We Demand a Congressional Hearing on "Extortion 17."

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Why were so many of our special op forces, credited quite publicly by VP Biden for killing Osama Bin Laden, sent into an active battle zone in one, out-dated Chinook transport helicopter, as opposed to the MH47′s with which they trained? Why didn't standard military protocol, of escort, or pre-assault fire in a battle zone happen, and why did the U.S. military permit the Afghan military and police to be part of every planned military operation executed in this war on terror?

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These heroes deserve justice. This needs to be investigated and people held accountable. Our roe's need to be changed to protect our soldiers in harm's way fighting for our freedoms.
These soldiers deserve better.
Commander-in-chief should have combat experience or at least military backgrounds. Failures like this would be less likely to occur!
too much blood has been shed needlessly . this is not a world I want my grandchildren to live in, stop terror coming from our own whitehouse.