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False allegations have become the norm to those who want the play the system. Guilty until proven innocent is backward thinking and is not fair or right to the fathers and children of the sick game nor is it right to exploit those who are truly are victims of DV. Law makers who allow the travesty to continue are just as guilty as the false accusers for allowing the guilty until proven innocent debacle to continue. It is extremely naive to not believe that the large number of DV claims are mostly made up of manipulating liars. In the best interest of all involved, including the children who deserve to have a solid relationship with both fit parents, its time to end the well known false accusation game because its proven at the expense of countless innocently accused victims to be greatly abused and flawed.
Courts need to do more research on those who file and have court date before kicking innocent people out also heavy penalties for made up orders.
Someone very close to me is looking at a long time in jail for something he didn't do. And the charges cannot be dropped no matter how hard I try.
As many others who have signed this petition the system has worked against me as well. I've not been charged with domestic violence, nor have I ever committed an act of domestic violence. My wife ran to a federally funded shelter for battered women. I have had zero contact with her or my two children for 20 days. I have an emergency custody order granted by a judge, law enforcement didn't serve it on her stating the reason was "the nature of where she is." Because she wants to leave me for someone else, she is allowed to severe the relationship between me and my two sons. And it's perfectly legal. If I didn't want to be a father I would be forced to provide for she and the boys financially. I want to support my kids. I want to take them to ball games. I want to take them to amusement parks. I want to take them for pizza. I want to spend the weekends doing things with them and raise them well to be contributing members of society. But because there is no law to protect my children, I have no rights. Law enforcement will not attempt to find her to have the custody order served. She disappeared from the safe house where she was hiding with my children, they will not tell where she went. The system is broken. The lack of laws to protect good fathers is contributing to parental alienation, which I believe is a form of child abuse.
Most of this is happening to me. This needs to stop and is entirely out of control.
The letter says it all, there is no need for additional comments.
I also was falsely accused and spent 4 days in Jail and LOST EVERYTHING. My home, my clothes, my diabetic medicine and EVERYTHING as she packed everything and left along with my Kids. Charges were later dropped as a Police Document Examiner, examined a letter she wrote gloating how "Cops believe Women in Domestic Violence Issues and filing Rape is just as easy as this was". She did not receive ONE Consequence for this. The charges of course were dropped against me but they have followed me for over 18 years. Time to put these Criminals in PRISON.
Kids need both parents! This evil system of injustice must come to a end and all people parents & those in system must be made to obey the law no imutity for any judges or social works that tear family's apart for fed funds must be put in prison for life as a example!
False allegations of domestic violence are a slap in the face/tremendous insult to true, DV victims, EVERYWHERE. Restraining Order abuse is out of control because, the courts and their "better safe than sorry," attitudes will grant anyone a TRO ex parte, based solely on the word of the alleged victim. Though, rampant in the state of California, abuse of process seems to be low on the list of priorities. And even though it's NOT, a victimless crime, it is one in which the perpetrators are rarely, prosecuted.
I have a dear friend who's exgirlfriend falsely accused him of abusing her. She was addicted to drugs, alcohol and pain meds. She often physically attacked him in her fits of rage. On this particular occasion she jumped out of the truck, took off running through an empty parking lot, tripped and fell, scraping her chin, arms and knees. He was attempting to restrain her and get her back to the truck and the police showed up. She blamed him and he got arrested. The next day she felt guilty, wrote a letter admitting to her lies and being under the influence herself but he was convicted anyway. Now he has years of strict probation, outrageously expensive classes not to mention the criminal record.
If anyone has any advice reguarding this subject, please feel free to contact me at
Iam currently suffering emotionally and economic ally due to domestic false allegations,,my daughter alleged that I had abused her during her mother absence,,it took them two weeks to plan the false allegations ..I was later served with restrain order after twi weeks ..after few days I went to court only to find that my wife whom I had not seen for more than two weeks was the key false daughter who is 21yrs was the plaintiff..I was not given a chance to deffed my self ..but later the daughter was asked by the court what she wanted only for her ti answer that I should be restrained for one yr because she was fesrling me without further explanation...I am still wondering how long is this violations if right will cintinue cos its centrally to our culture and religion as well.
