judge that my son had beat me and I was bleeding and he had a history of beating his mother. None of this is true. Right now I'm going through the process of trying to get all charges drop and removing the restraining order. I had called 911 hoping for help for my son. I refuse to allow crooked cops destroy me and my son. Yes his god father got him out of jail. My son lost some of his memory and have seizures due to a bad auto accident about a year ago. Please We the asking for your help because we're being victimized every day .We are innocent Victims. HELP US.
Thank You Kindly
My husband's issue happened in Merrimack, MH 03054. His ex-wife had him arrested for calling his son to make arrangements for father's day and going to another son's basketball tournament. She filed a restraining order as leverage for him to sign over the house and children to her. He refused and she and her attorney had him arrested. The hearing for the restraining order my husband (this occurred before our marriage) who was pro se got his ex-wife's attorney to admit that the offer to him was they could make it all go away if he signed everything over. The judge heard this- threw the restraining order away but by then it was too late. The judge, however, didn't punish the attorney or the ex-wife for falsely accusing my now husband. This law was meant to save women in abusive relationships not give women a weapon to get everything in a divorce settlement.
I am currently fighting false allegations of abuse in the very liberal State of MN. The female referee has acted with extreme bias and disrespect throughout our hearings (court transcripts), even though I presented evidence that clearly contradicted my ex-wife's false allegations. An appeal process and complaint to the MN board on judicial standards is currently underway, because it has and it is greatly impacting my ability to have continual access to my young daughter - her lies build on top of more lies. Recently, my ex-wife has moved our daughter 150 miles away from me (childhood home) without consulting myself (we share joint legal custody), the court or our parenting consultant. This puts me in a position of being a weekend dad only, which I was very clear to the court that I did not want. I want and deserve (as does my daughter) the opportunity to have as much influence and access to my daughter then her mother does. It is my fervent belief, that complete control of our daughter and retaliation for standing up for my parental rights are the main reasons that she has filed these false claims. In a state where joint physical custody is not uncommon (where both parents act in the best interests of their child), it was very easy for her to obtain sole physical custody of our daughter after claiming that I mentally and physically abused her. For a span of 13 years prior to the alleged abuse and separation the police were never called for any reason whatsoever.
After over 4.5 years in the family law system, my life has been turned upside down and my business (my livelihood) has almost been destroyed. I'm very close to loosing all that I have (the roof over my head, my transportation, my business and most importantly my daughter). I will not give up until justice is served.
Semper-Fidelis to all the good and loving fathers out there that just want to parent their children without being continual harassed and made to feel like criminals. Don't give up!
I am happy to sign your petition as I am a victim of my ex that has lied countless times. I even have court transcripts where she has committed perjury but the judge has done nothing. My daughter has told me her mom has tried coaching her that I sexually abused her. My daughter has also told me she would tell the judge as well. We tried this summer and she told cps but they did nothing.
I have been falsely arrested for DV. My husband has law enforcement connections that aid him- he filed for divorce and has said I will never get a dime. The assault ON ME that led to his buddies arresting me is actually on audio and videotape! My house has been stolen from me because of the TPO and I am living homeless. So many civil rights caught on tape violated- the legal system is more like a buddy system. When my husband verbally emotionally, financially then physically ( choking, gun pointing at me, destroying my property, assaulted me causing lacerations) I was told to get videotape- I have the evidence and I am still living a minute by minute hell awaiting trial.y
I am going through false accusations now. I have volunteered to take a polygraph and passed it. The local Sheriff Anna Franklin put on her face book page that I brutally attacked her. I was fired from my job. Because of the Sheriffs comments. I worked for the same company for 22 years.
I have seen this happen to many of my male friends. I am a female and it happened to me. The court system is a joke and it is always the first person who alleges abuse wins. Lets make people that make false allegations of DV legally and financially accountable. Too many taxpayer dollars are spent on ruining innocent peoples lives'
A neighbor uses the Domestic Violence as a payback for county violations he is guilty of. I have had 3 filed on me to date with nothing but lies to try and get the judge to issue them. This law needs some work to protect the innocent. What ever happened to lying under oath.
I am signing this because false allegations of abuse were leveled against me by my ex, accusations which can be PROVEN false by a preponderance of evidence on my part plus I have ONE thing she doesn't, WITNESSES that can PROVE my innocence because at the time the events she spoke of were to have taken place I was still in the process of recovering from major brain surgery for a life threatening condition I supper from called Hydrocephalus, I would like to know the avenues I could take to get my story out there and explain it publicly
I am currently going through a similar devastation here in San Jacinto county Texas. A female lady I rented my home to her by tenancy aggreement. Then I found out she was from the Burke center for mental issues and she wasn't taking her medications in which she started having demented episodes which she ended up getting bruises but no swelling on her face while I kept her from killing both of us with knives etc. She then left my home and had the police pick me up twice. The first time I was let out on a $1000bond overnight. She begged her way back and two weeks later did it again and I stayed in jail 3-1/2 months on a $50,000bond which when I got out my home had been robbed and desserted and they still will not arrest her while she plays victim with a phony police report. Someone please help stop this crisis before our country is ruined.
