Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence

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We, the undersigned, are writing in hopes of bringing to your attention a dire misjustice that is occuring in our state as well as many others across the US. Laws inacted to protect the victims of the vile crime of domestic violence are being misused by both citizens as well as law enforcement, and in this process innocent men's lives are being destroyed. In most states, the burden of proof is being thrown out and the simple word of the acuser is being taken without question, many times without the accused even being allowed to speak. True victims of domestic violence, some of whose names you will find below, find this to be deplorable. Not only can a woman falsely accuse a man of domestic violence without fear of consequence, but the accused man has no voice against her. The accuser can be a mentally disturbed individual using such laws to exact her revenge against a man who simply does not want to be in a relationship anymore, and her word is automatically taken, even when no evidence is in place. The man in such cases is automatically arrested, injunctions are automatically set in place, and even if he is able to prove his innocence in court he has lost months of his life due to the fact that she cried wolf. Worse yet are the cases of these innocent men who are poor and have no means to hire private attorneys. Their public defenders assume they are guilty and therefore do only the bare necessities to be their legal voice.We are not in any way asking for a revocation of the laws that protect true victims of domestic violence. Our wish is that these laws be revisited and indications made to to allow for criminal and civil prosecution when someone, whether male or female, has misused these laws in a vindictive and cunning way. We also would ask that law enforcement officers, public attorneys, and judges be forced to recognize the precept that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in the cases of domestic violence accusations, the opposite is true. An example of this is that of a 20 year old Florida resident who made the bond that was set for him, only to be picked up the very next day without provocation. The acuser in this case simply told the court she was afraid. He had done nothing in terms of trying to contact her or see her, and was not without several witnesses the few short hours he was free. Something must be done to prevent those who would lie about being a victim of domestic violence from continuing to do so. If it is not, our prisons will be overrun with innocent men and our streets will be controlled by the women who sent them there.

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For GS
Cps has taken our daughters for the 2nd time now. Have not said what we have done to them. They acuse us of having domestic violence and police involvement for domestic violence but we havent. Police department on our side and defending us and testifying on our behalf. Judge now says their lying. Before our trial the judge decided to go ahead with adoption and we didn't even get a trial. Please help.
My bigamist wife is charging me with Domestic violence including rape. I threatened to charge her with bigamy and she ran to get this Restraining Order that will put me in jail for years. Can she do this? She never called police and none of these 20 charges ever happened. She owns half of my house and is extorting me for $30,000 in exchange for the house and dropping charges.
Enforce perjury laws!
I was falsly accused by my girlfriend of a domestic battery in which she clearly lied to the police I have called too many times to her mom and 911 and reported that she needs help she really hits herself. I was shocked the first time I saw an individual hitting them delves that hard then lie say he did it. I have no history of violence and have been in a long relationship before without any violance. I had a pending case for a 485pc that LAPD falsely accused me of Been going to court for over year and half they have destroyed my background so I can even get a job possible that they are the ones who are behind the domestic dispute because every officer in the bench that testified pointed the finger on the other one. I have previously worked with them and even got a thank you letter from the Capitan. What is wrong with this society with this system that first follow the previous calls I made. I have gangsters all day hrassing front of my apt door. Let's not forget I have also previously walked to a active 211pc hostage situation bright day light and with my quick action they are doing 19years. I'm ready to move on in life not be held back by a Police Department that I have my all to and returned got nothing not even a fair trial. They never come to my calls Im not stupid; uneducated individual. I SPENT MY TIME GROWING UP WITH THE LAW I RESPECT THE LAW I WILL DIE FOR MY COUNTRY AND COMMANDER IN CHEIF ANY DAY ANY MINUTE. BUT I WON'T HAVE A LOCAL POLICE DO FRAUD INVESTIGATION.


