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Just because you have a child does not mean that you can be a MOM.. False allegations to a man, a father is not noticed!! Time to look at facts !!!
Just because you have a child does not mean that you can be a MOM.. False allegations to a man, a father is not noticed!! Time to look at facts !!!
Rape Shield laws is the feminist answer to equality? Men found guilty in the court of public opinion. While the accuser hides from her victim.
Not only Florida but Illinois does not even have a clear definition of domestic violence.
Have you been falsely accused or wrongly prosecuted for domestic violence? False allegations and wrongful prosecutions harm the innocent, squander resources, and shortchange true victims.
In honor of Mike Pedarock..falsely accused of domestic violence by an angry ex girlfriend on drugs...
Im a strong supporter of victimsbof domestic violence, but someone I know and love had bogus allegations made against him out of revenge and it destroyed his life-homeless, lost employment, lost children's.
My coward of an ex-husband (allegedly) gave me years of abuse, to include bruises, broken bones, financial ruin, custody battles and when I was finally brave enough to speak up about this, he managed to twist the story around and make himself the victim. This victimized me twice; first to endure his abuse, then again as I watch those who would help me turn against me. This is not a man/woman issue, but a cowardly choice abusers make.

If a fire alarm is pulled falsely, does the fire department stop responding? No. And if you falsely pull a fire alarm there is consequences. Everyone knows that.

If you report a child or a spouse being abused, they tell you there have been so many false reports made that they will not respond anymore until something 'really bad' happens. There should be strong consequences for those who file false reports! And all reports should be investigated regardless.

My life is a silent prison and everyone involved says there is nothing they can do about it. This cannot continue.
yes my ex is using this towards me and I know that I am NOT that person that she claims
Conspiracy? Plotted? My x moved in the new boyfriend and slept with him in front of me. One night they both crawled in bed with me. They called the police on me 2 or 3 times per day and filed 30 reports of allegations. Cameras came into the house, things began to be stolen and i was accused of what he was removing. I was moving belongings from a 6000 sq foot home after 17 years and needed a place for my 3 dogs. My x finally got me arrested on a lie. He took my dogs, piano, everything. I was found 'not guilty' and his testimony was impeached for inconsistent statements and the new boyfriend was impeached as a witness for following the lies. The same video he had me arrested on also set me free because it revealed him tormenting me and locking up my possessions deliberately. I am a survivor of false allegations of domestic violence, tormented for months, but it destroyed my life. He was awarded by taking all my things and hurting me through keeping my dogs and lost my job over the arrest. It is so clear of a set up and the judge and attorney caught him easy in the lie. He is also a pathological liar since childhood and severe dyslexia through high school. Because he got away with lying his whole life and was never punished, he knew he could also get away with false allegations. But he would not succeed in he court room. My attorney busted him 3 times for lying. It was as if my X on the stand was inventing stories and mixing different stories, like a child and he smiled while doing it. I stayed with someone for 17 years and never really knew who he was until I saw his sick head lie on the witness stand.
I also had police tell me they were not on his side and I think eventually the whole department began to realize. After all, he called the police on me at 2 am, accusing me, when I was fast to sleep!!!
Please pray for me. I am one of those people that is facing this charge. Logan county Colorado M3 harassment.
I attended an event October 14, 2014 at Touro Law School where Kathleen Rice, Touro Alumna and Nassau County District Attorney, was the guest speaker on the topic of Domestic Violence. I asked her if the prosecutors office has brought charges against anyone that has falsely claimed domestic violence especially in cases of divorce and custody battles. Although she seemed somewhat surprised by the question she answered honestly saying that her office is aware of the problem but has not acted on it. The pattern of mostly women claiming domestic violence just to improve their position in custody and child support will sadly continue until these cases are taken seriously and prosecuted. I ask you, is this equality?
I attended an event last night at Touro Law School where Kathleen Rice, Touro Alumna and Nassau County District Attorney, was the guest speaker on the topic of Domestic Violence. I asked her if the prosecutors office has brought charges against anyone that has falsely claimed domestic violence especially in cases of divorce and custody battles. Although she seemed somewhat surprised by the question she answered honestly saying that her office is aware of the problem but has not acted on it. The pattern of mostly women claiming domestic violence just to improve their position in custody and child support will sadly continue until these cases are taken seriously and prosecuted. I ask you, is this equality?
This system was used by my then-pregnant girlfriend to kidnap my unborn son from me. He is now 11 months old and I have yet to see him. There needs to be recourse for the true victims, those who are subject to these manipulators and liars.
False allegations not only do damage to the one accused, but also to the accused's family and friends. I don't believe the men and women who make these false allegations realize, or care about, the impact they have on those surrounding the accused. Often times the false allegations come about when someone feels betrayed or hurt and they want to get back at that person. It's that kind of selfish thinking that ruins people's lives.

