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For years my home has been getting bombarded with low altitude Grid pattern trails. I live in n.w Fl on the gulf. This has to be some type of military weather testing. I actually get dizzy. It's as if they are able to manipulate the magnetic field. Why is it right above my home though? I have pictures and video footage.
Please stop spraying nano parasites & toxic metals that sterilize the population & makes us ill with cancers.
The fat cat globalist corporations and the US government (among other governments) are slowly killing the citizens of the world.

If the "powers at be" do not stop the spraying, we as citizens need to put a stop to this global genocide.
People know money is a belief and really worth nothing. Pretending the sky was for sale is the same as water rights, it's all made up. This system is a failure, too many glitches in the simulated reality. Progress would finally continue without these energy vampires blaming everyone for the system they benefit from.
Chemtrails suck period. Have witnessed them for years and if our government does nothing about it. We are doomed period.. Give me an alternaive so I can reach my State government officials to speak against this bull @@@@. America Wake up, or Die.....
WHY are you poisoning the people, soil, water, and all life on this planet? What good is it going to do you? I pray daily for this to stop, and those responsible to pay for what they are doing. STOP SPRAYING US NOW!!!
On the days that there is heavy spraying in the morning I am stuffed up beyond belief and I feel unwell most of the day. I recently did a heavy metal detox because a sample of my hair when sent for analysis showed heavy metals aluminum for one and several others. I have never worked in any industry that would exposed me to heavy metal. After I did the metal detox many of my symptoms were abated for a few months. The stated to get bad again so I detoxed again. Aluminum is a central nervous system disruptor. The geoengineering must be stopped as Our nation is become sick as a result. Which causes medical expenses to rise.
Ignore your rights and they will go away. we the people would like to no. What good is this doing. The spraying of chemicals. I am sure the negative out weighs. What positive comes from this. The killing of our eco system. The health of humanity and animals. Damage to food water air quality. Who or what gives you the right to put our lives in jeopardy. You are Elected officials voted to represent us. Not make life threatening decisions. Especially on some thing that cant be reversed removed. what you did spraying chemicals into the atmosphere is unforgivable. How do you people sleep at night. Knowing that you are killing men woman and children. And generation to come. for what money power THIS NEEDS TO STOP
The elite politicians, NWO, illuminati, Hollywood elite, etc are killing us slowly with these poisons. All while they take designer proteins and other ******** to protect themselves. I can't wait till God makes all this right and they are all smoking turds in hell
This sounds odd, but my home was chemtrailed everyday for 2 months. Only over my home. It started after I had posted a bunch of articles on HRC's facebook page. I ran across a senator petitioning to stop geoengineering and told him my story with pictures attached. 2 days later the spraying stopped. Now I have Kidney and intestinal pain I can't explain. I am nobody and don't know anyone with the power or desire to harm me. What can I do?
So sick of this they are spraying night and day. I live in Florida and it is so bad I am getting sick from it and so is my kid. I really wish this would stop.
Stop the crime. Stop the genocide.
--WITHOUT-- Shelter people can last 3 days,maybe 10.--Without sleep,8 to 10 days,Without food 3 weeks,maybe 5 even 10,maybe.Without water,3 days maybe 5 to 10 maybe,maybe not? BUT WITHOUT AIR YOU WILL DIE WITHIN 3 TO 10 MINUTES!!! What more important could anything possibly be to our very own elected representatives and make them forsake their very own families and countrymen and CHILDREN! WITHOUT--JESUS--YOU ARE ALL DEAD ALREADY.
You are killing us all, every living thing!
What you guys are doing is sickening. Watching these trails being sprayed above where I live on a daily basis has come to and end. No more chemtrails stop destroying our environment on purpose. What kind is sick ****s go out of there way to poison there own people. This must end now or there will be chaos.
Independent research has stated that: Chemtrails around the country contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, and other materials not fit for human's to breathe, swim in or drink - we absorb all of this - along with the millions of birds, animals, trees, plants, and other living organisms...Just look on your car's windshield - What is all that sparkly stuff?
U can fool some of the people some of the time, but U can't fool all the people all the time!!! We're watching!
You'll gain your just reward.
We'll not rest until the purge is complete
You will reap what you've sown.
My redemption lies in your demise.
In such a world as this does one dare to think for himself?
The paradox of power and peace will destroy itself
To know the truth and live in fear of no man.
To realize that this in itself is an ascension
Toward the day we revolt.
Please stop doing this to us we deserve better for us and the future generations. We also deserve the privilege that Nevada City has of being the nation's first chemtrail-free zone.
Please stop doing this to us it has dragged on long enough. Besides every other place that people are signing from deserve to have the privilege Nevada City has.
Even if the spraying was not toxic. It is still a damn crying shame that one of the most wonderful works of nature and a visual dynamic as powerful as the ocean waves ,the cumulus cloud, is for the most part none existent , a thing of the past . Before a thunderhead can even materialize they are sprayed into flat cirrus clouds full of murky colorations unlike the big white billowy clouds that had first appeared on the horizon. But they are toxic and an eye sore. They have robbed me and millions of people the joy that comes from sky watching. Ignorant psycho pathetic elitist ! Give us back our skies and our natural weather Damn you!
I want it stated on record that this is the work of rothschild family at its best.
Stop the perilous chemtrails at once!!!!!
Please don't spray harmful substances in the air to control weather, humans, or the planet. If you want help , ask God. HE can fix it all. If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, I will forgive their sin and come and heal their land.
You should learn how to control yourselves first then control all your bad spending habits. But since u won't : To all involved: When u start to get more consistency results that's when the weather will push back and one by one ...
Also dumb asses u can manipulate the weather bet
U don't know what the reaction will be
Everyone s starting to know
You people are like bad children who do bad things while their
Moms at work
Enough already!
I curse you daily as I watch 45-50 jets laying Chem-Trails across a Beautiful Carolina Blue sky in less than an hour. That sky then turns a flat white color all across the sky from Hendersonville North Carolina to Spartanburg South Carolina. I am on Symbicort and anti histamines daily to keep my now 3 year old chronic cough with heavy phlim coming out daily... enough is enough. The local Equine hospital is treating an unusual increase in Pneumonia in both adult horses and young foals. This is world wide and the only reason has to be one that is deliberately harming humans , the environment and everything that lives on the earth.Shame on you . Word is getting out .

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