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The accuser is a chronic drinker and liar to benefit her. She had a plan to get a house and done this to get what she needed.
It is everyone's constitutional right to expect equal protection from the law. The law needs to be clear what is and what isn't DV. It needs to raise the burden of proof. It needs to remove the ability to try DV in both a criminal and civil proceeding. Nothing else, not even a parking ticket, can be tried under 2 different proceedings with 2 different burdens of proof. Findings of DV cannot be based off subjective discretion of judges. Too many innocent lives are ruined bec of the slippery slope of an arbitrary DV finding not based on factual evidence, but purely on allegations. The onus is supposed to be on the accuser, not the accused. I am one of the helpless victims. The irony is I was accused of DV with false allegations, the court did not base its finding on factual evidence, gave the benefit of doubt to my ex, and it snowballed into a loss of custody and granted my ex to move across the country with our child, all bec the family court made a "discretionary" finding of DV w/o factual evidence. This was not a criminal case, but a civil case, mind you, so the lowest burden of proof was used by the court. My life and my daughter's life will never be the same. My ex uses the leverage to exert control and power over me, the exact lessons taught to DV perpetrators. How ironic? PLEASE STOP THIS INJUSTICE!
I have read the other petition and I think action would be better than just mere words. How do you think same sex marriages were passed. We all need to come together and file a class action law suit. These laws plainly violate our costitutional rights as U.S.citizens. there is no do process of law for these allegations and the cause and effect deprives an individual of life, liberty and property.
This has tremendously affected my family. I pray that our justice system takes note of this large issue.
I am a considered a batterer no evidence no prior records just lies and not even have equal rights to my children its been a history of dv before i entered a relationship with her and she uses this whenever she wants programs that give money and help with housing not only she has a borderline personality disorder she was diagnosed with adjustment disorder and her words stand in family court not mines real investigations need to be held no just allegations
If there is no blood no scares no bruises then no jail and this goes both ways I know wife's and girls that the husbands lied about or the cops took there word with no physical proof
My husband is in jail because of a neighbor making false allegations of a supposed domestic violence that never occurred. . . Please sign for the fight!!
My ex-wife retaliated for the contempt of court I filed against her by filing a restraining order against me and now is trying to send me to jail every chance she gets by making false allegations of violation.
I have a family member who is has been denied access to communicate with his wife and child...not sure how one repairs or mends a marriage if they are forbidden to speak. As an advocate for families, I am absolutely against a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" law.
My son is getting a divorce one week after it was filed his wife lied in court to get a restraining order! A month later she called chd protection and lied to them about my grandson! Now child protection is trying totale leagalcustody of my sons oldest child! ( his. From a previous marriage) this needs to stop! Please help!
My son is getting a divorce one week after it was filed his wife lied in court to get a restraining order! A month later she called chd protection and lied to them about my grandson! Now child protection is trying totale leagalcustody of my sons oldest child! ( his. From a previous marriage) this needs to stop! Please help!
I have been billed $3400 and a restraining order for "talking about them". I contacted 30-40 attorneys none of which would consider the case. They were either a. too busy b. knew the parties c. not their specialty of tell me why my forefathers fought these wars ? Wasn't that FREEDOM OF SPEECH??
This is happening to me currently and he placed a DV Protection on me and has taken my 20 month old baby boy from me! And is having my baby around another woman that I currently have a protection order against with my child listed on the order! He currently has a case right now with false reporting! There needs to be justice done for these false claims as this is serious!
Protective Orders and Restraining Orders are Guilty, until proven Innocent.... LITERALLY.

NO trial, NO due process, and NO chance to defend yourself!

It is unbelievable that this is happening on such a huge scale, and congress refuses to do anything about it.
I am going through this and it is one of the most unjust things I could imagine.
