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my life and husbands life ruined due to false allegations nothing done to these mental unstable people.homeless no money.govt dont care all
scum bags
I was the victim of false alligations of domestic violence, and it has ruined my life.
I was the victim of false alligations of domestic violence, and it has ruined my life.
Domestic violence law are certainly needed to protect people but on the other hand people who abuse the system should have to answer as well. Example when you accuse someone on domestic violence and then say whoops... It really wasn't that way that's not what happened Not once but several times. This has to stop. The accusation of domestic violence can ruin the life of the accused even when its not true. There must be a law to stop FALSE accusations. You can simply just accuse someone and they will be arrested without being able to give any explanation or even defend themselves. Something has to change!!
I agree totally, domestic violence laws are there for a reason, but those who abuse them and make false claims should face consequences.
I agree totally, domestic violence laws are there for a reason, but those who abuse them and make false claims should face consequences.
I am a victim of false allegations of domestic violence, not once, but twice! It has ruined my life and the threats still come in weekly of getting put in jail. There must be something done to repair the lives of men like myself and hold accountable, those who misuse our legal system.
We need to protect both parties of domestic violence under the anonymity until a conviction. Many media outlets write stories about alleged domestic abuse before any validity to those allegations which opens the door to being guilty until proven innocent which ruins people's lives emotionally, financially and reputably. All because of malicious mental unstable persons for many reasons like resentfulness, revenge, a sick and twisted lust to see people suffer. Many times it's used as a tool for financial gain and/or custody battles. This is a growing epidemic that needs to stop!!!!
My son is headed to court for custody and is being lied on by his babies mother trying to make a case to get custody so she can make him pay child support mad at him for getting free from her control
My brother was the victim of such false accusations and now she has a green card.
no respect for cops they lie especially peabody bring false charges .my husband sits in jail almost 1 yr because of all these liars and scumbags tl
My daughter has had accusations and charges pressed from a drug dealin thug that has lmown behaviours in the past. In tusc county, his sister is a social worker and sister n law works in court house. She has been treated guilty from everyone but the judge so far. This guy has lied about income, jobs and having the whole tome had a plan to gain custody of their child. This system has some serious flaws. He has never paid one dime toward that childs care. Every time he has taken her she returns emotionally distraught and other odd things.
i cold local politiocions no good they dont give adam .dont do anything. so my husband still sits in jail 8monthand 20 days****** did nothing .da manipulated tina limas kid to lie tried manipulate me no way. courts horrible.dont care about innocent people.they all are no good and corupt and peabody police know they lie and these people have records and know this woman is drunk and goes to a clinic for her methadone in am dont care and arer liars.what kinda mother i she and family services in there bring lies and dsont do nothing she was drunk in my house with a big gallon wine hes gotta fight to the end to win over these scum
I was the victim of domestic violence. After repeated incidents including 3 suicide attempts(which she used as control tools) and several reports to BEXAR CO. SHERIFF'S S,A, TX. office submitted by me; I finally decided to leave her. I left her in my apartment (out of consideration to her 2 children) & left to another state with family(03/13/13) until my lease ended(07/01/13), upon my return in order to turn in my apartment and gather what ever I could salvage(she took all that was worth anything,left trash and perishables to rot & changed the locks) I received a notice requesting I turn myself to the authorities immediately. I complied & even with evidence of my physical abuse in hand & proof of being out of state when the alleged assault occurred, I was charged with assault & battery domestic violence. Thank God for the Veterans Treatment Court ($1000 fee,anger management classes($),3 years of probation and having to declare myself guilty of a crime I didn't commit but instead was a victim of) I was accepted in Trac-1(PreTrial Diversion) and will complete the program 08/22/2016. During this turbulent time I lost my job, was restricted to the County, couldn't visit my children or my I'll Grandmother(out of state) & last but not least was still being subject to harassment from her part over e-mail. Got Justice?
the cops are liars and allow this woman to behave in her manner and be a mother drunk and junked up ok and her liar of her son has made evil lies da believes and in court this week she tried to manipulate me.i see what shes doing. the courts are encouraging these behaviors putting people homless and broke. iam having a bad time.but i have jesus behind me hes gonna help bringthis truth out with these lucifers that are possesed by satan. guess what they put joe landry in jail and i vew called every where they dont give a care these people lawyers courts judges,especially the cops they are liars and try to manipulate and bring false charges.thats why these people all over the us has retaliated against them,they knew jan2,2016 that drunkin woman tl was intoxicated did zero and kicked apt dooor in. they are n o good.
they are unstable to how can they let these people walk
judges das lawyers cops lie no good give these unstable freedom and these people are false accused suffer lose there life its a death sentence.styop,
My son is a victim of false allegations of domestic abuse and because of these lies and prejudice cops and judges, a restraining order was set in place by a judge because of lies told to the court by her which were provoked by her parents. They threatened her by telling her they would no longer support her or her children unless she stopped seeing him and place a restraining order on him. One of the children is his and they have done everything they can to keep him from him. Granted, they fought/fight but he in no way raised a hand to her. On one instance the cops were called and the one office spoke to her and the other one just stood next to my son and the next thing you know they're arresting him based solely on her lies without even questioning my son! Our police force, judges, public defenders and court system are so screwed up it makes me sick! Something needs to change and fast!
we are fighting in superior tinalimas kid lied to grand jury cops lied they new she was drunk. we all dont have johnny depps money to foight these scumb husband could be facing convictions 5 to 10 yrs because lies peabody cops made up and this womans son
It is interesting that it all started with current Vice-President Bidden and Bill Clinton and the VAWA Violence against women act of 1994. I still remember the Vice President congratulate himself for his protection of the defenseless women. If I contrast that against the heartless treatment that I got from a barely interested in my story judge I can only say I did not expect this in the country of the free. Not everybody can shell out 7 million like Johnny Depp to the antagonist that is only out for money or destruction of the others person reputation and livelihood.
It is open season on whomever that has the bad luck to be accused by either a sophisticated liar or an unbalanced person. In a divorce it is one of the dirty tactics that seems to be never punished. At the moment I try to fight that in the Superior Court of New Jersey, but can only say that the cards are stacked for the other gender. All money and support is out there for the so called gentler gender. I did not find a single group that are supporting dedicated male parents in the legal fight for the best interest of the children.
I have proof she and the officer lied and it still does not matter.My life has been ruined and my name shamed.She even admitted she lied.I fear the system is only interested in convictions and cash not truths.
Why are the police and district attorneys destroying good, innocent men's lives? The first thing she did that night was punch me in the face and cut me with her ring. When she saw the blood running down my face she began yelling out the window "real smart, jared, you cut yourself on the face with a knife!" The police report said that she may have accidentally knicked me in the face while trying to free herself from my grasp. The is only the beginning of the false accusations that were brought against me that night. How could i fight this when i was facing a five year mandatory sentence? This needs to stop. Jared Schue 720-439-1515
this system is a bunch liars.guess what govt does nothing allows the courts to give these wak job unstable pyhscos woman ros. they are using them in the courts for there vindictive behavior not salem witch trials men trials hang them burn them to the steak. govt do something you wont because these people need there heads examined look at there unstable behaviors they should be in jail
do something govt
again went to court******was done all ******** and lawyers continue charges were supposed to be dropped on my joseph landry because of this mental case tina lima and courts dont care ,so many ro's beeing done and judges giving them out to these unstable nuts. i said to the lawyer where is justice ,da says plead guilty
what the hell. i called thst evelyn fortier guy wouldnt put her on phone said we dont handle this. whats up the govt dont care. falsely accused joseph landry peabodymass jan2,2016 due to 51a tinalima
Everyone needs to call their State Senators! This petition isn't going to do it.

