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Im going through this right now. Even though i have proof of her lies and my innocence im still forced to go through the process. I cant begin to describe how much this has effected my life in a negitive way. I do not in any way support nor condone physical abuse towards women yet ive been forced to remove all of my weapons/ammo from my home. Even though i know im innocent the fact people now look at me as a woman beater has effected my entire being in the worst way. Something has to be done now to stop this from happening again
The protection from abuse (PFA) system is, in itself, as system of ABUSE. I am sick and tired of people running to the Court to file a frivolous, vindictive and retaliatory abuse order(s). In 2010 in the case of Douglas Pope vs. Kelly Eileen titled "Wife Jailed; made false claim PFA was violated" the case claims Eileen was successful in acquiring a PFA order against her husband forcing him out of the residence and into a shelter. She then turned to his private Email account (which she new the password) and then sent a threatening Email to herself claiming, "If I can't have you, no one will, I will kill you first before I let you leave me". Pope was later arrested and spent 16 days in jail until a search found that the IP address utilized was from a computer in the former residence. The wife later admitted to falsely accusing the husband and for the first time in known history, Eileen was convicted and sentenced to 3 to 23 months in Lancaster County Prison, PA. In a separate 2016 case called, "Carroll Township man files federal lawsuit over PFA order" is yet another example of the extensive over-reach and ABUSE of this system. The complaint alleges a violation of his civil rights after his wife was coached and proctored to file a PFA because of his alleged "reckless driving". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The complaint seeks damages in 300K. This matter must be brought to the attention of our legislative officials and the Protection from Abuse Act must be either revised or ABOLISHED. Recently, secondary to a custody dispute between my brother and the mother to his child, I have become the subject of a PFA action and even had my licensed firearm confiscated by law enforcement until a hearing. This is a violation of my 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS. So I suppose one way to stop terrorists in the world would be to file a PFA against all of those on the United States watch list so they could not possess a weapon..RIGHT? This is such a money making system designed to make you fail because after all, he said she said will always favor the Plaintiff. If anyone wants to help make this movement possible...please contact me and I present this petition directly to the Senate / Congress floor.
Was falsely accused of,and convicted and had no say in this matter and now can't find a new job while she was allowed to go on with no problems. I am not a bad or violent person but have been accused and now I'm trying to start over but find road blocks because of this, never happened but it might as well had,women or men who falsely accuse, only tear the help that someone who truly needs away and makes the job of finding the truth non existent so the suffering of accused who may have only wanted to walk away 10fold and now his or her life is a mess cause law enforcement turns your life in a circus of money and legality now finding a job or new relationship is now non existent, but no cares as long as they get cash and break you into little pieces that now is a life of you having to explain to everyone who meet that it never happened to find them with reserved thoughts as to what really happened 5 years ago and now probation , **** test and can't live your life that has many things more important than hunting for work and having to call in every day to see if you are up for a test ,sorry raining just tired of this my lawyer was like probationis your best option or $15.000 and we can go to a trial,this automatic you go to jail needs reconstruction and soon if you live in small town where the accused is convicted by his on defense because you don't have a flowing cash tree, as a poor man I felt like it was my only option to bend over and take what was offered and now I'm thinking that I should have did more but I didn't know any better so now I'm fed up
I am a 22 year old male who has zero tolerance for men abusing their wives and i have always gotten angry when hearing about it. i am the complete opposite of a guy who would lay a hand on a fly let alone his significant other. i am waiting to go to trial for a domestic battery charge that is pending because my bi polar girlfriend decided to lie to the cops and tell them i assaulted her. Here's what happened. i came home from work one day and confessed to my girlfriend that i had, on and earlier date, relapsed and taken LSD after being sober for the past 12 months. she immediately started screaming at me and kept yelling at me all through out the day while i simply kept apologizing and trying to please her. eventually after every attempt to make her happy had failed i just ended up trying to stay away from her going back and forth from room to room shortly to be followed by her screaming at me and telling me what a horrible human being i was. eventually it got to the point where she started throwing things at me and putting her hands on me even when i asked her to stop. eventually i decided i was going to pack a couple outfits and leave because i couldn't take it anymore. after i walked into my room, where she was standing with my daughter yelling at me, i started walking towards my closet to grab a couple shirts. she then, while holding my 4 month year old daughter, swung and hit me as hard as she could in my face because she didn't want me leaving. When she went to hit me again i defendedmyself by holding out one arm to keep her at an arms length away from me. my very first thought was to protect my daughter before she ended up hurting her so while keeping her away with one arm I then tried to get her from her with the other and when she pulled away, sitting back on to the bed, refusing to give her to me while still swinging her fist at me, i stopped, deciding it was going to be far to dangerous to get my daughter with my girlfriend as enraged as she was. she then kicked me in the stomach and i quickly turned away to leave the room while she was still sitting down on the bed. I was half way debating on calling the police although i couldn't call the police even if i decided i was going to because she had taken my phone earlier that day when i told her about the LSD, claiming it was hers because she had helped me get it because she felt bad for throwing my old phone and breaking it. so she had both the phones in the house in her possession so instead, before i had the chance to get one of my neighbors phones, she called the cops requesting an officer be sent to the apartment and then when the lady on the line asked her address and what her emergency was she then hung up in the middle of the call becuase she realized she shouldn't lie to the police and didn't have a solid story besides what had actually happened, which would incriminate her anyways. After a few more minutes of her yelling at me i grabbed my back pack and opened the front door t
Filing a false police report is a crime. Enforce it.
