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I noticed that we were getting sprayed a few weeks ago, lot's of chem trails every day for about a week. I tried to stay out of it as much as I could, closed my windows, turned up my air purifier but nothing is enough to protect ourselves because as soon as you do go outside, you are breathing it in because it is on everyting!
Two weeks after the spraying I became very sick with a respitory illness and I am certain that it is due to the recent chem trails.
People need to WAKE UP and realize that out government does not care about us, they are not protecting us, they are making us sick!
We are all part of a multi-dimensional war that's been going on for quite some time.
Some of us know this, the question is what side are you playing for? Veils of consciousness are lifting one by one. We know the truth!!
Politicians are expected to lie for their own ends, the difference now is they just look plain IGNORANT and FEARFUL.

The choice to change our hearts is ours, no one else's.
It's time to learn from our mistakes as humans and shift gears into a different paridigm. Or we can just blow ourselves up again.
How's that worked out for us so far?

Take a look around, you can run but you can't hide. You may hide in your bunkers and think you are safe but you will never be. You will eventually have to face yourself. That will be your hell...
search your souls because whether you believe it or not our creator sees everything and eternity is a long time to pay for spreading evil
Stop human cloning
Pray also!
The American Taxpayers have a right to be told what And why they are doing the Major polluting our environment while the Major News media has said nothing to the American Tax payers that pay for Everything thing the Government does, its our Tax dollars We should have the right to be told in our Major news media.Please Take the time to Adress this in a public form = The Major News Media
Stop the deception and poisoning of The People.
stop these chem trails you are poisoning our children..............
We will be heard!
This needs to stop!!!! You rich fools need to adjust your ties and not ignore this!!!! I demand complete government transparency and an end to poison in our food, water, and air!!! Pledge of allegiance under nobody but the people of Earth!
If you can't honestly and publicly list all chemicals being sprayed on people and get their consent.---then it's illegal and a crime. Don't be shocked when people find out and get mad and take action.
I can see and have been seeing the obvious haarp microwave signatures on weather radar. it's so obvious that it's not natural. yet, this is not mentioned on the news or weather reports. this has to be stopped, as it is ruining our earth's atmosphere and environment.
It is our right to know the truth.
Since chemtrailing began we have jad changes in our weathwr patterns. Cases of cancer are on the rise. It amazes me how people dont believe ot exists. Today in Kansas we have a weather system movingmoving in. Yesterday we had a rare blue sky day without chemtrails. Today I watched them do it all morning into the afternoon. People say its not real that they are regular contrails. Nope. I saw a regular plane with thr typical contrail that disapates followed next to a chemtrail plane. Should mess with mother nature. Please stop chemtrailing. Give is our blue sky days back.

Also why is it so hush hush on the subject. If its ok and it helos with many things including weather, ozone, etc shoukdnt they be talking it up? People act like its a conspiracy theroy. It isnt and i hate being treated like a freak when i talk about it...


Jennifer Ladd
This is an outrage on humanity, our planet and all Life on the Earth!
I have noticed symptoms of aluminum over exposure in myself and family members. The most noticeable being short-term memory loss, since 2010 there has been a world-wide increase in Geological Engineering through climate mitigation/atmospheric modification. 2012 was the last year I had ease of accessing my short-term memory and its getting worse, in mid-sentence I will just go blank mentally, the names of people slip my mind, etc.
Physically, I have had a mild respiratory infection that does not go away.
The other members of my household are experiencing the same identical respiratory problem in varying degree's and they too have admitted to an increase in short-term memory loss.
In conclusion, NO ONE PERSON, GROUP OR GOVERNMENT(S) have the right to disperse toxin(s) that harm the people of Earth and to Earth's land; sea; atmosphere; flora and fauna.
Please legislate laws that condemn and put an end to Geological Engineering and hold those responsible for all the death and destruction they are causing on and in OUR HOME, EARTH!

Christopher Harold Yocom
WE are TIRED of being poisoned and drugged. STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY. This is our constitutional right. BAN MONSANTO.
Please stop the poison
Govt take your blinders off! People stand up for our future! USA🇺🇸
I demand government transparency!
Stop the poisoning
Everyone has the right to know what is being done to our environment. Especially since it has such effects on us and our children. This needs to stop now. People with such power need to use it for good instead of evil. How much better this world would be if they put as much energy towards good than what it is they actually do..
stop now.
Why must people in power suppress people below them. They use to put lead in our water now fluoride and other things in the last 11 years or more added chemtrails. Is this really needed I'm sure there's better ways for us all.
Why must people in power suppress people below them. They use to put lead in our water now fluoride and other things in the last 11 years or more added chemtrails. Is this really needed I'm sure there's better ways for us all.
Stop it now or explain your agenda to the world it's making me sick on top of aggravating me
Stop spraying us
I'm sick
We are suffering from your poisoning my mother and I not to mention all our eco system. Have graduated to rockets noticed lately. You're guilty of more than we will ever know, besides this happening aka weather control HAARP. Stop, it must stop. Eyes bleed puss as well.
we are not fooled by the dis information propaganda that has been spread around by the ones behind this insanity. people are awake to this and not happy about it. Time to end it NOW. thank you.
We have the right to know exactly what's being sprayed above our heads. I do not consent to the spraying of chemicals.
Spraying these metals is a crime!
I do not consent to the spraying of nanpoparticulates from aircraft.
Stop this crud before it's too late

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