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We, the undersigned, are writing in hopes of bringing to your attention a dire misjustice that is occuring in our state as well as many others across the US. Laws inacted to protect the victims of the vile crime of domestic violence are being misused by both citizens as well as law enforcement, and in this process innocent men's lives are being destroyed. In most states, the burden of proof is being thrown out and the simple word of the acuser is being taken without question, many times without the accused even being allowed to speak. True victims of domestic violence, some of whose names you will find below, find this to be deplorable. Not only can a woman falsely accuse a man of domestic violence without fear of consequence, but the accused man has no voice against her. The accuser can be a mentally disturbed individual using such laws to exact her revenge against a man who simply does not want to be in a relationship anymore, and her word is automatically taken, even when no evidence is in place. The man in such cases is automatically arrested, injunctions are automatically set in place, and even if he is able to prove his innocence in court he has lost months of his life due to the fact that she cried wolf. Worse yet are the cases of these innocent men who are poor and have no means to hire private attorneys. Their public defenders assume they are guilty and therefore do only the bare necessities to be their legal voice.We are not in any way asking for a revocation of the laws that protect true victims of domestic violence. Our wish is that these laws be revisited and indications made to to allow for criminal and civil prosecution when someone, whether male or female, has misused these laws in a vindictive and cunning way. We also would ask that law enforcement officers, public attorneys, and judges be forced to recognize the precept that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in the cases of domestic violence accusations, the opposite is true. An example of this is that of a 20 year old Florida resident who made the bond that was set for him, only to be picked up the very next day without provocation. The acuser in this case simply told the court she was afraid. He had done nothing in terms of trying to contact her or see her, and was not without several witnesses the few short hours he was free. Something must be done to prevent those who would lie about being a victim of domestic violence from continuing to do so. If it is not, our prisons will be overrun with innocent men and our streets will be controlled by the women who sent them there.

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This looks so familiar to my personal case.
These laws are very unfair to men. The judges Dont hear the facts and almost always side with the woman. It hurts the law abiding male citizens. If someone really wanted to cause harm to a woman, can a piece of paper really stop them? Due process is violated, the laws surrounding the order are overlooked. This is total injustice.
I am in know way for abusers to be protected, but when the victim turns around and becomes the abuser, with a history of making allegations, something has to be done. I am about justice and that is not justifiable.
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My wife and I have been separated for 3/4 of the 2 years we have been married. She had tried to bate me several times without success so I could not be near her in she was in Mexico. She came for christmas to settle the marriage and child custody formally drawn up. She was trying bate me and I would not take the bate and pushed me as I was leaving. When I turned to say I'm not going for it she began kicking me and punching me... Then hit me with door 3 times in front of our baby boy. (She was 5 years on the Mexican National Tai Kwan do team.). I defended myself, picking her up taking her out of the room. When I let her up she said "You threw the baby on the floor" stating her intent to lie and screening for help. I went to the police to tell them of her intent to lie/frame me. The arrested me and when I got out the next day she was gone. She had filed a restraining order and got custody. This was a planned attack. I got beat up, thrown in jail and had my son taken from me and now I have to pay for supervised visits (not to mention bail, criminal attorney and family law attorney). What a mess. Something needs to be done.
More attention needs to be paid to Covert/Ambient/Narcissistic/PassiveAgressive abuse. These abusers instigate, antagonize and do everything they can to get their spouse to attack or fire off a rant text or email. When they have sufficiently done their "job", they call the police and file a restraining order. I do not My husband followed me around the house inches from my body calling me every profanity in the book. Telling me that I was a horrible mother and that he was going to take my daughter away. He told me my daughter hated me. This man would not let me walk away and he would not get out of my personal space. He wasn't touching me, but he was so close, I could feel his breath. When I finally snapped and pounded on his chest (gorilla style, not abuse beating style), he opened our front door and cowered as if I were hitting him hard and then called 911 and had me arrested. This is only one instance of the emotional, passive aggressive abuse I endured. There needs to be better education into these types of people. Usually they are Narcissists and Borderline Personality Disordered people. The subtle nature of their abuse is difficult to describe and it's difficult to pinpoint because it is often slow and torturous. Physical abuse is horrible, but the scars form this psychological kind of abuse are just as bad and often much much worse. It drives people into depression and even suicide and often times the victim still isn't clear on the nature of their victimization. Law enforcement, judges and lawyers need to be educated when they are looking at a domestic violence case. They need to know about all of the moving parts happening inside of the home.
Women abuse men with false accusations and use it as control and a way to steal and screw over because they are too lazy to come up with a way to attain things on their own
As a victim of false allegations of domestic violence, I'm able to share with no hesitation that it is something you never really get over. It took me 3 years to even date someone because of the trust factor. Here is a high profile case that occurred here in San Diego with a star of the San Diego Chargers, and it goes without saying that reform is desperately needed in this area:
A False Police Report of Domestic Violence was given to my daughter's mother by the Miami-Dade Police Department after I put my best foot forward 6 years ago when I filed my Paternity Suit. The complete explanation of this nightmare available on my Children's Rights Blog the article called "Reckless Disregard" at . During this ordeal I have successfully completed 36 weeks of supervised visitation with my daughter at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center. I've received superb references via reports written by Family Court Services staff/observers that were submitted to Judge Manno-Schurr of the 11th Judicial Circuit of Miami - Dade County Florida and are archived in case no. 2008-29595 FC 17. Keep in mind that I have joint custody of my son. The point is that anyone and everyone that has seen my daughter and I together knows that I am a great dad. The Judge refuses to read the entire history of the case and after 3 reports that indicate I'm a great father she refused to accept my suggestion that my daughter and I meet with her in Judge's Chamber. She refused saying she was not a psychologist. I said to her that she doesn't have to be a psychologist...she just has to be HUMAN. at Family Courthouse -Miami-Dade.
I have been falsely accused and arrested for "criminal communication" by my ex-girlfriend whom I simply did not want to have a relationship anymore. Now, I am being falsely accused of domestic violence. None of what she says happened actually happen.
I got incredibly drunk and attacked my fiance with not just one knife, but two...along with a lamp, a cast iron frying pan, and a boiling hot steamer full of vegetables. I had no reason to do it, as I just snapped. Guess it was my childhood, which gave me PTSD.

He restrained me to get the weapons away, and I was left with defensive bruises simply from being held down so that I wouldn't strike or slice him. I somehow ended up running down a highway where a motorist called 911 and I was sent to the hospital, where all the doctors found was that I had a sinus disease.

My fiance? Went to jail. Accused of punching me and causing internal bleeding. I have told everyone the whole time that I didn't want charges pressed, it was my fault...but no. My state files charges ''on the victim's behalf.''

We are now awaiting a jury trial where I am going to take the stand and take responsibility for my actions. I should be charged with DV, not my fiance. He was genuinely fearing for his life. More like guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

I don't drink anymore because I love my fiance, who was so generous to give me a second chance. STOP THE FALSE ALLEGATIONS.
my daughter hit herself and call police on me. I've never had a speeding ticket.She tryied to have me removed from my home. she got an order of protection against my from seeing her or my three grand children.