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I live in Sonoma California and this is getting way out of hand we know what geoengineering is. We know what harp is .. How much money does this cost the tax payers. Why are doing any thing about this. .. Your Killing Us
We have cowards flying spraying planes in the air and the nameless people signing petitions . Are you really afraid of the government ?
How could congress just sit back and do nothing? This is also going to effect their children and family also. It is destroying the world.
This is getting out of hand,
Stop Climate Engineering. Stop the carbon lies. Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership and corporate monopolies. Stop Obama Care. Stop unlawful and unnecessary Income Tax. Stop Fractional Reserve Banking. Stop big Pharma engineered sickness and disease and its forced inoculations along with Geoengineering. Stop Monsanto. Stop false flag media and staged crisis'. It is all subsidized by our tax dollars and tied together. We don't have an extra day to wait for a bill to pass. Do it now.
We are here by ordering you to END THIS NOW!
Every blue sky day I see the jets start spraying at 3pm and continue into the night. If it is solar radiation management why spray at night? We deserve answers. It is our right to know! Stop filling our lungs with these chemicals!
You will fail all the money you make off killing us citizens will burn away.And your going to wonder why life is getting worse you really think its that easy.People Know Whats going on.And were coming together taking you satanist down. All the Spraying/geoengineering,all the GMO crap in our food,fluoride etc.Poisoning killing us will all come back at you.A bunch of evil puppets is what you are. Yashaya Will Return.
STOP spraying!
Geoengineering is destroying the planet and all living things. As a representative of the people, your job is to protect the people!
Crimes Against Humanity. Stop Spraying Us!
STOP! Stop messing around with nature for your own financial gain! And stop poisoning us!!! This is all about climate change and your wish to become rich by promoting this agenda. Like Al Gore. WE ARE NOT IDIOTS!!! stop it!
I bet your Happy Knowing that people are getting sick from the Toxicity you put in our Air and put on this Planet such Ugly,Shameful,Appalling,acts done by in human morality.You can't get passed your own pay check you work as mindless cold hearted robots.Well guess What people are waking up an there not falling for your LIES anymore.Its Funny more you lie the more your exposing who you really are whats your real agenda.Gods people are coming to Knowledge.I pray for those who suffer from these vicious horrendous,tragic acts to have justice and be strong.So sad and sickening that this is what the world has come too.We will one have Justice the most high will come back never give up he is always with you in spirit no matter how many hateful things others may say about Yashiya.Bless you Amen.
Many Aspen trees along my creek on my property have fallen down in the last 3 years. My Dog is battling back from a life threatening disease. I told the Vet he likes to clean his paws after being outside even though I try to clean them each time he comes in. The Vet says there are many very nasty things out there referring/confirming to stuff falling from the sky. When I am out mowing or shoveling snow I get a toothache; metal on metal fillings.
YOU, Congress, know what is going on (I've watched the committee meetings & seen the patents). Why are you doing this to your children, grandchildren and allowing it to fall on your farms that help feed your neighbors? If you do nothing else in your career, PLEASE STOP THIS, ALL LIFE THREATENING, SPRAYING AND HAARP. I pray everyday for sanity to return to D.C.
Why do you keep lying to us Citizens are you really that desperate for money???If you really cared You would stop polluting our planet and the Air we breathe.This Shouldn't even have to be a problem but you just want to create more problems.HAARP Your all Evil In my book.
Where are you reps?
I have environmental illness and have been forced to live in a tent as the toxic load in buildings makes me sick. However, chemtrails make me violently ill. This is a violation of my rights, assault and potentially murder. You and large corporations are breaking the constitution and along with the 80,000 unregulated chemicals in our environment, sickening and killing all life.
Chem-trails are evil this is evil.What your doing you realize that.
You Should be Embarrassed of your what your doing seriously Man
Time to Stop This Already.
The Air is Leaving There Lungs.Innocent People Are Dying!Do You Not Understand.How Can You sit back with money falling on you Lap Knowing you Are responsible for billions of deaths where has humanity gone you really think your going to Win????Here's a Suggestion Find Christ.And Stop this Madness.
"You will Reap what you So." What you do to others and the way you effect others will all come down on you ten fold.Why Don't You actually stop the Nonsense and get back the innocence you had as a child.And get with The most high.Because all of your evil actions will End.When He Comes back and when He does Come Back and he will.Your Going to wonder why you didn't turn away from your actions in the first place.Its Funny how almost every evil person that's in league with the devil thinks they'll win.The Thing is there's always An Error In there actions.You really think you can get away with it?Well We all end the same way and were going to have to answer the things that we've done.Warning To turn from your selfish ways now.Get closer to God Yashiya Life,find some compassion.
Please stop chemtrails. It's damaging our planet.
I do not consent to your destructive, deadly, evil GEOENGINEERING. Leave Mother Earth in peace.
I hope we can save this planet but not frist without knowing the truth of our doings. I want full exposure of the chemtrail/geoengineering
I want full toxic levels epa and leathel levels to be seen by the world. Mother earth makes her own weather I feel like I've been lied to about geoengineering I want to know the truth.
Stop geoengineering now! It is extremely harmful
to all life on earth.
I support this petition wholeheartedly and am
committed to making sure this horrendous operation of geoengineering stopped!
We the people, do NOT & did NOT consent to these sprays being done in the skies above us. You are harming us all; all living things. How is this any different the the "jiffy pop popcorn" effect? You are blanketing and covering us in an aluminum seal, along with other poisons to all life. This encases the atmosphere and increases and creates more heat. This is NOT helping any global warming. You are adding to it while poisoning everything.
all involved will be held accountable one way or another
This is the most important issue facing us today. Everything depends on our atmosphere. Perhaps many of you are unaware of the programs which distribute millions of tons of particularized aerosols throughout our skies. Please learn what you can about this, and join us in this fight to preserve life on earth.
Please stop these chemtrails. Let us live by mother nature and not the hands of men.
The injection of sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere to try to combat global warming is actually causing the global temperature to rise at a faster rate. Please stop blanketing the sky with what meteorologists on the mainstream media are calling persistent spreading contrails.

It really is a horrible experience when you go outside in the morning and the sky is blue but you see plane after plane spraying those white stripes across the horizon. It's worse when around noon the sun is totally whited-out and the sky is filled what looks like cirrus & cumulus clouds but you witnessed it all come from aircraft all morning. Global dimming for solar radiation management is causing the surface temperature to rise drastically.

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