Not only does this negatively impact the accused and their family, but also those with real, genuine abuse claims. I have noticed that I am now more skeptical of abuse claims where I used to be very sympathetic. People who falsely accuse others of this kind of abuse are belittling and trivializing those who are actually being abused.

As someone who has been abused and also close with someone that has been falsely accused, I understand the grey area and very fine line that needs to be walked by law enforcement in these situations. However, I agree that something needs to be done to help those who are falsely accused. I hope good things come out of this petition and more light is shed on situations where someone is falsely accused.

Thank you for doing your part to support the men and women who are seemingly helpless to defend themselves when falsely accused of these crimes.
I have been in contact with Senator John Edwards of Roanoke, Virginia for several YEARS about this issue! He agrees that there is a problem with false accusations, specifically with Protective Orders and Restraining Orders, but he still REFUSES to do anything about it!! He can be reached at (540) 985-8690

People MUST call their STATE LEGISLATORS about this! Get RID of Protective and Restraining Orders!!!! They are done with NO TRIAL, NO DUE PROCESS, and very little, if ANY evidence!! It's SYSTEMIC and WIDESPREAD!! It is ALL coming from VAWA (The violence against women act) which is Federal, but the STATE LEGISLATORS are the ones who can change it!!!

If you're in Virginia... Contact:
Senator John Edwards.... (540) 985-8690
Tell him to END Protective Orders!! There is NO due process with a Protective Order!! NONE!
For the past six years, my wife and I have been abused by our neighbors who obtained restraining orders against us with assistance from the police and city attorney. Essentially, we challenged the government about some issues in our neighborhood. The neighbors and the government didn't like their ILLEGAL actions being questioned. They had their feelings hurt. We live in Seattle. Nobody has ever been physically harmed. WE have been emotionally and financially damaged.

The police and city government coached neighbors to get court orders and continue to help them harass us by abusing the orders. We filed an abuse of process suit. The court dismissed it based on anti-SLAPP and we had to pay over $100,000 in attorney's fees and sanctions. Essentially, the court said anyone can abuse the legal system and lie as long as the system is in on it. Again, we were punished for challenging the government. We had attorneys for our cases. Obviously, their efforts could not stop the abusive orders.

The courts don't care! At one renewal hearing, the judge said 'I only have 15 minutes. We have a busy docket today.' Our incompetent, expensive attorney didn't care and told the judge 'we don't care if it's renewed.' That definitely wasn't how we felt. But, we were prohibited from speaking; only the lawyers and judges can talk to each other in court! At another hearing the judge said 'I'm not even supposed to be here today.'