If you're in Virginia, Call Bob Goodlatte's office and speak with Chief Larson 540-857-2672

Nationwide, you can call Evelyn Fortier (Senate Judiciary Committee) at (202) 224-5225

Look up your STATE Senator's phone number, call them, and tell them that millions of people are being falsely accused... mainly through Protective Orders / Restraining Orders / Domestic Injunctions (whatever your state calls them). ALL of these orders are labeling the accused as "abusers" with NO BURDEN of PROOF. As soon as the FIRST order is issued, the BURDEN is automatically on the accused to prove they did NOT commit abuse! Yes, it is literally guilty, unless you can prove yourself innocent... the EXACT opposite of how our criminal justice system is supposed to work. They do this by calling it a "civil" matter, and not a "criminal" matter, but the accused is literally kicked out of their OWN home, and forced to continue paying the mortgage / rent, and all other bills of the house, while the accused is homeless.... and if they go back to their OWN home, they are immediately arrested and facing a YEAR in jail... for going to their own house! This is all done with NO trial, NO due process, and NO burden of proof whatsoever. If it is later PROVEN that there was no abuse (and it very often IS), and the person was falsely accused, the false accuser is literally guaranteed to NOT be prosecuted! 2-3 million Protective Orders / Restraining Orders issued EVERY year, but NEVER a prosecution for lying to get one (Its Felony perjury, but NEVER prosecuted in accordance with a protective order or restraining order)... ZERO in the entire nation... NEVER! That's why they keep falsely accusing. They KNOW they can get away with it, they KNOW it gives them possession of the house, cars, and all other belongings in the house, and they KNOW it gives them the "upper hand" in the upcoming divorce. Look at Mr. Depp's case... everyone knows she's a liar (even the first responding cops, who INVESTIGATED)... But, she KNEW she could get a retraining order, and that's exactly what she did... she was legally extorting him, with the help of the courts! Luckily, he had enough money and support to bring in lawyers and get a deposition... So, she gave up, and took what she could get. But, what did that do to his mental state?... Isn't THAT psychological abuse? But, the rest of us don't have millions for teams of lawyers and depositions, so we get labelled abusers, kicked out of the house, and extorted.

Its a "rubber stamping" process my friends.... All it takes is a lie, with NO RISK whatsoever for lying under oath... if they convince the magistrate that they are "in fear", the order is issued, and NOW the burden is on the accused (respondent, in some states) to prove they did NOT cause the other to be in fear or commit abuse!

