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My son was removed from me for no reason all because my biological father called saying I abused My son when dss took my son to hospital they said my son was not abused and that he was a happy healthy child but dss still refused to give me my son my father has a history with dss and lost children to dss in the past at the time I did not know this they placed my son in his home and awarded him temporary custody when I told them about my father's past with other children dss and the judge did not want to hear it I raised my son for two years he was healthy up to date with shots and doctor appointments I want my son back I also contacted the supreme court on the judge handling the case as well please contact me at the email given and my cell phone number is 973-392-3145 THANK YOU.
My son was removed from me for no reason all because my biological father called saying I abused My son when dss took my son to hospital they said my son was not abused and that he was a happy healthy child but dss still refused to give me my son my father has a history with dss and lost children to dss in the past at the time I did not know this they placed my son in his home and awarded him temporary custody when I told them about my father's past with other children dss and the judge did not want to hear it I raised my son for two years he was healthy up to date with shots and doctor appointments I want my son back I also contacted the supreme court on the judge handling the case as well please contact me at the email given and my cell phone number is 973-392-3145 THANK YOU.
My son was removed from me for no reason all because my biological father called saying I abused My son when dss took my son to hospital they said my son was not abused and that he was a happy healthy child but dss still refused to give me my son my father has a history with dss and lost children to dss in the past at the time I did not know this they placed my son in his home and awarded him temporary custody when I told them about my father's past with other children dss and the judge did not want to hear it I raised my son for two years he was healthy up to date with shots and doctor appointments I want my son back I also contacted the supreme court on the judge handling the case as well please contact me at the email given and my cell phone number is 973-392-3145 THANK YOU.
Hello my name is Barbara Wyatt and I would like to talk to you about my grandchildren. I had my grandchildren placed in my home by Lucas county children services. I gladly took care of them. Then I had a lot going on I was dealing with my dying mom Iwas in school iPad no transportation children services wanted me to drive against the law in a two seated car no room for carseat let alone my grandchildren and I was renting a house that was foreclosed on and had nowhere to go so I called children services and asked for their help. As soon as I could get a home they told me I could have them back but it did not work that way they took them from me also. I have never been in trouble I have no record. They used the fact that children services had been called in me though I have never lost my children. I would really love to have my grandchildren back they had no right to take them from me other than their into tearing families apart for the money they get from the government .if someone can help me I would appreciate it. Please feel free to contact me I would really like to talk to someone about this. Sincerely Barbara Wyatt
My daughter was taken from me before I even got the right to be called her father on the birth certificate. Lucas County Children services filed accusations against me stating I was abusing my then soon to be step son and after having no proof even after I was cleared of wrong doing criminally they took my wife's children including my daughter. I was railroaded and disrespected through the entire investigation even being accused of sexually abusing my daughter while they had custody of her!!! my daughter has been being sexually abused in her home which is a relative of mine and she has had multiple black eyes my family will not let me see her or even talk to her. it has been 4 years since i have even hugged my little girl or heard her call me dad. this can not go on this has ruined my life and my wife's life and it has totally ruined my daughters happiness. she is punished for wanting her parents and is being brainwashed to think we abandoned her based on the sole instigation of children services and the personal hate of my family for me and my wife. I would never hurt my child or any child and I think it is time to take a stand
My child was brutally abused by her father. And they givingh visitation a mere 4 months after he broke 5 of her bones. And I can't do anything to protect her. I get no say in the fact. DCS/cps is not protecting my daughter. They are putting her back in a room with a vile man. They don't care about what that might do to her or how that will make her feel. She was 3 months old when he hurt her and she is only 7 months old now. Victims should have more rights than any abuser. We need change now!!!
My child was removed from my care in 2012. She was just 8 years old. I always felt that CPS was against me and in no way were they trying to help me. It was a set up for failure. The system was not trying to "reunify" me with my daughter as they claim. Even though I had no one on my side, I did EVERYTHING required in the case plan I was given. I even went above and beyond what was required. I graduated multiple programs, attended several parenting classes, I was involved in therapy, had a full time job, lived in a sober house, and had letters in support of the changes I made. At trial the judge even commented that he had never seen anyone change their life in the manner I had. Despite these facts, he still said my daughter would be put up for adoption. And this decision was made just two months after her daddy had died unexpectedly. Not only had my daughter lost her father, now she would not be coming home to her mother. How can an agency remove children from their parents, demand changes be made and when the changes are made, still be allowed to keep the children from them. I can't even contemplate the long terms affects this will have on my daughter to have lost both her parents in such a short period of time. CPS devastated so many lives unnecessarily. Yes, I made mistakes but I also repaired the mistakes,but to no avail. The system must be changed. My family will never recover from this experience. Ambrosia, Santa Cruz, CA
Start with Arizona
My kids were taken because my ex-husband physically assaulted my 15 year old son. He was safe at my house when DCS took him and told me they were going to remove my 8 yr old daughter from him as well. It's been 3 weeks and I don't know where my kids are, if they're safe, or why they were taken from me. I was never told I'm under investigation. I've been calling everyone I can to get any information on my kids and I've gotten no reply. My kids must be so scared and confused! I wish I could afford a lawyer to sue them for emotionally scarring my kids. They kidnapped them from a loving mama who never abused or neglected them! My kids have simply disappeared!

