Impeach Obama for Treason!

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Dear Representative of We the People:

President Obama needs to be impeached as a traitor for breaking his oath of office to "PRESERVE, protect, and defend the United States Constitution" (Emphasis added), in unconstitutionally expanding his presidency, via Executive Orders, into a kingship. President Obama is also guilty of treason for adhering to, aiding and abetting the enemies of this country by using taxpayer money to finance the Muslim Brotherhood's global jihad and working to replace our Constitution with a Shariah-compliant, New World Order, Socialist/Communist agenda. Also and in the alternative, President Obama is not a natural born citizen (or even native born) and, according to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be the president. Please do your duty as a member of Congress and impeach Mr. Obama and his Administration and restore the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land by repealing/striking down via legislation any and all government agency regulations, Executive Orders, and laws in opposition to the United States Constitution.

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Obama has to be a Muslim because his actions are proof. And Islam lovers are against our constitution. The bible tells us to abhor evil and Islam is the definition of evil, look how they treat their women. He should be in prison. He and Hillary are the 2 biggest traitors in Americas history. Their decisions to support terrorists have endangered the security of the entire world not just America.
He has created a danger to the citizens of the United States by allowing refugees in with out proper screening!
Impeach Obama and try him for treason on behalf of the EU and United States Citizens. He is aware of the details. Worst president in history.
Please stop Obama from destroying our freedoms and our nation. Please protect us from this traitor of our great country. Please protect us from the dangers that Obama has created for us all. We are terrified that we are going to be attacked at any moment.
We're being infiltrated from the inside, Obama ring leader for Islam
Treason would make me and many more happy!!!!
I am a Christian lady, and I do not appreciate how the person who is suppose to be our president can slowly take away our religious and Christian rights. I do whole heartily believe that Obama has broken every part of our precious constitution. Our wonderful great nation was founded and established upon God's holy word as God's ten commandments giving us laws to live by. We as a nation must turn back to God Almighty and ask God to forgive us and heal our land. With all this in mind and all evidence against Obama, our president Obama must be impeached, tried for treason and sent to prison for the rest of his life!!!!!
Get this communist out of our country!