Mr. Letterman, Mr. Depp, Eulalio Tordil (driven to murder fro
Yes I've been through this injustice and when it was my turn to speak the judge was reading the newspaper. They dont give a s$!# about no one. It's just revenue to pay for the court house. Innocent so what. What a country huh?
I have just been accused of Domestic Violence. I haven't seen, talked, or been around her in a 1 1/2 since we broke up. She is diagnosed being bipolar and the court granted her statement. She completely lied in her report and now I have to defend myself. This is the worst justice system and women get away from this crap all the time. The government needs to start enforcing punishment of these foolish women.
nothing done again .
i hope we get some results from these horrible liars getjustice.ihave court. gonna see these animals today,they dont care my poor husband sits in jail sucks.the judicial sytems is donothing to the criminals whom lie.somethings needs to be done this tin lima ruined our home money cost over 10g
well i fell broke my foot hope to go to work soon.stop this crimninal lliars punish,the govt dont care there encouaring this mess with these unstable walk jobs thaT NEED THERE HEAD EXAmined.i have court noon well see
Enough is enough
Thank you for putting this out here. I was arrested for (2) felony charges of domestic violence. I've never had a criminal background. I lived in NY my entire life. I moved to Florida and within 2 years of being here I was arrested because my wife wanted the house we just bought (well that my family bought us) and I have all the paperwork/texts/emails/recordings and even her statement that night saying she made a mistake and even tried to help me get back into the house as a no contact order was put into place. I lost my job. My livelihood & business. I lost friends, family, forced out of my home for months, put into jail & was lied to by the police. I have a great attorney & I'm currently serving a probation sentence which costs me more money thousands I've already spent, hours of community service, 10 weeks anger management, cost of investigation, donation to crime line, substance abuse evaluation (I don't know why they would put that in there). My wife tesitifed at the no contact hearing & told the judge and state attorney that I was innocent and she lied but the state said too bad pretty much and we are going after your husband. I have a Master's Degree in criminal justice and homeland security and want to serve some day in the Defense Intelligence Agency. This dream is crushed now. I have a record. People who meet me look me up and see my mug shot. This has ruined my life and she now uses it as leverage if she doesn't get things she wants. PLEASE HELP! PLEASE I beg you this has torn my life. I'm innocent, my wife admitted I'm innocent, I have witnesses', and I have been the one physically abused and I tolerated it for 3 years in NY 2 years in Florida. I called the police on 1 occasion (first time ever doing so) because she shoved a dog brush handle down my throat and split the back of my head open with binoculars. I can't make this stuff up. I found she had all this pre-meditated when I saw she had a lawyer and a plan to put me in jail to try to get the house and have someone maybe slide in my place. I'm torn. I'm broke. I don't know who I am anymore.
I am going through a divorce in the state of Florida, and my soon to be ex-wife made false claims of abuse towards me. My spouse filed two injunctions- The first being denied, and the second in so much more detail, and so many more events added to what she previously claimed, an ex parte injunction was ordered. At the time of my hearing, my attorney fought vigorously on my behalf and was able to show many discrepancies in my wife's testimony. I had two witnesses to testify giving evident proof my wife was lying on two different occasions. My wife also repeatedly accused me of drug abuse, claiming I was a daily marijuana smoker, witnessing me use right up to the day before she filed the second injunction. I took a voluntary 15 panel drug screening the day before my hearing, that came up negative on all panels, proving my wife was lying to that fact too. Nevertheless, regardless that my wife was proved to be lying in several instances, (yet others were her word against mine), I lost the hearing and a permanent injunction was ordered. The repercussions are disastrous. The Judge did not see these discrepancies in the two injunctions, and did not care that my wife was proved lying about certain events. Something needs to be done about these laws, especially in divorce cases. Too many spouses are using this tool to gain a tactical advantage in their case.. And it works.
they dont care ive called emailed everywhere usless time
Because of lies .mens lifes are being destroyed
i called washington dc that women evvelyn fortin for help who handles they told me we cant do any thing these people in washington dc dont care politions ive called useless.paid attorney judges
and district attorneys they ruthless and relentless dont care about any of this whom these peoples lives they ruined and families kids they are truly unhumane.dont care whom who sits in jail and innocent.there is no justice this woman tina lima destroyed our lives and they dont do anything to her with her criminal background how she conductsd herself driving intoxicated going around ruining lives.and peabody police are corupt they allow it well there messed up.they al should be punished this woman lying costing money sickeness and ruined a marriage.,but i believe jesus will come foward bring the truth out soo.god bless us all hope these horrible people will get punished .amen.clandry
