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You have the power to stop geoengineering. You are either with us or against us. We can vote you out of office.
Geoengineering is killing the trees, animals, birds, fish, insects and people. If you think you're immune to the effects of this insidious act you are sadly mistaken.
The chemtrails across the beautiful blue skies of CO are a disgrace to our skyline with our lovely Rocky Mountains. It is not safe. It is pollution. Stop this practice immediately.
These operations have been hidden and kept secret from the public, which is wrong. Evil lives in the dark. Stop hiding your dark deeds, you are exposed!
Eastern Washington receives chemtrail fly-overs almost daily. It needs to stop. NOW.
There is little point in recycling and e-testing our vehicles when it is being undermined by the over head spraying! Please stop it!
I am affected by geoengineering and by electromagnetic frequencies.
Stop poisoning my children
For shame!! Just poison Americans!!
What's going on its outrageous! This has to be STOPPED! They are ruining the planet and peoples health!
We see, we know, and we are fed up. There has been no human testing (I guess we are the human testing!) to the harm done to all humans and all living things. Stop NOW!
NO Geothermal, NO chemtrails!
Please stop the assault on all living beings.
I cringe when I see children eating snow... So many folks are not aware of this assault on our skies. If they were, this petition would have millions of signatures.
I agree that chemtrails in our skies need to be fully disclosed and covered on the media truthfully in a scholarly humane fashion.
I am tired of being sick and tired, IF these toxins are true......(something IS happening, and Cannot just be brushed aside, as a DELUSIONAL KOOK CONSPIRACY......)
enough is enough
Stop poisoning our Planet
good video below showing how the drought in Cali is being caused on purpose using satellite analysis....shows low pressure being cancelled with haarp and chemtrails soaking up the moisture and using the haarp array in Alaska to suck it north and down across the middle of the country.

Alaska is being baked to melt all the arctic snow and release tons of methane...they do this worldwide and is another reason we have massive fish die off...too much methane and temperature change plus the extremely low frequencies from the scalar wave bursts.

We're screwed unless people spread videos like these....say goodbye fresh food and fresh water, hello GMO and bottled water....patenting nature for profit....either buy their******or die.

The people in govt are corrupt and most know about it...this is the history of the group behind the Illuminati

I have a lot more videos on my facebook page covering all aspects of weather as a weapon, how they do it, who's behind it, and how earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, and other disasters are caused on purpose to further their depopulation agenda. is my page, feel free to browse, comment, and add as a friend for more info and examples
This needs to stopped I do not consent to Geo Engineering
STOP Geoengineering and SRM now !!!
This is a tragedy and must come to an end.
Stop poisoning us!
signed from Monroe Mi.
Most in Congress deny that geo engineering is being done and assert that there are lots of vapor trails or contrails being misconstrued by we the people. The constituents are not fooled by such lies. Until our reps begin a dialogue with constituents on this major concern they remain in violation of their sworn duty and must be removed from office.
I would like all the goengineers to be held responsible for all the damage they have done and are still doing
Stop the damage now!
Where is their conscience? How do they sleep at night knowing the harm being perpetrated on humanity?

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