My son was accused of domestic violence when he broke off a relationship with a women who just wanted someone to pay her bills. She choked him and he grabbed her hands to stop her. That was the "domestic violence." She verbally abused him; he lost 60 pounds in 2
months. He tried to move out and cut out what he was paying for with rent, and she filed the claim to keep him on the hook.
Ive been falsely accused, because I caught my girlfriend cheating on Online Dating sights like Zooks and had her Son confirm it cause he was dragged with her. I was upset and she called cops and accused me of DV just to get me out of the home. Now a year later I denied my plea and I'm taking it to trial. I am willing to face max sentence, because I cant admit to something I didnt do...... who is with me.....who can I call for help. ( ) where in the heck are my rights........
My son has been falsely accused and found guilty in one incident and now he is being accused again and is pending. I am desperate to find answers how is he protected by law. Any body that knows him knows he is not a violent person. In first case we all knew he is the one that was the victim...but we found out that what ever the woman says that is what is believed...I do not condone domestic violence at all....but where is the mans rights come in for his protection????
These false allegations of assault also extend to house/room mates. The accuser stole TV, furnitures and more, and had a party at my house while I was held in jail. All because I asked her to move out after living for free at my house for six months. All because this person is revengeful and vendictiv.
I to have been falsely accused of domestic violence. And have had my kids ripped out of my life because of this lie
I to have been falsely accused of domestic violence. And have had my kids ripped out of my life because of this lie
Im being falsely accused of domestic violence against my ex... shes useing false claims to win our custody case... im no angle but im not a woman beater. .. ive spent 15gs on my custody case and now im on my own defending myself from this woman who has major issues. .. (reason I dumped her).. how do we stop this
I have a friend who was just convicted and sentenced to 6 months in jail for FALSE accusations of domestic violence. The woman lying about his alleged dv is using as a tactic to win full custody of their children in a pending divorce case. There was NO physical injury done and she is mentally ill having accused him of this in the past and then recanting..but somehow she got away with it again. This has to stop and is making the judicial system look very unjust. Please help.
I know this girl tawney puderbaugh who has done this to two of her boyfriends when they didnt lay and hand on her if you ask her she will admit it now that she lied to get her way. i cant stand women like this especailly when she has tons of protective orders against her. they dont care though when its female making up the lie about a male hitting them.
My son's mother keeps getting me arrested i want out of a abusive relationship & because her mother is a correction officer & she has her back & often tells her to do these crule things to me help i cant stay out of jail
I was in the state of Washington some years back i was married and just had a child an argument erupted one day after i told my wife i didn't like how things were being said out of proportion about me to her family and friends tempers flared she threatned me i i theratned her but it was in response to her threat i wasnt gonna carry it out we were both angry i apologised anyway later on. eventually she told me to leave i said no and later on i was humbled out our home by law-enforcement, i also received a no contact order with no place to go and a snow storm comming i was invited back home i had not abused my wife but knowing she can pull this off warrented them to give me a no contact order. Later one night after i went home i was going into the bedroom wich she restricted me to sleep in but i could have access to she had the door blocked i pushed it a little and it gave way opening, she jumped called the police like i did something to her and i was arrested now i am out with a conviction and a 5yr order of protection cant see my son for 5yrs and the situation is serious i had to agree to therse terms among others in order to be released from jail and be on probation i need help cause i was told if i appeal the case and win after signing the papers for my release i can go back to jail for a year also my wife can say anything in the probation period and i can go back to jail plaese help me finding a job is harder than i thought
My son is being accused of domestic abuse and he has video recording showing he did nothing wrong except ask the mother to put medication on his baby and his lawyer is saying he will probably be found guilty he will lose his children his job his whole life these laws need to be changed. It is not abuse for the mother to let the child go without medication where does the welfare of the children enter into the law
I was arrested and forced to sign a protective order by my father after his false allegations of domestic violence. He is an avid drug and alcohol abuser with a long criminal record. When he heard that I was in the works of getting a well paid government job he pulled this stunt out of jealousy because he cannot get a job and, as a result I had to withdraw my application. I am 5'3 120lbs he is 6ft 200 something lbs. I couldn't even believe the NYPD took him serious but it seems their only concern is making their quotas, so honest hardworking young people like me suffer. We need to stop this injustice, because in these situations it is not innocent until proven guilty, its guilty until proven innocent.