My father has been wrongly accused of and charged with felony domestic violence. His estranged wife did this because he wants a divorce. She wants all of their property, so she's doing everything she can to make that happen. My father is a kind and gentle man who has given everything to this woman and in return asked to be left alone. Her response was to steal his medication and anything that held sentimental value (including his debased father's medals from Vietnam). When he pleaded with her to return these items, she threw herself to the ground scraping her knees. He called the police to report the stolen items. When they arrived, she told them that he assaulted her. Since her knees were scraped, they arrested my father. While in the process of trying to clear his name, she accused him again, stating that he assaulted her the week prior to this incident. He now has a bench warrant for his arrest. She has been calling and texting him repeatedly trying to get him to respond. If he responds, he'll be in violation of the no-contact order. My father feels sorry for her because she's emotionally ill and heavily addicted to pain medication which she stole from him. He feels helpless and says there's nothing he can do to fix this. He hasn't done anything wrong other than love and trust this woman who has turned into a monster.
my son has been put on false charges when he has lived in a another state for 3 months and has not contracted the ex .
It's out of control and a joke. Your basically screwed if it happens to you.
This has become a matter totally out of control here in the city of Memphis . It's a money maker and the law and the ones in charge to protect it have no concern for right and wrong .
Family court should be held responsible for all the families they have destroyed.
Guerlyne Dufresne is a child abuser and my children are in danger.
My sons ex girlfriend ,s mother called him from a new number. It was a set up to get him to call it and get arrested. Even with phone records proving provocation he slept in jail one night. This is not the way America works
America is not the Land of the Free, because of the Brave, anymore! The way child support and alimony amounts are calculated are unjust, for hard working men. My wife was having an affair destroyed our family, filed for divorce, and quite her job before our divorce court date! The courts dont care that she has always worked and is capable of working, she gets $1900 in support monthly, and can afford to gamble and take trips to Vegas! While I struggle to maintain my house, and to support my kids when tbey are with me! Courts are more than happy to use my military disability income, to calculate how much she gets a month. The courts have created welfare system, at the expense of hard working fathers, that do the right thing! Ohh and my ex wife is more than happy to watch her boyfriends 4 kids while he works, while she enjoys my hard earned money! Judges, lawyers, and politicians have all lost their moral compass and care more about how much money they can make out of divorce cases!
My ex was diagnosed with a nerve disorder in the late 1990's and her then husband left her with a mortgage payment and 3 children to support on her disability income. I took her and her 3 children in to my home and together we had a nice life for 14 years.After her mother died and she was due an inheritance she decided I was no longer needed. One night out of the clear blue her son attacked me and the next morning she and her son ran to court and filed a PFA against me. I had a nice home, cars, a successful home based business and helped make her life and her children better. After the false PFA, it was all gone. I have been fighting for a year now for justice to no avail. I have been told that I can appeal the PFA which will cost thousands and probably take longer then the 3 years it takes for the PFA to expire. Justice? I think not
My husband and I were on vacation in FL, and my husband was arrested for DV even though I was the one out of control. The police took him to jail anyways.
I am a female public school teacher, with 25 years of exemplary service. A brief re-marriage ended in a bitter divorce--my ex was also a teacher and accused me (with NO evidence other than his word) of biting him -- he was hoping to gain a financial advantage in our civil divorce. The allegations almost ruined my life!! I was charge with 3 felonies and would have lost my teaching credentials if convicted. Terrified, I pled nolo to misdemeanor harassment charges. One hundred thousand dollars later, we are finally on the verge of having the conviction overturned, and my understanding is that my ex will be charged. Truly, an unbelievable American nightmare.
Did you know criminals and mental illness are NOT the majority of murderers?
Did you know America is the leading jailer in the world?
Despite being Innocent over 95% are forced to plead guilty rather than go to trial.
Did you know at least 12% of People convicted of 'Serious' crimes are INNOCENT? (Probably much higher than 12%.)
In the 1990s, a federal inquiry found that DNA testing, then new, was clearing 25% of primary suspects. (DNA evidence is of little if any use for the vast majority of the wrongfully convicted. Only 5% to 10% of all criminal cases involve DNA evidence)
Did you know America is NOT Free?
Did you know the US Constitution guaranteees every citizen the right to possess firearms yet thousands are in prisons for owning a firearm?
Did you know some government officials, and members in Law are domestic enemies, traitors, and perjures to the US Constitution?
