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We the People find President Obama guilty of the following

1. Violating the 1st Amendment by spying on AP and Fox News reporters in an effort to control their reporting. This is a direct infringement on the freedom of the press.

2. Violating the 4th Amendment by unreasonably searching and seizing millions of American phone calls and data records through the NSA without judicially sanctioned documentation.

3. Violating his position of power by using the IRS to target conservative organizations for his own personal vendetta.

4. Violating his position of power to determine who lives and who dies, like the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi, along with U.S. citizens deemed terrorists who were killed by drone strikes without due process.

5. Violating public trust by blatantly lying about every scandal exposed under the oversight of him and his administration.

Lets not forget that several members of his administration are guilty of perjury by lying to Congress while sworn under oath


After getting caught wiretapping journalists, President Richard Nixon resigned, sparing us all the impeachment process.

But President Obama does not possess those same humble characteristics.

So, We the People call on Congress to immediately start the impeachment process for President Barack Hussein Obama.

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Watch Video's showing what Obama is really doing behind our backs.

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Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

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May God Bless America
US Veteran
Don't let this dictator run our beautiful country any longer. Get him out NOW!!!!!
Traitor. He was never one of us and never wanted be. He's starting to posture for a third term, announcing that if he ran again, he'd win. And he's right, he would. Get.him.out.
The Worst California drought in recorded history. Wow Obama hit the nail on the head again.

"JADE HELM" was Spot On... Best time to burn down a Country is during a drought.

No one could be this stupid, he has to have a secret agenda.

Americans feel betrayed although he sure knows how to make a Muslim Feel Proud.

With all the cocaine he does, his mind believes he's still living in Kenya.

Something tells me these "Wild Fires" will be burning like we've never seen before.

He is destroying our country and taking away our rights as Americans and is causing more problems then he is worth causing race wars and taking our heritage away
Tyrannical traitor....what more do I need to say?
God bless America.

Also: See John 3:36, Ephesians 2:8-9.
We have to get this man out of the White House.He is destroying America, trying to cause race wars, Taking our hertiage, Enough is Enough.