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We, the undersigned, are writing in hopes of bringing to your attention a dire misjustice that is occuring in our state as well as many others across the US. Laws inacted to protect the victims of the vile crime of domestic violence are being misused by both citizens as well as law enforcement, and in this process innocent men's lives are being destroyed. In most states, the burden of proof is being thrown out and the simple word of the acuser is being taken without question, many times without the accused even being allowed to speak. True victims of domestic violence, some of whose names you will find below, find this to be deplorable. Not only can a woman falsely accuse a man of domestic violence without fear of consequence, but the accused man has no voice against her. The accuser can be a mentally disturbed individual using such laws to exact her revenge against a man who simply does not want to be in a relationship anymore, and her word is automatically taken, even when no evidence is in place. The man in such cases is automatically arrested, injunctions are automatically set in place, and even if he is able to prove his innocence in court he has lost months of his life due to the fact that she cried wolf. Worse yet are the cases of these innocent men who are poor and have no means to hire private attorneys. Their public defenders assume they are guilty and therefore do only the bare necessities to be their legal voice.We are not in any way asking for a revocation of the laws that protect true victims of domestic violence. Our wish is that these laws be revisited and indications made to to allow for criminal and civil prosecution when someone, whether male or female, has misused these laws in a vindictive and cunning way. We also would ask that law enforcement officers, public attorneys, and judges be forced to recognize the precept that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in the cases of domestic violence accusations, the opposite is true. An example of this is that of a 20 year old Florida resident who made the bond that was set for him, only to be picked up the very next day without provocation. The acuser in this case simply told the court she was afraid. He had done nothing in terms of trying to contact her or see her, and was not without several witnesses the few short hours he was free. Something must be done to prevent those who would lie about being a victim of domestic violence from continuing to do so. If it is not, our prisons will be overrun with innocent men and our streets will be controlled by the women who sent them there.

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The entire DV circus is an abomination and as enforced, against the law. The law defines domestic violence as a pattern of violence, which is something that needs to be publishable. But every incident (including arguments, hair-pulling, gripping, a slap and so on, is handled like someone is trying to murder another.However, there are many true abusive situations as the law was intended for and it is up to the prosecutor to discover and reveal facts.This does not happen and prosecutors are simply interested in a conviction and make every court case so bad that the defendant will plea guilty. Prosecutors stack false charges in order to make the defendant plea to a lesser charge. Why is it so that there HAS to be a victim and a perpetrator anyway?

My ex wife called the cops 3 times with false statements. They knew the statements were false when the showed up (one time she was even out-of-state, telling the cops on the phone that she was at home instead; they searched the house for 30 minutes looking for a corpse or something). The cops laughed about it and told me not to worry and that they would write a report.

When the county attorney later talked to her about her phony calls, the attorney briefed her how to make an legitimate call and that she had to make sure that she would get a bruise in a next argument. my ex-wife had told a friend of this, which I heard later and was confirmed by a cop.

But all this did not matter (Yes, I should have just left like a thief in the night and divorce her and my possessions)

The next time she made sure the confrontation was physical and during the court sessions, the previous police reports were "missing" , evidence altered, medical records mis represented and the d.a. did nothing but lie to the judge. My attorney advised me to plea guilty which I eventually did. The DA violated every agreement on the plea, did not disclose evidence that he was going to present to the judge. At the bench-trial,the judge never gave my attorney an opportunity to speak until after he had sentenced me. The whole court system is corrupted in order to get conviction, boost DV statistics so they can get more tax payers dollars for enforcement. I did do the mandatory 28-week DV class and in those six months ONLY heard similar or lesser stories. Not one person in those classes was a notorious "wife-beater" but everyone that becomes involved and charged, will be treated like one.

Fact do not count in court, where only victim/perpetrator situations exist and the victim can say anything without any consequences.

I assume why we are supporting this petition is for the right to be heard and that charges are fair and facts presented and considered.