Here is what happens when America's children wind up in the diseased, depraved and sadistic hands of CPS:

"The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA’s Experiments on Children – Bobby is seven years old, but this is not the first time he has been subjected to electroshock. It’s his third time.

In all, over the next year, Bobby will experience eight electroshock sessions.

Placed on the examining table, he is held down by two male attendants while the physician places a solution on his temples.

Bobby struggles with the two men holding him down, but his efforts are useless.

He cries out and tries to pull away. One of the attendants tries to force a thick wedge of rubber into his mouth.

He turns his head sharply away and cries out, “Let me go, please. I don’t want to be here. Please, let me go.”

Bobby’s physician looks irritated and she tells him, “Come on now, Bobby, try to act like a big boy and be still and relax.”

Bobby turns his head away from the woman and opens his mouth for the wedge that will prevent him from biting through his tongue.

He begins to cry silently, his small shoulders shaking and he stiffens his body against what he knows is coming.
12-30-11 my kids were taken for failed swab that was never shown to me and an array of other reasons. I didnt know my rights as I do today. After passing urinalysis testing hair strand testing to prove I wasnt on drugs they continued for 18 months to keep my children coming up with every excuse they could for them not comig home! During that time my children were moved three times because of physical abuse in the homes! From having finger nails stuck in their shoulders locked in rooms screaming in their faces telling them shut up stop crying and being babies because they missed me that I didnt want them nor love them and wouldnt be coming home made to grab their ankles in the shower to be washed aggressively held under water put in choke holds oldest was put in a mental hospital got beat up and got a concussion which was never disclosed to me any of this my children told me and I then reported it. Guess what nothing was done except to keep moving my children around! My attorney pshht cout appointed so did nothing!! They lied and lied and lied to me and my kids. After jumping through every loop hole and completing the book of demands my kids were returned to me 6/26/13 I was told I would be red flagged so I better make sure I mind my p's & q's! Ive had 3 visits from cps since then and now they are back theyve interviewed my kids and ive taking a drug test and passed (chose my own place to test) ive declined entry into my home its my right! Now they are scrambling trying to find anything at all to hold against me its been 9 days now. My kids are stressed im stressed because you never know what lie they will try to come up with to try and get your children! This ring called cps needs to be stopped! If the cps were investigated like we are I am 100% positive there would be a shortage of people working!
CPS are a criminal organisation, funded with public moneys. They are in fact, well above the law. CPS also causes the suicide of parents and children due to acute emotional distress, and are genocidal. CPS workers should be prosecuted just as war criminals were at Nuremburg. Bring back Jury trials and a criminal standard of evidence.
. It's not a free country when our children are kidnapped for profit. The cps worker who took my children made up lies to tell so she could take my children. That is criminal. Parents beware NEVER talk to a cps worker without a tape recorder and video recorder or they will tell not one but many lies to take your precious children. REMEMBER record everything and I mean everything with video recorder or your children are in danger of legal kidnapping!! This is NOT a free country.
Child protective services is supossed to protect children not harm them by tearing them away from good loving mothers and fathers. Can you even imagine the unbearable pain of a tiny child's heart being torn away from their loving mothers and fathers never to even see them again in their childhood because they have been given up for adoption without cause? They are destroying families by kidnapping their children causing the children unbearable pain for their entire childhood. It's not a free country when our children are kidnapped for profit.
CPS is nothing but a joke and should be DISMANTLED NOW.
CPS is destroying our children, our families, and our lives for money. I know this first hand. They destroyed my family. Anything I can do to see this organization shut down I will do it. If I can save even 1 family it will be worth it. Wake up you fools if you think any of you can't be a tArget. Before it's too late. I didn't think I would ever be one. These are your children's childhood memories, their life, your life, ripped away at any given time for no good reason. If it was what it's intended to be I would support them all the way, BUT IT'S NOT!!!! I believe to the fullest with everything inside me, that the world and the children in it would be better off without this group of demons. They are evil. They are not your friend and THEY DO NOT PROTECT!!!! It has to stop and they need all of our help. Someone has to speak for the children. Not for cps.
