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Thank you!
I would like real clouds back, please.
If there is stuff being sprayed to alter the weather or to hide the sun, at least tell us what it is! Seeing our blue sky turn white from streaks every single day is getting really frustrating! When can I take my little girl outside to get some actual full-on sunlight?
chemtrails are poising us, and our planet
Many chronic and life threatening disease can be traced back to toxins in our bodies. The medical community has recently sited the toxins in unborn children as possible cause of autism. It is evident to me that government action of allowing chemicals to be sprayed on its' citizens is a blatant disregard of our health. The truth of Geoengineering is gaining amongst Americans and citizens of the world.
This is seriously WRONG!
This poison from the chemttails needs to stop!!!!! Almost everyone I know has problems with their lungs ... Let us breathe fresh air not chemicals ... It's killing us ...
The people of California & other regions that are being heavily sprayed are continuously awaking to this abomination of our natural environment. We will remain relentless in our effort to obliterate this program that is harming our planet & life in general. Everyday the spraying occurs the awakening happens. We won't remain silent any longer. Stop this now.
WE will never know the final outcome to GEOENGENEERING I feel the myself, family,friends, and all humanity are being lab rats, THIS MUST STOP
I believe that it is too lat to save life on this planet. I am happy to say that you not only killed my family but you also killed yours. As of now the trees world wide dying from the chemtrails/Geo engineering. Look at the increase of respiratory deaths. with in two generations world population will greatly decrease. THAT'S MY PREDICTION. THAT'S ALSO THE SAME THING A LOT OF REAL SCIENTIST ARE SAYING. The spraying is warming the earth. You idiots spending our taxes on this should study the Venus affect. It has come to the point where you cant see the horizon any where on the entire planet. Even today that was supposed to be a clear day over Indiana they started spraying at first light now at 10:17 its a completely murky sky. You people know why this is going on and should stop or let the American people and the rest of the world know why you are killing the Earth. Please respond to this mail without sending someone out to kill me.
I do not believe anyone has the right to poison another. Please stop this aerial spraying.
Stop geoengineering now!
Prepare for a class-action suit from We the People.
We do not consent.
We do not consent.
We do not consent.
Stop modifying the weather!
Stop the Tyranny.
Stop poisoning us and the planet!
Stop this assault on Man and Nature!!
We must stop this Geo-Engineering ASAP! I can't stand when they ruin a beautiful blue sky day with their Aerosol trails that cover the sky turning it a milky blue haze. Leave Mother Nature alone PLEASE.
Progress to a better future and coexist as a moral and sustainable society without corruption and the dead end road of capitalism.
The whole bunch of you are nuts.
How about Roswell?
Stop spraying our sky with your experiments.
Stop spraying our sky with your experiments.
Stop spraying our sky with your experiments.
Increasingly concerned over the daily chem trails and what it is doing to us all physically.
Please watch and share: Geoengineering and the Collapse of Earth 2014

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain Dr. Russell Blaylock
This needs to end now!
Stop Geoengineering!!!
They are in my opinion purposely killing us as a way to reduce the population. Evil is at work here. I hope the people involved in this at the lower levels will wake up, educate others, and most of all stop contributing to their own demise.
Stop this Spraying NOW ... Each time the chem trails appear within the next 5 days I have a REAL HARD TIME just breathing.. YOU ARE KILLING US...
Stop stealing my view of the Southern Sky!
You may kill our flesh, but you will never kill our spirits!
All politicians and government agencies involved in this unconstitutional science experiment should be tried and found guilty for committing Acts Against Humanity! I am outraged from the decisions they have made, and from their betrayal against our natural and constitutional rights.
Did your HAARP $HIT cause the Tornado that destroyed my house and property???I think it DID !!!
It is very real fellow patriot's! Do the right thing and get behind this as several other Country's have already done!
What has happened to government by the people for the people. We should not abandoned this foundation.

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