Judges and the legislature have all the power to stop this abuse and they don't. Lives are ruined financially and emotionally. Taxpayers' money is wasted. And it's almost impossible to get rid of judges who don't care or don't want to do their jobs. This is shameful and disgusting in our country. It's up to the legislature to stop this now!!
I was falsely charged with domestic assault. My ex wife assaulted me and then called 911. I was arrested and thrown in jail. I worked for a government agency. I was employed 18 years. The fact that arrested for domestic assault destroyed my career. I have now been unemployed for 4 years
The petition was a no wrongdoing petition if there's no wrongdoing hot going to be abusive I don't understandon the poor man 69 years old with so security and can't afford an attorney and I need help with the situation
Sunday I was at a public car show at Riverside and camping association club and and she and her son showed up and probably share for a while her son came over to me told me to get the **** out of here I said why he said because my moms this is interfering in my life making my life very difficult to livethere so I left I didn't want to cause any trouble I reported it to the assistant District attorney in Pennsylvania they told me there was nothing I could do about it , but just put up with for 3 next for years and spent nine days in jail for making a mistake and texting her the wrong person when I was trying to text somebody else I feel like I'm on justly petitioned because I'm poor man and without funds so security I'm a 69 years old
Sunday I was at a public car show at Riverside and camping association club and and she and her son showed up and probably share for a while her son came over to me told me to get the **** out of here I said why he said because my moms there so I left I didn't want to cause any trouble I reported it to the assistant district attorney to be a face-off spell ministration like to Pennsylvania they told me was nothing I could do about it
I have a PFA against me in Pa and I never hit her yelled at her threatened her followed her , I have no money for a lawyer and have some knowledge on how to file petitions
I have a PFA against me in Pa and I never hit her yelled at her threatened her followed her
I have seen firsthand how the courts treat men accused of DV. The women can say and do what ever they want to ruin a mans life. Its throw them(men) in jail because' SHE SAID" he did this or that" even though she is a jealous twit and is going to say and do whatever it takes to make sure he goes to jail for a crime he did NOT commit! Just because she is an evil person. Those women should be ashamed and punished. Lied under oath! Her tearful account of something that did not happen the way she says it happened! I blame the lawmakers, police,and judges, for creating this monster. It's your fault we have so many men seeking revenge,you have allowed these power hungry evil creatures to destroy someones life...because you(the broken system) allow it.Trying to protect the innocent little woman from the big bad wolf. EPIC FAIL! I know some are in need, but it needs to be investigated and both sides need to be heard,and you can't always believe what comes out of a witches mouth to be true!
Having been through this abuse with a non-domestic restraining order against me, I am all too aware of how terrible the results of such actions can be. I am still suffering from PTSD because of this. Please do something about this unlawful abuse. Those of us who are having a restraining order put against us aren't even able to defend ourselves properly. My cases were total entrapment and staged from the very beginning. Why else would people be filming me at precisely the unscheduled time I came out of my home? Why would they sick some dogs on me so that the dogs came up to me? This was all done and got much worse because I repeatedly called the police about some drug dealers next door to me. These people who went after me had harassed me for two years, even sending unsigned hate letters and assaulting me, but when it came to court, they
My son just recently got slapped with an order of protection keeping him from his wife and child. What a shock for a father who has never raised his voice or spanked his child. The mother on the other hand has on multiple occasions slapped, kicked and pinched him so hard in my presence that I have even had to tell her to stop. So many lies and yet she makes him out to be the abuser. My granddaughter has made comments to family members that mommy is mean to daddy. I find it difficult to believe that a Judge would sign something without any real proof and it should not be allowed. Also, my father has been abused by his wife for years and she has tried on several occasions to set him up trying to get him to strike back. He was so afraid for his safety that he started taping her tantum/episodes and I still have those tapes. Very scary and it disgusts me to think that women can get away with so much.
mel c. new jersey south
I was accused of domestic violence 20 years ago based on nothing but accusation. I have lost my home, kids, and 65% of my pay since. Been thrown in jail,and have money billed illegally to keep me in their system. still can't get the restraining order dropped and I live half mile away and never violated it ever. Kids don't know me and haven't seen youngest in 15 years. Judges do not care,lawyers do not care. appellate courts do not care. review boards are a joke. I am ashamed of the country I served under to let this happen to good men and women without proof. if you have V.A. benefits you are a target. have a prenup to keep what you earned by serving our military, not them.
I am simply appalled because my best friend is faced with prison time He is on parole and his wife accused him of domestic violence when he refused to sign a insurance check. the next thing he knew the police was looking for him with a warrant for his arrest.
My husband's ex claw down his face leaving a bloody trial, then called 911 claiming DV on him. Thankfully he didn't wash off his face and simply sat in the front yard waiting for the police. Though she went to jail that night for DV, it could have easily gone the other way if the officer had simply believed her side of the story. It is a disservice to women of REAL DV for others to use so very carelessly.
I totally agree
My ex, a fifth of Jack Daniels a day drinker used to start verbal fights with me then call day after the police were at my home twice already she's katinf on the bed telling me that she's calling 91 so I lean over her to grab the pgone and she starts kicking my ribs, so ibjured and angry, no alcohol whatsoever, I punched her legs, police come, I don't admit to anything, they lock me up..later I'm charged with reckless endangerment cause she claims that I threw our beautiful 9 month old daughter ob the floor (she later told me that the woman that helped her file the complaint told her to say thay to insure that she got custody) Eventually I won the case but only after watching my daughter learn how to walk and talk under guard for 18 months...not only was I in criminal court but famuly court, got hammered for child support, the whole bit, there's more false accusations but I'm sick of typing, something inside me died that day
my son ira samuel denlinger was falsely accused of dv. now he can't get a job. he was in jail and then probation. it's been 3 years ago. there was no physical evidence.
It should have a level of burden of proof not just someone able to make accusations.
Men are being falsely charged with domestic violence. In the past, men charged of rape in South Carolina would go directly to jail. The only way to go directly to jail and not collect $200 is Domestic Violence.
Now, the only way that a DEA or Law Enforcement Agent decides to put anyone in jail is to use the same premises and steal Social Security Claims. Corruption up in America...