A corrupt entity tragically trumping parental rights, subsequently causing more damage than help.
Abolish CPS. CPS steals children for no good reason.CPS is corrupt and destroys good families.They make things up to justify kidnapping our children. It must STOP NOW! CPS hurts children and causes them emotional harm.
The Indianapolis DCS took our 6 month old daughter from us in February, she is our first and only child. We took her to the doctor because she had fallen off the couch seconds after my husband had propped her so he could grab the load of laundry across the room. She ended up with a fracture in her leg and the doctor told us to take her to the hospital and any broken bone in an infant is now automatically a DCS investigation and because she had a bruise on her forehead from the fall also that the one doctor who was not even in the hospital let alone in the room to meet us and hear my husband explain what happened, said the bruise and fracture could not have happened by "rolling off the couch". We kept explaining she most likely did not "roll" off as she was sitting up and propped on either side because at the time all she did was fall over, he did not think she could have gone forward but youtube videos of babies sneezing and i can see how an infant can flip forward off of a couch and hit her head on the coffee table and her knee on the hardwood floor. My husband knows he was wrong to not have her in a bouncer or swing buckled in but he turned his back for a split second and that was all it took, could have happened to anyone. We both had to hire lawyers because I was not home at the time, the detective determined it was an accident so luckily no criminal charges. He had to move out for 4 months before they got the paperwork in to allow him back because our caseworker (who was different from the worker who had them take our baby) also thought it was an accident but the DCS could not just let it go and he now has a substantiated neglect charge from them that we tried to dispute and they came back and said they would also argue it as physical abuse. We had burned through all of our savings and just wanted this nightmare to be over, we figured as long as we were all allowed to be together again that we would be ok. My husband and I have no records of any kind, no drug use ever and are both hardworking productive members of society which I believe helped our case get wrapped up in 7 months, and that is only because DCS in Indianapolis is poorly staffed and severly overloaded with cases (over 30 per worker) that it literally took a month just to get anything in front of a judge to review. Our mediation was scheduled 4 months after the initial hearing and many people within the system informed our lawyers that we were just one of many cases like ours DCS has brought in from this hospital and they were getting frustrated. We felt guilty occupying this case worker who could be out spending more time with the children who really needed her. Something needs to be done to fix this, I had so many friends who are teachers come to me with students who were trying to kill themselves just to be hospitalized so they did not have to live at home with truly abusive parents that they have reported to DCS multiple times and nothing has been done. Why was it such a str
Cps took my child twice over ridiculous things luckily i have her back but they are evil people who only want open cases so they can be funded. They say they take kids as a last resort but i know that its the first thing they do! Some kids need to be removed but usually they ignore real issues and prey on good parents
Dcs is ruining lives both young and old in Arizona. Even the auditors office agrees, yet they continue on with no regard for human rights. We have to stop this machine that is eating families up and hurting children. Look at the new audit released 9/28/15 on Arizona dcs. They lie to steal children.
right now thanks to cleburne cps office my best ifriend, her husband, and his father as of today are sitting in johnson county jail my friend and her husband picked there 2 kids of twice after running away from an abusive foster home they are now being charged with 4 accounts of interfering with child custody and one endangerment to a child the father is being charged with harboring a runaway but the run away ran away from CPS custody after being abused molested and had drugs in her system.
Cps took my kids on false allegations and has made my life and my wife's life a living hell and then need to be shut down