I was a victim of 'State of Delaware" sponsored False Allegations of Domestic Violence. False Allegations have become the new act of domestic violence.
thank you for this letter many men don't have the fight to fight
For GS and REP
Having been the victim of false accusations and been arrested I fully hope these laws be amended, protect the innocent and don't arrest non abusers.
I'm being framed and believed by legal system and mental health system not accountable enough to protect my innocense against a narcissist wife trying to make me suffer while being good for her and not harmful or hurtful to get ever. She is dangerousanfcruel and flying under the radar as a doctor trying to frame and plot and violate my rights to peace and rights to kids and took advantage of me during marriage planning divorce after birthing kids and kept every dime from joint Acct not sharing, judge biased and immature in family court. Judge Let this thief getaway with it both judge and family court system and lawyers and exwife all made me the fall guy when I should have won and saved custody butane refuses all days issuing. Please look ulbarcussustuc psychopath and'gaslighting' form of abuse that flies under the radar. abusive and deceptive exwife get to make us kids and I who are victims look like abusers and cannot get a break to breathe air or get our heading from underwater. Narcissists don't get it on how to do normal and instead taking advantage of victim infrint if enforcers with no accountability.
Am a law abiding man. I have never in my life been arrested. I have not only helped my community but also my local police department. I have 7 children from my first marriage and we where abandon by her she ran off with my own bother. I was 28 yo at the time with twins at only 9 months old the oldest was 11 yo. I did not know what to do but one thing for sure as bad as my situation was violents was not an option. I have always been a non violent person always have had respect for the law in every level . I have even done work in our local congress mans office . I have had the privilege that our 2 amendments offers. Being a New Yorker it's hard to have one. One day at 1.00 am I was woken up by my wife so hard and I mean " like if there was an unwanted person in the house or a fire" to find out that she is waking me up over her son and my son fighting over a blanket yes a blanket. As I got up I said to her what happend what happend? She say your son took her son blanket I said " a blanket"? you want to give me a heart attack over a blanket? I got out the room and called the kids as they come up the stairs I ask my son " why did you took your brothers blanket?" He said he has his blanket I said what? He said he has his blanket. I went back into the room less then 45 seconds and I told her " your son has his blanket what are you talking about?" She said "OH well" at that point I asked her son and my son to go to bed as her son comes up I see he has his blanket. At that point I asked him and he said I don't know what she is talking about. I closed our bedroom door and went to sleep in my daughters room. At 7.30 am we all get up and start getting ready for work and school . I leave to work " my work is 500 ft away from my house" and she leave to drop off the kids to school and I walk to my job as I have done for the past 12 years. She stay in the house tell about 12pm and she leaves for work. At 10pm she comes home from work and as am pulling up I see a cop car in front of my house " I thought one of the kids must have gotten into trouble " little did I know the cops where there for me. As I go upstairs the police is in my room with my wife as they asked all the kids to wait for them outside of the room all 8 kids yes 8 kids . As they open the door they asked my to go to the living room. They took my **n and asked for the other one. They said we know you and we know who you are and we are very suprice about this because we know who you are the police department knows who you are and I read the report and I don't believe it for one min. But our hands or tied. I said what is this all about they said your wife came to the station and said that you " pulled her hair, hurt her neck, scratched her, pulled her to the floor and choked her. I told them I did all of this in 45 sec? I said why if I did all of this and I was said to be a monster why did she not called 911 at 1 am and she waited 16 hours to call them "police" but to go personally to the station?
My fiance called the cops on me when the cops arrived they wrongfully arrested my fiance for domestic violence. How is that so in addition to the police officer throwing a fuss bcuz I walked over to see the police report that he was sabotaging against my fiance. My fiance is completely innocent they gave him 1yr probation w a no contact order. No reason they had to lie. We have been together for a few yrs and not ever once has he ever put his hands on me violently. He's a good man not violent.
My accuser used a restraining order to help her bargain in the divorce. She actually wrote me a letter saying that she would remove the order if I would forget the 2000 dollars she owed to me. I could not afford to take her to court to get the restraining order removed. She has since used the order to ruin my life by other false allegations.
My ex was borderline personality disorder (and possibly sociopathic). I told her was leaving her one night and she began cutting her wrists with knives and drawing blood. In my efforts to restrain and disarm her she began screaming "get off me your hurting me" while telling me she was going to kill herself at the same time. Police entered the apartment with guns drawn and encountered me restraining the woman on the sofa, with a knife I had just confiscated from her pushed out of reach under the sofa. I was charged with kidnapping and domestic violence. I was eventually aquitted at trial. The woman then went on to falsely accuse me of operating a meth lab at my laboratory workplace. I lost everything in the subsequent quarter million dollar investigation, including my sanity. I was charged for manufacturing, but all charges were again dropped. When I found out she had falsely accused me in the police documents, I became upset and chewed her out for lying to police and setting me up so many times. I was charged and convicted of DV harassment for that.... For getting upset about allegations that were eventually proven false every time.

These laws don't hold women responsible for moral quandaries. It's just government aided revenge against men.