Stop Congessional Pay During Government Shutdown

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Dear Mr. President and Congress,

Enough with the blame game. We do not care about which party is to blame. This is not a political game, this is our livelihoods. Why is it that you get to vote on things without the direct input from the ones you are supposed to be fighting for? We elected you into office and we will elect you out. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Why are you being paid when over 800,000 federal employees are not? We didn't shutdown the government, you did! Enough blaming one another. Mr. President, you are the leader of our nation. It is time you act like it. Get to work, solve these issues, and get our government running again. In the meantime, whatever you are being paid should be put right back where it came from, right back to the taxpayer who helped elect you to be part of the solution instead of the problem!

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We hired you. You work for US ! Right now, I'm so proud not to be affiliated with either party but so ashamed to say I did vote for you.
I have had enough of the political party games. Our people are hurting and it is your fault. You are suppose to work for us. You are our representatives . Take action and quite acting like children.
I'm a retired disabled vetern who served there country proudly for 20 yrs. How many years do you serve and you better benafits then I or my fellow retires.. whats wrong with this picture.. if you dish it out you better be able to take it, but of course with what we pay you and perks you can afford a month or more... your trashing our constitution by not listening to the people I love to know who you are speaking for haven't heard ONE person in my town or state for that matter say this was okey...your worse then our enemies killing us from the inside out...I'll send you my bills next month I only got a check this month because they were already sent month I won't. I'm sickened by this get your head out of your you no what and VOTE.....
We both work for the Federal Prison Complex in Butner, NC.We are required to work without pay with convicts,sex offenders, mental health, and the most disgusting people you can imagine. I know no one in Washington DC or Capital Hill would ever walk inside a prison without protection or having the entire prison on lockdown.We protect the community. We work very hard, pay our creditors, healthcare,city, state, and federal taxes. So the president, senate, and congress cannot work together and they blame everyone except themselves for their mistakes, decline, and failure. We the people of the United States of America are not protected or served in any way.The middle class is no longer and is being hurt the most by your politics and behaviors. The politicians should not be paid due not doing their jobs.