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It's Amazing, when I simply ask people, friends and family included, to look up and notice the sky, there is a visible irritation, like they have been programmed to deny, reject and become alergic to any suggestion that something is out of place. Geoengineering is real, persistent and deadly. If only in the Government's ability to create such a magnificently lie.
This ongoing continual spraying is not a secret to anyone who looks up, here in Arkansas. End this. The science behind it is flawed . How long will you poison your own families, and innocent people worldwide.I stand with millions opposing this!
This ongoing continual spraying is not a secret to anyone who looks up, here in Arkansas. End this. The science behind it is flawed . How long will you poison your own families, and innocent people worldwide.I stand with millions opposing this!
Stop Spraying Us NOW
Please be a part of healing this planet.
War is over, If you want it.
Wake up America!!
This really needs to be talked about its so important..
Thank you for reading this and doing something about this.
We will fight back don't think we won't fight back.The message will spread No More Chemtrails!.Sign This petition spread the word.The Government will Capital F.A.I.L. Surrender to the most High.-Hes coming back.He created this world with love an that's how we should we should treat the planet.
Time Is Now.Act Now!
We are running out of time! Enough of this insanity!
Please share this petition with friends help put an end to global air pollution and join the Global March.Help become active and you'll feel so good its always a good feeling to just help and join something that's helping and impacting our planet and helping those that suffer live to the fullest.We just have to come together.
We should function in a way that is enviromently safe for all of us and the planet but we must do it in a way that does not take away jobs
My morning walk began until a clear blue sky this morning, with about 4 jets leaving trails in the sky. Not trails that dissapated. Trails that lingered and joined together to form a hazy veil over the sun. Very alarming, and clearly not natural. Listen to the citizenry and stop polluting us!
We owe it to the next generation and all future generations to disclose the United States role in geoengineering and HAARP and to demand that it be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY!
Every time we are supposed to get rain I see chem trails in the sky and the storm goes around us. So is there anyone in a government position that can explain why you are trying to kill us off? Don't you have children of your own?
We had very little rain this summer, and trees are dying all around us. Little rain last year. Haven't had a good thunderstorm for at least 5 years. Winter is now like the Artic. Quit chem trails and poisoning all of us, please!
These toxic chemicals are killing our planet and our future. WHY is this happening? Please disclose all information about this program. We the people need to know the truth!
We have multiple agencies with multiple agendas operating with no coordination, no oversight and no public discussion. What's going on has been proven many times with routine (now ignored) water testing. The reality of this monstrous plan to "save" Earth can't be hidden much longer from the rest of the unawakened public. Why not be on the right side of history and work to end the toxic heavy metals poisoning of our planet, NOW?
We CAN handle the truth. Stop with your secrets . We do not consent to you acting on our behalf, without our permission, and without discusion. Remember please, we all share this planet, not just the power elite.
Thank You.
Chemtrails have been stonewalled but can't be denied. This is a very critical issue. We need discussion and transparency. I know your jobs are hard but you put yourselves in positions where moral choices are required. Let's do this.
The Government has no right to destroy mother Earth! Without fracking and chem trails we would all be sane. Not sure if the government wants that but we deserve to live our lives the way we want without chemicals destroying us and the children. I AM SOUL!
Plants, animals, and humans are collateral-damage expendibles of the climate engineering programs, which now includes the gag-ordered employees of NOAA and the National Weather Service.
These aerosols are slowly ruining the land and soon make it unusable for farming. I wish for them to stop this so that future generations can live in a wonderful world and not a wasteland.
All people of the world need to be aware of the issue. Acts like this without consent are violating human rights, citizens will not support this kind of government as the truth becomes exposed.
I have been to 11 doctors for my persistent cough. Not one of them could help me with it. I know it is from what I am breathing every day. I am tired all the time, especially on ugly cloud-covered days with NO rain. This aerosol spraying must stop and allow the natural weather to come back.
everyone breaths this crap including you!
Please STOP!!!
Please stop this madness. Do the right thing and help this planet recover from your damage. Please endorse clean energy.
Please stop this insanity. Let the earth recover from all of the geoengineering!!!
I can't believe ANYONE who actually thinks that spraying our planet 24/7/365 with TOXIC HEAVY METALS is any kind of a good idea. If ANY of you think so, we need to throw ANY and ALL of you off this planet because YOU ARE TOO DANGEROUS TO REMAIN ON EARTH. PERIOD.


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