Institute for Science and International Security
Something needs to be done about this. It's unconstitutional and way too easy for an unbalanced person to use the courts for vengeance. I've dealt with years of emotional abuse from an over the top jealous spouse, parental alienation from my children as well as these false accusations. It should be a crime.
This is my second time fighting false alligation of child abuse and spousal emotional abuse. I was proven innocent last time. I'm military to and the impact is (I believe) twice what the civilians face. Haven't seen my children in almost 30 days. Poof,
out of nowhere I'm gone from my children's lives.
Military side is keeping from speaking to my 19 year old son who is 1500 miles away. God bless all of you going through this.
I am probably the odd person out here because I am a woman who has been falsely accused of DV. I reported a friend and mother for child neglect and have been subjected to intense harassment, threats and an overall sense of dread. She showed up to request the restraining order with a fake black eye and scraped on her knees. She has reported me to the State Board of Nursing in an attempt to have my nursing license revoked and falsely accused me of stealing from her. She has a mental illness but it is no excuse for this behavior. Thankfully, I am not in as bad a situation as many who have posted here in support of the petition. The false allegation of DV and subsequent granting of a TRO is disheartening.
Happened to me
In the process of habeas corpus, 5 diff clauses and a more then classic story. Not only did she completely lie, but the officer did, my attorney, probation multiple times. This is a story made worse cuz they can play a victim and men don't like to see women cry. Truly have so many reason it goes bad and others add to it making what was domestic against me, horrifically shameful and liable.
I have seen this law actively being abused by the police toward innocent parties while the true abuser is continuing to abuse not only his ex, but now his daughter, and no one pays any attention to the truth!!! DANCO must be eliminated! It empowers those who know nothing of the truth in these situations and it adds to the abuse of the innocent!!
I am currently titled the "alleged victim" in a DANCO case.. the one accused (my best friend and boyfriend of over 3yrs) is being FALSELY accused. I have been fighting this for over a year. The one serving time is only in jail because my abusive ex-husband has told police the "accused" was in my house. After multiple police searched my home without a warrant or permission, they didn't find the "accused" in my house, but weeks later arrested him anyway on 10/17/14. This kind of thing is continuing to go on and on.and has since July, 2013. I, myself have been bullied by the police, handcuffed thrown against the police car and yelled at simply because I respectively declined the officer's to enter my home based solely on what my true abusive ex-husband claimed that the accused was in my home. The county attorney has also bullied me and did not let me know my rights to request a speedy trial back when the original arrest was made in July, 2013. There was a hearing scheduled for Oct. 28th, 2014 to have this DANCO finally dropped, but yesterday, Oct. 17, 2014 law enforcement arrested the accused like they always do about a week before any scheduled hearing. We had a little over a week to finally have this been over with until he was arrested again .. FALSELY accused, no evidence, but according to the DANCO law ANYONE who says there was a violation of a DANCO order, including my abusive ex-husband who WANTS my boyfriend in jail, HAS to be arrested!!! This law is NOT helping the innocent.. in fact the wrong man is in jail and facing multiple felony charges due to my ex-husband who SHOULD be the one in jail!