I am one of these victims of false accusations who can not hire an attorney. In my case, the woman attacked me after I told her I was suing for custody and child support. After I called the police, she hid in the bathroom and evidently hurt herself while I waited outside after calling the police. They arrested me instead of her. I can not see my kids nor can I retrieve my property from my previous home. It is a gross injustice which must be addresses with the utmost urgency.
I am one of these victims of false accusations who can not hire an attorney. In my case, the woman attacked me after I told her I was suing for custody and child support. After I called the police, she hid in the bathroom and evidently hurt herself while I waited outside after calling the police. They arrested me instead of her. I can not see my kids nor can I retrieve my property from my previous home. It is a gross injustice which must be addresses with the utmost urgency.
I found this due to a pending case I have. The police arrested my boyfriend (gay relationship) the police took the case over because I wouldn't press charges.. there was No domestic violence.. we were moving furniture and were too loud.. upright dresser tipped over and the contents spilled and when it was let go of it hit the wall.. Neighbors called the cops. They came in unannounced and took him to jail.. period.. TRUTH scary to know you can go to jail for being intoxicated and moving furniture and end up with a charge like that..
May god be with all the fathers that fighting for what's right...
I'm currently in the middle of fighting a fradulent domestic violence charge, in which I (the male) called police (911) and was the only person that sustained injuries. Medical professionals were wholly absent, as well as a thorough investigation. False allegations and careless police work can ruin good peoples' lives in an instant. The "real" victim is left is suffer financial burdens, grave legal repercussions, and debilitating emotional trauma. I know for fact, because this is my story.
I was recently found not guilty of all 3Rd degree charges due to over whelming evidence and witness testimony. Had I been found guilty, I would have lost my children and been in prison for over 7 years. Wx-wife filed a false domestic abuse report so I can be out of the picture and she would be abe to leave with the kids for her boyfriend she was cheating on me for years. The system is so corrupt, the police won't even allow me now to file a criminal complaint to have her arrester for filing a false police report which is a class A misdemeanor. Can anyone please me to get justice ?
we go to court wed this has become a mess while this woman has made our world a ,mess mentally physically and big time money wise.the govt,police da and lawyers dont care,this womans family have long history of issues tina l lengthy criminal charge dont look at this .judge feeley,cronan da dont care how they ruin families marriages .under false accusations made that womans kid lie and that woman never went to the hospital denied medical attention
sean donahue took all my money about 10g never did anything.he even got 1g for private investigator never did anything .i called him richie i hired him when we had the other lawyer im broke .no one cares there liars
where do we go senators/ i called markey he wont help.i sent one to moulton.,we got a court date wed 17 a court appointed. i have doctors appt 23 will see i broke my foot and sean donahuie has no empathgy demans money hes a crook. good luck all the birthdays holidays past yr joe landry got 51a because that rotten da christina ronan who manipulates people to lie and destroy shes ruthless.ihave faithone day god will prove there lies.these scumbags are walking around tina and her familly,whers justice man she should be in jail unfit mother cops in peabopdy protect her family,she lived next to me before cops there peabody did zero. her kids lie. so thats ok nothing for false accusations slander defamation character perjury . guess what no one cares judicial system is crooked.they need there heads examined.thats why tina lima never went to the hospital when they accused my husband by her lying son strangulation and weapon wal.omg guess what she came over loadedf with gallon wine that eve. drank pased out from boose i washed her facew aroused her, no marks on nec no turn blue breathing she fell hit my table so poor joe landy sits in jail 8month and 12 days because of those liars and im hurt out work see doc soon fx on foot,.they are liars all should be punished,.im, a nurse.and she was suffocated been blue broken bones fractures marks pulse . she had a pulse and air way was not constricted a drunken black out., judge is blind sided and da wants to hang him not looikmat the whol;e thing.the judge is not looking at the picture either.court this week.god bless us .cynthia landry peabody mass .hope they bring justice and this family pays for there false accusations ansd pain perjury its a felon what about that kid lied tyler lima said to my husband my mother does this what kinbda mother is she.state services should take kids away where are they???/
This happened to me and is still affecting my life in a major way. These lying woman who are out for revenge need to be stopped. I would never wish this on my worst enemy. My life has gone from great to losing everything and has caused mental problems like PTSD amongst many other things. Law enforcement and the courts are abusing citizens rights to a fair trial while these woman are off doing whatever with other men like mine was. Then I couldn't see my newborn son for his first Christmas. Its insanity. Please change the laws and give solid, good fathers like myself a voice, a chance to at least stay free, employed and with their kids cause I know what it feels like to have the world on your shoulders and the PAIN it causes not just myself but the kids. Thank you
Watching this done to my son is heartbreaking.
Senate Judiciary Committee (202) 224-5225

Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC THIS is their JOB! Ask for Evelyn Fortier... she deals with domestic violence issues.

Let them know that Protective orders and Restraining orders are literally guilty, unless you can prove yourself innocent. The exact opposite of how our criminal justice system is supposed to work! These orders are mainly used for leverage... tools for manipulation, to extort money and possessions from the accused person.

This is government sponsored extortion. Stop issuing Protective orders and Restraining orders with NO burden of PROOF.... its destroying innocent peoples lives, and its making it harder for real victims of domestic violence to get the help they need! Start prosecuting the people who have admitted that they lied under oath (felony perjury), or were proven false accusers.... there are a lot of them.

This issue can get very complicated.... and the system will never be perfect.... but, we MUST get back to INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty in a court of law, with due process. An accusation is NOT enough, to throw someone out of their OWN home and make them wander the streets (AND continue to pay the rent / mortgage, while they can't even live there), whole also labelling them as an "abuser". If the courts can't establish that anything happened, but the "victim" is still scared, they should be directed to a domestic violence shelter, where there is security! Why would you want to send the person BACK to the place where the "abuse" is taking place? Get them to a safe and secure place! Most of these accusations are nothing but manipulation... getting the "upper hand" in a impending divorce. Once the Protective order or Restraining order is issued, the accused is considered a domestic abuser, so guess who gets the upper hand in the divorce? This has been going on for years, and its getting extremely bad... Johnny Depp's case is just the tip of the iceberg! False accusations are now widespread and systemic, and most of us don't have the money or support that Mr. Depp has, to protect ourselves, so we just lose everything, and are considered "abusers", when NO abuse ever took place!

