Family Court Corruption and to Abolish Title IV-D Funding from States to have incentives to illegally courtnap children, CPS corruption, judicial corruption

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This corrupt system is just one of many, I hope this bill passes and that it will be the first of many.
God is not sleep
Corruption is everyone's problem. Ignoring it because it doesn't affect you ...will hurt you or someone you love, some day... somehow...
Time to changed these vile a Biased Acts against Children & Families!
the information in this video is my comment and evidence of corruption. I also like to say no only judges, lawyers, persecutor, Attorneys general and other personal of the judicial system are corrupt but also Psychologist and psychologist , doctors etc... are corrupt, the Immunity they have also have to be change to stop corruption
We have been harmed by the incompetence of CYS. My young son has been kept from a good home, solid schooling, and consistent care under the "supervision" of CYS. My civil rights have been violated.
We have been harmed considerably by the incompetence of CYS in three counties.
My 5 children were taken from me almost 2 years ago, because I was homeless, America is NOT free; its hell
This is slavery. Stop selling custody of children through 5.3 bank to abusive fathers.
childrens services is nothing more than slave trade
Children deserve and need both parents equally. Anything less is a crime.
Funding Family Courts with Title IV federal cash, incentivizes giving custody to the parent who will get the most child support from the other parent.
Custody considerations should not be swayed by money coming from the federal government.
This is not justice, and not in the best interests of the child.
Also, I personally think you should reform CPS in all 50 states regarding:

Stop allowing reporters to opt to remain anonymous whenever making a referral. They can remain anonymous to parents being reported, but should not remain protected from CPS. It is illegal to make a false report in any capacity but yet people make anonymous reports and give false names along with their false reports because they know they will remain anonymous. A lot of the problems with CPS could potentially be solved if people who make false cps reports under false pretenses are prosecuted for making false reports.

Secondly, state reps or officials from the White House should sit in on some of these family court circus acts to see exactly what kinds of lies, hearsay, and conflict of interest are allowed in these courts. It happens all the time. Any other courtroom that would not be allowed.

Thirdly: abolish useless treatment plans that many parents are coerced under duress to agree to. They are often talked out of fair trials and intimidated because this whole thing is a racketeering operation. When I went through my situation 11 years ago, they told me that if I asked for a trial, they would only call witnesses who would side with CPS and the prosecution side. People who commit murders are given fairer trials than that.

