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Our Nations Animals Have No Protection Against Abuse By Humans! They Are Neglected, Abandoned, Mistreated BY Their Owners & Some Shelter Workers. Victims Of Hoarders, Back Yard Breeders. Animals Are Dumped @ Shelters By The Hundreds & Thousands Daily By Their Owners, That Decide They Don't Want Their Pets Anymore! & Use Lame Excuses. Over Bred Moms & Dads Are Dumped When They Can't Breed Anymore! We Need Serious Reform For The welfare Of Our Animals***Striving For A No Kill Nation** I Work With A Huge Army Of Animal Lovers *We Work Posting Shelter Animals 24/7*365 Days & Nights A Year*The Treatment Of Animals Is Barbaric & Cruel* By Pet Owners & Some Shelter Workers: There Are Empty Cages World Wide! Only10% Of Animals Are Saved! They Believe in The Concept: ( Better Dead Than Fed) Animals Are Euthanized Un-Necessarily! I Want To See Animal Rights Laws Changed To Protect Animals & No Kill Sanctuaries Implemented in Place Of Shelters! Which Will Be Monitored & Inspected! I Have a Proposal In Place* Enclosed:...2014.....
1. Spay/Neuter Laws Passed
2. Puppy Mills, Breeders Stopped
3. Stop Breed Specification
4. Ban Gas Chambers & Heart Stick Killing
5. Empty shelters
6. No Animal Killed
7. Live Their Lives Out In Sanctuaries
8. No Animal Left Behind
9. Strong Abuse Punishments
10. End To Dog Fighting
11. Pet "Owner " Changed To Pet "Guardian"
12. Laws Changed So That Pets Are Not Viewed As Property
13. Animal Abuse Registry
14. Ban The Sales Of Pets Sold IN Stores
15. The Next Generation *TAUGHT * To & Respect Animals
16. Everyone & Respect (ANIMAL RIGHTS)
17. People Stop Ignoring The Problem And Do Something About It!!
When you see suffering, or evil in this world, there is no neutral ground* Do what you can to stop it *We Need New Laws To Stop This Craziness! We Are a Huge Network Of Animal Lovers Working 24/7 To Post Shelter Animals On fb & 90% Never Make It Out *They Are Killed* We Can't Spend Our Lives Saving 10 % Of Our Beautiful Shelter Animals Constantly Cleaning Up The Messes Made By Irresponsible & greedy People On A Daily Basis, Just because They Can Get Away With It *They Dump Their Unwanted Pets & Use Lame Excuses * Back Yard Breeders DUMP Over Bred Moms & Pops & Puppies @ Shelters By The Thousands Daily *People Need Laws To Follow & Education About Animals * We Need To "TEACH" The Next Generation Love & Respect For Animals & ANIMALS RIGHTS* PERPETRATORS WILL RECEIVE SEVERE PUNISHMENT * HEAVY JAIL TIME & Out OF POCKET *No Animal Will Be Left Behind* People Will Be Screened Thoroughly Before They Can Adopt Pets* ONLY NO KILL SANCTUARIES WILL EXIST *There Will Be NO PETS KILLED *Seniors & Pets That Can't Be Placed Will Live Out Their Lives In These Clean Environments In ALL STATES, With Love & NO FEAR * All Employees Will Be Screened *Drug Tested* Background Checks* Anger Management* Mandatory To Take Some Animal Training Classes To Better Work With > Depressed* Heart Broken* Frightened D

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Humans are selfish animals. They only care about themselves, its time to change that.
All lifes are precious. Animal cruelty should be punish with the same intensity as any human abuse.Be the voice for the ones that cant speak. Show your kindness and comprehension towards all animals. They do have feelings and get hurt as human. Please help us take away this cruelty with better laws to punish this criminal behavior that can escalate to hurt a child or you!
Yall need to put an end to this horrible act of cuelty and neglect and abuse going on for years now to poor innocent animals. The mills need shut down and you have to start helping and being a voice for them, all they want is to love us and be our companions. Makes me sick that this country all about money and sweeping issues like this under rug. Its disgusting.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. " -Gandhi
It is our moral duty to protect those that have no voice. It ripples through our soul, what we don't protect. It is one world, not a human world.
Animals are innocent, and deserve to be protected from harm. Shelters should exist to HELP them, NOT to harm them, or eradicate their lives.

There is no excuse. The current system is not credible or responsible. A responsible system would be competent enough to involve no kill, under any circumstances, and should protect the lives of all creatures, at all costs. Increasing efforts for spaying/neutering, and focus on adoption, is the answer.

ANIMALS' LIVES MATTER!! Shelters need to change to no kill, and be severely penalized/punished, if doing otherwise.
It's time to put tough penalties in place for animal abusers -- animals both domesticated and wildlife. The abuse of animals at factory farms needs to be addressed. It is horrific and rampant. The next generation does need to be taught to respect and love animals and animal rights. Perpetrators of animal abuse must face heavy jail time and fines *** Perpetrators targeting a specific species for example wolves will be subject to animal abuse laws. Trophy hunters, cattlemen, ranchers and wildlife haters need to be subject to animal abuse laws. It is just not acceptable and not justifiable to tolerate any kind of abuse to innocent animals who can't speak for themselves.
My family and I are card carrying conservative Christian Republicans that love animals passionately. I grew up on a farm where animals were raised for food ,this is not and SHOULD NOT be a one sided issue. We are supposed to be a civilized nation but the abuse of animals including farm animals should be stopped ,there should be no debate. Anyone for protecting abusers and their rights are equally wrong in the eyes of God and in the eyes of millions of both Republicans and Democrats .please do the right thing, the civilized thing and pass these laws to protect innocent animals.
Time to enact legislation that imposes tough mandatory sentencing for any person guilty of intentionally causing harm to any animal (including non-domesticated animals) that results in the animal's injury or death. If perpetrators are not concerned about facing criminal prosecution for committing horrible acts against animals, these incidents will continue. Please help to stop this now!
These changes should apply to all animals not just those considered to be domesticated. Here in PA three men just strapped M80s to the back of a turtle and blew it up. Not charged with animal cruelty because it was not considered to be domesticated
We must protect these innocent animals. They are intelligent, loving beings that deserve to have rights too.
A slap on the wrist won't stop animal abusers from committing crimes against other animals or humans. Irresponsible pet abusers will continue to exist until tougher laws and punishments are put in place to discourage them.