I am a. 58 yr ole grandmothe that has 3 grandchildren.I bother no one not even family .I'm trying to live a peaceable life.But I have a daughter that has a mental problem.But yet she knows how to twist the law around her finger.she has went to the court. House in my county to the magistrates office 3 times and told ungodly lies on me and was granted 2 Davos and one involuntary committed papers .she said I threatened to hurt myself and. Convinced the magistrate I needed to be committed.I had 4 police officers knocking on my door at around 5:00 7/25 /16 I told the officers that I never said no such a.thing to her .they left but I was. Imbarrassed because I just moved to a new neighborhood..Then 2 hrs later an officer showed up and told me I had to go to the psychiatric ward at the hospital because she went to the magistrates office and convinced the magistrate that I Ned to be. I was took out of my home and took to this awful place and striped me of my clothes,my personnel belongings.and put into a holding area.I had just had foot surgery and I was I. A lot of pain and wouldn't give me my medication the way my doctor ordered for me.and when I did get pain Ned they only gave me half of what the doctor ordered.after 3 hrs I was then took to the psychiatric. Ward and then I was stripped search for contriban.they lied and told me they would give me my stuff back when in hot to my room.I couldn't make a phone call.they I didn't gave clothes to put on for when I left because I was took in my gown.I had no stuff for personal hygiene.the rooms had no was just like been took to jail.I told them over and over that this is as mistake she lied on me and your going to take her word for it.without hearing my side of the story.They told me I could tell my side in the morning to the was a nightmare.and I was told I would at least. Be there 72 hrs.I done a lot of praying and I was released the next day after talking to the phychitrist.they admitted it was a vindictive act by her.I don't claim her as my daughter no nerves was so upset and I'm also a stoke victim because of het.that I had diarrhea the whole time I was there.I couldn't eat or drink verily.
I want to do anything I can to get this stopped.Even the head nurse said it was a mistake me been there .And she gave me advice about trying to stay calm when talking to the phychitrist.
She has committed surgery 3 times to the law.could I get some advice as where to start.I want to start a March against this in front of the justice center.this also needs to hit the media.I know that there are people that should be incarsarated for violent acts.but during my studies on DVO,s 85% are false.What do I do and where do I start.I am desperate for help. Thanks and pls respond ms setter.hg
I am a woman & victim of a mentally ill ex-bf that has used the law, the police & DYFS in his quest to hurt & destroy me! His goal IS to put me in jail & not only has he lied upon lie upon lie about me, he's even tried framing me a few months ago but thank God that didn't work 4 him. His latest scheme he went 2 the police station & said I slapped him so I was charged with simple assault & arrested the next day & it was a completely fabricated story!! I'm reading about being falsely accused & came across this. It's not only woman doing this 2 men, trust me I'm living proof!
Arguing with my wige when she was packing her stuff in our room she or her sister call police but I wasnt attacking my wige ... She was the one who attack me I was trying to get her OFF ME cause she was trying to get MY PHONE FROM MY HAND because she tought I was recording her , , obviously cops just hear woman side of history , this is unacceptable
As a past victim of a violent crime, I am outraged that women are abusing a law intended to protect true victims. By falsely accusing others, they are harming TRUE victims. There should be stiff, swift, and severe punishment for those who falsely accuse another of a violent crime. Women are using laws intended to protect them to exact revenge, and this is NOT okay. There are certainly ACTUAL victims who should be protected and their abusers punished, but there are also now VICTIMS now who are not the women for whom laws are endeavoring to protect, but instead - men who have been falsely accused. Women - Wake Up! Congress - Wake Up! We've gone too far in assuming that simply because a woman CLAIMS abuse that she is a victim, and we are now failing to protect young men who become victims of false allegations that carry dire consequences to include incarceration and ruined futures. God help us to see the truth in these situations, and to recognize, help, and protect the real victims - whoever they are (female and/OR male).
My family was torn apart. In another state, I had called the police to help my husband see clearly and calm down. It worked. Two nights ago my husband was having a hard time. I understand personally why, I have known him for 16 years. He was not himself. He was yelling and I understand what is going on. I have been asking numerous friends to help him calm down, many have known him for Years and all love him. When the cops showed up they immediately started fishing for reasons and not helping us at all. He was arrested against my will. In the state of Virginia the cops said all calls end in arrest. I am very sad. This is not what I wanted to happen at all. I thought the police would help our family, help us keep calm, like before, the officers were so sweet in other state and knew right away what was going on with my husbands health. These officers seemed to just tell me how it is, I call, they arrest. I am speechless. How in the world do people get out of this?
Somthing needs to be done about this. Its happing everyday innocent men are thrown in jail or prison because a women's mental Health or drug problem that no one knows about except for the man in handcuffs that isn't aloud to speack. These are very serious charges and can ruin an innocent person's life. Why is this still happening? A mental evaluation of the person reporting domestic violence should be conducted before any arrests are made by police to pevent innocent men from going to jail or prison.
The concept of Equality has no gender. The pendulum has swung way too far in an effort to prevent what was deemed to be the weaker sex. When women make false accusations against men the full weight of justice should , along with corresponding punishment, come down on them as a result.
Have had this happen to me, no evidence, no witness, no marks in my ex wife, took an allegation to destroy my entire life, had my name and picture plastered in the paper, was evicted, CPS came in and took my son siting an unsafe environment, lost my job, spent every dime of my savings $20,000 on a defense attorney only for 2 years and 359 days to go by before a grand jury indicts me, 6 days before the statute of limitations expires. There was one witness who completely verified my version of events that she was the attacker I was the victim and even got seven stitches in my hand from a defensive would sustained while defending myself as she threw a pot of boiling water and a BBQ grill
Lid at me, I had to sell my car to post bail after the grand jury escalated charges and after three years of paying a defense attorney $500 an hour I have no money left, am broke, homeless, nobody will employ me (not a conviction an arrest) nobody will rent to me, I lost everything due to an unconstitutional arrest where there was no evidence and due process was thrown out the window. I can't believe this can happier in America.