CPS is out of control, and this is the result of an Illegal Agency, with NO Oversight
My life has been torn apart by Hamilton County Ohio Department of Childrens Services after my kids' were being neglected in daycare. I attempted to advocate for my children by contacting the daycare director's supervisor and she phones in erroneous allegations of physical abuse. Each time my children were neglected and sustained injuries in her care and under her watch; she would phone in additional false allegations and even reported to HCJFS that I had appeared depressed. My 5 year old was threatened to be hauled off by the police by this twisted woman and there is not a damn thing I can do about it because even though a daycare is solely a for-profit institution..they are considered mandated reporters in the state of Ohio. HCJFS has torn my life apart by HCJFS forcing us into agreeing with the terms of their ******** SAFETY PLAN by threatening to remove our children if my husband and I don't sign off on it; the only safety there is to be had in this plan is the fact that myself and my children are being manipulated and controlled by HCJFS tyrannical, dictatorial grasp over our livelihoods. HCJFS has officially brainwashed my husband into believing that I am profoundly disturbed and am in need of psychiatric help. They are forcing me to go to see a psychiatrist (I am certain the only purpose of this is to acquire some proof that "proves" I am an unfit mother) and whatever he recommends I must do even if its hospitalization. They have no evidence whatsoever to substantiate their allegations. Cincinnati Children's which is HCJFS number source of abuse reports already sent them my three children's medical records and a statement explaining that in the 5 years that my children have been patients of Children's, their staff have never suspected any abuse or reported any abuse. I confronted the supervisor last week about their lack of evidence; she claims my daughter reported that I yank her out which is half true. She is BIRACIAL; I have bought every hair detangling product for that kid and its still hard to brush from Argan oil, John Freida Frizzease gel and conditioner, Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor...everything. That's the best explanation they can come up with? Yet while HCJFS spends days and hours torturing innocent families; kids are dying in HCJFS' care, they are also dying in the care of guardians that HCJFS appoints these children too. The mothers that need to have their children removed from their home they don't even bother with them.
 Hi my name is Robin Nicole Harvey. child welfare is mismanaged in your county and i support the State Sovereignty Movement and that federal child welfare laws are a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment.My kids was took from me on 12-10-2012 when the worker stated on the petition that the mother overdosed on mythamphetamine and was hospitalized. The petition was not filed by the worker till 2:15 am on 12-11-2012. I was relessed at 11:30pm for northern hospital. EMS responded to my home around 7:30pm and I was took to the hospital for a allergic reaction. My medical records that night state server allergic reaction couse unknown. My kids was taking some were between 7:30 – 11:30pm before the petition was ever taken out. It says on the petition that father openly admitted him and the other was intravenously using mythamphetamine while the children was in there care. That’s what the worker used to file that I overdosed in the petition she did not get any medical record information from the doctor’s that night or it wood have shown there was no overdose. They did not show my medical report for 12-10-2012 till the TPR hearing the medical report states on the urin text came back amphetamine not mythamphetam. At the same time when she filed the petition for my youngest son justin harvey Jr she stated in the area where it says mother and be low it says father name and relationships to child on the fathers she filled  Justin randall harvey Sr relationship to child STEPFATHER. On Justin Jr birth certificate it says fathers names Justin randall Harvey Sr that’s how my baby boy is a j.r . And me and Justin Sr was married before Justin jr was ever born.4 months Before my baby’s was took from me my caseworker had me and my husbend take a class for child abuse and child neglect prevention program SCAN. The program was based out of Winston Salem N.C. They sent a woman out to are home to observe me my husbend and the children at home. In are paper work ( case plan) that the worker field out says that are case is to be closed once we compared the SCAN program. We completed the program the the first to the middle of October. The woman that was coming to the home that worked for SCAN closed use out the program stating in the papers that was sent to the worker and I have a copy of that they was no risk of abuse or neglect in the home. The worker came back to the home and we all set down and signed the papers to close the case that we completed are care plan the cps worker her supervisor and another worker as the witness all signed the paper it was on a Friday that following Tuesday the case worker came back to the home and stated that a new report has came in and she had to do another investigate and never filled out any papers to reopen  a 30 day investigation. My case was opened February 2012 and we had to feel out papers to do a 30 day inhome investigation . I have all the safety assessments that was filled out every time the worker came to the hom
My children have been murdered by these monsters https://youtu.be/Mma6E7bz_pA They murdered me as well. My children were a part of me and were taken without me knowing from school.
This petition is not doing anyone any good. In order to stop these monsters we need to hunt them down and make them visit Satan sooner than later. No hope for me. My children have been murdered by these monsters https://youtu.be/Mma6E7bz_pA
Please read and sign my petition as well. I am sorry for the grammar and spelling, I forgot to check before I posted.

