Family Court Corruption and to Abolish Title IV-D Funding from States to have incentives to illegally courtnap children, CPS corruption, judicial corruption

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This is awful. I pay $55,000 per month through the child support system and I have not seen my children in two years and eight months. The Feds are paying these corrupt courts to keep me from my kids.
Family court forces fathers into slavery by definition. Profits off our money from the central collection account. Then profits go to state general fund so state treasurer can make more investments. That is peonage by difenition. Illeagal!
Enough is enough!!! No one should be getting federal incentive dollars to destroy families.
If you are in office, education, medicine, therapy, counseling, parent class educators and visitation business, adoption business and promoting, police and fire, and welfare, and law, YOU SHOULD BE HELPING US TO STOP THIS CRIME AND ALL SUBSEQUENT CHILD EXPLOITATIONS AND ABUSE AS IT IS WHAT YOU ARE OTHERWISE FOR ALLOWING AND FUNDING AND PROMOTING< CHILD ABUSE CRIME AND MORE. YOU ARE GUILTY>
Let's get men back to being Fathers!
My daughter has been in the middle of a 7 year war created by the lawyers, judges, parenting coordinators, and therapists. It's amazing how many people are benefiting monetarily from creating dead-beat dads from their own doing. The Title-IV D money train must be ended now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fort Worth,Tx Tarrant county family courts are organized crime at it's best! Every non custodial parent that has suffered from oppression of the courts, revoked your license, I am now disabled and still suffer from Tarrant county and Abbott abuse! I have been arrested falsely and only got a muttered apology, 4 days in jail called a dead beat dad! Threatened by the night sgt! Only because a nervous condition created by ex spouse and her false allegations! Last year I was given a house,it's only me, my daughter and granddaughters need a place, I gave it to them! The courts don't see any good in this! Still I am paying for what I don't owe!
This is beneficial for families being victimized, exploited and torn apart. Let's put an end to it!
Corruption needs to stop and family court needs to be abolished.
I'm a proud supporter of equal parenting rights for fathers.
The greed shown by the courts at the expense of children is unforgivable.
The greed shown by the courts at the expense of children is unforgivable.
This is sickening. The child support system is a racket. Even when the father is able to support his household and the household of the mother, custody is still given to the mother. Why? Even when the father is fighting for custody and is able to prove that the mother is unfit to care for the child, why does she still get custody. Are our children worth that much that you have to destroy their lives by sending them to an unfit home? This country totally and utterly disgust me. I can't wait until I've saved up enough to flee the asylum. It's being run by the inmates now.
There should be no financial incentives tied to family matters such that cash enters and exits the system unaccounted for.
the best interest in the child is not to make the child a paycheck to one parent......that is just morally wrong
This is a cancer of this county
id like more information on court appointed (730) custody evaluators, any and all anyone may have available, including filing civil law suit and malpractice.
Thank you in advance.
The local agency in Chatham County North Carolina denies getting paid bonuses for keeping children in foster care and placement into out of family adoptions but they kept my two grandchildren in non-family foster care for over 3 1/2 years, ignored state statutes favoring relative placement, and placed them for adoption with strangers when I had open motions before the court for custody, visitation, and adoption. This is despite the fact that Grandpa and I passed the state and Federal background checks with flying colors and were declared in a home study by a private agency (local DSS refused to do on on us) as an ideal placement for my grandchildren. They were 5 and 7 when they went into foster care, and were 8 and 10 when adopted out. BIG bonus for the local agency.
My sons mother Melissa Alexander from Jersey City uses this corrupt system to deny me parenting time with my son, I refuse to pay into the corrupt system that isn't apart of family court, but fills the pockets of administration offices who enjoy's a quality way of life with their families at our expense.
I live in Dallas Texas. I am joining the thousands across our nation to ask that you investigate the SOCIAL SERVICE CHILDRENS DIVISIONS in our country. I have witnessed the lies and corruption that now exists because of grant money each states receives . This money has bought the system designed to HELP and PROTECT children and families. The laws that govern this process are up to the interpretation of the workers within that system and therein the problem lies. These people have no business destroying families based on their opinions. Civil and Constitutional Rights are violated as routine practice. In addition, they target families of low income and minimal education on the nature of the proceedings. We ask that you investigate them and help protect this nations children who have the right to be with their biological family who will love them as only blood relations can. Our children deserve the respect and attention we are pleading for. We reject the exploitation our kids suffer in silence while providing salaries for those that take them through title V and IV funding which provides the motivation and incentive for them to be taken. In the name of my child and the thousands across the nation, I send this plea to you