But as long as mr. Rice's relation with his gf/fiancee/wife are more important than cops being shot in NY (as in the news yesterday dec 21,2014, when Rice was headlined), I am afraid the DV circus will just keep hiring more clowns.
I was attacked by my girlfriend, had my fingers bent back to the point of breaking. She then shoved my face into the couch. I pushed her away and I've suffered all the consequences, and to fight it would mean possible losing my gun rights and I love to hunt. She lied to the police about what happened.
My husband and I are both being accused of abuse by his ex wife , just so she can shut us all out and yet still receive child support ... it is wrong and uncalled for. It needs to stop
I was just recently accused of DV, Criminal damage, and criminal assault against my boyfriend over the weekend.
I was legitimately defending myself against his attack and because he's a good'ol local boy and firefighter, they took his word over mine. I've never been in trouble in my life and have no record of ANY violence in my past. I'm a highschoo volleyball coach and a kind person. For him to make alligations to ruin my life was horrific and embarrassing. I understand DV's are one of the hardest calls for officers, but I was treated like a criminal as soon as they came to MY apartment.
My boyfriend was falsely accused by his ex wife (a woman was ironically convicted of domestic assault on a man) who had done the same thing to two other men and her own son also) All three subsequently divorced her. But not before she nearly destroyed all of them financially and mentally. His rights in court were laughable. His arrest was a civil rights nightmare. This needs to be stopped. I am all for stopping abuse against women, but this is going the other way entirely.
I am the victim of this stated Abuse of the Domestic Abuse Law, a previously spotless record, Now with Multiple problems along with the inability to even return to my own home which I have owned for almost 10 years, where she has only lived for a mere 5 months.....until an undisclosed mental ilness showed its face in forms of self harm, sucide attempts, and manipulation, lies, and so much more.
My ex is constantly harrassing me and using our son as a weapon. An alcoholic bi polor off her meds and going off trying everyday to attack me. Guardian Ad Litems and County Commissioners sit on hands. While my son suffers from her mental condition. Help Dads get a fair shake. Get those who falsely accuse arrested as well. It is a mountainous problem.
I have SO MUCH more to tell, but let's bring this to a close with the fact that last week in court the Prosecution decided to "In the Interest of Justice" dismiss all charges against me. Great, but I still lost my home, over $100k defending myself, 6 months of employment, and 130lbs from stress, damaging my heath greatly and permanently.

Land of the Free (as long as no one accuses you), Home of the Brave. Don't know if I'll EVER be brave enough to trust anyone again, especially romantically.

Thanks for listening....
I can give a very personal testimonial to how this happens and what it can do to your life. I was falsely accused in my hometown or Tulsa OK in May of 2014 by my (at the time) cohabiting girlfriend of one year.

In May she filed with the Collinsville OK PD that I had, on multiple occasions throughout 2014, (Feb. & April) stalked, abducted kidnapped, raped, assaulted and attempted to strangle her to death. The charges were filed in court on a day in which she had called me numerous times, and everything was great and she was looking forward to seeing me later (conversations witnessed) and she also sent several "I love you" emails the same day.

The Collinsville PD waited until I left my home for ONE HOUR for dinner to raid with over a dozen officers, destroying BOTH entry doors to my home, as well as the GUEST HOUSE door, in which I did not even live in, and they knew it. They seized numerous computers, printers, cable modems, zip drives, cameras, video cameras and cell phones. I later was informed that they had been watching my house all day, and waited until I left and they knew no one was home to enter and destroy my property.

I turned myself in to authorities, was held without bail for ten days, finally my attorney got them to set bail at $149,000, and I posted the $14,000 to get out.

I lost my home, my job, and was blasted on social media and verbally by my accuser AND some of the Collinsville detectives, one of them even calling people from my contacts in my computer telling them I WAS GUILTY of these crimes and was going to be jailed for life. People, including some of the detectives associates called me to tell me this. This same accusing body of law enforcement had TWICE in September 2013 removed her from the home and placed her on psychiatric hold in hospital for threatening to hurt family members OR kill herself, which she attempted in Jan & Feb 2014, as well as three other times in previous years. She has been under lengthy counseling for mental illness, and has been deemed dangerous to herself and others, but the NEITHER the detectives NOT the Tulsa County prosecutor took any of that into consideration.

