Impeach Obama for Treason!

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Dear Representative of We the People:

President Obama needs to be impeached as a traitor for breaking his oath of office to "PRESERVE, protect, and defend the United States Constitution" (Emphasis added), in unconstitutionally expanding his presidency, via Executive Orders, into a kingship. President Obama is also guilty of treason for adhering to, aiding and abetting the enemies of this country by using taxpayer money to finance the Muslim Brotherhood's global jihad and working to replace our Constitution with a Shariah-compliant, New World Order, Socialist/Communist agenda. Also and in the alternative, President Obama is not a natural born citizen (or even native born) and, according to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be the president. Please do your duty as a member of Congress and impeach Mr. Obama and his Administration and restore the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land by repealing/striking down via legislation any and all government agency regulations, Executive Orders, and laws in opposition to the United States Constitution.

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This man will bury this country we must remove him now before he makes any more decisions without congress backing
Just put this vicious criminal where he belongs
Please stop Obama from creating more treason acts, division, Obama Drama to get people stirred up yo distract from seeing his CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND AMERICA
We need to protect our nation. Living under fear is not any kind of life....wake up.
Impeach Obama, or get out. This is a free country. Due to inactivity to stand for the people, your job and your freedom is at stake. Failure to impeach obama, is inactivity of duty.
How is it that for 7/1/2 Yrs. Obama has done all this damage to our nation and constitution and all the People in other branches of the Gov. Just let this Fake no God in his heart get away with his crap on the American people. Arrest this sheep in wolfs clothing. You can't be impeached if your not leagal to to be Prez. You have to arrest the person. This said the others that never spoke out during obamas wrong doings need to be replaced also on both sides. The hag that looked at the paperwork to clear Obama for prez. Needs to be put in jail. We have all been deceived by our gov, and our news media that Obama owns.
When treason is committed in the USA Execution is warranted. publicly preferable.
what a joke our legislatures are gut less and spine less worthless pieces of excrement