1 in 10 falsely accused of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
Up to 80% of domestic violence allegations against men are false allegations.
1 in 3 falsely arrested for domestic violence nationally.
Law Enforcement in North Dakota arrest the wrong person in domestic violence cases nearly 1 out of every 2 incidences.
Law Enforcement Officers commit the most violent assault crimes, the most sexual assault crimes, the most fatal excessive force crimes, and police domestic violence nearly twice the average rate.

North Dakota Wrongfully Convicted
Women can use this as a means to gain an upper hand in a child custody case, as this is what has happened to me. The custody dispute is ongoing. However I have since missed countless hours and visits with my son because of the no contact provision put in place, these laws need repercussions for the false accusers.
How about disbar divorce attorneys who coach women into entraping men into DVO then a violation to win case but destroy the lives due to the stigma attached to a lie.
I have personally fought wrongful persecution of a 100% falsely accused domestic violence protection order with very little progress other than receiving full custody and decision making of my 3 year old son.
If you are going through hell.. join a mens rights group. Start one in your town or county. My son has one in Arizona. if you live in that state.
I used to be judge mental of how things "seemed" from the outside but now after watching a young lady with mental health problems bring attention to herself by making false accusation about and/or against more than one ex boyfriend, my heart breaks for the people that ARE TRULY being physically abused.
I think it is utterly pathetic that women lie about domestic violence and do not have to suffer any ramifications. They truly can ruin a mans life by this horrific accusation.
I have a brother who's been caught in a chaotic relationship that he's been stuck in for over two years. He's been thrown in jail multiple times because of his crazy on/off girlfriend claiming he has hurt her which he never has. She's never been to hospital because of him and there are no police reports showing physical or emotional evidence that she has been abused by him. There is a 'no contact order' on him which she keeps violating by tricking him into seeing her by saying she needs him or she'll die. My brother constantly feels helpless. He lives in constant fear thinking he will be sent to prison or in order to be freed from her, his life should end. What's worst is that he has children with her now (she claims the children are his, and we are trying to have paternity tests done but 'surprisingly' she's never has been able to make it to her appointments that she had made.) We need new laws to help stop false accusers and help male victims!!! Please help!!!!
An order of protection is a weapon many lying women use to punish men. A man has to pay thousands for a lawyer and she can stroll into court all obnoxious with a pro bono advicate. Stop this false allegation business. There are already statutes on the books to handle crimes. An OP deprives people of their rights. I should know, im dealing with this right now.
my brother is going through false allegations for over a year now. Constant lies I hope this woman will get caught and arrested
On August 26, 2007 my now my ex wife had me arrested. She falsely accused me of domestic violence that she alleged was committed on August 18.2007 Upon my release two days later, I was told by neighbors that this was all planned .as she had previously enquired of them what course would one take if they wanted to proceed to US Citizenship as soon as possible without the involvement of the sponsor. My neighbors discussed domestic violence and the VAWA act with her, thinking she was asking for someone else. sometime later, the police showed up at my door. It was proven in court that her accusations has no merit as I have never at any point, raised a hand to my wife. Secondly I was at church on the date and time she accused me of the violence, I had witnesses who was going testify to my being in church and more who was going to testify to her questioning them on the path to citizenship through domestic violence .for 18 months I was going to court not knowing what they would to do to me. 18 months of her change dates and times, stores and they let her getaway with it. for me this was my Domestic violence this was my Humiliation and there was no help for me no one would help as I was the one who was being false accused of domestic violence they would tell me is this is your punishment . I lost it all and now as life go's on I can not forget that day when I was arrested some of you can say forget it and go on with your life, be a man and maybe your right but I can not I work so hard to get where I was and to lost it in one day and tell today I can not go out with a women I cannot trust a woman nor can I trust the legal system for what they did to me I do forgave her and I do fell sad for her to as I know there is a god and I live it up to god to be my legal system. but as for me right now life go's on day by day not knowing what life has for me good or bad ON FEB 2009 NOLLE PROSEQUI: COUNTS 1, 2, 3 **************** CASE CLOSED ***************** CountCodeDescriptionDispositionDispositi on Date 1 784.021(1)(A) AGGRAVATED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON PROS ACTION NOLLE PROSSED 10/21/2008 .....CountCodeDescriptionDispositionDispositi on Date 2 784.041 FELONY BATTERY (GREAT BODILY HARM) PROS ACTION NOLLE PROSSED 02/04/2009....................... CountCodeDescriptionDispositionDispositi on Date 3 784.03 BATTERY PROS ACTION NOLLE PROSSED 02/04/09 .......................................................................................................................................................................... as of right now am suffering from depression am letting everyone know because if you know someone who went Thru something like what happen to me you need to be there for them being false accused of something and having to go to court is something that No one should have to go through the nightmare I had to go through I hope this helps someone do not gave up I did not.