Call for strict checking of foster homes, and surveillance of some foster homes...and any funding foster parents receive should not be paid to the foster parents directly but instead, a trust fund in the name of the child, to be used for a college education. This way it will weed out the ones who are only motivated by the money and not helping a child.
My kids were in custody for 2.5 years. They charged me, and my childrens father child support while paying the foster mother nothing(a family member) until the last 2 months. I still payed back child support to CPs for 6 months after they were home. We were told we would never get our kids back at one point. Only reason we did was because the director of CASA is a family friend and blew a whistle on the illegal actions of the department. I support this 100%
far to often the government over stepping their role for profit. title IV is payed out of social security funds to care for children they ever plan on returning to their families as long as there are foster parents out there willing to help rob the system.
There should be no money trading hands to kidnap children from the homes that has been denied of loving families. The federal government will not balance a check book, but say they have our children's best interest. Yeah right! Government, mind your own business and leave families alone.
I was awarded pure equal custody on a 4 day rotating basis of my daughter at 18 months by a TN trial court, That Court also ordered I support my child directly. The Mother moved to Alabama. The State of Alabama trial court modified that order and ordered child support, although the Ala Court did not comply with UISFA registration provisions. The State of Alabama has not complied with the State Plan (42 USC 654) agreed with the Federal Government (42 USC 666) mandated to receive Federal Title IVD funding. Alabama on a routine basis in my case and others does not comply with hearing mandates required by 42 USC 654 and CFR 205.10 that hearings must satisfy Goldberg v. Kelly US Supreme Court opinion. Alabama has not enacted Credit reporting statutes as mandated by 42 USC 666, however, report false amounts to the credit reporting agencies on a routine basis. I have expended over $100,000.00 in Alabama to be an active parent in the life of my daughter similar to how the TN Court ordered. The Ala DHR trains the Judges on Federal funding requirements. However, the Alabama DHR does not honor or follow those mandates either. Contact me for more information. Mark D. Davis 256-355-1504
Children who have families who want to raise them should never have to battle against strangers who have no blood ties...It should remain about preservation of families and not building families from the outside.
Outrage that we allow one parent a golden pass after divorce, and put a golden shakle on the other parent.
Stop the corruption of family courts, abolish laws that identify courts fees and charges as child support.
Children should never be treated as commodities, and that is what Title IV funding does to them. The fraud and abuse of this type of funding is appalling, and will not stop as long as it is profitable for those that wish to abuse the program.
There are simply too many evil people in this world to believe that one can offer money in return for children, then give people the power to take children from parents and caregivers, and expect that power to not be abused in return for profit.
End Title IV funding. THAT is what is in the best interest of children and families.
It is a national disgrace and an affront to the US Constitution.
Dedicated to the proposition that children are best served by having unfettered EQUAL access to BOTH parents and to the proposition that fathers are indispensable. Improve the lives of children and strengthen society by protecting the child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce. We seek better lives for children through family court reform!! The Google+ Page is about the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to the young, including their right to association with both biological parents. c.r.f.
my child was taken when a cop made a mistake and illegally arrested me for a van he knew I didn't own, he put the owners name in his report. My child was reported healthy happy and appeared well cared for. But I was a risk of future maltreatment. My rights terminated, my child adopted to homosexuals instead of family. And they want to charge me child support? Taken my drivers license never had even a parking ticket! Corruption is too nice of a word its legalized plunder!
Haven't seen my kids in over a year. I do not owe back CS and never miss a payment (I can't afford a car and I eat one meal a day while trying to "look" like a professional that make 50K. I have never been asked if I am seeing my kids, barriers, etc. but certainly here about it in the months when I am paid three times due to the payroll cycle because even though after the full amount is paid for the month there will be a two week period where a CS check is not delivered (because my monthly obligation has already been paid) and yet I have to answer and explain why twice a year!
Judges should not determine the "best parent". Each fit parent should have equal rights of their children and there should not be any child support in these situations.
Please acknowledge the fact that American children are being used as a product of a government agency called child protective services. Do you believe this is the right thing to do? American families are suffering severe trauma. Let's make America a better place to live and raise our young ones. The family court system needs to be banished and a new and loving system should be put in place. How is the government dealing with family's if there is no love involved? Do you want someone treating your family with a bitter heart only to accomplish one thing and that is income. Thank you for your time. I am hoping you reconsider your action involving child protective services.
It's time to step up and truly do what is in the best interest of children. It is time to focus on making the next generation a BETTER generation. Taking children from their families to line the pockets of the government agencies, private adoption agencies and so on- is wrong on so many levels. It's getting very old hearing about what our government is doing to children. Just like adult adoptees not having the rights that every other citizen has-access to their Original Birth Certificates's riduculous. Read the statistics, educate yourself about what this is doing to the mental health alone of those want a better America...then start taking the steps to make it better.
Hi Obama. My. Baby got takeing. By caps/dhs. From the hospital. He. My. First. Child and. I. Never. Got. Take. Him. Home and. I do. Not. Do drugs. And. Never abuse. No child. And. I. Am. A slow. Learner. And caps. Judy. Me. Of. What. Can do. Or not. I know. What. I can do. And. My. Mom and dad. Race. Me. And. The. Slow. Learners. And. I'm 31. And. Living. And. Judy. Got. Us. A. Lawyer and. Layer. Told. Us he. Doing the Judy. A favr. Why. You. Let. Dhs. Do. This. To. Good family. Here. In. USA. Now. My son. Hallway. In tx. And. The. Lady. Have. Not. Let me. See. Him. I cry. On. Mother. Day. So. If. It. You family. It happen to. How. You. Feel..
Hi Obama. My. Baby got takeing. By caps/dhs. From the hospital. He. My. First. Child and. I. Never. Got. Take. Him. Home and. I do. Not. Do drugs. And. Never abuse. No child. And. I. Am. A slow. Learner. And caps. Judy. Me. Of. What. Can do. Or not. I know. What. I can do. And. My. Mom and dad. Race. Me. And. The. Slow. Learners. And. I'm 31. And. Living. And. Judy. Got. Us. A. Lawyer and. Layer. Told. Us he. Doing the Judy. A favr. Why. You. Let. Dhs. Do. This. To. Good family. Here. In. USA. Now. My son. Hallway. In tx. And. The. Lady. Have. Not. Let me. See. Him. I cry. On. Mother. Day. So. If. It. You family. It happen to. How. You. Feel..
Just waiting for fraud to be visible and officials of the process justify the reasoning with the same reasoning fraudulent custodial use. Can we all say, "Class Action Lawsuit"
We are reforming the status quo. If you're part of it, watch out!!
Money before parents, Money before kids.

pure evil.
These are the real child abusers.
The IV-D agent that handled my rehearing lied under oath. Why?
Family courts are corrupt and do not care about the children.
Family Law is the most corrupt industry we have, where huge profits are made at the expense of children, parents and all of society.
Too many children are being abused and murdered because of Title IV. You were warned over 30 years ago this would happen. Now that you have the proof that it did it is up to you to make things right.
Outraged! And children are taken to counties away from parents, any support channel! Dependancy through no fault of parent? SMH. Children didn't start 'cutting' until in these programs. Supposedly, to bury deep pain (suggested sexual assault). Actually, both children were used as 'tools' and played like a fine tuned fiddle by social workers and their minions. Assault occured in the Schools, on the bus, and neighborhoods-- many times by both teachers, principals, and students. Oh, and falsifying IEP Reviews (I have copies for two years in a row where son was 'blind' and 'deaf'...he was neither). Anxiety and PTSD in children are misdiagnosed as ADHD, ODD, and ADD, etc. Of course a child is going to be 'depressed' but the truth is their voice is suppressed.
I have four grandchildren two were battered and abused the oldest were tortured mentally and this is on going the white assigned a control number WH10182012-26. They worried about their political backers not the people or the children

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