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My family is being railroaded by CPS and have from the beginning. Please look into the corruption and stop innocent parents from wrongly accused. What ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty in these courts you are guilty and have to fight to prove innocence? Social workers will lie on the stand and no one keeps them in check. Please stop CPS as they are out of control.
January 24, 2015

Dear Sen. Ronald Johnson (R WI),
Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D WI),
Rep. Ron Kind (D WI-3),

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of a child that is crying and wants protection from abuse, and then had to tell them that you can’t because the court didn't believe you? Then watch your tearful eyed child walk out your door and into the hands of their abuser. If you answered no, then you have been spared the fastest growing injustice we have ever been faced with in California. Yes, we have financial problems, health care problems, housing problems, but those are all replaceable commodities, BUT our children are not. Why are they put on the back burner, and why are their cries for help going unheard by the courts? The California Family Courts are abusing children in alarming numbers. Children that have been abused and or neglected by a parent, are being forced to continue to have unmonitored visitation, or worse, live with the abusive parent. Family Courts are battering protective parents to such an alarming rate, with allowing the trendy catch phrase “Parental Alienation” or other sugar coated wording that means the same, as a defense for the abusive parent and their attorney’s. Parental Alienation is not a real syndrome, and has never been recognized as one, however the courts are allowing abusive parents to use this as a defense in a custody case, where a child has been abused or made allegations of abuse. The protective parent has sought help within the court, to protect their children from further abuses, yet are met with a horrifying outcome. Protective parents are turned into the abusers of parental alienation, with no chance to prove they are innocent, while the abuse or neglect allegations are forgotten. This is a growing pandemic in the California Family Courts, who are by far the most financially driven courts of the country. Our children’s futures are bleak, when they can’t find anyone to protect them from being abused and or neglected. Protective parents, mostly mothers have become the target. We need immediate reform as our pleas have fallen on deaf ears far too long. Children finally find the strength to stand up and say, “Help me,” but then are re-offended by the courts. This is beyond unacceptable, and we need it to stop today. No more court appointed minors counsels, therapists, monitors, evaluators. All with whom seem to be driven by financial gain. Commissioners and Judges are also gaining financial security by allowing the corruption to continue. Cases involving abuse and or neglect allegations should be heard in criminal court. Force the abusers to defend themselves, not the victims. Our children are the future, and we need a change to make sure that their futures are bright, and that they want to live to see tomorrow. Clear cut laws need to be put into place, whereas attorneys and judges can’t manipulate the system to benefit financially. “Guidelines” have been written, yet they are not enforced because they
Sonoma County CPS is worse in snatching innocent children. Put them in abusive Foster home and cover it up.
Here in PA , in my case..a family member with no grounds to have custody abducted my 11 yr old from her grandparents house. i filed everything including kidnapping t know avail, yet. ?This was 15 mos ago. The court essentially married me to the abductor, scheduled the contest hearing 41/2 mos in advance..the home she was in was not background checked. I filed for a pfa to protect my other two was denied by the same court (county) who also get their bread buttered ) . And during the course of trying like sick mad and crazy to keep up naora\mal schedule plus for the two i had in custody, i went to the grocery store to by beef and the 12 yr old took it upon herself with the 56 yr old to rescue her sister and they all got caught into the abductors trap. She phoned cys CYSERS i call them and turned just the young male in as he's the one without the ss income and i was charged with neglect. Went for a public defender which the abductor had already done. and was told "neglect' is not a criminal charge so i do not qualify. Legal services will not handle as they do not "do" criminal. Local lawyers took moneies or tried to hijack me out of thousands. Teh 41/2 hearing date was manipulated to 5 mos in which time my 11 yr old was physically abused. The local police really are quite useless. And the 212 yr old and the 11 yr old were alienated and pumped with false info "your mom is on drugs real bad" I abstain from even alcohol running a sober household...and she left you. The 6 yr old has been passed thru the system as he was my legal ward in share with his heroin addict mom i had sole physical..CYS told me i wasnt welcome at the hearings as they found his mom, her lawyers forbid her to contact me threatening she'd lose him and not be able to retrieve heim. A year klater she signed away parental rights to a child i raised within my household for 51/2 yrs of his life. I've never seen or heard from him since 0ct 27 2013 when he walked with his big 'sis' to see his other 'sis'. He's asked for me and my children. His other grandma whom they wouldnt allow to retrieve him told me..He calls me nmom adamantly. Theyve medicated him , even tho as a child of addiction we had him clean and on quarter of minimum when nec. If i cried at a legal appointment they harangued me. They have essentially slave and sex trafficked an under age minority child into a system for the financial benefit of state county and localalities and peoples unknown. He's been repeatedly moved around to "undisclosed' ocations denied everyone and everything and every place familiar to him without the right to or ability to phone calls. It's a Federal Crime!!! And these ignorant unlearned social Cysers work with in "guidlines" which they dont follow and adapt tto their interest and they have Lawyers on staff while lawyers dither and wont hear the cases at all in this nepotistic venue. I've ben sick nearly to death, my children( which i won back by submitting)'mind blown' and showing their own confusi
CPS is ONE issue that I hope & pray the following statement said by our president IS NOT TRUE "On every issue, the world turns to us, not simply because of the size of our economy or our military might – but because of the ideals we stand for, and the burdens we bear to advance them." The only burden is to too many families being destroyed by CPS-Once again it's all about money-Surprised? Yea me neither not now anyway...Destroying families is "ideal"?
DHS (is what it's called in Oregon) is no longer an agency of social work, but an agency of legal child trafficking; power and corruption running it all. They (in Lane Co.) target the disabled and the poor and attack them 'where it hurts most,' beating them down so there is no chance of success, This agency violates their own policies, as well as manipulates them, and have no qualms breaking the law in order to suit their agenda which is usually adoption...the goal that profits them the most. They ignore and disregard federal laws such as the Indian Child Welfare Act and dismiss disclosures from the children of abuse (of all kinds) while within their foster care system.
Something that was initially set up to assist and protect has turned into a business of massive amounts of money, power, and corruption. It is only a matter of time for this to come to a head, therefore wouldn't be less embarrassing to catch it before it does? The American people are fed up with many things, but this one is one that is teetering an explosion fairly soon.
This is desperately needed ASAP!
My experience and education has taught me: 'the system', which includes ALL professionals, working in any kind of 'child protection' capacity, is so evil and so corrupt, the ONLY way to fix it is to start over.
Time to reform the system are shut it down too many children are being stolen from our family's !!
Shut this system down!
Send our babies home where ' THEY BELONG '!
my children was taken on Halloween last year im still trying to fight for them ive not seen them in a year it hurts...I don't do drugs or drink they took my kids because I hit a rough spot in life an I was poor they took me to court an made a lot of stuff up just so they could have my kids ...who has never spent a night away from me ever im missing my kids so bad what they did and are doing is wrong......I want my baby's home
they are a discrase to this country ....when there allowed to take are children when there is NO abruse ...for there own gain .. JUST WHAT COUNTRY DO WE LIVE IN !!!!! ARE CHILDREN MUST BE RETRUNED AND THIS MUST STOP!!!
The Departments of Child and Family Services, CPS, DCF, DCFS, CYS what ever they call themselves in your part of the United States are destroying our future... one child at a time.

