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We the People find President Obama guilty of the following

1. Violating the 1st Amendment by spying on AP and Fox News reporters in an effort to control their reporting. This is a direct infringement on the freedom of the press.

2. Violating the 4th Amendment by unreasonably searching and seizing millions of American phone calls and data records through the NSA without judicially sanctioned documentation.

3. Violating his position of power by using the IRS to target conservative organizations for his own personal vendetta.

4. Violating his position of power to determine who lives and who dies, like the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi, along with U.S. citizens deemed terrorists who were killed by drone strikes without due process.

5. Violating public trust by blatantly lying about every scandal exposed under the oversight of him and his administration.

Lets not forget that several members of his administration are guilty of perjury by lying to Congress while sworn under oath


After getting caught wiretapping journalists, President Richard Nixon resigned, sparing us all the impeachment process.

But President Obama does not possess those same humble characteristics.

So, We the People call on Congress to immediately start the impeachment process for President Barack Hussein Obama.

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President Obama's threat to withhold federal funding if schools do not open their restrooms, lockers, and showers to members of the opposite biological sex exceeds the authority of the federal government.
This criminal must be removed from office for the crimes against the American people
I have a hard time saying how elated I was in seeing Oklahoma’s call to impeach our current President who has repeatedly acted adversarial toward the spirit of our founding documents and fathers. After reading the article on the following link I could not hesitate to implore you to act similarly. I pray, you will not wait for the comfort men of timid character often seek in the numbers of a crowd. Though it is late in coming, a move for impeachment now may save what semblance of trust is left in myself and many others toward our current Congress to uphold and defend the Constitution of these United States. I am asking that you make that move even if it seem alone, knowing it is right.

In Faith, Hope, and Love

Rev. Nathaniel A.P. Smith
He has gone against our military and constitution from the beginning! He is the biggest disgrace this country has ever seen in office. He has added in bleeding our country dry. Not only by shutting down the industry's that bring money into country. Also by sending many of our jobs outside our country! He has caused our medical insurance to sky rocket. Those whom have jobs or are in a certain age group that can not get free medical can not afford to get insurance. For these people he fines them. He places our military in harms way yet will not allow them to defend themselves. Personally this man should face prison for treason again America. Now that doesn't mention the fact he is not American born. One of the qualifications to be the president of the United States.