There is SO much more to this. NO ONE seems to be helping.

"alleged victim" (of the STATE of MN., law enforcement and ex-husband.. NOT the "alleged victim" of the one serving time)
Watched a friend of mine lose battle after battle trying to get someone to listen to his side while his exwife used the "he abused me and probably the kids" to be awarded a move hundreds of miles away and then to alienate his children from him
I am currently watching my entire life shatter and crumble as a result of a drug addict making a false accusation of domestic violence. She worked in conjunction with a dirty police officer to get me put in jail so they could have sex, party, and rob me while i was in jail.
I am 30 years old, with a clean record, holding a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, and have NEVER been involved in any form of violence. I have been an advocate against domestic violence my entire life. The "victim" who is accusing me has done this three times prior and apparantly this is how she ends relationships. She has been charged with falsifying a police report and domestic violence herself on these past incidents. However, here I am on the verge of becoming homeless because of this false accusation. I have lost my job (which I love). I work with troubled youth in a juvenile placement facility. I cannot go back to work until I am cleared of these false charges. I have lost my CPL. I have zero money coming in and my bills are not stopping. The court system is moving slowly and continues to postpone my court dates. How is this fair? I am continually victimized over and over again.
The worst part i I have tons of evidence proving my innocence and not one person cares. This includes video of the officer breaking into my house after his shift. An 8 minute video of the woman breaking into my house.A text record of talking to a detective while she was claiming the violence was occurring. And tons of other things. NOBODY cares that my life is in ruins and I have been victimized!
Because of the false statement of allegations i've been limited time to speak to my kids no one person cares spite i live 68 miles and have done nothing then voice my opinion to be knock at. Evidence should be the main and not of just voice of someone that is abusive and controlling now to turn children against the other parent because they want to divorce and the no fault divorce should be a law banned it helps the one hiding asset and lies
This happened to my son by a vengeful girlfriend. He was arrested and put overnight in jail, and who knows what will happen next!
It is incredible how the accuser's statements are accepted without any objective evidence.
Sociality blindly views men as perpetrators of violence, the majority of Americans believe the biological myth the cycle of domestic violence only attaches to the “Y” chromosome. The gravest flaw in democracy is elected officials pandering to the majority to be elected. The Violence Against Women Act, VAWA is falsely seen as a noble cause despite history revealing over and over again that the root of all evil is a false noble cause. Humankind must come to accept there is only noble cause… equality.
Not that I advocate a Violence Against Men Act, two wrongs do not make a right not even a “women’s right”.
A Police officer came into my home prejudiced with society’s view and violated me and my 3 year old daughter while we should have been safe and protected in our home by our Constitution. The police entered and arrested me without a warrant. I was not even confronted with an allegation, later I would find out that a man must comply to fetal position when confronted by a violent women. I had pushed her off of me and ran from her. Domestic violence and abuse is terrorism the VAWA is state sponsored terrorism.
Having a child with a violent abusive women makes my life being forever fused. I have exhausted all remedies within the system. As a man I am left to comply with abuse and the compulsory fetal position or be immediately arrested without a warrant.
I recently spent a night over a friends home only to return home the next morning. My wife whom has a child from a previous marriage and has been delusional from some time called the cops on me and claimed I was abusing her. She had not one mark on her and they (NINE POLICE) took me down to the ground and instantly arrested me. They would NOT listen to my side of the story at all, and ACTUALLY told me they didnt care. If they didnt arrest me, their jobs would be on the line. While in jail I was told by numerous police officers that they all knew I was innocent but there is nothing they could do about it. Just fight it out in court. Well 20 grand later Im still fighting it. Its amazing the power these woman have over men and without any type of proof. Instead of arresting me the authorities should be looking at her and her parenting skills. The child support check she gets from her ex husband goes directly to smoking cigarettes, drugs, and scratch tickets. Its an unreal world we live in but I believe in karma and it will turn around to bite her right in the ass.
My son lives in Louisiana, I do not. After signing this earlier I wanted to make a comment. As I write this he is sitting in jail with a high bond that we don't have money to pay (50,000.00) He is accused of "Misdemeanor" domestic violence against his estranged wife that simply never took place.