CP's of Pitt county NC came and removed my kids cause my ex called and made a report alleging a bunch of nonsense. Now three years later I'm still fighting. I did everything they asked and fast and they still denied me my kids and my ex and his family had me arrested eight times for bogus crapband CP's believed all that then the last straw was a child abuse allegations that got me convicted of child abuse which I'm in middle of appeal so they recently gave custody of one kid to father who hadn't been in his life but three out of eleven. Which separated him from his handicap brother. I'm so fed up. There's gotta be something I can do. I raised my kids by myself their entire life until three years ago with no help from no one. CP's promised me once I did everything I could get my kids back. Three years later and now I see and been told they never had no intention on giving my kids back. I need help. I want someone to investigate my CP's file to see if there's anything wrong or illegal about my case.
The simplest way to explain the injustices of Schuylkill County CPS is to say my daughter never came home off the bus from school one day. My ex called CPS & reported that I didn't have heat which of course I did even showed proof of this. The reason she was given to her father was ONLY because I wasn't @the hearing, which I knew nothing about. I never used corporal punishment & neither did my ex but his wife who always uses this type of punishment on her kids started to punish my child in this way. SO even though CPS knew of this they still allowed her to go with her father & his wife. Protecting our children is exactly what I believe CPS to be about but that couldn't be further from the truth. There were NO conditions I had to meet in order to get her back into my custody! How in the world does a person get their child back when told there is nothing you have to do to make this happen? CPS VACATED the order against me and told us we had to take this to court because it is a custody issue. There was no custody issue prior to this agency completely destroying my family. This is America, Right? When is it that the Constitution came with stipulations for government agencies to ABUSE their power and ruin families?
As I sign this petition I checked the "do not show my name box" why? Because CPS IS ABOVE THE LAW!
They are taking children from their homes! Most of the time it's poor parents, they take their kids after some bogus accusation, place them in foster care and pay the foster parents!
Why not take those funds and provide needed education and resources for the actual parents of the child?! A child who lives in a dirty house is not "neglected"! A child who gets out of the house unseen by their arents is not a "failure to protect" case.
This is another example of our most basic and fundamental rights being stolen right in front of us. Sadly most of the American people don't know what's going on!
My family is being railroaded by CPS and have from the beginning. Please look into the corruption and stop innocent parents from wrongly accused. What ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty in these courts you are guilty and have to fight to prove innocence? Social workers will lie on the stand and no one keeps them in check. Please stop CPS as they are out of control.
January 24, 2015

Dear Sen. Ronald Johnson (R WI),
Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D WI),
Rep. Ron Kind (D WI-3),