I took a DNA test and I found out that I am not related to those people because they not my biological parents and I will not forget when the so-called mother step family people Ralph James who is John McCoy's grandson who is married to Carmella Pumphrey McCoy on her side of their family and Ralph James in laws Willie Morgan wanted me to let them take my son Alexander Ishii to a hotel when he turn 18 years old and I did not go along with that because that was a set up they are the people who did tell me I can wait in the front while Alexander is in a hotel room no I did not go along with that because Carmella E Barber step people were going to kill my son Alexander in that hotel room and dispose of my son like trash these very dangerous criminals are dangerous racist black people and they are dangerously bigoted and I am not a Barber and a Pumphrey and the so-called mother did tell me her sister Clara Pumphrey used to date one of the James brothers and Clara was married to a man named Willie she did not tell me what his last name is and someone cut his throat in a hotel room and he was killed in a hotel room and Clara tried to collect his social security benefits and when Clara tried to collect the social security benefits they did not give her the benefits because Willie was already married to another women he committed bigamy this is what Carmella Pumphrey McCoy did tell me when I was living in her home after the so-called parents put me out of their home on the streets of Chicago, Illinois they evicted me in September 1976 the same year I graduated from a high school on the south side of Chicago, Illinois and that was not the right school environment for me anyway. and I am not the child that they wanted no way no they did
This "payment for courtnapping" children MUST STOP. No wonder the county's will take Any Lie given to them & run with it. When Actual DOCUMENTED abusers are the ones "reporting" abuse on unsuspecting family members to their
local DHR/CPS & then children are taken with No evidence, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. LETS JOIN TO BE PROACTIVE CONCERNING THIS MATTER. My children & I have been traumatically Abused by our county in Alabama for far too long. It should have NEVER.HAPPENED!!
Family Court.

What a friendly sounding name. A court for families, so open and inviting.

A place where families are welcome and invited, a place for families to bring their troubles and disagreements, where there are people specially trained to help them with their problems, and where issues can be resolved in a fair compromise, so that everyone can be happy.

By its name it would seem offer all these things and more.

And yet, nothing could be better Orwellianly named than this institution; there is nothing friendly about it. It is a snakepit of anguish and despair, impacting millions of people each year.

Although these places look just like traditional courts, and have all the usual trappings you would expect – judges, bailiffs, clerks, witness stands – well, in the world of judicial courts, one of these things is just not like the others.

In fact, it is an open secret among working legal professionals in the field, Family Courts are just not like other courts.

A freakish hybrid stepchild of state judiciaries, these creatures were spawned by the legislative effort at the conjoining of several normal courts, and forged in an unholy pact by legislators to impose state determined resolutions on interpersonal relationships among a family.

These efforts produced the abomination that we call “Family Court” today. (Other proto-family courts with similar jurisdictions have been variously named domestic relations court, divorce court, or even domestic violence courts.)

These statutory courts, ostensibly set up for specialized attention peculiar to familial claims and disputes, were also supposed to subsume the social stigma that defendants had during and after criminal litigation, into a kinder, gentler, criminal-lite type proceeding.

Hidden in the agenda however, and actually driving the legislative conversation, was the subversive statist appeal of side-stepping all the traditional rights and due process guarantees that normally accompany court proceedings, while concurrently enriching their brethren in the law practicing guild.

The wholesale abolition of rights and due process in these courts, was considered a feature, not a bug, in what was to come.

Such was the conceptual inspiration for one of the most intrusive and noxious government institutions in modern times, and the formalized obliteration of personal civil rights in an American court – and apparently to most of modern Western world as well.

Considering all the unprecedented and radical changes morphed into this institution, one hesitates to actually dignify it with the term “court” in the modern jurisprudent sense, as the conduct is more like Napoleonic Inquisitions than American Courts.

As NY Supreme Court Judge Brian Lindsay observed,

“There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System.”

By re-casting all familial issues into
CPS has (predictably) become nothing more than a revenue gathering agency: a government tool whose only purpose is to separate citizens from THEIR money, using OUR children as the excuse to steal our money.
CPS must be abolished.
Agency is extremely corrupt things need to change.
The best interests of the child are secondary to the money incentive to be gained by corrupt courts and States. If not for the money incentive, they would not have any motivation to take your child/children.

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