I currently have a protective order put in place by mentally ill spouse who is pregnant and off medication. She has broken the order twice. The order is still in place. I know that this is the illness and increased hormones due to the pregnancy, but it still hurts to have the person you love dearly do this to you. I am a former sniper and love long range shooting as my hobby and stress relieve and cannot have my weapon untilthis gets removed.
i have just watched my son fall victim to restraining order abuse. His girlfriend hit him with a Yankee candle in his head. She was arrested. Since then she has been putting restraining orders on, taking them off and then calling the police to say he threated her again. He gets arrested over and over again because of her lies. The judges believe her each time. During the summer the court put him on a GPS. She would continue to come over to my house. She is not afraid!! He has never hit her ever!! Restraining orders and lies are her weapon of choice.
There should be a way to discourage people from making false allegations. If the accusations can be proven false, those people should be liable in some way. Whether it's fines or jail time. Serious accusations like these can really damage an innocent person's life.
I recently was the victim of an allegation. Totally false but now on my record I have a protective order. I am experiencing this firsthand. So crazy. I feel like I am in a television soap opera but it's affecting my real life and my job, just everything. Domestic violence is what an argument? A disagreement or who wins when they pick up the phone and fabricate a story. I guess the best storyteller wins. The judge gave me no input, believed everything my partner said??????? I am in disbelief this is the way our civil rights work? The system totally has failed me.
I am in support of Men in equal speech. I recently was in court and saw that only the one that calls first and blames the other which is by population studies the women. Some just angry. Some for revenge and this must stop today. Our justice system is failing and flawed by not allowing equal gender opportunity to have a voice. Please stand for what is equal rights for men.
Totally crazy to think that the first one that calls wins! So many lies and men are always the ones that do not call. What is wrong with our system. Equal for all, not just gender sterotypes!
this has to end. How can someone make such false claims after they filled for divorce? They had a chance to make any allegations but found this as a weapon when they felt they were loosing the divorce process. Simple you can't make up accusations after.
This must end. Not only men go through this, but women also. Something's got to change
I have a childhood frend who has been falsely accused/convicted twice on domestic violence charges. His wife is mentally ill andno one has looked @ this issue or angle. It is beyond sad to see him try and rebuild his life and secure any kind of custody of his two children, hold down a job now that he's a convicted felon. Justice has not been seved and he simply doesnt know where to turn to be exhonorated.
I've been falsely accused...
Super Bowl Sunday my wife listened to two stupid neighbors who convinced her that I was having an affair, to call the police and say I committed sexual battery and battery to her. That way she can get revenge and ruin my career. Long story short, I was arrested and charged. The case was dismissed after she told the truth to the prosecutor. But the issue now is that arrest is still on my record. So I believe if a case is dismissed, especially when false allegations are or were made the arrest should automatically be removed from my background.
This is so messed up but true. Its exactly what my poor btother is going through now. Its sad its false but around the holidays as well. Its a bunch of chaos, nothing but a lying big mess. prayers for not just him but all thats being falsely accused.
This is happening to my son now!
These needs to heard!
As "Joleen L. from North Branch, MN" rightly said, the kids need to be taken to child care facility until the case is resolved. This way you are giving equal opportunity to both the parties of coming out with truth.

Most women just by accusing are getting free Lawyer, free home, free food stamps, husbands vehicles, in some husbands home, get all the kids, get enough time to teach kids how to talk against father in court, above all FREE CARD for the IMMIGRANT VISA.... yeah simply if USCIS is not approving your other visa, just accuse your spouse and get to stay here. I have heard cases where couples plan to use domestic violence as the way to get the DV related US visa (U-Visa) and they get together later in life once the wife/husband get a permanent residence here in US.
My mother inlaw convinced my husband while in the hospital. Incompetent to sign over power attorney to her then convinced him of horrible lie they both went before a judge AND LIED NOT 1 thing was true I was thrown out of my home beaten robbed lived on the street I was uicidl at that point this while my husband wasn felony probation. Fr trying to kill me he'd would. Call lid to police I'd ho To jail
stop it please!
this is a very important petition and it can happen to anyone anytime...please help this !
Please stop this!!!
I am learning all of this first hand as a family member is currently in this situation. False accusations must be stopped and the accusers making these false accusations must be punished! There are 2 sides to every story, you MUST hear both sides. Just because someone says something happened does NOT make it true. Being arrested without an ounce of evidence is ludicrous! Being the "first" to call automatically makes you the victim??? Great way of getting back at someone because you are angry at them! And yes, this happens to women as well as men!

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