In a community meeting in Van Nuys, California this summer, law enforcement and FBI stated to our shock, that 70% of children in foster care and group homes run away and are on the streets, in human trafficking (the drug and sex trade.) They are then punished and sent on to the juvenile justice to richly feed another system.

DCFS is a dismal failure. Too often they targeting safe, fit, loving parents, grandparents and caregivers to lose their children on NO evidence of abuse.. and then perversely, favoring abusers with histories of violence.

An inordinate number of children are severely neglected, traumatized, battered, raped and murdered under the scrutiny of the departments of Child Protective Services with their armies of ill equipped social workers in this country and it is on your tax dollar Folks.
Stokes County North Carolina deep deep corruption is the DSS/CPS Dept. as well as Family Court. They keep children from family with no regard to the laws.. Relative, Willing and Able!! Not in this county.
this is a tragic story and there are many more when will America! wake up? what is the problem yes there are abused children in homes far more children are being abused then if they would have left the children in the home! The reason this is happening is because many children are being removed needlessly and now that the adoption incentives are a driving factor for this multi billion tax industry that we the tax payers are funding!
My son Oliver was ripped from our loving home a year and a half ago. In the last nightmarish year and a half I have complied with every article in the service plan and tested clean on every UA given me by the programs I have been in. Yet, every test , 13 in all, CPS has ordered me to take through their lab has come back positive. They falsified all 13 tests! Thus making it impossible for me to get my son back or even have unsupervised visitation with him. Oliver was placed with foster parents due to the fact that all of my family lives in New York and I wanted to keep him close thinking it wouldn't be very long before i had him home.. I felt it necessary to send him to a family member in New York around the 1 year mark at which point the foster parents decided to0 fight us for custody. They did not want to loose their paycheck! We fought a long battle and finally won thank God. I think it is an atrocity what this branch of our government has become. Once I sent my child to foster care all anyone could see was dollar signs and my son just became another notch on the way to meeting their quota and getting their cash bonuses. The single most right as a human being is the right to be a parent and to raise our young as we see fit. Yes, there are some of us who need someone to step in and care for our children if we are unfit, i was not one of those people. I had a beautiful life, family and home before CPS took my angel away from me. They have ruined my life, squashed my spirit, made me move out of my home and continue to try and make money off our broken backs. I will continue to fight them until my last breath and one day hopefully very soon the criminals who are pimping out our innocent children will be held accountable for extinguishing the light in our children's eyes.
After two years of hell I have my daughter back from Hennepin County Minnesota CPS. My daughter wrote an eight page letter to them stating everything I had been telling them happened for two years. She admitted she lied about everything and was angry with me. It was two year of hell and two of the so called investigators were promoted. This is the worst system because it was documented that she habitually lied before she finally admitted that she had a good mother and was angry at the time at me and wanted to get benefits that people in foster care got like a 400 dollar clothes allowance. CPS took away two years from me and my daughter because they made their investigation match my daughters claims and did not look at any logical facts in the case.
Cps is legally kidnapping children nationwide and are tearing families apart needlessly,something needs to be done,some children do need protection but cps is going overboard and taking kids from loving homes
If the Government can't see the harm that CPS has brought to families that are loving and caring then ripped apart with the 3 month trained to know if someone is lying caseworkers that CPS employs then I believe we as the people should make our voices heard to the government. I have seen 40+ petitions in reference to shutting down CPS. We need to understand that we are all petitioning for the same thing and the more that sign the better. Signing one and that is for the nation makes sense rather than individually, so lets stick together as a nation and do this right. "We The People Of The United States Of America in order to form a more perfect union," these are the first words of the Preamble. Now what we do is use our intelligence and resources, because we know the illegal practices that are going on, and we know who is doing it. So if you haven't written to your commissioners in your county then do so make them aware of what is going on. Also call or send a letter to the Bar Association with the complaints against the attorneys you know are corrupt then notify your local law enforcement with proof in hand. If these actions do not get results notify your local F.B.I. Bureau. I am sure the United States does not want to be known to other countries as the one country who lies, and cheats to their fellow Americans yet helps any other country with anything and everything!
There are ppl who trully harm children and there are ppl who are tryingto do the right thing with their kids but they have issues with behavior , sexual assault by a third party these ppl are being revictimized and lied toand threatened etc.shut cps down nationwide
I had thought that CPS' job was to try to get families back together. This is absolutely not the case. I am finding that they fabricate "evidence" to put the child in CPS so they can be paid more money. They don't care about the child or his/her family at all. They are incompetent, as well.
CPS in Hennepin County, MN took my daughter because I doubted her claims she made against someone. Despite my daughter's history of lying, I have been fighting CPS to get her back home.
CPS in Hennepin County, MN took my daughter because I doubted her claims she made against someone. Despite my daughter's history of lying, I have been fighting CPS to get her back home.
The cps investigator told my friend who played them and my neighbor who is a retired Smith county deputy and private investigator they had nothing on me a lawyer said i can't find anything, his words were, all i see is you ****ed somebody off, now they are punishing you, meaning CPS not only are they punishing my 2 yr old daughter, his words after that was they don't care about your baby its the $$$$ SIGN this is sick system who has extremely way to much power now my baby girl is in Foster care scared doesn't have any understanding why she can be with her parents who she loves and feels safe with and being home with us her parents we know she is loved and very safe. I WANT MY ONLY DAUGHTER ONLY CHILD HOME!!!.... PLEASE CHANGE THIS BULL$**t sickening law or want ever gives these cruel heartless evil monsters the right and power to break a good healthy home apart there is no good when CPS is involved. Somehow who ever y'all need to figure out. Another way of making a dollar other than using your own children.

