Family Court Corruption and to Abolish Title IV-D Funding from States to have incentives to illegally courtnap children, CPS corruption, judicial corruption

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Cps courtnaped my children
Judges shouldn't need a incentive to act in the best interest of the individual, the community, or the nation.
I have been constantly railroaded at the family court, they almost never respect due process, they have answered none of my Motions, and continue to trump up child support costs, while keeping me broke and poor by keeping a Warrant over my name that they refuse to Vacate, they simply stay the warrant, and because of this, jobs will not hire me, they have also taken my ability to re certify my Commercial Driver License, or My Security Guard license, ensuring that i will never find a normal job. Now when i go to the court, the clerk says i have an "undertaking" and asks me if i would like to wait for assistance, which is Code for, the court officer is coming to lock you up in Debtors prison. these people are the scum of the Universe, Criminals , and Parental Alienators. who are bent on receiving Title 4d benefits without limits or Constitutional Law.
we experience this in utha im still humilitated.we need help please
I'm a nurse cps gave Custody to convicted DV Abuser we where separated he sexually n physically abused my twin little girls on his weekend visit and I have MD report of founded abuse ignored in little girls just want to come home.Cps lied in front of Supreme court said they were in foster care...nooo they gave abuser custody. .I want to share my story nationally and sue state of NC...abuser Web user and Nc child protective services
Cps/dcs needs to stop taking kids unless they are in serious danger. Kids shouldn't be removed because of mental health, homelessness. If domestic abuser is not in home kids should not be removed. Children should not be removed because mom is moving from place to place. How am I flight risk with my children?
It is sickening how the parent with the most money wins, my thriving 5 year ald was taken by her dentist father Ian J Walker who as sexual assaulted and continues to assault his patients, another girl came forward last month, he was sending her pictures of himself and begging her to get a hotel room with him, he said "I will get the best bottle of wine for us" he had a pregnant wife at home while this was going of the reasons th the court awarded him full custody was because I reported him for fondling me while in his dental office " they said I was vindictive" I wonder what the other girls are being called fir reporting sexual assault? They have all these commercials against this behavior and for victims to report yet when they do report they are punished and daughter has to live in a house with this sexual predator.
Took our kids said we wherein drugs. We passed our drug test. Now we are neglectful and unwilling to parent our kids. My baby was only home a week and my next oldest was 10 months. And we have 7 and a 10. They say we are going above and beyond what they are ask. So why ain't they home.
My daughter was removed due to injurious conditions. What in the hell is that. My grandson had stolen over 2,000 from my husband and took it to school and gave it away We never got it back. Then it was 440.,600 and by then my husband had started hiding his wallet under his pillow. He destroyed over 31rings in excess of 3,000 but they let that drop to a misameanor. He killed three AKC dogs. Put baby birds from a nest and put in a ziplock bag and killed them along with a baby I cannot name all the things he has done.they advisedus to put all our kitchen knives locked in our bedroom and replace the lock on the gun cabinet and when we didn't do it fast enough they decided to take our daughter. That was a year and a halp ago. When he was put in foster care I ask the foster mom if she had to lock up her kitchen knives. Her ans. was NO! He continues to steal from the foster father and has stolen from stores while in the presence of the foster father.My daughter is not being treated properly in the foster home she is in. And has to witness the mother slap the 5 year old boy in the mouth.Now they have changed and are blaming me b/c I suffer from depression. Please please help me. I grieve for my daughter she only has 2 yrs in high school.
Minimum visits to maximize C.S. Payments without just cause! I want my children 50/50 presumption should be mandatory! Remove title IV D funding as incentives to for local courts to punish non-custodial parents!
13 years no visitation paid all child support no record lived at same address all the years thanks to family courts = brain washed child who will never accept me. Shared parenting 50/50 custody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need to get the children back with both parents. When families do not work together the children suffer. Hostile aggressive parenting is a classic example of 2 parents that do not work together. Please abolish this injustice!!!!!!
People think things can't happen. They think our basic civil liberties can't be taken away. Before the revolution in China people never believed that it could happen. Every successful revolution begins with children. These people need to be exposed.
This is unconstitutional on its face. And people wonder why men are no longer getting married and having kids.
Equality - Justice

A Father's Love

Amber - Michael - Johnathon - Love You
This is awful. I pay $55,000 per month through the child support system and I have not seen my children in two years and eight months. The Feds are paying these corrupt courts to keep me from my kids.
Family court forces fathers into slavery by definition. Profits off our money from the central collection account. Then profits go to state general fund so state treasurer can make more investments. That is peonage by difenition. Illeagal!
Enough is enough!!! No one should be getting federal incentive dollars to destroy families.
If you are in office, education, medicine, therapy, counseling, parent class educators and visitation business, adoption business and promoting, police and fire, and welfare, and law, YOU SHOULD BE HELPING US TO STOP THIS CRIME AND ALL SUBSEQUENT CHILD EXPLOITATIONS AND ABUSE AS IT IS WHAT YOU ARE OTHERWISE FOR ALLOWING AND FUNDING AND PROMOTING< CHILD ABUSE CRIME AND MORE. YOU ARE GUILTY>
Let's get men back to being Fathers!
My daughter has been in the middle of a 7 year war created by the lawyers, judges, parenting coordinators, and therapists. It's amazing how many people are benefiting monetarily from creating dead-beat dads from their own doing. The Title-IV D money train must be ended now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fort Worth,Tx Tarrant county family courts are organized crime at it's best! Every non custodial parent that has suffered from oppression of the courts, revoked your license, I am now disabled and still suffer from Tarrant county and Abbott abuse! I have been arrested falsely and only got a muttered apology, 4 days in jail called a dead beat dad! Threatened by the night sgt! Only because a nervous condition created by ex spouse and her false allegations! Last year I was given a house,it's only me, my daughter and granddaughters need a place, I gave it to them! The courts don't see any good in this! Still I am paying for what I don't owe!
This is beneficial for families being victimized, exploited and torn apart. Let's put an end to it!
Corruption needs to stop and family court needs to be abolished.
I'm a proud supporter of equal parenting rights for fathers.
The greed shown by the courts at the expense of children is unforgivable.
The greed shown by the courts at the expense of children is unforgivable.
This is sickening. The child support system is a racket. Even when the father is able to support his household and the household of the mother, custody is still given to the mother. Why? Even when the father is fighting for custody and is able to prove that the mother is unfit to care for the child, why does she still get custody. Are our children worth that much that you have to destroy their lives by sending them to an unfit home? This country totally and utterly disgust me. I can't wait until I've saved up enough to flee the asylum. It's being run by the inmates now.
There should be no financial incentives tied to family matters such that cash enters and exits the system unaccounted for.
the best interest in the child is not to make the child a paycheck to one parent......that is just morally wrong
This is a cancer of this county

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