He believes by her own conversations with him that she is on medications for serious mental disorders, the type that cause people to lose their balance easily; I believe this is what led to her allegation. He sits in jail and he has no lawyer, court appointed or hired. He does not go to court until late November. His job was being held until the end of this week and then its gone. He has no record of violence. There is so much going on here it is mind boggling and very hard not to be worried for his well being.

He sits in isolation knowing he is innocent of her charges alleged in a restraining order. In his bond hearing she was allowed to give her testimony full of deceptive drama and untruthfulness and he was not allowed to give his defense evidence with his own testimony. He sits in jail knowing his sons life has been turned upside down suddenly and feeling like his life is being ruined by someone he trusted; someone who changed when she met someone new and just wanted him gone.
When he leaves Louisiana his little son will feel further the sting of a manipulated absence of a parent he adores. Her misguided and reckless actions against a father trying to give the best support possible to his son have been instituted without regard for the feelings of the child. This is the second time she has attempted to separate a father and child, she lost the first attempt with her older child, she may get her way on this attempt.

I am writing this with his permission and on his behalf after a telephone conversation with him today from the jail. I see in reading some of these comments that many are suffering and I ask what has happened to America's system of "Justice for All"
My wife beat the crap out of me. When the cops showed up they threatened to take me to jail then left with her still pinning me to the ground. In another incident she would not leave me alone. When she went into the house I hit our vehicle which is when I got my DV charge.
I am know one of them victims! Know because I wanted out of a relationship I was accused of a domestic violence and thrown in jail and not able to make one statement! Hopefully my innate sense will prevail!
I have had this happen to me .... I have lived a nightmare for 7 years . It's not just me living it my daughter age 7 is too. I stayed to protect her but now because of the law I can no longer protect her ...and there are not support groups or help in my area for men only women
This has recently happened to me. The story is a long one and has done quite on number on me. I feel so frustrated and helpless. I have an initial hearing tomorrow, 10/16/14. I have a diagnosis of major depression and anxiety disorder and know she was targeting my weaknesses but for what ultimate goal I do not know. Maybe she gets off on this and in the process has turned my life upside down. There is so much to say about this but I would go on for hours. Thank You and I am glad I found this site.
I was set up by my brother knowing I entered a contract with the court of law in Nashville TN. He annoyed me to the point were I chased then smashed my fingers on the door knowing ill get mad.So I spit in his face and he called the cops on me and I got arrested for (D.V).It is unlawful that I was accused of this when there is always brotherly conflicts no matter what.
Dear Gentlemen : I am victim of DV false accusations of sexual abuse of my Daughter . AS a result of this accusations IO was restrained from my children I had to leave my America so i do not go to jail .I have never seen my children since then even i pay my child support .Try to extinguish hell from this law wirch mainly resul;ts are to send to jail incent men .

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