Family Court Corruption and to Abolish Title IV-D Funding from States to have incentives to illegally courtnap children, CPS corruption, judicial corruption

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CPS has (predictably) become nothing more than a revenue gathering agency: a government tool whose only purpose is to separate citizens from THEIR money, using OUR children as the excuse to steal our money.
CPS must be abolished.
Agency is extremely corrupt things need to change.
The best interests of the child are secondary to the money incentive to be gained by corrupt courts and States. If not for the money incentive, they would not have any motivation to take your child/children.
IV-E funding has created corruption in the states and needless kidnapping of children from loving homes. The funding needs to stop.
Monetary incentives do not promote thewell being of children. Monies being used to balance budget shortfalls while agencies ignore abuses. Children are not for sale.
This law creates perverse incentives for CPS in child neglect proceedings. While the law requires the CPS having custody of children in foster care to make efforts to reunite children with their families, the money paid under the federal law provide incentives to go contrary to the requirements of the state laws and to make sure that family ties are severed and children are adopted out by strangers.
I have been fighting for custody of my 3 grandchildren and cannot get a fair hearing in the courts. I may not be rich but Love & heritage from family is in the childs best interest it's better then adopting them to strangers and the system getting paid for it when the family wants them and will provide for them.14 yrs driving a school bus and to be denied is ridiculous.
Always knew Something really wrong with system. I know why!
I pay $1756 a month for one child. My kids mother drives a $60K Mercedes with an avg lease price of $650 and she does not work. How exactly is that in the best interest of MY child?
Tioga County NY is riddled with this corruption as well.......the Federal and State funding as well as incentive payments are fueling corruption throughout the country and hurting children.
Abolish Title four funding!!!!
The Beaufort county family court is severely brokenthey had me higher to guardian ad litems so they could investigate and inform the judge and what should be done and the judged totally disregarded everything they had to say. They are corrupt immoral unethical self-serving biased it's a sad state of affairs when they are told what is in the best interest of the children by specialist and they completely ignore it they have no clue or do not care what is in the best interest of the children.
50/50 equal shared parenting, no child support.........rebuttable presumption as the STARTING point
50/50 shared parenting.. NO child support.. out of pocket emergency expenses paid by both, equally. Kids need both parents.
Teach your children well . . .
get rid of federal makes no sense to offer incentives that ruin children's lives.hold judges accountable for their gross neglect to uphold the Constitution.
Implement "Courtwatch" Programs to Empirically Examine Contested Custody Decisions
Problematically, many gender bias studies gather their data through subjective surveys, questionnaires, and personal testimonies rather than through empirical examinations of the actual custody-making decision in the courtroom.

Objective data regarding custody awards should be gathered to

determine whether the gender-biased application of gender-neutral laws is occurring. Legislatures should either fund their own studies, fund studies by the judiciary, or contract out to private organizations to develop a methodology for tracking, categorizing, and analyzing custody awards in selected, representative areas. Moreover, until trial judges are required to provide written findings supporting their reasons for awarding custody or primary residency to one parent over another, a courtwatch program should be funded and implemented to monitor the way courts, witnesses, and experts treat mothers and fathers in custody litigation.

Implementing these two recommendations should inform policymakers of what is truly considered when family courts make custody decisions.
We must make a difference, you can make a difference by signing this petition and sharing it. The Title IV-D incentivized funding to the states from the Federal Government is the root of the systemic failure of our Family Courts in the United States.
Elder Abuse must not be tolerated
I don't usually sign petitions but this is one that I can be passionate about. I've seen so many families torn apart over drama, lies, and money. The system is disgusting, sick and 100% corrupted. It feeds into their pocket books. The families be damned. Family court needs to be abolished. While that is a tall order, at least petitioning to take away funding is a step in the right direction. Hit them where is hurts....the wallet.
I would like to dialogue with who is behind this petition that I wholehartedly agree with. I have witnesses the corruption evolve over the 27 years I have been an attorney. Please call me direct. We can help each other. 612-554-0932
The whole family court system needs to be dissolved, burned down whatever, just gone and rebuilt.. we need to begin with these DV womens rightS groups, thier curropt influence with our politicians to get these obscene laws passed where a friggin ham sandwich can be slapped with a restraining order must stop. I urge you all to see the movie DivorceCorp and visit the website I am in no way affiliated with them I am in the same boat as a lot of you, slapped with a false RO, then told by Judge Marquis Jones of ocean county nj, when i told the court my wife vacated our home after killing our dog, the court asked how i knew she vacated the home? I responed "I have the util bills for the past 3months and they're all ZERO" Judge Jones (a judge who just came back from suspension for making overt propasitions to young women) responded with " Mr xxxx How would you like to go to jail for stalking?" This kind of ******** MUST STOP. The lawmakers, lawyers, judges Must be held acountable! This has to change in every state..
The harmful effects of Title IV D Funding:
Homelessness, Mental Illness, Fatherless Children, Generational Welfare, Drug Addiction, Physical Illness, Suicide, Familicide, Increased Criminal Activity, Domestic Violence, Over Populated Jails, Larger Enforcement Requirements, Unemployment, Poverty and More. Enough is Enough. End this war on families! I'm not asking anymore. Each day that passes that our judges and family courts are able to destroy lives for profit, I'm helping motivate fathers to retaliate against the criminals in power. Do the right thing!
I havn't seen my daughter in 20 years. It started for me 22 years ago. I cannot believe CPS, Family Court, Lawyers, & Psychology evaluators are still up to their old tricks. I never get a letter back from my daughter. Parental alienation is real. The pain of not ever seeing her or hearing her voice for so long is inhumane. The corruption must stop!
My daughter and I have been denied overnights for over a year now, first beginning with the judge telling me to see if I can get weekends off at my job (so I get less overnights per month which means more money in the state's pocket-which is financial exploitation) and continued with my ex-girlfriend calling DYFS on me and when DYFS dismissed allegations, she got a restraining order against me, and then she and her lawyer voluntarily dismissed the restraining order. The restraining order judge told her if she doesn't let me take my daughter then a warrant would be put out for her arrest etc. Her lawyer got the same judge we had a year ago to further deny me overnights. The judge said , "I can do what I want " overturning the previous judge's order. I already had court ordered supervised visitation from the restraining order judge and now this judge is ordering more and more supervised visitation.

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