Wait, did I fail to mention that she has accused a past fiance, several of her mother's partners and even a family member of sexual battery &/or rape in past? This was never considered either.....

My accuser even called my attorney, and in a recorded conversation in front of two other attorneys claimed that she had lied, did not want to see me prosecuted, and would drop all claims against me if I would meet with her, where we could work it all out, get married and have the family she wanted so badly, all while sending me fake untrasounds of the baby she WASN'T carrying......Classic.

An 18 year old girl who I had never even met in person (a high-school classmates daughter) had messaged her on FB to ask her why she had done this and was charged and jailed for Intimidating a State Witness........

I have
Sadly Very true . If you are a victim you will be reported to child protective services, ending an extensive interviews, harassment, involuntary interviews with your children, hair follicle analysis. Keep the government out of your personal family affairs. The system is corrupt.
I'm a woman who's ex recently filed a TRO (I have to be in court all day Xmas eve to wait for my hearing) in retaliation for filing paperwork that my CONVICTED ex (years of horrible mental, emotional and physical abuse and rape) was in contempt of court for refusing to return my son as scheduled last weekend.
He said in the report "my son said he'd rather die than go back to his mom's. I'm worried he'll hurt himself if he goes back" and he said my son "always pleeds (he's retarded and can't spell and always makes himself look like a dumb*****in court) with me not to send him back to his mom's". My ex ALWAYS returns my son 1-4 hours early EVERY time he comes back to my house twice a week. If my son was in danger then why does he send him back early every time and why does my son BEG me to let him stay with me rather than go to his dad's? My son is about to turn 14 and I have an almost 3 year old from another relationship. I'm scared that the court will side with that manipulative POS when I didn't even do anything!!! He filed because he's about to have another kid and has been complaining about child support for the last 14 years. He doesn't care about my son's well being. He only does whatever he can to abuse me since he can't physically do so anymore...he has always used my son against me and has put a wedge between us.
I called the police last weekend because I found a stolen GUN in my son's room while I was looking for my cell phone that he stole. So DCF got involved and said that my son's issues are 100% ME and they won't let me make my son get help!!!
If the state of VT awards this abusive POS a year restraining order against me, my kids will be separated and I may never see my oldest again and I didn't even do anything besides try to get the kid help!!!
I have a lawyer and have already spent almost $1000 in the last week and I'm a stay at home mom and small business owner.
I have never been in any trouble before and I'm beside myself. I'm scared to death which was exactly what my ex wanted. Fingers crossed that a judge will be able to see that my ex did this in retaliation and because he didn't want to try to get custody the "right" way. I'm feeling so helpless and hopeless and distraught. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm a living example of this. It has caused my several issues in my life and has made employment with law enforcement virtually impossible, which is the career I wish to pursue! However, I have forgiven her, and we are now much happier than before in regards to our relationship. That being said, false accusations are very real, and often times, my case included, you truly are guilty until proven innocent!
There seems to be a high amount of domestic violence calls in Mecklenburg County, NC (one website listed over 36,000 last year) with the population approximately 991,000, which is 3.6% of the population. Take out young children and some of the elderly, then this percentage increases. This is too high of a number and the FBI or some agency should investigate. The courts, judges, law enforcement are making profits from this while the actual victim suffers. The Greg Hardy story has become and media circus. The victims and the witnesses were giving no consideration by the release of all the 911 tapes. One witness said that they were afraid and lived in the building practically giving that person's identity away. These officers are not trained in the psychology of domestic violence and are not held accountable for their missteps and have the victims arrested. Officers will arrest a person without talking to the person, or writing a detailed police report, which can be shown in the Hardy case as well. A warrant should not be taken out against the victim with 2 short sentences when the victim endured 3 hours of abuse by the accuser. The law no longer protects women, because the false accusers have learned how to manipulate the law to their advantage while they can continue to abuse other women and get away with it.