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Google: "crespo vs crespo" in New Jersey. Protective Orders and Restraining Orders are a direct violation of the US constitution in many ways.

These orders are a VIOLATION of EVERY American citizens most BASIC civil rights....
The right to a trial, the right to due process, the right to face your accuser in a court of law, and the right to be presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty in a court of law with due process.

These orders are LITERALLY guilty, until you can somehow prove that you did NOT commit "abuse"! The exact opposite of how our criminal justice system is supposed to work.

If you currently have a Protective Order or Restraining Order issued against you (it must currently be in place).... Find a good lawyer, and CHALLENGE the constitutionality of YOUR order... and take it all the way to the Supreme Court. Tell your lawyer to use "crespo vs crespo" in New Jersey as a reference. Crespo won! These orders were ruled "unconstitutional" (duh), but another judge overruled it on appeal (to keep the status quo). These judges KNOW that these orders are a DIRECT violation of everyone's most BASIC civil rights! But, these orders are rarely challenged on a constitutional basis.

If you currently have a Protective Order or Restraining Order issued against you, please do yourself and the rest of the falsely accused a favor.... Find a good lawyer, and CHALLENGE the constitutionality of your order, because it VIOLATES your most BASIC civil rights (the ACLU may be able to help you find a good "constitutional lawyer")... Then take it all the way to the Supreme Court! These orders WILL STOP, along with the epidemic of false accusations... We need multiple people in their respective states to challenge the constitutionality of their OWN orders, and this BS WILL stop! These orders are CLEARLY a violation of the respondents' most basic civil rights... not to mention, it is EMOTIONAL ABUSE! Yes, these orders ARE the abuse!