I had the unfortunate experience of false domestic violence reporting. My child's mother used the NY and Florida criminal justice system to gain leverage in our NY custody case. I spent 3 months in a NY correctional facility and after being found not guilty, i was extradited to a Florida county jail where i spent 5 weeks. I was fortunate enough to had good counsel in Florida.
Out of the MILLIONS of Protective / Restraining orders issued in America.... NO ONE has EVER been PROSECUTED for LYING to get one! NEVER! It is Felony Perjury to LIE under oath, to get a Protective Order, yet NO ONE has EVER been PROSECUTED for doing so.... Our Prosecutors ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to prosecute it!.... Therefore, there is NO RISK whatsoever, for someone to LIE and falsely accuse their significant other of "abuse"! If you are ever accused of "domestic abuse", you have no chance whatsoever! You ARE guilty! The government will make sure of it... because it equals MORE FEDERAL FUNDING for Domestic Violence programs! THOUSANDS of completely innocent people (men and women) are in jail cells RIGHT NOW because of this.... It is also completely destroying families! Thanks Federal Government!... This is ALL stemming from VAWA.... the violence against women act.... They have helped to manufacture a FALSE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE epidemic in America... The real problem is the FALSE ACCUSATIONS!
Thanks so much for getting this fight for the unlawful unjustice being done on men by unjust laws..the justice systems become a socialist..your now guilty until proven innocent and you have no woman know how to take advantage of these laws and abuse legal system vs their ex husbands and my case my ex was in in pennsylvania working..years passed since our breakup..she and i emailing eachother and she apologizing for making up lies to put a restraining order against she then after she apologizes and emails im a peaceful really forgiving person..i come home from work and get served by kansas gives court date and they say i dont have to appear in court cause i cant get off work and also all the money it would cost to travel to i called clerk of courts there and they asked for my phone number to call me for court..i never got a call at all my phone records can prove the courts award her the i get served at my job and get let go for it days later...then a detective from wichita calls me asking day i got served..she said my ex claims i violated the injunction..but cop neighbor stood up for me on this account that it was not true, if he did not i would of been i feel the unjustice and abuse of this and its grossly wrong..please i beg of you all to stand up strong and stop this injustice..i had no voice to defend myself at all..
How can these accusers get away with lies? Sickning!
My son and I was falsely accused of criminal actions,which was filed by his babymother to keep him from seeing his son.She said she will continue to file false police reports to keep him from seeing his son.His son is almost 2years old and he has not been able to see him because of her false allegations she keep filing.Who could help him work on seeing his son because he pays his child support.But he's afraid to ask for visitation rights because she keep threatening him.Please will someone give him directions or information of how he can gain a relationship with his son.
I was falsely accused of DOMESTIC violence by Pasquale Enzo Cerasuolo! Because he did not want to hear about his kids abuse they go through at their mothers Jennifer Walker of Woodhaven Michigan. Especially when they came to me crying to me as well as their HYGEINE and personal habits that were atrocious! I had to fight and yell to get doctor visits when sick! Pasquale broke me emotionally and made me look crazy to everyone!! I'm guilty of loving these boys! Fight for justice! Fight for A chance! Fight for the Truth! The REAL TRUTH...OUR TRUTH!!!
My father fears for HIS life because of an ex who is fabricating everything and making the police and courts believe her while she is contradicting herself throughout the whole case!
I lost my everything but my spouse cheated me to call police & informed wrong allegations
Acused of asault on ex. when went to court I proved in her own words on police report no such contact made. No tpo was given but judge ordered me out of my joint tenanecy property wich is owned and paid in full by both of us. Can you believe it? The second proof of manipulation and lie was disclosed with proof to court, whole case should have been thrown out.
