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Politicians in DC have failed miserably when attempting to manage such concerns as the national debt, unemployment, welfare dependence, corporate taxation, healthcare, Medicare, Amtrak, education, foreign policy, the post office, our infrastructure, our boarder security, energy independence, just to name a few and now with increasing geoengineering there will be more mismanagement and the environmental disaster that will follow. The politicians that are in control must stop global geoengineering immediately and let the earth heal itself before we have gone beyond the point of no return!
Peace and Love brings us to heaven
Stop trying to kill us with chemtrails and GMO. Wake up and be righteous and act like you work for the people!!
We the People demand you terminate HAARP and geoengineering of all sorts. Chemtrails and GMO seeds, sprays, etc. are not only killing our people they are exterminating our pollinators; bees butterflies etc. Once our pollinators are gone so is the human race. Can money and power really be worth all the lives you are taking? You can't be that ignorant to the facts of what these poisons are doing, are you? If are you are then step down, your too dumb to lead! Stop this insanity now. Money and power cannot be worth all the suffering you are so willingly inflicting on humanity, is it? Our blood is on your hands.
This is insane! Everyday I stand on my deck and watch them spraying the skies. I cant remember a nice sunny day with blue skies. My kids have asthma and other respiratory problems. I wonder why??????
This agenda for worldwide chemical spraying and control is a crime against humanity. If you are HUMAN you best do something to stop this NOW. If you are among the alien human hybrids that are part of this draconian plan be aware we WILL stop you...GOD WILL ing!
Stop this immediately!! You have NO right to do this to our planet!! Our government seems to think that they are God!! I promise you, the persons that condone and uphold this violation of human rights are in for a very rude awakening when it's time to stand before your Creator!!
Unblemished blue skies are a rare occurrence anymore. Within hours the criss-crossing white lines show up and then a milky haze coats the sky. You are destroying our planet. Please stop this!
This needs to be stopped.
I live in California where the sky used to be as blue and cloudless as they come. Now I watch a cloudless blue sky day turn hazy with the constant criss-crossing of jets laying down poisonous trails one after another. There is no way to explain away these "persistent contrails" other than aerosols being sprayed. As a citizen of this fine country, I object to the intentional spraying of heavy metals, among other harmful elements into our skys, lungs, water, and soil. The word is out. More and more people are noticing and talking about these "sky scars" as I call them. I will personally do everything I can to spread the word about the subject of geoengineering and try to make changes to our governments policy of denial. Do the right thing, you and your family live on the same planet. Thanks for your time
This is destructive to all of life including all your family and the ability to thrive here on Earth. Please stop this insanity and leave the weather to God and mother nature.
Why are they doing this? And who are "they"? Don't "they" realize that when the Earth is dead, with all the plant life gone and there is no food, and most people are sick or dead, then what? Where are "they" going to live? In a bubble "they" have prepared beforehand? Or go to another planet? What is the ultimate point of all this? God said to Noah, build an ark, take your family and two animals, male and female, of every kind, and wait till I wash away (kill) all the "bad" people, and start from scratch.
I Did Not Consent, & Nor Do I Now!
Why Are You Allowing the Hastening of the Destruction of Our Environment (Our Life Giving & Maintenenace Systems!)?! Where do All of You Whom Allow this to Happen suppose you are going to Hide from the Fall-out ... Too Late - it has been happening for 10+ Years!!
This spraying is insane not to mention extremely toxic to all living things on this planet, i do not consent to this activity it needs to stop before it is to late ! I have been seeing this spraying for at least ten years now and we rarely get to enjoy the baby blue skies we use to have here in bigsky country, time to do your job and stop this EVIL crap !
Stop this illegal activity, NOW
Those humans who are allowing this to continue are involved in killing off humanity-hard to believe they aren't concerned about themselves or their loved ones.
Stop putting Chem trails over Newberg Oregon. They are making me sick.
Please stop poisoning the children. All of us, but you're attacking them most. Only evil harms children.
whatever the agenda people spraying are just puppets to this population control which,don't get it twisted, includes your own life,family and health as well. Stop the ignorance. Let nature be nature and stop causing cancer in children and innocent people with your heavy metals and pattern chemtrails
There is nothing currently more urgent than your attention to the ongoing geoengineering program. Just today, the entire Southeast was hammered by persistent aerosol trails, grids over grids and Xs over Xs all day long until we were covered with a grey layer of chemicals and the sun was a dim spot behind a veil of poison. Everyday more people awake to this fact: These trails are NOT normal, not vapor, not condensation trails. It is your job to stand for we the people who have NOT consented to this onslaught of poison and manipulation of the weather.
To deny the reality of this issue is to deny reality. To fail to address this issue is a demonstration of intent to continue to cause harm to the people of this country. Just so we are clear.
6-7 Days a week !This is total BS on the public
The stunningly massive aerosol spraying program government agencies and elected officials, in the United States of America and around the world, that representatives quietly allow to continue to happen, is an assault on humanity and the entire planet. Given the many alarming reports about what chemicals the aerosols are actually made up of, as well as the harmful effects they have on humans and the ecosystem it is now time for an immediate halt to the spraying, followed by a public and intellectually honest discussion where all the facts are presented to the public. Those whom have committed these crimes should be held accountable.
The media refusing to cover the topic, then blatantly lying and deceiving the public are just as guilty as the government and elected public officials whom support and allow these geoengineering programs to continue.
Not only is this an assault, it is genocide.
We demand the immediate halt to all aerosol spraying programs.
Stop the genocide!
I do not give my consent to have any toxic spraying done over my head. I also withdraw any implied consent to have any chemical spraying done over my head.
Please stop spraying us Now!!
The fact that this has been decided without any consideration from the general public and has in fact been outwardly labeled as a conspiracy theory and mass amounts of money has been spent to keep it from getting out leads one to believe that it is not in the best interest of the public to have this going on. I do not consent.
Covert Government Sanctioned Climate Engineering is Killing Our Living Planet and Its Inhabitants.
Stop this crime against humanity nowĄ!!!!!!!!!!!
This activity is polluting our atmosphere our soil our plants & animals and our human population. It must stop immediately.
There is a better way.
We are tired of our in-name-only Representatives warming seats in DC, pulling in huge paychecks and perks, and taking bribes from corporate elitists. You are there to represent the common person, not the wealthy. We also know that you are fully aware of what is being done to the populations of this planet but have sold your soul to the devil. WE EXPECT CHANGE OR GIVE YOUR JOB UP TO SOMEONE ELSE.
I do not consent to being sprayed like roaches, I do not consent to be a slave to a nation and i want my body parts and blood to go in the ground i am a targeted individual, gang stalked for my blood and body parts on the black market my daughter is dead in st tammany parish and i believe she was also targeted...the system of money and elections is broken and the real leaders of God are being murdered...wake up before there is no food and water
Increasing aluminum levels in the atmosphere are threatening the health of the world population!!
Causes cardiac problems because the analogs/toxic particles enter the blood steam and then block the ion channels in the heart causing electrical short circuits -

As it is recommended not to lobby administrative agencies and the private contractors hired to perform the spraying, I don't see where the public networking is going to be anything but futile effort -
We are going to need to have millions of people in every country march and demonstrate on television to get the point across to the governments through media attention, if they are allowed to cover it at all - by the time this is organized it will be too late -

I just don't get it as the powers at be and their children are breathing in and eating the same toxic particles -

End geo-engineering now !
We want to see blue sky again not some mock rendition of it. We are sick and tired of the "white"sky perpetuated by an aircraft with double sprayers attached dumping whatever chemical is chosen to dump over top of us. Stop playing with our lives END THIS MADNESS

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