Impeach Obama for Treason!

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Dear Representative of We the People:

President Obama needs to be impeached as a traitor for breaking his oath of office to "PRESERVE, protect, and defend the United States Constitution" (Emphasis added), in unconstitutionally expanding his presidency, via Executive Orders, into a kingship. President Obama is also guilty of treason for adhering to, aiding and abetting the enemies of this country by using taxpayer money to finance the Muslim Brotherhood's global jihad and working to replace our Constitution with a Shariah-compliant, New World Order, Socialist/Communist agenda. Also and in the alternative, President Obama is not a natural born citizen (or even native born) and, according to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be the president. Please do your duty as a member of Congress and impeach Mr. Obama and his Administration and restore the United States Constitution as the supreme law of the land by repealing/striking down via legislation any and all government agency regulations, Executive Orders, and laws in opposition to the United States Constitution.

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Not just impeachment, the penalty for treason IS STILL HANGING
Illegal fake president...elected by illegals...he's not an American, he is a TRAITOR to AMERICA. Impeach him now or the people will forever lose faith in our voting system, if they haven't already.
If you so called well lets b put it this way if yall dont shoot down the federal reserve act and congress doesnt start printing our own money like there suppose to we dont own those thieves anything you going to see a revolt on washington from every corner of this land like the likes even GOD wouldnt of dreamed.
Is Obama guilty of Treason? Do we see his ultimatum as being fully behind his Muslim Brotherhood and using his position to purposely not combat the rise of Jihad and ISIS? Has he stated on numerous occasions that he will support to his death his Muslim faith? His desires to divide American Citizens continues and has been very successful. His hatred for Whites along with support from Holder (and his wife) clearly shows in every action he has taken as President that he is anti White. Siding with criminals if Black and ordering the Dept. of Diversion and Inclusion to hire only Blacks into Government jobs is just the tip of the iceberg. His wilful reduction of forces in the middle east and actions as President to not take the fight to ISIS is a clear indication that this President is willing to settle for the loss of a great deal of American lives here at home to protect his true Muslim faith, Jihad, and ISIS. Serious thoughts need to be given to charges of Treason against this President. It could be too late too soon!!
The Abomination of Desolation has happened..This is really serious! Please don’t just disregard this..
Saint Malachy spoke of him to in Catholic prophecies. Also, St. Francis too spoke that we have
an none canonically elected pope! Please go to the Prayer page praying all prayer from the Heart
with sincerity. Go to Blessed Holy Water page repenting wholeheartedly! This is the webpage of
Our Last True Pope Peter, Petrus Romanus and his wife Mary. They are the two witnesses spoken
of in Relations. Ask Our Dear Lord and Lady about this in your Daily Rosary! They shall aid and assist you and
Never let you down if you are truly sincere! Please make sure you write Pope Peter and ask him for a copy
of the Testimony! Luisa books on pdf! Also, A true letter of Jesus Christ
Most Important to please share with ALL!

Please read and watch all the videos on the Testimony!

The Testimony is the Truth for Jesus is the Word! His Second Coming took place on Christmas
2012, when most of our world received the mark of the Beast!

We must do something about all this, and we can by repenting of all our sins! And, to get ride
Of all forms of Abominations , especially television humanism and pride! LET THE KILLING STOP

Television is truly an Abomination , for it is participating in the sin itself! Also, the deceptions have got
to stop , such as being lied to and believing it! Our president is not only gay but, ‘Michelle’ Obama is
transvestite! Please friends false flag are very real, and our happing! FEMA IS NOT A JOKE!

May God bless your souls always!

Oh, Jesus, please, for your Kingdom to Come, may I unite my weaknesses to Your Strength, my defects to
Your Perfection, my miseries to Your Happinness, my sins to Your Holy Cross so that, through these
most Holy Attributes of Yours, I may gain favor with Heaven and not be deserving of Hell. For if it
were not for Your immense mercy, and My Heavenly Mother, I would be lost. Help me Jesus; help me
Mother, please! I plead with all the angels and saints in Heaven, especially our holy exemplars, to
pray for me to the Lord our God. May all my weaknesses, defects, miseries and sins glorify God alone
so that Lucifer receives nothing at all. I pray this in my name and in the name of all souls past,
present, and future for the universal love, honor, and glory of God alone.