My wife was in an auto accident in which she was scalped. They sent her to a mental rehabilitation saying she tried to commit suicide. She was released a week later and made it 1 week before she though she heard me say I was going to take our son and leave. This was not said but she had a mental snap. She came at me with a ball bat, then wanted to take her own life with a butcher knife. I took the knife and left marks on her wrist. I called 911 and asked for help. I was arrested and taken to jail in which I was refused my phone call. I explained to the police about her issues. I have been charged with Battery 3rd Degree. I never smacked, punched nor pulled her hair. I grew up in an abusive household and it was miserable. I don't have a lot of money and want my family together, Child protective services are pushing for me to never be with them again. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I was subject to a No Contact Divorce. In these cases the wife is always the Petitioner and the husband is sent to jail. The husband is aways guilty of domestic violence even when no violence is involved.
In Washington State, there is now a crime called Domestic Arguing. This is a male crime only intended to remove the man from his home. Women get custody of children and the father is sent to jail. I will be exonerated with motions I created my self. My wife want to get me treatment and the Victims Advocate told her, "If you force your husband to violate the No Contact order, treatment will be our only goal. My medication was withheld by my wife. I spend 32 days the the V. A. Mental Ward having a heart attack and seizures in my brain. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is correct. Because my wife and son lied about violence and misuse of my P. T.S. D.medications, I was diagnosed to have Demtentia Related Psychosis, which was false. No interview or tests were taken becuase of my wife and lies.

I will be exonerated on all charges soon. I will go home and have the discussion we should have had 16 months ago. This petition is the correct thing to do.

Most of my Constitutional Rights were violated as my property, Liberty, and all Due Process Rights were violated. I have sued for my freedom in federal court, and I hope, Eric Holder can take the lead to protect the rights of all, supposed Domestic Violaters.

No No Contact order is ever of value. A murder or assault has their own punishments. A No Contact order just makes a husband mad. A crime is more likely to be committed because a No Contact Petition is signed and served upon a husband.

What happened to discussion in the AntiChristian bype of crime. Sign this petiton and send a message to congress.
Wife has history of mental illness. She has made these claims and called 911 countless times. I am scratched up and she i crying. She claims abuse and gets everyone to buy her story, as borderline personallities often do...we must not allow these claims and start making them accountable for such false claims.
I've never been falsely accused, but for the last several years I sure have worried about it. I treat women differently than men because they have more power than I do if they were to choose to lie about me to the police or courts.
I have been faulsly accused of family violence, took to jail and told that if I pay $387.00 I could get deferred adjudication and everything would be dropped but I didn't have the money to pay I didn't think I would need any because I never did anything bad now my military benefits and everything is on the line my whole life I'm scared heartbroken and all alone and I don't know who to turn to for help if I would have shown them the bruises she put on me they would have taken her to jail and I couldn't do that now I'm going to get in trouble.
I was falsely accused by my wife of domestic violence. She called her adult daughter whom proceeded to call 911. Although there was no assault or even the slightest evidence of injury, the laws required that an arrest be made. Since I am a man, that arrest defaulted to me being arrested. I was handcuffed in front of my neighbors, taken to the city police station for booking and mug shots, finger printed. Transported 20 miles with my hands handcuffed behind my back in a patty wagon. The whole booking experience was repeated again once we arrived at the county jail. I spent 13 hours in a holding cell with about 20 other men including thugs, gang members and drug addicts. When I finally was released, I was allowed to return home because it appeared that my wife had moved out. Soon after my wife returned home and said she was sorry for the "misunderstanding" and asked if she could moved back in. What choice did I have? If I said no, she or her daughter could simply call 911 again and have me arrested again. She found out that the home that I lived in for 14 years before I got married, that she could have to live in and I would have to stay elsewhere after the police gives me 20 minutes to gather what belongings I needed. My mug shot is now all over the internet. One website said they could remove my mug shot for 38 dollars but it was only from their website. Their is no way that a mug shot or criminal record can be expunged from public legal websites even if the DV charged was dismissed. It's there forever. Anybody can pull it up. Everybody at my job knows about my arrest, all my HOA neighbors are aware. I have never hit or abused a woman. It doesn't seem to matter! The same laws that protect true victims of DV, are being used for purposes that were not intended. Some women are using these laws as a weapon or a reprisal against there husbands. I am losing everything that I have worked for my whole life. Struggled thru 7 years of college. No savings, everything is gone except my criminal record. All because of a false accusation. : (
This happened to me but my wife & I work for the same employer...she's ruined me emotionally, mentally & financially. Anyone that's been through this deserves justice.