Millions of falsely accused American citizens, having their lives DESTROYED, because the US government (Congress, to be specific), decided to switch from innocent until proven guilty.... to the EXACT opposite... guilty until you can prove you did NOT commit abuse... the accused is literally forced to prove a negative!

Challenge the constitutionality of these orders in court, and take it all the way to the Supreme Court... it is rarely done, but "crespo vs crespo" laid the blue print! We need more people to do this, and these orders WILL stop, as it is literally ABUSE! Yes, the Protective Orders and Restraining Orders ARE the abuse! Millions of falsely accused... lives destroyed by false accusations, and the US government (Congress, to be specific) is ENCOURAGING it!

This WILL STOP! Its only a matter of time.

In the meantime, contact your state and federal representatives and TELL them that these orders are a DIRECT violation of your most BASIC civil rights!... Literally guilty, until you can pro
I'm waiting to get served restraining order papers from my child's mother. Because I state to her stop being a *****. Here's why. She uses our daughter as a pawn. Refuses to let me see her when we had agreed on a day and time. Cuts off contact. To me, that's mentally abusing me. The bond my daughter and I have is strong. She hates that. She knows this pushes my buttons so she keeps doing it until I get ****y.
I Damian Grimaldo filed assault charges on Jasmine McCray on July 20th and she was arrest and served a domestic violence protection order in Williston And 58801. She then conivenly filed a restrain order on false allegations of harrasment. She has all of her family trying to put me in jail. She her self can have me arrested at any given moment. If I leave Williston she gets what she wants. If I stay
I'll be arrrested. This isnt the first protection order i had on her. This would be two in a year of 2016. I also reported domestic violence back in 2009 or 2010 in Grand Forks Nd and the cops took pictures. And made a report. The cops also here in wlliston took pictures of this incident and i have a written statement against her. I have physical proof of this in both police departments and still made out to be the bad guy. Please im not getting any help from nobody here and i feel like the court system is going to side for her. She gets away with it every time. Im lost and dont know what to do please help me.
Thank You
Damian Grimaldo
I spent tens of thousands to defend against my bi-polar x-wifes DV allegations. My children were placed in foster care for 11 months as a result of the DCPP investigation even though I prevailed in trial TWO times.
Good men are being ruined by false allegations of domestic violence. I am lawyer and want to help men find equal protection and justice under the law. Follow me at Time to take our lives back and fight back against the criminal justice system which is unfairly targeting men.
I'm so tired of people who lie about domestic abuse. They should face stiff consequences,
I'm so tired of people who lie about domestic abuse. They should face stiff consequences,
I have met so many men online who have been falsely accused during divorces, why would they wait till the just after the divorce is filed? seems suspicious. I'm thankful my soon to be Ex is not like that (yet)
My soon to be exwife did this, and I lost my kids. I was a stay at home dad, and now I'm not allowed to see them. She cut me off from our joint checking acct, and I have nothing. And no one cares, I have no rights, no one can help me.
It's been over two years now, I've spent about $70,000 in legal fees, and I am still fighting to get my two sons back in my life.
Thank you for having this. Please add my name. I want to STOP False Domestic Violence allegations. William Vargas 7/25/1956, the father of my child in New York who has not paid child support in over a year. Now claims to be a Domestic Violence victim because the State of North Carolina is after him.
I have witnessed this first hand. The ones who suffer the most are the children.
I can't believe it.
I'm Tommy and was arrested cause my wife falsely accused me of threats right before custody hearing she said the threat happens two years ago and I was still arrested and I wasn't even questioned and I have proof she's a liar,W.T.F these women are scum bags and our system lets it happen,I say we all work together and make this happen,I will not let anyone take my kids the law caters to lying women and my kids are being mentally abused,I must protect them cause the courts are stupid ... Email me I live in San Diego I'm going to criminal court and family court and if there's any help let me know as I'd rather be dead than have my kids outta my life and be with a sadistic liar... Tommygunnzsd@gmail
Stop the Family Courts from ruling our families!
I'm Tommy and was arrested cause my wife falsely accused me of threats right before custody hearing she said the threat happens two years ago and I was still arrested and I wasn't even questioned and I have proof she's a liar,W.T.F these women are scum bags and our system lets it happen,I say we all work together and make this happen,I will not let anyone take my kids the law caters to lying women and my kids are being mentally abused,I must protect them cause the courts are stupid ... Email me I live in San Diego I'm going to criminal court and family court and if there's any help let me know as I'd rather be dead than have my kids outta my life and be with a sadistic liar... Tommygunnzsd@gmail