A mother who wants justice
thank you.
cps is a joke they do what they can to make you look like the bad guy. we are the caretaker/grandparents and once was angels now we are trash and need to be put out. our granddaughter is the one being hurt, however we are the ones doing it just ask casa and cps. i pray other caretakers are not going thru what we are may God have mercy on the souls of those who hurt children
“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and the needy” Proverbs 31:8-9
Our Children.
To whom it should concern,

There is a heartbreaking tragedy being allowed to take place without notice due to people believing all children services workers are out there protecting kids. Unfortunetly not all of them are and here is how two workers completely turned my family’s life upside down and are trying to make us comply with them to gain rights to see and speak to our children. Child services deceived their way into my home after going to my 6 year olds and conducting an interview, I know known of them had the experience to conduct it properly without causing more stress on a child and they interviewed them twice, knowing more than one interview can be more harmful to the child. The child service workers then did not even bother to investigate any of the information My husband and I gave them, they took my kids by force with an emergency custody order that they did not even fill out properly and lied to look like they was in extreme danger by writing misleading evidence to make alleged abuse seem life threatening. I have informed them about it and I was told that's what court is for. They did not give me due process to even make sure it was true before they took my 6 year old and 9th month old who I had been breastfeeding only the whole time and put them in placement with only about an hour of trying to keep them in the home. She had just started eating mixed canned baby foods. Now they have her on formula and giving her new food. I can’t imagine how her stomach is handling that, I’m sure it isn’t well. As well as being passed around too several different people a day after being cared for in every way by just me and her father. I cannot even begin to imagine the impact this will have on them. It is a downright shame to children everywhere that this is even possible, when everyone knows how important parent and children’s bonds are. Yet they claim we are the ones who abused and neglected our kids, when I have dedicated my life to raising both my children since day one. It is my right as a parent to raise my children protected in the Bill of Rights as well as my children’s rights to remain in their home and be with family who love and care for them the way they need to be. I have lived in the same place for the past eight years, so I have always had a stable place for them to reside in. The fact the whole process lasted from 3:30-7:45 is just as shocking to me as it being allowed to happen everywhere and people are not aware it happens. They have infringed so many constitutional rights of my husband, me and both my children as well as break their own ethical codes to try and misconstrue ever reply we gave them and accuse us of abusing our six year old, right in front of him. They are trying to break the bond I worked every second of every day to create. Only allowing us to have one visit 1 hour a week and one phone call a week after I had never spent the night away from my baby and the longest I have been away from my six year old
I totally agree. My children and I was in a domestic situation with my husband I filed charges and filed for divorce the law never locked my husband up nor did they come out to the house when my husband sent one of his goons to harrass me. In the mean time my oldest daughters father was awarde temp custody of her as well as myself but I got to keep my four and five year old
See OCCUPY NASSAU COUNTY NEW YORK. Join, and sign the petitions there too. Thanks!
They dont care about children. I know first hand. Still to this day I have pics on my FB page, in my albums. They wouldnt look at the abuse pics of my sons, nor did they care when my sons said who did it.
They absolutely, at the very least, must be restructured. They answer to no one, the way it is, and has been, for a long time. The corruption and cruelty is beyond description.
The time for reform is now! Put those baby snatching home wreckers out of business!
let's get this done soon
Well, I just wrote a part of my story about what cps did to me. Then phone froze and lost about 2 hours of writing. I'm just a bit frustrated. I am going to tell my story though. Cps, dhs what ever they call them selves they are very much apart of my chronic ptsd that has ruined me in every way.
They have more power, than the police ! they come into your home, to find.......evidence. If there is none: they fabricate it. they lie, to the judge who signs for the child to be removed. with no evidence: you are guilty ,until proven innocent by a court: after the damage is already done, to the family. They have too much power. they destroy families. All over the United States. No one is exempt. They are on the hunt!
CPS really needs Alot of HELP...The poor children that are paying the price for CPS's Ignorance makes me SICK!!!
This agency is despicable, disgusting, perverted and more powerful than your police dept..They must be stopped..
new nazi's called cps. arm yourselves and start shooting these fascist scum!
Its all about $. Stop these scum frim destroying our families!!!
they over step there bounds!
"CPS" really stands for Child Predatory Satanists. Along with, "DCF" & all the other alphabet "agencies" in this vein, they are run by a bunch of disgusting pedophile pervs who are hardcore satanists.Search "Senator John DeCamp" & the "Franklin Cover-up" and you'll find how deep this criminality runs! Rather than "protect" children, they prey on them, using them for their own selfish pleasure, profit, and power. They are criminals of the worst kind and they MUST be stopped! ,
Federal funds are actually supporting child trafficking. Save children like Ashlie Mae O'Brien from this destructive use and abuse of federal funds. Prosecute those who are exploiting these children, like Arlington County Department of Human Services
CPS needs abolished nationwide!
"Power tends to corrupt... But, ABSOLUTE POWER, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY."
"Power tends to corrupt... But, ABSOLUTE POWER, CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY."
Do the right thing
Do the right thing

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