My wife started the violence by yelling at me throwing things around me and my 6 year old son. She jumped onto me so I push her back. She continued to yell and throwing things without any concerns for our 6 year old son who have autuism. He was crying and terrifying. My wife continue to yell and throw things at us so I react for the interests of my son my slapping her once to defend my son. She then a day later called her brother and he call the police to arrest me. I was arrested and put in jail. I am being charged with two counts of domestic violence. I need help.
I was convicted of a felony when I was 21 years old for punching a guy one time that swung a pool cue at my head. Therefor, I am a "violent" criminal. My wife whom I have now found out that I'm her FOURTH husband, has told me for six months that she "couldn't wait to take me for all I've got. After finding out that she has extorted twenty plus people across the united states, I kinda take her serious. I actually turn myself in next Tuesday to defend myself from what has now became the biggest hurdle I've ever had to jump in life. I honestly think that this judicial system will not give me a chance in hell in this town due to my past. She has taunted me ever since. I honestly am going to write a book about this woman when this is all over with. Maybe some good would come of it then.
A woman can use the judicial system to advance her agenda. In my case I was falsely accused and arrested for a domestic when in all actuality it was a ploy for her to get control of my vehicle and have a place for her parents to stay since they just lost their house. The really deplorable act came in the fact that she waited till the day I was supposed to pick up my oldest daughter from the airport for the summer to file the false allegations. So in one fail swoop she managed to evict me from my house, vehicle, and right to see my youngest daughter as well as almost costing me the chance to see my oldest for the first time in two years and making it to where I am scrambling to find a place where she and I can stay from night to night. All this from signing a bold face lie at the magistrates office. Oh and yes her parents showed up with a uhaul the next day
I have posted on this petition before and I have even sent a letter to white house on this issue but nothing has been done so far. So tell me are all these comments that are being received are looked into or its just for fun at your end.
My brother had DV charges against him from his Indian National wife who just arrived 2 months earlier. She was pregnant when she arrived and as soon as she delivered the baby she started her tactics. She did not even care for the baby . The next thing we know is there is police in the house and she is throwing all kinds of allegations and what happens , my brother is locked up and she is set free. Its been a year but till today we still are trying to figure out what happened. And guess what the baby was not even my brothers after we had DNA testing done. She had a boyfriend back in India. She is free , she wanted to come to the land of oppurtunities and she did by screwing up our life. The last we heard was she is trying to get her brother and parents into the USA as she came in with a green card.
Please do something , dont just read our stories , take action. I know there are many husbands out there who are being framed for DV by their wives who are from India right now because thats the only easy way for them to come into the country. Do something. Make the rules strict for all those ladies who are coming in after marrying a NRI here. Its a scam that is running in India right now. The agents actually take a fee for training these women on how to lie. We need your action.
I am currently being falsely accused of domestic violence by my kids mother. I am trying to defend myself because I cannot afford a lawyer and the public defenders work with the cops n district attorneys. This is destroying my life and reputation in public.. I have not seen my kids since I been arrested on 4/21. There are no wittneses evidence or any thing all there is, is her word and they say that's einuff? I am fighting it in court, but am not a lawyer so its a lot harder to represent all of the evidence I have or how to uptain other evidence.

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