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child that is crying and wants protection from abuse, and then had to tell them that you can’t because the court didn't believe you? Then watch your tearful eyed child walk out your door and into the hands of their abuser. If you answered no, then you have been spared the fastest growing injustice we have ever been faced with in California. Yes, we have financial problems, health care problems, housing problems, but those are all replaceable commodities, BUT our children are not. Why are they put on the back burner, and why are their cries for help going unheard by the courts? The California Family Courts are abusing children in alarming numbers. Children that have been abused and or neglected by a parent, are being forced to continue to have unmonitored visitation, or worse, live with the abusive parent. Family Courts are battering protective parents to such an alarming rate, with allowing the trendy catch phrase “Parental Alienation” or other sugar coated wording that means the same, as a defense for the abusive parent and their attorney’s. Parental Alienation is not a real syndrome, and has never been recognized as one, however the courts are allowing abusive parents to use this as a defense in a custody case, where a child has been abused or made allegations of abuse. The protective parent has sought help within the court, to protect their children from further abuses, yet are met with a horrifying outcome. Protective parents are turned into the abusers of parental alienation, with no chance to prove they are innocent, while the abuse or neglect allegations are forgotten. This is a growing pandemic in the California Family Courts, who are by far the most financially driven courts of the country. Our children’s futures are bleak, when they can’t find anyone to protect them from being abused and or neglected. Protective parents, mostly mothers have become the target. We need immediate reform as our pleas have fallen on deaf ears far too long. Children finally find the strength to stand up and say, “Help me,” but then are re-offended by the courts. This is beyond unacceptable, and we need it to stop today. No more court appointed minors counsels, therapists, monitors, evaluators. All with whom seem to be driven by financial gain. Commissioners and Judges are also gaining financial security by allowing the corruption to continue. Cases involving abuse and or neglect allegations should be heard in criminal court. Force the abusers to defend themselves, not the victims. Our children are the future, and we need a change to make sure that their futures are bright, and that they want to live to see tomorrow. Clear cut laws need to be put into place, whereas attorneys and judges can’t manipulate the system to benefit financially. “Guidelines” have been written, yet they are not enforced because they
Sonoma County CPS is worse in snatching innocent children. Put them in abusive Foster home and cover it up.
Here in PA , in my case..a family member with no grounds to have custody abducted my 11 yr old from her grandparents house. i filed everything including kidnapping t know avail, yet. ?This was 15 mos ago. The court essentially married me to the abductor, scheduled the contest hearing 41/2 mos in advance..the home she was in was not background checked. I filed for a pfa to protect my other two was denied by the same court (county) who also get their bread buttered ) . And during the course of trying like sick mad and crazy to keep up naora\mal schedule plus for the two i had in custody, i went to the grocery store to by beef and the 12 yr old took it upon herself with the 56 yr old to rescue her sister and they all got caught into the abductors trap. She phoned cys CYSERS i call them and turned just the young male in as he's the one without the ss income and i was charged with neglect. Went for a public defender which the abductor had already done. and was told "neglect' is not a criminal charge so i do not qualify. Legal services will not handle as they do not "do" criminal. Local lawyers took moneies or tried to hijack me out of thousands. Teh 41/2 hearing date was manipulated to 5 mos in which time my 11 yr old was physically abused. The local police really are quite useless. And the 212 yr old and the 11 yr old were alienated and pumped with false info "your mom is on drugs real bad" I abstain from even alcohol running a sober household...and she left you. The 6 yr old has been passed thru the system as he was my legal ward in share with his heroin addict mom i had sole physical..CYS told me i wasnt welcome at the hearings as they found his mom, her lawyers forbid her to contact me threatening she'd lose him and not be able to retrieve heim. A year klater she signed away parental rights to a child i raised within my household for 51/2 yrs of his life. I've never seen or heard from him since 0ct 27 2013 when he walked with his big 'sis' to see his other 'sis'. He's asked for me and my children. His other grandma whom they wouldnt allow to retrieve him told me..He calls me nmom adamantly. Theyve