Call the Senate Judiciary Committee at (202) 224-5225 and ask for Evelyn Fortier (the r is silent)... this is her JOB!... to protect innocent US citizens from being falsely accused. Tell her the laws NEED to be changed regarding Protective orders and Restraining orders.

People will continue to be falsely accused, and TREATED as abusers, until we force the government to stop taking action, unless it is proven that domestic abuse actually happened... You know, innocent until proven guilty... in a court of law.... with due process. Its really not that hard.
all these letters sent what u doing we want action
stop the lies
i want to say this is horible johnny depp going thru this now.maybe bring some lite to you peoplein government i ve wriiter senators attorney generals office and prison legak service nothing done.what kind of government we have all for these malicious people lying under oath it is perjurys son lied against my poor husband who sits there in jail and rots and ive paid all lawyers tried to move get a halfway house tied get charges dropped no. spent close 10grand on sean donahue lawyer what has he done nothing for us my husband joe landy sits there this rotten judicial system and da manipulated this drunkin womans son to lie under oath made false accusations she tried with me noway. lawyer drained me im broke still demands i dont have it to give him or im on the street no way for sean donahue lawyer i hired robed home all summer on short term disability.the da lied and this ladys son and also court granted us 1000 dollrs for a detective to investigate the case. i paid ddetective earlier in case guess what he got stuff on this woman and judge would not even acknowledge it. the system is corrupt. so now my money is gone and hear i sit with a broken foot and no one cares my husband rots in jail these rotten filthy malicous liars like tl son walks around and her .also why arent peabody police know here she drinks steals all that and when she lived here cops alwways there.i seen her drunk myself like the night she came into my apartment big bottle wine was drunk collapsed and from a druken black out guess what kid lied said my husband strangulated her, liesman under pains perjury and lawyer nebver got the money wheres 1000 for the detective he keep it. ill visit my husband later in jail.i called ed markeys office did nothing.why arent u listening government you dont care about us out here with these unstable mental woman whom are ruining innocent peoples lives families injail sitting as joem landry sits because of this horrible family who should be investigated and shame onthe dirty liars peabody police that know what this woman does where is family services daughter should be taken away.listen tina lima ruined ourlives.peabody police should be investigated. also detective i spent 1000 on whathappened to the evidence her kid should be investigated.god bless them all. hope they get justice allthese people are innocent.clandry
This is happening to Johnny Depp right now! Amber Heard is extorting him with a false accusation of domestic abuse.. and our government is allowing it to happen. In fact, they are encouraging it. Johnny Depp is being forced to prove that he did NOT commit domestic abuse.. and that's exactly what happens to millions of other men in America. Maybe his case will bring this issue to light, but I doubt it. Soon, his case will be over, and the average citizen (male and female, but mostly male), will continue to have to prove that they did NOT commit domestic abuse! It is literally guilty, until you can prove yourself innocent.

Please change the laws regarding domestic abuse. It is far too easy, for anyone to be falsely accused (male or female). Please start prosecuting the people who lie under oath. Currently we issue 2-3 million Protective orders / Restraining orders every year, but NO ONE has ever been prosecuted for lying under oath to get one. Its felony perjury, but it is NEVER prosecuted.. so the malicious person is free to try again, as much as he or she wants! These people know how easy it is to extort money from others, using a Protective order or Restraining order. Look at how easy it was for Johnny Depp to nearly have his life destroyed. This "accusation" will most likely cost him MILLIONS of dollars, and possibly his reputation too.

It happens because our laws have ignored the concept of innocent, until proven guilty with due process. They use an ex-parte order, and then the burden is shifted to the accused to prove that they did not commit domestic abuse. They say its not a criminal matter, its a civil matter. But, if you return to your OWN house, you will immediately be arrested and be facing a year in jail. So, you're homeless, living on the streets, but still have to somehow pay all of your bills (including rent or mortgage), when you can't even live there. All without having to prove that domestic abuse ever occurred. Yes, it is that simple. I've seen it with my own eyes, millions of others have seen it, and now we are ALL seeing it with Johnny Depp. Legalized extortion.

