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Dismantle Child Protective Services Nationwide

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Shaymus Crow?s film is an excellent overview of the treacherous acts committed by the government funded program known as Child Protective Services (CPS).

Social welfare-agencies have been allowed the right to remove neglected and abused children from the care of their families since the early 1800s.

In 1974, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) was introduced to provide ?financial assistance for a demonstration program for the prevention, identification, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.?

According to Meyers?, ?Prior to 1974, the federal government played a useful but minor role in child protection. The Children?s Bureau paid little to no attention to child abuse until the 1960s.?

The Social Security Act of 1935 was amended in 1962 to ?provide money to expand child welfare services.? However, in 1973 U.S. Senator Walter Mondale wrote, ?Nowhere in the Federal Government could we find one official assigned full time to the prevention, identification and treatment of child abuse and neglect.?

It was Mondale?s interest and persuasion in the matter that influenced Congress to ?assume a leadership role with the passage of? CAPTA.

CAPTA allocated funds for ?training, regional multidisciplinary centers focused on child abuse and neglect, and demonstration projects.?

Meyers? report states, ?CAPTA played a major role in shaping the nationwide system of governmental CPS? that?s in place today.

The video?s narrator quotes Mondale stating that after the bill passed it would turn ?child protection into a child snatching business.?

The legislation soon turned the operation into a $12 billion a year business.

In 1997, President Clinton passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act which was intended to ?promote the adoption of children in foster care.?

ABC News aired an exclusive segment featuring foster kids prescribed to psychotropic drugs, illustrating the heartbreaking emotional pain and trauma that foster children endure.

But instead of finding a solution to prevent this destiny for children, the segment publicized the need for more state funding and further promoted the myth that children are institutionalized because of the abundance of bad parents.

Legislation that was originally created for the purpose of helping children, has transformed into a financial operation aimed at kidnapping children for the financial benefit of the state.

The more children removed, the more money that?s made. The children while under the state?s care are prescribed an average of seven medications in an attempt to keep them chained to the system for a lifetime.

The state and federal government justifies the inflicted trauma arguing that children ?adapt.?

The business is so lucrative that advocates like Nancy Schaefer, who aggressively took action against CPS exposing their crimes, were subsequently removed. The media reported that Nancy Schaefer?s husband, troubled by financial problems, shot

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November 9, 2016
John B. from Las Vegas, NV signed.
1 month ago
Shaun B. from Poway, CA writes:
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system is messed up
1 month ago
Rudy M. from Murrieta, CA writes:
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The system out of control and so illegal.
1 month ago
Someone from Montague, MI writes:
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1 month ago
Melody J. from Sneads Ferry, NC signed.
1 month ago
Melissa H. from Merced, CA writes:
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Hello my name is melissa hernandez and i been fighting merced county cps for 4 yrs now and they still have my kids ... they lie steal your babies for no reason ... please everyone we need to sign this for our babies they have novocie in the system we have to stand up for them ...these montster our hurting them ... thank u ...
just now
Amanda C. from Hemet, CA signed.
1 month ago
Victoria H. from Oceanside, CA writes:
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Everyone should sign this whether you have kids or not spread the word and make it viral its empairitive that we take a stand we all have rights as Americans stand up for yours and our world.
1 month ago
Wayne R. from Fort Jones, CA signed.
2 months ago
Someone from Fort Jones, CA writes:
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September 26, 2016    I would like to state some facts for the record so let the record reflect. I would like for everyone in the courtroom to notice that I reserve my rights and my child's rights under UCC 1 - 308 formerly 1 - 207 1 - 103. I would like to ask to have the court move for dismissal for lack of probable cause as the detention report allegations are not correct and do not hold truth, the same goes for the disposition report. I'm reserving my rights under  UCC  1 -  308  Formally 1 -  207, 1 -  103. My child is being held under duress as he has stated he wants to come home. My child is being held against his will being deprived of his Liberty and right to Freedom as an American by the Health And Human Services Agency. My child and I are flesh and blood breathing human beings. I please Ask the court to allow the administrative release of my child and recourse in the form of return of my child back to Fernando Reggie Cook-Morales Sr., the respondent's physical custody as I the respondent am the biological parent of Fernando Reggie Cook-Morales Jr the minor child.  I would like to request for the Judicial Officer in this case use his constitutional Duties Under the Constitution as i don't think you would be violating you constitutional duties.