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Wake up!! To all the government officials who participate in the work of the devil. Do you think you and your families are not being poisond too? Are you exempt in one way or another? (Super human)? Last I checked the government is made up of the same exact humans that they are trying to destroy. Apparently money is more important than your children and grandchildren. Please open your eyes to the reality you are creating and embracing. Humans are not Gods!!!!! We are all ingrained with right and wrong.
No wonder so many people have health issues now a days, being exposed to toxic overload!!
Cease and decist this population control you are doing to our American public at once! We are humans with souls and we feel this destruction you are raining down upon us funded by our very own tax dollars!
We do not consent to being sprayed or having our weather modified. We DEMAND ALL WEATHER MODIFICATIONS to STOP IMMEDIATELY
Please stop spraying our sky's!!! I can't look at the sky without crying anymore. Please let the west coast get their storms and weather systems. Please quit obliterating the weather systems and diverting them around California. I want to have a future. I want my son to have a future. Not for him to actually see the destruction of all living things. Please stop!!!
I attest true to what is stated in this petition. I have read and understand the content herein. I agree with its intent to STOP the spraying of poisonous chemicals into our atmosphere.
Please let us breathe the clear air that was put here for humanity.
This is the largest crime against humanity with this Geo-engineering spraying of aluminum, barium etc. When the mass of people get wind of what is happening and ****ed off enough watch out they will hunt down the people responsible for Geo-Engineering. This is also killing you and your family prematurely.
It is grossly evident that our skies our being sprayed. It is planetary homicide. The data is out that is affecting our health dramatically. To those who enable this hideous crime to continue, I ask,

"do you think that your families and future are immune to this destruction?"

Stop now or there will be no future generations.
Please open your eyes and hearts.They are slowly killing all of us .I have watched these airplanes spray my family and friends for years and have wondered how the hell our politicians let this go on.Please put a stop to this now.
I'm so sad to see our planet the way it is, and it ****es me off even more that so many of us have no control over how our planet is being treated. I would love to see this come to an end before I die.
This needs to STOP
They have figured out a more toxic way to spray chem-trails and have them not show up. They are invisible now. We just get the mockup in the sky but do not witness the act of spraying.
This is pure evil!!!
There is peace in my heart though I mourn deeply for all suffering on our beloved and precious planet. I send this peace out to all life on earth and beyond. I pray that those active in this poisoning will find their hearts awakening in awareness and be moved to stop this egregious act NOW.
Look up at our skies and see the havoc that geoengineering is causing. It's sickening!
What is wrong with you people you let monsanto destroy the planet with their poison roundup, you don't do anything the American people are passionate about like GMO labeling you fight it to the death although people are winning because we don't want to buy food with roundup sprayed on it yuk now this contamination which the environment and people are paying for in compromised
health and what about future generations will they even have an earth to live on with all of these destructive thing YOU allow you all should be ashamed of these DUMB decisions
You want to combat against Global Warming, you have already been letting it happen without the public knowing of it. That's just ONE issue I have on this CRISIS. Now, that its getting the attention of the public, you want to go ahead and "Anounce, your intentions on going forth with this Geoengineering scheem, that is a last resort. Can you show the HEATH IMPACTS on such an abrupt, caulouse, so-called only means to cool the earth?! No ONE that has the AUTHORITY to say yes, or no is acting upon this. How can ALL of you stand by and let this take place. As David Keith, part of a Solar Geoengineering Research Group that promotes this heinous so called last RESORT MEASURE has been quoted saying when questioned about the HEALTH CONCERNS AND WEATHER IT HAS BEEN DONE. David Keith says, "The more we do research, the less easy this will look, the more complicated the environmental effects will look. And that's a good thing, because right now it looks too easy. So I think that if we do more research we're likely to find out that it's harder and more complicated than we thought, and that the side effects are harder to manage. And that's a healthy outcome that will make it easier to do the management(?). Of course, the opposite reaction is possible. It's an empirical question how people will react to knowledge about this. Another reaction is to say "if these crazy scientists are SO concerned about putting CO2 in the atmosphere that they want to think about these things, then that might mean actually mean we should be more serious about the risks of CO2 in the atmosphere". And then.... shockingly says, "And by the way, it's not really a moral hazard, it's more like free riding on our grandkids" REALLY??!!
You Will Be Judged !
My child has been found to have heavy metals toxicity, and he has undergone extensive detoxification, medication and lab work treatment at only 2 years old!!.. This is affecting his development function and speech!!.. Why are these companies allowed to harm in such way for just profit and power... We are all paying taxes to our goverment to live in a safe environment, and yet, they help fund this projects with our tax money!? .. That is obseurd for us to let that happen!
You represent the people and their best interests. Even you rich *******s can't live on a dead planet so think about your grandkids and get off the power trip.
I do not want to pay taxes to a government that sprays the skies with chemicals.
Stop these crimes against humanity......
Please stop the spraying of aluminum or any other chemicals or particles. This is something that should have never even started. It is disrupting weather, creating droughts and poisoning the people and planet. GMO seeds and produce should be outlawed also along with the poisonous chemicals used on GMO crops.
To the someone from Framingham, MA not brave enough to state their name. I think by 7th grade your educated enough to know that there shouldn't be high levels of Aluminum and Barium in the rainwater and thanks for signing. Love Chemtard #8264
stop spraying poisons
stop poisoning us
Radioactive Barium and Strontium have raised Radiation levels to be higher than Chernoble,
in many parts of the USA, that is coming from Chemtrails.
Stop this madness, immediately! We do not consent...
Please stop poisoning the Earth and us.
I see planes 5 to 10 tens times a day spraying chemicals in our sky's over Northwest Indiana!! This needs to be put to a stop!!!
Listen to the voters!
A problem that needs to be fixed immediately!
It started as a "conspiracy". Now it's fully accepted and widely known about. If the government can do this, what else are they capable of that they are already doing and we don't know about?
WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE demand transparency regarding these secretive and completely sinister tests. this project is a total breach of power over us. we are awake and aware and we will end this heinous practice.

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