Please change the laws regarding Protective orders / Restraining orders. Start prosecuting the ones who admit they lied or were proven to have lied. Its Felony perjury. There's a lot of them, but they are NEVER prosecuted... ever.

It is far too easy for anyone to have their life destroyed, or to be extorted, with the use of a Protective order or Restraining order. Its so easy, that illegal immigrants are using them to get a quicker path to citizenship. They can't be deported if they're the "victim" of domestic violence, and they're eligible for many programs that they otherwise would not be. They also get to stay in someone else's home for free, while the accused is homeless (but still has to pay the bills)!

Please change these laws.
My case has been in court system for three months now. My savings account along with my dignity have been drained.
This article is scary. For those of us who have been lying in the other direction and protecting our husbands and staying with him how is this article supposed to make me feel ok getting help and leaving him. I want to leave him but he won't let me and if people don't believe me how will I get away
My ex-girlfriend lied on me, it cost me $7000 in court fees and $3000 to post bond. I was cleared of the PPO and two jury trials in two different courts settings that found me not guilty
my husband sits in jail nothing done just false accusations and charges sits and rots in jail while the se false accusation by these filthy junk bags and drunks lied ok to do the the dirty things ,peabody police lnow this woman well drinks drugs family services should be called on her tlthe courts judges should be mandated to move these faster .she ruined my husbands life.what they should do stop being so unbiased these law people judge against men and look at these unstable woman with mental problems and substance abuse that are lying and family members and district attorneys asda manipulates her son in grandjury lie so she can prosecute my husband,she is liar. the whole system courts cops are all wrong and crooked ,they are all no good.they are all corrupted peabody police da lawyer judges at salem superior court mass
i just want to add my husband still in middelton county jail with charges of domestic strangulation,dangerous weapon district attorney manipulated this ladsys son to lie grand jury iwas there when this happened she fellin ablacklout from alcohol her kid said my husband put his knee on her pushed in wall, all lies joe tried to help her so she would not hit the floor went into my kitchen table and i washed her face after fact she had no marks or black bules no broken bones or punctured organs.thet lie the judges cops these people who make accusations like this tina l. and she has long criminal record. she go around drive drunk cops dont do anything she would brag how she new them.cops judges lawyers da are all corrupt.meantime u pay lawyers don do shit.i paid 10 grand my husband there over 8months. there is no punishment for thse junk bags and she came over my house with gallon wine drank in my house.she declined medical attention. u know what the letters i wroteag reps they dont care no one does nothing its corrupt system.
Sick of power-trip women who cry "wolf" just to punish the dad. The kids are the true victims, and these women do not understand that!!!!
When women go to their doctor or emergency room for treatment for injuries that require, in my case 24 stitches to reattach my finger, and broken bones, that I had/have a compression fracture of my vertebrae that will never heal and the court/police give the guy a slap on the wrist, what IS the problem. There is more evidence through valid research that proves that MOST victims do not report the abuse they receive. There are extremely high percent of cases that are swept under the rug. SO WHO IS THE VICTIM IN THIS SYSTEM THAT IS SO CORRUPT AND BROKEN WHERE WOMEN AND CHILDREN CAN NOT GET JUSTICE. I am for guilty until proven innocent but once valid evidence is presented it is the lawyer that has contributed more money to the Judges re-election campaign that without a doubt determines the outcome of the case. There was a FRONTLINE in depth investigation regarding this years back where Judges themselves admitted this. TALK ABOUT CORRUPTION!
they lie like they did with my husband false accusations thats why it needs to be put in perpsepective when these unstable female lie to be vindictive they should be areested to for lying
My friend has been a victim of this. The way the legal system approaches this is a joke. Definitely guilty until proven inocent in this matter. Even when the girl realizes what she has done and tries to tell the truth, the legal system allows for no avenues for that to happen. All that needs to be in place is a Prosecuting Attorney that believes all of these cases are the same and the only reason for the victim to change her story is that she wants to stay in an abusive relationship. What if she just lied in the first place and then wants to come clean about it? There is no mechanism for this to occur. This is not justice.
we need justice down right now

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