Being able to simply say "I feel threatened" without any proof that there has ever been abuse should absolutely never be allowed! This has become the most-used tool of revenge.
I suggest some of us post a petition on to gain more visibility!
I am a 27 -year-old woman and my boyfriend and I Had been drinking he called the police because we were arguing somehow because of a scratch on his hand and a claim of a bloody nose .I got charged with domestic assualt because of a overzealous police misleading my boyfriend s testimony he had no intention .it was a stupid drunken mess.unfortunately Nebraska does not consider the facts once the officer decides to write the ticket.I'm all for protection of domestic violence victims. Now I am looking at being forced to quit my human services degree which I have maintained homer roll this is a injust Nebraska has taken a guilty no matter what the facts are. A system like this is a injustice to all
I can relate to this very situation just like many of you. I'm from New Jersey and a woman named K. Birchett accused me of assaulting her and I wan't even around her the day or days prior. I'm a 29 year old female and she is 40 and we met in church as she was my youth leader and like a god mother. I was sexually assaulted by her at 16 and she doesn't want the church to know. Long story but not only is she justice system a scam but so is many of the churches in today's society. God bless you all!
In NY State the DV code is deplorable. I was wrongly accused and with no due process thrown out of my house, lost all my money, and kept away from my children. The American justice system is a joke. Women can just say anything without any burden of proof or consequence. Where is the justice in that?
Innocent children are many times the victims of this. These laws must change.
If one alleges false allegations, there should be laws in place for ramification of such behavior from this sort of predator. 2 people go to court, both cant prevail, therefore either the liar or the victim must have federal sanctions held upon upon them. But this wont happen, its a billion dollar industry created by corrupt individuals. Everybody profits except for the parties involved! Its a transfer of wealth by extortion and racketeering of the American public
It is awful how anyone can make false accusations and have another person stigmatized for life. Having a misdemeanor on your record due to falsifications of domestic violence makes me feel helpless and defeated. Something needs to change in order to protect the innocent who are falsely accused.
the Russell
house in rolla mo helps women fabricate untruthfull statements to justify divorce and get child custody and maintaince fees for unjust reasons...I can prove and will testify linda faulkenhiem is a good example of this'''she stirs up the bs and will never answer to a judge in court
It is so unfair that a wonderful loving father like my son Tj has to go through this mental agonybecayse Hus girlfriend has abder control issues an is own medication for this an lied to the police and filed a complete false report an stated sins and child sfather us broken over her hurtful actions!!!
I am in a situation where my ex wife is cordial and understands the importance of my role as a father. That being said, I have countless friends and family that have been falsely accused of abuse in one form or another. The act of falsely accusing anyone either for purposes of revenge, or to get ahead in custodial disputes is an evil and deplorable act and should carry repercussions. I am against domestic violence and believe the penalty for abusive people should be severe. That being said, anyone who makes false allegations is committing a grave offense, not only to the victim of the accusations, but also to those who are truly abused. I seek to raise awareness to the justice system that easily allows this terrible crime and I seek to gather like minded people in this fight. May we stand united, and bring about a change to this injustice that happens every single day.
I was was recently charge with battery on spouse when i called the deputy to help with assiting a dog bite matter and a heated argument amoungst 3 parties. The deputy talked to me and took my statement first. In the end i was charged with battery on spouse. When actually i was the one who was it. The deputy changed my statement claiming i admitted to attacking my boyfriend. Im still fighting it now. They held me in that horrible jail in rancho Cucamonga. And when i was or'ed they wouldnt let me go and when my next court date came july 7th they rfused to take me to court. They also claimed i had a no bail hold out of Washington which was 13 years old and tacked on two other bogus felonies and had me sign extradition papers. Some reason i was released last night but now have to explain why i didnt make it to court yesterday.
My ex wife has made abuse allegations and the pictures they have which are comical she is using a fever blister to charge me with a felony .

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