So SICK of this disgusting behavior. Tired of weak men who want to play "knight in shining armor" rather than taking the side of the innocent. Men, stand up, stick together and STOP perpetuating this sickening behavior!!!
After reading all of these comments I see this has been happening to many people over a long period of time. I too was in jail for 5 days, thrown into solitary confinement and when my medical conditions made me pass out for over an hour (I was told by the other inmates later), my medical attention was to be chained to a metal bench and be threatened for having a hard time sitting up. My name has been ruined, I have had to sell just about everything I have left (that was not stolen) to hire an attorney to protect me but a year later I am still in the same position. She was caught telling a different story three times. Then there are the other lies. I am destroyed and I am also trying to get disability because I have such poor health and I have shown my lawyer these things but nothing matters but her saying she wants me in prison. We need laws to protect women and children but there has to be a checks and balance system so that we keep our constitutional rights. It is like we are a terrorist from another country once a women calls the police and spins her lies. We have zero rights. I have been beaten many times with her hands, weapons and guns, That is ok though because she is a women. Not to mention the threats to my life, the name calling the demeaning and controlling comments and actions. Now this? The justice system is broken and it is being controlled by feminist groups that hate men and the judges that are afraid on not getting elected again because of the power of these groups. We are all Americans and have the same rights, why are men treated like monsters? Now, I will admit there are some monsters out there but they are few and far between. I have had two friends get beat up by their girlfriends lately and one even call the police, they told her to work it out. That is ok but why the three to five day jail sentence for the man no matter what? Our elected officials and the law are failing us because with their power they do not have this insane treatment done to them. America, wake up before it is to late and you have men and women really fighting each other or avoiding each other and that is no good for anyone most importantly our children.
I cannot believe how my case has been handled. No evidence, She perjured herself in court and the judge called her a liar three separate times in a politically correct way and none of that matters. She has beat me many times in the past, pistal whipped me three times and one time without even so much as a harsh word spoken by either of us. I have witnesses and proof along with fact but am not allowed to speak or use my witnesses or anything for that matter. This is an insane breach of justice. She is an ex-cop and her friend changed cases in court so she could prosecute me. I can go on and on. Fact is, the victim is being beat up in court so I have to relive the horror. Oh, I have medical tests that prove she damaged my arm along with two doctors, I guess that does not count either. By the way, she has no injuries and refused to get medical attention because the doctor would have proved that too. I was threated with attempted murder if I do not admit guilt and my lawyer will not go to trial with me. There is more but what is the point? I am beaten and there is no way to protect myself from this insane bully who holds all of the cards.
I have a friend right now that is experiencing this. He was arrested but it was his girlfriend at the time who abused him but had him arrested. The laws need to be revised to provide a balance. Innocent men are being imprisoned and railroaded, I say this as a concerned female.
I have a friend right now that is experiencing this. He was arrested but it was his girlfriend at the time who abused him but had him arrested.
I will probably be run off this site, but I called the police on my husband out of genuine fear one night because he had a knife saying he was going to stab me. Now in that moment of fear I didn't take the time to think that my husband was on 2 different medications for DEEP Depression. After the event took place and the police had come and gone. I thought damn, my husbands behavior could be a direct result of the medication he's taking. My husband was not arrested nor was a warrant issued for his arrest. He was issued a summons and will be given a court date. I fully intend to go to court and support my husband, because we've been married for 7 years and he's never once raised a hand at me or raised his voice. I'm woman enough to say I've made a mistake and this should not be looked at as a criminal issue, but more of a mental health issue. My only problem now is will the state charge him anyway, because we can't afford to pay for an attorney.
I am experiencing this right now in Florida. I need to find resources that can help me fight this.
My brother was falsely accused of domestic violence by his wife and is still paying for it

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