medicated him , even tho as a child of addiction we had him clean and on quarter of minimum when nec. If i cried at a legal appointment they harangued me. They have essentially slave and sex trafficked an under age minority child into a system for the financial benefit of state county and localalities and peoples unknown. He's been repeatedly moved around to "undisclosed' ocations denied everyone and everything and every place familiar to him without the right to or ability to phone calls. It's a Federal Crime!!! And these ignorant unlearned social Cysers work with in "guidlines" which they dont follow and adapt tto their interest and they have Lawyers on staff while lawyers dither and wont hear the cases at all in this nepotistic venue. I've ben sick nearly to death, my children( which i won back by submitting)'mind blown' and showing their own confusi
CPS is ONE issue that I hope & pray the following statement said by our president IS NOT TRUE "On every issue, the world turns to us, not simply because of the size of our economy or our military might – but because of the ideals we stand for, and the burdens we bear to advance them." The only burden is to too many families being destroyed by CPS-Once again it's all about money-Surprised? Yea me neither not now anyway...Destroying families is "ideal"?
DHS (is what it's called in Oregon) is no longer an agency of social work, but an agency of legal child trafficking; power and corruption running it all. They (in Lane Co.) target the disabled and the poor and attack them 'where it hurts most,' beating them down so there is no chance of success, This agency violates their own policies, as well as manipulates them, and have no qualms breaking the law in order to suit their agenda which is usually adoption...the goal that profits them the most. They ignore and disregard federal laws such as the Indian Child Welfare Act and dismiss disclosures from the children of abuse (of all kinds) while within their foster care system.
Something that was initially set up to assist and protect has turned into a business of massive amounts of money, power, and corruption. It is only a matter of time for this to come to a head, therefore wouldn't be less embarrassing to catch it before it does? The American people are fed up with many things, but this one is one that is teetering an explosion fairly soon.
This is desperately needed ASAP!
My experience and education has taught me: 'the system', which includes ALL professionals, working in any kind of 'child protection' capacity, is so evil and so corrupt, the ONLY way to fix it is to start over.
Time to reform the system are shut it down too many children are being stolen from our family's !!
Shut this system down!
Send our babies home where ' THEY BELONG '!
my children was taken on Halloween last year im still trying to fight for them ive not seen them in a year it hurts...I don't do drugs or drink they took my kids because I hit a rough spot in life an I was poor they took me to court an made a lot of stuff up just so they could have my kids ...who has never spent a night away from me ever im missing my kids so bad what they did and are doing is wrong......I want my baby's home
they are a discrase to this country ....when there allowed to take are children when there is NO abruse ...for there own gain .. JUST WHAT COUNTRY DO WE LIVE IN !!!!! ARE CHILDREN MUST BE RETRUNED AND THIS MUST STOP!!!
The Departments of Child and Family Services, CPS, DCF, DCFS, CYS what ever they call themselves in your part of the United States are destroying our future... one child at a time.

In a community meeting in Van Nuys, California this summer, law enforcement and FBI stated to our shock, that 70% of children in foster care and group homes run away and are on the streets, in human trafficking (the drug and sex trade.) They are then punished and sent on to the juvenile justice to richly feed another system.

DCFS is a dismal failure. Too often they targeting safe, fit, loving parents, grandparents and caregivers to lose their children on NO evidence of abuse.. and then perversely, favoring abusers with histories of violence.

An inordinate number of children are severely neglected, traumatized, battered, raped and murdered under the scrutiny of the departments of Child Protective Services with their armies of ill equipped social workers in this country and it is on your tax dollar Folks.
Stokes County North Carolina deep deep corruption is the DSS/CPS Dept. as well as Family Court. They keep children from family with no regard to the laws.. Relative, Willing and Able!! Not in this county.
this is a tragic story and there are many more when will America! wake up? what is the problem yes there are abused children in homes far more children are being abused then if they would have left the children in the home! The reason this is happening is because many children are being removed needlessly and now that the adoption incentives are a driving factor for this multi billion tax industry that we the tax payers are funding!

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