Stop Trying to Defund and Repeal Obamacare

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Obamacare was passed by both chambers of Congress, signed into law by the President, and subsequently upheld in the United States Supreme Court when challenged by conservatives. Conservative and Tea Party members of Congress have wasted over $50 million dollars of hard working Americans' tax dollars--in a very depressed economy--holding pointless votes that they know will fail, in order to defund, delay, or repeal Obamacare. How many children could we have helped with that $50+ million? How many schools could we have funded? How many bridges could we have fixed? Further, these members of Congress perpetuate the lie that Obamacare will raise the deficit, when numerous reputable studies have shown it will have the opposite effect. We call on these members to stop this immature and senseless charade, stop spending our tax dollars on something they know will fail, and get on with doing the jobs we elected them to do.

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Get over it and get back to work Republicans!!!
These people wasting our money to defund what is clearly the law of the land now, makes them nothing but frauds, terrorists and psychopaths. They need to take their tin foil hats and get the hell out of Washington.
Congress needs to get back to the business of the people, and stop spending over $50 million in tax dollars trying to disrupt Obamacare!